January 20th, 2010

Body Fat Solution Book Giveaway&2010 GOALS Contest!

Don’t ever say there’s no such thing as a “free lunch”, because I’m giving away FREE BOOKS today – personally signed too! For Real! Okay, there is a slight catch. You have to write something important to get entered in the Free book giveaway. Read on for details…

Here’s the deal: My latest book, The Body Fat Solution was just released (January 2010) in trade paperback by Avery/Penguin books, a major New York City publishing house. Last year, The Body Fat Solution became a #1 Amazon bestseller and a National Bestseller in the Hardcover edition.

As part of my 2010 Internet (“Virtual”) book tour, I’m giving away FIVE FREE COPIES today, plus a 1 year membership to my private Burn The Fat Inner Circle.

How to win a signed copy of The Body Fat Solution in The 2010 GOALS CONTEST!

Last week I gave away a bunch of books and they are all in the mail on the way to their winners (posted in last week’s blog). A lot of people said they were disappointed because I made last week’s book giveaway a first come, first served contest, and to all of our surprise, the 100 entry (comments) limit was reached in 26 minutes! I swear I have never had 100 comments in 26 minutes – I had no idea it would close out so fast.

This time, almost everyone should have a chance to enter because I’m not capping the number of people who can post, only giving a 48 hour deadline. You must enter this contest by Friday, January 22nd at 12:00 noon Eastern time.

Here’s what you need to do to enter for a chance to win:

On the eve of the new year, December 31st 2009, I wrote a blog post called Goal Setting For a Decade.

I found something peculiar happened.

If I write a blog that mentions “Oprah” or “the Biggest Loser,” I get nearly a hundred comments. If I post something hotly debated like steady state vs HIIT cardio or exercise vs diet for weight loss, I sometimes get OVER a hundred comments. But I posted an article on perhaps the most important thing you could ever do to secure the success of your future, and I got a paltry 15 comments.

It made me think that a lot of people are missing the boat. They’re more interested in what’s on TV or what’s the latest controversy in fat loss than on their own futures.

However, I have faith. If you’re one of the dedicated, regular, core Burn The Fat Blog readers, I do believe you are unique, and (with a slight prodding), that you can prove that you have risen above the gossip and minutia and can give some deep meditation and introspection into what’s most important.

That’s why, to enter this contest, you have to do something that requires a bit of thought:

In the comments box below, write down your goals for the YEAR 2010 and for the DECADE 2010-2019. You can be brief if you like, but I implore you to give this some thought for your own benefit. Your goals MUST include health, body fat/weight and fitness goals, but while you’re at it, this is a great time to write down and share some other life goals as well, if you choose.

Sure, you may have made resolutions. Sure, you may have set goals for the next 12 weeks or for summer abs. But did you think long term? If not, now is your chance, and I’m giving you this small incentive to motivate you to do it. You win even if you’re not selected as the book or membership recipient, you really do.

Listen, some days I sit here and I can’t believe I’m over 40 years of age. yes, I feel youthful. I’m in shape and I believe I have the best years ahead of me – even as a competitive bodybuilder. It’s simply the speed with which the last 10 years seem to have gone by that blows my mind.

Life is short and it goes fast… and it can so easily pass you by if you let it. Have you heard about the three types of people: those who watch it happen, those who make it happen and those who ask, WHAT HAPPENED? Believe me, it feels best to be in the group that makes it happen.

But nothing is going to happen unless you decide, specifically, what you want to happen. Don’t have regrets 10 years from now. When you set goals, think past the New Year’s resolution. Think past the “12-week transformation” mindset. Short term goals are important, but they’re not enough because fitness is not a 12 week program or a 50 day contest, fitness is a lifestyle.

An important note about this book giveaway GOALS contest:

The last time I ran a contest that required some writing, I got 240 comments and it took me all weekend to read them all. I won’t be surprised if there are more comments than that this time – i wouldnt be surprised if there are 500-1000. I’m going to read as many as I can, but I can’t read them so closely that they will be judged on quality to pick the winner.

Therefore, all you have to do is post your 1 year and 10 year goals, and one of my staff members or myself will approve your comment. As long as you write your goals, that enters you in a random drawing for the books and membership.

When you do this, DREAM BIG… THINK BIG! Remember, most people over-estimate what they can achieve in a month or three months, but vastly underestimate what they can achieve in a year, or ten years.

This contest is open for 48 hours, so think a bit first… then enter your goals in the comments below. (contest restrictions: book giveaway contests must be legal where you live, and you must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

Please include your first AND last name in the comments because it will be easier to identify yourself in the winners list if you are chosen (at least your last initial, if you need more privacy). Good luck, and best wishes for a spectacular year… and decade!

Your friend and coach,

Tom Venuto, author of:
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (e-book)
The Body Fat Solution (hardcover & paperback)

PS. You can see some of the Body Fat Solution book reviews at:

(there are also nearly 5 dozen 5-star reviews on Amazon… you won’t see reviews on the trade paperback edition yet because that edition is BRAND NEW, just released in January 2010… the Kindle edition is selling like hotcakes too!)

To order the book right now, go to your favorite bookstore including Barnes and Noble, Borders, Books a Million or your favorite local bookstore – or visit any of the major online booksellers:




Oh, and don’t forget about the $114.85 in FREE bonuses that are being given away at www.TheBodyFatSolution.com with the purchase of any edition of The Body Fat Solution Book

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792 Responses to “Body Fat Solution Book Giveaway&2010 GOALS Contest!”

  • James Scott Murphy

    Goals for 2010 for James Scott Murphy.Achieve 5 % body fat and remain lean/below 10 % for the remainder of the year, decade and my life.Have my book published.Contribute to helping the lives of others by encouraging sobriety and life transformation.10 year goals:Publish 3 more booksBecome a certified personal fitness trainer. (asap)Contribute to helping more lives of others by encouraging sobriety and life transformation.Have another child (as soon as possible)Help my wife write and publish a book on eating disorders.Stand Strong and Live Long!James Scott Murphy

  • Amy

    My goal is simple and is the same for 2010 and 10 years from now. Live the lifestyle that allows me to BE THE BEST I CAN BE. Being in the best body I can achieve brings me happiness, which in turn can allow me to bring happiness to others. Being in the best body allows me to put forth my gifts and talents and help other people. Being there for a friend, being a good daughter, wife, mother and sister both physically and mentally. I can achieve all this by living a healthy lifestyle and feeling good about myself.

  • Mandy

    One Year Goals:- To be active every single day- Search out activites that are fun, that I can do with my hubby- Purchase a campground, so that my “career” is more active then sitting at a desk all day long.- Balancing my hormones and energy levels- Reach OPTIMAL health, not just being in the “range”- Make time for ME, including down time.- Feel good in the skin I’m in.10 Year Goals:- Continue doing something active EVERY day- Inspire others to be active with me- Help my father to overcome his ailments to ensure a longer life.- Help others to set and reach their goals- Hold weekend treats for all ages, and show them how to begin getting more active, by using whats around them (nature)- Be surround by health conscious friends and family, hence creating a strong network for all.

  • Colin Y

    2010 goals:Achieve and maintain a lean 10-12% BFEat as clean as possible with organics and natural foods.Participate in atleast 3 – Charitable 5k runs locallyPractice yoga regularly10 year goals:Be able to help others find their healthy, maintainable fitness lifestyle.Start my own business (yet to be determined)Still be in the best shape of my life.Run a marathon (ideally New York)Colin Y.

  • Andrea R

    My 2010 Goals (which I put in place the 1st week in January)Health:1. Decrease my body fat to a healthy range (under 25%).2. Train for a 10K in April. Then reassess and decide if I want to go further and train for a half maraton by the end of 2010. I’ve signed up to go on a running retreat near Destin, FL with Jeff Galloway (it’s supposed to be beautiful there, so this will be a nice break. The theme is running for weight loss, so I will combine a great mini vacation with weight loss info & a 10K/half marathon training plan, which will be helpful too).3. Continue to eat clean & healthy (using Tom’s Burn the Fat Foods Quick Reference Chart)4. Exercise. 6x week cardio (3 days run, 3 days walk), 3x week strength (walk on strength days)5. Do better at tracking my daily food intake. I’ve gotten sloppy lately.6. Floss daily (I hate this!, but I gotta do it).7. Reach my goal weight of 137 by July or so (July would be an average of 3 lbs per month).8. Waist under 32 inches (actually reaching the high end of the healthy zone – 35 inches – and then going below that to the healthy waist size for my height)9. Burn 2350 calories per day as measured by my GoWearFitMotivational1. Listen to a fitness/healthy lifestyle podcast daily2. Read a fitness book each month3. Subscribe/read several fitness magazines / newsletters4. Review my goals dailyTravel (to see friends & family)1. San Francisco2. New York3. Walking tour of France4. Attend 1 music camp (guitar week in Augusta, WV in July?)Home1. Replace old windows & finish the sun room2. Replace the cracked concrete driveway (maybe 2011)3. Veggie garden this summer4. Dishes DAILY. Clean house more often (ugh)5. Declutter & have a garage sale6. Go through my closets and get rid of the stuff that doesnt fit me, that I dont enjoy wearing, or that I havent worn in the last 2 years (garage sale or clothes swap)Social/Family1. Music jams 2x week2. Get out of the house one mid-week evening each week to do something with friends3. Stay in better touch with my distant relatives (email or call every 4-6 weeks)Work1. Retire and discover some meaningful ways to spend my retirement years10 Year Goals1. Easily maintaining a healthy fit lifestyle with good strength, a healthy body weight, normal blood pressure, great stamina and alert mental health as I turn 69.2. Develop and implement a plan to use the time I now have in retirement to make a meaningful contribution to my community.3. Learn to play piano4. Kick up my guitar skills5. Become fluent in French6. Learn to sing7. Learn to sing in French8 Join/form a successful Cajun band9. Take an annual trip to Europe10. Have my photographs exhibited in an art gallery or museum

  • Goals for 2010–Increase my VO2 Max by 15-20%–Continue to get stronger–Continue to Eat Clean–Lose 10 lbs–Lose 10% body fat–Continue to write about health, wellness, and fitness–Grow my business–Continue to network and help others achieve their wellness goals–write first bookAlways continue my education and educate othersGoals for the Decade–Maintain my optimal weight, fit, and wellness goals.–Maintain my strong connections and grow new ones to people who need help and are passionate about their wellness–With a web of other professionals, become a source of information and inspiration for others via multi-media–Create fitness equipment and programs–Publish 2-3 books–Continue with my education and educate othersThank you!”Your active participation in your path to wellness is the key to its actualization.” ~Barbara Sanchez-Reichert @ Alterra Wellness

  • Suzanne LaVere

    Goals for 2010:*Get body fat down to 36 % from 48%*Continue going to early morning bootcamp 5 days a week*Become a mentor for future new bootcampers*Begin a support group for people with 50 or more lbs. to lose*Get 8 hours sleep a night*Get my finances in order*Work less/ workout and play more*reduce my stressGoals for the decade:*Maintain my goal weight and body fat %*Continue doing a multiple of support groups for overfat people*Maintain good sleep patterns/exercise and eating patterns*Be debt free*Retire from the school district*Maintain my involvement w/ helping youth at risk*Enjoy my life*Take more vacations*Record the songs I sing for my kids, in a recording studio!

  • 2010 Goals- Continue my lifestyle changes and lose 100 pounds more, I’m already down 50 through exercise and nutrition.- Continue to learn everything I can about proper health, fitness, and nutrition.- Be a great father to my daughter and my soon to arrive son.- Run my first 5 or 8k race2020 Goals- Maintain my weight loss and lifestyle through healthy means.- Motivate and inspire others to do what I was able to do becoming healthy and losing 150+ pounds.- Help 10 other people to lose more than 100 pounds and learn how to maintain that weight loss through healthy means and lifestyle changes.- Raise my children to understand nutrition and maintaining an healthy lifestyle.- Participate in a ironman and run in at least 2 races (offroad) per year.- Reinvent my career to leverage my health, fitness, and nutrition knowledge.

  • John Mutinelli

    2010 Goals:Health and Fitness1. Attain bodyfat of 12% or less by 6/30/102. Maintain a healthy weight of 165 to 170 Lbs3. Pass the Navy Seal Fitness Challenge by 9/19/104. Begin my private Yoga and Personal Training business by 2/1/105. Eat well, eat right (you know what that means) This begins now but is a permanent goal for life.Personal:1. Read Scripture and pray for one hour a day (more?)2. Do what I say I’m going to do3. Have a musical, usable range on the trumpet from low F# to high G.Goals for the Decade:1. Maintain weight and body fat levels2. Maintain or improve personal fitness levels3. Retire and work full time at my fitness business4. Volunteer with school music programs5. Be debt free by 20146. Learn to play the guitar

  • Jenny Ennis

    My 2010 goals:*Stop watching time go by and start making things happen. Those things will include:-Find an online school that can help me start making my way to an Exercise Science Degree.-Be in the best shape of my life by my 30th birthday September 15th-Surround myself with people and things that I love and enjoy, and leave the rest out!-Get my kids (ages 6 & 3) involved in the community helping those less fortunate, and also in parks and rec sports-Make time for the important stuff. Don’t make excuses, just do it.Ten Year Goals-I will have a small Gym that our family uses and I use to train my clients.-I will be a certified personal trainer and also work in some rehabilitation areas.-I will be active in the outdoors with my family-I will be active in the community, helping elderly stay active and healthy!-I will finally be living my dream, doing something I love with the ones I love!

  • Christi M

    Goals for 2010 for Christi Milligan• Continue to workout 5 times a week• Lower my bodyfat by 15-20% so I’m in a healthier range• Eat clean• Truly begin to see food as fuel (and nothing more)• Spend quality time focused on personal growthGoals for next 10 years• Continue working out 5 times a week• Continue to motivate others to join me for each early morning workout• Develop my business to the point I could live off the profits• Continue to prioritize learning new things in my field• Continue to eat clean

  • rachel brayshaw

    2010 Goals- continue workouts, tracking results and pushing myself. aim = 15% bf, 15k trail run in may- spend quality time with family that will be visiting this year- invest time spent with Jesus every day- learn how to track with my dog- time manage more effectively, get to bed on time!!- spend more time investing in others rather than being overly self focused- enjoy doing activities i love outside as much as possible10 year Goals- i continue with workouts and tracking results. i’m fitter/in better shape than each previous yr and have completed new fitness challenges/activities- we own a house in a place we love with a few acres and use it to be hospitable to others- we have another rhodesian ridgeback pup- we have kids- we own some chickens and goats- our lifestyle is real, balanced, healthy and outdoors orientated, not dictated by media garbage/celebrity culture. we are grateful and content with what we have

  • Debby

    I will be 52 next month and my goal for 2010 is to remain strong, fit and healthy. I work out regularly and eat clean.My 10 year goal is to continue working on my strength, flexibility, endurance, physical and mental fitness!Thanks for your blog and podcast interviews, Tom!Debby

  • Tracey Adams

    Goals for 2010 for Tracey T AdamsI just turned 52. I recently injured my knee. My main fitness goal this year is to regain strength and health in my knee and be able to have full mobility of use by the end of the year. (As a side note, I also want to increase the lean muscle in my legs. I want them to be as defined as my arms and back!)I intend to achieve this with super nutrition, mini-tramp and light weight therapy. I will have reached my goal when I can hike my four mile course with no discomfort and do all of my leg weights that I was doing before injury with no discomfort.My ten year fitness goal is to be healthier and stronger and have greater endurance than I do right now so that I can stay ahead, (not just keep up with them), of my grandkids. I intend to be vital and healthy until the day I take my last breath. Healthly living is my lifestyle!

  • Tyler McDonald

    Tyler McDonald’s 2010 Goals• Attain a weight of 185 lbs and 8% body fat by end of year• Never miss a workout• Eat a healthy, balanced meal every meal• Wake up by 8:00 AM everyday• Become more confident• Maintain my 4.0 in collegeGoals for the decade• Continue to workout• Continue to eat well• Continue to live a healthy life• Meet the girl of my dreams• Have a family• Have a great job• Don’t belittle anyone• Live life to the fullest• Help others become better people

  • N Schechter

    1 year goals- get back to my pre-baby body (i have a 7 yo, 3 yo and 2 yo)- ideally get back to my 20 year old body (that worked out alot)- take on higher level responsibilities at work- have enough energy and flexibility to take care of my kids and husband without tiring — and not need an assistant in her 20s to help me- have a body that fits in pretty girly clothes- arrange dance lessons for me and my husband10 year goals- continue to improve on my 1 year goals- bring up 3 lovely daughters- care for my immediate and extended family in best way i can(i will need to be fit and energetic for that!!)- be successful at work (energy and stamina will certainly help here too!)

  • Jenny

    2010 goal: Simply to be in better shape by age 40 than I have been through my entire 30sLong term:Change my mind and my attitude so that I’m not going through a rollercoaster of weights, fitness levels and eating habits. It absolutely daunting to thing of even starting the process…

  • Amanda Chow

    2010 Goals:-win a figure competition-spend more me time-meditate regularlyGoals for the decade:-have a family-travel to 5 countries I’ve never been to-maintain 15% bodyfat or lower-own a house

  • Daphne Ellis

    For 2010 I will achieve my new goal weight of 132 pounds and body fat level of 18%. I will also work my way back to my HIIT weight training program that I let slide to become a spinning instructor 1-1/2 years ago. For the next 10, I would like to re-evaluate my goal weight and body fat percentage and not only continue my weight training and yoga, but have my house rehab finished so that my meditation room and exercise spaces are finished and well into regular use.

  • Gretchen

    I am so close to my all time weight loss and health goals, that I’m very excited about the following year.My one year goal is to drop the last bit of fat that I’ve been working on getting rid of for the past 7years. I started at over 220 pounds and I’m now 148 with hopes to see 130 and a healthy BMI and body fat percentage.In ten years I plan to be comfortably switched over to a new career (from teaching to nursing) and continuing to enjoy success playing the sport that is my passion…tennis.

  • Nikki Johnson

    1 year goals:Lose 100 poundsExercise 6 days a weekEat healthy, lose the junk10 year goals:Have enough credits to sit for the CPA examHave my CPA licenseTravel to Scotland

  • Tony Friar

    All of my goals for the new year and the next 10 years, Stated in the present tense of course just as anyone who has read burn the fat feed the muscle should do!10 Year Goals!I am so happy and thankful now that my body fat is in the single digits. I am now less then 10% Body Fat and I look greatI am less then 175 lbs.I now wear a size 32 pantsI go to the beach and pull my shirt off and the girls and guys all look at the buff dude that just came down to the beach.I can see my abs clearly definedI take yearly vacations with my sexy wife to tropical locations to show off my body.I got rid of my flabby man boobs and have a defined and chiseled body builder like chest, shoulders and arms.I am living a long happy life watching my kids grow up and go to college, get married and have kids and I am playing with my grandkids and watching them grow up.12 Month Goals!I look great in my tuxedo at my wedding on August 14th 2010.I surprised everyone that has not seen me all year at the Christmas events in 2011.I started 2011 looking better then I ever have in my life.I am buying all new clothes to show off my new, lean bodyThree Month Goals!I have lost 6% of my body fat and/or 24 pounds.I have increased my cardio running time to 60 min.I have increased my cardio distance by half again as much in 30 min.I have doubled my current workout weights.Weekly Goals!I lost 2 pounds this weekI always record weekly body fat percentagesI always record weekly weightI always review my weekly food logI always record my weekly body measurementsDaily Goals!I have stuck to my daily food planI got 8 hours of sleepI stuck to my workout scheduleI made time for myselfI drank one gallon of waterI ready my daily goals at least three times a dayI am now leaner then I was 30 minutes agoI eat six, moderately sized meals every day

  • John Carhart

    My Goals are to do resistance exercise 3x/wk, cardio 2-3x week and strive to eat clean and lean, 6/days a week, and no rules on the seventh. I plan and strive to maintain bf below 10% while enjoying myself in the process.Work to be as creative with work as I am capable, and NOT procrastinate.Give whenever I can, and share my gifts with others whenever I can.10 year goal is to work physically to always look and feel my best, and work mentally to enjoy life, and give 100%.

  • Subramanya K Prasad

    I am currently at 25% body fat.My immediate goal by the next 9 weeks are to-get to 19% body fat-Strict adherence to a nutritious diet-Exercise daily-reduce stress significantlyMy long tern goals are-get to 12% body fat and maintain it-maintain good nutrition-continue daily exercise for life

  • Ray Schiel’s Goals2010 – 10% body fat , weight isn’t as important as look but mostly, feel.Cardio – 5-6 x’s per week til goal is achieved, then reduce to 3x’s per week.Weight Training – Upper body – Mon / Thu, Lower Body – Tues / FriNutrtion – cook more! lean proteins, educate self more on carbsDECADE GOAL – Become a registered nurse, work in the medical field as an RN and RN instructor

  • Carol Alaniz

    Goals for 2010:–Change the way I eat. Instead of eating large meals, eat smaller meals.–Buy organic veggies, or better yet, grow my own veggies. Have done this in the past with so-so success.–Get my weight down to 160 lbs.–Practice yoga more regularly. At present, my chiropractor has vetoed yoga until I get piriformis syndrome resolved.Goals for the next decade:–Pay off credit card debts.–Move to a slightly larger home than the one we have now.–Start walking program so I can walk a 5K. (I’m handicapped and have balance impairment, so running is out.)–Buy a couple of houses to fix up and rent (depending on how economy and mortgage situation settles down in future).–Look into a franchising business with my husband.

  • LMS

    I have been living the lifestyle of a bodybuilder since 2005 when I took it upon myself to train for my first show, which wasn’t until 2007, but I didn’t want to compete, I wanted to win, and I did! For the last 5 years I have been coasting along by the descent recognition and success I received from one small win at my first show. I have so much discipline and have already vowed to live the healthiest life possible but I want more, and I know I have not reached my full potential. I feel like I have wasted a lot of time waiting for things to happen rather than going full speed ahead in order to reach my goals. I know I have not given my all the last couple years because I was feeling burned out and let down by some scam artists trying to waste my time! I have decided to let go of my losses and stop feeling sorry for myself when I know I have so much to offer. I cannot let other peoples’ unhappiness and dirty antics ( 😉 sorry that phrase made me laugh) bring me down because 2010 and beyond will be my time to shine! I am finally getting my ACSM personal training certification and I will return to school to finish my bachelor’s degree in health ecology. I will gain substantial respect and success in my career as a personal trainer and share my passion of fitness and health with the world. I will continue to expand my knowledge by also obtaining my MSc in Exercise Science and obtain advanced certifications from ACSM and/or other reputable organizations.I have also made a promise to do the Portland Marathon on 10-10-10. I want to be more well rounded in my fitness endeavors so I am branching out from bodybuilding specific training to include other areas such as distance running and endurance work, flexibility training, more plyometric and power work and I will still maintain my strength training. I want to be well versed in many areas instead of being one dimensional. I have found that the best way way to learn something is to apply it in real life rather than going by the book.I am a self proclaimed foodie and I have dreams of traveling and learning about the food and culture of every corner of the world. This goal will continue for a lifetime but I hope to begin within the next 10 years. I want to help spread the message of health and fitness to all and I hope my knowledge and studies will help me gain a position in which I can reach out to everyone!I already live the life and now I just need the means to show my passion to the world and help others reach their life goals as well!

  • Brigitte St.Onge

    One Year Goal:Currently going through a divorce. My goal is to make myself believe that I am not a loser and that I am valued and that I am worthy of being loved. I will get to know myself this year, what I want and what my belief system is. I have lost 20 lbs so far. I have started running this year and joined soccer. My goal is to take soccer courses to improve my game and be a great player. I am also going to join Lacrosse this year. I will be at 15% body fat by the end of this year and have muscle mass.10 year long term goal: Life is very short and I intend to have a whole new outlook on it. I am going to NOT care what other people think about my decisions and have faith in myself that I am capable of making good decisions. I am going to enter at least 2 – 5k runs per year and do one Try-athalon. I will be a great mom and friend. i will stand up for myself and get a backbone. I will change my whole self image mentally. I will eat healthy and get the body i have always wanted. I want my body level fat to be at 15% or less for the next 10 years.

  • Judi mh

    My goals –lose next 20 pound in 6 months, increase muscle mass by 4-5 pounds while doing that.-walk every day (the dog has promised to help)- eat lower on the food chain and eat local-share my extra energy that I have now by volunteering with our local canyoneers- walk again for those who can’t – MS walk and MD walkThanks for the chance to think!

  • Evan Marshall

    1 year goal: get back to body fat % below 15. Strengthen core muscles.10 year goals: Be able to run a 5K. Mountain bike in the mountains. Downhill ski. Debt free. Play the guitar well.

  • Steve Carlton

    Hello! Thanks for the opportunity to win a book and share my goals. Writing my goals down of course is part of the process and I am glad to so. So, here it goes:-Cut out sugary sweets-Not let a free day or free meal turn into a free weekend or free week!-Get it in my head that there are so many good foods that taste great!-Exercise regularlyI don’t want to focus on losing weight, although I need to lose 60lbs. I am sure I can lose around one pound per week with a proper diet and and some exercise.I look forward to getting your new book and practicing your methods and principles.Thanks for looking out for those of us who haven’t been looking out for ourselves!

  • lindsey spitler

    I have been living the lifestyle of a bodybuilder since 2005 when I took it upon myself to train for my first show, which wasn’t until 2007, but I didn’t want to compete, I wanted to win, and I did! For the last 5 years I have been coasting along by the descent recognition and success I received from one small win at my first show. I have so much discipline and have already vowed to live the healthiest life possible but I want more, and I know I have not reached my full potential. I feel like I have wasted a lot of time waiting for things to happen rather than going full speed ahead in order to reach my goals. I know I have not given my all the last couple years because I was feeling burned out and let down by some scam artists trying to waste my time! I have decided to let go of my losses and stop feeling sorry for myself when I know I have so much to offer. I cannot let other peoples’ unhappiness and dirty antics ( 😉 sorry that phrase made me laugh) bring me down because 2010 and beyond will be my time to shine! I am finally getting my ACSM personal training certification and I will return to school to finish my bachelor’s degree in health ecology. I will gain substantial respect and success in my career as a personal trainer and share my passion of fitness and health with the world. I will continue to expand my knowledge by also obtaining my MSc in Exercise Science and obtain advanced certifications from ACSM and/or other reputable organizations.I have also made a promise to do the Portland Marathon on 10-10-10. I want to be more well rounded in my fitness endeavors so I am branching out from bodybuilding specific training to include other areas such as distance running and endurance work, flexibility training, more plyometric and power work and I will still maintain my strength training. I want to be well versed in many areas instead of being one dimensional. I have found that the best way way to learn something is to apply it in real life rather than going by the book.I am a self proclaimed foodie and I have dreams of traveling and learning about the food and culture of every corner of the world. This goal will continue for a lifetime but I hope to begin within the next 10 years. I want to help spread the message of health and fitness to all and I hope my knowledge and studies will help me gain a position in which I can reach out to everyone!I already live the life and now I just need the means to show my passion to the world and help others reach their life goals as well!

  • Marie Miller

    Marie MillerMy goal for this year is to reclaim who I really am, and this includes my body. I believe that with work and focus and determination, I can do this within a year.My long term goal for the next years will be to maintain all of who I am………this includes work, hobby, and body. I’m 50 yrs. old now, and I want to be able to enjoy life to the fullest!

  • Dan Livermore

    1 Year: Finish the transformation I started on August 11, 2008 when I weighed 297 pounds. I now weigh 161 pounds, but I have about 10 more pounds of fat to burn.10 year: I will be 62 years old then, but I will have a body composition that would make a 30 year old jealous.

  • jodie Webster

    My long- term goals are to maintain a healthy bodyfat and exercise daily and live a long healthy active life!!

  • Donna Hicks

    I will continue to work out 5 days a week. I am a teacher so I get up at 4:40 every morning and run at least 4 miles a day. I have a 7 mile route I like to run on the weekends.I will eat healthier and cleaner and cut out the sugar.When I run a 10k in February, my goal is to improve my time by at least 5 minutes. Last year I ran it in 57 min.I am organizing a 5k fun run in my community to increase awareness of CASA. My goal is to help foster kids and promote health at the same time!And of course my goal is to tell as many people as I can about Tom Venuto and his wonderful books!

  • Michael

    Goals for 2010:- Lose around 30 kilos (66 pounds) ready for my 40th next year and to be prepared to keep up with my daughter as she learns to walk & run.- Complete the writing of at least 4 music tracks, aiming for an album.- Read more !Goals for the Decade:- Keep the fat burning going until I reach my body’s correct levels…. AND STAY THERE !- Bring up my daughter as best I can, knowing healthy eating and exercise from the start.- Become a successful part-time musician.- Begin a freelance photography business.

  • 1 year goals. Most important is to Improve my health. Am so scared I have cancer (they have found a 2 inch lump) and hope all the tests are negative and I can focus on eating right and exercising my way to better health. That I can stay strong and heal if my worst fears are realized. Get a innercircle membership. Would totally love to train harder and smarter and be with the people I can relate to. Move to the beach. I need the deep feelings of peace it brings.10 year goals. To be happy healthy and alive in every sense of the word.

  • Linda Rodriguez

    1. Start eating healthy foods2. Cut the sugar and trans fats3. Figure out my BMI and do the figures for fat and weight loss4. Excercize with no exceptions!5. Become a healthier person and inspire others the way Muhammad Ali has inspired me since i was a child.

  • Scott

    My goal for the new year is to get back into even better shape than I had before a major injury which sidelined me for over two years.I want to break all the bad habits of sitting around and doing nothing for so long. It will be hard, but I have found great inspiration and material to get me started in Tom’s books. I look forward to a great new year and a body of which I can be proud.90 day goal:- Consistently get off my butt and workout!1 year goal:- Get to and maintain 10% body fat or leaner- Eat as clean as possible- Enter and complete a 20k bike- Make a 3-year and 10-year goal listAND MOST IMPORTANTLY…- Enjoy being healthier and happier!!!!

  • Jon Foster

    One Year Goal:Help my brother, who is currently undergoing radiation treatment for Lymphoma at Brigham and Woman’s/Dana Faber Cancer Institute get in shape for the 2010 PanMass Challenge and develop an infectiously positive outlook on life! He needs to eat right (muscles are first made in the kitchen) and get strong with weight training and a combination of swimming and cycling.Ten Year Goal:Both of us living vibrantly in our mid- 60’s and in the best shape of our lives, while continuing to raise money for the DFCI/Jimmy Fund!

  • Lenita Trader

    I have had body image issues my entire life. I say, no more negativity for me!!My one year goal is to lose 98 pounds.For the next ten years I want to:1. Complete my degree;2. Exercise five days a week;3. Contribute my time and energy to changing another person’s life;4. Buy a house in Hawaii;5. Write and publish a book about my faith;6. Become debt free;7. Love with sincerity every single day (even those who seem unlovable);8. Pass the bar exam;9. Take a cruise in the Virgin Islands; and10. Comit myself to laughter!Lenita

  • HOlly B

    WEll, My one year goal is to lose 60 lbs. (I’ve already lost 11).increase my muscle mass/definition as my weight decreases.Increase my volunteer hours, because I beleive that what you give you get back. My marriage is great, my family is great, and so i want to keep on doing what I’m doing in those areas.My 10 year goals: Still maintain that 60 lb weight loss, still be in love with my husband, have both children graduate from college and working/living on their own. travel the world.work at doing something nice for someone everyday.

  • Lamenda Andersen

    I did read that blog on planning for the decade, and it spurred me towards writing down my own goals for the year and for the upcoming future. I am 43 yeas old, and 10 years ago I was in pain (because of back problems) and overweight. I saw only a future filled with decreasing mobility and increasing weight. At age 40 I had a baby… and I decided that I wanted to have fun with my baby! So I lost 35 lbs and started weight training. I have learned more and more over the past 3 years, and the person I was will never be the person i am again!2010 goals:Lose that final 15 lbs.squat my bodyweight.deadlift 200 lbs.complete 10 pushups all the way down.decade goals:Maintain 140-150 lb bodyweightcontinue to stay active and on my feet!increase my squat and Dead lift every year!At age 53 – be able to complete 20 pushups and 10 pull ups!NEVER say “I wish I had…”

  • Grace Zuniga

    My goal this year is to obtain a LBM 0f 15% BF!- follow my daily workout plans- plan meals, keep my daily diary updated (meals/workouts)- motivate my teenage daughter to eat clean and exercise!- stay fit Spiritually/Mentally and Physically as I burn fat bystudying God’s word!- stay focused on leading students (Soldier and Marines) andsetting a good example, even though I am a middle-agedinstructor ;-)- enjoy the outdoors regardless of weather, fresh air is alwaysGOODTEN year GOALS:- Complete my second Master’s Program- Become a college adjunct professor in Public Speaking tomotivate young students to focus on eating clean and stayingactive, regardless of age.My parents both had ailments that I do not want affecting my life. It is important for me to stay active, eat clean and live as long as possible to continue to touch people’s lives. The information you have provided through the BFFM program has greatly enhanced my workouts and eating plans. So many misunderstanding and myths confuse even service members about supplements, starvation mode and what keeps them from burning fat.I do my best to pass your information to as many people as possible. Thank you Tom Venuto for educating me and inspiring me to get back on track!!! STAND STRONG IN THE LORD AND THE POWER OF HIS MIGHT (EPHESIANS 6:10)

  • Peggie Woods

    My 2010, one year goals:–Get to my goal weight and 5% body fat and keep it there.–Help my family gather together on a regular basis–Meditate regularly–Practice Qigong everyday–Write my book and get it published–Paint and donate oil paintings for the Food Bank Charity Auction– Finally get fluent in Spanish–Tutor another library literacy studentMy 2010-2019, ten year and lifetime goals:–Keep my target weight and body fat % steady–Do something positive for my health everyday–Maintain regular family contact–Volunteer–Sell my art in public galleries

  • Compete in Figure Competition and receive my pro card – before my AARP card!Follow the four agreements:1) Speak impeccably with your word2) Don’t take things personally3) Don’t make assumptions4) Always do your best

  • Erin Naome

    One year goal:Reduce body fat by 3%. I need to do this to see more definition, particularly in the midsection!!Ten year goal:I’ll be over 40 in ten years, and I plan on still looking like I’m ten+ years younger. I will achieve this by maintaining a healthy diet, quality exercise, good sleep and using sunscreen.

  • Brian

    I’d love a copy of the book, but technically not for myself. I’ve done great following Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle but my folks need a lot of help. They tend to read any books I might read (though they’re not the ebook type), and I hope this one will motivate them to do something about their health.

  • Sara Fagnilli

    TomMy enitre life has been about setting goals, reaching them or not and resetting them regularly. In 2010, I will turn 50 years old. I am a professional, a wife and mother of 3 children, 20, 18 & 7. I just found your first book last year, but using it was able to reshape and meet some weight goals. At 4’10” I can maintain my weight, though loosing another 5 or 10 pounds would help, but increase muscle and strength. I am an avid road cyclist and have a century on this years’ goal list. I found your prgram to be very effective to get me and my husband where need to be. I would like to gt my body fat down to 15% and I would like to help my husband achieve similar goals as well. We need to be healthy for ourselves and children.In the next ten years, we have 2 children to get through college. I want to continue to be healthy, keep my weight and body composition in check, especially through the changing phase of my life, ride several more centuries, long distance charity rides, perhaps event a cross country ride. Most importantly, I want to be an stay healthy for my family, especially the little guy in our house.I am sure a copy of your newest book, along with BFFM, will help me achieve my goals for my family and me. Thanks for the opportunity to share these thoughts with you and for sponsoring this contest with the opportunity to think and write…what an effective tool, just like the daily food and excercise log I keep!

  • Kevin

    My goals for 2010 are to lose 30 lbs by the time I go to Europe this spring (approx 100 days from now). Once I’m down around that mark my secondary goals will be to pack on as much muscle as I can while working around chronic knee problems.My ultimate goal – by Halloween to be confident enough in how I look to go to Vegas and wear a costume to the clubs mostly bare-chested.

  • Melissa Bobb Bell

    Goals for 2010Get back my pre-pregnancy body, scratch that – get a better body than I had pre-pregnancy.Continue breastfeeding for 1 year (4 months down!)Save enough $ so I can take a leave of absence from work and stay at home with my beautiful baby boy.Start working on having another beautiful baby…I started late!Goals for DecadeBe a good mom.Raise my family to enjoy a healthy lifestyle – no fast food!! Making exercise fun for all.Eat dinner together as a family every night.Quit my job and open my own business. Although my job right now is pretty cool.Travel more, worry less.

  • Joanne Mullins

    My name is Joanne Mullins. I’m currently 5’4″, 129.5 lbs with 24% bf.My 2010 Goals:*Drop to 125 lbs with 18% bf*Finish writing my book about how I’m winning the battle against rheumatoid arthritis through the exercise & eating habits I’ve learned*Maintain in remission from my rheumatoid arthritisMy Goals within 10 years:*Maintain in remission from my rheumatoid arthritis*Maintain 125 lbs with 18% bf*Raise funds for rheumatoid arthritis patients*Increase children’s awareness with fun exercises & eating well*Empower other people’s lives by showing them how they can also maintain their arthritis

  • Rusch

    I would love to win this book because I’ve been following your blog for years. I really need some help and guidance and I think that your book would really help me in my weight loss. I have to lose over 60 pounds, the heaviest I’ve been in years and I could really use the help. Thank you Tom for everything!

  • Michelle

    My goals are always the same at the start of each year. In 2005 I lost 40lbs of fat and I have kept it off and maintained my muscle but I have another 40lbs to lose and, as I will be celebrating my 40th birthday in October, this year is the year I intend to finish the job. My 10 year goal (and beyond) is to maintain my new fit body. My main motivations are health and to build my confidence. I am not a bodybuilder – just a busy, middle-aged, woman -so I would like to find out more about diet and exercise that will produce the results I am looking for in the real world.

  • Chris

    2010 GoalsTo achieve below 10% body fat and maintain it through out the decade.Expand my businessGrow my familySpend Less and Save moreEat healthierDecade goalsLearn SpanishLearn to play the pianoTravel MoreSpend more time with Friends

  • Mark Scott Goals for 2010 and beyond!

    I have so many goals for this year!! I am competing in a Scottish Highland Games in Feb. and a powerlifting comp in March. I am going to take these two events and see what I can do then set end of the year goals accordingly. My ten year and life goal would be to live a long, healthy, productive life. I really want to inspire the rest of my family to adopt the healthy lifestyle so they to can live long, healthy lifes.

  • I’ll be 49 this year, but because of BFFM my Real Age is 41 (www.realage.com). My goals for this year are not only to continue and improve upon my own strength, conditioning and martial arts training, but to also help my friends, family, coworkers – and anyone else who will let me – achieve their fitness goals too. Your books and website have helped me immensely and I’m psyched to be able to pass it on to others. Thanks Tom!

