January 13th, 2010

Body Fat Solution 2010 FREE Book Giveaway Today!

I hope you’re off to a great start toward achieving your New Year’s Goals. Here’s something brand new that may help… My latest book was just released (January 2010) in trade paperbackby Avery/Penguin (NYC), after becoming a #1 Amazon Best seller and National Bestseller in hardcover in 2009. (also available on audio CD or itunes MP3 and on kindle). To kick off my 2010 Internet Book Tour, I’m giving away TEN FREE COPIES, Plus a 1 year membership to my private Burn The Fat Inner Circle. Just post a comment about why you want the book and you could win!

UPDATE: Sorry gang — this giveaway closed out in just 26 minutes! WOW! Early birds get the worm. See below for details. Winners will be announced shortly!

The Body Fat Solution is a fat loss book, but it’s NOT a diet book. That’s not an oxymoron and here’s why:

The Body Fat Solution is more focused on the emotional, psychological and social challenges of fat loss.

In other words – it’s not about what program you follow, its about…

***what makes you follow your program!***

If you have trouble sticking with a nutrition or training plan, THIS book is for YOU because you won’t just learn how to eat and workout, you’ll learn the strategies that end emotional eating, stop self sabotage and keep the unwanted fat off for good.

As part of the trade paperback book release and Internet book tour, I’m going to be going to be sponsoring several book giveaways and contests in the two weeks ahead.

But if you’re reading this (probably because you got a private email invitation from me or you subscribe to this blog), YOU are getting first dibs on the BIG ONE — the HUGE BOOK GIVEAWAY!

That’s right, I’m not giving away ONE book – I’m not even giving away 5 like I did last year… I’m giving away TEN BOOKS!

* personally autographed
* shipped anywhere in the world to your front door.

Plus, One grand prize winner will get one of the ten books AND win a one year membershipto the Burn The Fat Inner Circle (if youre already a member you can have the time added onto your existing membership)

If you want to win a free autographed book, here’s how:

Simply write a short comment on the Blog below that says WHY you want my book.

The winners will be picked at random (using randomizer software) so everyone will have an equal chance to win.

There is a catch, or three…

(1) Giveaway closes after 100 comments. Last time I did a giveaway (In November), there were 240entries and it took me an entire weekend to read them all! Soearly bird gets the worm this time – the giveaway will be closedand winners picked and announced on the blog after there are100 comments or Friday at midnight, whichever comes first(I reckon 100 comments, so you’d better jump on this)

(2) Keep it brief. You don’t have to write an essay, just a comment about why you want the book.

(3) some restrictions may apply. You must be 18 years of age andbook giveaways have to be legal in your country, province, city,& state.

Oh, and if you want to give the book as a gift, I’ll be glad to signit to anyone you choose.

Good Luck!

Your friend and coach,

Tom Venuto, author of:
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (e-book)
The Body Fat Solution (hardcover & paperback)

PS. Here’s what some people are saying about The Body Fat Solution:

“Offering the opposite of a quick fix, Venuto is honest about theeffort it takes to drop a significant number of pounds. This isthe book for women ready to tackle long term weight loss.”
– Oprah Magazine

“Venuto gets at all the physical, psychological, and even sociologicalaspects of overeating, outlining a program of mental, cardio, andstrength training stressing accountability and self-control. Nothingfluffy about this book: just well- founded scientific research andclearly illustrated direction.”
– Library Journal

See more reviews here:

To order the book now, go to your favorite bookstore including Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books a Million or your favorite local bookstore – or visit any of the major online booksellers:




UPDATE: Sorry gang — this giveaway closed out in just 26 minutes! WOW! Early birds get the worm. But don’t worry, there are more giveaways and contests coming up during the Body Fat Solution 2010 internet book tour, so stand by for that… and be sure to act fast next time!

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154 Responses to “Body Fat Solution 2010 FREE Book Giveaway Today!”

  • Claire

    This might just be the ‘one’ thing that helps me to help myself. I have been searching for many years for a way to help me be the person on the outside that I know I am destined to be.I take full responsibility for my actions, however, I need help with those actions.

  • I want a free book because …… it’d make the perfect birthday gift for my sister-in-law!

  • Kevin

    I have been a follower of yours for several years and would love to recieve a copy of your book.

  • Jen Grant

    My partner, two friends and I are competing in a 12 week burn. This would be great motivation for my partner and I so we know we are doing the right thing (and being competitive – so we have the advantage to win 🙂

  • Amanda

    I have been desperate for many years, to have a system written for me, that I know is effective. I read Tom’s first book but didn’t systematically apply the principles. I feel this time my head, heart, and commitment are all aligned!

  • Deb Frincke

    I’d love a paper copy of the book – mine is in Audible format! Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway 🙂

  • Dave

    I want to learn the latest tips and techniques from one of the true masters in the business!

  • Molly Kitsmiller

    I’d love to win your book as I have benefitted greatly from your e-book and I’d like to have a hard copy of some of the things I know I need to read over and over again to get it into my head!

  • Jaime

    I would LOVE to have this book to kick-start my weight loss. As a 41-year old woman, I’m beyond tired of wasting my life being overweight. I think this book offers the ‘full package’ and is exactly what I need to get past just ‘existing’ and get on with living!

  • Lori

    I am such an emotional eater. This book would help me break the cycle and continue with my weight loss goal.

