September 14th, 2006

The Fifth Element: Missing Piece Of The Fat Loss Puzzle

Fat loss coach and best selling author Tom venuto has just released the newly updated version of his FREE report about the solution to the obesity crisis, called, THE FIFTH ELEMENT: Missing piece of the fat loss puzzle. The Report is NOW ready for download…



Could This Ancient Success Secret Combined With 21st Century Technology Be The Solution To The Obesity Epidemic?




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Big Fat Lies! A Shocking Expose of the 12 Biggest Scams, Cover-ups, Lies, Myths and Deceptions in the Diet, Supplement and Weight Loss Industries!

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58 Responses to “The Fifth Element: Missing Piece Of The Fat Loss Puzzle”

  • Ken Pytlewski

    Does Tom have any plans for seminars or appearances in California, specifically Northern CA/Bay Area? There is nobody out here like Tom or at least nobody that’s marketing themselves heavily and preaching a similar, comprehensive philosphy to weight loss and muscle building as BFFM (at least that I’ve run across), and I’ll bet he has a huge online following of Californians. It would be inspirational to hear him speak in person. I would think there are many outlets to getting the word out about BFFM seminars that would draw hundreds to hear him speak. Just a thought.

  • Sonja Davis

    I found your ‘fifth element report’ very good. When you spoke about the motivational factor of having a drill sergeant or just by havning someone there made so much sense to me. I know personally for myself that I push myself harder when I have that. I commit to going to the gym if I know i am going with others. I also get enjoyment in motivating others whilst this also motivates me.I know we must surround ourselves with positive, motivated people. I know this is something that I need to do more especially for my daughter who I try to motivate all the time.I will make sure I look for Napoleon Hill’s book.

  • Tom,You are right on the money!Whenever I take a business trip away from my wife, both of us are more likely to “slip” off our nutiriton and training schedules. Just to have a social support group (spouse AND others) is HUGE in keeping me on target.Keep it up, you’re changing many lives for the better!!!Many Thanks,Mark

  • HI TOMAwesome information! Speaking as a Fitness Professional (who also happens to run bootcamps) as well as a amateur bodybuilder, I know you are right on!I am very excited to be a part of the inner circle community and I am gravitating toward and endorsing only those fitness sites and professionals that provide a high quality of information expertise such as yours.Thank you again!Georgette Pannhttp://thefitnessbootcamp.com

  • Suzanne Arams

    Tom,Thank-you so much for the Fifth Element. So many of the things you said hit home – I have not had a support network and have often felt alone in my fat loss journey. I think this is one of the reasons I have not met my goals in the past. I am working through BFFM and know that I will have great tools once I am complete.Thanks for all you do,Suzanne

  • Debby Pryor

    I really enjoyed the Fifth Element Report. Even though I am seeing a nutritionist every three weeks and working out with a personal trainer four days a week, I still find myself getting discouraged.Looking for encouragement on the internet one night is how I found Tom Venuto. I get a great deal of support and encouragement from Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle and reports such as Fifth Element.I refer to various articles written by Tom regularly.

  • John Emmons

    I read the report and frankly, it’s just what I was hoping for when it comes to the Inner Circle.I have always felt that fitness is best if shared with others. I have only recently got “back on the wagon” after 2 years of unfit living. I made excuses; I said I’ll get back on when I have more time after my schedule stops being so hectic…I knew that one day I would eventually get back in shape, but after 2 years of kidding myself into thinking I could put it off just another day, or just one more week, I also knew it would be just as easy to fall off again.With the Inner Circle I know I won’t even have the opportunity to fail. I’m holding everyone responsible (including myself) to make sure no one who honestly wants to be fit will ever be tempted to fail ever again!I can’t wait to join the Inner Circle!!!

  • Tom,Awesome stuff man! The 5 th Element is the missing link that people NEED to incorporate in order to achieve the results that they are so desperately looking for.I have recently been participating in a couple Mastermind groups as you recommend and as a result my business and my fitness levels are improving steadily!I am going to share the 5th Element with everyone that I know!!Kyle Battis CSCS,

  • Alicia

    I like how you incorporate NLP into your program. I think the mind and positive thinking is so important in training. You can tell you are a Master Practioner and great mentor and coach for people out there looking for the real deal. Keep up the great work, I look forward to the new website.

  • Shauna Pavia

    Thank you Tom for all your work and research but most of all for your good ‘ole common sense! There is not one diet plan out there that I have ever taken seriously, either in part or in entirity.When I made up my mind to lose my pregnancy weight I didn’t believe in any one diet plan out there so I just instead did what made common sense to me. I lost 20 lbs. in about 12 wks or less. Then, I read your newsletters and what you teach is just what I was doing on my own (for the most part anyways and I still had more to learn). It felt good to have that confirmation and to hear my beliefs in words, and in words better than how I could have put them.I haven’t heard of anyone else teaching what you teach, and I’ve got to tell you how refreshing your no nonsense, common sense, not a follower of the pack approach is! I finally have a professional someone now that I can put stock into. I read all your newsletters and learn so much. I even forward my emails to my sister in law who is also working on burning her fat. :-)In your report about the 5th element. You wrote about writing down your goals. There’s a part where you described writing down your goals for the week as if you’d already achieved it. Well, I did that too. I wrote down my goal weight in my pocket calendar and then worked hard that week with that clear picture in my head and it truly works as both a motivator and as instant gratification as you reach your goals! I still have about 5 more lbs. to burn.Thank you for your insight and wisdom and for sharing it. Btw, your idea of the burn the fat innercircle is brilliant. I hope to be a part of it. Keep on shining Mr. Venuto!! We’re feelin’ it!Sincerely,Shaunap.s. I’ll also be looking for Napoleon Hill’s book.