  • Jeff Reid

    It has to be time to try again. I used Tom’s original ebook to great advantage several years back going from 250lbs to 172lbs in about a year. Unfortunately, an injury and nerve-damaging surgery to one of my arms threw me into a downward (or is that upward) spiral of weight gain – all the way back to 240lbs! It’s time to start over…Goals for 2010:- start watching what I’m eating! It’s amazing how bad foods slowly creep in when you aren’t watching and suddenly chocolate has become one of the major food groups!- start using all of that fancy, expensive equipment that my wife is threatening to sell! Well, not really fancy, but definitely functional. Once the layer of dust is off, I should be able to start up nice and slow. The doc’s gave me the OK to start working the arm since I’ve been losing muscle mass in it due to the nerve damage.- Write down a one-line positive goal statement that will take me through a 2 or 3 month period, keep it with me, read it several times a day, and update it on a regular basis. I think stopping this was the start of my decline after the injury. Depression does strange things to a man.10 Year Goals:- 172lbs was a great weight for me. I didn’t have ripped abs, but I was in 32″ pants, felt good and had some nice definition in my arms.- Maintenance and focus! I’ve got to keep my mind on who I am and what I can accomplish. I’m not getting any younger, and my kids are getting older.- Keep my eye on the prize! That little index card with the short term goal on it can be replaced by an app for the phone. No matter how I do it, I need to NOT drop that habit again. I still think that was the start of my slide back.- Retire healthy and in shape. I have another 7 years until I finish my career with an early retirement at 55. That’s always been the plan, but for the last few years, my health has not been a factor in that plan. Now it is!Since the depression issue came under control, I have been thinking more and more about getting back into eating better and living life as I had been during the couple of “lean years” I had. I started with Tom in my early 40’s, and now I plan to start again in my late 40’s. With or without the hard cover book, I still have the trusty ebook to fall back on for some invaluable advice.

  • Deanne Williams

    My goals for 2010 are:Get healthyMaintain a healthy weightConvince my husband he has the same goalsPublish my first novelMy ten year goals are:Stay healthyEnjoy retirement with my healthy husbandAs a famous writer be writing my 100 novel

  • Scott Turner

    I’ve been in Law Enforcement for 15 years and currently am working in Iraq. Physical and Mental Fitness is a life style in my profession and nothing has been more effective for me than BTFFTM…I am currently 210 lbs2010 Goals:185 lbs….13 % Body Fat- achieve & maintainHelp my wife achieve her Fitness goals through BTFFTMMy wife children & I stay active at our Athletic ClubContinue to protect my communityget my Scuba diving licensePay my many blessings forward10 Year Goal:maintain 185 lbs and 13% Body Fatbe a role model to my children for a happy & healthy lifestyle- mentally, physically and spirituallyKeep an active lifestyle with my wifeScuba dive all over the worldBe a great Husband and Father

  • Arlene Wangsness

    At 51 1/2 years young and slightly menopausal (!), here are my 2010 goals:1) reduce body fat percentage to 20% from 26%2) make fitness part of health, and not the other way around3) inspire my 2 sisters to do the same!2020 goals!) continue learning about fitness and healthy lifestyles2) continue to workout and eat clean3) live a wonderful life!Thanks, Tom!

  • Mireille

    2010 goalon 1 July 2010 I am 56 kgs with 17 % body fat, and looking great in my gym gear because it’s winter and too darned cold for a bikini. at 31 dec My children and I have participated in 3 wholefood cooking classes, and I am now 10% body fat and looking amazing in my bikini.My sept 2020 year goal is to complete the Canadian Death Race!!! I am super fit, super lean and fabulous at 46 🙂

  • Cristian

    My goals are to gain 20 pounds of lean muscle and lose 10 pounds of fat, all within 6-12 months (I am in my first year of weight training). My wife goals is to lose 10 pounds of fat and get better health throgh proper traingin annd nutrition.The goal for 10 years is to maintain myself and my wife in a healthy form and enjoy life to its maxim (if you are healthy you can). Also to teach my children to have a healty lifestyle.This giveaway book will be given as a gift to a good friend of mine. He needs it.I believe that I bought all your books (PDF and paperback as applicable). I have not finished them all as I only became aware of your books only a couple of months ago. I must say I am impressed with the extensive information provided in a way easy to read and understand. Moreover, it tackles the fat loss from all relevant angles including the motivation to stay on the program.The most impressive is that you do not forget about your customers as you still provide them with bonuses long after your customers have purchased the books.Keep up the good work.

  • Edwina Richards

    1 year goals-25 Pull ups200 Squatsrun a 5Keat clean dailystay in calorie rangedecrease body fat percentagework out at least 6 days a weekread new book about exercise/nutrition monthlycontinuing education nutrition/exercise class or 2work on new goal list continually10 year goals-to work on long term goals….they scare me. I will have the vision/foresight to imagine and write down long term goals.

  • Tamara

    GOALS 2010 AND BEYONDOverall1-Appreciate and live life for the brief moment that it is. Live without regret.2- STOP SAYING I WILL START TOMORROW, I WILL START TOMORROW, I WILL DO THAT WHEN THIS HAPPENS OR THAT HAPPENS—LIVE NOW.3- To continue to be as happy (or happier) today as I am, all knowing it is all up to me. It is a choice.One YearWeight1-Do it once and for all. eliminate excuses.How: 1- Plan your meals THE DAY BEFORE2- Log EVERYTHING you eat.3- Exercise 6-7 days (instead of picking and choosingbetween 4-5 days even if it is just a brief stroll.4-Don’t think that one mistake on the diet is disaster, get right back on track. Accept that you are human and stop being sooooo hard on yourself.10 YearsLook at at the other 9 and be able to say “Hell yeah” I did that.Have achieved my weight loss goals 9 yrs ago and have maintained them with hard work and eating well.Have married himAble to semi retireHave started a small business (that I love) in addition to myexisting careerLook forward to then 10 next ten with even more zeal and excitement b/c I accomplished my goals from 2010-2020!!!!

  • For this decade, and every single one after it My goal is to”Live long and prosper”

  • Ken Chenault

    For 2010 – lose the gut and flab that is starting to take it’s toll on me. My father died when I was 28 to a massive coronary. He was 51 years old. We all know abdominal fat can kill you. I turn 40 this year and I don’t want to follow in his footsteps on this one. I don’t need to be ripped, just healthy and if possible, lean.2010 and beyond – Live to a vibrant and healthy 100. That’s a lot of time to spend with the ones I love and make a difference in this world.Personal goals – advance in my learning in Target Focus Training. Draw more portraits, watch less TV, learn to play my guitar, give God His due, which is all of me, and to be a better husband and father.

  • Daniel Bruns

    goals for 2010:Get down or under 15% bodyfatPay off over 90% of credit card debtGoals for 2010-2019:1) Continue to have less than 10% debt:credit ratio2) Get below 10% body fat with abs showing at some point3) Find that easy to maintain level of fitness no higher than 17% bodyfat and never go above that point

  • Sarah Tidmore

    My 1 year goals:attain 16% body fat and stay there forever!continue working out/ cardio 5-6 times a week.spend more time playing with my kids….daily time in prayer and reading my Bible10 year goals:be living completely debt free!maybe aquiring a personal trainer certification.Helping other women achieve success with their health!enjoying being 45 with 14-16% bodyfat!!!!

  • Dawn Tonneman

    If there is one thing that I have learned this year is the importance of making AND WRITING DOWN goals. I used to make goals, but I never wrote them down or posted them where I would see them regularly or where others could help keep me accountable to them. Needless to say, although I did accomplish some things that I had hoped for, I didn’t achieve nearly the levels I believe I could have if those goals had been posted. For some stupid reason, I thought I had things figured out well enough that I didn’t need to post that kind of thing…writing down goals was for the undedicated or those with a lack of will power. I WAS SO WRONG! I have made so many gains this year that I probably would never have done, simply because I wrote down my goals.My goals for 2010 include goals for my health and fitness as well as other areas of my life:–EAT CLEAN! Get away from the processed foods as much as possible. Get the whole eating “thing” figured out so that my nutrition can work together with my exercise to help me reach fitness goals. Also, be an example to my children of how to eat healthy, and enjoy it.–Get my body fat percentage to 18%. This is sort of a starting point. I want to get it lower than this, but I’m not sure how far I can go in a year…I’m not sure what a realistic goal is in this area, so this is my starting point.–Complete two college courses before April and renew my teaching certificate.–Gain my Personal Training Certification. I love this thing called “fitness” and I want to share this with others…I guess you could say it is an obsession.–Run a half marathon.My 10 year goals are perhaps more open ended. I guess that long of a timeline is more difficult for me to expand into. I guess that my two main goals would be:–Get into the fitness profession. I want to work with youth and sports teams primarily…possibly as a coach, or trainer. This might be in a school setting or through a gym, but I truly feel the need to make a positive impact in the health and fitness of our youth.–Compete in a figure competition. This will take a lot of work, but I think that having a goal such as this will force me to stay on point with my eating and exercise programs perhaps more than just saying “I want to maintain the changes I’ve made.”I have other goals such as helping my own children finish school and being a role model for them so that when they are on their own (which really won’t be all that far from now) they make halthy choices in their own lives, but I guess as a mother, these are sort of “givens”. I believe that Long Term goals are perhaps more open to interpretation, depending on the situations we find ourselves in. Keeping these broad, long term goals will help guide my choices of shorter term goals in the future.

  • Elizabeth Miklus

    Elizabeth Miklus GoalsTAKE CARE OF ME! Spent too many years taking a care ofothers & it has cost me dearly but it didbring me joy. (Long story)a. Be consistent with my health care & check upsb. Continue to work out hard & happy with my trainerc. Continue to get educated in nutritiond. Reduce body fat to approx. 25% & get down to goalweight of 170d. Be proud of the changes I’ve already made(down 60 lbs & got a career I love) and celebrate thesuccesses to come.e. Do 1 good deed a day that helps somebody else butdo it so no one notices.LONG TERM GOALS:a. Stay as young feeling as possible by staying FIT,healthy and happy ( I run, ski, ride my ownmotorcycle, bodyboard, bike, etc.)b. Drag along all willing participants who need a bit ofencouragement to live well! It helps me to live well toencourage/support others.c. If & when I get tired of this awesome job I have, mynext career goal is to be a fitness professionald. Most of all my goal is to Live well, love well and enjoythis ride called LIFE for as long as the good Lord allows!

  • De

    Conquer my depression.My goal is to get my workouts back on track and get my personal training certification.Lose 10 lbs.Get my body fat down to 12-10%to have a lean, cut body.Not spend another summer in jeans and wear my shorts.

  • Wylie in OK

    Goals for 2010:1 – Lose 50 lbs of fat (one lb for each week)2 – Comfortably wear trousers with 36 in waist3 – Complete a 5K run4 – Minimum 30 minutes of activity at least 6 days a week5 – Learn to eat clean and plan my meals a week in advance6 – Spend a minimum of 15 min/day in spiritual meditation/prayer7 – Spend a minimum of 2 hours a week in face-to-face conversation time with my SO8 – Take one day at a time and live with a constant attitude of gratefulness and forgiveness10-Year Goals:1 – Attain and maintain my ideal weight at 15% BF or less2 – Learn one new sport/activity a year (golf, rowing, bowling, tennis, etc)3 – Complete my pilots training and get my private pilot’s license4 – Take at least one long, relaxing vacation each year to a place I’ve never been5 – Become the kind of person that people enjoy being around because I lift them up and encourage them and help them to be their best6 – Grow from being a ‘good’ partner to a ‘great’ one7 – Continue to improve mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically every year I live8 – Conduct myself every day in such a way that I have no regrets

  • Brett Marsden

    I’m turning 50 this year in May – I’m carrying 10kg more than I should be and I have been procrastinating about losing it for the last 5 years. My vitals are all good but at 115kg – I’m a big guy and know I need to just pull it back a little (I have a real fear of developing diabetes). I don’t drink alcohol or smoke (which I have always used as my excuse not to have to try too hard to lose the weight). So – I want to lose the 10kg BEFORE my 50th birthday in May. Here’s the plan …Next 4 months:I am committed to eating 6 small meals per day – with an equal balance of fat, carbo and protein.I hate gyms – they never work for me – so I am walking 5kms a day at a steady clip and doing basic weights on my living room floor for simple muscle tone.My 2 year goal is to be fit enough to walk the magnificent Milford and Routeburn Tracks, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand. Something I have always wanted to do after watching a documentary and being blown away by the breathtaking scenery.My 10 year goal is to be able to maintain my 50th birthday weight for the next ten years.Thanks, Tom!

  • Debby Baker

    One Year GoalsGet to my 50th birthday in September leaner, fitter and fabulous!Lose 20 pounds “fat”, gain 10 pounds muscle.Find my true passion, through more “me” time.Travel to Australia and go camping many weekends this summer.Ten Year GoalsMaintain my lean, fit and fabulous profile.Recorded many great adventurous memories with my husband, family and friends.

  • Diana Osmondson

    2010 (1) Year Goals for Diana Osmondson:- Continue to follow the SCD for the rest of the year to fully recover from colitis (with no drugs) & avoid relapse- Work back up to my full workout routine (to where I was before I got sick)- advance to an intermediate level weight training program- maintain both healthy diet and exercise at the same time (I’ve done one or the other but never been able to keep up both at the same time)- Celebrate my 50th birthday (8 weeks from now) 12 lbs lighter- be able to do at least one pullup!- get healthy and strong!!!- finish the RFP by April- start the replacement project by July 1st- be such an inspiration that my husband will want to join me in eating healthy and getting fit too!10 year goals:- maintain my goal weight within 5 lbs- continue to workout 6 to 7 days per week (wt training & cardio)- stay in remission & off the col meds- finish my novel & write a sequel- retire from IT- get real estate license- pay off all credit card debt & own 1 house mortgage-free- downsize & buy 1 on the coast & a smaller one in the mtns, splitting time between the mtns & coast- enjoy life as a strong, healthy, happy person!!!!

  • Steven Morton

    My goal for 2010 is to make fitness my lifestyle, not just a fad I keep starting and quitting. I want to lose 40 lbs and be below 15% body fat.For the next decade I want to teach my son how important fitness is and will be in his life so he has a strong base to build on when he goes out on his own. I want him to know the things I wish I had known when I turned 22.I want to be healthy and active late into life and be there for my son and his children when that time comes. Both of my parents have high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes. I do not want that for myself or my family so I’m dedicating myself to make that change NOW!!!

  • Paul C.

    2010 Goals-to get back to a normal life, after undergoing backsurgery.-Living in the moment and letting go of my injury and health plagued 2009 thru self meditation and prayer-Achieving my goal of 8% body fat-Eating organically and regaining my faith-Getting my CPT-Starting my RN program-Learning and starting a new hobby10 yr goals-Working for my self.. open a gym and healthcare business-Have a family and kids-Give back by helping others thru charity and church-Continue to grow thru reading, learning and forums.-Look back and smile at my accomplishments

  • Tamara

    GOALS 2010 AND BEYONDOverall1-Appreciate and live life for the brief moment that it is. Live without regret.2- STOP SAYING I WILL START TOMORROW, I WILL START TOMORROW, I WILL DO THAT WHEN THIS HAPPENS OR THAT HAPPENS—LIVE NOW.3- To continue to be as happy (or happier) today as I am, all knowing it is all up to me. It is a choice.One YearWeight1-Do it once and for all. eliminate excuses.How: 1- Plan your meals THE DAY BEFORE2- Log EVERYTHING you eat.3- Exercise 6-7 days (instead of picking and choosingbetween 4-5 days even if it is just a brief stroll.4-Don’t think that one mistake on the diet is disaster, get right back on track. Accept that you are human and stop being sooooo hard on yourself.10 YearsLook at at the other 9 and be able to say “Hell yeah” I did that.Have achieved my weight loss goals 9 yrs ago and have maintained them with hard work and eating well.Have married himAble to semi retireHave started a small business (that I love) in addition to myexisting careerLook forward to then 10 next ten with even more zeal and excitement b/c I accomplished my goals from 2010-2020!!!!

  • Brenda Rost

    2010 Goals*use food journal to lose 10lbs, achieve 13% BF, build stronger legs (with no cellulite!) & have defined ripped abs*volenteer in the local community*ride my motorcycle from Canada to South America with my hubby10 Year Goals*maintain super heathly eating habits & continue exercising for a lean strong body*raise funds for special causes*inspire & help others 50+ to get in the best shape of their lives*ride my motorcycle around the world with my hubby

  • Gina Bono

    Goals for Gina BonoGoals for 2010:I am a new mother of 6 month triplet girls, they were born on July 10, 2009. I was a very fit person, a runner and lifted weights, ate healthy, etc. I gained 75 during my pregancy and was able to carry my babies full term to 36 weeks.I am very determined to get back in shape. I have been doing my best to work out and eat right but it has taken a lot of sweat and tears and Im still not there. I want to be an inspiration to others that you can get your body back after triplets with hard work and dedication!! My goals are:1. Lose the last 25 pounds of baby fat2. Work out 5 to 6 days a week – both running and weight training3. Need to do ab exercises every other day to try and get my stomach back to normal (need to lose 7 more inches)4. Incorporate yoga to keep myself sane :)5. Eat healthy foods, more whole foods and less processed stuffGoals for the decade:In addition to my three babies I am a stepmom to 3 older girls as well. My husband has stage 4 lung cancer and is on disability. He stays home with the babies and gets help from a nanny during the day. My goals for the decade include:1. Be a wonderful mother to my 3 babies and 3 older girls2. Be a strong wife to my husband and support him through his disease3. Raise all my girls to be strong, independent and healthy young woman, serve as a role model to them4. Continue to be healthy and active, eating right and working out5. Be an inspiration to others, know that through my faith and hard work, anything is possible!

  • Jeff L

    I am going to be 48 soon. Immediate goal for this year is to Stay Motivated. Eat more clean and organic. Learn to cook more healthy . And don’t fall off my workout mission. Long term is to stay on a workout Plan forever! Get strong and live long!

  • Chad Muse

    2010 GOALS (BODY)1. Achieve 12% body fat (~35 lb fat loss)2. Derive at least 1/2 of my calories from vegetable sources3. Cut caffeine consumption to at most 100 mg per day4. Arrive at a weight-lifting program I can be 100% satisfied with5. Do 500+ calories of cardio at least 4 times per week.2010-2019 GOALS (BODY)1. Achieve and maintain an optimal body fat range (perhaps 8-10%)2. Derive 75-100% of my calories from vegetable sources3. Eliminate all major caffeine sources from diet4. Achieve 99th Percentile in lean mass index and strength5. Do 1000+ calories of cardio at least 6 times per week6. Become as flexible as a gymnast7. Research and discover the lifestyle that minimizes human disease8. Learn how to manage stress to the point where it barely exists9. Make all aspects of my life harmonize with optimal physical health10. Master obtaining and utilizing the best possible information

  • D M

    J.F.D.I is my 2010 motto!Increase lean muscle mass by 2-3 kgs, increase flexibility and core strength.Eliminate toxic people from my life once and for all!Have cellulite free, hard glutesEnjoy daily training with my husbandKayak the harbour once per week, early morningPrepare and keep track of all calories for both me and my manEnjoy the journey and watch our bodies evolve together – weekly weigh insBook Europe trip in August/SeptemberInspire my Sisters even more this year – they are training!Don’t let my mind fool me into stopping when the going gets tough! I can do more than I think!Run the 3.2 k park twice without stopping by AprilVisualise and meditate dailyEnjoy everyday with my family and husband NOWStart equestrian riding again Feb, 1 lesson per week.10 yearsBe healthy, fit and surrounded by those that inspire me!Have a 20 acre working propertySpeak fluent FrenchTravel to a new place every year like my 77 year old girlfriendLove, respect and work my body hard at 45 – enjoy my life at 45.Spend time on our 40 foot Riv (with our cats) we will buy in 2013.Look forward and plan the next 10 years of our journey ahead!Know that health is the biggest asset you will EVER have in life!!

  • Donna Wright

    My goals for 2010 and the next decade is to lose 20 inches off of my waist and 70 pounds of fat from my body. I know it is going to be a one day at a time process to lose the inches and weight and a lifetime to keep it off. To live a full and healthy life by improving my diet, exercise and mental attitude.Life is to short and I want to enjoy the 3 beautiful grandsons and if I don’t make these changes the opportunity will be lost.

  • Kevin Tisserand

    1 year goals (2010):* form better wellness habits in fitness and nutrition* exercise my mind as well as my body* nurture my personal relationships* support others in their own personal goals10 year goals (2020):* continue the above, plus…* prioritize experiencing life more fully* create a personal environment that reflects my personal values

  • Alison

    My 1 year goal is to continue exercising, and eating well. I’d like to see my BF% drop by 5-7% as well. For my birthday this year (October), I’d like to run my first marathon.My goals for the next 10 years are:- to maintain this healthy lifestyle and stay within my ideal body weight, rather than spiking up and having to cut back repeatedly- to complete a triathelon- to climb a mountain the “real” way- to publish an article in a journal or a book- to get my PhD- to live in a different country and soak up their culture- to be proud of the choices that I’ve made

  • vanessa

    I just love the program, love the people and my wish for the world is to know the program, stay with it and achieve the goal of your life to be healthy and to be beautiful inside an outside.

  • Rob McL

    My goal for 2010 is be accoutable to myself everyday for my eating and exercise habits no excuses, and to continue on a road to excellent health and fitness.My goal for the next decade will be to bring my body fat to 10% and to make exercising a family event. I will be a father soon and I want to pass these good habits onto the little guy/gal right from the beginning so being fit and healthy will be there lifestyle!!

  • Karen Lemburg

    Karen Lemburg’s One Year Goal:By January 20, 2011 I am maintaining my optimum weight of 117 lbs and 15% bodyfat. I eat five meals a day with the proper ratios of protein, carbs & fats. I enjoy every work out and aim to beat my personal best every time. I enjoy being more fit than I’ve ever been before. I am invited to speak to groups who want to become the best they can be. I am teaching them the principles in Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle and The Bodyfat Solution and am inspiring, motivating and teaching those around me by setting the example.Ten Year Goal:By January 20, 2020 – In my sixtieth year, I am maintaining my optimum weight of 117 lbs and 15% bodyfat and enjoy being energetic and an example of what a person in their sixties can look and feel like. I am speaking to large groups of men and women, motivating them to put the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle and The Bodyfat Solution principles in their own lives.Life is getting more and more exciting as I give away what I have learned and daily put into practice.Life is good -VERY good!Thank you Tom!

  • Paul

    Goals for 2010:1. Reduce my bodyfat to single figures2. Learn more about nutrition3. Continue running ultramarathons & run my first 100mile race4. Improve my overall fitness/strength with strength training5. Stretch after every workout6. Qualify for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc ultramarathon7. By far the most important – help my wife during her current pregnancy and become a father for the 1st time!Goals for the decade:1. Run the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc2. Run the Badwater ultramarathon3. Pay off all of my debts4. Teach good lifestyle habits to my child, but always trying to make it fun!

  • kyle Louie

    My Goals for 2010 are:* read the bible and follow up with the one year bible* Pray and have a closer relationship with Christ my lord and savior* Donate more time to people in need, such as feed the homeless, park and beach clean up etc.* Spend more time with my wife and kids and spend less time with Television, sports program, internet etc.*Lose 1% of bodyfat every week and maintain my current weight until I could see my six pack, I am currently at 18% and weigh 190 lbs*learn basic cooking and preparation habits that will help me achieve my goalMy goals for 2010-2019*Talk to others about my faith and be a good witness for Christ*Lead by example and continue to be a good role model for my family and friends.*Continue to foster kids and nurture them as my own*Maintain my bodyfat between 8% – 9% and lead a healthy lifestyle*After I reach my fitness goal I would like to support one other person to do the same and continue helping othersGod Bless!*

  • Jennifer Saunders

    My name is Jennifer Saunders. My 2010 goals for my body and mind are as follows:My body transformation isn’t complete just because I finished the 50 day holiday challenge. In 2010 I will continue my efforts to transform my body and mind. My goal (at 5’3″) is to be 124 lbs with 20% body fat by March 17, 2010. I am a business owner and plan to grow my business this year in 2010. In order to do that I must have a clear and motivated mind. I will exercise everyday during 2010 (whether in the gym or not) to have a healthy mind.I will also be hiring people to help me. It is very hard to give up control of everything as an entrepreneur, but I’ve realized that if I want to grow, I will need help. I will make the mental leap needed so that I can hire help for growth in 2010. I will develop a social campaign for my company and develop new innovative gluten-free products for those on a gluten-free diet.It has bothered me that I’ve been so busy that I’ve not spent enough time with my family. In 2010 I will be making an effort to spend more quality time with family.My Decade Goals:My body remains at the 20% body fat level even after child birth. I have published 3 books that have provided me with additional income. I’ve created a multi-million dollar company, allowing for job creation and economic development. I continue to workout weekly for my body and mind. My social media campaign is successful and has helped thousands of people with Celiac disease and other illnesses.

  • D. Rhine

    To get healthy and get my fibromyalgia under control. I can’t always workout due to the fibro but I can learn to eat well. I would love to take the book with me to read on breaks at work.Please pick me..Thanks Tom

  • Robin P

    I lost 50 pounds using your e-book and I need help to do it again and keep it off this time!1 year goals – re-learn how to eat right and exercise and start losing the pounds. I’d love to see all 50 of those lbs gone by this time next year!10 year goals – continue to eat the proper foods and portions to maintain a healthy weight. Step up on the exercise as the years go on and I can do more and more! Have fun with it and not let food rule my life!

  • Leigh

    Leigh Montgomery-Williams H&F Goals for 2010- Get to less than 15% BF and maintain it- Run a 3:40 marathon- Complete Anaconda adventure race in DecAnd at the end of it all move overseas and be a snow bunny for a season!Hey Tom,I’ve been reading your stuff and following you for a few months now and I just know that everything you talk about is complete logic. Thanks for all the sound advice and coaching!Cheers, Leigh

  • Linda Bailey

    My current 3 month goal:Reduce bodyfat from 25% to 12%.Flatten my abdomen.It seems as if I have spent a lifetime trying to lose that last 10 pounds. I have been active all of my adult life, but have not been as disciplined with my eating habits. It has taken me a lifetime to learn what I need to know. Now I am doing what I know. I will be 45 years young in July, 2010. so after giving it some thought,My 10 year goal is:To look and feel as good as I do now. I intend to maintain a high level of fitness and health. I intend to be self-sufficient for as long as I live.

  • Rose Huegen

    Rose Huegen’s 2010 Goals1. Maintain my 4.0 GPA2. Get promoted at work3. Achieve my goal weight of 140 and 25% body fat4. Develop a healthy lifestyle5. Join more BFFM challenges6. Discover more about who I amRose Huegens goals for the decade:1. Earn my bachelors degree in Accounting2. Pay off my student loans3. Run a marathon4. Maintain my health5. Save for my retirement6. Become financially sound7. Control my diabetes8. Motivate my partner to share in my lifestyle

  • Liam Meleisea

    I’m in my 45th year of life,i have 2 beautiful kids: 1 & 3 yrs oldand am married to their beautiful mum.I have a 25 year short term plan (saw your article re:70yr old Bodybuilder) Along the way continue to play music with my family-guitar & ukelele -but also go and learn how to read & write music so i teach for one of retirement income, learn how to swim properly with the breathing so as a family we can all enjoy our beautiful beaches in New Zealand, train & feed the muscle(I’ll be past burn the fat stage”) using BFFM guidelines, spread the word of BFFM and whatever follows , but most of Inspire my kids to enjoy life,health and to train/work hard & expect success.Winning lottery would be great, but at 70 looking back at all we had achieved we’d feel like we had already WON IT!!!!! Enter phase 2, from 70years onward!!!!

  • Mel

    2010 Goals:1. Take my vitamin supplements daily2. Journal each day to keep my mind and body in check3. Work myself back to running after having a baby and hurting my back.Ten Year Goals:1. Continue my career success path2. Be an overall role model to my children3. Have another baby

  • Kelly Vass

    Goal 2010Is really simple but very difficult for me is just to change. Change my bad eating habits into good ones and start exercising every day. For most people this would be easy but for some mental block I can’t seem to overcome this simple task.Goal for next decade1. Achieve 20% body fat (Note now 72%)2. Start a bookkeeping business (Stop stagnating)3. Compete in a beginner triathalon4. Start really living and enjoying life

  • Cynthia Lao

    Cynthia Lao’s goals for 2010:– No belly fat roll when I’m sitting down.– Achieving above should, I should be 15%’ish BF– Visible back muscles– Defined shoulders– maintain my physical conditioning to run 25km without training– maintain whole foods diet– maintain domestic harmonyGoals for the decade:– Maintain a whole foods diet– maintain BF at 15-17%– maintain physical conditioning to run 25km at any moment– enter a fitness model competition– continue to educate my children on health and nutrition– Ease my family into a whole foods diet– ease my children into endurance sports– maintain domestic harmony

  • Nicole

    Tom,You always challenge each of us to improve ourselves as a whole (body, mind and soul) and not just put a band aid on our “weight” issue.My 3 month goal is to eat healty, establish and follow my Dreams, lose 20 pounds and strip the fat from the inside and outside of my body.In the process, I will become a great role model to my 3 children and grandson (hard to say at the age of 44). It’s very important for me to be an example to my family and friends, letting them know that ANYTHING they think of, they can ACHIEVE!My 3 year goal is to open a center for young girls to be able to go and hang out and have a place to be safe and comfortable. A place that teaches the importance of eating healthy and exercise for that will boost their self-esteem.My 10 year goal is to have centers for girls across the country. A place that allows these girls from all backgrounds to learn how to eat healthy, exercise, and open up all possibilities to the future.My greatest achievment will be at the end of my life knowing that I have given numerous children an opportunity to become whatever they want, to Dream BIG, to know that each one of them is a special being and that by starting with a healthy foundation of eating and exercise their body will allow them to achieve this.Thanks for considering me and for opening up an opportunity to share my Dream.Nicole

  • Andy Martin

    To drop 30lbs in a year & follow the path set by Tom in his books & online blogs.This leads me to my ten year plan which is to lead an active balanced life through training & dietary control to ensure that I’m still around to watch my little girl grow up.That’s all.

  • Lynn

    I am a 57 years old female. 169cm tall with body weight 57kg. I bought BFFM ebook some years ago. I am now so proud of my physique – yet perfect – and do not care very much of wrinkles on my face. I have stopped using those expensive facial care and makeup products even though some of my friends seem having younger facial skin than me.My 1st goal for 2010 is to keep enjoying my morning workouts. 2nd goal is to reduce body fat to Lillac Skinfold reading 8 and have body weight between 54-55kg.My long term goal is to reduce my body fat to Lillac Skinfold reading 6 and be able to enjoy morning excises no matter how old of me.I can’t believe I’m over 50 years of age. I feel youthful. I believe I have the best years ahead of me

  • Andrea - nutrition nag

    My Goals for this year:1. make a difference to my patients by being the very best nutritional therapist, funtional medicine practitioner, and sports nutrition advisor that i can. continue to take the medical establishment on and convince them of the power of nutrition, functional medicine diagnosis and patient TLC and proper listening2. become more efficient in every way; building on my strengths and learning from my weaknesses in 20093. read more and watch less tv… tv wastes my life!4. get my 2010 vision board completed5. train even smarter; keep my 10% body fat under 15% , gain more lean muscle and feel fit and healthy as well as look it!!6. enjoy my training but add some more challenges into the mix; notably add some competitive sport (specifically tennis) as well as the beat myself up sport (the gym)7. focus my learning on my chosen speciality areas for my work, personal development, and play (photography and jewellry making8. more time for family, husband and friends.9. work on my sleep and rest-trainining-work balance10. listen, feel, breathe and be grateful in the now and let go of feeling like i am never good enough; or holding myself back with anxiety and fear. Dont be afraid to get out there and make a difference by continuing to do the work that i do.and for the nest ten years?well continue the above and take stock year by year of the year behind and the year ahead…… but above all don’t fear change, don’t knock an oppurtunity and live every breath….

  • Maureen W.

    My goal for this year is to loose another 10 pounds (I have already lost 20 in the past 3 1/2 months with exercise and watching what I eat.). I would also like to not only loose weight, but to also look trimmer through my midsection. For my 10 year goals, I want to keep my body fit and not have to go through this again. I want to keep up the good eating habits and try to help my family make better eating choices. I also want to find and continue with a medical transcription job–I have already gone to school, now it is finding a job that agrees with me. My biggest goal is to enjoy my family and my life.

  • caroline

    One year goals -1 – get down to at least 18% BF2 – participate in the Alberta Cancer Society 200K bike ride to conquer cancer (that should also help with #1!)3 – sell at least 1 piece of art!4 – get my personal business up and at least breaking even by the end of the yearFive year goals -1 – maintain the 16-18% BF2 – participate in at least 2 triathlons3 – do yoga on a daily basis4 – get my art into a gallery5 – be able to leave the day job in favor of my own business!Thanks for inspiring me to think of these. Now to write them daily and drill them into my head as “nows”!

  • Jeanine

    As I will be turning 50 in 1 week, my goals for the second half of my life are very important to me.-Eat healthier and stay away from “junk” as much as possible.-Continue to work out at least 3 days a week.-Purchase a treadmill that I can use on the days inbetween workouts.-Pass on this healthier way of life to my 2 kids.Long Term:-To continue this healthy way of life into my senior years, so I can live a full, long and happy life!

  • Dana Green

    HEALTH GOALS:6 month goal:1. consistently drink 2-3 quarts of water daily2. continue working out and eating right to attain 20% (or less) body fat by summer 2010 – this would mean losing 20 lbs of fat!3. consistently take my vitamin supplements1 year goal:1. continue working out and eating clean to reduce body fat to 15%2. maintain body fat and weight loss thru holidays 20103. become a personal trainerPERSONAL GOALS:6 months:1. start dating again now that kids are off to college2. start new businesses and join networking meetings to promote them3. organize and keep home office paperwork in order without piles on floor4. find a new charity to become involved with1 year:1. bring income of new business up to level of last job and continue to grow to beyond that in 20112. resume tennis playing3. resume piano playing

  • Tammy Eckard

    Hmmm. New year. Lots of changes going on and its definitely time to set some goal. My husband of almost 26 years decided to end our marriage right before Xmas. After a horrible holiday season, I’ve decided that it’s time for me. As a 43-year-old woman who has been married forever, never single and never dated, I have a long road ahead of me and I now have lots of time to devote to me. Here are some of my goals:2010 Goals- Maintain my 90 pound weight loss from 2006. I had a small setback in 2009 and have finally lost the 25 lbs I had gained (mostly due to stress over the last month). I’d like to lose another 20 pounds to get rid of the last bit of fat left.- Gain more muscle in order to fill my skin left from my weight loss. I’d love to be firm and non-jiggly by summertime.Ten-Year Goal- Over the next 10 years, I want to maintain my health and stay in shape as well as enter into a fulfilling, loving relationship with someone. It may take me the entire 10-years to do it, but I do not want to go through the rest of my life alone. I feel that good relationships are important to maintaining mental health and well-being.

  • S.L. Woo

    My goals for 2010 is:-to build up my grades and maintain a good academic standing-to achieve 3% body fat and have a very visible six-pack abs-to be able to maintain my six-pack throughout my entire life-to build a lean, muscular body-to be able to experience modeling at least onceIn ten years I am going to:-to take part in a body building competition-to become a fitness model-I am still be able to maintain my health, fitness, and physical appearance-I am a successful model + certified nutritionist/dietitian-I am still able to maintain my six-pack abs (body fat as low as the six-pack is still visible)-I have my photos on magazines (fashion, fitness etc.)-I have at least a cover shot in a fitness magazine-I have a stable life, and still be able to maintain a good relationship with my family (I love my parents and all my family members)By: S.L.Woo

  • Tom Sechrest

    My goals for 2010 include using Tom Venuto’s guidance to sustainage-appropriate diet and exercise to remain fit. As we grow older, thebasic rules of the game remain, but need to be applied in slightly different ways. The same old exercises we’ve always done yield different (or sometimes undesirable) results. Nutrition needs are more complex and sometimes more difficult to follow, as we each age differently, though relentlessly! Despite our youth-oriented culture, the exercises in Men’s Fitness aren’t really the best thing to do when you are white-haired. And our food culture can wreak havoc on older bodies! So Tom’s guidance will be applied in a way that helps to maintain the good health I am fortunate to enjoy!

  • Dave MacDougall

    It’s very funny you brought up goals because I’ve been following your goal planning for some time now. In fact, I’ve already reached 3 of my goals, for 2010, that my wife and I sat down wrote in our notebooks and goal cards before New Years began. I don’t believe in resolutions (too temporary). I began writing my goals down over a year ago when I weighed in at a whopping 250lbs and right around 26% body fat. I am currently 185lbs and 8% body fat. It is irrelevant whether or not I win this competition because I felt I must give you this testimonial. I wrote a goal the last week of December to be 5% body fat by Feb 28 and that I would do this with the carb cycling plan. There’s no doubt I will be there because I am right on the edge. I am so positive that I scheduled a photo shoot (just like you suggested) the day I wrote this goal. Another goal I wrote was to meet you in person to I could show you (and a few others) what your book (BFFM) has done for me. My yearly goal is to become a diamond Beachbody coach by the end of the year but only because I walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk. 10 year goal is to be so financially stable that I can feed at least 100 people, each and every year, at Christmas and Thanksgiving times. I also set a goal of visiting St. Jude’s Children hospital and spend at least a week with the children who are not fortunate enough to have a coach and mentor. I could go on and on but you get the point. Because of you I am actually considering stepping up on stage (masters body building) within the next two years at the ripe young age of 49.

  • Tim Buchalka

    My goals are simple really.I’m overweight, and it’s because of the way I think, so I need to get my thinking in order and everything else will flow.I’m not putting a specific level of body fat to work towards, I’m 178 cms tall and my goal weight is a healthy 80kg’s.I’m old enough to realise it’s not all about doing what others are doing but doing what makes you happy.I’m happy today because I have made a concrete decision to be 80Kg’s within 3 months (I am presently 107 Kgs).You know your doing something really wrong when you wake up feeling sick from all the junk food your putting into your body. Enough is Enough !I’m not waiting till then to be happy though, so in my mind I see myself there already and am acting like I am already there.I’ve taken up a proper eating program, yoga, and tai chi as well as walking everyday, and I know that all I have to do is continue this and I will get there.For me it’s as much a need to get the mind sorted out rather than just the physical stuff (eating right, exercising right).Plus I have to believe I can achieve it, and I do. Absolutely !By projecting what I truly want to the universe, I know I will achieve it, and I happen to believe it’s no accident I arrived on this blog today via your email.If the universe deems it necessary I know somehow I will be selected as the recipient of the book. If there is someone more in need of it, I feel sure they will be chosen instead, and the other solution I need will come to me. I trust in the process, and know a successful outcome is on it’s way to me.Congratulations to all the people on this blog, there is a lot of positive comments, and goals, it’s very inspiring.Thanks to you Tom for getting me to think and making this offer to people.