  • Stacy

    Would be great so i can read the book and be ready to start losing the baby weight i have gained during this pregnancy (i’m due end of May).

  • Jessie Ano

    I cant wait to read this book. i love BFFM and it made total sense to me. Anxiously awaiting this book!

  • Aleksandra

    I’m definitely for a slow and methodical method for fat loss that lasts a lifetime. I would love to read this comprehensive approach to changing patterns that have plagued my goals for the last few years.

  • Buddy Leach III

    I would like to receive your new book so that I can learn more about setting and attaining my nutritional and physical goals! Short and to the point. That is all I have. Thanks so much for writing BFFM! It has been an amazing help!

  • marta

    psychology is the biggest enemy. i’m great at gathering and synthesizing information, less so at applying it consistently. that’s the last battle, but also the most important one. anything that helps with that is at the top of the wish list!

  • I believe with your help I can look better, feel better and be an example to others. I have found perimenopause to contribute to my weight gain.

  • jamie

    Hey TomCheers for offering the opportunity to win one of your booksIm hoping it will give me some tips to pass on to some of my clients who struggle with some of the psychological and social issues associated with long term weight managementJamie

  • Hi there – I am not looking for another diet book. Been there done that, diets don’t work.Intelligent understanding and application of who what where why and when solves problems, It seems this book has that information in it. I look forward to reading it.

  • Mic Cullen

    BFFM is a bible, how could this be any less?

  • Mark

    I have some methods for fat loss, but I NEED the solution. I haven’t come up with it by myself. I’d love to have the book to find it.

  • Brian Lowe

    As a follower of the Burn the Fat system, I’ve kept my body fat at the lean levels for the past couple of years and put on muscle slowly and consistently. As a 47 year old, my ‘age’ based on a bio impedence test was 39. As you can imagine, I was stoked. Anything to keep focused is greatly appreciated.

  • Keith

    Had great success after getting BTFFTM, now I just need to break through a plateau level and get rid of the last remnants of my “pot belly”

  • Jared

    I would love to win your book because I want to break the generational curse of bad eating habits in my family. My wife is due with our first child in June and we both want to have good eating and exercising habits in place.

  • Anders

    Everything I’ve read that you’ve written has had something valuable for me to learn and apply, I’m excited to read and learn from this book! Whether on a very small scale or a large one (pun intended) this book will change my life.

  • Tim Gibson

    I would love this book. I am serious about cutting fat and remaining healthy for life.I really like everything I’ve read in the emails.My wife and I could really use this book.Tim

  • Connie Wolff

    I have found your advice and guidance to be the most realistic approach to permanent weight/fat loss and lifestyle changes.An autographed book would be a great motivator to finally get the job done!!!

  • Joseph

    I have had success with Tom’s program before. But a few overwhelming events hit me all at once. With no support and my emotions flaring, I stopped using all the greats skills that were working for me. I know his methods work, now I just need to learn how to stay focused on them wth life throws you some curveballs.

  • Andrea Ricci

    I was just starting to achieve success with Burn the Fat before I became pregnant last May. I had finally found something that worked!! I am due February 14th and know that I will need more support to lose the weight and gain my body back but to better still, achieve the body I’ve always wanted! I’d love to receive a hard copy of the book to help me kick start and achieve my goals

  • Melinda Lawrence

    When I saw my Mom at Christmas I was really shocked to see how immobile she had become because of the weight she is carrying. We had a great talk and she said she would welcome some support from me to help her change her habits & shift some weight permanently. I told her about Tom and Burn the Fat and at the end of January I’m going to visit her again and help her get started. I’d love to win the book for my Mom.

  • Jessica C

    I would love the giveaway because I’m trying to lose over 100 pounds and I need all of the help, guidance, and education I can get my hands on. Thank you!

  • Ombretta

    I bought your book as soon as it released last year, but having a signed copy would be a true honor for me!

  • Gary

    I truly believe that the right mindset is extremely important. I have only just begun to understand its importance in dealing with fat loss and how I can understand what I am doing subconsciously and start making conscious decisions about what I eat, how I exercise, etc. I have grown so much from BFFM as well as your other writings, I would love to continue to grow with your new book.

  • Angelo

    I believe in getting every bit of help, support and mentoring to boost my drive in working towards getting in the best possible shape I can. BFFM is pure gold and I want to make sure I can stay with my program and I’m sure The Body Fat Solution will give me exactly the drive I need to maintain!

  • Adam

    Id really love to win this book. For the past 6 weeks I have emmersed my self in everything from BFFM, The Fat Burn Files and the Inner CIrcle. Truth is, Im like a sponge when it comes to information on health and wellbeing. (A very recent revelation it seems!) I even started discussing food and nutrition with my work mates. This book would be more fuel for my fire. Keep writing!

  • Rob

    I enjoyed Burn the Fat immensely.Really looking forward to reading another honestwriting on the subject of fat loss !

  • Pennie

    If just owning the diet and exercise books were enough, with my library of them, I would be a veritable Goddess! But none of them really address, as you say, ***what makes you follow your program!*** That sounds like a “fat loss book” that just might make a difference. If I could get some of this weight off, my knees and hips would love me.

  • Angela

    I’m an emotional eater and I think it would help me find strategies around this

  • Al

    I tried very hard to get into shape last year. But I put on 18 pounds in just three months due to depression. I really need help to get those pounds off FAST!

