January 8th, 2009

TODAY! Worldwide Book Launch of The Body Fat Solution By Tom Venuto

The Body Fat Solution, a new hardcover book published byAvery /Penguin Books (NYC) is now shipping via online retailers including Amazon, Borders and Barnes & Noble and will begin appearing in bookstores throughout the United States today…

Whether you follow my own Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle nutritionprogram, or any other program, The Body Fat Solution does not replacethat, it adds to it by giving you tools for accountability, motivation,ending emotional eating, stopping self-sabotaging behavior, and settingup a lifestyle that encourages permanent results so you never have todiet again.

The Body Fat Solution is available online and NOW SHIPPING from amazon,borders and Barnes & Noble (these links redirect to the online bookstores):




If you like to leaf through books before purchasing, then pleasecall your local bookstore today to see if the book is in stockyet in your area. If not, it should be soon.

If you would like to preview the book immediately, online,you can download the table of contents here:



The Official Body fat Solution website has also launched today atwww.TheBodyFatSolution.com

On the new website, we are celebrating the worldwide launch withspecial events including a sweepstakes (NO purchase necessary)and a bonus offer for anyone purchasing two copies or more today(previous pre-orders count towards the 2 copies)

Also, for businesses interested in employee health and fitness,consider ordering in quantity for your company. Contact us for infowww.TheBodyFatSolution.com/contact.php


1: SWEEPSTAKES: 5 lucky winners will be drawn at random to win anautographed copy of my book, shipped anywhere in the world, and a5-year membership to my burn the fat inner circle, a $500 value.

To enter the sweepstakes simply go to http://www.TheBodyFatSolution.comand subscribe to the body fat solution e-zine to be automaticallyentered in the drawing. No purchase necessary.

2. BONUS OFFER: Purchase 2 or more copies of the book and you’llalso receive a special package of digital bonuses including audioMP3 seminars, ebooks and special reports. if you ordered the bookpreviously, that pre-order counts towards todays bonus offer, soif you purchase a 2nd copy today (to give to a friend), you willreceive all the bonuses.


STEP 1: ORDER 2 COPIES (or another copy for a friend if you previously ordered) : Simply go toAmazon, Borders or Barnes and Noble and order the book




STEP 2: AFTER ordering, then go to http://www.TheBodyFatSolution.comand register your purchases by entering your two receipt #’s in theregistration form to claim your bonuses (if you only get 1 receiptfor a 2 book order, enter that same receipt # twice).


I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that this new book,the Body Fat Solution, will change the lives of hundreds of thousandsor even millions of people, even in a way that goes beyond my firstbook, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (e-book). You will see, andI hope, say the same thing afer you’ve read the book.

If the early reviews are any indication, then I’m optimistic thatthis book will make a genuine impact and be remembered as somethingimportant and different, and not a “diet flavor of the month.” That’sbecause I wrote about principles, and principles endure, diet tricks don’t.

So, order your copy today, and remember you can also get a greatbonus package for ordering 2 copies or more online today as partof our launch celebration. If you ordered one for yourself previously,consider getting one for a friend.

One last thing, be sure to take a look at all the reviews andtestimonials on the new Body Fat Solution website, including the6 video reviews, and if you’re a YOU TUBE user, I’d love to seeyour video review as well!

Thank you. If it weren’t for the support and readership ofof all my Burn The Fat newsletter subscribers and blog readers, this new hardcoverbook would not be in stores today, January 8th, 2009

Train hard and expect success,

Tom VenutoAuthor, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle& The Body Fat Solution

PS. Order online from amazon, barnes and noble or borders,or call your local bookstore to see if The Body Fat Solutionis in stock (some bookstores may be likely to run out ofstock today)




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3 Responses to “TODAY! Worldwide Book Launch of The Body Fat Solution By Tom Venuto”

  • Mande

    Are you going to release this on Amazon Kindle as well? That would be great!!!

  • tom

    hi Mandeim still waiting myself to hear from mypublisher if and when it will be on kindle. Will make a post when i hear any news.

  • I just read the seven pages (table of content preview) available. It seems a very recommended book. I am going to buy it soon and will post a complete review on my diet websites.

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