  • JoAnne Caley

    My one year goal is to weigh 165 or less and stop this nightmare of yo-yo dieting. I will stop counting my calories and trying to manipulate the scale. I will stop crash dieting to starvation and pushing myself to drastically low blood pressure and vision disturbances – Instead I will use foods group to estimate the number of calories and stop obsessing about the number and be healthy feeding my muscles, training hard (expecting success : ) 5x times a week with running intervals and weight training.My ten year goal is to complete my bachelors degree in Psychology and begin my Masters all while working and taking care of my two girls and getting in the best shape of my life. I will have balance, so it is going to take longer. My dream is to be able to go on and help others with weight loss and emotional issues that rob self confidence and hold us back from being all we can be. I am going to get in the game and stop sitting on the sidelines!

  • Anna K

    2010 goals- to have a natural birth and deliver a healthy baby drug free- to tone up my body and lose the 20kgs I have gained- make sure I allow myself me time and be active throughout my days- to love my body and be comfoptable in the skin I am in- motivate my husband so he can lose 20kgs with me10 year goals- expand my family (have more babies)- maintain a healthy lifestyle- buy our dream home or buy another home and renovate it the way we want- maintain my body/weight and remain lean so my kids can have a yummy mummy they can be proud of- motivate my husband to lose all that weight he has had for years and to stop the yo-yo weight loss and gain

  • Deborah Richards

    Hi my name is Deborah Richards.My one year goals are:Health: 1.Feel good on the inside by eliminating/finding the foods making me sick and bloated (not an easy task, have many food intolerances)2. Reach my before pregnancy weight of 58kgs (lose 6kg) or equivelant, trim and taunt.3. Jog for 1 hr without stopping 4. Eat healthy clean diet 97% of the timeWork: finish my degree, be employeed in my dream job that I have worked so hard for.Love: Organize my wedding (getting married at the end of the year).Spiritual: Spend 10 minutes every day focusing on my goals and appreciating what I have.TEN YEAR GOALS:Heath: Maintain a healthy clean diet and weight before during and after pregnancies, holidays and every day,. Organize my diet and my family’s diet to suit a healthy lifestyle. Exercise my body regularly and maintain my fitness levels.Work: Complete my post-grad in Dietetics. Have a healthy balance of work and family life.Love: Make time for my partner, every day. Always be a good listener and understanding.Spirit: Make time for myself everyday, for 10 mintues to relax and be thankful.

  • 2010 Goals:Get to 17% body fat or lowerGain as much muscle as possibleWork on posture and mobility frequentlyDecade Goals:Start competing in figure competitionsWIN figure competitions

  • Being blind and over half deaf, I am a roll model for many including some of my teenage son’s friends. In this my goals are to hit the less than 10% body fat and stay there. I also will put on more muscle size. I will be a speaker to some schools from grades 1 to 8 in March and I will be very lean then and will look good with some new muscle. My message in short will be no matter the challenge you face, you can succeed.Best wishes to all and remember this, greatness is there for the taking, you need only take it.Thank you all at Burn The Fat for all the excellent work you have done over the years.Mike The Crazy Blind Guy

  • Michael Young

    1 year – Starting July 2009 I weighed 322 pounds w/ 51% body fat. Today I am 265 pounds w/ 30.5% body fat. Muscle mass went from 30% to over 50%. This has been done through a common sense whole foods diet and exercise. My goal is to reach 15% body fat, and build/tone muscle to a defined upper body.10 year – Continue my martial arts training and achieve my black belt rank. Maintain my weight loss achieved this year and improve tone to achieve defined abs – want to find the 6 pack that has been hidden by the keg for the last decade.

  • Concetta

    2010 goals: Continue eating as close to vegan as possible.Eat raw food more often. Get below 20% body fat. Give visualization a chance. Take control of my eating habits.10 year goals: Stay healthy with exercise, improving diet and more control of my emotions. I relish calm and stillness and will stave to improve my attitude. Give more and desire less. Minimalism.Concetta C.

  • Linda Hawker

    Last year after listening and learning about goals etc… from Tom Venuto I was on a journey of transforming my mind through visualisation. So last year for a couple of goals not only did I write them down but I visualised them, had paper cut outs etc… Just to see the effect. I was amazed. 1 year on I have changed jobs, and am now doing the job, I had wrote down on the paper 9 months ago.So this year I am even more motivated to see this apply to other areas of my life.1 Year Goals : To go to HawaiiTo have 15% body fat and stay there.To not worry about food, just enjoy healthy eatingTo have my bathrooms renovated.10 year Goal : To be fit and healthy and still weight lifting.To still be under 15% body fat.To be a healthy role model to my adult childrenTo have my house paid off.To have a greater impact on young people through running small groups.

  • Jennifer Fadimba

    I’ve always had a problem with eating too much food even when I am extremely full. My lowest point was just a few days ago, when i threw up after waking up with an aching stomach.1yr goals1. learn to control my food consumption2. lose 20 pounds3. become more comfortable with my body4. become less shy, speak out more5. find an internship or job10yr goals1. have a career I love2. stay healthy without letting food control me3. have a family that i support and can take care of4. stay at a weight between 140 and 150 pounds

  • Maria BmF

    1 year- Finally reach 12-15% bodyfat; redesign my home workout space to include a functional trainer; get my personal trainer certification; meet Tom Venuto in person!10 year- Obtain my Ph D; earn $200,000 or more per year from my internet business; Start an Internet business! ; Become a public speaker; Become a renowned leader in my industry

  • Danna

    1 yr goal:Continue on the healthy eating (south beach) plan that has allowed me to lose 60 lbs in the past year. (and no longer in th pre-diabetic ranges, YEAH) Add more movement and exercise to get my body in heathier shape. Research and begin learning how to safely add weight training at 48! Continue to listen to my body and make decisions based on what works for me, not what is the latest fad.10 yr plan:Reach a healthy weight for my body before I am 50 (currently 48) Not sure of that magic number but the goal is no more JIGGLES!!! Keep doing activities to strengthen my core and weight training to prevent Osteoporosis. Keep firm in the commitment to do everything I can to keep my body healthy without taking unnecessary medications.

  • Stephanie Lowthorp

    Stephanie Lowthorp’s Goals20101. Reach my first milestone by achieving 15% body fat and knowing what that feels like2. Reach physical ability milestone: do chin-ups! unassisted, full range of motion3. Run a 9-minute-mile4. Thank everyone that helped and supported me on my journey.For the next decade:1. Learn how to maintain an athletically lean body by continued observation of diet (exercise is always a given for me)2. See those abs!3. Do a body building show or figure competition4. Be able to do pull-ups and handstand push-ups5. Run a 7-minute-mile6. Win TV’s 2011 Holiday Challenge Overall Female7. Move to new town, buy house, buy new car, start new career perhaps- but something physically inclined!8. Complete a triathlon9. Continue thinking BIG and dreaming BIGGER!!10. Thank everyone that helped and supported me on my journey to reaching toward my best self.Thanks Tom Venuto for your e-book and helping me to embrace thinking big again as I did when I was a child.

  • Liraz

    I need it to lose my last 10 pound and I have tried EVERYTHING!! I really need it. Thanks !!

  • Justine Peterson

    2010 is my year! I am turning 30 years old and I have lots of goals that I will “make happen”, I’ve spent too many years, talking about and watching things happen- its go time!1 year goals-As a kickboxing instructor, it’s time I start practicing what I preach to my students and finally obtain that body I have always said I could have.-Once I have that body- Keep it!-Obtain my CPT certificate-Move more workouts outdoors and start smelling the roses once in a while, I live in a beautiful place and time/excuses keep me from enjoying it-Be better with my relationships, new and old, I want to express how much I appreciate those around me on a weekly basis.10 Year- Big dreams but all obtainable-Own my own business- preferrably in the fitness industry-Get that prototype done on my invention and give it a real shot-Make a positive life long impact for change on 10 people’s lives through health and fitness- pay it forward-Feel better about who I am and how I look than I ever have before-Travel internationally- for fun, not work!-Look back and say, “It all began in 2010!”

  • My goal for 2010 is to loose another 30 kg, getting to, and maintaining 60kg. I have already lost 30kg.For the decade I will (with your assistance) continue to be focused and motivated to remain lean and fit and turn 60 looking sexy and feeling great.My business will be prosperous and I will have time and money to assist the less fortunate.I will continue to grow many of my own fish, fowl, vegetables and fruit following the permaculture and aquaculture principles. (Cant eat my chickens though – they are all pets – only their eggs)I will inspire my husband to follow in my goals for clean eating and living.My grandchildren will see the benefits of my way of life and follow it, thereby staying away from drugs and other harmful and soul harming activities.

  • Arturo Aquino

    One Year Goal: Reach 8% bodyfat, have my abdominal muscle completely visible, compete in my first bodybuilding competition.10 Year Goal: Be in such great physical and mental health, that I have attracted and married the woman of my dreams, and have enough energy to raise kids!

  • Lisa

    In 3 months, I want to lose the last 5 lb of fat to reach my goal of 15% body fat so I can see my abs! My long term goal is to stay at or near this level for life.

  • hannah

    My goal for 2010 is to finally LOOK like a gym junkie – to reach the big 14% bodyfat. For me, that would be all my dreams from the last 4 years come true.For the next decade, my dream is to maintain that 14% and drop further – to eventually compete onstage and win just ONCE. Just to prove to myself that i can do it.My dream is a lifetime of leanness and vitality.xxhannah

  • P. Alex Smith

    Wow there are some cool goals here already! Here’s mine:This year: Get below 10% body fat, make my abs visible, get and keep a job I love, and get into the audition choir group at my college.Next Ten Years: Stay in the best shape of my life and support myself and possibly a family with my career as a musician and actor/performer!

  • Mike H

    Work up my game plan so in one year I will have lost 20lbs, have a weekly work out plan to help reduce my percent body fat down to 15.My 10 year plan will be to maintain my weight between 185 to 195 and % body fat @15% or less

  • Patti S

    I am looking at 2010 as being a milestone year in several ways.Working with goal setting and actually implementing goals has always been a challenge.Over the past 2 weeks I’ve written down what I need to do for health, for career, and to have more fun too!Writing down goals and reviewing them often is a key.Having managed and trained sales teams over the years, it’s critical to have a plan and execute the plan. But it has to be a plan that you want, that you can believe, and you are willing to commit to.It’s a scary proposition at the moment, but basically:2010Lose 60 pounds at a rate of 1.5 – 2 pounds / week with target date for my goal at October 1.BMI from 36% to 21%Exercise 45 minutes/ day – cardio and 45 minutes 3x/week strength training for first 12 weeks.Currently walking 2.75 miles 5 x/ week.Long term goal:Maintain what I’ve accomplished! We’ve all talked about how you can reach a goal, but have you changed your life, how you approach things, and moved forward… or do you find yourself feeling like you are starting over again?I did succeed 4 years ago. Having been an athlete most of my life, I let my healthy body slip away while doing a desk job. At that time I took 12 months to lose over 90 pounds.Well much of it crept back over the past several years.My long term goal is to work with visualization and goal setting each day, so that I move ahead — perhaps see myself out on the basketball court or playing city softball within the next year.

  • Vera A

    2010: Lose 10 lbs. of body fat in 12 weeks (from 148 to 138 lbs) while maintaining lean muscle mass, work out at the gym a minimum of 5 days a week (including weight training for 30 min., aerobics for 45 min), practice yoga and meditation for at least 30 min. every night, monitor my food intake and eat in a healthier manner (include more quality protein and fresh vegetables).2020: Keep up the routine!!! I will be 60 years old then, and who knows, people will think I still look youthful for all my years!!! Since I’ve kept up this schedule for the past 35 years, more or less, I don’t see why I couldn’t continue to do so. Jack LaLane was my idol growing up and look at him go . . .

  • Amy Auch

    Goals for 2010:-reach 15% bf and stay there-increase my lean body mass-continue to eat clean and work out 5-6 days per week-finish my 2nd round of P90X and attempt Insanity-look great in a bikini-be successful in my final year of veterinary schoolGoals for the next decade:-maintain 15% bf-increase my lean body mass-eat clean and work out 4-5 days per week for life-maintain results-graduate from veterinary school in 2011-land the perfect job in San Diego, CA-complete a surgical or internal medicine residency-travel to Australia-get married-skydive-learn to play the guitarThanks Tom V. for all that you do, you are truly an inspiration!

  • Tammy Atkinson

    Your book Burn the Fat Feed the muscle was one of the best books I haveever read. I couldn’t believe the amount of information in it or theincredibly valuable information. I would absolutely love to have anautographed copy of your new book.

  • Rachael Fitzwater

    2010 Goals:Get to my dream weight; in order to do that, lose about 20-25 poundsBe happy and healthyBe able to wear anything in my closetGet pregnant at the end of 2010 with my first childWear a bikini comfortably during the summerMaintain my food journalDrink at least 12 cups of water a dayBecome an inspiration to others2020 goals:Maintain my happy weightBe a fit motherPossibly be a personal trainer or some other fitness involvement that can help othersThe sky is the limit! I want to be the best that I can be in every way possible. I’m tried of living of mediocre life and want to dream BIG!!!!Rachael

  • mike

    2010 to continue at age 57 to maintain my bodyfat below 14% and move it to under 10% and insure my muscle mass increases at the same time. To play competitive tennis 2-3 times a week.to get my total cholesterol under 130 with my resting heart rate under 60.To maintain all of the above goals for the entire decade

  • Des

    Goals for 2010Become harder on the outside and softer on the inside.Train hard and push myself a little more everytime.Eat clean. Eat more protein and greens.Listen more and judge less.Give my son a sibling.10 year goal:Continue being the best mother and wife I can possibly be by always loving myself so I have endless amounts of love to give.Still look like im in my early thirties by maintaining and building muscle and eating right.Staying healthy as my best chance not to develop the deadly disease (breast cancer) that claimed the life of my mother.

  • Stacey Collins

    2010 Goals of Stacey Collins:- Complete rehab of ankle, broken 3 years ago in 3 places- Lose 50 lbs of fat via daily exercise and proper nutrition- Resolve to get things done, not just be busy- Reorganize my business- Learn a new language (Spanish)- Take at least two vacations2020 Goals:- Get to ideal weight of 210 and maintain- Complete a triathalon- Start a non-profit focused on education- Start a new business- Complete a terminal degree (PhD/DBA/JD)- Growth in my faith

  • Rebecca A

    One year goals:– Lose the last 9 pounds by April for my annual check-up– Get from 32% body fat to 20%– Accept my body shape– Make my body shape the firmest it can be (I want to see what my thighs can really look like!)– Be consistent in deliberate daily excercise– Finish setting up my translation business– Bring my daughter into the business– Be more serving towards othersTen year goals:– Maintain my weight within three pounds, consistently– Keep clean eating and exercise my lifestlye– Teach others the principles about clean eating. exercise and healthy weight loss– Invest in my grandchildren who will surely be born in the next several years– Practice an attitude of thankfulness– Cultivate and maximize the gifts God has given me– To feel good and keep going, staying ahead of aches and pains as I live out my 50sThanks, Tom Venuto, for laying the truth out there and providing such great information and tools to meet the health and weight goals. I echo all the others who say you are an inspiration.

  • Liz

    I have to preface my ongoing goals with where I have come from: Two years ago I weighed nearly 250 pounds–and I am only 5 feet tall! Since then I have lost 50 pounds, and ended a marriage that was killing me. Oh, and I am 55 years old.For 2010 my first goal, so far is to lose 40 pounds by June, but more importantly, to gain muscle, regain balance, and keep my bones strong. I hired a trainer in November, and so far have lost another 3.78% body fat and at the same time, gained 3.7% lean body mass!! I was ecstatic! Slowly, surely, with hard work and positive thinking, I will exceed the 40 pound weight loss by the end of the year!!For the next decade, I will be entering another phase of my life: Retirement. I work in the medical field, and I see entropy at work in the deteriorating health of so many people my age. My goal is to be in the best health of my entire life! Weight training is keeping my bones strong (on testing, my hip bones are 3 standard deviations above someone for my age group). Cardio exercise is keeping my heart strong and my blood pressure normal. My improved diet is keeping my blood sugar at normal levels. I am going to retire a vital, healthy and active woman in the next decade. Maybe even climb a glacier in Alaska!! Who knows… maybe I’ll even find a boyfriend 🙂

  • Cindy M.

    2010: get down to 20% bodyfat, I lost 5% bodyfat in 2009 (started at 30%) and I know I can lose another 5% in 2010.Decade: Get married, buy a house, get promoted to a senior level position at work. Stay fit and healthy throughout the decade and beyond. I’m turning 40 this year and I’ll be 50 in 2020.

  • Adam V.

    Next 3 months Goals.1. Continue to make training and healthy eating a daily routine, and then a lifestyle.2. lose 15lbs of fat by march 1st3. Gain 10lbs lean mas by april 1st4. Maintain goals 1 & 2.2010 goals.1. Achieve complete fitness, Diet(as in healthy eating not “crash” lol), Strength training, Cardio training, and Flexability training.2. Get out of the house and do more activities, anything and everything.3. become more calm and centered, out going and happy.4. QUIT SMOKING!!!!!!5. Achieve 4% body fat by june 1st.6. gain 20lbs lean mass by june 1st.10 year goals.1. Maintain and add to all the above.2. Have my own business in which I am passionate about.3. Constantly update my goals as I reach previous ones, so I never “stagnate”Just want to say thanks Tom, been following you for years but only now have I finally purchased your e-book haha. I must say though, you are a true inspiration to us all! Thank you.Adam.

  • Tracy Noll

    I have been searching for years for “the right thing”. I have tried so many different things and find the info. I have gotten from you so far very useful. It just makes sense. I would love to win a copy of your book to keep devouring your information!

  • Aimee Collins

    Goals for 2010:- Switch from drinking soda to water- Exercise daily, focusing on losing weight and gaining muscle- Start planning my businessGoals for the decade:- Be at my ideal weight- Participate in a run/marathon every year- Be actively working in my own business- Travel internationally- Take grandparents to Alaska- Become spiritually healthy

  • Ashley M.

    One year Goals:1. Lose at least 35 pounds.2. Build more muscle3. Eat healthier and sensibly4. Save 400$ for my fourth year of university5. Reach an intermediate level in Hoop Dancing.6. Procrastinate less7. Fit into my little black dressTen year Goals:1. Reach and maintain a healthy weight and BMI2. Graduate from university with a BFA in Theatre Arts3. Get a masters degree in a stagecraft related area4. Move to London, England and get an apartment at the top of a building!5. Land a job or two on West End6. See, or be a part of another touring of CATS!7. Write my own play

  • 2010 GoalsIncrease exercise levels back to 2009 levels.Never forget shredding 17% body fat in 2009.Be a bodybuilding triathlete.Build a home workout gym based on free weights and simple machines.Integrate my fit lifestyle into a fit family lifestyle.Perform well in the BP MS150 charity cycling ride, despite no road bike.Achieve well below 10% fat one time, like 4%, just to know, for fun.Increase lean mass 4%.Improve postural balance for spinal health through core training and constant core squeeze.Make 2020 Goals.Create a will.Pay off second Mortgage.Give God the glory.Increase my work performance.2020 GoalsMaintain 10% +/- 2 forever.Increase lean mass 3% a year.Become totally debt free.Begin sending my children to college.Inspire and encourage others year over year by example and in kindness and grace.Hope I still have 20/10 vision!Be very thankful for all that has happened over the decade, good or bad, to God’s glory.

  • Nico Fourie

    3 Month Goals:- loose 5kg of body fat and gain more muscle- increase my finess to new levels- Finnish the Midmar mile swimming contest on 13February- continue swimming after the Midmar mile- Study toward my CISA certification on a daily basis- I will achieve all the above.Goals for the next decade:- Work towards all my ISACA certifications- I will make my book idea a reality and get it published.- Continue my fat loss journey.- When I’ve reached my goal weight I will continue to plan and set goals that drive me forward.- teach my children all the lessons that I have learned and motivate them towards a possitive path.Thank you Tom I started with your BFFM solution last year January and since then I have lot more than 20kg of body fat. It is hard work and I have had my difficulties. But the tools you provided made me get back on track every time.Yours sincerelyNico Fourie

  • Noelle Easterday

    2010 Goals:1. stop binging completely2. lose a jean size3. find a fitness partner and setup regular exercise dates4. climb Mt. Kinabalu without embarrassing myself in front of my tour group5. enter graduate school2010-2019 Goals:1. Work in a job that allows me to travel the world.2. No more beer gut. ever. again.3. Michelle Obama arms. :)4. Classmates don’t recognize me at our reunion.5. Feel better in my 30s than I did in my 20s.6. Run a marathon.7. Be a positive, contributing member of society.8. Be the best friend I can be.9. Learn a foreign language fluently.10. Inspire my friends and family to be healthy.

  • Sandra Shokoples

    Be Happy, share laughter, celebrate the successes of myself and everyone around me2010 goal: lose 10% of body weight by Easter, lose another 5% by summer.Goal for age 60 (2018): run a half marathon, do a triathlonGoal for age 70: run a half marathon, do a triathlon

  • Chikako Siebers

    My 2010 goals:I have achieved the best shape of my life and said good-bye to dieting once and for all.I have reduced body fat from 27% to 21%.I am maintaining the current healthy diet with no processed carbs.My 10-year goals:I am successfully running a new business related to nutrition, weight loss and exercise.I look and feel at least 10 years younger.

  • Kylie Pethybridge

    2010 Goals:- My 36th year is the fittest of my life (birthday is on Monday – the book would make a great present!)- My mother feels like she can achieve a healthy lifestyle because she finally “gets it”, and she has avoided having bariatric surgery. (actually, motivation for entering the comp is to get the book for her)- I feel comfortable and can fully immerse myself on a trip to India’s Punjab province at the end of the year for my friend’s wedding because I have saved the money; I use my 45-minute commute to work every day to learn the language; and took time to research the customs and traditionsThe next 10 years:- My mother is alive, and we enjoy active outings with her- My 46th year the fittest of my life, and I have been improving since 36- I have children, and am raising them on home-farmed produce

  • Dwight Matthys

    2010 goals:- Happiness & luck.- Loose 33,2kg.- Drop body fat below 30%.- Build up condition so I can run & bike again.- Go swimming every week with my daughter.- Restart weight training with my friend in home gym.- Propose my girlfriend to mary.- Construct my week menu’s complete with nutrional breakdown + shoppinglists.- Buy bio-food through local group of buyers straight from the farmers.- Finish the garden.- Have myself an eco vegetable & spice garden.- Run my first competition (5km).- Ride part of the “Tours de Flandres”.- Ride the 110km of the “Brussels Gordel”.- Get an active life for my kids, my girlfriend & myself.- Record the second CD with my band.- Go on a tour with my band.10 year goals:- Happiness & luck.- Have my own compan(y)(ies).- Have 10% bodyfat and the weight that corresponds with this.- Speak Swedish fluently.- Have a vacation house in Sweden near a lake.- Ride “Brussels Gordel”, “Bruges Gordel”, “Meetjeslandse Gordel”, “Tours de Flandres”, “Paris-Roubaix” every year (for amateurs).- Conquered water fear and do tri-atlons.- Have a 1st dan in karate.- Practice Muay-Thai.- Renovated my house to a passive house.- Keep performing my cooking through natural foods.

  • Karen

    My goals for the next ten years are:To achieve a fit and healthy weight range with reduced body fat.To improve my fitnessI am on the fast track to the big 50 and I would like to hit this with bells on and feeling the best I can possibly be.Within this decade I would like to achieve a more mind, body, spirit place where things are a bit more balanced.RegardsKaren

  • Bojan

    Reach single digit% BF in the next two months, keep it for the whole year. Windsurf at least 40 days per year, start house building in this year. Ten year goal: live the life …

  • 2010 Goals for Stephanie BradleyRead 52 Books in Health and Fitness (3 down 49 to go)Write 52 Blogs to share the wisdomMake 52 Tweaks for health and longevityMake 52 Visits to special people for happinessBecome a Role Model in Fitness, Health and Nutrition by 1 Oct 201010 Year Goal:To make an impact on the Health and Wellness of New Zealand Society

  • kathy haywood-rand

    2010 goalsI will be at 18 % body fat by the end of the yearhaving already qualified as a personal trainer, i will be running 2 successful studio classes per week and will have a handful of satisfied personal training clients to add to my very happy sports massage clients.I will have advanced my horse in dressage from medium to advanced medium level, meaning that we will have mastered single flying changes.10 year goalsto take at least one week each year totally away on holidayi will have the confidence and ability to run a 10k race with easei will be working 3 full days a week as a personal trainer/massagei will have have retired my elderly horse(happily grazing in field) and have bought a dressage specific horse and be working at prix st george, aiming to get to grande prix before his retirement.i will be contented, healthy and happyi will have retained and supported all my friends through good times and bad.my marriage will remain strong.

  • Philip Dodds

    My goals are:-This year,- To qualify as a personal trainer.- To qualify as a Nutrtional Advisor.- To continually push myself to the highest strength and LBM levels i have ever had in my life.- To beat and control my depression through exercise, correct nutrition, positive thinking, affirmations and goals.- To push the limits of my goals whenever i achieve one.- To become a positive role model for my children.- To take a sucess from every day.- To work in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer.- To help as many people as i can improve their life through fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.- To never have a “what if” again.- To never doubt myself.- To never let anyone drag me down to their level but do all i can to drag them up to mine.- To constantly strive to be better, physically and mentally, through training, study and experience10 Years- To own and run my own gym as a successful Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, stress management consultant and businessman.- To use that position to promote exercise, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to all age groups, young and old and to support my community in any way possible to achieve that.- To wake up on the day of the 10 year aniversary of setting these goals and know in my heart i have done everything physically possible to achieve it.- To have enjoyed every second of achieving these goals, no matter how hard they are.Kind Regards and much success to all the other goal setters here, imagine how different the world will be when we achieve it.

  • gabd

    2010 Goals:Shed the fat, build the muscle and get back to competition form;Be mindful of my work/life balance, and be disciplined about it;Sleep, train, work and rest in the right balance to get what I need from each;Learn to enjoy food and eat it consciously;Be grateful for the good things, every day.2010 -2019Develop and implement new life plan, set up for alternative lifestyle;Pursue the two goals I am passionate about and keep my courage and focus intact to drive me on, no matter what, remembering it IS possible if you work at it.Get some grandchildren (I hope 🙂

  • Jazz

    2010 Goals1. I have recovered from the spinal fusion surgery procedure done December 2009 and I am pain free and have excellent posture.2. I embrace the non-running activities I am able to do for cardiovascular work and have gained a new appreciation for HITT.3. By June, I am less than 20% body fat and I am able to begin an intense doctor-supervised rehab program. Before the rehab program, I focused on those areas that were within my control — tracking my micronutrients, eating clean meals 5-6 times a day, and doing a strength and mobility program 6 times per week. By December, I am less than 15 % body fat and I have sculpted abs, arms, butt, back, and legs that make me look like a figure competitor.4. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and I have a body that turns heads in the gym which helps attract new clients because they see that I am “Faithful 2 Fitness” – the name of my new business.5. I moved back to the U.S. this year after living in Russia for 3 years. I spent three rewarding months traveling the U.S. and visiting National Parks and other off-the-beaten-path places as a tourist in my own country after having traveled throughout the world.6. After my hiatus, I found a way to make a living that I enjoy that helps improve the quality of life for my fellow man that involves writing and advocacy.7. My mind is focused on doing things because they contribute toward optimum health, rather than for vanity’s sake (i.e. flossing daily, eating wholesome foods, getting 8 hours of sleep per night).8. I have found a church home that has provided me a new network of friends that are positive people who are also followers of Jesus Christ.9. I have adjusted to life without a housekeeper and dog walker and manage to keep my home peaceful and clean without the expense of hiring outside help.10. I keep in touch with my mother and siblings by telephone at least weekly and have visited each of them during my tour of the U.S. I sent presents to all family members for their birthdays and cards for their wedding anniversaries.11. I keep in contact with my cousins and aunts by visiting them during my U.S. tour and sending notes for birthdays/anniversaries.12. I traveled to at least two new countries this year.13. The doctor has given me permission to return to downhill pursuits (skiing and snowboarding) as well as my favorite uphill pursuits (rock climbing and running) in 2011!14. I study the bible daily and am consciously aware of God’s work in my life.15. I won a workers compensation claim and grievance against my employer for negligence that led to the back problems I have suffered since 2007.2020 Goals1. I am a 50-year old that looks better than most 30 year olds.2. I have completed at least one Ironman triathlon and Boston Marathon.3. I have become fluent in Spanish, French, and German and I maintain my Russian language skills.4. I am married to a man whom I respect and he is also a follower of Jesus Christ.5. My Labrador has a full grey beard but she is still healthy and happy.6. I spend time with my Godkids as much as possible and enjoy vacations with them at my timeshare in Beaver Creek. After all, I will be “shredding” (snowboarding) until the day I die!7. I have helped my family members break their food addictions and get into the best shape of their lives.8. I am independently wealthy because God has blessed me with the skills to develop business concepts and invest well.9. I have earned an advanced degree in either business, seminary, or law.

  • Adrienne Grechman

    1 year goal:1. Build and plant a veggie garden in our backyard.2. Honor my body by eating more real, whole foods3. Exercise a minimum of 5 days per week4. Lose 60 pounds by living an active, healthy lifestyle5. Continue to build my business and become a director6. Honor time: plan ahead so that I am no longer late!!7. Dump my sugar addiction8. Read the Bible every day9. Write my children’s book10 year goal:1. Be medication-free.2. Spend my 50th birthday in a castle in Italy3. Be the example of health for my kids4. Explore my desire for public speaking5. Love my husband even more than today6. Enjoy challenging my body, my brain, and my spirit to continually grow healthier, happier, and stronger!!!

  • Silviya T.

    First of all, let me say a few words about the Goal Setting For a Decade blog. I didn’t leave a comment but thought it was so important and inspiring that forwarded it to my loved ones believing that it would be my best wish for them for the new year.Secondly, thank you for this opportunity of going public with my goals, because, as we all know, accountability is important for achieving.By the end of 2010 I will have been proud of myself for:- exercising regularly ( no more excuses)- eating good macronutrient foods (90 % of the time)- not giving in to temptations (in the form of sweet treats)- working on my PhD dissertation (and on my first novel)By the end of 2020 I will have become:- the person I have always wanted to be- the person I know I can be- the best MEbecause I will have taken my most successful year of 2010 and multiplied it by 10!

  • Luke

    Wow!!! Never done this before – ever, but it was easy, enjoyable & motivating. Printed this and entered some milestones in my iCal calendar on my Mac… I already feel closer to achieving my goals!By the end of 2010 I will have:1) achieved a body weight of between 76-80kgs (currently 91kgs)2) a maximum bodyfat % of 15% (currently 29%)3) run a half-marathon4) found a job that allows better work/life balance so I can focus more on my family, friends & my healthBy the end of 2015 I will have:1) maintained my weight between 76-80kgs for 5 years2) had a bodyfat % no higher than 15% for 5 years3) run my 1st New York Marathon (I live in Sydney, Australia)4) turned 40 without a mid life crisis5) started my own businessBy 2020 I will have:1) maintained my weight between 76-80kgs for 10 years2) had a bodyfat % no higher than 15% for 10 years3) lived in New York4) learnt another language5) completed another degree (brains need exercise too!!!)

  • Aaron Kornegay

    2010 Goals:- Lose 50 pounds- Help my family lose weight and lead healthier lives- Be able to run 5 miles2010 – 2019- Maintain 8 percent bodyfat- Run in a 10 mile race- Be able to look myself in the mirror and not be disgusted- Get some energy and not feel tired all the time; be moreactive- Continue to help my family lose and keep the weight off- Reclaim my life

  • Brenda Smith

    I have lost over 27kg since March 09 and have 6 more to go to get to my desired weight.I am now starting to see lots of muscle and definition all over my body and just love it.I am a member of 2 gyms and do 2 spin ( RPM) and 4 weight sessions a week , my Gym instructor inspires me and motivates me to no end, and I’m sure I do to him also.He often compliments me and uses my weight loss as an example to inspire the rest of the class.I am undertaking cert 3 and 4 in fitness and hope to be able to inspire other people taking the same path I did.It is programs like yours and my gym instructors influence that has got me to where I am today, but it does not end when I get to my desired weight, there is so much more I want to know and learn and achieve.I spend a lot of my spare time reading and learning.I get to the gym early and pull out your programe to read while I am waiting for my classes to start.I started highlighting points of interest, but then found I was highlighting nearly everything, it is so good.I even managed to write down and laminate my life’s goals over the holidays.I am a 43 year old female and my job is a cleaner with a very heavy demanding workload, I also have a full house with 9 occupants ( lots of my own cleaning to do)and have my 2 granchildren living with us ( more energy to find) but I never miss my gym classes no matter how tired I am, I just reach in and find that extra reserve of energy.I love my life so much now and I am sure I am fitter and healthier than I was 10-15 years ago.Thank you for inspiring each and everyone of us that comes in contact with your BTFFTM program, keep up the good work !!!!!Brenda Smith’s LIFE LONG goalsTo read my goals everyday as often as possible.To shop healthy, try to buy more fresh and less processed, for the whole family.To prepare meals in advance, so we have wholesome, nutritious meals every day.Eat properly, 6 small healthy meals a day.I will only have the occasional treat, snack or cheat meal, not make it an everyday occurrence.Drink more water a day, especially when it is hot and sweaty.Do cert 3 and 4 in fitness and work at something everyday.Become a personal trainer and become an amazing instructor.Push myself more in weights and spin and try other classes.To add 1 or 2 extra classes a week.Learn more about my body, nutrition, fitness and supplements.I will go to bed earlier and get more sleep and rest.Get down to 60 to 65 kilos by end March 2010 my 1 year mark for weight loss.I will build up significant muscles and will look muscular.I will get into size 8 to 10 clothes.I will get fitter and have more stamina.I will take 1 week off every 3 months from the gym and I will relax and rest.I will be more out going in classes and try not to be shy.I will read more information on health and fitness.I want to turn heads when people see my new body.I will have clear visible abs.I will strive to improve my body and optimize my genetic potential.I’m grateful and proud of how good I look.I deserve to be healthy and super fit.I will help those around me by setting a good example.I am developing clean eating and consistent exercise habits that are so ingrained into my lifestyle that they stay with me for the rest of my life.I will look sexy in a bikini.I will include healthy activities on weekends and vacations.I am taking on being a body builder and learning about body building ( for tone and definition not bulk)Remember to drink a protein drink at night.I will loose all visible body fat, rolls and hangovers.I will have well toned, muscular legs, not bulky.I will enjoy life more and laugh often.I will make eating breakfast a habit.I will look after my skin better, especially my face, slow down aging.To eat the right amount of carbs, protein etc everyday.I will increase the weights I lift, especially the ones I have difficulty going heavier on.Don’t let life pass me by, get out there, laugh and enjoy …..

  • Hi There,Goals were something I didn’t have a lot of faith in until recently, but I’ve learnt that without them nothing will be achieved. It wasn’t until mid last year I set a goal to lose at least 70 kgs and put a plan in place to do it that I actually did something, in the last 6 months I’ve been chasing that goal and have lost 51 kgs. I am now weighing in at 125 kgs and want to continue the rest of my weight loss journey following your principles to get me back into shape.Goals I have for 2010 are simple but as follows:- Continue my weight loss to reach at least the 70 kg goal I set last year.- Use your principles to add lean muscle mass and gain definition to my body as I trim down.- Purchase my first investment property.- Be playing Tennis once a week.- Be riding my push bike at least 150 kms per week.- Enter my first Triathlon in this Summer.- Be able to run from my house to my in-laws house for family nights (15 km).Goals I have for 2010-2019 are a little more elaborate:- Own at least 10 investment properties by the end of 2019.- Have a family.- Write a book about my weight loss journey to inspire other everyday Joe’s to change their life like I have.- Help my wife lose the weight she wants and keep it off by being active together.- Find a career that offers a better work/life balance.- Start public speaking to try to motivate and inspire other.I have set these goals out irrespective of your offer, I just believe that you might be able to help me achieve some of my goals which in turn allows me to help others also, an opportunity for which I’d be very grateful, thank you.

  • Scott Turner

    Tom, thank you so much for all you have done to make staying fit, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle so easy to understand in a languauge we all speak!!! I’ve been in Law Enforcement for 17 years and my personal safety depends heavily on my physical fitness!!2010 Goals:Stop drinking so much Coca Cola and drink alot more waterI’m 210 lbs…so drop to 185 lbs and 13% body fatmaintain 185 and 13% body fatstart playing tennis with my wife, who already playsget my scuba diving licenseget back down to running 7 minute miles10 Year Goals:Maintain 185lbs and 13% Body FatEat healthier organic food and not so much junk foodBe the best role model I can be for my childrenHelp my wife achieve her goals

  • Denise Edwards

    I am a personal trainer and your book, BFFM, really helped me a lot with my own personal goals. Now I feel that your new book will help me help my clients. I tell them how to view food and make better decisions but, I don’t think they want to believe me. If I could show them in print, from an expert, what I have been telling them, maybe they could reach their fitness goals as well. So, my new year’s resolution is to give my clients even more information and more motivation to help them get into the best shape of their lives.Thanks for all your hard work and for doing the research for me!!Denise

  • Tony R

    2010 Goals- Smile more often- live- Spend time everyday, just being grateful for what I have- try to make my wife feel good about herself- practice qi gong more regularly- Make a special effort to burn away my fat and build some lean muscle- Find an investment strategy that is profitable2010 – 2019- All of the above- Help to heal others through my qi gong practice- continue to help others through donations and providing the needy with my time- maintain a good & healthy physiqe- be able to retire at the age of 37 with a constant income from by investments- Stay home, and create a beautful home for my wife who has a full time job- Move to the house of my dreams in France- live past the age of 110 years old

  • Martin C

    2010 goals:Achieve and maintain a lean

  • Meera

    My goals for 2010:To turn my last year’s work in losing more than 12 kilos into a permanent deal with my body and to sculpt the body I now have into a lean, mean fatburning machine.To help one of my closest friends, who I’ve just measured at a bodyfat percentage of 42.5%, lose that fat and turn her life around so she can get pregnant.To have the energy to kick my career as a singer into high gear – finally!To begin touring my show to AustralasiaTo get smarter at goal setting and develop consistent positivity.My goals for 2010-2019:To get and maintain a bodyfat percentage of under 20%To establish a career grooveTo push my voice along into learning moreTo extend my own knowledge so I can pass it on better to my studentsTo be partners in a music schoolTo be touring regularly and to sing in the US finally!My goals don’t have to be extravagant. I have lived a varied and interesting life already and I know this will continue. I want to be healthy enough to take full advantage of everything that will come my way and I want the grace to be able to inspire and encourage others to live their lives in health AND song/music.

  • Sheryl J.