  • Sarah

    I want this book because I want to tackle the reasoning behind my difficulty in losing FAT! I want a lean, healthy body, and I know Coach Venuto can help me with his new book.

  • Paul

    Hi Tom,I learnt so much from BFFM, and I’m putting those principles to work to help my wife at the moment. I know she would benefit greatly from reading The Body Fat Solution, so I’d love to win a copy for her.Thanks, Paul.

  • Rick

    I want to burn the fat, build muscle and learn how to end emotional eating once and for all…! …And I believe you’re qualified to show me how!

  • Karen

    I would love some strategys for the emotional side of the weight loss equation and especially overeating.Thanks

  • James

    I have dropped about 25 pounds in the last few months using tips from your book. I plan on dropping another 20 or so this year. I am sure a copy of your new book will open up new methods for helping me achieve that goal.

  • D Epstein

    I would like your new book since you have researched this topic better than anyone in the industry, and your direct explanations can lead to practical, no-baloney results over time. Many thanks!

  • Linda Rodriguez

    My son is in a facility and the impact this book would have on his physical and mental state of mind would be enormous. I am constantly trying to encourage healthy eating and exercize as a way of life. This book would be very helpful and give him encouragement. Tom Venuto is a perfect example of positive attitude and perseverance. My son would benefit greatly from reading this book.

  • Susan Levanduski

    I want the book so that I can read it before I go to sleep, and then put it under my pillow so I can dream about running and lifting weights (in addition to all the running and weight lifting I now do when I’m awake, thanks to Tom!)

  • rachel

    hey Tom, thanks so much for BFFM e book! it’s taught me so much. i’d LOOVE a copy of your new book because i recognize that the emotional/mind/thinking pattern issues are always the hardest to change and it would be awesome to get some more of your insight and advice on this! an autographed copy is obviously a bonus too ha!

  • Carlos Lepe

    I believe that Tom enjoys what he does best and that is helping people. In my case I believe the book will teach me what is the best way to stop emotions leading my eating habits. I’m eager to sink my teeth into eat…oops I meant it. Congratulations Tom!

  • John Wohlwend

    BFFM has me in the best shape of my life and I will stay that way! The new book should help me get even leaner. Basically, if Tom writes it, I want to read it.

  • Tia

    Hi Tom,I would really like a copy of your Book as it sounds like just what I need…the inclusion of the emotional and mind setting section is a blessing to see. So many programs ignore the most important part of trying to maintain a program…if your not in the right mind set you will just fail. I need the guidance and inspiration…All the very best,Tia, Australia

  • Cate H.

    Because I need to lose 50 lbs., and get in shape before I turn 50!

  • Boyd Bonnett

    I want your new book if the quality of the information is as good as the content in your Burn the Fat e-book, which I would recommend to anyone who is serious about getting in shape and losing weight. Boyd

  • Deb Baker

    I now realise that transforming the body is only the tip of the iceberg. This I’ve managed to do, but then life through a sad curve ball and I went back to my destructive habits. I stemmed the rot for now, but I know I’m not there yet – more inner work to do and having your book would be a great starting point. Thanks

  • Lisa

    I am a 45 year old woman and have been TRYING to keep as fit as possible ever since my Dad had open heart surgery 3 years ago. I feel healthy, however, don’t “SEE” much of a difference in my body. I’d like to see the results of my efforts in the mirror! I think you’re book (& my effort) may be the key to my success! Thanks!

  • Galina

    Tom,since I’ve subscribed to Burn the Fat Feed the muscle I never missed a single post or blog. I’d love the oppotrunity to read your new book. Of course I can buy it, but I can not pass the chance of winning it. Wish me luck 🙂

  • Travis O

    Hi Tom,I’m interested in reading this book as i’ve bought your BTTFM and Inner circle membership. I’m interested to learn and read more of the mental side of things. I find reading and gethering information helps keep me motivated. Quite a bit of the common magazine type media supports your approach to fitness but the information you provide is more detailed and helps better understand things.Now i just need to figure out how to get my G/F to read as she insists on trying to starve herself and appears allergic to exercise. Trying to be a skinny fat person? Maybe this book will help.Thanks,Travis.

  • Alicia W.

    This book would be the best thing I could do for myself at this time. I would share it with several friends who need your truths on learning how to eat. I also think it would make a great addition to the library of a few friends who are now personal trainers.

  • David

    I have to work with two other household members to make any program work, my wife, her sister and myself. This may be the solution, to help us all. I believe your book and your approach could provide inspiration for all three. The youngest of us is 65.

  • Rob

    I have listen to the audio book for the last year. Each time I hear it I find new insights into the fat loss. I especially like the section on attitudes and beliefs. It is amazing how our minds can affect us in our attempt to lose fat.Having a paperback edition would make reviewing the fat burning principles quick, easy and keep me on track to reaching my goals.

  • Kaitilin

    I want a free book please….as it would be the perfect start to the New Year. Giving me no further excuses x

  • Dave

    After being overweight for many years, I lost over 60 pounds and have kept it off for a year. I would love this book to help me keep it that way for LIFE! Thanks.

  • Arturo Aquino

    I’d love to give this book as a present to my mother. I already have the hardcover and have been using it successfully to get myself into the best shape of my life!

