July 29th, 2008

Hear Tom’s Newest Fat Loss Tips For 2008… LIVE!

This Wednesday, July 30th at 7PM EST, (that’s tomorrow nite), I will be speaking live on a special teleseminar and webcast event called, THE ELITE BODY. I’d like to invite you to listen in for F R E E. If you’re interested in hearing my NEWEST fat loss tips and strategies for free, including my favorite motivation techniques, then you will definitely want to make time to be on this call, hosted by www.TheEliteBody.com


THE ELITE BODY is a TELE-seminar, which means you don’t haveto go anywhere, you can listen from your own homephone via teleseminar bridge line or by computer viawebcast.

There’s no catch except that:

* You have to listen to the live call, the live webcastor the 24-hour playback on streaming audio to hear itfor f-r-e-e.

* Normal long distance charges apply if you dial infor the live teleseminar call by phone.

24 hours after the live broadcast is over, the teleseminarwill only be available for purchase as a complete MP3 set.

Why do YOU get F R E E access?

Because the host, Jim Katsoulis, is a very generous guyand an all-around cool dude!

Instead of making this teleseminar ONLY available forsale, he’s made arrangements to let his featured expertspeakers invite their subscribers to listen during thelive event.

To register, use the link below:



If you can’t make the live event Wednesday at 7PM EST, orif the phone lines are all taken when you try to call in,then don’t worry:

You can still hear the call up to 24 hours afterthe live event on the streaming audio playback line.

I don’t do very many teleseminars, but this particularevent really piqued my interest… Here’s why:

The teleseminar host, Jim Katsoulis, is not your usualfitness expert.

Jim is a hypnotherapist and practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP – the mind technologyfor rapid behavior change and personal excellence.

Taking a mind-body approach, in my opinion, is the keyto getting a fabulous body… an “ELITE BODY.”

I’m sure you’ve heard about “mind power” before:

Maybe you watched THE SECRET and heard about the lawof attraction.

Maybe you heard about the powers of the sub-conscious mind…

Maybe you heard about “Placebo effect” and the mindbody connection has fascinated you ever since…

Or maybe you’ve read about the importance of emotionalfactors in achieving fitness goals…

Like how positive emotions can turbo-charge motivationor how emotional eating or self-sabotage can wreck eventhe best nutrition or exercise plan.

Well, it’s absolutely true. What goes on in your mind,reveals itself in your behaviors and habits… and…in your results (or lack of them).

Sometimes, the programming in your mind expresses itselfin inaction, fear and procrastination and you findthat you can’t even get started.

As a hypnotherapist, Jim understands this as well asANYONE in the business.

That’s why he’s decided todivide the call into two segments that include BOTH:

(1) physical strategies – what to eat and how to train
(2) mental and emotional strategies – what to think, howto set goals and how to master your emotions.

I was thrilled to hear someone FINALLY willing to talk aboutthis stuff because it might be THE ONE THING standing betweenyou and the body of your dreams.

Almost all the other gurus are so concerned with what thelatest study says about hormones or metabolism or suppplementsthat the importance of the mind has been shoved into the back seat.

Not any more.

Here are some of the topics that Jim will be asking me about during this teleseminar event:


  • The biggest misconceptions most people STILL haveabout fat loss in 2008
  • The absolute best exercises that you could dofor the rest of your life.
  • How a vegetarian can get the protein they needand how vegetarians can get and stay lean


  • The most common mental mistakes people makewhich sabotage even the best nutrition andtraining programs
  • How to keep yourself motivated
  • The new rules for setting goals based onneuroscience and brain research, not poppsychology or airy-fairy mysticism
  • How to overcome self doubt and develop a feelingof certainty and unstoppable confidence

… and a lot more – Jim and I will be talking for a full hour.

To register for this call, here’s what you need to do:

1. Go to Jim’s fre-e registration page using thisspecial link:


2. Once you’re on the registration page, enter yourname and email address and then click the greybutton that says, “Instant Access Now!” At that point,you’re registered!

3. Go look in your email for the confirmationmessage that gives the call-in details. Print outthat email and tape it up somewhere that you willsee it as a reminder.

that’s all there is to it – It’s f-r-e-e and as easy as 1-2-3


After you register, you will also be forwarded to Jim’sELITE BODY “offer” web page where you can get informationon the ENTIRE teleseminar series which is available forsale as an MP3 set, with transcripts, mind-maps as wellas a bonus package.

(by the way, the bonus package includes a $1 trialmembership to my own Inner Circle support community -a special offer I usually only make to my customers)

But let me repeat – there’s nothing you have to buy. Orderingthe MP3 set is optional.

Join us for the live call or streaming audio playback and youcan hear the interiew for f-r-e-e with Jim’s compliments, simplybecause you’re one of my subscribers.

Good deal eh?

You’re welcome 🙂

Actually, thank Jim, he arranged it and I thought it wasvery generous of him NOT to make the entire seminar availableon a paid-only-basis.

I’m sort of a private type of guy who doesn’t pursue a lot ofmedia attention, so I don’t do these types of interviews veryoften. That’s why I hope you join us for this very rare andspecial event.

Here’s the link again where you can register for the call:


Train hard and expect success,

Tom Venuto,
Fat loss coach,
Author, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

PS. IMPORTANT: Remember, copies of this entire teleseminar seriesare available for purchase on MP3 so you can listen to them overand over again in the future on CD or in your IPOD… But asI mentioned earlier, the live call, the live web cast and the24 hour streaming playback are absolutely f r e e when you registerthrough this link:


PPS If you’re already member of my Inner Circle, you will bereceiving an MP3 copy of this interview inside theBurn The Fat Inner Circle member’s area, so you will nothave to re-arrange your schedule to make the live event.