    2010 Goals-lose 42 pounds to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my most leanest weight- make more time for longer workout each day- eat cleaner and find joy in it- be an inspiration to others by making all these healthy changes- find a way to make my job less stressful- find healthier way to relieve my stress- learn a new, active hobby- find a way to work out with my husband- go back to church!decade goals- be the most fit mom in my son’s class (he is an infant now)- be a good role model for him by showing him a healthy- break the pattern of unhealthy eating that has plagued my culture!- find pleasure in eating clean for good!- train others on health and fitness- vp in my fieldSheryl J.

  • Jenny Locke

    1 year GoalsAchieve body fat levels under 20%Maintain gym 3 days per week and either walk/dance 3 days per weekContinue to learn tai chi and practise it dailyResume daily meditationContinue eating a well balanced healthy dietContinue to focus on eliminating processed food and in particular sugar from my diet10 year GoalsTo be retired and continuing all of above for good health in mind and bodyTo give time to volunteer, either for environmental causes or mental health

  • Rick T

    Upon turning 55 and weighing 290 pounds, I decided it was time to do something about myself before or I would never see my three grandsons grow up. Although I worked out five days a week, doing both cardio and weight training, I still had a body fat percentage well over 25% and a 46 inch waistline. I simply used the fact that I worked out as an excuse to eat as much as I wanted anytime I wanted. As you can see, the results were not very favorable.With that being said, I decided to do something about it. So, over the past year, I reduced my consumption of food and was able to shed over 40 pounds. Then I hit a plateau and could not, for the life of me, get rid of those last several pounds. I then turned to the internet to do some research on breaking plateaus that I came across Tom’s website. After reading the introductory material, I bought and downloaded the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle program. I have read it, along with the material on goal setting, success semantics and visualization techniques form cover to cover. With the knowledge gained, along with joining an old fashion strong man gym (where we use kettle bells, rocks, logs, sand bags, ropes, body weight, etc.) I have been able to shed another ten pounds, have reduced my body fat below 20% and my waistline is now 38 inches. I also, found the confidence to take up hiking where I was able to climb five mountains in four days in including Mt. Washington. It was grueling, but I did it! I also, had the confidence to ask for a received a big promotion at work, all due to goal setting.At age 56, I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life. However, I want more improvement. With that being said, my goals are follows:By April 30, 2010, I am 225 pounds with 15% body fat and with a 36 inch waist. I am bigger, faster, stronger, leaner and healthier than ever before. I am willing to step outside my comfort zone and endure the temporary discomfort during my workouts to improve to increase my muscle mass and reduce my body fat.By December 31, 2010, I am 220 pounds with 12% body fat and with a 34 inch waist. I continue to gain more and more muscle mass. People comment all the time I how great I look. However, I still want more improvement and will continue to work hard.It is now ten years later and I have retired and opened my own gym where I help others, especially those in my own age group achieve their own goals. I have watched my three grandsons grow up and they are lean and mean. My oldest is heading off to college while the other two continue through high school. I have taught them well.

  • Diane Thiele

    My goal for 2010: to stop maintaining and FINALLY do what I have to do to get the body I want.My 10 year goal – to stay in excellent condition, to improve my health, and to be the best looking over 50 woman everyone I know knows !!!

  • errol siboo

    Its very hard to stay on track, i mean its so easy to fall back so easy. This year i would hold myself accountable for my actions,strive to rid my body of 40lb excess weight 12% body fat, achieve this as soon as possible so as to encourage my wife in this lifestyle change for the better, pass the search & rescue physical, build a house for my family and i. For the future continue to live, eat healthy stay healthy be healthy so as to set an example for my family to follow an provide for my kids…

  • Magnus

    In 2010 I will: -deadlift 200ksquat 200k in squat machinebenchpress 120kdo two overhand pullups with 30kachieve

  • Jennifer Vondracek

    My goal for 2010 is simple:-Lose at least 39 pounds, so that it is easier to play sports with my kids-Play sports with my kids during the summer (baseball, basketball, swimming, tennis)-Get my cholesterol under control through diet and exercise so that I can be taken off of my medication.2010-2019Maintain healthy choices, but more importantly…teach them to my children.I want to be here not only in 2019, but 2029, 2039, and 2049. In order to acheive that goal I need to take care of myself today and retrain my brain and body to encourage good habits. In turn not only will I be around in 2049, but I will be enjoying my retirement with travel and grandkids and movement.

  • Shawn Buffington

    Goals for 2010:-In the summer of 2009 I lost a lot of weight for the first time in my life. Over the last number of months my goal has been putting on some muscle. Unfortunately fat has come with the muscle.So my goal for 2010 is to shed the fat, preserve the muscle and be in the best shape of my life.Goals for 2019:-I have proven to myself I can burn fat and I’ve proven I can gain weight, over the next decade my goal is to gain as much muscle as I can while staying lean.

  • angee broomfield

    My goal for 2010 is to give myself a big kick up the backside and finally master a healthy eating pattern, to whelp me achive my goal weight loss of 42pounds.My 10year plan is to go back into the fitness industry, which i gave up when I had my 2 kids, to keep educating myself in fitness to be able to pass this on to others to help them. To stay calm when the going gets tough, to look back in 10years and be happy with what I have achieved.

  • Misty Ryan

    2010 Goals:*Begin to love myself*Work on stopping emotional eating*Get myself and my family invovled in the community*Start living a healthier lifestyle, including my family*Lose a healthy amount of weight by the end of December*Start taking time for me and working out on a regular schedule2020 Goals:*Be the healthiest I can be*Model a healthy lifestyle for all family members*I will love myself and the body I have*I will work in the community with the elderly to ensure their nutrition needs are met and forms of exercise is available

  • Andria

    Short termLose 60lbs by DecemberCommit to reading my bible dailyStarting the project management programComplete a 10k in DecemberComplete 7k in MayCommit to the training required to accomplish the above.Commit to studying spanish at least twice weekly10 year goals:To be established in my consultantcy practiceTo fulfill my dream of starting a charity for families and it be fully functionalTo be fluent in Spanish and French

  • April B

    My goals for 2010 are to make a renewed committment EACH DAY to eating clean to get lean. Also to continue lifting weights 3-4 days a week and cardio 3-5 days in order to reach and maintain my goal of 13% body fat! Burn fat BUILD MUSCLE!My goals for the next 10 years include lifting weights and cardio as well as CLEAN EATING PLUS adjusting my level of lifting in order to get even leaner. I will be a positive role model for my husband and two sons to live a healthy and active lifestyle for LIFE!

  • Bridget Hannifin

    Goals for 2010- Get off the diet sodas and voila! I’ve already achieved this goal after a lifetime of drinking diet cokes.- Ensure that my family eats better by preparing healthy meals at home more consistently. Currently reading a book on “Nutrition for Dummies.” Am getting up a little earlier to prepare a healthy breakfast most mornings.- Complete final toe joint surgery and recover completely so that I may begin running again. Within the year, reach baby-steps goal of running two miles day.- Lose 20 pounds of fat this year.- Lose 10% of actual body fat.- Continue growing in Christ.Goals for the Decade- Continue with running until I am back at the level I was before the toe joint issues surfaced. Once there, continue to graph my times so that I can improve.- Lose 40 more pounds. Get body fat percentage to a more than acceptable level. Decrease inches all around.- Get incredible arms through strength training.- Continue to grow in Christ.

  • Jenny Van Oort

    Short term – I’ve had two babies in two years with my youngest being just 10 months. I have 10 pounds to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight and for me, I need to do that first. I’d like to find a new balance of home, family, work, and self. Whether it’s time to work out, do laundry or snuggle with my kids, I’m always feeling rushed.Long term – I also would like to quit smoking so I can be a better role model for my kids. I am embarking on the counch to 5K challenge and hope to call myself a runner someday soon.

  • Steve

    My wife and I both set out to get fit 3 years ago. About the same time I joined the inner circle. Since that time, with your ongoing guidance and “at your fingertips” information I have gone from 26% bodyfat to 7%. My wife, who is a completely different build than I; has not made the same progress. She is also battling the effects of having 4 kids and being in her late 30’s. She has worked hard on and off and has had short spurts of progress but not what she wants. She has been a super Mom and always put their needs above hers – but I know she desperately wants to look in the mirrror and feel fit again. I want your book for my wonderful wife to use to make long term change – what she most desperately wants – something that she can apply and live by to reach her goals.

  • Ricardo

    Hi Tom, I was away form my computer when the last giveaway was up and mised it. I would like to read your new book ! i lost 65 pounds (in about 7 months last year) and i only aplied 2/3 of your advice and havent gain the weight back XDim restarting the program to finish losing the excces fat I have and would love to read more of your great advice.Sincerily,Ricardo

  • Joana P

    My goals for 2010 – Joana PWorkout and eat clean all year round, including fall and winter when it gets really difficult to me due to SADHave 14% to 13% body fat. I’m 22% right now.Tight butt, defined legs and arms, six pack.Be stronger, have more lean mass, be leaner, ripped and healthier.Wear any clothes I want any time of the year.Read The body fat solution by Tom Venuto, :)Be debt free by 2011Goals for the decadeBy the time I reach 40 still look like a fit 30.Finish UniversityBuy a carBuy a houseSave moneyHelp my family financialy and give them an example of living healthy.Thank you!

  • Jessica

    I would love a copy of your book. My whole family has fought with a being over weight. My mom said that we just have the fat jean, well I am trying to get rid of that fat jean. Your program has been a big help and I would love to keep going.Thanks

  • Bryan Oswalt

    Goals for 2010:* Develop a consistent, daily walk with God* Achieve a low enough body fat percentage to see my abs for the first time ever* Get stronger in all of my lifts* Increase my flexibility* Start a software company* Start learning to play guitar* Start a daily journal for my family* Pay off all of my credit cardsGoals for the decade:* Be the healthiest guy in my neighborhood* Pay my house off* Become fluent in Spanish* Become a certified personal trainer* Put away more money for retirement* Write my first novel* Become a better web developer* Invest in a vacation home

  • Valerie Seatter

    At 53 years old, my goals for 2010 are to continue eating and living a lifestyle that brings health and strength to my body, as well as being an inspiration to those around me. Having a healthy body and lifestyle is also a real healing for the mind and spirit. My physical goal is to be at 15 % body fat and to be strong.My 10 year goals are to continue to be. faithful in my goals,. an inspiration to those around me,. feel healthy and strong so I can give more of myself to others. be an example of health to my family and grandkids so they can see that you can have good health and strength even as you get older..also to be able to physically play with my grandchildren for many years to come.to continue to feel young not only in my head, but also in my body..to continue to read and be informed of new things that are being discoveredThankyou for your inspiration as I was already working hard for quite some time on my health and strength, but was working too hard on my strength building and having trouble losing the last 10 pounds. I am doing more cardio and some weights now and then when I get to my goal will start building on the weights. I just needed to change things up a bit and start eating more often.Thankyou

  • Quentin

    Short Term Goal: Enter a Triathlon.I am going to compete in the Interlochen (Michigan) Triathlon on July 11, 2010.To do this I have devised – and am implementing – a steadily increasing exercise plan. Right now, I am doing resistance training and cardio on a stationary bike three times a week. Next week, I begin getting on the bike five times a week. When the weather warms up I will begin running three times a week. And after a couple weeks of that, I will add swimming.I know this will help me with my larger goal of slimming down and strengthening up. Having a competition to get ready for, a reason to work out, will keep me focused.Long Term Goal: Have a World-Class Body Building PhysiqueThe Triathlon is just the beginning of my fitness goals. I want to build and shape my physique into a Body Building body. To accomplish this, I am going to use the next two years building up strength and flexibility while getting rid of all my excess weight. I will concentrate on developing my core, since it is where the body holds itself together.After those two years of strength gain, I plan on focusing on building my muscle size and shape. This is not a short-term plan, but, according to the research I’ve done and the plan I’ve put together, should take a minimum of five years. This is not as fast as society says I should have what I want, but it is the correct way to do things for lasting health.So, that’s seven of ten years. The other three years, actually the rest of my life, I plan on keeping myself fit and healthy. It took my whole life for me to get to the point where I need a change; I can spend the rest of my life keeping myself changed.



  • Linda

    My goal is to lose body fat and get in better shape by doing the following:1. Eat clean, paying attention to WHAT i eat2. Workout on a consistent basis, even if don’t want to.3. Inspire others by living clean and healthy. Muhammad Ali has always been my personal hero!4. Read and reread both of Tom’s books to absorb as much info as i can.

  • CM

    My 2010 Goal:Become a “normal” functioning human being again. It’s been a rough 10 years. I’ve gained ~100 lbs and have pretty much stopped living. My entire existence has been going to work and returning back home. No social life, no friends, nothing. I’ve pushed life away and would like to re-engage. Losing the 100#’s is my new goal for 2010 to begin living again.Thanks for all the work you do!

  • Bruce Nelson

    2010 Goal(s):- I will regain a healthy eating routine that I can share with my family.- I will commit to a quit smoking program finally, since I now realize I cannot do this on my own. (only took 10 years, duh!)- I will do something active with my daughter every day, even if it’s as simple as playing with her indoors.- I will lose the 40 lbs. that I regained over the last 2 1/2 years since my wife and I had our children.10 Year Goals- My family will be living a healthy lifestyle that is manageable for everyone.- I will be actively participating in my daughters extracurriculary activities.- My wife and I will have strengthened our bond even more.- I will celbrate my 9 year anniversary of quiting smoking.- I will become prepared for the following 10 years and set more goals :)thanks for everything

  • Joe

    My 2010 goals are:1. To return to a bodybuilding program full-force2. Change eating habits to a clean-eating lifestyle3. Witness the birth of my 2nd child (YES!!!)My decade goals are:1. Maintain a low body fat percentage (10-12% max)2. Decrease time to run a mile to under 7 minutes3. Get my finances and my life in order (FINALLY!)Here’s looking to 2010…and the next ten years! Heck! …here’s looking at all of the years before they put me in the box!!Joe

  • Simon

    My goal this year is go from 238lbs to 200lbs by the end of the year. i just had a son and i want to be healthy and active so i can be there for him. My wife is younger than me and i want to be able to live long and enjoy my time with my family. I have already lost 7 lbs and i am on my way. I bought your online book and it has amazing information on it. I would like a copy of the book to help me reach my goals. Thanks for all you do, God bless you!

  • Penny Mooney

    My goals for this year are to get back into ultra running – I was badly hurt about a year an a half ago and I have lost the endurance and have gained the weight to prove it. There is a 100 mile race in February of 2011 that I want to break the 24 hour cut off. There is also a race in September that I would like to win but I’m getting married that month so that’s probably going to be a next year thing. My goals for the decade include getting back into top notch shape – running a few obscure marathons and breaking the 4 hour time limit that eludes me. I have about 50 pounds to lose and I’m using the Burn the Fat method and so far so good – just getting my meals down to calorie range has been awesome. I also want to start my own business so that I can train and be home more often. I want to be a better example of fitness and health to my family.

  • Amanda Landrum

    2010 Goals2 half marathons and improve my 2009 time by 5 mins in first race and another 5mins in second race.Complete 3 sprint tris and improve cycle time from 2009Decade goalsComplete a marathon localComplete a destination marathonComplete a Olympic tri

  • Carolyn Kay

    My Goals for 2010 and Beyond!!My goals are not just for myself but for the people I know and will meet in the future. I am now 40 years old and have been eating clean since 2000. I have competed in Figure over the past six years and have learned a ton about health and fitness. It’s because of this that I inspire so many men and women to be the best they can be in health and life. I have helped and continue to help many people with cleaning up their diets and starting to excercise and it’s because of helping others that makes me want to be a good role model for them. This means setting short term goals such as dropping bodyfat for a vacation and maintaining that lower bodyfat to show them it can me done while still enjoying life!My long term goal in the next 10 years is to retire from my J.O.B and become a life coach to others, perhaps become a Personal Trainer. Currently the people I help I do it for free. I believe God gave me this passion for health, fitness, and life and He wants me to share it with others.I will reach as many people as I can, transforming bodies, minds, and souls!”Those who are humble and ambitious are destined to succeed.”~Carolyn Kay

  • Licia

    Weight Loss goals:-Lose 15-20lbs (that last stubborn fat, already lost 50lbs)Achieve this by:-eating clean healthy whole foods-continue my 3x/week ST workouts-increase cardio to 5-6x/week-If knee stays in good shape, run Helvetia Half Marathon in June-Continue to help others reach their weight loss & fitness goals as a PT nutrition consultantIf these goals are achieved I’m going to Europe this fall!!

  • Jeramie D

    Goals for 2010.Continue the progress from 2009. I lost 40 lbs in the last half of 2009 by eating cleaner and working out. I would like to apply more of the BFFM system this year to lose at least another 35 or 40 lbs. Above that I would like to get my body fat % down below 20%. I am currently around 29%. I would like to have more fun this year, I would like to have my first child this year. I am also working on my finances this year and would like to be completely debt free besides my house.Decade goals.I would like to maintain my clean eating and lifestyle while reducing my body fat % even more. I would like to be down to 15% by 2011 and then close to single digits by 2012. I would also like to continue to get stronger while maintaining my weight around 195 lbs. by the end of the decade I would like to also have no debt at all including my house. and have 2-3 children.

  • Rich Myers

    My goal for 2010 is to lose 20 lbs. in a structed way as to keep it off for the entire decade!

  • Mary L.

    Had a stressful tough year in 2009 and now ready for the new me.To lose 80-100 lbs and go from 35% or so body fat to 15%, get on a consistent program of working out and eating healthy. Be a role model for other women my age (40-50) who have the age, menopause, stress, family situations to deal with and who may – like me – have got a bad OA knee and losing the wt will only help this knee and save the other one!To do all this smartly and not follow the popular trends and misinformation.

  • James

    Eat better and get back into a proper training regimenGet back to playing rugby againComplete at least 2 marathons this yearTravel to Japan this year1o year goalsto be happyto be healthyto be successful in my relationships and my career

  • Elizabeth M. Caldwell

    My 1 year goal:After starting the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program in Aug. of 2009, my 1 year goal is to continue, stick with it and progress. My results have helped my 14 year old son, start a new lifestyle with eating and exercising. My 4 year old daughter tells me every time I do a push-up that she is proud of me, and follows along with her own style of push-ups, quite cute.My 10 year goal:To have my 2 children and I, be 10 years older, and still in great health, to continue our exercise program. To recruit more family members into reading “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”. If every year I recruit one, that will be 11 more fit people total, including me.Best regards,E.

  • Karen D

    Having lost four dear people in my life in 2009, my goal for the rest of my life: Work with pride, smile every day, laugh every day, find something kind to say to everyone I speak to, exercise with gusto, eat real food slowly and enjoy every bite.

  • Brenda Tarbox

    My One-Year Goals:1. Including my husband, lose over 100 lbs together2. Decrease my body fat from 36% to around 25%3. To be active every single day in some way4. Balancing my blood sugar levels throughout each day5. Find activities that are enjoyable for my husband and I to do together6. Accept the body that I have while working on getting stronger and healthierMy 10-Year Goals:1. Continue doing something active every day with my husband2. Live a longer life then my mother and uncle did by dying young from type 2 diabetes3. Continue to balance my blood sugars throughout each day4. Be an inspiration to others on healthy-happy living5. Continue to have family and friends that are supportive in my

  • N. Pardo

    Your goals MUST include health, body fat/weight and fitness goals, but while you’re at it, this is a great time to write down and share some other life goals as well, if you choose.Goals for 2010205 by December, 2010 before I turn 40. As of now 244 at 39.Workout 6 x week (3 lifting sessions and 3 cardio)Body fat 10%Compete in several road races and sprint triathalonsDecade 2010-2019Maintain weight at 205 for one more yearGo for 200 at 7% bodyfat the next year.Aim to complete at least 3 half ironman triathalonsGo for 1 ironman triathalonTry one new activity/sport each year

  • Chase

    1 Year Goal: 8% body fat6 month goal: 10% body fat3 month goal: 12% body fatWeekly goal: Lose .5%body fat a week, don’t worry about the actual scale weightMy 10 year goal is a bit different. I am currently 21, so in 10 years at 31 my goal is to feel in better shape than I currently am. I want to maintain my work ethic I have started, and still be at that 8% body fat. I also want to have bought a house and started a family by that time, and I want to be in a secure job working for the government in Information Security.

  • Vicky Sailer

    My goals for 2010 are:To relocate from the east coast to the west coast. The details are stupendous, especially when my husband will be leaving first, and there are two properties to sell before September.To rediscover the motivation necessary to get “back on track” regarding healthy choices and time to exercise.To find a way to say goodbye to my old life and hello to a new one.To continue to motivate my family to achieve their dreams, and to work hard in order to deserve them.To do all this without hurting myself. :)Goals for 10 years:Get fit again, and stay that way.To always be ready for change by staying resilient.Help finance my daughter’s car, college, wedding, and whatever else can be managed reasonably.Advise my daughter some more, since in 5 years she’ll need to know different things than now.Become a better, safer motorcycle rider.Take classes on how to make stained glass.Travel.Make new friends.There are so many more goals to be met, many of which I haven’t even thought of. 🙂

  • Brett L

    My goal is to continue my journey of getting back in shape, lose approx 20 pounds and continue eating lean. Keeping in mind a focused body equals a focus mind. Setting and keeping goals and supporting my family by leading by example of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Ricardo

    Hi Tom,I lost 65 pounds last year in abt 7 months and havent gaind the weihgt back now im restarting the program since i need to lose at least 10% more body fat and i would love to have your new book to help me out.thanks,Ricardo

  • Margaret Hasskamp

    2010 Goals

    • lose 50 pounds of fat and get fit
    • make my 50th SCUBA dive
    • go skydiving for my 50th birthday (weight loss required)

    Decade Goals

    • avoid regaining the fat and maintain my fitness
    • become a PADI Divemaster and then Instructor
    • retire from my day job to work for an island dive operation
    • make a difference in the lives that intersect with mine
  • Dorothy Leja

    Goals for 2010:Start working out twice a week (I have a 2 yr old and 6 month old and work part-time, so this is a big deal for me!)Goals for next decade:Decrease my internal age (we bought the Wii Fit Plus and my internal age is 51 and I’m only 32!!!) I used to play sports all the time, so this is quite embarrassing!

  • Cynthia E

    Expand on my 2009 goals.Continue to eat healthy, clean and organicUse only all natural and organic products on my body, eliminating additional toxinsIncorporate more levels of fitness in my lifeSee an endocrinlolgist and find out EXACTLY were all my hormone and glandular levels are and correct those using holistic medicineExpand on the amount of clean, healthy meals I prepare for my children. Preserve more garden products for our personal use.Attract my ideal partner and relationshipContinue meditation and yoga and increase the amount of timeFinish my hypnosis certification and start a practice in the next couple years. Using hypnosis to help people such as veterans, children and those in recovery.Volunteer more in the communityBe the best Grandmother I can be. First grandchild due Aug 11 !!

  • Laura Owen

    My goal for 2010 is to select a weight and diet and exercise program that is sustainable for me for the rest of my life in terms of time committment and flexibility. I am going to give up reading every new trend that comes along and experiment to find out what works for me, as an individual.My 10 year goal is to still continue a support group that we just started to weigh in quarterly and to be within 5 lbs of our goal weight or have to pay the yet to be determined bet amount. My goal is that this will hold me accountable for my health and fitness but let me worry over more important things such as my family and friends.

  • Laura

    Goals: 2010Be Happy!Conitnue maintaining my weightloss….build up my strength and endurance gains from last year. Trust myself in this respect.Run a 5KGet the kids more involved in healthy eating etc… and continue hiking etc…Go to DisneyGoals Next 10 yrsBe Happy!Maintain healthy lifestyle & continue improvement myself emotionally & physicallyComplete master’s degreeSee Europe with the kidsCompete

  • Mike R

    My goals for 2010 include streamlining my life health. This includes not only continuing to keep my bodyfat % in check and stay in shape, but to remove things from my life that can cause health issues. (i.e. lead in dishes, chemicals in drinking water, etc.)My life goals include getting my company started full swing while continuing to stay healthy, helping my loved ones get into shape, and structuring my company to enable my employees to live healthy active lifestyles without having to choose health OR career.Your book has been EXTREMELY instrumental in my accomplishing these goals and I look forward to your future publications!Thanks,Mike R.

  • Nora

    I want to optimize my health so I can:- live life to its fullest- be of the best service to my family and community- be an example of health and vitality for my daughtersI want to try my physical strength, dexterity and perfection that Socrates prescribes:”It is shameful for a man to grow old before he has tried his own strength, and seen to what degree of dexterity and perfection he can attain, which he can never know if he give himself over for useless; because dexterity and strength come not of themselves, but by practice and exercise.”

  • San

    Like I already said, BFFM ebook is definitive guide for fat loss and healthy living. Though I haven’t read Body Fat Solution yet but I believe Tom must have put his best in it to take the successes achieved from BFFM ebook to next level…!

  • Stacey

    My goals for 2010 and the rest of the decade are the same.I want to not let food control me. I want to eat to live not live to eat. Yes I would like to lose 20 pounds once and for all, but more importantly than that I would like to not be obsessed with food. I love to exercise and be active so that is not something I have to force myself to do, I just want to stop gaining and losing and as I get older (I am in my 50s) the process gets harder and harder.

  • James Shingleton

    Complete my first ever marathon (Olympic Discovery) in June @ 40 years old.Get back to a comfortable 34 in waist.Maintain a steady bodyfat level at 10-12%.Gain 5-10 lbs of lean body mass and keep it on.Continue to promote healthy eating and model good dietary choices for my family.Lose 5 lbs of fat mass.Tighten consumer spending and reduce consumer debt to 0.Promote healthy lifestyle choices to friends and family.These are my goals for 2010 and beyond.

  • San

    Goal of lifetime: Maintain healthy Body Fat percentage always.

  • Matthew Ramus

    My goals for 2010 are:-workout 5 days/week-get down to below 10% body fat (currently at 15%)-increase arm size (bicep/tricep) 2 inches. Currently 13.5″-include cardio 3 times/week10 year goals include:Continuing to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Continuing to workout regularly

  • Brent Lehmkuhl

    All 2010 Goals1. Family – Spend more quality time with the family. Game night once per week.2. Financial – Create and follow a budget in Quicken.3. Spiritual – Go to church every week.4. Physical (Health) – Workout six times per week:  3 strength training, 3 cardio. See more specific fitness goals below.5. Nutrition (Health) – Eat clean 90% of the time.  Track it.6. Mental – Read one book per week.8. Household – Finish the basement.Ultimate Goal – I am healthy and happy.  I eat what I need and indulge in moderation.  My blood pressure is normal, my stress levels are down, and I have more energy to keep up with the family.2 Year Goal – I am so happy and thankful now that my body fat is in the single digits.  I am now 8% body fat and look awesome.6-Month Goal – I am reaching my ideal body weight and body fat composition by June 2010 so I can show off my new body in the summertime: 175 pounds at 13% body fat.Weekly Goal – I am taking body measurements, body composition and progress pictures each week.Daily Goals:I am weighing myself everyday.I am limiting all carbohydrates (except veggies) after 6pm.I always carry my goal card with me and read it as often as possible.I am eating six smaller meals a day.I am getting up early every day to get more done.I am tracking food in a log until I reach my goals.I will strive to be better than I used to be, not better than someone else.AffirmationsI look good with my shirt off.I can see my six-pack abs and they will look awesome.I can see my bicep vein.I am losing body fat while maintaining muscle mass.I am getting healthier by reducing my body fat.

  • Terry Thomas Schladenhauffen

    1 year goal:–Continue to love myself for WHO I am and not WHAT I am.–Be a size 12 (or smaller), with body fat of 23% (or less.)–Finish my certification through ISSA as a specialist in Nutrition for Fitness and Physical Trainer for Children–Volunteer at programs focused on children’s obesity and ideally a gym with a focus for children’s fitness.10 year goal:– Own a successful coaching business-focus on women and children fitness. Public speaker as an advocate for child obesity– Be a size 10 w/ 20% or less body fat.– Compete for body building at the age of 60– Continue to love and admire my husband and remain active in our daily lives and on vacations: hike, bike, backpack, ski, laugh and laugh some more and enjoy the wonders of God in our lives. And live as always with a positive perspective.

  • Dennis

    Goals1. Get down to

  • Michael Stanowski

    My major goal is to stay on track and workout regularly this entire year while keeping my diet balanced. I’ve been at it for 3 years now and have achieved some results but have been extremely inconsistent so there is much room for improvement. Above all I want fitness and good eating to become a lifestyle that will stick for the rest of my life. It has to start somewhere so my goal this year is to stick it out and workout regularly, at least 3 days a week, and stick to my diet especially while traveling.Specifically, I would like to reach an ideal weight of 155 lbs with a maintainable bf % of 8-11%That’s all. Thanks Tom for helping me re-focus on my fitness and good health.

  • brandon mason

    My goals are simple and immediate, I want to be in better shape to play with my daughter who is not 5 and a half. I am tired of being out of shape and unable to keep up with her because I am out of breath or too tired. I have not yet measured my body fat index because I am affraid of hitting triple digets (just kidding).By the end of this year I want to be able to like the reflection I see in the mirror. I don’t want to be disguested by the rolls and misproportions that I see.By the end of this decade, I want to have a healthy family that I was able to guide towards better life styles. While each of us will have our own goals, I want to be able to give support, advice and motivation. I don’t want my daughter (and other future children) to have to deal with the same mental issues that are associated with being the “fat kid.” I am determined to give my daughter a better, healthier life then I had growing up.

  • nathalie

    Hello ,I’ve been trying to get to my goal for a little while now, and since i have quit smoking i have put on a few pounds but i don’t give up. My thing is that my husband has started exercising with me also which i am so proud of him too but i do think that we need a little help with your book and your motivation to keep up to our goal and not feel like we r going nowhere in the quest to get to our goal.Keep up the good work, Tom!

  • Darin

    in 2010..my goal is to continue using the principals in BFFM guide to help inspire my wife to loose weight…I have lost about #30 so far and I think it is inspiring her to join me( I will not nag her…free will only)…she has several health problems that are possibly weight related….just watching her struggle to get out of the bed in the morning reminds me that the old saying is true…when you have your health…you have the world….By 2020 ( 10 yr goals…)I hope to have completed my last license certification ( I do drinking water treatment).possibly be in Management so I can have more time to spend with my children..( right now time off only comes in clumps…not a regular weekend).and possibly have most of my bills paid off…for I will be 54 then and will only have 3 more years to go until I am eligible to retire from my job…I don’t wish to be rich…just wish to be well off enough to be able to slow down and enjoy the little things in life…like a sunset…a stroll in the park…and possibly work (if I still want to) in a job I want to do…not have to do

  • Albert Kiefer

    I’m closing in on 50 now but I want to keep a tight pulse on my weight. My goals are getting my fat percentage down and doing so by concious nutrition. In concrete this means:- concious and knowledgeable way of eating- Getting my fat percentage down over all.- losing some 5Kgs of overweight and replace with muscle tissue.- maintain my twice a week fitness training schedule- add an hour or more per week of cardio excercise by way of running

  • J. Ryan

    2010 Goals:Recover from surgery and return to my normal everyday activities without pain.Continue to mountain bike with my two kidsReduce body fat to 12-13%Continue to encourage my wife to meet the goals she has set for herselfGoals for the next decadeLive the example of a healthy lifestyle for my childrenLook like I’m just entering my 40’s when I’ll really be in my 50’s.See my kids finish high school and begin their lives.Hear the whoops and hollers from the ski lift.Continue my work in the community to help others build stonger commitments to God, their families, and to themselves.

  • Mick

    My 2010 goals are simple1) I will continue to keep my weight at 185lbs and my bodyfat at or below 14%–achieved this reaching this goal last year after reading your ebook again and the chapter on goal setting.2) I will find employment after being layed off againDecade goals1) I will find employement give 10% of salary to rescue mission for others2)I will give 10% to church directly for families in need3) I will find a way to send children to collegethese may seem simple but they challenging and I will achieve them

  • Anna Marie C

    2010 goals:Achieve 15% body fat10 unassisted pull upsLearn how to sailCook healthy meals for familyLearn to box10 year goal:Maintain 15% bodyfatContinue fitness goals and trainingStill look 35

  • Margaret Trissel

    Margaret Trissels Goals and Entry:1 yr goals:I will be 60 lbs lighter in fat in 1 year.I will no longer need to buy Plus-size clothing.I will coordinate a yoga class at work, for me and others interested in learning about yoga.10 yr goals:My continued healthy lifestyle has brought me to my ultimate goal of 160 lbs. ( I just edited that. Initially I thought 170, but I’m going for it ALL!)I no longer eat to satisfy ANY emotion…I eat to fuel and support my body and nothing else.My change has sparked others to ask what “made the difference” for me. I will be ready to share the spiritual, physical and emotional steps that I take each day to fully live my life.

  • Tina Knight

    1 year: Stay connected to all the positive people who bring good things into my life. Which includes health, prosperity and personal growth. Be the best wife and mother that I can be with a continual search for doing “the next right thing” that God brings into my life to challange me. To embrace my purpose in this world and all that it opens for me.10 year: To be at peace with my 54 year old self that I will be in ten years. To not let distractions keep me from the Love and Life that I am blessed to have. To give myself, my time, and wealth to those that will benefit from them. To face my future with a healthy body, healthy mind, love and gratefulness.Thank you Tom, your book puts the biggest parts of life into perspective! It’s not about how you look. It’s about who you areIt’s easy to look good. It’s dang difficult to BE who you are and you have a way of bringing a healthy physical being into my life. Even my best intentions didn’t make me healthier. Getting up at 5:30 am and working out that hour and fitting in my workouts 6 days a week makes me healthier. It clicked! It’s great!

  • Kirsten B.

    One year goal:get out of Stage III adrenal fatigue, get my training back on track and kick the pants out of my previous PR over half Ironman distance in August.10 year goal:Remain fit and happy, at a healthy weight, continuing to eat healthy, organic, wholesome foods and remain at an idea weight of 165lbs. Hopefully get my knees replaced – osteoarthritis is not fun for triathlons!!! Have finished at least one Ironman distance race.

  • Becky Hernandez

    1 year goal:bring body fat to19%improve eating habitsworkout regularly with no excuses!10 year goal:open a gym for youth. making a fun place for kids to learn the importance of an active life style and good eating choices. incorporating weight training, nutrition and adding TONS of positive affermations to keep the kids motivated.

  • Cari

    Cari Huppert2010 goals*Place 1st in my age catagory in a short course Tri…*Eating clean, and eat natural foods.*Enjoy life and what it offers.* help my friends/ family reach their goals.* being a great role model for my family/frliends.* Laugh more* Play more*Learn to love work and enjoy that I have a great job.this is the start of my list. Stuff will be added and every year work to doing better then the year before.”live life with no regrets.***huge goal..Ironman***

  • Alice

    My goal this year is to return to below 15% body fat. My depression got the best of me last year. I need to rebuild my confidence and regain control of my body/life. I know this is not an easy goal to achieve as I am going through peri-menopause and will soon step into the big “M” zone. But with my determination plus a little extra help, I believe I can do it! Alice

  • 2010To have a sustainable 10% body fat and a Lean Body Mass of approx 70 KG and excellent all round fitness levels.DECADEGet a TV program commissioned for the British audience about the BFFM program and featuring it’s author Tom Venuto and those who have benefited from it.

  • Peter M

    2010 Goals:Get my body fat under 20%Exercise every day (if I miss a day it’s so much harder the next time)Cut out the sweets and alcohol right now (I started again over Christmas.)Look after my heart.10 Year Goals:Feel just as good at 71 as I do nowOther Goals:I am not very materialistic but I would like a big LCD TV, a new Mac and a warmer house. The main thing is that I want more peace of mind, more happiness, more joy and more energy. That way everything else takes care of itself.And finally, thank God for this breath and this one and this one. Keep ’em coming! Thank you very much.

  • Sylvia

    “It’s simply the speed with which the last 10 years seem to have gone by that blows my mind.” Tom, you said that in your email above and it really hit home…Twelve years ago I weighed 92 lbs. and stood 5 feet tall and was built to ride a hundred kilometers a day or more, I was 35. I competed in Randonneurs and did very well maxing at the 500 km route…then I had a son.Now twelve years later although I am very active and include weight training, rock climbing, hot yoga and miles of high-paced walking in my daily routine I am at that age where weight gain at the waist is making my wardrobe obsolete. I have “profoundly severe” osteoporosis and I’m only 47. I have fractured or shattered my arm bones and some fingers with no apparent cause and that wreaks havoc on the weight training and rock climbing. I also seem to be losing muscle mass no matter what I do… soooo…. it’s time to take radical action. I weigh in at 111 lbs. now and my body fat is a whopping 27% or more…and the muscles are just not there the way they used to be.Goals for 2010 and beyond:- manage the inevitable as naturally as possible with an increased knowledge of how food affects my body.- reduce body fat % so I feel healthier and have the energy to keep up with a dog and twelve year old boy in the woods, on the ocean and climbing walls.- eat well, eat healthy, eat with the knowlege that we are extremely lucky to have the nutritious food our bodies need to keep up at our maximum- take time away from the stress of working and being a single parent and looking after aging parents to be “me” and look after me.- maintain the healthy lifestyle by reading inspiring books such as yours.- be the best parent I can be for my son by setting an example of healthy living and strong convictions.

  • David Bosiak

    I turned 50 this January, and have determined that getting back into shape is my top priority – for this year and the next decade. I am a fitness trainer but have not been “walking the talk” – that is, I’ve been helping others achieve their personal fitness goals while neglecting my own.As I turned 50 I decided to commit to the Burn the Fat program – and am currently re-reading the ebook in preparation for getting started in earnest. I’ve started to “eat clean” and have incorporated the 6 meal plan. I’ve re-structured my schedule to include workout time for myself and have set some concrete personal fitness goals – I would like to get to 205 lbs at 12% bodyfat.I can’t believe how good I am feeling again – and how ironic my situation had become – I was “preaching” the lifestyle without living it myself.The Burn the Fat program has been such a re-awakening process for me. Thanks.

  • Heather

    My short term goal is to get under 300lbs- I have not seen the 200’s in over a decade. My overall goal for 2010 is to get under 250lbs, walk a half a marathon, finish a rough draft of a book I have been working on for years, and finish my prerequisites and get into nursing school.My 10 year goal is to be at my ideal weight and stay there. I would also like to get down to about 18% body fat at least for a bit. I want to run a half a marathon and be able to play soccer again. I would also like to become an nurse practitioner and certified herbalist so I can help people achieve lasting health.

  • Mandy

    Goals…Lose 10 lbsDecrease body fat by 8%Gain lean muscle and strengthStart lifting weights againBetter eatingHelp my friends lose weight by teaching them how to eat and exercise.Finish building our house!