  • Julie

    During the past 15 months I have turned my life completely around. I had a sleep/breathing disorder, onset of high cholesterol, more than 50 BMI and I was exhausted when I walked up a flight of stairs. I started an online plan to make me accountable for my actions. It worked to a point. When I heard you speak on the Fat 2 Fit Radio show I immediately went to your site and downloaded your book. I learned so much from that, even though it was a bit more info than I really could absorb at the time. I continue to listen to everything you put out as far as speaking engagements, podcasts, etc. It is really helpful to hear the real life stories of the people you have helped too. I know this book would be one more step to a better life for me. I have lost 100 lbs so far and I want to keep losing Fat, not muscle. This sounds like the book for me!Thank you for your help so far!Julie

  • Rene Lavandier

    I would like a free copy of your book to help remotivate me to lose weight again. This past year, I’ve lost the spark to keep going. I’d originally found it by reading your e-book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. Here’s to rekindling the motivational flame within!

  • Casey

    I got back up to 242 lbs. Three years ago I had said enough is enough, really cut down (starved) and excercised. Got down to 184 lbs, I hadn’t been that weight since I was 13 years old. My wife commented that I looked gaunt and tired, not healthy and trim. In 18 months I was back to where I started and another year I was ten pounds more than I started. I broke out “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle”. I am doing it right now, would love to have a copy of the new book to make it part of doing it right. CaseyPS I have done the New Year weight lost competitions at work. Everyone throws money in the hat, I get motivated for the money, lose weight and take cash home and then put it all back on. This time I am eating right and doing it right and making a commitment for life and me, not a cash prize.

  • Adolfo Soriano Jr.

    This will be a great book for me to once again regain my fitness and health as a whole. If it’s from Tom, it must be great!

  • MJ

    I would love to receive a copy of your book becauseevery smart contribution (like your book as opposed to little bits like so many other diet books) HELPS and I’d love the support! And that it would be free is like amazingly yummy, SUPER healthy icing on the cake 🙂

  • Kathy

    I currently own and have been following the principles of BTFFTM for close to a year now, and have lost more than 100 pounds. I’m down to 15% body fat and am looking to lose the last of the stubborn belly fat as well as maintain/increase muscle mass. This is the first time in my life that I’ve been able to get down to and maintain a healthy weight for any length of time. I believe this book will assist me in further achieving my goals of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not falling back into bad habits.

  • John Cooley

    This book is great! Tom is open and honest with what the issues are in getting to the bottom of things. Audible had it and I ordered it as soon as I saw it show up. I was not disappointed and am happy with this book as I was with his previous e-book. There is a lot of misinformation out there and Tom has helped cut through a lot of that for the readers.

  • Michael

    I love my partner, Rita, deeply. We have been together for 31 years. Rita has decided that this year is the year for her to get healthy and the first step is to try and attain her optimum weight.I have bought BFFM and have gained a lot of insight and valuable information from it.I am desperate for Rita to succeed in her goal and am sure that “The Body Fat Solution” will be the inspiration she needs to kick start her journey towards optimum health.Thanks, Tom, for making such a generous offer.

  • Christine

    As a student, I am always looking for more information to help me learn. BFFM was truly inspirational and absolutely FILLED with such great information – after reading it, you’re my personal hero for helping me to change my body and my mindset! I would LOVE to have a signed copy of the new book, the Body Fat Solution! It would be such an honor and a motivation for me!

  • John

    Hi Tom – I would really like the book for my wife, she has been an emotional eater since childhood and although trains 3 days a week in the gym with a trainer can never seem to stay on track. There have been lots of reasons for this in the past and I have always been there 100% for her. She has a hard road ahead of here with around 25kgs of fat to loose, I love her dearly and think that your great book would really help in cementing the process we are going down. Thank you so much for making this book availabe to use all.Kind Regards and best wishes John

  • Anita

    I would love to read your book. I need positive information to read daily to keep me focused on my goals. Thanks for getting the “real” information on health and wellness to everyone!

  • Phil

    I would love to have an autographed copy of you latest work!

  • Christine Mitchell

    Hi TomI enjoyed your Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle e book, however would love to have a copy of The Body Fat Solution. 2010 is a big year for me and I need some motivation and support to achieve my goals.A personally autographed copy of your book, shipped to Oz could become my NBF (new best friend) !!CheersChris

  • In January 2006, I bought Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. I used it to structure a plan that worked for me. I bought The Body Fat Solution when it was released and realized this is what I did. I gave my copy away to someone who needed it. I’d like another copy so that I can help my friends achieve the same success I have.

  • Melissa

    I am a trainer who loved Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. I truly admire Tom and would love to read the book and see if it could be of help to not only me but my clients!

  • Hamish McEwan

    Hey Tom,A little while ago, I was vegging on the sofa, watching TV (which I do way too often), and I saw A UFC battle between the incredible Randy Couture and a much younger challenger. I was stunned when the announcer marveled at Randy’s fitness at the ripe old age of 46. His challenger was 29. I thought this was one of those vanity bouts where an over-the-hill fighter tries one last time to relive the glory days only to be mercilessly destroyed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Couture dominated and won the fight.You see, the reason I’m writing you is that I am also 46 years old and had long ago given up the prospect of performing at the highest athletic level. After watching that bout I realized that I still can. I just need to get off the couch.Your book is going to get me off the couch!Best Regards,Hamish McEwan

  • carol

    What a great offer~winning a personnally autographed book from the author that has taught me so much about fitness and nutrition. The ebook is great, but I had dreamed of having a personal printed book to reference and share with others! This really would make someone very happy indeed~I hope it is me!!Thanks for the contest~

  • Nadia Girgis

    I really enjoyed the more scientific approach to burning fat in BFFM. I would love to read The Body Fat Solution because I believe I could benefit from the information about ending emotional eating.