  • jayanthi

    Hey Tom,There’s a problem with the download—I am repeatedly getting the message that this file has been damaged.CheersJayanthi

  • tom venuto

    I apologize for the errors. There are thousands and thousands of people downloading at the same time, so we are getting a handful of errors.Everything is working on our end – it is just the high volume of traffic – when multiple downloads are going on at the same time, some of the files are damaged or corrupted.You can try again later from this site, or we have just posted the report on another server here: for your patience and I apologize again for the problems.tom venuto

  • Robert DeCarlo

    Hi Tom,I found your “Fifth Element Report” to be Awesome and right on. I had read “Think and Grow Rich” many years ago and forgot how powerful it was and still is.I was also of very impressed with how you have interpreted, used and applied the principles from the book along with your understanding of Universal Law based on many of your comments. I am looking forward to being a member of your new group.I have this one thought though that maybe there should be two groups as you mainly addressed (as do most groups) fat loss. There are a number of us in the world that are not looking to lose weight (of maybe a few pounds of body fat), but looking to add a few pounds of muscle.Bob D

  • Kay

    Tom,More brilliant information from you ! Once again I am humbled by your knowledge and willingness to share it with others. Your writing style brings to life and makes crystal clear exactly the points you purpose to bring home. Clearly you live what you speak and write. Thank-you for bringing the Inner Circle into reality for us to participate in. After many years of my own stubborn independent ways, I learned that we are created for relationship. I’m privileged to be part of this one.Lastly… I agree with Ken in the first comment here…please come to the Bay Area in California ! A weekend seminar maybe? Sorry! Couldn’t resist.With gratitude,Kay

  • Dawn

    Dear Tom,You are doing great work. I was hoping the Inner Circle would be free of charge, but I understand how paying may make people a bit more invested. However, there must be another way for people to “invest in themselves” without having one more monthly money obligation (when so many of us already spend money on health memberships etc.)Your books and other literature have been a great value so far. Perhaps the fee won’t be very high, but the idea of paying money for community doesn’t sit well with me. Thanks for listening.Dawn

  • tom

    hi Dawn. i definitely appreciate your comments, as in fact, I pointed out in the fifth element that there are many oustanding discussion groups online that are available free of charge and many other ways you can use the fifth element concept free of charge.We decided though, to keep the membership price very low and it will be the lowest when we first open for allthe “charter members.” We gave a lot of thought to what the investment should be and we decided to go with a very low monthly dues and a high number of members in order to build a large community and make it affordable to nearly anyone.At first we were in fact going to have a higher price and make it a very exclusive community, but i think you and everyone else will be surprised next week when you see what we have to offer.Also, it is our intention to offer many times more in value to our members than what we charge and to continuously increase our value and service as time goes by. To me, that is a golden rule to live by.Last but not least, the inner circle is much more than just a discussion forum and community. It is also an educational resource and the list of what we offer goes on and on and will keep growing in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks again,my very best to you,Tom Venuto

  • Bob wrote:I have this one thought though that maybe there should be two groups as you mainly addressed (as do most groups) fat loss. There are a number of us in the world that are not looking to lose weight (of maybe a few pounds of body fat), but looking to add a few pounds of muscleThanks for your comments.our tag line is “the internet’s premiere fat loss support community”however, we have a “gaining muscle”, “weight training” and”bodybuilding competition” discussion forum among the 20+ discussion forum categories, as well as several bodybuilders among our expert contributors and moderators.tom

  • Stan Vincent

    Tom this is brilliant. This is the missing element to all spheres of life where personal developement is concerned. I just hope that the Rand/dollar ratio will not place to much of a premium on subscriptions.( at this stage 7 rands to the dollar)Greetings from South Africa

  • Rosie Biles

    Having studied Buddism for nearly 15 years I understand something of the effects of positive will. You have gathered many ideas together to form this premise which helps put the whole thing into focus for many people. I do feel that It is going to be hard for a lot of people to be motivated to seek out and join one of these ‘super groups’ and in some cases the financial implications may be a negative factor. We need to get people to understand on a basic level….many obese people are socially isolated to begin with. I enjoyed reading your thoughts.Rosie.

  • Sarah-C

    Brilliant as usual! I wasn’t been able to have a PT or any support group as I undertook my transformation – as you know – but it’s a fact that had I not made myself report back to you once a week, and imagined you breathing down my neck at the gym, I wouldn’t have achieved the results I did as fast. Thanks for being there, for me and for everyone else!