  • Duncan Vincent

    MY Goals:To trust third time is lucky! I posted on the 1st give away, then on the 2nd (wrong URL) give away and now this! = 3 times!To stop evening snacking just before I go to bedTo loose only 10lbs – mainly fat – which just will NOT go!To give more to the poorTo mentor someoneEnjoy nature moreMake sure my kids go beyond me

  • Alan Moore

    2010 GoalsUse my God given health to its full potenial.Develop an attitude like Tom Venuto’s :-)2010 – 2019 GoalsPlay my drums where they’re enjoyed by others.Develop a body like Tome Venuto’s :-)Be an excellent role model for my family and others.

  • Penny Johnson

    Goals for 2010:Lose 10% body fatExercise consistently; 3 days a week strength and interval trainingClean up my diet–keep and use a food journalGet my husband to do #2 and 3 with me, so he can lose 10% BF, tooTransform our office into a workout roomStart my own internet businessLearn how to jump the wake on my wakeboardRe-energize my Girl Scout troop by doing more and bigger service projects in our communityTry something I’ve never done beforeGoals for the decade:Adopt 2-3 children, maybe from the US or maybe internationalWork at home doing my internet business(es)Move to the mountainsLearn how to snowboard betterContinue living clean and lean so I can live to 100Cruise the Mediterranean (especially visit Greece)Visit Norway, Ireland, and EnglandSnowboard in Switzerland

  • Robert Smith

    In 2 days I will turn 71. My goal for the short-term is to continue to gain mass, which is really slow at my age. When spring arrives, I intend to concentrate more on getting rid of fat.My longer-term goals are to continue to improve my condition, add more muscle and strength, and to maintain the lower fat I will achieve this spring.I’ve been working out for a couple of years now, and I’m proud that I have added muscle and reduced fat over that time. My workouts are tougher than guys 40 years younger are doing at my gym, and I intend to make them continually tougher. I keep track of my routine, and always strive to increase weights and/or repetitions. The ones I’m most proud of are bodyweight exercises… pull-ups, dips, and pushups.

  • Chad R. ESTRADA

    Chad Estrada’s Goals for the 2010 calendar year*I am active every single day- I am active in my health, body and mind as well as in my community and family life.* I am a flexitarian- I live a more vegetarian lifestyle, with the occasional/seasonal white meat.*I educate myself in all my passions of food and nutrition as well as American Sign Language-, which help me achieve my goal of becoming a nutritionist.*I Love and let live.*I am Achieving greater balance and strength every single day by following 5 principles, as well as doing yoga on a regular basis.*I am achieving my goal weight range of 145-150 ( I am lean fat burning, muscle-building machine)*I achieved the six-pack I have been working on (by) 10-10-10.*(I remember to) Breathe in, Breathe OutFor the next decade*I have found a new passion in my career as a consulting Nutritionist. (I graduated college with honor roll status.) I love my career because I love helping people reach their health goals, and by doing so living happier lives.*I am in optimum health and people comment on how great I look and congratulate my success regularly.* My debts, i.e. student loans, are nearly/fully paid off.* I meet and inspire people on a regular basis*I have helped my family reach success in their health goals but also with their confidence, family happiness and education goals.* I have been in my weight range for the past few years now and remember to breathe in and breathe out.* I live and Love

  • Denise Huntington

    1 year goals (2010):o Lose 10 pounds and keep it off (maintain body weight around 135) and get my body fat % into the healthy range (18-24%).o Work on my metabolic syndrome, keeping insulin/sugar levels within healthy range (as measured every 6 mo by my doctor).o Keep all appointments with my internist and my hormone doctor, as well as my dentist and hygienist.o Hike to top of Mt. San Jacinto from Humber Park (17 mi RT)o Make a bucket list of things I want to do and places I want to go before I dieo Improve my relationship with my husband by being more tolerant and more involved in day-to-day activities with him.o Continue current volunteer activities but also become involved (leading, volunteering) in at least one community-wide activity this year.o Journal and/or write daily to get back into habit of regular writing again. Outline idea for book series.o Reduce the amount of time spent on the computer doing non-productive activities.o Travel to a foreign country sometime in the next year (Central America? New Zealand?) and travel somewhere new within California or the Western states.o Brainstorm ideas for a home-based (part-time) business that can be done for very little $$ investment.o Spend more time with my adult children and grandchildren10 year goals:• Remain within healthy range of weight and body mass• Be free of all inflammatory conditions (arthritis, metabolic syndrome/diabetes)• Hike to the top of Mt. Whitney without camping overnight (21-23 mi round trip)• Publish at least one book• Establish and maintain a health/wellness website to enourage others• Make a big dent in my bucket list.

  • Ray Vachon

    Name: Ray Vachon2010 Goals:- Continue to workout 6 days a week- Drop my BF from 25% to 15%- Keep encouraging my wife on her fat loss journey- Finish a 3k & 5k road race in Feb & Mar respectively- Finish a sprint Duathlon in May- Finish a sprint Triathlon in June- Finish a half marathon in September10 Year Goals:- Inspire other people that are in the same situation I use to be- Drop & maintain my BF to 10%- Finish a marathon under 4.5 hrs in 2011- Finish a Ironman 70.3 under 6.5 hrs in 2011- Finish an Ironman Triathlon under 15 hours in 2012- Go on a nice cruise with my wife on our 10th anniversary in 2012- Qualify for & Finish the Kona Hawaii Ironman World Championship under 15 hours in 2013- Be debt-free by 2016- Go on a nice vacation to Australia with my wife on our 15th anniversary in 2017- Get certified as a Personal Trainer, and in Nutrition & Wellness- Learn a 3rd language- Meet & have dinner Tom Venuto 🙂

  • 2010 Goals:-I weigh 190 pounds and feel awesome-I am running regularly and enjoying every mile-I am eating healthy foods and feeling good about my choicesDecade Goals:-I have completed a triathlon and and very proud-I am continuing to live a healthy lifestyle with my eating habits and activity levels-I am a great father and couldn’t be more proud of my children-I am a wonderful husband and my wife loves me very muchThanks Tom!

  • Stephen Martin

    My goal for this year is to become fit. Seems simple, although for me it is very hard. I recently became a father at 41 for the first time. We adopted a son, after waiting for 7years in the system. During the waiting time, I let myself get out of shape. I want to be physically fit for me, my partner, and for my son. I do not want to be the father with the paunch, and unable to keep up with his son. I ran, dove, and played several sports in my youth. I want to be able to enjoy all of those activities with my son. My long term 10 year goal is to be strong enough to compete in and hopefully place in a triathlon! I also want to get to and stay at 6-10% bodyfat. I realize these goals may seem minimal to some, although they are mine. Thanks!

  • Jesse C. L.

    My goals for 2010:Finally achieve my goal of being lean (2 years in the making, I’ve lost over 140 lbs.)Help my fiances mom overcome her psychological barriers holding her back from losing weight how she wants to.Be there as much as possible for my family and very close friends.Goals for the next decade:Continue to improve upon myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.Get married and have a healthy, fit, happy family of my own!

  • Martin

    First of all, I started on a good regime in mid-2009, not overly intense, but following your book, broadly, but not to the letter.What happened? I lost about 4 percentage points bodyfat, about 5 pounds of body weight, and so I gained muscle mass. Starting from about 152 pounts (I am 5’7″), that’s not bad.What I learned? If I made this progress by losely following your program in relatively short time, how much more and faster could I have gone with just a little more effort?So my goals for 2010 are:get back into regulard workout mode (>3 times a week)reach 10-11 % BFTrun a 5k race in the summer!have visible 6-packsomewhat bulkier and more defined upper body (though I am not looking for bodybuilder proportions)2011-2019:maintain the same!continue to look like I am 32

  • John Forsythe

    2010Workout at least 4 times per weekGet to below 15% body fatGet back to eating alot healthier – have been slacking recentlyPut on more muscle massGet a six packBe more financially stableFor the decadeRun a marathonBecome a dad – a fit healthy active oneGet below 10% body fatBe healthier htan at the beginning of the decadeBe happy and fulfilled in my life

  • Todd Hartsock

    My goal for 2010 is to apply what I read in Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. I have applied some of the material to my eating habits, but did not set any goals or buy a tool for measuring body fat %. I rode my bicycle 1200 miles training for a 450 mile, one week ride in Iowa last summer and lost 10 pounds, but have gained 5 back. My goal will be to have 14% body fat by the end of the year and be 155 pounds. My eating goal is to follow the protein-carb-fat ratio in the book and eat more raw, unprocessed foods. I need to set a goal and stay with avoiding sweets.My 2020 year goal is to stay at that weight and body fat content. I would like to be an example for other 62 year old people to see.

  • Justin Rutland

    One year Goals- Get in single digits body fat% in cutting cycles- Add 15 lbs of muscle in building cycles-maintain 10% or lower bodyfat for the whole year (once im down that low)Ten Year Goals- maintain the BFFM lifestyle eating clean and exercising regulary every week- Be a vice president of a large construction firm, be a partner in a construction firm or own my own small business- Continue my education (reading books) and gaining knowledge in health and fitness- Get Married and have a family of my own and pass down a good work ethic to my children

  • John R. Shea

    Long term goals:-While walking on the beach at HHI, S.C., I will be asked if I’m interested in becoming an underwear model.-I will become a millionaire investing in the stock market-I will run 5-10 marathons12 month goals:- I will be at 7% bodyfat by December 31, 2010.-I will continue to learn as much as I can about the stock market and investing.-I shall continue to improve my self-image utilizing centerpointe.Weekly goals:-Every Monday I weigh myself and measure bodyfat using Accumeasure calipers.-Every Monday I review % of meals eaten cleanly for the week (___ out of 42).-I workout at least 5 days per week.Daily goals:-I eat 6 healthy meals including lean protein and vegetables/day.-I stay well hydrated and purify my body by drinking 10 glasses of H2O/day.-I look great w/my shirt off.-I’m grateful and proud of how good I look and feel today.-I strive to constantly improve my body and optimize my genetic potential.-I’m developing clean eating and consistent exercise habits that will be ingrained in me for the rest of my life.-Thanks Tom, you inspire me!

  • jim c

    one year goal: 185# 8% bf10 year goal: 210# 8% bfI would like to become a personal trainer within 3 years. So I better get looking like one! In the long term I would like to continue as a personal trainer until they nail the coffin shut!! Helping other people live healthy live as well as livng one myself is my lifetime goal.My short tem goal is 173# 7% on April 5. Doing good so far.

  • Wanda

    My goals for 2010 are to lose 30 weight pounds and 20% body fat by the end of the year. I’ve been carrying the extra weight for the last 20+ years and this is my year to accomplish that goal.My goals for the decade is to start actively plan for my retirement in 15 years. I want to be able to have enough to live off of and to do some serious traveling in that next decade.Here’s to all our goals and dreams and aspirations.

  • Scott N

    2010 Goals:- I will have 9% body fat by June 1 (currently 17%)- I will be 162 lbs- I will place in the top 10% in the HPC (bicycle race up Mt. St. Helens)- I will complete the S2S in 18 hours (285 mile bicycle ride)- I will run 6 miles in 45 minutes- I will swim 2 miles at least once this year- I will do a physical exam and my cholesterol will be balancedDecade Goals:- I will maintain body fat between 7% – 9%- I will maintain weight between 160 lbs – 165 lbs- I will continue to cycle at least 8000 miles per year- I will continue to do a yearly physical exam- I will do 5 triathlons- I will apply for the Iron Man- I will complete my teaching degreeThank you for providing the opportunity to share my goals and providing the information in BFFM to do so.Scott

  • Jane Wolsten

    Goals for 2010:Health and fitness:attain a heathly weight (clothes size of UK 12-14 or smaller)bring blood pressure down to healthy levelwork out consistently at least 3 times per weekeat clean at least 85% of the timeimprove my personal best 5k timetrain to complete pull uplearn to do a cartwheel (frivolous, I know, but my kids are learning how in gymnastics and I have always wanted to be able to do this!)floss dailyLife:make time with the kids and husband at least weekly for a physical activity (bike ride, hike, swim)reconnect with friends I see less oftenWork:use new job as opportunity to leave behind bad habits and create new good habits (short response times, proactive client contacts, regular business development activity)Goals for next 10 years:Health and fitness:maintain healthy weight and blood pressureenter and complete triathlon (that would be for 2011, rather than 2019!)Finances:pay off mortgageconsolidate and improve retirement savingsWork:build strong legal practiceprovide excellent service to my clientsbe promoted to senior equity partner

  • Laurie Racca

    2010 Goals–get back into marathon shape–run Nike Women’s marathon in SF–launch my freelance writing businessDecade goals–have only one size clothing in my closet (instead of 3 or 4 sizes for different weights)–make enough money from my home business that I can quit my “real job”–move to Oregon–Run a sub 3:30 marathon

  • Tara

    1 YEAR GOALS:*Burn off 20 lbs of BF that I still have after having a baby.*Exercise 5 hours a week, cardio and weights*Eat well balanced meals every 3 hours* Learn Spanish10 YEAR GOALS:* Get the children in School* Start a new Career* Pay off Debt* Build a Log HomeThank You!

  • My goals are pretty much the same for 2010 and for the decade. Here is the list:Lose weight (hopefully mostly body fat!) and get my diabetes under control — maybe even be able to stop taking medication. Ideally, I would like to lose around 90 pounds.Develop a regular exercise routine that I can stick to in order to ensure losing fat and strengthening muscles.Prepare more healthful meals for my husband and myself (and whoever else may be there to partake).Encourage my daughters to take better care of themselves by exercising and eating right. My husband, also.Be better able to play with my grandchildren!Pam Tilford

  • Tanya

    My short term goals are to bring down my BMI from 28% to @ least 10. I would love to be fit and Healthy… I have been smoking for approximately 18 years and have FINALLY quit so, I’m seeing the water gain and am proud to say it has been 2.5 months, my family and I are so proud. I have seen the effects of smoking (aging) simply melt away and dissappear now it’s time for the weight.Long term: To open a cafe that caters to the diabetic. It will give hope to all that have lost it, and it will offer alternatives to just coping with this disease… It’s a fight and challenge that must be conquerd

  • Dan McDevitt

    2010 Goals-My goal is to be under 10% bodyfat by December 2010. I’m currently at 33%.-I plan on getting the diabettes under control. By changing my life I will be motivating my 3 kids to do the same and become fit.-I want to motivate others with my story to join the inner circle and get control of their lives.Decade Goals-I want to stay off of the diabetes medicine.-I want to compete in some bodybuilding contests so that I can tell them my story wich begins with you Tom.-I want to be ripped and loving life!-I want 200 pds of LBM with 10% or less of BF. I’m currently at 161 LBM by Navy method.

  • Jeff Burt

    Goals. I am 44 about to turn 45. I have worked out for the better part of my life but want to take it to the next levelShort term goalsCut Body Fat to 10-12% and maintainRun a half marathon in under 2 hours or 8 minute mileAdd muscleStay youngLong term goalscontinue to work out 6 days a weekStay active in sports Softball, tennis, running, soccer, and GolfSell my 3 businesses so that I can coach youth sports and spend more time with my familyShow my faith more by doingTravel with my wife and kidsBe financially soundShoot a round of golf in the 70’sDo something big.

  • Fran B

    My Goals for 2010 Fran BShort Term Goals:- Keep realistic goals – something that I can achieve and that will make me happy- Keep up with my workout routine by attending the gym four times a week- Continue to eat clean and lower my body fat to 22%- Be stronger- Read The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto for motivationGoals for 2010:Get back to what I love to do – running. Due to suffering from a sore heel, I have not been able to run. Physio is helping.- Visit family more often- Laugh more!

  • Carrie T.

    I have been heavy my entire life and I’m turning 40 in 2010. I am determined to be under 200lbs by my birthday in December. I am slightly over 300lbs now and I know that a 100lb loss in one year is pushing it, but I want to give it a go and get as close as possible. Realistically, I will be happy with any weight loss that is between 1-2 pounds per week. I feel like I’ve been giving in and giving up too much lately, and that is not acceptable to me and 40 is looming. But if there is one thing Tom’s book has taught me – it’s never too late to get healthy!Goals for 2010:1) Reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol through exercise and healthy, clean eating.2) Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day (starting) upwards to 1 hour toward the end of the year.3) Have at least half of my goal weight lost by October 1st. I’m going on a safari to South Africa and Botswana and I have to be under a certain about of weight in order not to have to pay extra for the small air plane ride to the safari camps…not to mention comfort on a 20+ hour flight to get there and back! The seats on A340 airplanes are only 17″ wide in economy…4) Continue to work on my self-image. I think this is the key for me to start and continue weight loss. I get very discouraged with how I look and it spirals into giving up and I don’t want to give up on being healthy before – and after – 40!Decade goals:1) Achieve and maintain a healthy BMI and fat percentage.2) Continue to eat foods that will benefit my health for the long term.3) Continue exercise routine – cardio and resistance training.4) Take a lot more trips and be comfortable in those darn tiny seats! Or as comfortable as possible as we all know they are made for children anyway….I wish you all the best as you fulfill your dreams and goals in 2010 and the next decade!

  • Stephanie Havlicek

    2010 Goals:*Body fat goal: 17% (loss 10 pounds of fat)*Fitness goal: Increase strength – be able to do 5 chin ups*Endurence goal: complete a 10k Run*Personally: Don’t shy away when someone compliments me on how great I look!*Continue to eat healthy*Thank god for my blessings*increase my flexibility – do more yogaDecade Goals:*Continue to make excercise a daily part of my life*maintain my goal weight through weight and cross training*Instill in my children how to live a healthy and happy life through healthy choices and activites.*LOVE LIFE

  • Geetanjali M

    Jack Canfield talked about setting 101 goals for yourself – so far I have only achieved 73 items for long-term.Goals 2010:1. Achieve my goal weight of 130 pounds and maintain it.2. Write 3 books.3. Improve my relationship with my family and friends.Some of my goals for the future:1. Travel to 50 countries in the next 10 years.2. Have my own home with a swimming pool and garden.3. Be happily married to a wonderful guy.4. Exhibit my photographs in a gallery.5. Set up my own consulting business.6. Help to reform humanitarian intervention and genocide policy, and help to stop conflict worldwide.

  • Larry S

    2010 Goals:o With the help of Tom’s book, I’d been down to about 5% bodyfat, but for various reasons (excuses?), I hadn’t been able to maintain it. My goal is to get down to 5% bf by summer, and maintain it for the rest of the year.o Maintain my weight at 170-175lbs.o Run a 5k in under 30 mins. If you know how much I hate running, you’d understand what a challenge this is to me. :)o Be more disciplined in my choices, from eating to how I use my leisure time.Decade Goals:o Maintain my body fat below 7%.o Maintain my weight to 170-175lbs.o Live a disciplined life, and use my time wisely when it comes to the people around me and how much time I allocate to them. Also, continue to utilize discipline in my eating choices.o Have a happy family life, with hopefully a couple children.

  • Jason Robinett

    Tom,I am 25 years old and the past three and a half years I have taken chronic fatigue head on. A year ago November I slept 14 hours a day and barely had enough energy to get out of bed let alone workout. Thankfully that all has changed.1 Year Goal-By December 31st, 2010, I would like to be able to lift weights 3 days a week and on my off days, 3 high intensity cardio sessions. This would be a huge milestone for me and can only be accomplished my body is able to recover. Currently, I can only stretch and do very light movement exercises.10 year Goal- At 35 years of age, I would like to be completely recovered and bursting with energy and happiness.-Create a program for highschool, college and young adults to avoid making the same mistakes I did. Teach them about proper nutrition and when and how to listen to their bodies to avoid missing out on the fruits of life. I would also like to help young adults mentally and physically who are going through chronic fatigue.

  • Sydney

    I will have decreased my body fat from 24.5 to 15% by June 2010. Have a tone body due to clean eating and training. I will continue to follow the burn the fat program for continued lifesyle changes and maintain my goal weight of 115 lbs. Read my goals everyday. Remain healthy happy and terriffic for life due to the knowledge that I am obtaining in the e-books, e-mail and books from the program.To continue to make my journey through life with a fit body and healthy livingSydney

  • Jamie

    My goal for this year is easy because this is going to be my year, Zen in 2010…Not only will I be finally shedding that extra weight but I am more focused on getting fit, that feel good feeling after a workout. I deserve so much more than hiding behind my weight.As far as this decade, I hadn’t really thought that far in advance…my youngest will be a senior in highschool by then yikes! I hope to find a way to live and be happy in the cold climate of MN and if I don’t that I take the plunge and move somewhere warm, I love the ocean and feel I was born in the wrong state! I also plan to get back my confidence and compete again in an adult skating competition, after suffering a head injury this past year and gaining weight it is much harder to do things on the ice.

  • Daniel

    One year goal is to start regulating my body composition more acurately and paying more attention to it. 10 Year goal… fit and under 10% body fat.Thanks TomGreat book

  • Jacob C

    2010 Goals1. Decrease my body fat to a healthy range (under 25%).2. Train for and participate in three 5 mile charity runs, two 7.5 mile charity runs, and one half marathon here in Saint Louis.3. Continue to maintain the healthy lifestyle I implemented last year, but increase my activity levels and push myself harder than last year.10 Year Goals1. Maintain my healthy lifestyle, continuing the “good” habits that I have picked up over the year.2. Ensure I am in better shape / conditioning than I am now at 27.

  • Tim P

    Goal need to be shared to become real!Here are mine for 2010:Practice the 90 – 10 Principle: 10% of life is made up of what happens to you, 90% of life is decided by how you react.Stephen Covey.Be kind to family friend and all people I come in contact with.Continue to follow the principles of Tom Venuto- Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.Eat food that is pure and that nature intended us to eat. Great decision and enjoy a weekly cheat meal.Presently at 13% to 14% body fat and by mid year (June), bring body fat to 10% to 11%. Maintain this level.Continue to workout 5 days a week with at least 4 days of cardio.I’m keeping it simple and going to reach my goals.Thanks Tom!Tim

  • Rebecca K

    2010 Goals:1. Get back in shape with daily activity (only one rest day a week) following a balanced plan of cardio and weight bearing exercises thus creating a Healthy and Fit body.2. Plan better meals and eat only organic.3. Continue to learn more about exercise and healthy living through reading, listening, and participating in teleclasses.4. Buy a Dell laptop computer. (Just did that one last week and it will arrive soon.)5. Create a blog.6. Finish my book.7. Create a Mastermind Group10 Year Goals:1. Maintain a Healthy and Fit body.2. Launch a new Coaching Career and leave my current job.3. Help people believe in themselves more and go after their TRUE hearts desires.4. Become a # 1 Best Selling Author5. Buy A Home that is warm, comfortable, has an exercise room, an office and will support all my creative endeavors.

  • Deanna Frailey

    2010 Goals for Deanna Frailey:Get the fit and lean body I’ve always dreamed of and the energy to play my husband and children.Play with my husband and children. My husband and I work too much..don’t spend enough time with our children…don’t spend enough time playing or enjoying life.Be happy; I’ve had a bit of a scrooge on my shoulder for a while now…I want to focus on what it really means for me to be happy and once and for all get rid of that scrooge. Stop all the anger, guilt, and be free of the weight of it on my shoulders.Be gratefulHelp others around me(eat healthier, exercise, play, laugh, rest, serve others)10 years down the road:Keep an active lifestyle with my family to help us all be healthier, fit and enjoy life and all of the opportunities out there.I want my children to know that being happy is more than playing on the wii or getting that “something” from the store that they’ve always wanted.Gratitude-I hope that it’s the way I live my life for all that I have, all the people who I come in contact with each day, and for the many things we take for granted…those little miracles that happen all the time; family, health, home, food on the table, friends, getting out of bed each day…Help people around me…this is a lifetime goal of mine. If I stop helping those around me, life would be meaningless.(eat healthier, exercise, play, laugh, rest, serve others)

  • Charlie Wigington

    Goals for the year. Reduce my bodyfat from 25% to 10%2. Obtain my personal training certificationGoals for the decade1. Maintain 7-8% body fat year round2. To inspire clients, friends, family that no matter where they came from, they have the ability to change.

  • Brit

    2010 is all about balancing the demands and the pleasures of everyday life.Being a very young minded forty-six year old, I now have the wisdom to understand that lasting beauty truly does come from within and a stressful lifestyle only diminishes that beauty.My many goals for 2010 include moving towards a more gratifying career, spending quality time with the ones I love & embracing my spirituality. In order for any of that to happen I must do the best I can to care of my body. What good am I to myself or anyone else if I’m not physically well?My desire is to spend a ‘reasonable’ amount of time on physical fitness, without obsessing, and develop sound eating habits. Considering the amount of misinformation out there it’s no easy task.Hopefully Tom’s book will be just THE GUIDE I need to help pull 2010 all together.

  • Ellen

    1 year goal:Take my fitness to a higher level with kettlebells and reach 125 on the scale!10 year goal:Pay off my kids college tuition and retire healthy, fit and strong!

  • Kimberly Cooper

    I am a performing artist at heart, and as much as I might wish it wasn’t the case, appearance plays a big role in the success of singers and dancers. As such, my fitness goals do play a large part in my general life goals.2010 Goals:- Achieve

  • Allie S

    1 year Goal – By January 1, 20111) Win my IFBB Pro card in Figure at Nationals this Summer2) Complete my last 4 classes towards my B.S. in Kinesiology3) Move into my own apartment by June 1st4) Personal train at least 2 clients regularly5) Take 2 courses towards my NASM continuing education6) Prepared to compete in Crossfit 2011 games10 year Goals1) Own and thrive in my holistic fitness/nutrition business2) Own my house in lovely San Diego3) Earn over 150K a year doing what I love4) Have a schedule that allows me to love people and serve others on a daily basis

  • Rose Huegen

    Rose Huegen’s 2010 Goals1. Maintain my 4.0 GPA2. Get promoted at work3. Achieve my goal weight of 140 and 25% body fat4. Develop a healthy lifestyle5. Join more BFFM challenges6. Discover more about who I amRose Huegen’s goals for the decade:1. Earn my bachelors degree in Accounting2. Pay off my student loans3. Run a marathon4. Maintain my health5. Save for my retirement6. Become financially sound7. Control my diabetes8. Motivate my partner to share in my lifestyle

  • daniel

    goals 2010-to improve posture ande muscle imbalances-i will fix my kyphosis-fix my anterior tilted pelvis-and fix my lagging right arm- i will keep my bodyfat under 10% currently 8.4%- continue to do cardio 3 times per weeks- and weight train 3 times per weekdecade goals- be married with 2 children- be under 10% bodyfat- take up a degree in human movement- take up yoga to relax- meet you TOM

  • Hernan

    My goal for 2010 is to live health by losing 30 lbs and reaching 18% body fat. I am presently at 197lbs with 36% bidy fat. I have been eating health foods, reduce alcohol intake, excercise daily (walking or riding bike). I have a family history of diabetes and luckily I have been ok so far. I plan to lose around 2 lbs per week by eating a lot of the stuff that I presently eat, however in moderate portions. With the decrease in calorie intake and excercise I know that I can reach my goal and sustain my body weight once I reach my goal. I have also written down my goals in order not to lose focus.

  • Bill Jeffrey

    Hi, Tom and all.My health and fitness goal for 2010 will be to continue the progress I’ve made so far in burning fat and building muscle:The pace was and will continue to be:Each week, have the scale show one pound less. So far, the scale has shown 30 pounds less as of today, January 21–and that is at the twenty-seven week mark. At the end of this year, the scale will read 223 pounds.Longer term health and fitness goal:No later than the first day of 2012, reach my maintenance level of 200 pounds with 10 % body fat, and have my body flexible with great stamina, and overflowing with energy.This is do-able, and I’m doing it.Thanks, Tom, for your help.

  • Penelope Xanthakis

    Hi, Tom!Boy, I wish I could have started out this goals list by saying I’d already achieved one. Having won the last contest over the holidays and I’d be heading to Jamaica by now. So, that is what has stimulated me to respond to your latest contest and I really hope I win this one because my ONE BIG GOAL is a life-long commitment to the weight-loss principles of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.I was going along great when I started the last contest at Thanksgiving. I ate my 6-meals per day and kept track of my caloric intake via an online diary. I kept my body-fat measurements up, but I did one thing you’ve asked us not to keep track of and that is our weight. I got stuck on the scale and let myself get down when I didn’t perform numerically. BIG MISTAKE and after feeling deflated that this wasn’t working for me, I caved in and did the 2nd thing you ask us not to do and that’s give up, but get right back on track and keep on burning. Well, I learned my lesson, but only with your help! I opened up my BFFM book and started reading again and found not only inspiration, but the “rules of the game” to get back on track and I’m on it again. I’m back into a regular fitness routine and am tracking my meals again. I threw out the scale (actually, donated it with a bunch of other stuff just before the year’s end for the tax credit 😉 and I’m not buying another one! My measure will be body fat and muscle gain! So now, to my goals…20% body fat before the end of the year (I’m starting out at 36%, so I have a way to go)Replacing my flabby, cottage-cheesey looking skin with muscle tone and not being worried about the stretch marks (I’ll stretch them across toned muscle).Finish my BA in Communications. I’ve already re-enrolled as a returning student to UCSD and will have my degree finished by June this year (I only needed 2 classes, all this time I didn’t even know).Be successful as an independent Realtor. I’ve embarked on my own in my real estate career and plan on being successful enough to warrant hiring an assistant to handle my marketing before the end of the year.Help my community become more politically aware and active. I’ve already set up a website to encourage my neighbors and community members in my voting district to get out and vote in 2010 to become part of the solution!It may seem as though I’ve taken on quite a bit, but I like to keep busy and these are all goals worth achieving! I want to thank you, Tom, for all your words of inspiration and being as candid as you are in your writings about what NEEDS to be done (and what NOT to do) to obtain and maintain fitness for my body. I wish I’d known about your principles earlier and may have saved my body from myself. I know I’ll be more successful this year because the discipline necessary to achieve total body fitness will be appreciated by all those around me who watch me succeed. I’d like to take that autographed copy and circulate it around to family and friends who could use your inspiration and guidance as well.Thank you again, Tom!I’m on my way…it’s gonna be a GREAT year in 2010…what a way to cap off the decade!!!

  • Tika

    Goals for 2010 and for the decade and beyond – because this committment starts today..Be good to myself and make time for me – which means going to the gym consistently.Get back to being healthy – when I first read Tom’s book I was so inspired and motivated that I embraced his ideas and concepts wholeheartedly. I was on a mission and I was well on my way to reaching my goals -since then I have fallen off the wagon, so to speak, and now I feel like its time to get back on it. So for 2010 I want to get back to a healthy me and be the best that I ever been, mind body and soul. No more excuses, no more bad habits, and falling back on things we know are bad but still give in to because it is easier to do so.Continue to be healthy, continue to push myself to greater heights, both phsyically and mentally. I will continue my workout regime and be in the best health I have ever been so that I am around for a very long time to enjoy my children and my grandchildren, god willing.Travel More internationallyTo stop collecting/buying “stuff” that clutters your life and focus on the bigger picture of family and friends and spending quality time with them.To be financially independent and to pass those lifeskills to my children.To think more globally and not just my “small” world.To participate in life more.To be more patient and not be in such a rush and to appreciate those small gestures of a spontaneous hug, kind words and special moments.Good luck to everyone in their quest for a healthier, sustainable, freer life..enjoy the journey!

  • Jeffrey Fortin

    My goal for 2010 is to complete 2 full marathons and a half marathon, bring my weight down from 188 to 170 and my %bodyfat down from 18.8% to 10%.My goals for the decade are to qualify for the Boston Marathon, run the Boston Marathon, learn to speak German for travel, become fluent in French and (re)learn how to play the Baritone while maintaining a %bodyfat of between 8-12%. My stretch goal will be to perform 10 pull-ups. Right now I can not even do one.

  • Tim

    My fitness goals for this year, are to improve on my mtb results compared to last year, by continuing to eat healthy, reducing my bmi over the next few months to be in the best shape I can be for the season. I want to do a 50+ mile mtb challenge. Mainly I want to keep enjoying my fitness, and help encourage and motivate family and friends to be able to do the same. I want to plan my training better, and take the time to set more goals to keep me pushing myselfOther goals include, going back to college :), buying a house, and enjoying life with my family and friends.

  • Robert Cobb

    2010 GoalsTo obtain bodyfat of 9% or less by middle of June, and keep under 10% all year.To obtain and maintain a heathy weight of 155 Lbs.Continue to eat heathy and weight train.Decade goalsMotorcycle ride the Continental divideClimb El-CapitanTravel to Europe

  • Valerie Headrick

    Whatever has happened to my body and my attitude has to change and I know it can be done with exercise and some commitment on my part. I’m 54 and going through menopause and am blown away at how this change of hormones can ruin most of my waking and sleeping hours. I’ve gained at least 65 pounds and work in a stressful situation, (on-call cook, assistant, horse trainer, chauffeur/errand girl, etc.) 24-7 for an often grouchy 87 year old gentleman, (making the job even harder).I hope that without blaming him and the job situation, I can get back on track with the endorphin buzz of some form of exercise and I know my body will repay me with my once ambitious metabolism, (5’10” – and used to be 155 lbs. Now I’m closer to 220 lbs!).In this year ahead, I know I could lose at least 30-40 lbs. maybe more, making my horse riding experience way more fun, (for me and the horses!) and my attitude about my life much more rewarding. I also feel I’m not setting a very good example for my two kids in their 30s.In ten years? Well, this time in my life is obviously the culmination of many years experience and I would like to apply myself to a rewarding career with horses and animals in terrific physical shape and health. I want to wake up eager to get on with my day and have dreams in the night of my great life to come.I’ve already purchased your book and haven’t gotten it yet, but if I win this one, I’m going to use it to encourage my kids to pay attention to what you have to offer and say.Thanks for your efforts,Valerie

  • Vince Overton

    This year my goal is to lose 25-30lbs and lower my body fat percentage as well as to eat healthier. In the next 10 years I want to continue with a healthy lifestyle, maintain muscle mass and exercise regularly. I would like to be practicing homeopatic or naturopathic medicine and I would like to record and sell my own vocal music cd!

  • GOALS FOR THE YEAR 2010*Mental – I have battled bulimia for 2 years and body dysmorphia for well over 8 years. I did get from 170 pounds to 125 over a period of years but it led to a “health obsessed” eating disorder and irrational fears of food, weight, and calories. So my goal is to 100% EDO free.*physical – 120 pds, 12% bodyfat*health – to acquire balance in my emotional (gain emotional intelligence), spiritual (my connection to myself and god), and social life(being able to spend time with those I care about as well as find social communities to join and be a part of).*Fitness goal – to be able to do 8 pull ups unassisted (I can only do 1 at the moment unassisted) and 5 one arm pushups! (I can do 35 full pushups with both hands at the moment)*OTHER GOALS OVER THE NEXT DECADE- 1) get my ACSM 2) develop a business that synergizes emotional, physical, nutrional, and spiritual needs. (emotional and mental is more important than even physical because you can have the perfect body, but if your mentally not in that body life is not good) Tom made a big point about this in his BFFM book about believing and positive thinking. 3) start a eating disorder recovery program that is non for profit 4) write a book to help others in recovery 5) graduate college 6) learn italian 7) find a soulmate husband (preferably a cute one lol) 8) a beautiful home to raise a family 9) eventually becoming a life coach, nutriionist, model, editor, motivational speaker 10) have a trillion dollars (okay getting out of hand, but its MY dream right!? lol)I have so many goals and so many successes already….I am up against the biggest challenge of all this year.I know I can do it…….here is to health, prosperity, and motivation for you all in the new year!cheers!ValeriePS just wanted to also say hey TOM! I am a super fan and have been for years, I always love reading your posts. You really have everyones best interests at heart and i respect that more than you can imagine!

  • Matt C

    2010 Goals:-drop my body fat to

  • Stephanie S.

    1 year: My goal is to be at my goal weight of 140 lbs. I have a long road ahead of me and about 100 lbs to get rid of but with determination, hard work, and BFFM I can achieve it. I say I need to get rid of the fat and not lose it because when you lose something you tend to find it later. I have no intentions on finding the weight after it is gone!!! This is my year!!!! 2010 I’m gonna win!!!10 year: I will be in the best shape of my life. My goal is to be financially stable, mentally and physically healthy, and living the dream.Thanks for the knowledge to achieve my goal!!!Stephanie S.

  • Jessica P

    My #1 goal for 2010 is to get healthy and feel great. Having recently been diagnosed with Celiac and Hashimoto’s diseases, along with having high cortisol levels, the last 2 years have been a struggle for me! Not feeling well and trying to keep weight off and stay lean has been nearly impossible and gotten very discouraging. But, finally I have been given a diagnosis for my health issues. Now, with the help of medication, and a gluten free diet, I am on the road to feeling well, and I have a positive outlook. I am ready to tackle my goal of 14% body fat by the end of the year, I am so close! I will get there soon!My goal for 10 years is to maintain my health, and not allow any obstacles get me down! I want to maintain a body fat of 14%, and continue to explore new and fun ways to work out. I have a lot to learn about living a gluten free lifestyle, but in 10 years, I would love to write a gluten free cookbook. I would also love to run a marathon. Finally, travel and see the world with my family!Thank you for your time, sharing your knowledge, and inspiring me!Jessica P

  • Mary L

    Goals: Immediate- to loose 80 lbs of fat over the next year. long term- to continue seeking health thru positive methods like those embodied by the BFFM program as I serve as an example to others that my problems are self-inflicted(no excuses) and relief will come thru inner strength. Life’s tough but I am tougher!

  • George Flemer

    I just turned 50! Its hard to comprehend where all the years have gone, and in such a hurry. The next fifty will be better than the last. I will be in control, with laser focus and relentless determination I will reach each and every goal I set for myself.1. lead a healthy life style by-eating meals that are not processed or full of sugar and other chemicals that I cant pronounce.working out daily with a sensible mixture of resistance and aerobics.2. My body weight will be 180lbs with 10% body fat by April 2010.3. I will enter and finish the Everglades Challenge, a 300 mile expedition style small boat race down the west coast of Florida. Oh I will do it on my custom built EXPEDITION WINDSURFER.4. I will become a published author writing about the outdoor lifestyle and adventures of the Expedition Windsurfer.5. I will build a profitable business in the outdoor industry selling the Expedition Windsurfer.6. My family life will be one of peace and contentment because I have become the person I have always known I could be. I feel great about me and it overflows into all I do.7. I will approach each and every day with a sense of wonderment and adventure knowing that each day is gift and an opportunity to learn and experience something new.Tom, thanks for the book! It will be a great guide to help me reach these and other goals of life.