  • Mike Wolf

    I want the free book because I think it will motivate me further towards my goal of burning my belly fat and finally getting into great shape!

  • Brett Slansky

    Hi Tom, I would like to read your book for very simple reason – your stuff works! There are thousands of weight loss guru books and secrets, but based on reading the BTFFTM I am impressed with the quality of information. I just cannot sit behing my laptop and your newest book will be much more better to read – also I could take it anywhere with me: -)Bretthttp://www.oahu-hawaii-travel.com

  • Shawn Therrien

    I’ve had your BTFFTM Book for years, been using it but I’m more interested in the motivational and emotional side of this book to help my wife and I change our lifestyle so that we’ll always be active for our little girl!Thanks,Shawn

  • Your book would really help my wife change her habits. She loved the first ebook and still it is a struggle she must refer to often.

  • Almino Malaza

    I wish I can get one copy. I need this book so much. I wanted to lose all the stubborn fat in my belly and I’m really sure I also need the free 1 year membership of the Burn The Fat Inner Circle. Thanks Tom!

  • Bronnie Dempsey

    WHYBecause I absolutely what it and need to follow the program.I have the BFFM, great but so technical, I am now a member of the inner circle and am working toward understanding all the in & outs on the site..the new book sounds like me to a tee,GOT TO HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!Signed even better.the sooner the better, I have 7 1/2 months to get to my goal weight & fitness or I cant go to Paris for my 50th.

  • Zack

    I am hungry to take the lid off of my own internal limitations. I know what I need to do but I don’t always do it. Your book has the tools for me to overcome my negative programming and become the best I can be – in fitness and in life.

  • Cecilia

    Because I am a huge fan and also need to lose 25 Kilos!!!

  • David

    After being in shape and doing well it took one job layoff to forget why I was I was in shape. The emotional eating began. It needs to stop and I know your book is the ticket !

  • LTC Marc Neely

    I am currently serving in Afghanistan. I would love to have a book to follow while I am here. I am following a good training program but would love to have the entire package on burning fat and building muscle. I am very regimented and want to achieve the body I have always wanted.Thanks Tom for your books. Looking forward to this one.

  • Mike

    I’m looking for the help to get my mind wrapped around the lifestyle changes I know I need to make, but haven’t yet made….hope this book can help!

  • I would love to win your book because you and your e-book Rock!!! The principles and topics in your e-book and my hard work helped me to go from 224 pounds in May of 2008 to 184 pounds on my goal date, which was October 31, 2008! I currently weigh 182 pounds and appreciate everything you do to help people. It would be an honor to win your book – Thanks Tom!

  • Josh Taylor

    New Year, New me, New life with your New Book

  • David Clark

    I want a copy of your book because even when i find myself failing, the motivation that reading your work brings allows be to get back on the horse. Loved BFFM and have been living it for 3 months. Keep it up man!

  • ricardo

    This book will definately help me, I have set very specific goals for my body and have a defined timeline. By march 31st 2010 my body fat percentage will be 12%, this will enable to regain my enegry levels of when I was in my early twenties. I began applying the methods in BFFM book and it is working. Additionally I have taken kick boxing up as a recreational sport along with cycling weekly running and working out in a gym twice a week. Following the methods I have included protein in everymeal I eat as well as leafy greens so far the results have been amazing. I do not do weekly measurements though but trather take measurements evry month as time is really a critical factor for me, the trend….the body fat on a downward sipral…, confidence sky rocketing…thanks Tom for your book, so why do I want the body fat solution, well I am excited about the new ideas I can find so that I can become a role model for many of my over weight friends collegues and family member to help them transform their lives…

  • Fairfield Bain

    I know I need this more than ever. Winning the battle has to start in my mind. Thanks for such a generous offer.

  • Chris

    I recently decided to get off the couch and get back in the same shape I was in years ago when I played beach volleyball all of the time. Your eBook has been a great help with lots of very practical information. Thanks for the help and motivation!

  • Leon

    I’ve been a huge fan of Tom’s ever since I read Burn the Fat…. He’s inciteful and digs deep to help people achieve their goals. I’ve been applying some of the material for about a year now and I’ve lost about 25 lbs of pure fat. Thank you Tom!Leon

  • Fred

    Tom,I don’t want the book. Really….I have enough diet books and fitness books to fill a bookcase….However, I NEED the book…somewhere there is an answer to my problem. Even though I have been athletic most of my life, I have always been heavy….even when I was playing competitive racquetball some of my opponents would try and goad me on by calling me “fat boy” and stuff. My retort after I beat them was “not bad for a fat boy!”As I said…..wanting is one thing. There are lots of things in this life I want. But there are things that I need and a proven, sound method to “fat loss” and good overall health is what I need.Thanks for your dedication to us “who need it” even if I don’t win.Fred

  • Jeff Hopkins

    I would love to have this book. I have started a new lifestyle of fitness and healthy eating in 2010 and you’re book would be a great addition in helping me work towards my goals.Thank you for the offer!