  • Brenda Roberson

    The Fifth Element Report blew me away!!The Fifth Element Report means that it is time for me to _ _ _ _ or get off the pot. I’m a 50 year old African American woman and I am ready to follow your instructions to the letter to achieve the results I want.I recall a quote by George Eliott, “It is never too late to become what you might have been.” Tom please share your knowledge so I can achieve my fitness goals and change my life! Thank you for the Fifth Element.I’m ready.

  • Kim Lynn

    Recognizing that a “fifth element” was lacking in my personal quest for peak condition, I recently hired a coach and nutritionist. Your article articulates perfectly the reasoning behind my doing so. Excellent report. Thank you.

  • Patricia deMontmorency

    Tom:Thanks for writing and sending The Fifth Element … extremely informative as is all your material!I downloaded BFFM two months ago and I wish I could say I have been following it to the letter, but every day I strive to do better than the day before. I am wha tyou call an “endomorph” and my progress is very slow, but I have seen more results in the last two months following BFFM than I’ve seen in the last two years on my own. At least now I know why I have had such a hard time losing the fat, and even more important; what to do about it.I am the only one of my friends who regularly works out and tries to eat healthy. Therefore, I have often felt alone in my quest to lose the fat I have gained in the last five years. I am eagerly looking forward to your “Inner Circle” so I can surround myself with like-minded people … both those on the same journey as me as well as those who have already achieved their goal and are willing to share their knowledge with others like me.Thanks Tom … keep the information flowing!Pat deM

  • LK

    Dear Tom,Forgive the length but I just have to spill…..I can’t even begin to tell you what your latest download has confirmed for me. The fifth element is an ABSOLUTLEY VITAL KEY TO SUCCESS.At 41 and obese for the better part of 25 of those years I have tried it all, ate it all, sweated to them all, even had a personal trainer for a short period and still continued to be obese. I figured I was one of those unfortunate few who is “genetically destined” to be fat. After all, most of all the rellies are overweight. I have FOUR out six members of my immediate family who have had gastric bypass surgery in the last two years!!! FOUR… What a depressing statistic for me. Even today my father continues to advocate thesurgery to me as a “tool” to help me complete my weight loss.I was so depressed and just knew I was never going to be fit. Notice I didn’t say skinny. I want to be healthy at whatever weight my body feels stable at not just skinny. Part of that depression came from constantly being in the presence of negativity and depression from my own family members who were miserable. The amazing good side to this story is that when I moved to the small town I live in now, I found an exercise program that I fell in love with. I would have never believed that in podunk alabama I would find the exercise key that I would use to define the rest of my life.I don’t know if you have ever heard of Les Mills but if anyone wants to find a group fitness program that is amazing and breeds amazing success stories this is THE program. The combination of the different disciplines and the continual updates and addition of new disciplines keeps it fresh and challenging. Not only do the core programs get modified every three months but theinstructors motivate you to push to personal bests during the classes too.Conventional fitness programs burned me out because they never changed month after month. The same step class, the same aerobic routines. UGH!!! SO, I was cyclical in my workout habits from sheer boredom before stumbling on this fantastic program. For two years now I have been consistent in my exercise programs and have never fallen away for more than a few weeks without someone calling and checking on me and telling me they miss me and I truly believe it is due to this program, and the peer support I get from the core group of positive, successful, happy, upbeat, and very real people I work out with every week that I have “stuck with it”. On a sad note, they have cut the number of classes at my gym because management doesn’t want to pay these obviously amazing instructors what they are worth.And as a testament to how powerful the program is, we as members took it upon ourselves to continue to show up and be a group class, even our instructor showed up all the while knowing she was never going to be paid for these classes.A few weeks ago I found your website while searching online for nutritional help. I felt something was missing and hindering me from greater success and I believed it was my nutrition, after all I had an exercise program in place. So, I downloaded your e-book. The powerful information you provided had me doing a spreadsheet for two days calculating my ratios and setting up schedules and educating me on what I need to do nutritionally to melt off the rest of this fat.I now feel like I have completed a puzzle with all the pieces I need to achieve healthy success and make a beautiful picture of my life. Like you say in your report at some point we want to give back. My goal is modest in that I want to be an instructor for Les Mills. I feel the need to give back to a program that has literally saved my health and kept me from going under the knife.I have a long way to go to reach my physical best but, with the support group I have surrounded myself with and my new Inner Circle, I feel sure that my new improved fifth element will rocket propel my goals beyond my expectations.In case you were wondering, over the two years I have been winging it nutritionally and using the Les Mills program I have burned off 80 pounds of fat.Thank you Tom…LK

  • Margaret

    I just finished your report and I know that there’s something to it! Surrounding myself with positive people in my everyday life can be challenging and very few of them have any concept of wanting to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. Too many of them are satisfied with the status quo of their lazy lifestyles.Now that I’ve gotten into weight-lifting and an active lifestyle, I crave the energy that I get from eating right and exercising. It makes the rest of my life so much more satisfying. I feel like I experience life more fully. Sometimes when I voice these experiences, my “friends” look at me like I must be on some mood-altering substance. It’s just living a full life! I’d really enjoy hearing from others and sharing experiences.I hope that the inner circle will be that place. I look forward to checking it out. Thanks, Tom, for your commitment to sharing your info and experiences.