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12 Responses to “Hear Tom’s Newest Fat Loss Tips For 2008… LIVE!”

  • Johanna

    HiI am in Australia and only get to use the computer at the gym so can’t watch the live telecast but this sounds exactly like the sort of thing that I would like to hear (I believe mind power is the key!) Where can I buy the CD?

  • Johanna, Just sign up on Jim’s registration page (click on the banners or any of the links in my post above), and that will forward you to Jims website with details on purchasing the audios. I dont think JIm is shipping out physical CD’s, but I do know he is making the MP3’s available, and you can burn those to CD’s yourself andor upload them to your IPODsincerely,Tom V.

  • Pam

    Hi TomI recieved the announcement about the broadcast tonight which I really would like to hear. Please could you tell me what time it is on GMT as I live in london.ThanksPam

  • I think that is a 5 hour time difference – you being 5 hours ahead of us (London–> new york). (7 PM EST 30th = midnight 31st GMT)you can search google for time zone converter to make sure.if thats inconvenient, the playback will be on Jims website for the entire 24 hour period after the call for your convenience.My very best to you,Tom

  • Jacqueline Oscvirk

    I registered on Jim’s site and obtained instant access, but was not able to see any information about his broadcast. I also did not receive an email with further directions or information.Is there a way that I can still hear it today?I came home in time to catch it … but nothing. I’d still love to hear it.

  • jacqueline,the process for listening to the replay is the same for registering for the live callJust visit Jims site (see links above) and as soon as you enter your name and email (free), you’ll receive an email with a link to the teleseminar replay pageUsually the replays are available at that link for 24 hours after a live call, but my call with Jim went TWO hours, so Jim is leaving it up until sunday.the live replay is available for FREE to listen to on streaming audio. Theres details on jims site about purchasing the MP3s of the entire call series, if you are intersted.sincerely,Tom V.

  • WOW!!!! What an awesome call this was! the first hour FLEW by and we had only finished going over the PHYSICAL strategies part – training and nutrition…So Jim asked me if I could keep going and went another full hour on MENTAL strategies – motivational propulsion systems, goals, overcoming limiting beliefs, self-discipline, mental mistakes.It was a great call. TWO FULL HOURS!Jim said he loved the call so much that instead of leaving up the replay for the 24 hours he planned, hes leaving it up all weekend. Also, this lets you hear the full two hours, in case you dont have 2 hours to listen at one shot, you can come back later on the weekend for the second halfclick on any of the links in my post above if you didnt register for the live call, or if you did register, you should have gotten the replay info in your email. Its worth the listen!Best regards,Tom venuto

  • barry c

    Tom, the link in the email you sent me does NOT take you to the recorded seminar, but rather to the website where the seminar is only for saleBarry

  • Barrry – yes, thats exactly what my email says and what my comments above say –when you register for the replay, you are forwarded to Jims “OFFER” page where he has info about the entire MP3 series for sale…At the same time Jim sends you an E-MAIL with the replay linkI think you can access the replay direct on jims blog herehttp://theelitebody.com/blog/and here is the direct replay pagehttp://theelitebody.com/liveteleseminar/The FREE REPLAY will ONLY be up til sunday, so be sure to listen asap. After that the calls are only available for sale on mp3.let me know if you have any other difficulty finding or playing the replay. It was a great call!tom

  • Carmen

    Hi Tom,Thanks very much for the very informative interview, and for making this interview so available. I learned alot, especially about reps and picking the right weight. no one ever expalined it to me so claerly before.I train with weights and cardio. Just wondering if you can hit a bit more on the nutrition piece…”appropriate times of day to feul our body, and when should your last meal of the day be?”. Thanks again for the great and very helpful tips outlined in the interview.Please do more audios. Have you ever considered doing a podcast? Hope to hear more soon from you!

  • Tony

    Tom, I am listening to your pod cast right now, I love it. You are saying a lot of what I have been telling others. I have a saying on my home gym door: “Know your limits and go beyond”. Similar to what you said, or close. I always try to do a bit more each time, and it shows, I have been keeping a workout log for years, I think I started it in the early 1990’s. I usually work out from 2 to 5 days a week, mostly 4 days, similar to you, 2 on 1 off, but sometimes I go as much as 3 off. I tend to let my body let me know.I changed things around this last week, on my chest, and can really feel it. Slow reps, low weight, with 2-3 times the amount of reps. I change a lot, from machine presses, dumbbell presses, and bar presses, including flat, incline and decline. (I also go to the gym as well as work out at home.) This mix up has helped me a lot. I press 85 pound dumbbells 10 to 12 times now, so I do two sets, the second set is about 5 or 6 reps. If I had some 90’s, I am sure I can lift them too. I have never done rapid movements, I feel it might damage something more than anything else, so I go at a steady deliberate speed. I am going to be 53 this year and I weigh about 188, and have only gained about 4 pounds over the last 5-6 years, so I know I am losing the fat since I am getting bigger. But as you have said, it is a slow steady loss which is better.Sorry I have gone on so long, I know you are busy. Thanks for listening.Tony

  • Amílcar

    Hi Tom,Years ago I followed your book to the letter to reach 5% body fat, but this is the first time I could hear your voice.I am only writing to say thank you very much.

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