  • tom

    HOLY MACKEREL! 100 comments in 26minutesOk gang…. the winners will be chosen shortly and posted here on the burn the fat blogIf you didn’t make it in time, dont worry we have more giveaways and contests coming up in the next couple of weeks with the 2010 body fat solution internet book tour...but it wont be this easy…. you’ll have to write something to win next timeStand by for the winners!tom venuto

  • Deborah Richards

    Hi,I would have loved to have a chance at winning one of your books, but I only just received the E-mail about 30 seconds ago, a day after everyone else it seems. Maybe because I’m in Australia?? But just wanted to say I am currently studying a Bachelor of Nutrition and love your holistic view to health and weight loss. Your book, ideas and support are fantastic. Thank you!

  • The Body Fat Solution is one of the greatest gifts that you could give yourself. If you don’t happen to win any of these contests please do yourself a favor and buy yourself a copy.The Body Fat Solution is exactly what the world of fat loss needs. It’s not a hyped up diet program selling false hopes and dreams. This book is the real deal and should be on everyone’s book shelf.You’ll really enjoy reading this fresh approach to fat loss. I know that I sure did.Scott TousignantPS I sure hope to see that internet book tour stop by the Unstoppable Fat Loss blog 😉

  • Elizabeth Miklus

    Ok, so I missed out on this contest. I got 60 lbs off, thought I could sit back and now I am the proud owner of 20 lbs of the 60 I lost. I am soooo pissed! So, no matter that I missed out on this book giveaway. I want this book so much that I am going to purchase it. Why? Because I am worth it! Thank you Tom!!!!!

  • mantle

    cant beleive Im too late i got on here as soon as received the email. This I was sure was a way i was going to recieve the book. Great work Tom and keep it up

  • Patricia Harding

    I know the free book contest is over, but I wanted to let you know that I am well over 80 years young and in wonderful shape. I take no medications of any kind. BBI is 9. I walk two miles most mornings and use weights when I feel like it. I look great in a swim suit. If you would like a picture of me (You may show it) to let people know that even if one is in their late 80’s even their 90’s, that by using your instructions, they can lose fat, regain muscle while all the time getting healthier and younger.

  • Dang! Missed it by three minutes! Best wishes to the Early Birds!I don’t even know if this post will show, but I gotta tell ya – Tom’s books take fitness, health and body sculpting to whole different level.Don’t miss the chance of getting ANY of his materials.

  • Vanessa

    I would like your book because the Burn the Fat and the Body Fat Solution programs are the only weight and fat loss programs that really work. That’s becuase they tell the truth about weight loss and don’t offer miracle solutions or quick fixes. I already own the Burn the Fat e-book and I think the Body Fat Solution would be a great complimentary book to own. Thank you!

  • Dave

    I would only need to give away the book. Tom, if you saw my before and after pictures, my goal card, my desktop wallpaper and realized the impact you’ve had on my transformation you would know that I don’t need the book. But, the truth is, I would give it to someone that does. Tom, I am friends with you on Facebook so you can see my incredible transformation I made using your “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle”. It was phenomenal. I thank you so much for your information. It was crucial to my success.

  • Elizabeth Pearch

    Thanks Tom! I know I’m late but I wanted to tell you how much I have learned from your books. They have really brought value to my life.

  • Bruce

    You are the Straightest Shooter in the fitness industry. I am ready for some more of your wisdomThank you,Bruce

  • PFFT! I’m too late because I was meeting with with someone who I told to go by the book right now before Borders closed. No lie. Well, that and I don’t have all my email addresses hooked up to the crackberry! ;)My weight loss clients all get a copy.

  • John Robert Lowe

    Burn The Fat ROCKS!!! Straight up works…now you have to do your part…the methods and the madness of BFFM works, just give a shot…hands down the best there is!

  • Betty

    I really hoped to win a book, just absolutely strapped for cash right now… In the past 18 months I have lost 90 pounds, and kept it off, but still have about 60 pounds to go. I seem to be stuck, and I know that the info in Tom’s book will help me reach my goal this year!

  • Jason

    I NEED the book because i’m right on the verge of a breakthrough and have been searching for that last bit of encourgement and motivation to melt away my body fat.

  • Carol

    I really hope to win a book. I did really well through the holidays sticking to healthy eating and now I have fallen off the wagon! I know that Tom’s book will get me back on the right path.

  • jim

    Scott Tsouginant: I agree with you wholeheartedly!!!!!!!

  • Michiel

    I am skinny fat and need to gain weight without gaining fat. I need a good approach to get me there. It is difficult to know how to stuff yourself properly. I stall with weight training because my food plan sucks… HELP!

  • Michael

    Hey Tom,Hopefully I’ll have a second chance here – I just got your update email, and it’s well before 26 minutes – though there’s no rush this time, right ? Heh.Well, I’d like to win a copy of the book because I was already so inspired by BFFM – I’ve read it several times over, and yet I keep losing my way time and time again. The psychology of fat burning seems to be harder for me than going through the motions, and it’s oh-so-easy to fall into bad habits.Anyway, this would help me get back on track, and a signed copy would be an even more personal incentive.Thanks.

  • Rusch

    I would love to win this book because I’ve been following your blog for years. I really need some help and guidance and I think that your book would really help me in my weight loss. I have to lose over 60 pounds, the heaviest I’ve been in years and I could really use the help. Thank you Tom for everything!