  • Tom:I just finished reading your article and I am “blown away” 17 pages of information that IF applied can change a life, a family, a community and yes even a nation. I thank you for taking the time to gather this info and for releasing it to the public. I share your passion on this issue, and half the battle will be won by us removing negativity from within and without. I can relate! Thanks again; you’re my champion in fitness, because you cover the whole man…spirit, soul and body.

  • Kelly Schultz

    I agree that the 5th element is the accountability – I’ve managed to loose 55LB on weightwatchers. Attending the meetings was great and really important to the mentoring, but it wasn’t until I found the online commuities and had the accountability of checking in and giving back and being able to share daily struggles with folks who had likeminded issues that I was able to break though – I found when I checked in, I was more on plan. When I drifted my plan drifted too.I founf Tom’s BFFM at close to the end of my WW challenge when the scale was not really doing it for me anymore and I was stuck. Tom’s insights for me were the 5th element – the missing pieces to the brilliant program that I’ve discovered with weightwatchers. But I got to a point where I wanted more – I wasn’t making the progress I was expecting and hoping for. I want to ask a professional I wanted to know the math, understand the science I started reading exercise and weight magagizines and I just felt cheated – I felt that WW wasn’t answering those questions for me. When a member of the WW making muscles board mentioned tom’s program and told of the successes she was getting as she was trying to get close to goal. I had to check it out. I read the freebies and took the plunge.Tom’s BFFM program was the lighbulb that has me again losing, not just LB but inches and body fat, I know I’m going in the right direction every week – if it doesn’t get measured it don’t get done. I’m a Project manager I know that is not just a theory – it is fact. I treat myself as the most important project, and I’m thrilled with the results.I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to find a resource in Tom that is as honest in print as you see in the web ads. I’m thrilled he has no agenda except helping folks like me naturally loose weight – with tried and true techniques he has learned. The lazer focus of his newsletters speak directly to me. The No hype no bulls#it, no suppliment sales = trust.The synergey I have found from following WW AND Tom’s program together has really worked for me, giving me dietary dicipline and social support, but now I also have the sharp focused mental awareness and dicipline of what is going on with my body. Thanks Tom! I can’t wait to join your site too.

  • art wyckoff

    Tom,your article hits right on the head, with the accountability, plus “not alone factors.” Even the most individually motivated person works a bit harder, if the results are going to be monitored, or seen by someone else.No one can possibly deny this.”not alone,” —-the fascinating corrolary to this, is that “they,”will make sure, “that it is impossible for you to do it alone.”The old—-“Thank you so much.I could never have done it without you,” school,” that so many have experienced!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruth

    I purchaed your e-book a few days ago, and am making my way through it. I really enjoy your writing style and find that it is giving me hope that someday I might actually become fit.I agree with your 5th element report completely. I have a wonderful personal trainer, but still something is missing. As good of a listener as he is, he does not truly understand what it is like to be obese. I look forward to communicating with others who have been or are obese because I know that we will be able to help and encourage each other. I hope you have a forum specifically for those who have a lot to lose as we often face issues that people with less to lose do not understand.

  • Mardene

    Thank you Tom for your new article, the Fifth Element. You are correct that a support group and mentoring is the key. Association brings on Assimilation! I can’t wait till the 19th.

  • Debi Heron

    Thank you so much for sending this letter to me. I have been in this battle all my life, I have now moved to a city where there are gyms everywhere, and trainers to help motivate, but I think internet peers and trainers are going to be the ones that get me to actually leave the house and go to the GYM!!! I log on every morning to read my mail and I am an “email junkie” I can hardly wait for the Inner Circle to start.I have set my goal to lose 115 lbs by next July so I can once again ride my horses.Thanks again Debi

  • Chriss Thompson

    I just read you report and am getting more excited for the Inner Circle to open! I have had great success with the Body For Life program, but became disenchanted with the open forum on the web site. I used to really look forward to logging on and sharing with others around the world on our simular goals. Then it seemed that some became experts on their own, and down graded others success. Thank you for sending me this report on the missing link. Can’t wait until the 19th of this month! Chriss Thompson

  • YES!As a big fan of BFFM, I can truly say that it was a key element in TOTALLY changing my life, all I have to say is YES!! This fifth element is IT. THIS is what completes the circle! Reading this make me look even brighter on the future, thank you Tom!