  • Daena

    2010 Goals:- Weigh no more than 115 lbs- Maintain no more than 20% body fat- Lose at least 20 lbs of body fat- Gain at least 10 lbs of muscle- Perform at least 5 unassisted pull ups, 100 push ups from toes, 1000 squats- Run continuously at a moderate pace for 1 hour- Flexible enough to sit in a straddle and extend my torso to the floor- Complete ACE personal trainer certification- To have to buy another skydiving jumpsuit because my other one is too big- Start physical therapy assistant program- Experience gratitude every day- Learn to surf- Compete in a figure competition2010 Decade Goals:- Complete Doctor of Physical Therapy Program- Maintain optimum fitness and nutrition- Play more- Win a figure competition- Own my own home- Continue to build habits to accomplish bigger goals and live a more expansive life

  • Daena

    2010 Goals:- Weigh no more than 115 lbs- Maintain no more than 20% body fat- Lose at least 20 lbs of body fat- Gain at least 10 lbs of muscle- Perform at least 5 unassisted pull ups, 100 push ups from toes, 1000 squats- Run continuously at a moderate pace for 1 hour- Flexible enough to sit in a straddle and extend my torso to the floor- Complete ACE personal trainer certification- To have to buy another skydiving jumpsuit because my other one is too big- Start physical therapy assistant program- Experience gratitude every day- Learn to surf- Compete in a figure competition2010 Decade Goals:- Complete Doctor of Physical Therapy Program- Maintain optimum fitness and nutrition- Play more- Win a figure competition- Own my own home- Continue to build habits to accomplish bigger goals and live a more expansive life

  • Andre' Garsaud

    2010 Goals:1) Now that I’m in my 4th decade, I have decided I need to start doing either yoga or pilates for my body.2)Lose 10lbs of weight, leaning out, and attaining a single digit body fat%.(Currently 12%)3)Start doing cardio, again, for the first time in 9yrs, as part of my plan to achieve #2.4)Balance out my nutritional intake. Increase my intake of fruit and vegetables….include more super foods and foods rich in anti-oxidants.5)As a Personal Trainer, continue to grow my business, and in so doing, make a difference in people’s lives, not just my clients’, but others as well.6)Continue to learn as much about the human body and physical fitness as I can.DECADE:1)Be as good a father as I possibly can.2)Start my own GYM.3)Become financially stable.4)Continue to live a healthy lifestyle.5)Meet my future wife.6)Teach my son the importance of a healthy lifestyle.Tom, I already own two copies of your book, but would consider it an honor to own a “Tom Venuto Autographed” copy.Sincerely, Andre’ C. Garsaud

  • Isabella Swarbrick

    Mygoal for the year 2010 is simply to start to set goals!! I am 57yrs this year and have never set goals!! I am now relising that this is soooo important for me to achive anything! I have been following your site for about a year now, have reduced my weight by 10kgs but it is the body fat loss that has showed up more. I now have only 4-5kgs to go and these are the most difficult but my GOAL this year is to complete this mission then my 10yr plan is to NEVER RETURN TO BEING OVER WEIGHT AGAIN!!!

  • Amor Kisling

    1 yearI’d love to compete at an international figure competitionlose another 4% bodyfat to maintain it at 15%, so when I want to compete, I do not have a lot to lose, and do not have to resort to crash diet and insane trainingBe a great mommy, enjoy life, helping others by being an example of health, finishing my post graduate program, and hopefully not be a single mom for long.Compete in Figure Olympia show(but before that I need some implant, so thats another longer term goal)I would love to further my studies and study medicine.Never lose sight of how precious life is.Not to just be alive but live my life.

  • anna h

    2010 Goals:- I will lose the last 10 – 5 lbs and maintain my goal weight- I will eat cleaner and reduce the frequent cheating- I will feel great, be pleased with how I look, and finally fit into the pair of pants I have been wanting to- I will start and finish a structured 3 month training system- I will read my Bible more regularly- I will study for and pass the last test for my degree- I will de-clutterLong Term Goals- I will maintain a healthy body fat percentage of 16%- I will be a good role model for my daughter- I will be closer to God- I will travel and spend time enjoying nature all over the world- I will run a 10k- I will be ready to meet the man who I will marry and we will make a great team.- I will be able to bike and camp across the state- I will go on missions trips

  • Mark (MNMAC)

    Goals for Mark Carlson (MNMAC)Short Term (Next 120 days):I am elated to have permanently discarded 4% body fat and am now below 14%. My clothes need to be altered again and I have the energy necessary to grasp ahold of the abundance and promise available to me for the rest of the year. I accomplished this by remaining vigilent in my planned daily exercise and my consistent preparation of healthy, natural foods.I am also thrilled to have my first e-book written and available for sale on the internet. This enables me the opportunity to build upon my established success, enhance my self confidence and springboard my entreprenurial home-based business.2010:2010 = 2010% effort resulting in an additional shedding of 4% body fat. A total discarding of 8%. I am now at single digit body fat. I am recognized as a role model for others over 50 and a beacon of hope to others for what is possible in improving one’s health, wellness and happiness.I am enjoying my new work environment in my home-based business leaving my current employment with grace, dignity and contribution. My current employer is in a better position at my departure than when I started.For The Decade:I have maintained my BF percentage in the single digits and am more fit at 66 than I was at 56 when I started this journey to a better, healthier me. I continue to role model for others over 50, speaking publicly to advance wellness in America.My home-based business generates over 7 digit revenues annually; I now limit the number of public speaking enagements due to schedule strain and I enjoy working only three days a week. I spend more time at our lake cabin relaxing with and enjoying my grandchildren.While others are slowing down, I continue seeking new opportiunities to advance wellness as I continue working well into my 90’s.

  • Helena Perez

    Hi!This year I would love to feel 8 pounds lighter and continue improving my overall health.All my life is one diet followed by other diet and I do not want to get caught in this circle anymore.I already lost 26 pounds this last year but I want to get leaner :)I also really like to educate all the people around me, family, friends and co-workers about healthy food so I want to get an specialty in nutrition.Looking into the future I want to maintain my current activity level, my love for healthy food and my education on that field.It’s not about me but all the people who are around or I may know at the future and I want to maintain them near me as long as I can.Sorry for my English it’s difficult to express all my thoughts in another language 🙂

  • 1 year goal – to lose 25 lbs of fat and maintain a regular weekly workout schedule, to get my eating out of control and eliminate Pepsi from my diet10 year goal – to have achieved a healthy weight and remain active in my life. To have inspired my 2 little girls, who will then be teenagers, to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • MHJ

    2010Get marriedLoose additionally 36lbs (64 already gone)Compete in a marathonDecadeGet Child(ren)Stay healthyStay happy

  • CSovo

    2010 Fitness Goals:-cut body fat by 50%-gain 20 pounds lean muscle

  • Amanda Helms

    2010 goals:1. Lose enough fat to get down to size 4 or 6.2. Upon reaching goal 1, begin working on “intuitive eating” for maintenance levels–I’d prefer not to count calories and weigh my food forever if I can help it.3. Work on reimplementing daily goals and affirmations4. Begin building lean muscle mass in the latter half/last quarter of the year.5. Finish paying off car loan and student loan to become debt-freeDecade 2010-2019 goals1. Maintain 18%-20% body fat from healthy diet and active lifestyle2. Own a home3. Get married and raise a healthy, active family.4. Land an agent and subsequently a book deal (for fiction)

  • Melissa Earl

    I must say that the best thing for my health and nutrition was the day i found Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. Fitness suddenly made sense to me again. And let me tell you how excited it makes me, to hear about your new book Tom. I just recently (5 weeks ago) gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Unfortunately the pregnancy was very difficult and the labour was 3 days long ending in an emergency c-section. The great news is that our baby boy is beautiful and healthy. However, just before becoming pregant last year I had lost a total of 35 pounds with the help of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. I felt great! Now after the birth of my son I am left feeling like I am having to start over a bit. So to have a book that helps Women understand themselves and their health better is like the best Christmas wish I could think of. Especially when it comes to the emotional aspects of fitness and nutrition.My one year goal would have to be fitting back into those pre-pregancy cloths! And of course getting those eating habits under control again. I was a size 9 before getting pregnant (down from a 15 with burn the fat feed the muscle) and would like to see myself reach that goal again and who knows maybe more!My ten year goal is simple. I want to have more energy and a stronger body so that as I watch my son grow over the years and he becomes more active and busy, I am right there able to keep up. I am able to play along side him and be really involved in everything that he does! That in itself is the most precious goal that I can make not only for myself but for my son as well!

  • S. Ursin

    Lose 20lb of fat and get stronger. Like to be able to do pull ups…without a chair.Then have a second baby and not put any extra baby fat on.10 year goal is to stay in great shape and be good rolemodel to my daugter. Show her how to eat live food(raw vegetables and fruit, nuts, seeds), exercise and be happy.

  • Joseph Robinson

    By the end of 2010 I will…-be able to have full range of motion in my right shoulder (torn rotator cuff)-be able to see my ab muscles-be less than 200 lbs-be under 12% body fat-work out 4x per week-have adapted my diet to a lifestyle-reward myself for successThroughout the Decade (2010-2019) I will…-be able to do 100 pushups without risk of injury to my shoulder-still be able to run a 9 minute mile and a half when I’m 39-stay between 9-14% body fat-work out for maintenance and stay active daily-improve my cooking to fit my new lifestyle-bring my wife and children into my new lifestyle for their benefit

  • Joe Healy

    Goals for 2010:-Break the 30 minute mark on the 5K in November-Continue to eat healthier to the point where I don’t have to think about it.-Get below 270lbs.-Get whole family involved in activities that don’t involve eating or the use of a remote control-Play a team sport (softball or basketball)Goals for this decade:-Get below 200 lbs. and stay below 200 lbs.-Learn to play the banjo-Run a 10K and then a half marathon-Visit Alaska

  • Kim Smith

    On August 4th of 2009, I successfully lost 240 pounds during a 10 minute telephone conversation in which I informed my husband he was not to return to our home! Since then, although the scales are reflecting minimal weight loss my clothes are looser and everyone comments on how good I’m looking these days. But I digress.I made both short and long term goals this year as a result of reading the BTF newsletters. I don’t remember them all but here’s a shot at it.1. Get fit by July 1 2010. I can do it. It isn’t what the scale says but the lack of stamina and heavy breathing after climbing stairs. I am in the process of moving to a 3-story condo and to het from the garage to the bedroom and vice versa I HAVE to climb every single step. The weigh loss is a bonus but being able to do everyday tasks without huffing and puffing is the goal.2. By the time I leave for law school in 2 years, have my weight back down to 104. (No I’m not anorexic and it isn’t too little for me to weigh. I weighed 105 after the birth of my older son. I weighed 124 before he was born and the doctor told me I was gaining too much.).3. Read more Scripture, pray less selfishly and be more thankful. I have been practicing this on the way to work every morning.4. Be more outgoing and less of a wallflower. I am doing self evaluations and getting practical advice. Having the 240 pound tumor removed helps tremendously.5. Complete my Masters in Health Law by 20126. Enroll and complete law school by 2015.7. Pass the bar and return to work in 2015.8. Impress my boss and his peers so much when I return to work tha when he retires several years later I am chosen as his replacement.9. Become debt free except for student loans by Fall 2012.10. Pay off student loans by 12/31/19. Company will assist in law school debt so this is absolutely doable if I budget well and stick to it.4.

  • Elizabeth Anderson

    1 Year Goals- I exercise 6 days a week; each day pushing myself to be better, faster, stronger.- I am running full out for 30 minutes.- My body is always between 13-17% body fat.- I drink 4L of water every day.- I eat 5-6 meals a day that have the proper ratio of healthy carbs and proteins every 2.5 – 3 hours.- I visualize myself accomplishing my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and all long term goals on a daily basis.- I read at least 1 book a week.- I look amazing in my small – medium and size 6 clothes; all of which fit me comfortably.- Guys stop and take a double look when I pass by.- I share what I have learned with all those who are interested.- My success and determination motivate family members to become healthy and fit.10 Year Goals- My 1 year goals have become permanent deeply engrained habits.- I maximize efficiency and effectiveness in all I do.- My fictional novel is published and retains its spot on the Top 10 Bestsellers List for a full year.- I am backpacking through the Alaskan wilderness on a photographic project.- I create a rehabilitation ranch for people with disabilities using abandoned and rehabilitated animals as part of their rehabilitation.Life Long Goals (to be achieved this year & maintained for life)- My blood pressure is always between 110/70 – 120/80.- My total cholesterol is always below 150 with my HDL well above 50 and my LDL well below 80.- My triglycerides are always well below 70 mg/dl.- My doctor always smiles and tells me I am healthier than most 25 year olds at every yearly physical.- I am happy and at peace with myself and my life.

  • Gail

    Tom, Thanks for all the help you’ve given me through your book BFFM. It was revolutionary in my life. I’m a 66 year old woman who feels great! Your book inspired me to write goals, following your first chapter exactly. Here is a very very watered down version of my goals, expressed in list form, rather than in the “visionary” form I’ve done on my own personal list.Year 2010:1. Go from my present body fat of 26% to 19% by Sept. 1, 2010.2. Lose another 25 pounds (I’ve lost 40 pounds so far following your exercising and eating guidelines) at a rate of 3 pounds a month. This would mean that by Aug. 1 I will weigh 125 lbs.3. Be wearing a size 4 jeans by Sept. 1, 2010.4. Continue to strength train (Super Slow) 2X per week and cardio 5 times per week, with a goal of AT LEAST 280 fitness minutes per week.5. Strive to burn at least 1500 calories per week in cardio and strength training workouts.Goals for the next decade:1. Increase my proficiency in orienteering, advancing to the blue level.2. Become proficient in using a compass.3. Complete the zip line course here in our area.4. Improve my proficiency in spoken French.5. Complete a 5K race by walking it in less than 14 minutes per mile.6. Take a biking vacation, possibly in Europe. Probably in France where I can use my French!

  • One Year Goals: To work out three days a week or more, and to get into good physical shape/ Get a Good Job in Web Design/ Grow my company doing freelance and side work/ BE POSITIVE EVERY DAYTen Year Goals:Own my own house/ Own my own business and work for myself doing web design/ Have one more or more children/ BE POSITIVE EVERY DAY/ Continue to work out at least three times a week

  • Scott B

    Hi Tom,I started running in March 2009 and have dropped my weight to 190lb from 210lb. I don’t know what my initial BF was, but it is now 16.6%. I am reading BFFM and have the following short term goals:

  • I am thrilled to have dropped my BF to 10% by March 1
  • I know I am looking good now that I have six-pack abs
  • I will run my best time ever for the 10 km on marathon weekend (May 29-30)
  • I am wearing clothes that haven’t fit me in years
  • I am getting stronger every time I weight trainHere are some other goals that I have set for myself for the next decade:
  • I will start my own business
  • I will become financially secure by age 50 (2018)
  • I will win a contest 😉
  • Brittany B.

    2010 Goals -1. Live healthier, be healthier.This should allow me to:2. Get leaner3. Lose fat and gain muscle4. Have more energy and vitality.In other areas of my life –5. Qualify for the World Show yet again6. Win Amateur and Open All Around7. Win Rookie of the year IRADecade Goals-1. Maintain my healthier lifestyle2. Still be able to wear the same size clothes (or smaller) that I am wearing today.Other Areas3. Qualify for the NFR4. Win the World5. Have a profitable and well known barn and business.I have many other goals and I could spend a few hours and write a book about it, but these are the ones that are on top.Brittany

  • maggie

    Maggie’s goals: Do some kind of physical activity 6 Days week. Eat healthy 80-90% of time. Still enjoy life! Long term….try new things, maybe knew personal project. Appreciate the small stuff and everyday blessings.

  • lynn hoeye

    my goals for this year is to start to get in shape the right way and look the way i want for summer, that means losing the last 50 lbs.goal for the decade is staying in shape and not going the way of my mother and giving up on life. and if that means working out 3 to 5 times a week so be it, besides i have 2 wonderfull granddaughters that i want to be around for and to see my greatgrandkids.

  • Denise Edwards

    I am a personal trainer and your book, BFFM, really helped me with my personal goals. And I am sure that your new book will help me help my clients. I tell them how to view food and make better choices but, it seems, they don’t want to believe me. I feel that if I could show them in print, from an expert, what I have been telling them, they might take it to heart. My New Year’s resolution is to work even harder to get my clients into the best shape of their lives and with your help I think I can do it.Thanks for all your hard work and for doing the research for me!Denise

  • Kevin J. Cusack

    Dear TomMy goals are to keep eating as healthy (cut way down on sugar and salt and eat the good fats) and lose some body fat. My Dad died at age 64 and my Mom died at 63-heart attack,dad and stroke,mom. At my present age of 54, maybe I only have 8 more years and I’d like a whole lot more. My kids are 12,15,and 18 and I’d like to be around. In (hopefully) 10 years Id like to be active,and have people say “that guy looks good for his age”. I will continue to read everything you write and always take as much inspiration from you as I can. Thanks Tom for being someone we can all look up to. Kevin

  • Sierra

    Loved the last book. I lost all of the baby weight. Now entering second pregnancy and want to keep it off, not lose it at the end.I Love working out and eating healthy, and love gainging knowledge. You are the best sorce out there! Thanks for all of your research!

  • Guy Jones

    Ive signed up three times and I keep getting the wrong link! Now I’ve got the right link, I couldnt wait any longer.I went to Amazon and bought a copy. But it sure would be nice If i could get a signed copy.Hint Hint Hint!Guy Jones

  • Mike S

    Goals for next year:- Lose the “last 10 lbs.”- Learn to eat properly- Increase my meals to six a day and decrease the portions.- Build muscle in my upper body and tone lower body muscles.- Replace the bad habits that break my will power.- Join a basketball team – An over forty league ;-)Goals for the next decade:- Maintain the diet and exercise habits that I have been developing over the last year and not fall back to old habits.- Be able to help those that need guidance in health & fitness. Not a trainer or councilor, but someone that can confidently point a person in need in the “right” direction for help.- Pay off debt and increase savings- Travel to Europe- Own a hobby farmCheers to all ~ Mike Sullivan

  • Burney Ashley

    Fitness Goals for 2010Weight 200 lbs. – Today sameWaist 33′ – Today 34″Chest 50″ – Today 47″Guns 16″ – Today 15″I have burned another 10 lbs of fat from my abs and have replaced it with muscle. No more 4 pack, my six pack is on full display now. I am a phenomena in the realm of fitness at 58. I maintain a highly nutritious diet of mainly fish, poultry and lean green vegetables and never look back. I enjoy these foods and I am committed to dining on them from now on. I feel vibrant and highly energized. My mind is lucid and my focus is razor sharp. I still train with weights five days a week and participate in HIIT cardio 4 days a week. Walking 18 holes of golf only entices me to play more.10 year Fitness GoalsI have maintained my weight, my physique and my diet. I have all the energy I need to maintain a highly active lifestyle. People half my age often ask me, where do you get all that energy from Burney? I am 68 now but I feel as vibrant and stong as I did when was 40. It must be all that HGH I am generating with my workouts. Yes you guessed it, I am still weight training Monday through Friday and doing HIIT cardio 4 days.

  • Maria Marino

    I am a personal trainer and I also own my own fitness company which consist of 14 other trainers. I have read you previous book burn the fat, feed the muscle and learned many new things about health and fitness. I believe your new book will not only help me, but also all 14 other trainers that I employ. My new resolution is to help educate my employees to further increase their knowledge of health and fitness.I want to go above and beyond, just like you do to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle. I hope to expand my business this year. I want to lower my body percentage of fat as well. I want to go from 25% to 18% body fat within this year. I want to eat clean and have less cheat meals. I want to be an example of good health for my children. I want to attend church on a weekly basis. I want to help educate others around me how to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I want to appreciate life and all those that are a part of it. I want to take time to enjoy my family and friends. Thank you for helping me educate my clients and employees. I greatly appreciate all of your effort and time you put into your books. You’re the Greatest!!!!

  • Trina

    Dear TomMy one year goal-lose the last inch or so off my hips and thighs and run a 10k race for the first time.10 year goal-run a half marathon, train for figure modelling while keeping my vegan lifestyle to the best of my ability.Those are the fitness goals, my life goals however are much different.My children are my life, so being the best parent and provider for them is my day to day, minute to minute, hour to hour goal.I find that fitness really helps me keep my mind clear, and eating properly keeps me lean and sharp, and strong for my twins.I appreciate all the emails and information you provide, and really am looking forward to winning this book!!Take careTrina

  • Dawn Diamond

    Hi Tom,I own your Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle Book, as well as the Hard Cover Book of The Body Fat solution.I will be 55 years young this year, and my Goals for 2010 will be to finally get down to 19% Body Fat. I am at 24% now.I work out 5 times per week, with women who are half my age, and I am proud to say I can keep up with them no problem.My other goals are to finish my courses that I am doing with ISSA, for PFT, and SPN.My 10 year goal is to stay healthy and fit well into my sixty’s, so that I may prove to everyone out there, you are NEVER to old to get fit.Thank You

  • kathy

    become a healthier senior citizen. Reduce body fat, build muscle, I am osetepenic and need to build more muscle and bone thru proper diet and exercise. Become more active so that I don’t break bones or lose muscle tone that I do have.

  • Shankar Ramani

    2010 goalTo continue the rest of my fat loss journey and get to 12% body fat from my current 25%. (I was 42% BF when I started).To seal the new way of life and fitness as my permanent lifestyleGoal for Decade1. To establish a transformation goal every year similar to 2009 (when I started BFFM) and achieve the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual transformation as mandated by the goal. I know now that I have the power to transform myself.2. To find formal and informal ways to help people transform their lives like myself, just as Tom Venuto has helped thousands transform their lives through a precise, meaningful method. The goal is to transform at least 100 people every year by spreading my knowledge and experience

  • Kay Vanatta

    Goals for 2010:This year I will be 55 and I plan to be STAYING ALIVE!!*My 3rd Breast Cancer 3Day Walk in Dallas*participate in at least 2 racing events to add to my multi-state collection (5K to marathon..long-range all 50 states :-))*train for and participate in marathon #2 for grandchild #2*perform in a dance recital*continue mental work on eating issues*RE-LOSE 20 pounds (3 years ago I lost 60 pounds and am still struggling with maintenance)*RE-SHAPE and strengthen my upper body*also re-read the Bible, get rid of the rest of our debt, read a minimum of one book per week & strengthen relationships with extended family and enjoy my life!Goals for the Decade:In 10 years I will be celebrating my 65th birthday.. my kids will all be grown and gone. We will be debt-free and able to live within our means. I will be thin and healthy and will have resolved my food issues. I will be strong and a good support to friends and family. I will travel with my husband!*10 more 3 Day walks in different locations (there are 15 locations so this is moving on a 15 year goal!)*continue racing events – minimum 5 marathons and at least 5 events outside of the United States.*Travel to Europe and AustraliaThanks for helping me see this through! I love setting goals and working toward them!

  • John Murphy

    In 2010, I will get control of my diet, eat well and lose 15 kilos of body fat, reducing to 85 kilos. I will use the weightloss to move up from running half marathon distance to full marathon distance.In the next decade, I will move from 59 years to 67 years, and I will spend these years preparing my body for an active and healthy old age, mentally acute, eating appropriately, avoiding toxins, and exercising into my nineties.

  • Audrey Kerzner

    About three years ago, I tried the BFFM program. I found it a bit difficult only because I am not a big eater and I had to force myself to eat veggies & protein approximately every 3 hours. A few months went by and although my body shape did improve and I felt stronger, it wasn’t until the third month that I happened to take a good look in a full length mirror. I’m one of those unlucky woman that although I look and am considered ‘thin’ (5’3″, 117 lbs, size 2), I still retain fat in my upper arms and thighs (this is where the weight goes on first and comes off last!), so no matter how much the rest of my body is lean and shapely, those two areas are last to respond. (But, boy did the breast fat fall off immediately!) The mirror showed me that the fat deposits in my two problem areas had virtually disappeared in the three months I followed your program! I was astounded — especially with the appearance of my thighs. I usually carry cellulite on the backs of my thighs and for the first time in many years, it was almost all gone! It was very inspiring for me and although I was motivated by this, unfortunately real life (an emotionally draining marriage) got in the way and I was waylaid from following the BFFM program. Now, three years later, I am again on the BFFM program path and so far so good. I am only in the first month, but I am determined, more than ever, to make this summer be the summer I can walk on the beach without being embarrassed and be a ‘hot’ mama! Well, sort of hot, being that I am 53 and a mother of two grown children — lol!I’m very inspired this time around [again] and would love to have a copy of this book to motivate me further! My new boyfriend, who’s in awesome shape, is also an encouraging factor, so I’m hoping I will stick with the program for the rest of my life. Thanks BFFM!

  • Diane

    Found out last month that I have a health issue that could become serious if not addressed. I have started eating better and walking but quite honestly don’t know how to put it all together for optimal health. It sound like your book could be the answer. I’m ready to do the work – will you help me?

  • J Morgan

    My goal is now that I’ve lost 16lbs thanks to Tom and BFFM to:Spread the word to anyone who will listen that BFFM works and is a plan that will work for the rest of your life.Lift and incorporate cardio into my day consistently!18% body fat by June 1st.Thanks Tom, couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Hi Tom,I live in Melbourne Australia and as you may or may not know, recent studies showed that Australians are the most obese people on the planet!I refuse to be one of them and since becoming an e book client of yours I have reduced my body weight percentage from 23 to 17% slowly in 12 months. I am now on maintenace mode but this year I am challenging myself to go the last mile and get it down to 12 – 13%.I am 55 years old and go to the gym 3 times a week in which I do stretching (20mins) strength training (20 mins) using the split system and cardio for another 20 mins in that order. I play golf (walking and pulling my own trolley) twice a week in addition to my gym days.This year my challenge and goal is to go harder in the gym and pay more attention to my nutrition. My current carbohydrate, oils and protein intake is 50-20-30 respectively, which in my mind is not ideal. I plan to reduce my carb intake a bit more – which in my household is quite difficult being Asian in ethnicity. However, it is my challenge that it must be done.By years end I want my body fat to be in the 12 – 13% range.For this decade my challenges are many but there are 5 that I must aim towards to. They are:1) To retire and be financially independent in 8 years time.2) To be as fit as I am now with body fat to be within my specified range above,3) To be a single golf handicapper and maintaining it; right now I am 10 HCP and I plan to be comfortable in the 7 – 8 range,4) To travel round the round in 9 nine years time with my wife for 1 whole year doing self drives and using the train & rail network all over. We plan to stay in hotels, motels and be comfortable so financially I must be able to afford this luxury. Also in this travel plan I want to play golf at least once in every country that we visit.5) To come home after the year long trip and be fit and healthy enough to spend my sunset years with my grand children!I have penned all these down in my diary and I work on 1 year, 3 years and 5 year plans. So far in my 1,3 and 5 years plans which I term the short and medium planning years, only two things stand out and they are to acheive my health, fitness (including golf) and fat level plans and the other is to grow my business to get me the long term plan of being financially able. The rest can wait for the next 5 years.Once again thank you Tom for showing me the “way” I have always been a health fanatic but without knowing how it is always a stab in the dark. But no more!Cheers,Nick.

  • Deb

    This year: Get this nearly 50 year old body in shape and stay that way. Inspire as many other women my age along the way to do the same.Ten years: My ultimate goal is to compete in a masters body shaping competition. To continually beat my own personal best, to explore all that being human can mean.

  • Brian Lowe

    2010- Drop body fat from 15.5% to under 14.% and maintain under 14.0% for the rest of my life (existing goal so nearly there!)- Gain 2kg of muscle- stretch 2-3 days per week to rectify extreme tightness in shoulders and legs- work on minimising stress by improving work/life balanceDecade- continue to maintain body fat at lean levels and continue with fitness improvementst to be at my best physical health possible.- achieve financial independence so that I only need to work if I want to because I enjoy it- increase my volunteer work with those I can assist (disabled children, crisis youth)Lifetime- stop working in sales/marketing and own business- work full time with crisis youth and disabled on front line, mentoring and training roles-

  • Lynn Li

    I am 57 years old, female, 169cm tall with body weight 57kg. I bought BFFM ebook some years ago. I am now so proud of my physique – yet perfect – and do not care very much of wrinkles on my face. I have stopped using those expensive cosmetic products even though some of my friends seem having younger facial skin than me. From reading the ebook and Tmo’s emails I’ve learnt and believed that muscle building is the most important thing when it comes to health concern.My 1st goal for 2010 is to keep enjoying my morning workouts. 2nd goal is to reduce my body fat to Lillac Skinfold reading 8 and have body weight between 54-55kg.My long term goal is to reduce my body fat to Lillac Skinfold reading 6 and be able to enjoy morning excises no matter how old of me.I can’t believe I’m over 50 years of age. I feel youthful. I believe I have the best years ahead of me.

  • Maggie Pound

    First I would like to thank everyone for their posts – they are a great reminder for all the little and big things we all want to accomplish. Also I would like to thank Tom for a great idea in making this contest/giveaway meaningful to everyone who participates.Goals for 2010:Being able to be active for a full day, 7 days a week (without having my body crash for health reasons). In order to accomplish this I:Continue to add a little more to my exercise regime every week with one excercise activity being outdoors on most days,drop my weight to a fit 140,Improve my sleep habits (go to bed before midnight and get up before 8am),Progressively fix more of my own meals and snacks, prepped beforehand (as opposed to eating prepackaged meals),Declutter my living and work space and maintain it daily,Meditate every day,Enjoy the process,Give my time and my resources over to god to serve in everything I do.Goals for the decade:I am the healthiest at 50 than I have ever been before,while continuing to look like I was in my thirties (I am 45 now),Healthy living habits have become a complete no-brainer from exercise to diet to being able to stay relaxed all day under any circumstances,Develop an understanding how to regenerate my body for longevity and live accordingly,Live every moment in service to god, with no excuses left,And most of all just ENJOY everything!

  • Jack Kirkwood

    Goal for life: To concentrate on caloric expenditure rather than deficit as I have been informed by twenty-year friends that I always seem to be on one diet or another!Goal for this year: Continue to the path I started in November 2008 which has given me consistent success. BFFM!

  • Claire Gibbons

    My Goals: To lose 26kg of fat in 52 weeks (thats just over a pound a week).2. To increase my lean muscle mass by at least 5%3. To improve my VO2 max and cardio endurance to a point where I can complete a 10km in under an hour (by October)4. Get my horse from race horse to dressage horse in time for the next competition seasonMy Goals for the decade.1. Reach my goal weight of 55kg and stay there for the next 10 years2. Be fit and healthy and happy3. Breed my next competition horse and break it in myself4. run a marathon5. compete in a multisport challenge

  • Betsey

    2010 Goals (some SMART, some pie-in-the-sky)To drop about 50 lbs of body fat, although that might take into 2011. Reaching the goal is not a contest.To eat a protein with each of my 5 meals a dayTo drink 120 oz of water a dayTo each a variety of colors of vegetables each dayTo eat every 2.5-3 hours to keep my blood sugar balancedTo start the day with some kind of five minute stretch or light cardioTo reduce my body fat to 18%To pull on a pair of size 10 jeans and have them fitTo be active in someway (teaching cardio/ballet/hula, lifting weights or yoga everydayTo show my kids that mommy won’t always have a squishy bellyGoals for the decadeTo maintain a healthy body composition at 16-20% BFTo completely rid my body of diabetes medicine and maintain a healthy A1AC of 6.1 or below without medsTo completely rid my body of hypothyroidism and be free of those meds alsoTo reach age 50 (gulp) in measurably better health than I did 40.Have found my groove with exercise completely6 and find the joy of moving my body everyday.

  • Roxanne Armstrong

    My goals:Finally, forever lose the excess weight and keep it off!. Find a life for “post-retirement”. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Love, love, love. Sensible and responsibly, all.

  • Andrea Robinson

    My goals for 2010 are to continue to maintain a healthy and fit pregnancy and to welcome my 5th child into the world as happy and as healthy as we both can be.My goals for the next decade are big and most people laugh when they hear them – but I have faith in myself and I know that with the help of your book they will be all the more attainable.I would like to enter, and place in the top 3 of a figure competition.I would like to put behind the years of partying and alcohol abuse of my youth, the yoyo dieting and the effects on my body of 5 pregnancies and births in the last 8 years and build and sculpt a strong, healthy and defined body.I hope that it will bring me inner peace and happiness, will make me a better wife and mother and will be a big surprise to those that laughed at me when I told them my dream!Andrea Robinson

  • Emily Cheng

    2010 Goals:1. Full recovery from shoulder labrum surgery (1/26/10)2. Full right leg rehab from climbing accident in May 20073. another mountaineering trip to either Peru or Chamonix in summer4. back on easy rock by fall, moderate by winter, and ice by January5. 14% BF (I’m 47, and currently 16-18%) unless injuries increase6. back down to 47 resting HR7. learn Mandarin (conversational level)8. continue family history video9. sleep 7.5 hrs/night10.visit more friends and family2010-2019 Goals1. climb in Antarctica2. learn Spanish well3. at least basic Hindi/Urdu and Arabic4. maintain body composition and health5. avoid more injuries!! (do regular preventative PT)6. wreck diving certification7. instrument rating8. learn entire Hotel California on guitar9. start at least 2 successful companies10. visit and climb in China11. see polar bears in Churchill or Svalbard12. write 2 books13. Denali, Pumori, or Aconcagua14.climb the Diamond on Long’s and another El Cap route15. organize Alpine Games16.give more talks (2/year)17. 5.11 rock, MI 918. go back to Australia, NZ, Europe, Patagonia, Nepal19. new trips: Easter Island, Croatia, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tibet, Crystal Cave near Naica20. Learn to sail21. finish family history interviews for all aunts and uncles

  • Tanya Thompson

    1 year goal:- Discard 34kgs of fat so I weigh 60kgs- Successfully complete 1st year of uni- Beat cancer into remission!- Holiday to New Zealand- Visit family at Christmas10 year goal:- Successfully complete Arts degree- Complete Nutrition degree- Own a Beamer- Travel to Europe to see Amber and Ed- Be a practicing Nutritionist- Be a BFFM Success Story- No cancerTanya Thompson

  • Dana Green

    HEALTH GOALS:1 year goals:1. consistently drink 2-3 quarts of water daily2. continue working out and eating right to attain 15-20% body fat by december 2010 – this would mean losing 20+ lbs of fat!3. consistently take my vitamin supplements4. eat clean – avoid processed foods as much as possible5. eat often – at least 5-6 mini meals/day6. sleep 7-8 hrs/night10 year goals:1. continue working out and eating clean to reduce body fat to 10-12%2. maintain body fat and weight loss for the next decade and beyond3. be in the best shape of my life when i turn 50 in 20123. become a personal trainerPERSONAL GOALS:1 year goals:1. start dating again now that kids are off to college2. start new businesses and join networking meetings to promote them3. organize and keep home office paperwork in order without piles on floor4. find a new charity to become involved with10 year goals:1. make new business a real success2. find the man of my dreams3. resume playing tennis and piano4. make a difference in this world

  • JanW

    Before I begin, Tom, let me say, “Forty? Just wait ’til you’re 57 and you feel like you’re 35. Time slips by faster and faster every year.”My strategic-planning background motivates me to turn this exercise around: I’ll start w/my long-term life’s goal, and work down through the strategies that I hope will get me there.LIFE’S GOAL (since my late 20’s): Have a healthy, fun, fulfilling retirement.10-YEAR GOAL: Maintain excellent health (I’m already having great success w/the “fun & fulfilling” Life Goals above).10-YEAR STRATEGIES:1. Eat Clean (Especially Superfoods)2. Engage Every Day in Exercise that Happens to be Fun3. Practice Stress Reduction4. Keep My Eye on the Prize!5. Bounce Back Quickly from Set Backs6. Drink More Water & Green Tea7. Continuously Conquer Negative Emotions8. Practice Positive Affirmations9. Learn Continuously10. Share Expertise w/Others via Writing Cookbook (working title: “Scrumptious Superfoods”)2010 GOAL: finish two-year journey of becoming a “fit, lean, Size Six.” (FYI, “fit” means strong as an ox and agile as a gazelle; “lean” means “no jiggle”/20% body fat).2010 STRATEGIES:1. Eat Clean (Especially Superfoods)2. Engage Every Day in Exercise that Happens to be Fun3. Practice Stress Reduction4. Keep My Eye on the Prize!5. Bounce Back Quickly from Set Backs6. Drink More Water & Green Tea7. Continuously Conquer Negative Emotions8. Practice Positive Affirmations9. Learn Continuously10. Start “Scrumptious Superfoods” (i.e., conduct research, develop outline, start test recipes)11. Conquer insomnia issueThanks, Tom, for all you do!

  • Jen Grant

    I am constantly butting heads with my boyfriend/mother/brother etc about what it takes to get in proper shape (effort, clean eating, cardio & weights)…and not the latest pill, protein shake, weight watchers diet. I have already bought a copy of the new book but I would love to give one to my mother or partner to help them understand what is really involved and get them into our “fat-burn” competition we I am currently competing in against four friends. Hopefully the results will speak for themselves, and when they ask how….I can simply show them the book and explain it is for people like you and me, the ‘averages’ of the world, not the super motivated or elite athletes, just your normal jo who wants to be something better.

  • Elliott Davis

    One Year Goals:Regain the motivation I had for working out 2 years ago by pushing myself harder.I want to be able to drop back to 5% bf by the end of the year.Start getting 8 hours of sleep a night (instead of 5-6…ahh the college life).Cut out my fast food binges when i get stressed.Oh and of course have my 6 pack back by summer (it is in winter hibernation)10 Year Goals:Graduate College With a 3.2 GPAGet into the UTD graduate program for Computer ScienceLand a job with Lockheed MartinWhile doing all of this I want to not sacrifice my workouts or diet.I DON’T want to be the 30 year old slop programmer that lives in his moms basement with his gut so huge he can’t see his toes and his belly can double as a TV tray.I want to stay in peak physical condition, also in the next 10 years I would like to run a marathon…im not sure which one yet but I want to be in good enough shape to place top 10oh and last but not least I would like to find a girl that is cool with my goofy/nerdy personality

  • Kevin

    goals for the YEAR 2010: Continue on the path to a healthy lifestyle by incorporating the tenets of Burn The Fat into my lifesytle and completing the transformation to get to my optimal weight where my body fat is at least below 12%. Forty pounds down so far and around forty more to go.For the DECADE 2010-2019: to reach my 50s and be and stay at the best shape in my life with a body fat percentage at or below 10%, having been on the heavy side for most of my life.

  • Laura Milczarek

    Goals for 2010I am writing my goals as affirmations so I can visualise myself already at my goal to make my mind believe:- I am at 18% body fat and feeling wonderful. The best I have ever felt- I am drinking lots of water and I have stopped drinking so much diet coke.- I am in the routine of eating 5 meals a day.- I am Zumbaing (I love it!!) most days and I am doing lots of weightbearing exercise to keep my muscles strong so they can continue burning my fat!- I look totally awesome in my lingere and my partner is VERY happy!- I am happy with myself and my self esteem is the best it has ever been.Goals for the decade- I am maintaining exactly the goals which i achieved in 2010 and ten years later i feel just as good at 42 as what i did at 32

  • bmftrucker

    2010 Goals:To achieve a healthy state of being! I will work on myself from the inside out! Only once i’ve acknowleged my lowest level habits can I take action to correct them.I will stop living a sedentary life. My goal is 3 workouts per week as well as 3 cardio sessions per week.I will get my weight down to 200 from it’s current 288.I will shed bodyfat like there’s no tomorrow. (Living this way, who knows how many tomorrow’s will come).I will consistently nourish my body with 6 small well proportined meals per day as well as drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water per day.I WILL prove to myself that I have the same ability to transform my mind and body as anyone else. Poor genetics, bad metabolism etc…. will no longer be excuses that hold me back!!I’M ALL IN, IN 2010 !!!!!!