  • Kevin

    Been a follower of BFFM for a while now but it gathered dust on the shelf for a while (and my waistline expended). Ready to start anew and am looking forward to to reading the new book to get some new insights. I have 100 days to lose 30 lbs… I think I can do it!!!

  • Chikako

    What you wrote in the book completely changed my attitude from negative to positive. Thanks, Tom!

  • Brenda Tarbox

    I would love a chance to get your new book. My husband and I total approximately 100 lbs over weight. We have just started the morning exercise program and would love to get a jump start with you new book.s

  • Oliver

    Tom provides a no holds bar approach to finally living a healthy lifestyle and looking good. I have been an advocate of his methods and can’t wait to get my hands on his new book. He provides truth in a time where any joe claims to be a fitness guru. Tom is the real deal and an excellent source of nutrition and fitness knowledge.

  • Brian

    I’d love a copy of the book, but technically not for myself. I’ve done great following Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle but my folks need a lot of help. They tend to read any books I might read, and I hope this one will motivate them to do something about their health.

  • Mike

    After reading BFFM I posted dramatic results that shocked myself for a man in my 40’s. I feel any book Tom writes can only continue to educate myself with the knowledge Tom has and uses in his life. I look forward to staying motivated with Tom’s book.

  • Sydney

    I bought this book for a friend, read some and wanted to keep if for myself. I would like a copy of the book since I was so impressed with what little I read and would like to have the results my friend had. He lost 35 lbs so far.

  • I was one of the lucky ones to have met Tom Venuto back when he was doing online traning and even had the opportunity of meeting him personally when I had a trip to NYC. I met him personally and was able to train for a few days at his gym in Hoboken, NJ. Tom’s new book is by far the best. After so many years, his methods, trainings, diet and mindset are still working for me. Once I was able to make them part of my life, there is no going back. They have enabled me to keep in good shape and keep the good habits. This book is a must to keep and share with others. It was truly a blessing having met him and have him as one of my mentors and coach. His techniques work. Many thanks and all the best!..

  • L. carmit Brandt

    I totally agree that much of diet success is in people heads. As a nutrition professional and an avid workout enthusiast I use your book and other materials in my programs.As a former “emotional” eater I know the challenges. I look forward to reading your insights on the matter.

  • Sylvia R

    My goal for the next year is:-becoming aware of emotional eating-being active every day-eating 95 % healthy every single dayMy goals for the next 10 years are:-having fun while exercising, mixing it up-feeling wonderful about my figure-meeting a man who can relate/shares my goals- being persistent about getting my body to be lean and healthy

  • Dave

    Wow. LOVED BTFFTM, and looking forward to Lsoing some Pounds while gaining Self-Confidence!

  • Natasia Nel

    I’m depressed and very unhappy with my body after my two babies. I have tried many diets, pills, injections. Everything costs money. I want to have my confidence back and feel like “me” again!I would like to have a copy of your book!

  • Nadine

    HiThanks for the offer – I would like to win the book because it would be in a much easier format to reference and would be more portable than the e-version on my work PC. Many times over a weekend or the holidays I have wanted to quickly reread a section or check whether I am still doing the right thing and have not had a printed copy available.Plus, it will feel like Christmas in January!

  • Supratic Gupta

    I joined this group for my son 146 cm tall 49 kg weight,swimming as his prime sports, does 2 hours of work out.I wish some one guide budding ateletes.I wish people realize that addressing yung growing peoplewould be a good market too.Only good thing I learnt is: I told my son, you do not have to stop eating. Food is important for your growth. Michel phelp eats 16000 calories and yet burns them. The day you can do so,you are a sports man.

  • Sarah

    Tom doesn’t know this, but I have to be one of his biggest, “groupies.” Really, I worship what he writes. Not only that, I practice it.As a NSCA certified personal trainer I have a different clientele because of my background in nursing. Amongst my clients, I train a Nurse Practitioner, Physician (with 2 PhD’s) and a Registered Nurse. All of which firmly believe in, “Preventing it – not chasing it.”My clients get/expect scientific and detailed explanations for why and how they do their training – and BFFM has given me a wealth of knowledge that makes me feel confident in what I am teaching my clients. It is the only reference that I have found that combines all aspects of training in a detailed manner, with a load of references to turn to in respect of credibility. It is safe, effective, and sustainable. It provides room for a little creativity in building plans for all types of client needs and goals. Every client I have eventually hears me repeat, “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, says,” or “Tom Venuto explains it like this….” or “take a look at the nutrition plans and ideas from BFFM.”I would hate to fall behind in the latest and greatest from Tome Venuto – so I am BEGGING for a copy of his newest book. Sincerely – Tom’s biggest, “groupie.”

  • San

    The BFFM ebook I have is excellent, it helped me a lot.I can guess this one should be awesome and will take my success to next level.

  • Brad

    Hey now. The email I received said Jan 20. And this appears to have started on the 13th, hmmmm.

  • This will help me help those that are wanting an easy to understand book that parralells my own research and study without all the hyped up crap we get from magazines and their advertisers. This book is the one i most reccomend for all our clients with our Personal Training Mentors.