  • Hi Ruth,I am a contributor and moderator on the inner circle. One of the forums is the “100 Pound Club”. It is moderated by Rob Kottenbrock. He has gone from extremely obese to very fit, loosing more than 100 pounds. There are many, many members that need to loose that much or more as well as several that have already done so. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.John Bartlett

  • Mariela

    Tom, “The Fifth Element Report” is not only good advice, but it is also beautifully written, because the content is a beautiful Truth itself. (Perhaps beautiful is my favorite word, LOL)Isn’t it wonderful when one finds a missing piece, and even better when it completes the puzzle? It is amazing how it can’t be pointed out from the very beginning, but it reveals itself in descrete, implicit ways until it comes one day in all its splendor!I think this five elements together are truly a holistic approach, as it takes into account the individual, its surroundings, and the interactions between the individual and its surroundings.It has always angered me the excuses like “We sell junk food but we do not put a gun in your head so you buy it and eat it.”While it is true that the indivual is responsible for his or her actions, individuals are also resposible for presenting or not presenting others the oportunities to take certain actions. If they were truly concerned for the health of others, they wouldn’t sell junk food in the first place.I am glad that we (at least from what I see here in the United States) are evolving in the way we think an uncovering truths like this one. I may not have the complete picture, but from what I could observe, in the last two decades or so, overemphasis was placed on the individual and we were lacking social responsibility, or even worse we were letting “major forces” create a negative environment around us and become pessimistic.For example, as a society we bought into believing that television and filmmaking were only a reflection of what we are and did not have any effect on us. But in recent years that toxic lie has been uncovered and I see a new positive turn in film making and television, which I expect to be part of in the future. I hope it lasts forever. I hope the same thing happen with obesity. Truth be exposed and its fruits stay forever! We do have the power to create our environment!Love,Mariela

  • Bella

    Tom you are right the fifth element is the key.I have always thought once I reach my goal weight I will be alright but only to find a year later its all piled back and this has happened 6 times in my life. I am looking forward to the support group.Bella

  • Marcia

    Tom,Thanks for doing the work, so I don’t have to!! You’re our hero and I believe there are lives that will be changed and even saved from incapaciting health issues to even death. We all need each other. Thank God for something ‘good’ coming from the internet. May we all take advantage of such a privilege.Sincerely,Marcia

  • Jackie

    WOW!! so powerful! I have definitely kept the brake on while i was trying to go full speed ahead. I am amazed how easy i can relate to your words.The fifth element, i have a family and my husband would rather prune a tree instead of pressing a few kgs! He has been the same weight since i have know him (15yrs) and he looks great. And yes, he has got the V8 metabolisim which enables him to eat what he likes so i need that fifth element in my life as i don’t get that undertanding at home.My family is certainly supportive, but they don’t understand the logics of nutrition/cardio/strength/mental, all put together.So this community is going to able me to discuss all those things so i can learn so much more than i do now.I have so often in the past used the diet pills, lost the weight, regained the weight, but not anymore.I have my goal card, i have the power to change.Thankyou Tom for sharing you knowledege to us all,the journey has just begun!!Jackie

  • I want to congratulate you for being so thorough and undaunted in your pursuit of the truth about success about fatloss. You are in a position of such influence to serve as a teacher and example to so many. Unlike others who are willing to settle for one piece of the success puzzle or one expression of success, you seem every mindful that we are not only body but more importantly, thinkers, feelers, spirit and creators of our life. Your expression is an inspiration! Thank you!Anne

  • I agree Tom! A few months ago I realised that my training and attitude towards it had suffered quite a bit since stopping personal training. I can’t wait to get back into it! :)JC

  • Judith Berne

    I am very impressed with the report. I have tried personal training which was a disaster. I have been to a support group like weight watchers and quit numerous times. I began to think that something was wrong with me. Since I have been reading your Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, I am very motivated to start this program. I think this is just what I have been looking for. I am looking forward to your support group. You are the only one who has given me hope. I know I am going to beat this obesity. I am finally beginning the program on September 18, 2006.JB

  • Serena Haakma

    All I can say is wow. What an exceptional report. I have spent most days struggling, with what would seem to be an unnecessary effort by my family and friends, to make a difference in my personal apperance and lifestyle. Only to discover that it was also my own thoughts and negativity letting me down. My delightful husband would give encourangement and let me know that the negative talk was not allowed and i would never succeed if i kept telling myself it was too hard and that i just couldn’t be bothered. Where my truth is that i want it so greatly, i just need to let myself achieve it. I have now changed my thought process and when i here myself talk negativily i apologise to myself before correcting the thought and continuing. I now know and believe in myself and look forward to sharing my success with others xox

  • rick

    Hi Tom!Thank you for the Fifth Element. I really believe that this program is most certainly on the right track. I have personally experienced two people equals not twice but ten times the results!Even though at this point I have not reached my goals I know that I’m on the way. One thing that I’ve been working on is making this program a basic component of my being (the Sixth Element?) sort of like threads woven within the fabric of of my life?Interestingly, I heard an Interview the other day with Santana and one of the questions related to whether he plays all the time or not – his response (almost emotional) was that he could only go three days without playing because playing was like air – something that is required to live!So with this in mind, I think that motivational efforts etc. is a major component but if its integrated into your very being it can be the catalyst that can propel you through the down times or plateaus also through the personal tragedy’s that can and will occur at any given moment. With this approach its for the long haul!Think of it this way – baseball players that hit consistent home runs think of the bat as an extension of themselves. Its not an inanimate object that they are swinging, but their arm!Thanks for your support………really!

