October 12th, 2007

Amazing Time-Lapse Physique Transformation

There are thousands of people posting their training journals online through blogs today… there are people posting their photos too… some people even upload their live videos. But here’s something completely different: A “Real Time” physique blog and “time -lapse” video physique transformation… 84 days in 48 seconds… THIS you have to see…

In the past year, Adam Waters has risen to attention on the webas one of the most impressive of physique transformation bloggers.Adam says his blog began mostly as a tool to make himself accountableso he would never slip back to his old ways and his old physique…

But in time, the word about his “real time physique” blog spread like wildfire and became much more than a personal accountability tool. Over the past year, it has become inspiration to hundreds of thousands of viewers and readers.

On You Tube, Adam’s video has gotten 278,316 views, with 560 comments.(all together, all of Adam’s videos have more than 500,000 views).

But that’s not all – After producers saw Adam’s blog and transformation video, they wanted to shoot a video of their own – for prime time television. On Sunday, October 14th, Adam will appear on Japanese TV on NHK channel 2, highlighting “a day in the life” of a physique transformationist!

I could ramble on about his amazing transformation and the dedication it must have taken to journal it online, but for now, let’s just let his “time-lapse”video – 84 days in 48 seconds – speak for itself.

Click on the photo below to watch the video directly from Adam’s blog/website.


Your friend and coach

Tom Venuto, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

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2 Responses to “Amazing Time-Lapse Physique Transformation”

  • wow that was amazing. simply amazing.

  • Hello, I’m following Adam’s journey since july and I bought Metabolic Surge Ebook and I have started my own journey on 5th october, he was my model by his dedication and living proof that it is possible. Of course there are others who have done it before, but Adam’s blog and pictures were here at the right moment for me. I found John Stone’s website yesterday, did you see his timelapse movie? He started on january 2003 and does daily pictures from front and profile, he also logs his nutrition. You want to see it too:http://www.johnstonefitness.com/php/videos.phpat the very bottom, the last video in .MOV format is one year of physique transformation.Thank you for featuring Adam in your blog, he deserves it and is very happy about it!

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