  • Delta

    I bought your BFFM ebook It literally saved my life.I was 500lbs and by folowing your plan and advice im down to 205lbs.My DR said it saved my life. I would be dead now if ti wasnt for your bookSo from that day I got every advice that i could find that you put out ,BECAUSE I KNOW IT WORKS!

  • Victoria

    I have enjoyed reading Tom’s newsletters and blogs.After several unsuccessful fertility treatments that have left me fat and flabby, I am so ready to get my body, mind and spirit in a positive mode!I would love to win one of Tom’s books to get me on the right track.I love hearing all of the success stories from readers and fans and I hope to be one myself very soon after receiving the book and getting started.

  • Sariah

    I’m a fatty!! I haven’t been a follower of your blog for years on end. Frankly, I just found out about you. I have however, looked at lots of books and workout regimes that just have not cut the mustard.. But yours! Well, yours stuck out. There’s something to be said for being different and unique. And I know YOU are just the man to help. Your skills, knowledge, and expertise combined into this one little book of wisdom are just the tools I need to succeed! Please – choose me go give a book to!

  • Robyn

    I would love a copy of your book please!I have been attending a gym for 4 years now, with little to no result.I am learning some great information through your regular emails and a copy your book will enable me to live your programme, and transform my body to a lean and healthy me! I am ready!!

  • Nanci

    I would love the book because I am on a mission to be the best me – inside and out. I do workout and have not had success at weight loss. It is frustrating and disheartening. I am seeking the solution that will work – the pictures prove it. I have gone back to school and am working to look my best and to feel my best and to be my best. I look ok but I want to look and to feel great. Success is in my head and heart – I just want it to show it through my body. I am ready, willing and able to take on the challenge and stick with it!

  • Dave

    BFFM’s information may have saved me from an early grave. I was a walking timebomb with cholesterol and triglycerides off the chart. I needed motivation and a way to change and I found it in BFFM. I’m constantly fighting with myself and losing bits of ground, but I’ll see if I can find some more motivation in Tom’s new book – whether I win a copy or buy one! Thanks Tom and God Bless You!

  • I’m 61 and fighting to keep my wieght going any higher. I am not fat, but definately out of shape and more flab than muscle.I would love to have a copy of your book to help me change habits and gain strength.

  • Jeff

    I used to be in great shape and have slowly let life get the best of me and I just can’t seem to get motivated the way I used to be. I NEED the extra help that only people like yourself can provide. All the best in 2010 !!!

  • Randi Tindel

    Hi Tom-I Love your inspirational e-mails!As someone who suffers from severe depression, I have always used exercise as a way to alleviate the depression.Of course, I also use it as a way to stay in shape.I just started a completely new career after being in the same field for 14 years. For the first time in my life, I have used food as a way to alleviate the depression. I have been Very depressed and frustrated in my new career, and food has become my new friend.I now have an understanding of emotional eating and just need a push to help me w/this.Having your book would be an Awesome way to not only keep me inspired, but, to also educate me about exercise and weight loss.Thanks for the continual inspiration!Can’t wait for the next contest!Randi Tindel

  • sue nikolovski

    Hi Tom,All off this is very new to me and i feel like a sponge just waiting to absorb some more info!I have just completed the 50 day challenge that you ran, i must say that this is the very first time in my 49 years of age that i am not depressed and desperate to loss the holiday weight that i had gained. Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!Now for my immediate goals that is a no brainer for me:Stay focused on my diet & training and put into practice some of the lessons that i have learnt by joining BTF.I am feeling more in control of myself and am not looking for a quick fix to lose weight.Train smarter and harder and to challenge myself always and by me being a better, happier and healthy me everyone around me benifits not just myself.Goals for the future:Stay in good health and shape to learn and put everything i know it to practice and also help anyone who needs its and inpart my new knowledge and show them that if i can do this and maintain this then so can everyone!!!I love being apart of Burn the Fat and the inner circle and i belive that with this new book i could be AWESOME.Thanks for the opportunity to have a go.CheersSue Nikolovski Geelong, Victoria, Australia

  • joey butac

    I want to learn the latest tips and techniques from you because I believe in you Tom.Joey Butac

  • Lainah Mapolisa

    I would like to get this book because I have been exercising for a few years now but I am only losing weight and not necessarily body fat. I may look lean but my body fat is still higher than what it should be. I also would like to know how to maintain my body fat and keep it low all the time. This book will be of great help.Best Regards,Mapsie

  • Eunice Jacobs

    Hi Tomthank you so much for the informative e-mails.I would like to win one of the books…thank you for helping me to learn more about my body, type of food, techniques & ways to rid meself of fat n flab. I need to be more confident about my body. I am very shy when I’m with my partner. I need that boosting!!!U r great so is your book.

  • Janis

    I have just bought your books and really need help with the meals and training. My reason for buying your colleciton is i don’t want to stay home anymore over the holidays whilst my family are out having fun because i am too embarrassed to go the beach with them. I am 40 this year and my daughter is 15 and i want her to be proud of her mother.

  • Joseph Scotto

    I am a long time fan and follower. I am 52 yrs old, have followed your advice for the most part and have made very good gains. I need some motivation to put me over the edge to achieve my real elusive goal of 10% body fat.I am hoping your book will encourage me to achieve that goal.Even if I do not get the book. I appreciate all your free guidance.Thanks

  • Rita

    I really want your book to get a lean and strong body. Since november till now I have lost 7 kg. I want to start work out in a responseble way.

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