  • Cyndy

    Tom,I stumbled upon Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle over three years ago. Since then I have found other sources who talk about the same concepts, but none with the expertise or thoroughness of your book. I have always been very impressed with your knowledge and the way you present it. Your message is important.Unfortunately, I do not agree with your Fifth Element report. If you are familiar with the National Weight Control Registry then you are aware that half of the participants did in fact “do it alone”.In my opinion if there is a Fifth Element it has more to do with the realization and understanding that you are greater then whatever is causing you to overeat or to have a weight problem.Your playing small does not serve the world.Nelson MandellaI believe if there is a Fifth Element it has more to do with empowerment and a restoration of self-determinism. It’s the realization and understanding, I’m in charge and I can do it.I do not believe another internet support weight loss group is the answer.Cyndy

  • tom venuto

    cyndy, thank you for your comments. You bring up good points and I appreciate them all.I am familiar with the National Weight Registry and I would say their findings support my approach:the registry says that those who have lost weight and kept it off made major changes including both nutrition and exercise. That covers my first three elements and supports my contention that diets alone are not effective. Diet plus exercise is far superior to diet alone– better to “burn the fat” (with exercise) than “starve the fat” (with low calorie diets).Although the #1 most frequently used form of exercise for subjects who elisted in the registry was walking, I believe there is plenty of scientific as well as real world evidence to show that walking has great benefits and will get you started, but strength training must be added into the mix eventually or long term results will be difficult to maintain or at best sub optimal.So, i separate exercise into two elements – strength training and cardio vascular training. Add nutrition to that and you have the first three elements.You wroteIn my opinion if there is a Fifth Element it has more to do with the realization and understanding that you are greater then whatever is causing you to overeat or to have a weight problem.I can completely agree with that. I would simply roll that into the fourth element however, as the mind can include many aspects self image, self talk, subconscious programming and conditioning as well the empowerment and self determinism you mention.When the registry said that 50% of the participants did it “alone” this does not mean they had no social support. It means they did not use a formal program like weight watchers, a nutritionist, The south beach diet or burn the fat feed the muscle.what the registry did not reveal is whether they had other forms of social support such as a supportive spouse, a friend to exercise and talk with daily or a generally supportive environment.Support groups – either in person or delivered via the internet are A viable way to provide support, but granted, they are not THE way or THE ONLY way.You do not have to join any group to get support. But by ALL means, the important thing, I truly believe, is that support is provided in SOME way, shape or form.If I were going to place a wager on who would be more likely to succeed, I would place my bet any day on the person with all of the first three elements, a strong and positive mindset and sense of personal empowerment AND a strong support circle rather than the person who had the first three or four elements and was socially isolated or in a negative unsupportive environment.clearly, this is a complex problem, and there are many factors involved here, but I believe that regardless of the program you use, or you use no formal program at all, if you go at it alone, you’re putting the brakes on your success, and if you do succeed, it will be against a great deal of friction.

  • Abbie Vita

    Wow! The 5th Element really makes sense. I have achieved some great results on my own, but have always felt that something was missing from my fat burning puzzle.I have lived in my area in CT for about 3 years, moved from VA. Most of the friends I have made here are gym friends. I see them every morning at 5:30 when I hit the gym and everyday we motivate each other. I think I have completed half of my social circle, the other half I hope to complete by joining the inner circle.I believe that expert nurtrional and fitness training will help me to achieve superior results. The biggest goal on my list is to become a certificed personal trainer. I am now down to 14.6% body fat (down from 18.5% 1 month ago!!). Thanks Tom for helping me get 1 step closer to my ulitmate goal!

  • vinette james

    Hi Tom,I recently bought and down loaded you book Burn the fat , feed the muscle. I’m overwieght, have been on many “diets”, have lost weight but never realy kept it off.I was also concerned about muscle loss, but i have never had the difference between fat , weight and muscle loss explained to me so clearly. I have been to my doctor, because of my concern about my weight, and all i got were instructions in a diet sheet; what to, and what not to eat, and that i should exercise for thirty minuits every morning.I however did enough research to find out that, weight training along with cardio is more efficient, and that lean protein aids in muscle retention. When i read you book though Tom, man it was a total revelation. The information is amazing. I finally have something concrete, an amazing lifestyle change that wont deplete my energy, will get and keep me in shape and the only thing i will be losing is ugly fat. I have already done my goal setting , got my measurements taken, i’ve revamped way of eating through out the day, my attitude has taken on a radical change and i am so exited. I’m going to be posting my results verry soon so look out for me.thank you.vinette

  • matt avalos

    Tom,excellent work my friend.

