August 12th, 2008

1 Power Motivation Strategy

This is probably one of the single most powerful motivation strategies you can ever use to get yourself in the best shape of your life, in the shortest time possible. You’ve probably heard of this strategy before, or you may even have used it, but you may not have known how many different ways you can use it and leverage its power… or you don’t have enough opportunities to use it. Tom Venuto explains in this 6 minute special audio presentation… click the play button below to listen…

Question: Tom, is there a difference in your mental toughness when you set out on a journey to achieve the super lean body for competition compared to your approach throughout the remainder of the year when you are your regular lean self, and can you share one specific motivation strategy that our listeners can apply right now to take their mental approach to the next level?

To hear the answer on audio (6 minutes, 38 seconds), click the play button below.

scott tousignant & tom venuto

click play to hear Scott & Tom

Entering a competition or creating your own event that provides external accountability is a POWERFUL strategy, as my answer in this audio revealed in detail.

I believe that before and after competitions, transformation challenges and other types of contests are a fabulous way to create real motivation and I think everyone should participate in an event, challenge or competition of some kind, at some level, every year, if not more than once a year.

To hear more audio from Scott and Tom, visit Scott’s website at:

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16 Responses to “1 Power Motivation Strategy”

  • Do you have an mp3 of that audio? I’d like to put it on my iPod to listen to while exercising – listening on the computer is pretty inconvenient. Thanks!

  • since its only several minutes long, I posted the audio clip as streaming audio. the full 20 minute original interview with Scott tousignant that this clip came from and many more hours of audio are available on MP3 for download for my members at

  • Even short audio clips or videos are a pain on slow dial-up.I rarely find them worth the download time. It’s not that the content isn’t great, it’s that for me, audio only content is SO easy for me to ignore or tune out of. I have to really focus to get much out of it. Even then, I just find it irritating to have to listen to something as opposed to read it.I VASTLY prefer it when people provide written content in addition! But then I am, and always have been a reader and very visually oriented. And my hearing isn’t always the best, especially if there are other background noises around.Anyway, I’m posting because I think some people learn very well from audio whereas others may respond better to written articles or even pictures. Audio vs. visual stimulation. So it’s good to provide BOTH where possible.

  • Cynthia.. you mean people still have dial up???? just kidding. I can provide written versions of audio clips in the future… We would just have to get it transcribed. Im happy to provide the info the way my readers can absorb it best. In fact, I had TONS of requests for audio, so thats exactly hy I posted this. As long as burn the fat blog readers keep giving me feedback, I’ll keep delivering what you guys/gals want.tom

  • Warren

    Thanks, Tom. I’ve been using your programme, but in the general busy-ness of life and work have been allowing my progress to slow down… Still progress, but at the current rate, my short-term goal is 2-3 months away rather than the five weeks it could be. The idea you offer in the audio snippet is exciting; I’m considering the photo-shoot option as a way to get really motivated and focused. As with all good ideas I am left wondering: Why didn’t I think of this myself?! Also useful for other areas of life I suspect. Thanks again.

  • Theresa

    I too would love a written or mp3 version, I never listen to the streaming audio because I am at work, and prefer to download to listen to in my car when I have the time, and also to be able to re-visit the information often!But thanks Tom for your always unbiased, intelligent, useful content. And Happy Birthday!

  • John

    Dear Tom:I hope you had a happy birthday.With the use of some of your strategies, I have kept in shape enough to complete the 2008 Dwight Crum Pier to Pier Open Ocean Rough Water 2 mile swim. I finished in 94 minutes, which for me, age 59, is OK. There is always next year. Then I will be swimming my 10th 2 mile swim in my 60th birthday year. That has got to be some kind of record for me.Keep those motivational messages coming. I love reading them, and wish you all the best.Cheers.John D

  • What about client who already purchased the Scott’s program? Can they have access to the bonuses and be part of the contest?

  • HI alanscott said all previous customers are automatically entered. watch for an email from him or contact him direct for details.tom

  • Thanks for sharing the clip from the interview that we did Tom.Warren, schedule your photo shoot now. Pay for it in advance, and get ready to rock n’ roll! In fact, it would be great for you to book it and share the date with us here. Or if you are in Tom’s Inner Circle definitely share it there.The moment that I got of the phone when we recorded that interview, I immediately shared the information with my wife Angie.Angie loved the idea and we immediately booked the photo shoot and made our goals public on our blog.Nothing has motivated me more than this ever before. But the key was… We took immediate action on the advice that Tom shared with us.Now we both have 6 pack abs.Like Tom said, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a photo shoot or body building competition. Just find a way to create your own event that you MUST be in your dream body by.Go For IT!Scott Tousignantwww.Unstoppable-Fat-Loss.comPS Alan I’ll be sending a message to my existing customers soon. Yes you can be a part of the contest.

  • jose raul aceves


  • Clayton Webber

    hi tom,can’t tell you how much difference there is in hearing you speak and do interviews, etc. well for me at least anyway.just finished listening to this short interview and also scott’s interview on elitebody, and yours recently of course; they were sensational and i don’t throw that word around loosely.i am a personal trainer from australia and this material is icing on the cake for me as it helps so much to hear what the “pros” are really doing and more importantly, thinking! i am also into nlp, mindset, constant improvement, etc. and looking to really incorporate these things where applicable into clients overall training.i can’t remember exactly the guru who said the following (might have been bob proctor): “some people spend more time planning a holiday, than they do their lives”, or their fitness!very appreciative of your information, time and resources needed to put all this stuff together, and put together well.keep it coming man! love it…regards, clayton.

  • thanks for the feedback clayton. I’ll keep audios coming. Based on all the feedback, I’ll probably mix up articles and audios and provide the mp3 and streaming audio and written versions of the audios as well so everyone, even the hearing impaired, may benefitTomPS re: that quote… one of my favorites”most people spend more time planning their vacations than they to planning their lives. perhaps its because escape is easier than change.”Jim Rohn

  • Jose wroteHAPPY 40 BIRTHDAY TOM¡ I’M YOUR #1FAN IN MEXICO, AND I’M STILL WAITING FOR YOU TRANSLATE BFFM TO SPANISH¡¡¡¡ I’VE ASKED FOR IT 1 YEAR AGO, WHAT’S THE MATTER??SINCERELY, I CANT UNDERSTAND WHY, THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF SPANISH-SPEAKERS WHO NEED BFFM IN SPANISH¡¡¡I answered this question on the fit cast show – second to last question or so got caught up with a new book project. when this new book is finished, we will go back to the spanish translation of BFFM. I havent forgotten!Tom V.

  • Orbal

    Hi Tom:I’m not sure if you ever got to see a 20/20 news show but they did an experiment with this very idea a couple of years ago. The topic was accountability and how that was the missing link and that if you could somehow hold someone accountable they would lose the weight. They did an an on air experiment where they took naked pictures of people who were very interested in losing weight and if they didn’t lose the weight, the show would release the photos to the entire public. The people obviously did not want anyone, let alone their friends and family to see these pictures, so they did everything they could to meet their weightloss goals. The show also gave other ideas on how to hold oneself accountable. I am not sure if it was on 20/20 or Dateline but it was quite interesting.Regards,Orbal

  • Another great motivational way to lose some weight is through NLP training. I went to a seminar specifically for a business retreat last year, but found myself sitting in on a motivational weight loss class. I’m proud to say I took those NLP techniques home with me and not only ended up shedding that extra 20 pounds I was carrying around, but have been able to keep it off to this day!

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