  • bmftrucker

    2010 Goals:To achieve a healthy state of being! I will work on myself from the inside out! Only once i’ve acknowleged my lowest level habits can I take action to correct them.I will stop living a sedentary life. My goal is 3 workouts per week as well as 3 cardio sessions per week.I will get my weight down to 200 from it’s current 288.I will shed bodyfat like there’s no tomorrow. (Living this way, who knows how many tomorrow’s will come).I will consistently nourish my body with 6 small well proportined meals per day as well as drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water per day.I WILL prove to myself that I have the same ability to transform my mind and body as anyone else. Poor genetics, bad metabolism etc…. will no longer be excuses that hold me back!!I’M ALL IN, IN 2010 !!!!!!

  • Paul

    I lost 52 lbs. last year with Weight Watchers and I’m very happy about that. I’ve gained about 10 lbs. back in the past couple of months and I would like to lose those and a few more. So my one year goal would be to maintain the weight loss I’ve achieved and then some.Ten year goal is to remain at a healthy weight and bring my body fat ratio down. I would love to be fit as a fiddle at 60. Right now, at 50, I’m in possibly the best shape of my life (after college) and I am always looking to improve!

  • Don

    2010Reduce body fat from 13% to 10%Eat cleanKeep my body in balance and injury free while enjoying my cycling, running, hiking and skiing.Make more time to engage my children in outdoor activities…even when it means knocking my intensity way down :)Next ten yearsMaintain body fat in the 10-12% rangecontinue eating clean and maintaining a balanced bodySee my children through high school, college and into their early professional, independent lives with habits, skills and knowledge to be successful and happy with whatever paths they choose.Move with my wife into a smaller home and smaller, more sustainable carreer and lifestyle.

  • Sally Sanders

    Goals 2010Just completed the 50 day challenge and have set my first goal to lose 15 more pounds of fat as soon as possible. From there i want to sculpt my way down to fitness model shape. It’s my 30 year class reunion and I want to wear this very hot dress that doesn’t quit zip up now. It will show ALL my curves modestly. My family reunion is this year as well so I just want to be in my best shape ever this summer. Once there maintain and continue to set more lofty goals every time one is met.For my son, I want to see him with better behavior so I must remain tough and firm but loving and supportive. I know he can be great one day so I need to invest in his future by teaching him now how to succeed. Our goal is to never miss reading a chapter of Proverbs each day for the day of the month that it is. It’s great all about wise men and fools.For my business I am working with my friend again at her salon. We are making it more of a day spa together so we will be very busy planning over the next months and remodeling in June. We are going to the Beauty convention in Chicago to learn the latest treatments and formulations. Exciting times. My goal is to expose 50 people a month to Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy. Already well known for my massage I want something that will grow without my personal physical labor. That takes me to the top of my decade goals2013Open PEMF “stations ” in Lansing and St Johns. Like the tanning places people reserve time and simply lie on the mat for 16 minutes.2014Branch out to Ann Arbor and Detroit2015Sell Franchises2020Have PEMF franchises throughout the nation.

  • Juliana

    First of all, Happy New Year everyone and I wish you all good health in 2010.My goal for 2010 and it’s be the healthiest I have been, by eating healthier, exercising more and by finding ways of not letting stress get the best of me. I know all this might sound like a cliche but being a single mother and living in NYC make all those goals impossible. However, life is short and the body you have is the only thing you have, so take care of it!

  • Jim Davis

    Hi Tom,Not sure that you’ll personally see this comment, but BFFM helped me lose the 30lbs I gained during the first couple years of college. And any time I get lazy and start putting on the pounds, BFFM does the trick to get me back on track. Thanks! I’m not a body builder or competitive athlete though, so I’d love to see the perspective The Body Fat solution takes on health/weight loss.Goals for 2010:- Lose additional 10lbs of body fat- Decrease body fat % from ~16% now to ~11% by 2011- Visibly gain muscle- Train for and complete a half-marathon- Consistently drink enough water (> 80oz/day)- Eat more fruits/veggies as part of nutrition planGoals for the decade- Maintain fitness through to my early 30’s- Avoid weight gain with age- Continue healthy nutrition/exercise habits as my life situation changes (job, family, etc)

  • Eli S C

    Goals for the year:1) Gain better control over my eating habits (i.e. eat healthier foods, less junk food, don’t overeat, eat to live, not live to eat) – I’ve already lost 50lbs, I suspect I have another 30 to lose2) Start and maintain a daily exercise regimen3) Grow closer to G-d4) Be a better person/husband/fatherGoals for the decade:1) Maintain & continue the above goals

  • Wendy Balelo

    1 Year Goals:-Change my eating habits from bad foods to good foods-Learn to portion my meals properly-Start setting monthly goals for myself-Become more active, even if it means just walking the dog everyday.10 year goals:-Have completely changed my diet so that is now a lifestyle instead of something I work at-Lower my bodyfat % to less then 15-Maintain my muscle mass so I continue to wow my husband like I did when we first met-Keep my MS in check using diet and exercise

  • Ryan B

    1 year goals- reach 10% body fat- get to the gym or work out at least 3 days a week- find a good job in my field ( just out of college)- pay off the credit cards10 year goals- will have maintained 10% or under body fat- get married- have a house- have children- make triple digit salary

  • Melody Scott

    My goals for 2010?I’ve cut gluten out of my diet, as well as nearly all grains (though I’m not being as strict about those – I love movie popcorn once every few months…) and processed sugar (again, most of the time). These eating style changes are to last all year.By the end of December 2010, I want to be able to squat my bodyweight. By my birthday (August), I want to be down to a size 8/10 (currently 14), which represents about 30 pounds of fat lost. Who cares what I weigh, if it’s muscles in my arms, back and legs, rather than the spare tire?!By the end of December 2010, I will have finished half the Harvard Classics 5-feet of books.By the end of 2019?Finish the Harvard Classics (by the end of 2011)Get at least a Master’s degree. There’s so much to learn in this world…(I was applying to schools earlier this afternoon)Complete a half-ironman. I love triathlons, but have never finished that distance.Be debt free (except for a house) (by the end of 2012)Teach my nieces and nephews (who are of age) to scuba dive

  • Robin Davies

    Ok here goes….2010 PlanHit the gym 4 days a week instead of my usual 5Swim once a week as part of my cardio sessionCarry on training for the 10k in Swansea, South Wales in SeptemberThis year im raising money for Haiti earthquake disaster so hoping joining the ‘inner circle’ might help add to the number of people that donate and get more coverage :)Decade planTo continue to raise money for worthy causes by competing in 10k events around the country and if it works out around the globeTo better my time everytimeTo continue to advise my family and friends on the finding i come across when researching new foods and dirt programsTo educate my daughter on the benefits of eating healthy, having regular exercise and even trying to help others by using these methodsTo meet Tom to say thanks :

  • Tom, I read all your burn the fat newsletters eagerly. I like that you motivate people like me and you offer sound advice. We all need it, and your ‘suck it up’ attitude is tempered with ‘I’ve been there, too’ advice. I need that.Thanks for all your motivation!Barbara Phinney

  • Rachal Perry

    To loose 3 more kgs to reach body weightTo tone up arms, stomach and bum (sorry…….gluteus maximus)To keep my 5 day a week excercise routineTo maintain healthy eating habitsTo keep reminding myself of my achievements so farTo remember how confident and happy being healthy & fit makes meTo remind me that being healthy, fit and extremely happy makes me a better mum & role model for my daughter.To take up yogaGoals for the decadeTo have my own homeTo look 35 instead of 46 by maintaining my healthy diet, regular exercise and confident & happy attitudeTo have instilled in my daughter (who will 16 by then) the benefits of a healthy lifestyle including healthy eating & regular exerciseTo still have my german shepherd puppy with me (she’s 4 months now)To have learnt & mastered the art of yoga and introduced this into my fitness routine on a daily basisTo remember that just because I’m 46, does not give me the right to be fat / unhealthy / lazyTo still be loving life, loving exercise, and the body I created for myself (with a damn lot of hard work and Tom’s help)

  • Donna Nehrich

    My name is Donna Nehrich. I have posted on your blog. I shared my story of losing 145 pounds thru sweat and determination. Counting calories, filling those calories with good food, and tons of exercise. Your knowledge is bountiful and one of my goals is to learn as much from you as I can. I still want to lose some more fat and gain some more muscle. I want to train to be a Les Mills Body Step and Attack instructor. I want to continue with school and finish my degree. My MAIN goal is to share my story with the multitude and help as many of those fight the two diseases you mentioned in your 12 myths and lies. Everyone can be healthy! Oh..most important, 10 years from now I still want to be as healthy and beautiful as I am today, even more so. It will take work but it can be done. Those 145 plus pounds are gone forever. Thanks Tom.

  • Mary Rowe

    2010 goal: 20% body fat by December 31, 2010 with dietary changes and activity, controlling cholesterol and blood sugar levels through diet and exercise instead of pharmaceuticals. Weight 145 lbs. or less on 5’2″ frame. Compliance with personal finance plan to be implemented in February 2010.By 2019: Maintenance of healthy weight (125 or so) & eating plan, long-term exercise of wise monetary habits including retirement savings, seeing my younger granddaughter graduate from college (hopefully on an athletic scholarship). And to bring my daughter with me in fitness!

  • Stanescu Robert

    1 year goals:get in the best shape evertry calorie countingkeep saving money for a pair of powerblocks10 year goals:keep working outdon’t fall off the wagon with nutrition, eat healthy and be healthytry a fitness/bodybuilding competitionbecome someone

  • Amy Fitts

    My 1 year Goals:I’m a 28 year old mother of one, Sydney Australia*to Live every day with purpose, Life is too short to lead an unfit life*be active every day be it incidental or planned.Achieve my Goal of a better than pre-pregnancy body and lose the last 5 kilos (my son is 2) I’ve lost 3 kilos in the last month CW:63.8k GoalW: 60kilos. Be toned and definedEat clean & healthy foodsTo re-enter the paid workforce and a new career path and take on new study.Run in the Mothers Day Classic (May 9th 2010) to raise money for breast cancer researchSpend lots of quality time with my mum – she was diagnosed with bone cancer 12 months agoFor the Decade:To be happy, healthy and FitBe active everydayTo be raising my kids to be strong, confident, happy individualsTo own our own home and be living sustainably, continuing to eat clean foods and growing our own produce to support the lifestyle.Living Each and Every day with Purpose & Gratitude

  • Alexandra G

    I’ll turn 40 this year, but my 2010 goal is to qualify for the national championships in my sport. I’ll need to drop a little weight, build my fitness, and work extreemely hard. But I think this goal is achievable if I keep focused!Thanks, Tom, for the inspiration and encouragement on your site.

  • Bhima

    1 year goal.- to drop from 30+% body fat to between 18% within a year.- to train regularly to achieve the above (at least 4 times a week).- to experiment with High Intensity Training,- to manage my diet effectively.- for my partner and I to have our first child.10 year goal.- to maintain a good body-composition, with a body fat consistently below 22%- to get my Ninpo Buddo teaching license.- to receive tenure at a world class research institution.- to have run the London marathon at least once.- to have sailed across both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans by sail boat.

  • Patricia Harding

    My goals for 2010 are to keep living the good and healthy way. I am in my late 80’s and am told by everyone that I look as if I am in my 60’s. I want to keep doing what you, Tom Venuto have told me to do in your books. My fat index is 11. I am 5″ 11 inches tall and weigh 145 lbs. I will lose in 2010 some little bit of belly fat. I wil do your 6 pack abs exercises. Wish me luck, I’m going to make it, and look better in my swim suit which I don’t look bad in now. Would you like an untouched photo to show what someone in their 80’s can look like if they follow your perfect instructions.

  • Bill Mounce

    Goals for 2010;1. Lose the fat I have accumulated since retiring from the Army in 2000 and regain at least the level of fitness I had then.2. Eat a more intelligent diet and try to avoid “The Great American Diet” that is killing us all.3. Set an example and assist my kids, ages 13, 11, and 9, to develop a fitness mindset and consciousness about what they put into their mouths.4. Grow intelectually, physically, and spiritually through diet, fitness, personal faith, martial arts, and professional reading.5. be more active in my nation, my community, and my family through positive attitudes, persoanl stands based on my ethos, faith, and mores.

  • Karen

    In the coming year, I want to renew my goal to walk or ride my bike to venues within a 5 mile radius.To take time to smell the roses.To not work all the time.In 10 years I hope to have a successful practice in psychology, written 2-3 books on topics of interest to me, and hiked from the northern Italian Alps to Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Debbi

    My goals for 2010Continue to monitor and eliminate processed sugars and empty calorie food from my dietPump up my workouts–3 days a week of lifting weights, 3 days of cardio for 45 minutes eachWork on not blowing all my good fat reduction work by eating bigger portions and junk food on the weekendsKeep my eye on the prize–realize my goalsAdd new activities to my cardio workoutsDo the math to know my ratios and what and how much food vs exercise I need to reduce fat yet stay satisfiedEliminate the fear of success in reaching my fitness goals

  • diane

    2010 goals:workout seriously and purposefully 4 days per week with playing tennis or other sports hard and con gusto in between; to create the balance of energy that keeps me sharp and clean and really happy.eat the Paleo or meditteranean diet and share the knowledge;re-design the food pyramid to reflect what fuel we really needcurb the midnight snack that puts me over the toplove with abandonfind joy in all aspects of being human

  • Beata Tomaszewski

    Goal for the year:Find new homeReturn to my last year fitness level and body fat of 13%Re-establish fitness routine to maintain the BF and fitness level.Get involve in activities to help other transform their bodies and achieving desirable fitness level.Remain positive and motivatedLong tern- keep exercising and maintain a promise I made to myself at the age of 15 to remain slim and fit for the rest of my life and maintain a body shape of a woman 10 year me junior.In my retirement compete in senior bodybuilding or other senior sporting contest.Remain positive and motivated

  • Monica P

    My goals for this year:Eat clean and healthy everyday and not beat myself up over the occasional bad choice.Always choose function over dysfunction in my actionsStrength train at least one day a week, attend yoga at least two days a week find a form of cardio that doesn’t bother my tendonitislose 2lbs a month consistantly every monthgrow my business and my repution as an expert in my field in positive and abundant directionsGet enough sleep every nightNourish my relationships with family, friends, co-workers and clientsMaintain a strong and health mind, body and spiritstay focused on the present and working the little everyday steps I need to be healthy in mind, body and spriritDrink plently of fresh waterchoose organic local produce

  • shannon

    2010 goals:jump off the plateau & lose the last 15#climb a 4000′ mountain (this is what exercise does for post-knee surgery recovery)wear a red dress that will make a certain man’s jaw fall to the ground so hard it breakskayak in the open oceanby 2020 goals:be a really good sax player (not just a decent one like now)climb several 4000′ mountains & maybe higher onesbuy another red dress (same one, same size) b/c the old one is worn out

  • Joe

    2010 GoalTurned 43 in early January and weighed myself. Shock, dismay and a reality check. I need to lose 80-100 pounds in 2010. Started diet and exercise that very day and have stuck with it thus far. Not easy, but am resolute.Decade GoalsMaintain healthy weight.Work/life balanceMarriageThanks.

  • Jackie Carbonell

    1 Year Goals: To learn how to eat appropriately and learn the correct macro-nutrient timing for my body, so that I can use the food I consume for the right fuel and obtain a leaner, harder physique. I want to compete within this year, so learning my body to a “T” is essential to me, and I want to compete in a healthy way. I want to learn the better exercises to do to gain muscle mass, and be able to pair that with the correct food and timing to grow AND get lean! I want to compete with bigger shoulders, more defined abs (4-6 pack) and killer legs with quads and hamstrings that pop!!! 🙂 Last but not least, I want to be able to FINALLY do a pull-up! In fact, My goal is 10 pull-ups! ;)10 Year Goals: I want to take enough time to perfect my physique. I want to use these next ten years to train hard, eat right, with the goal of having my dream body with the long-hard-earned muscle I crave! I want bigger, more defined shoulders, a thicker sexy V-taper with a great back and lats, and killer glutes and quads with the nice diamond there and in my calves. I want to have enough muscle on my physique as to help me burn more calories every single day. I want to be able to run a 5k in under 30 minutes, do more than 20 pullups, and do 50 push-ups! I want to be a lean, mean, muscle building machine! (Oh, and I want to be a national level competitor, Pro card within these ten years too)!

  • Kim Brown

    One year goal:To get to my weight goal and stay thereLearn how to eat enough protein to help maintain muscle massContinue working out 4 days a weekTo eat, sleep and dream healthHelp my husband join my health journey10 year goal:To help others learn to be healthyTo always set a good example of a healthy lifestyleNever let age dictate how I feelBe a healthy fit role model to friends and family

  • Angela

    My two 2010 goals are to compete as a figure competitior in May – goal bodyfat 8%, reward – a great photo (a trophy would be a bonus), to do one cycling and one hiking tour around Europe in September.For the decade 2010-1019 – I would like to compete as a bodybuilding competitor and I intend on going to University and doing my Dietitians Degree.I will continue to live a healthy and active lifestyle, inspire those around me, and work on the mental and emotional barriers that sabotage my efforts from time to time with my food.

  • Emil Pedersen

    Goals for 2010Continue to work out every week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday is for weight lifting, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday is cardio and Sunday is for R&R.Make the time to work out. No excuses.Eat cleanLearn how to cook healthy food that is nutrient dense and low calorie.Get a better understanding of exactly which macronutrient split works best for me.Stay away from cigarettesGoals for next 10 yearsSee exercise and nutrition as a way of life, not a quick fix diet.Remind myself that when I’m in better shape, I feel better mentally and physically.

  • Barb M.

    Wow!! Some huge, lofty goals posted by all here….First of all let me say, I admire the older folks here who are determined to keep strong and healthy. That’s admirable!!Next, let me say, I’m not as intellectual, professional, or lofty as some here. I’m pretty simple actually, and I guess maybe a little boring; lol.I’m a SAHM of six kids, and since it’s a blended family, my husband of 2 years only and myself are trying to raise these kids to be caring, loving, responsible God-fearing Americans.My goals are as follows:To continue with the things I’ve learned while on a Daniel Fast with our church. We ate only fruits, veggies, whole grains, and clean water; eliminating meat, white flour, yeast, sugar and preservatives. I know it’s not the optimum diet for health, missing out on some calcium and such, but we have taken our vitamins and used this time of hunger to pray, and seek God and our meaning in this world.I want to strengthen even more, and continue to include lots of stretching in my evening routine to help my scoliosis and my arthritis which I’m bound and determined to fight naturally. And when the time comes when I’m going through the “change,” I want to do that naturally also.I have had a recent battle with cervical dysplasia and I am aware that diet and nutrition as well as outlook on life and spirituality, as well as my support network of friends and family are important to help me fight the good fight. I have had two surgeries already and may be looking at a third. I will keep fighting this disease and informing others about it!!http://www.nccc-online.org/ has information, btw.I have decided to keep eating my antioxidants, and keep as many loved ones around me as possible!!My husband and I have a lot of work to do on our relationship, as we have both come from similar pasts, and are bound and determined to overcome them, as we do have the most important bond: friendship. We want to model a healthy marriage to all our children which is loving, forgiving and growing. We plan to go to some counseling, not to “fix” anything that’s wrong, but to make things which are good, better.I strive to grow in my church and learn more how to love God, and love others as myself. How to give more, forgive more, and rejoice more!!My goals are about fitness and health and happiness and spiritual health, all in one.

  • RJ Dickinson

    2010 goals;loose approx 30 pounds of fatbecome lean and fiti want to climb mountians with my partneri dont want to be admitted to the hospital againuse proper nitrition and exercisedecade goals;stay fit and leanclimb many mountians with my partnerset the blueprints to remain fit for life

  • Ang

    Find my pre-wedding body again (weight loss required 13kg’s), that my super trim, muscly new husband loved to death 2yrs ago – how could I have let myself go, for a new wedding ring?Put my health as the number one priority, to be there for my 2 teenage daughters, whose live’s are so full on and I now seem to struggle to keep up with – good one mum!Find myself again (because I dont know how I got lost and cant believe I allowed this to happen!). Find that ‘I feel sexy’ feeling I used to enjoy.Stop putting financial goals first and planning for retirement and put my family and health first as they should be, reduce the stress and pressure from work and start smiling and giggling again, enjoy life, and the small things I loved getting up to every day. It’s no good building a good bank balance if I won’t be around to help enjoy it!Start loving myself again – in the long term it will be the reward.

  • Dave G

    I got motivated a year and a half ago and lost over 60 pounds and have kept it off. Your books are invaluable for maintaining and making the change a life long change.Thanks for providing the most sound information out there.

  • Angela Smith

    1 year goal: To finally break the cycle of self abuse and lose 95 pounds of fat. To exercise at least 5 days per week. To drink water primarily as a beverage. To eat wholesome healthy foods regularly. To gain at least 10 pounds of muscle mass. To gain strength in my muscles. To not be in the high risk range for being diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes. I want to love my body and be proud of myself.I’ve been overweight for more than half of my life from 9 to being 19 now. I want to go into my 20s with a healthy mindset and hope for a brighter future!!!10 year goal: To have maintained my weight loss. To be living a healthy lifestyle. To Participate in marathons and triathalons. To be aging gracefully.

  • Nadine Echeverry

    My 2010 Goals:*Qualify for the Boston Marathon (Done 1/17/10, 3:51:12)*get my Running Coach Certification (scheduled for 5/10)*continue to work on healthy, balanced nutrition, so that its habit*to be diligent about my Swim practices (just learned a year ago)*to complete the Vineman 70.3 (July 2010)*to never forget that my husband and family come first, and to make time for them as I do for my workoutsFor 10 years:*to have been in coaching/sporting career for 10 years!*to have continued to excel personally while encouraging others as well*to have completed the Big 5 Marathons: NYC(done), Boston(4/11), Chicago, London, Berlin.*that my husband and I would be continuing to celebrate our great marriage.

  • Cherie Willmann

    My goal is to “STOP WHINGEING about being overweight” and DO SOMETHING about it! After having two children and putting on a decent amount of weight during pregnancy, I am left with a body thats probably 5kgs overweight. I do exercise and go to the gym 2-3 times per week however am not strict enough with my eating.My immediate goal is to write a daily diary of food intake and exercise more. This will hopefully in turn, improve not only my body but my self confidence instead of feeling disappointed by failing to achieve a healthier body in my 30’s.My ten year goal will be to maintain a healthy body and mind not only for myself but for my family, to consume and prepare healthier food and to get out and enjoy all that life has to offer.Cherie from Australia

  • Chris Novak

    My goals are as follows-I want to jump start my health quest this year. I have lost a lot of weight over the last couple of years, but have struggled the last few months. Weight loss is not the goal, it is a result, but having said that, I want to continue to improve my overall health, including making my body leaner and more fit. This will be the next step in my journey, that will give me lasting results not only for the next ten years, but for as long as I strive to be my physical best.

  • Adam

    My goal 2010-2019 is the same to watch what I eat work out and get healthy I am 27 years old and 300 pounds I dont feel it but I look it. I am a upcoming minster also I want to be a example. I use to think I could not do it then I memorized “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13 and I started beleiving in my self because I knew I could not do it myself I use to do drugs drinking smoking partying with friends I went to the AA classes they did not help I just lied right through them it got so bad my wife said she would leave me If i did not change she did leave because I could not change. I asked Jesus into my life and asked him to help me if he was real he could change me and change my ways the bible says 2 Corinthians 5:17 “therefore if any manis in Christ he is a new creature the old things have passed away and the new things have come” he did change me changed my wifes I have my wife back and I am going on the right path this is my next step to have a healthy body not only for me but for my wife and kids. I want to be a example for them and a inspiration to others tell them I know what they are going through I was there and this is how I got out that is what I want to do that is my goal

  • Carrie Johnson

    Goals for 2010: Lose at least 25 pounds, get to at least a size 8, be able to do at least 5 pull ups, be able to do at least 15 push ups on my toes, go hiking with my daughters more, be able to wear a bikini or at least a nice one piece swimsuit.Goals for the decade: run the Honolulu Marathon, run the Great Aloha Run again, keep the weight off, keep getting stronger, look great at over 40.Personal goals is to spend more time with my family and slow down.

  • Tracey

    My goals for 2010:to wear short shorts confidentlylean bodyto lose the weight and keep it off this timecut down on alcoholto feel confident healthy and strongto be a yummy mummy …finallylose 9-10kg by Easter.

  • Rose Stachowski

    In March I will turn 63. WOW how time flies. For most of my life I have been healthy, and had no weight issues. Then the past several years life just got in the way. There were many on going family problems which cause me to be very depressed. This lead to 40 extra pounds, which in turned made me more depressed. I’m beginning to realize that the family members that I worry about are adults and are responsible for their own lives. As well I am responsible for mine.My goal for this year and all the rest is to lose the 40 pounds and with it gain controll of my life. To let the adult kids be adults and learn from their own mistakes. This would let me enjoy my retirement greatly.Thank You,Rose

  • Caroline Olearnek

    One Year Goals:Try to not be stressed all the timeGet my hormones balancedGet to 15% body fat by my birthday on 10/3Run and finish a 5KTen year goals:Pass the AOS CertificationGo back to school and get an advanced degreeLearn to play the pianoLearn to speak FrenchHelp my son be the best he can be in lifeHelp my husband loose weight so he will have more time to spend with his family.

  • Colleen

    Goals for 2010:My husband will retire this year and in order to have a more productive and prolonged life with him my goals are:Discard 60lbs fat, increase stamina through weekly workouts. Define muscle tone, lower blood pressure. I will do this by limiting white carbs, increasing high grade proteins, drinking 1/2 to 1 gallon water per day and eliminate carbonated and caffienated drinks, get restorative sleep. My target start date is February 6 and goal completion date August 30. Ongoing lifestyle changes to maintain goal weight.Goals for 2010 – 2020:Relearn life style activities as a couple and implement them for a better more productive life. Engage more with our children, grandchildren, extended family. Provide time and service to local agencies, volunteer work. Serve a humanitarian mission. Travel each state in the US. Build our knowledge base and teach when called upon.

  • Bill Schofield

    2010 goals:Become a morning personGet strong and reduce body fatLearn a 2nd languageGrow my businessSpend time with parentsProtect myself from ID theftNext 10 years:Plan for retirementVisit my parents annuallyGrow with my wifeIncrease sports tripsVolunteerStudy natural medicine and anti-agingStay strong and fitDesign and build a retirement home

  • marilyn stanford

    I am turning 60 this year and my goal is to be as happy as I can because I will never get this day back again.1. I plan on doing my T-tapp exercise without fail.2. I am making a strong effort to eat more fresh fruit and vegetable. So far so good.3. In 10 years my goal is to be happily retired with my husband.4. To enjoy every day I have left with my mother.5. To enjoy my children and grandchildren6. To enjoy the wonderful friends that we have been blessed with.7. Long range to be completely debt free.Do you see a pattern here. These things all go hand in hand. Be healthy and happy makes life longer.

  • nik giangrosso

    1. my sister lives far away from me and we have recently come in contact due to adoption, shes older than me at 34 and me 24 so i intend to make the next 10 years as great as possible and get a strong family bond and try and see her as much as i can.2. maintain health from the inside as i do not want to get diabetes or anything else from an unhealthy lifestyle, so il try to eat clean.3. Try not to use supplements to spurge me on with training and use something else to motivate me and train my hardest naturally.4. achieve a physique that i am happy with and not one to please others in a vain way.5. focus more on my diet rather than thinking of the pounds im lifting.6. enjoy life as you only have one and you dont know how long that is for.Thanks Tom for making me write this as it is not something i would normally do.

  • Lisa Bernstine

    My goals for 2010 are:to keep filtering out the bad habits I have obtained over the span of my life (ie. hitting the snooze button three times before I get up, or taking one extra handful of potatoe chips)and to become pregnant.My goals for 2010 -2019 are to siphon off the extra baggage(both literal, like my belly and thighs; and figurative, like my despondent father.) and raise my child and take care of my family. To do that I must get myself back in shape.I live in alaska- If you are not up to snuff, She will take you down. I am getting there, but I need more help.Thanks for your time.

  • Bianca McBroom

    Okay I will give this ago!!My goals:Hit my goal weight of 60kgs and tone up;Become an actor, model and signed recording artist;Move to LA;Finish my Interior Design diploma and use it;Love;10 year goals:Start my own charity for abused and abandoned children;Recorded many cds that have gone platinum;Known for my excellent physique;Help other teenagers and young girls with body issues and healthy eating especially loving their body;Get married;Have children;Golden globe winner consequetive times;Star in a movie with Merryl Streep;Start my own fashion and beauty line;Star in a move with Nicole Kidman;Be the face of Loreal hair range and beauty;Stay positve and help others see the brighter side of life;Help teenage mothers;Be for life in everything i do especially health and fitness…Thanks Tom,I really could go on an on for you but i will let others fill the space with their thoughts. Thanks for the oppurtunity!!Love BiancaWin a nobel peace prize;

  • Grace

    Goals for this year…-Feel good about where I’m at by maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes exercising, making sure I get my servings of fruits and vegetables, and making time for myself and loved ones.-Run a half marathon.-Reward my achievements with new clothes to motivate me to stay healthy.10 year goal…-Keep my physical agility by stretching, exercising, and a balanced diet.-Finish a couple of full marathons-Be emotionally and mentally healthy by taking risks and pursuing my goals.

  • Tomas Z

    One year goals:1. Achieve weight of 75kg and 15% of less of body fat.2. Get into a solid routine of working out according to plan3. Have a meal plan for each day of the week4. Learn how to skate.Ten year goals:1. Maintain healthy weight and 10% or less of body fat.2. Get my personal business going so I can leave my job.This is the first time in my life that I’m setting goals and there is no doubt, thanks to inspiration from Tom and other readers, that I can achieve them. Thanks, Tomas.

  • Mike

    Tom:I want to get back to where I was when I read your e-book. I slacked off, for personal reasons, but I need to regain my footing. I never really stopped working out, but my level of dedication tanked.This year I have done something almost every day. There aren’t spectacular results yet, but I know they are coming.So here’s to not giving up, to building more dedication and to realizing that you determine your own Quality of life and fitness.Thanks,Mike

  • Shane Jordan

    My goals for the year are as follows:Rejoin the gym (Done).Bodyfat% to below 10%.Lower my BMI by 1.25 points.Work on overall fitness/stamina.Be able to shoot 250 arrows in a session (Im an archer).Shoot a 550 indoors, and an 1150 outdoors.Goals for the next decade:To maintain goals reached from this year.To not get lax and let it all go.

  • Riitta Kuusselka

    My goal is to lose fat so that I am 110 lb in June 2010body fat about 25%My goal is to stay healthy and get my high blood pressure to be normal.and exercise regularly and eat nutritious clean foods, and keep my body PH alkaline.My 10 year goal is to stay 110 lb and healthier than ever,because I would be almost 72 years old 10 years from now.I am planing to have an active life the older I get.Riitta

  • Kylie Iovenitti

    2010 Goals for Kylie IovenittiUse this motto in everything I do:”IF I DON’T ACHIEVE MY GOALS, THE LIES ARE THE EXCUSES I TELL MYSELF”Therefore I will be true to myself at all times and help others to do the same.10 year goals: as above, but also to continue to be a great mother/wife/daughter/sister.Start my own cake making business.Most importantly, be the best ME I can be.

  • Sariah

    I’m a fatty!! I haven’t been a follower of your blog for years on end. Frankly, I just found out about you. I have however, looked at lots of books and workout regimes that just have not cut the mustard.. But yours! Well, yours stuck out. There’s something to be said for being different and unique. And I know YOU are just the man to help. Your skills, knowledge, and expertise combined into this one little book of wisdom are just the tools I need to succeed! Please – choose me go give a book to!

  • Susan Lee

    My goals for 2010 is to lose 5 pounds of fat while maintaining my current muscle mass. I also want to get back into “racing” shape and enter several 5k runs. Also, I want to continue my strength training program. I want to make 2010 my “get organized” year.My goals for the next decade is to maintain my fitness level attained in 2010 via calorie control, strength training, and running. I want to continue my organization habits for the rest of my life.Susan Lee

  • Tony

    My fitness goals for 2010 are to gain more lean muscle mass while dropping body fat. I want to enter my 1st bodybuilding competition this spring and actually place!I’m at 6.3% bodyfat & want to hit about 4% by then. If I do well, I plan to compete in a few more contest this year. Most importantly, I want to continue to improve my health & be in better shape than I was in high school.Sounds tough for a 43 year old, but I think I can do it.

  • Kaila Butler

    Year Goal: In March I turn 39, and I have a LOT of work in front of me! For the last decade you could say I suffered from the Peter Pan-Ette syndrome. My weight stayed the same and with moderate exercise I could keep it under control. I could eat what I wanted and who cared about fitness. Then the unthinkable happened, within two years, every fat molecule that had been waiting for me on the quantum level, laughing at my cavalier attitude, jumped on my body and wouldn’t let go! Not to mention that I started feeling my age in aches and pains that just wouldn’t go away. So onto my goals! For the past year I’ve just done damage control, to get some of the weight off so I could respect myself again. This year, I would like to learn what it really means to be fit and feel strong. I want to fortify my body with strong muscles, and I would actually like to see those muscles. I would like to work into more strength, durability and flexibility and looking good can be the by-product of that.I think all of that and the other things I want to do (write, land a major jewelry contract, metalworking, getting married and having a baby) will require a cultivation of the same mental attitude and process: inspiration, taking action in spite of the fear, perseverance and constant re-assessment and creative expansion–not to mention the back up of a kick ass support network.10 Year Goals:financial security, global impact, VITALITY–a body that is ten years younger than my age! HEALTH–an intimate knowledge of what it takes nutritionally and fitness wise to ensure that I can experience life fully. I want to have broken the fear boundary and have done something physically challenging and terrifying but exhilarating and life changing at the same time. WORLD PEACE, EXISTENTIAL ENLIGHTENMENT and the creation of some form of candy that boosts your health instead of dumps the immune system, hehe.

  • Kim Mc

    My goal is simple not to be obese any longer! I’ve been obese since age 6 and I’m now 35. I have two children a daughter 13 who’s 250 lbs a son who’s 5 at 96 lbs. They are following in my footsteps and I’m lost. I want to increase our exercise as a family we have replaced white flourgoods with wheat no added sugar and lower our salt. I want to educate myself as well as my kids so we can have a healthy and long life. We don’t have much so that’s one thing that’s constant…life and the quality of life. Please give me the tools to save my family! Education is key to making the right choices.I want for myself and my family a lower weight, a healthy bmi, stamina and endurance during exercise, and to be free of 5 blood pressure medications(which was 10 meds) and to prevent my children from suffering the same fate please please please help me help my family. Thank you and God bless

  • Courtney Mc

    Goals for 2010:- Reduce my waistline by 5cm- Start up my business- Build up my body strength so I can rely on my body when I have an MS relapse- Give up gluten & dairy as per the MS recomended dietGoals for next 10 years:- Maintain my goal waistline- Still be walking without a cane- Be MS symptom free- Have a successful business running

  • Belinda Snow

    My goals for this year: have a strong, fit body with no cellulite by Jan 2011. Be active at least 5 times a week, and participate in some sort of event (5 or 10k run, and/or triathlon) – which would be my first! I want to feel and look like the athlete I always wanted to be, but didn’t have the courage to be when I was younger. I look forward to proving to myself that just because I was useless at team sports as a kid, I’m not destined to be a chubby spectator forever!In 2020 I will be turning 42. I will be in as good (or hopefully better) shape then than I am in my 30’s, with optimal bone density and healthy amount of lean muscle mass. The next ten years will include me putting some investment into myself and becoming a lawyer. In 2013 I will start being the parent of a teenager, and in 2020 my youngest will start that adventure too. I will need all the energy I can muster for the coming 10 (and beyond!) years, and I know that by keeping my health and fitness a priority, I’ll be better equipped to face the coming challenges with grace and peace.

  • Luis Gabriel

    Hey.. Its Luis Gabriel from Portugal.. Well my 1 year goal is to, Gain The Respect from my friends, show them i could achieve what i promised and that is “Have an awesome six pack body”… and my 10 years goal is enter in Boxing, be the best! Travel the World with confidence, and have that asstonishing body that nearly every one desires.

  • Rich Dunkel

    Goals for this year:Establish a comprehensive & sustainable eating & exercise plan.Drop at least 50 lbs of fatSeek out and exterminate stress in my life I voluntarily subject myself to.Refinish & Retrim living room walls in Arts & Crafts style.Learn the entirety of Crazy Train on guitar.10 Year goalsAchieve and maintain a 10% or less body fat compositionStill have that sustainable eating & exercise planWrite & publish recipe book of meals that got me from current weight to goal weight (about a 150 lb drop)Get my business off the ground enough to quit my day jobrefinish & retrim entire house the same way as living room.

  • Cassandra

    Goals for 2010:1. Reduce body fat from 32% to 24% (or lower)2. Exercise daily for 20 minutes (so far, so…mediocre on this one)3. Curb emotional eating…this one has to get more specific4. Get back to lifting barbells; this was my favorite thing and I don’t know why I dropped it10 year goals:To be a fit, athletic 53 year old!To compete in some kind of athletic competition–weightlifting? running?To keep my pre-diabetes from transforming into full-blown diabetes

  • Rob Hocking

    DONT FORGET YOR HEALTH & BODY PLAN TO SUCCEEDI spent the whole day Wednesday preparing a financial plan for my wife and I for the next 13 years. Its a grand plan but in retrospect it didnt take into account our need to be fit and healthy to enjoy those and later years.It got me thinkingBoth of us are overweight and need a plan to become leaner and meaner in 2010 and a plan that enables us to maintain that weight and health over the next decade as we approach retirement.We have decided in the coming year to focus on “healthy” weight loss to take our respective weight to 70kg (from 78kg) and 65kg (from 75kg) resepctively. The balance of the decade will be devoted to maintaining this weight loss and alterng our lifestyle to become fitter and stronger. This will mean a greater devotion to self and taking the time to do it.Best wishes to all for 2010 and the coming decade

  • M. Plawchan

    I’ve been setting goals for 30 years–I’m FINISHED with self-sabotage and the sabotage of others……NOW, as I look at 60 years of age, I intend to turn back the clock on aging, blood pressure and cholesterol issues…..Thank-you Tom.

  • Alison

    My goals for 2010 are to get 12% body fat and to begin sculpting and shaping my muscles. and my goals for the next decade are to continure with my good eatimh happens and maintain a low BF%. i also want to be able to help my friends and family wit their body issues. i have managed to overcome most of mine with a lot of help and would like to be able to do the smae for the people important in my life.