  • mez

    cool information, thank you very much

  • Kamy

    Tom,believe or not, I have FELT the fifth elementh all along in my professional life, but the loner I am, I didn’t give it enough weight. Thank you so much to kicking me to the right direction.Thanks my brother.Kamy

  • mj

    Tom,I can’t thank you enough for all of the valuable resources you have given me. I have fought myself emotionally and physically for years and just could not find anything that would light a spark in me.When I finally had given up and accidently ran across BFFM – it was like a light bulb went off in my head! All these years of wasted time, money and emotionally draining myself – and the answer to what I needed was an online e-book. Amazing.Reading the Fifth Element just made everything complete – thank you!I am so happy to be a part of the Inner Circle – I thinkit is going to be an amazing group. The support, resources and help will prove to be invaluable to many (inlcuding me!) All the resources alone are very worth the small fee to access the site. I am worth it! I deserve to spend some money on myself – especially money that is that well spent.GREAT article and, again, I appreciate all you do!mj

  • kelly

    Hi Tom.just finished reading your 5th. element article. Wow! talk about a huge slap in the face. This was a real eye opener for me..Let me explain…. 4 yrs ago I took a long hard look at myself and my future (health wise) by looking at my family members, all of who are in pretty shitty health. (Well, those over 25 anyway. :O) seems every one gets a bad case of diabetes at about age44. I had just turned 40 and i decided that being sick wasn’t for me. I had to do something and i had to do it now! Well I started the Atkins diet, it worked great. within a year i had dropped 86 lbs.( I exercised too). and I decided it was time to get into weight lifting and firm up and take my health to an all new level. 5 days a week i worked out on my Weider & weight bench did good Tom, I really did. Lost a Lil’ over 100 lbs. have kept if off for a Lil more then 4 years… ‘cept, this summer has been a real down fall for me. Reading your 5th element article made me see what some of my problem was/is. For a very long time friends and family kept an eye on my weight, ask how i was doing with it, etc. They were interested every time i set a new goal. Then slowly over the last, I’d say it started a close to a year ago, to be honest with myself. Alto’ I didn’t realize it at the time. People became less interested in what i was eating and doing. seems no one wanted to hear my achievements/goals. They were bored with it i am sure. I don’t want to seem whinny or self absorbed, just letting you know where I’m coming from. well, this summer i really hit rock bottom, my kids were out of school for the summer (teenagers!!)My stress level has skyrocketed, stressed out from kids bickering to money problems. Ive gained at least 20 + lbs. back. I know that the exercising I was doing would help me a great deal, but i just cant make myself get back to it. I’m so down on myself….But thanks to your 5th. element article I have decided to join a diet forum. To be honest I have joined these before, just 1 or 2 of them.(i think) I thought it was pretty lame. Thinking it was silly to share my problems with strangers and they were even sillier for sharing theirs… You made many good points, changing my mind.I cant afford to join yours But i want you to know I truly wish i could.I am hoping once i get my feet wet, and find a forum to fit my needs I WILL get back on track.Thanks Tom for the eye opener. I sincerely appreciate it.{{{HUGS}}}from the bottom of my heart…Kelly

  • Anthony

    Hi Tom, Thanks for the latest edition “5th Element”. I bought your BFFM e-book 3 years ago, as it is the first time I’ve come across a genuine example of information which can be understod simply & applied; without a hidden agenda to just sell more supplements. Sure you want to sell your internet site & books, but I also feel you really beleive that you can help people too. This makes a real change in this industry & I, like a lot of other people who have been training with weights for over 20 years, applaud you for your efforts. Thankfully I’ve always been able to stay in excellent shape/health due to my dedication to working out, but as I’m always looking to do better I find your no-quick fix approach invaluable. Keep up the good work! Anthony

  • Jill

    My take on the obesity trend:– So many jobs and transportation to jobs no longer require exercise– So many companies are trying to do more with less, creating longer workweeks– So many households rely on two incomes, so roles have changed significantly; there used to be one wage earner/provider and the other person took care of household chores, errands, child-rearing, etc. Now, the wage-earners that are working longer hours also have to to the errands, child-rearing, chores, etc., leaving less “disposable time”.– So, there is less exercise, and less time to add exercise to your schedule and more need than ever to get exercise.– There is less time to shop for and prepare wholesome and nutritious meals and snacks. They are also typically more expensive. For example, you can get a $1 double cheeseburger at McDonalds, but buy fruits and vegies grains and lean meat at the grocery store and you’ll spend 10 times that (or more if you go organic). Then you have to take the time to prepare it.– Even if you diligently exercise and try to eat properly, there are not always tangible results. Americans like tangible, significant results.Take my example: Genetically, I am predisposed to obesity, along with heart disease and cancer. I am 38 and have tried to maintain my weight, but have never really focused on my nutrition. This year I decided that I didn’t want to end up like my mom (71 – obese, on an infinite # of medications, goes to the doctor every week, can’t get around well, joint problems, heart problems, diabetes, cancer survivor, etc., etc., etc.). Every year when I see my ob-gyn for annual checkup, she tells me I need to exercise.This year, I finally did something about it. I have always tried, not always successfully, to maintain a habit of exercising, but it’s been on and off. I decided that I wanted to change my lifestyle for my health. In the past, I’ve always made changes to affect my weight. This time I decided the weight didn’t matter (although I did expect it to follow). When I went to the ob-gyn, I weighed in at 173 (5 foot 4 inch frame – large, dense bones and fairly good muscle structure).I have been practicing this new lifestyle for a solid 7 months now. I’m down to about 158 ish. I’ve lost about a size (a size and a half at most). I’ve competely changed my eating habits (6 meals a day, lowered fat, virtually no junk food, more fiber, more fruits and vegies) and I exercise about 5 – 6 times a week, both strength training and cardio.The average American, with all of that temptation out there, and without the tangible, significant results, is not going to stick to this. I still don’t look like the models in the magazine, I still don’t derive any motivation from the improvements that I’ve seen – it’s entirely internal.Add to this non-motivation the fact that there are an infinite number of diets, diet theories, recommendations, pills, supplements, etc. out there and now the consumer is just totally immobilized by information overload. How do I know what to eat (there are so many theories – who is right?) and how do I know how much to eat (some people say calories count and you should be counting them – not gonna happen – and some people say calories don’t matter if you’re eating sensibly and exercising). And there is always competition for my time and always plenty of opportunity to eat the wrong thing. It’s just frustrating for the average person – no wonder so many people give up.

  • Steven Perry

    Tom, you seriously need to to incorporate the Fifth Element into your BFFM program- it’s such a vital factor in reaching your goals.I can’t believe I was oblivious to this! Recently, my motivation has been runnin’ downhill… I’ve been maintaining, but haven’t gathered enough mental energy to start gaining muscle. I was stuck.Now that I’m about to join your (incredibly cheap) Inner Circle, I’m getting so excited to post my weekly weigh-in charts, and interact with other bodybuilders. I can’t wait to join this community! I’ve got so many questions to ask, I’m gonna explode. Seriously.I’ve been feeling so alone in my quest… but not anymore. I’m going to feel ‘at home’ in your new site, ’cause I seem to be the only bodybuilder within a 100 mile radius of my area. Ah well.Anyway, thanks for revolutionizing my life Mr. Venuto- you’ll be remembered as a legend. I’m now at 5% body fat, weighing in at 12st.Need… more… muscle…- Steven

  • Anne Adams

    Have just read the Fifth Element. I have all the first four elements and have been moderately successful with only moderate use. I have over the years acquired numerous books, tapes, etc., (and still have them) on the same subjects you have, having had interest in same. Only three sources, you mentioned have I no knowledge of. But, I really did nothing spectacular with all that information. I applied it and used it on and off over the years and totally believe it, but just not serious enough about it. I, too, am convinced thoughts are very powerful and I have and do manage my thoughts continually. I guess I just didn’t get serious enough and set goals.I am a retired, 67 year old woman who is extremely active and in really good health. I volunteer five hours a day five days a week at my grandchildren’s elementary school, half in the office and half on the play ground. I walk 3-1/2 miles a day 3 times a week and weight train three days a week. But my husband and I are overweight. I love to cook and I love to try new recipes. I am just learning to cut portions, not in half, but in quarters compared to what I have been serving and adding light snacks so am trying to do 5-6 meals a day. Have given up my 4-6 diet Cokes a day with all chips and cracers. All this is fairly new, three weeks, and I have not lost a pound.I plan to sign up with the Inner Circle today and set up an appointment with a personal trainer at Bally’s. I have six sessions still that are paid for. My trainer got injured and I lost interest with the replacement trainer.I totally agree with the 5th Element’s premise of the support group AND accountability. I actually have done the EST – Forum’s “being my word” so this is just what I need. If I tell you I’ll do someting, I break my neck to do it. I am learning that even though I am retired, I still have much to accomplish and I need to be in top-knotch health to do it. I have said many times I do not have time to seriously do the health aspect of my life, but I have come to believe that if I take the time to accomplish this, it will help me to accomplish all the other things I want to and if I don’t, I still won’t get those things accomplished because, obviously, I haven’t.Besides, with the few things I have mentioned above, my husband is now interested in doing the same and joined me yesterday in asking if he could have certain things to eat or not. I would be foolish to let this opportunity go by.By the way, do you believe in syncronity? I woke about 3 a.m. and got on the internet to see if I had any new e-mail. I had printed out your “Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success! and read it some time ago but had forgotten I had even done so until I read the 5th Element and the “Can You Think Yourself Thin” newsletter you sent and you mention a Burn the Fat e-book so went looking for it but found the “Skyrocket..” article. Is that the Burn the Fat e-book? I don’t usually keep up with incoming newsletters so don’t why I read yours, except am interested in the Mind thing. I had, half-way, started some of the things that I had learned so it is just amusing to me how this all works together. Guess I am supposed to do this. Gotta go so can sign up for the Inner Circle.Thanks so much,Anne

  • Patti

    Great article!! It is applicable in all of our lives, Not just weight loss. These principles are use in all behavior modification. It is worth giving to a friend or family member struggling with any behavior, ie weight, smoking, and addiction.Thankspatti

  • Rodney

    HI TomFinally some info above and beyond the other fat loss plans.Also, I’m so glad to see Anne’s post above. It’s great to see another senior doing their best to stay in shape. I’m 64 and I keep looking for others my age to relate to. Most programs are for younger folks and thats why I like the Fifth Element as it applies to any age group.Usually I’m one of the lurkers but I had to make a comment about the 5th Element.ThanksRodney

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