  • bert karpinski

    For 2010, my goal is to improve my health and reduce the genetic factors that cause me to have severe blood fat issues. To do this, I will learn to LOVE to work out and LOVE to eat correctly to accomplish my goals. I want to get my cholesterol and triglyceride numbers in the normal range, and stop taking the medications I’m currently on.My 10-year goal is to retire in a more healthy body and enjoy my retirement years without the need for intense medical intervention.

  • Mary Dillman

    Weight Today =Weight Oct. 5th =Weight Loss ~ -82lbsAvg. 2.1/weekWI ~ Tuesday MorningsCardio ~ 4 Days/Week (Minimum)Weights ~ 4 Days/Week39 WeeksUse Fitday PC ~ Food Log, Mood Log, Body Log, Diary to track everythingThis is my goal…it is not much, but I decided instead of making things so complicated….I would keep it simple and achievable. I would love your book, because I need all the help I can get!

  • Eric

    2010 Goals:1. To have meaningful work. – Find a new job and meaningful career.2. To maintain optimum health. – lose 10 lbs, maintain 150 lbs at or below 18% body fat through regular exercise and proper nutrition. Stay strong mentally, by thinking positive and staying focused.3. To foster and maintain loving relationships – Be a good friend, son, and husband. Connect and reconnect with friends to maintain close personal relationships. Practice selfless acts of kindness to others.4. To Live within my means. – Improve my financial health by earning more, spending less, and saving and investing the difference. Reduce all high interest debt until it equals zero.5. Maximize my personal power.2020 goals:Be: CEO to a amazingly successful company, that connects and helps millions of others and the world. Loving husband, and father to 3-6 children, and son to proud parents.Do: Continue to learn and grow every day, connect with others, and give selflessly.Have: The time and money to do what I want, when I want, without worries. Riches beyond my wildest dreams, and the ability to pursue philanthropic endeavors to the fullest. Living is giving.Looking back on the last decade, with hindsight in the year 2020, know that i have lived a purposeful life, by living each day to the fullest in congruence with my governing core values.

  • Ray Nav

    These are my goals for the year:Achieve a one-digit bodyfat percentage for the first time in my life! But not only will I lose fat, I will gain muscle, enough to look strong and athletic. And to see my abs too!To become more confident and improve my communication skills, be more friendly, become better at meeting girls, and enjoy life a little bit more.Keep doing good at school and decide what the next step is going to be.As for the next 10 years:By this time I want to know how it feels to be superconfident, smart, successful in life, and in shape (become a true bad ass).I won’t be struggling to be in shape, but rather I’ll be an expert at it and exercising/eating healthy will be part of my life style.I will develop the personal beliefs, personality, self image that I want and will be successful in the things I want the most by now.I will have discovered something intriguing/important by that time too (careful with the scientist here)!

  • Sigurdur Olafsson

    My goals for 2010 are:Run marathon under 4 hours in august 2010.To lose 15 kg before may 1.To get to bodyfat of 15% and stay there.Make exercises a regujlar lifestyle

  • This year I have goals to:get down to 10% body fatbe able to do over 20 pullups againdunk a basketball again in gamesTo be in the best shape of my life at age 42 (I have about 20 areas to measure this against, so it’s not a vague goal)Train 100 people and help them improve their healthOver the next ten years:I want to be one of those people who inspires people to live healthier lives. I want to live a healthy, active lifestyle, and be in the same physical shape as someone 20 years younger.

  • Ruben P. Alvarez

    These are my short and long term goals for 2010 and 2011.• Artistic:By January 2011 I will to learn how to arrange for a Latin Jazz big band and write and perform on a Grammy award winning composition.• Attitude:Each day I will I finish what I start, I prioritize and focus on my objectives. I find the positive in and opportunity for personal growth in any unexpected challenges I face.• Career:I expand my reputation as a recognized music teacher, speaker, and Grammy award winning musician, composer.• Education:By January 2012 I will be degreed arranger, composer, motivational writer, by January 201, I will be a proficient pianist/ percussionist who is able to translate and transcribe his musical ideas easily.• Financial:I will be completely free of debt by 59. By Jan 2012 I will o generate $70,000 in disposable annually, I will become financially independent by the age of 60 with an income of $100,000 disposable income annually?• Physical:I will educate my self on how prepare delicious, nourishing, healing foods for myself, my family and my friends daily. I will exercise daily and I will have my sugars in control. On July 1st 2010 I weigh 165 lbs.• Pleasure:I will read one book a month, cook one new dish a week, and I will journal daily. I will travel with my wife Susan to South Africa and Spain in 2011,• Public Service:I want to help people to live loving and productive lives and teach them that it is their duty to do the same for others.

  • Kathryn Gwatking

    To make 2010 MY yearShort term:1) Lose weight … im well on the way with a loss so far of 6kg in 4 weeks2) Make my kids happy – to get rid of my childrens anger regarding my separation from their father3) To be a good friend4 To be happy with and for myselfLong term:1) save money to take the kids overseas now my debts are paid off2) save money for our own house3) encourage, support and help my kids grow & learn as much as they can4) go back to work & finish my studies i keep putting off5) concentrate on ME, instead of everyone else for a change

  • Kelly Rowe

    My 2010 goals are:- Loose the remainding 10 pounds to put me at 132.- to continue to workout 3-5 times a week- start training for a sprint triathalon- continue with eating healthy, including veggies!- start nursing school- balance school and work and family time betterMy decade goals- get into a job the offers me a lot more flexibility and money- travel with my husband and son more- save more money-continue to live healthy and make exercise a priority- enjoy life and live in the moment. My son is a baby and these years will go fast, I want to enjoy them- make time for my relationship with my husband

  • Marcia Shane

    My goal for 2010 is to lose twenty pounds – the old fashioned way with exercise and eating right. I generally eat healthy, I just eat too much. So, I am cutting out snacks and eating three healthy meals per day. My exercise regimen includes running, spin class, zumba, cardio equipment and core exercises. I mix it up during the week, but exercise 5-6 days per week.Funny that you are asking for a goal for the decade because I just set one and I’ve never done that before. I have never been a runner and just took it up a year ago. I built up to a 5k very slowly. My goal now is to be able to run a 10k by my 50th birthday!

  • Rob Giehl

    1 yearLoose 30 or more poundshave a six pacgood mussle tonehave a body fat of 18% or belowworkout 3 times a weekbe able to cycle at least 35 milesgo dancing at least 2 times a month10 yearmaintain weight lost and keep a healthy body fat %keep activeRob G

  • Kevin Cischke

    I have been working hard to lose weight and more specifically to lose fat. I have lost 51 pounds so far, but I need to continue to lose fat. I have been working to turn my life around in many ways. I would LOVE to receive your book as it would really help me continue on my journey. I am working hard to transform my life in every way.

  • Jason S.

    Goals 2010:I’ve already started one of them which is to eat healthy for the rest of my life. I’ve actually lost 8 lbs in last 2 weeks.Drop 50 more lbsReach and maintain a 10% body fat range.Find a good job.Start my new workout routine.Start my journey to finally being in the best shape of my life.practice meditation10 yr goals:Make sure I have a career and not just a job.Spend more quality time with my kidsMaintain my healthy lifestyleCreate a successful screenplayBecome closer to Godbecome a happier personTravelHave and maintain the body I’ve always wantedRegardsJason

  • Julie R

    I recently complete the Optifast diet losing 66lbs. Now I am struggling with the last 15 lbs. I’ve learned the program that I was on really didn’t teach me anything about eating right. I have looked all over the internet and read several books. Your website and the emails I have been receiving fro you have help me a lot. I would love a copy of your book and all the tools you offer. I am not in this alone, my husband has lost 110 on the program and I have to help me lose the rest of the weight. I’m the cook and grocery getter in this house of 7. I am the one that needs to pass on what I learn to them so they wont make the same mistakes as their father or myself I have made.Thanks,Julie

  • Brian Barry

    My goals for 2010-1. I am dropping my body fat % to 7% by June 1, 2010, while maintaining my excellent flexibility.2. I am growing into a better me everyday in every way Spiritually, mentally, and physically.3. I am more and more comfortable with the uncomfortable knowing that I am growing as a result of my commitment to reach outside of my comfort zone. That means trying new ways of working out, living, and reacting,.4. I am finishing my spec scripts and original scripts.5. I give ALL that I have to everything I doMy goals for the next decade.1. I am maintaining my body fat % between 7-11% for the next decade and maintain my flexibility.2. I am in a committed relationship with the perfect companion for me.3. I am constantly changing and growing into a better me in every way shape and form.4. My show idea gets picked up by a network and my business flourishes.5. I remain open to new ways of being and living.6. I give everything I have to all that I do7. Start to have a family

  • Jennifer Williams

    MY GOALS ARE AS FOLLOWS:I will learn to cook and prepare meals that are low calorie, low carb, high protein, yet tasty for myself and my family so that we can all start to eat better.I will drink more water and less diet soda.I will continue my exercise routine of 3 by 3 which is power walking three miles a day three times a week minimum. I will include my two daughters so that they will get some exercise as well.I will make sure I get the required doctors intervention and tests that will keep me informed as to the status of my health.I will do what is necessary to improve sleep habits.Finally, when I fall o ff the wagon or get lazy eyery now and then, I will not beat myself up, but I will remind myself why these goals are important and get back to it the next day.

  • SLC

    Goals for 2010:RI am a 51yr old recovering from major abdominal surgery. Within the next month I need to start exercising again, and once I am back to the same level of fitness I was before the surgery, I need to get body fat percentage down from 27% into the teens. I usually exercise 5x weekly as a fitness instructor, but have not been successful in getting my body fat % down. I think your book may hold the answer that I need!Work on a program to teach average busy overweight Mums how to eat properly and incorporate an exercise program into their busy lives at a cost they can afford.Start working on learning fitness regimens so that I can help the aging population maintain their strength and live active lifestyles.Goals for the next 10yrs:Keep myself fit and healthy…be a walking advertisement for my programs.Continue with seminars educating women on healthy eating and fitness regimes.Make enough money within the next 2 yrs to move overseas and open my own studio where I can teach fitness and nutrition, and work specifically with overweight, busy Mums, as well as “older” women to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. And throw in a few really tough classes for those young 20 yr olds just to keep life exciting!

  • simon shotter

    My goals for 2010:1. to reduce my overall body mass by ten kilos by reducing my boday fat from 25% to 15%2. to build more lean body mass to ultimately acheive a few kilos more muscle than i previously had.3. to increase fitness and health by giving smoking and employing a more regular cadio training plan.for the decade:1.to maintain a total fat % of 15%2. to begin to make plans for a family with a heathier more active body.3. to suceed in my career and become a proactive person all round.

  • David Miller

    My 2010-2019 goals:I’ve always been a big guy. For the last 15 years I have been over 300 lbs and as high as 400. Over the last 2 years, I am down to 320 and steadily losing. My goals are to make this a permanent lifestyle change by eating the right foods and gaining control over my impulses. I’m a subscriber to the fat loss inner circle and am finding it to be very valuable information. I admire everything that you are trying to accomplish through the blog and website.1) Get below and stay below 300 lbs.2) Maintain my control over food and not let it control me.3) Maintain my regular workout schedule and not be content.4) Build and rely on a strong support group.5) Run/walk in a 5k.6) Inspire others.7) Spread the message and be the “weird” person that is militant about the healthy lifestyle choices.8) Involve my immediate family in these choices I am making to be a better father and person.

  • Michael Wallin

    Read all these comments and I feell my goals are to simple.My goals now are the goals for the next 10 years as well, and yes for the rest of my life.1) Get my body in shape- Physical,Mental,Emotional and spirtual.2) restore and keep growing the romance in my life with my wife and best friend.3) get to and maintain 08-10% body fat for life.4) become a better father to the 2 most incredible kids in the world.5) get and stay financial fit.6) Give more of myself to others and my community.7) continued progression in Martial arts (TKD)8) increase my flexability.9) get educated not just in school but life.10) be the best friend I can be to those I love.

  • ALEX

    1) Achieve a body fat below 24%2) Stay healthy by keeping the same schedule (including daily workout) every day of the week3)Complete my reaserch on relativity and quantum mechanics

  • Niall

    My goals for this year are to stop dreaming about a better body and a better life and get my finger out and start making them happy.A 6 pack would of course be great to have but to be realistic firstly i would just love to have alot more self belief in myself over the coming months and be able able to head out on a nitgh out and be comforable in what im wearing and how people see me.Would love to start playing gaelic football regularly for my senior team (im from Ireland) and my goals for the next two months is to be fit enough to play football at a higher level than previously. My weight issues always left me behind in training so this is the year im doing something about this.Of course i would love to get a job this year and over the next ten years i would like to have a nice steady income and start looking into my dreams of acting and not just dreaming about them.Goals are simple, less dreaming and more living my dreams.Thansk for listeningNiall

  • Aisha

    In one year, I plan to lose at least 5% of my body fat. I am going to embrace exercise as part of my life and enjoy it daily.In ten years, I plan to be physically fit, something I have never been in my life. I wish to learn volleyball, the only sport I ever fell in love with but have been too lazy to continue.Of course, as a sophomore in college, I also plan on graduating and being in the work force in 10 years.Thanks for reading!Aisha

  • Shelley Poole

    1 Year Goal:To lose 75% of the 105lbs of weight that currently makes me obese. By adopting a lifestyle of clean eating and regain my cooking skills that have been lost over the years of take-out eating. Embrace the strengths gained by Interval training and Resistance exercises. These changes are needed for my final goal of 140lbs in weight with 10-12% B.F. and spectacular muscular structure.10 Year Goal:To reach my goal weight within the first year and a half of this decade and then to maintain my goal weight throughout the rest of my life, not just for 10 yrs. This will enable me to have the strength and physical ability to live out my dreams of adventure, especially learning how to surf in Hawaii.

  • Goals for 2010For me it boils down to faith. I totally lacked it. I felt like I was undeserving, to fat, an ugly puggly, not talented enough, and too boring! YIKES, what a load of self pity!So the first two goasl for me in 2010 are losing 50 poudns and to release all the stuck energies inside me by completing project that I have left undone for years. One of these projects is a illustrated children’s book(Illustration by me)on the invironment. Another is to complete my Reiki training and to start helping others to heal.Along side these two goals I am going to seek support. I am no longer my own worst enemy and open my heart up to uncondtionally loving and trusting myself. By eating correctly, meditation, excersie, and taking classes I am feeling it will lead me to my Life’s purpose.I feel that everyone sometimes forgets that Life is not a solo journey…it is a journey of self-discovery, love, faith and trust. All done within the community and with the help of loved ones. Being able to share goals and realize that many people have simuilar challanges as I do is very eye opening. It helps me realize I have alot more soul searching and meditation to do.My ten year goals:Help others reach their goals. I am achiving inner Peace, maybe even do my very best to help with World peace.Be well!Marianne

  • 2010 GOALS:Fitness related:- Achieve and maintain BF% of 15% or less.- Eat as clean as possible.- Do some form of Lift/Calisthenics/Cardio every day.Work related:- Complete MCSA by 31st May.- Complete MCSE by 31st December.Drumming related:- Improve double kick speed of 16th notes to 170bpm.- Increase hand speed by working through Jojo Mayer’s Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer DVD.DECADE GOALS:- Be working for a different company, earning over 100k/yr.- Complete more certifications including VMWare and Linux.- Have two kids.- Remain happily married.- Be the best drummer in the city.

  • Ralph Kaluscha

    this year i hope to get in the best shape possible loose 20lb of fat and eat healthy and build muscle and for the next ten years keep it that way and teach my kidds the same to eat healthy and live healthyregardsRalph

  • Susie Lima

    Tom, simply put I’d like to reach the other half of my goal this year and work off my stress rather than eat my way out of it!My goals for the current year include:-Lose 50 more pounds-Gain several pounds of muscle-Raise my metabolism so I’m not sleepy in the middle of the day.-Buy a home….and not avoid exercise because I’m “too busy moving”.-Follow a healthy eating plan my family and I can stick to.-Establish a closer relationship with God. Prayer, fellowship, and faith are very important for our spiritual, mental and physical health.My goals for the next ten years are:-Keep up with exercise at least 3 times a week (walking, hiking, dancing, etc. Whatever keeps me active that’s also fun)-Endow my son with the knowledge he needs to live a healthy, active life that he can also pass on to his children.-Move into a larger home!-Make regular time for myself to spend in prayerful meditation with my Lord.I truly would like to reach my goal of 100 pounds total lost. It’s taken me a year to lose 50 so far, but I’m on track to making this a lifestyle I can live with. God bless you for you wisdom, Tom. You’re a blessing to all of us who need a little extra push in the right direction.

  • Maria Tejeda

    First of all I must begin by saying that most of the time when setting fitness goals we need to be more realistic. If our diets and fitness goal are not realistic, we run the risk of failure and disappointment. Sometimes, goals don’t look realistic on the surface so we must take another look and ask ourselves whether the goal would look more realistic and be more achievable if broken down into smaller intervals. With this said, I have decided to break down my weight loss and fitness achievements into smaller intervals.Months 1-3 – Lose 8 lbs and decrease body fat.Months 3-6 – Lose another 8 lbs and decrease body fatMonths 6-9 – Lose eight more lbs and decrease body fatMonths 9-12 – Lose final eight lbs and decrease body fatMy goals for the decade are probably harder than the weight loss because I have found that maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging. I will eat clean, exercise every day, and take care of my body and mind.Maria Tejeda, New Jersey

  • Colin OShaughnessy

    2010 goalsdrop weight from 220 pounds to 195 pounds and go from no 7 in the world to no1 in Kickboxing.10 year goalsstay active when retired and coach my kids and students to be world champions

  • Elizabeth Waterbury

    My goals for 2010:I am so happy and grateful now that:-I have completed my 12-week tranformation.-I am 15% body fat!-I have completed my very first marathon!-I am in the best shape of my life so far by April!-I am amazing people with my ability to do 10 pull ups!-I have completed the one hundred push up challenge and can do more push ups than most guys I know.-I eat all my meals with proper ratios of lean protein, carbs, fats at healthy intervals to keep my body fueled.-I stay well-hydrated and purify my body by drinking at least a gallon of water every day.-I am designing my weekends and vacations to include healthy activities.-I stretch consistently to keep my muscles flexible and improve my health.-I keep a copy of my goals with me and a copy posted in my room at all times so I can read over them as often as possible.My goals for 2010-2020 and beyond!I am so happy and grateful now that:-I am learning enough about my body, diet and exercise that I am easily staying within 2-3 pounds of my optimal weight for the rest of my life.-I strive to constantly improve my body and optimize my genetic potential.-I am grateful and proud of how good I look today and I deserve to be healthy and super fit.-I help those close to me choose healthier habits by leading by example and being a reliable source of health and nutrition information.-I am developing clean eating and consistent exercise habits that are so ingrained into my lifestyle that they stay with me for the rest of my life.-I strive to beat my personal best everyday so I am constantly improving.-I love eating the healthiest and most natural foods possible to give my body the fuel it needs to perform at optimal levels. I know my healthy eating habits will be passed on to my children so they can be as healthy as Mommy and Daddy.-I am certified to instruct yoga and pilates.-I have a black belt in jiu-jitsu.

  • Dee Sweeney

    2010 Goals:Lose at least 1/2 of my goal fat loss of 50lbsExercise regularlyFocus on nourishing my bodyBuy produce from Farmer’s Market regularlyBecome an amazing example for my family and friends2010-2019 Goals:Achieve weight loss goal of 50lbs and sustain itContinue being an amazing example for my family and friendsAttend culinary school 🙂

  • Sally

    2010 GOALSMy weight is 125lb and I feel energized!My waist /abs are flat and firm.My arms are beautifully defined.I eat healthy foods 90% of time and feel great about my choices.I enjoy cardio 6 days a week and strength training 2 times week.I am example to my husband to help him with healthy food choices and exercise.DECADE GOALS:I’m proud of myself for maintaining my goals I achieved in 2010.I continue to live a healthly lifestyle with exercise and clean eating.I am an example for my children for healthly – active lifestyle.I’ve paid off my student loans.My retirement account is strong and healthly.

  • Melissa

    Goals for 2010Open a private pracitceRun a 10K and 1/2 MarathonTake GREDecide whether to apply to get a PhDBegin draft of a children’s bookStart a meditation practice againGo to a meditation retreatTeach my clients meditation

  • Wendy Remley’s goals:2010:Get to 19% body fat. Ambitious but doable.Set eating and exercise habits that are effective and maintainable.Declutter the house.Run a 10k.Goals for the decade:Maintain eating/exercise routine established in 2010Run a marathonGet out of debt once and for all.Have artwork accepted into a show.Put kids through college.Complete my Bachelor’s degree

  • Lisa Thompson

    My 2010 goals:To lose 90 lbs and get healthyTo be an active mom that can play with my small children.To get my body fat into a healthy rangeGrow and expand my faithGoals for the next 10 years:To maintain a healthy lifestyle.To be a good example to my family of how to be a healthy person.To become financially fit.Continue to deepen my relationship with the Lord.To run in a half marathon.To raise my children to have good values.

  • Brian Frontella

    I competed in Natural Bodybuilding Competitions 4 years ago and won my class with the help of “Burn the Fat and Feed the Muscle” e-book.I plan to compete again and maintain my Body fat at low levels. I do not want to gain like a pig and try to crash. It is easier to maintain a good weight and lose the little extra.I am trying to enlighten the folks in my part of the Country. I live in a small town and the atitudes are hard to get past, especially if they read it in a magazine and it said it work in 3 days.I read all of your work and try to apply it to my training regiment.ThanksBrian Frontella

  • maree rizzo

    My 2010 goal is to make an achievable fitness and healthy eating plan and stick to it.Encourage my children and partner to do regular physical activities that are fun, eg bush walking, bike riding.Achieve a healthy lifestyle that i don’t have to work at. I would like healthy eating and regular exercise to become a normal part of my life and my families lives.Lose 10kg in a healthy way to achieve an acceptable BMIPrepare healthy, low fat meals every day.10 year goal.To travel around europe, preferably riding or walking to places i would never have dreamed about going to.persue my massage career and establish a business from home.

  • Tim Herron

    My goals for 2010 and behond:To help myself and others I’ve come up with what I like to call the S.T.U.P.I.D. approach….Here’s how it works…SS erious Desire (You must look DOWN DEEP into yourself and ask do I REALLY want to accomplish this task? )Create a list of benefits you would gain by undertaking this task,: Better Health, More Loving Relationship, Much Better Financial Standing, More Free Time, Better Grades, etc…Write a well thought out explanation beside each benefit that you list and be VERY specific. Describe how you would be MUCH better off after accomplishing each item on your list.Go over your list EVERY DAY, read it before you go to bed and after you get up so that it becomes engrained in your mind.TT otal Commitment (Are you willing to do EVERYTHING that it will take to accomplish your desires (within reason)?You must be VERY HONEST WITH YOURSELF, and think things through very carefully to see if you are fully aware of what this commitment may cost you, and what steps you can take to limit the negative consequences (if there are any) that it may have.UU nrelenting Determination (You must be determined to not let UNIMPORTANT EVENTS stop you from getting the results that you want?)Be determined to stop at nothing short of harming yourself and/or your loved ones, and not breaking any laws to achieve what you desire. Stay LASER FOCUSED on what you want.PP assionate about the outcome (Are you MASSIVLY PASSIONATE about this achievement?)In your mind visualize how you will feel after reaching whatever it is you are striving for. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions that you will feel WHEN you accomplish what you are after, see it happening in your mind EVERY DAY and allow yourself to be MASSIVLY PASSIONATE about the outcome.II ntelligent Approach (Have you checked ALL of your options and selected the VERY BEST approach?)Write down all the things you can do to achieve what you desire.Describe each step and why you think it’s the best possible approach.Write down how each step in your approach could build on the next step, so that when you are finished you have a step by step plan that makes the very best sense.DD evelope a plan (Have you developed a TOTAL PLAN from all of your concepts?)Make sure that you understand each step that you are going to take to achieve your goals.Make sure that these steps are in the proper order for the best outcome.Use your plan for a DAILY ROADMAP to achieve whatever your desires are and to get there in the shortest possible timeframe. BE PATIENT AND CONSISTANT.Tom,I know this is a long post, but I could not think of a better place to give what I have developed for myself. This approach WILL HELP me to reach any goal I so desire. Your e-book BTFFTM is one MASSIVE step in my own journey to reach mygoal for MUCH INCREASED health and vigor.I want to thank you for all the effort you have put into all of the information that you provide and I can’t speak for anyone but myself when I say it will go a VERY LONG way to help me on my journey.Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with others and I can only hope that it will help someone else on their journey also.Tim HerronOhio…

  • melissa joy

    To compete (at 36 years old) in my first ever woman’s fitness/bidybuilding competition. There is so much conflicting advise/information out there I would love some solid strong advise.To continue to be an example for my children of healthy lifestyle.

  • Nao Y

    Year 2010

  • Be in control of eating disorder
    This is my highest priority. I thought I had it in control but when my body fat went down to 11.4% which was the lowest ever in my life, I relapsed during the 50 day holiday challenge. I personally dropped out from the challenge because I needed to be mentally clear before I should focus on fitness goal. If I’m not healthy in my mind, I wouldn’t be able to achive healthy 10% body fat. So I went back to group therapy which worked for the first time 2 years ago. I am getting better now, but I did not give up my ultimate goal:10%.
  • Become a certified personal trainer.
  • Work with people as certified personal trainer as my part time job.
  • Pass an audition to teach lifting class.
  • Achive 10% body fat.
  • Maitain 12-14% body fat.
  • Learn and master Mandarine.
  • Learn and master Spanish.
  • Year 2010 to 2020

  • Start schooling to be a registered dietitian.
  • Get a lisensed dietitian.
  • Change the career completely to health and fitness industry. (Career that would help people with eating disorder.)
  • By 33 years old, pay off all of my debts.
  • Increase the income to at least $100,000 year by 34 years old.
  • Increase the income to at least $300,000 year by 35 years old.
  • Travel China, India, Egypt, countries in Europe, countries in Africa, and all over the world.
  • Give away money to my family.
  • Own a house.
  • Retire by 40 years old from a corporate.
  • Work for myself after retiring.
  • Go back to Japan anytime I want.
  • Invite my family and friends to my house.
  • Marie Pearl

    1 year goal: Lose 50 lbsI am a night shift registered nurse. I have tried EVERYTHING to losethe weight. It will NOT come off. I am getting desperate! I eathealthy: steel cut oatmeal, tons of berries, spinach, whole grains,etc…..I NEED HELP!!!10 year goal: to KEEP off the 50 lbs and have a toned body. To help others achieve same goals!

  • Lisa Maresca

    My goals for this year and the next decade are:1) to run at least 80 miles a month2) get by body fat down to 20%3) Obtain and maintain control over my eating habits4) Accept change (a little more) gracefully5) Find a job that brings me happiness and a sense of accomplishment; and6) Be a good friend (and neighbor) to those around me. I have been humbled this past year by the support and friendship offered to me at a time when I felt crushed.Additionally, I want to continue raising my children to be compassionate and emphathetic individuals. I want to help give them the tools to be successful in life.

  • Laura Behnke

    One Year:Maintain my 2010 workout scheduleCompete in duathalon in SpringCompete in half marathon in FallBuild visible upper body muscle strengthBegin and maintain a Bible StudyEstablish Competency in W&O TradingTen Year:Maintain fit and strong body with good postureUse stretching and strength to guard against injuriesTime, energy and finances directed at a ministryLifestyle fully funded through W&O TradingCelebrate my 37th Anniversary w/ my Prince

  • Eduardo Bernhardt

    Next 1 year goals:- To improve my english (I’m Brazilian)- Put on 10 Kgs of lean mass- Low my % fatbody less then 10%- Maintain good health and humor- Learn much more about fitness and alimentation- Create and sell with success my industrialized healty and sugar free diet foodsNext 10 years:- Maintain my good health and shape- creat new food products- write a book in portguese about cooking and health- Travel a lot around the world (sailing preferentialy)

  • Steve Hubbard

    One year goals:1) Do cardio every day until I reach my weight-loss goals (20 of 21 days so far)2) Goal weight 170. Stretch goal 160.Decade goals:1) Stay active throughout my 50s.2) Stay healthy.3) Develop not only a better, healthier body but become a better person with a healthier attitude.

  • Andra Adams

    My main goal for this year, for me personally, is to lose the excessive weight I’ve been carrying for almost 20 years. I exercise regularly (6 days a week), so I also aim to continue my exercise program. The most important thing I need to do is to make changes to my diet. I want to get to a healthy weight so I can get out and be more active with my teenage son and husband. I would like to be able to run (not walk) a 5K this spring. I will be 49 years old this year and would like to reach my goal weight by my birthday in September. For the long term, I’d hope to be able to maintain my goal weight, and be healthy for the “autumn” years of my life. My husband is a 2nd degree black belt and my son has a high brown belt in taekwondo. I would like to lose enough that I would feel comfortable joining them in that class. Hopefully with the extra energy I would have I would be able to give back more to my church and community.

  • arisbe checa

    My goals for 2010:1. to have a more helthier body to be active.2. to be slim in order for the pain in my back (ciatica) will diminish.3. to suceed in my work and become a better person in all contexts of life.

  • Goals – the most immediate goal (3 months) is to be sure my A1C is where it needs to be do I am not classified as diabetic. For this year the goal is 30 pounds off, as well as a power walk at least three times a week. Goals for the decade include retiring after 30-plus years of teaching, traveling with my husband, and staying as healthy as I can through good natural eating. I want to travel as well as continue with my art work for the next 10 years – hopefully the most productive artistic years of my life.

  • Jacquelynn

    By the end of 2010, I will have:Achieved and maintained a weight below 170Achieved and maintained a BFP below 25%Ran 5 miles in under an hour at least once a month.Obtained and maintained definition in my abs!Maintained a schedule of workouts, 3-5 days a weekAdded 4 new clientsMaintained a lifestyle free of credit card or other bad debtDoubled my personal savingsBought a new Harley StreetglideRidden the Blue Ridge Parkway and camped by bikeHelped my parents whenever and however they neededEstablished a web presence for selling potteryPainted 4 new watercolorsBy 2020 I will have:Maintained a weight below 170Maintained a BFP below 25%Avoided genetic curses of diabetes and high cholesterolContinued business success and financial independencePaid off my current house, and converted it to a rental propertyBought a second house, with better studio spaceRidden the Pacific Coast Highway, round trip by HarleyEstablished a successful pottery business onlineSold watercolors in gallery showsand…Continued to break the rules, forgiven quickly, kissed slowly, loved truly, laughed uncontrollably, and never regretted anything that made me smile.

  • Leonie Charles

    Goals for 2010Care for my body – its the only one I’ll have!Get rid of unwanted fat by: correct excercise, food and thinkingEnjoying the MOMENT – living for nowNot let teaching take over my lifeGoals for the next 10 yearsFollowing the above – staying on courseGetting to and staying at my goal weight of 63kgMaintaining my precious relationships with family and friendsGiving back to the community with volunteer workContinue to smell the roses!!

  • 1 year: get to my goal weight of 135 by May/June then maintain between 140 and 145. 135 is just to say that I can but I think that 140-145 will look better on me.I want to run a minus 8 minute mile, 7 min 59 sec will do.Have a new job.10 year: 2 more kids.House.Happy.Still maintain in the 140’s and be able to still run 3 miles without a break.

  • Jason

    My main goals for 2010 and beyond are to rewrite my lifestyle from one that is detrimental to my overall health to one that promotes positive health and well being. Get my body fat down to 15% or lower (currently around 30%!!). To not work so much and spend time with the people that matter. Take that time to do fun things as well – vacations and the like.

  • Sandi

    DECADE 2010-2019 – YEAR 2010I am a 61 year old woman with 70 pounds to lose. I bought BFFM but have never followed it. I am developing osteoporosis and I need MOTIVATION big time. My goals for this year are to:1. Lose this weight2. Get stronger3. Give positive feedback and help to others4. Work out religiously5. Find a new job (need to lose weight for this one)6. Incorporate my spiritual self with my self self.I hope you find my goals worthy of a book – I really need the motivation that you supply.

  • Robert Middleton

    Tom:I am a 41 year old First Lieutenant in the Army with 19 years active duty already. I am up against kids half my age… literally. Even though I have been in the military for so long, I have only been in real good shape a couple of times in my life. You do say to set high goals… so here they are:2010 current weight 200 pounds and about 22% body fat (Army measuring system)… I want to reduce that to 185 pounds of lean muscle halfing my body fat. I want to be stronger than ever and in better shape than ever… I want to run and like it… and get my 16:30 2 mile run down to under 14 minutes. I currently do about 60+ situps/pushups in 2 minutes. I want those to be over 100. All this is to be done this year!Ten years from now… as my kids are graduating high school… I want to be the epitome of fitness… physically, mentally, and spiritually. I believe this is attainable if I set a strong foundation this year and don’t quit… especially when the going gets easy. I need to make the changes in my life that you talk about in BTFFTM and make them my lifestyle. That way when I am in my 60s and have grandkids to chase around I can do it with ease.Since I found your site, read your emails and your book, you have been inspiring me. I can’t wait to see these goals achieved.Thanks for hearing me and letting me voice my goals… yes, I know this is the first step to success after making them.

  • jamie D

    oops forgot my goals, so here they arepublish an ebookhit 10 consecutive muscle upsdrop to 8% BFput on 3kgs of muscleincrease client base by 100%Jamie D

  • Samantha Lord

    Tom.. You are an inspiration!!!!My quote for the year is one from Ghandi.Be the change you want to see in the world..Goals for 2010To live life positively, to accept the things I cannot change and to influence and achieve those things I canTo reduce my body fat % by 5%To train regularly, consistently and efficiently – a combination of weights, cardio and stretching/yogaTo compete in an adventure race which I have not done before (tetrathon in Argentina in August 2010)10 yearsTo create my dream to build and develop an adventure lodge in the South of Chile/Argentina which will have a variety of adventure sports including cycling, rock climbing, kayaking, treking and include special clinics to achieve your own personal goals either in fitness or on a spiritual level – for instance: to learn a new skill such as photography, complete a yoga course or take spanish classesTo inspire others to do what I have done and will do

  • Zsuzsi van Koersveld

    Hi Tom,In the last 10 months I managed to lose 18 kg with a professional diet.It feels great finally be able to move around more freely, exercise with more ease, fit into my clothes etc.But I have come to realise that the biggest challenge is yet to come, or for me to yet to overcome, to keep my current weight for the rest of my life! I am very much obsessed with food (why else was I so overweight?). Oh it is a mountain of challenge amidst the processed foods!My 1-year goal is to:- equip myself with the knowledge of food groups – natural food groups, which my body needs (and can have) to stay healthy, lean and full of energy;- also to build up my muscle mass, so to stay lean, better yet, to become leaner.I know now, that my life weight-problem came from that fact that I never had enough muscle in the first place. Being deaf and wearing hearing aids, my mother never let me exercise in the schools I ever attended as a child. She was too scared I would damage my hearing aids and of course hurt myself in any way. And consequently I also have a spinal curvature.As an adult I have come to realise that physical fitness should be part of my life. So the last 4 years or so I started collecting exercise DVs. As you would expect, I was doing them on and off.After losing my excess body weight, on the 4th December, 2009, I finally started exercising every day (I keep a diary of my daily routines). I am proud of myself being able to be consistent in exercising!! But I find that building simple muscles in my legs and arms (after losing so much weight) are not that easy and I feel quickly jelly in my legs after a few minutes of exercising. Nevertheless I keep on exercising, also for the good-feel after effect. At last I feel I am coming out of depression-tendency, I was in a few weeks back.My 10-year goal and life-goal is:- to be able to live a healthy life with my family.It is extremely difficult to make sure that as a family, we do eat healthy, and exercise enough! As an over 40 full-time mother I am also very much concerned that my boys also learn the quality nutrition of foods they ingest. I would love to give them and teach them the meaning of healthy life-style coupled with fitness for life. I want them to understand at an early age that we are so surrounded with processed foods, that it is bound for them to become overweight to obese, if they don’t pay attention to what they eat and drink at a later stage in their lives.- And of course, I want them to be proud of their sexy mom, no matter what her age (who would dare to guess then?)Oh one more thing: I am going to get Tom’s “Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle” for my birthday, on 8th Feb. I hardly wait to read it. Finally I found a book to start my 1-year goal with!!

  • Dave

    My goal is simple, to maintain my health in a balanced way. Not going up and down, keeping all my parts working, keeping cholesterol under control.

  • Amy-Marie Collins

    My goal for 2010 is not as easy as may appear. I would like to continue to use exercise to help me to forgo one surgery this year. I am on my 62nd. From 1999-2007 I have had 4 surgeries per year. In 2008 I had 3, in 2009 I had 2 and for 2010 my goal is to have 1. My goal will be to get back to the gym and be strong enough to achieve this. My Dr. is surprised that I have been able to cut them in half. Once I attain this goal, it will be my life long goal. The most important goal I have for the next 10 years is to be the best mother I can be to my almost 13 yr. old. I want him to have a bigger and better life than me. For him to do this, I need to provide him with a good role model, someone to emulate. For me to be this role model, I will have to continue to educate myself on how to think wisely, be more grateful and live a positive life. I want to continue to show him that with hard work and determination as well as gratitude, you can be successful regardless of the hurdles in life. Hopefully I will attain my decade long goal and only be at surgery # 72 in ten yrs rather than 102!

  • Sue Dow

    I read your book Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle for the 1st time in 2007, I have since read it 2 more times. I’m an avid reader and read everything I can get my hands on regarding diet, nutrition, and exercise and I invariably come back to BFFM. This time I got smart though and highlighted all the pertinent info, so now I just hit the “highlights” whenever I start to “slip”. I think it’s finally starting to sink in. :~}I work out regularly (always have) but have not had a lot of success with weight loss so I finally decided to keep track of everything I put into my body (counting calories and eating “clean”). I started Monday, January 4, 2010, exactly 17 days ago. The scale has only come down 1 pound but my clothes are really where I’m seeing big changes; they now fit!! My goal is to be at my ideal weight/body fat (for me) by my birthday, June 26th. I’m visualizing that little black dress.My long term goal is to finally get the mental part of staying healthy to become a life style. I have a real mental battle with food so I started journaling 17 days ago. These last 17 days have been a real eye-opener for me, and surprising simple. I now know I can do this!

  • Jodi Seip

    Goals for 2010:- eliminate emotional eating- be present & engaged every day- remember to appreciate those I love and tell them- achieve 15% body fat and maintain itGoals for decade:- be healthy- be happy- think about early retirement- stay physically active

  • Ian Davis

    I’ve been dealing with Crohn’s disease for 8-9 years. Last fall I had a set back and was hospitalized for 5 days.1. So, my main goal for 2010 is to get healthy and stay there.2. Drop 15lbs of fat and put on 20lbs of muscle.3. Increase my flexibility, conditioning and strength.4. Stick to my dietary restrictions and not have any setbacks.5. Improve my relationships with my wife, daughters, family and friends.For the next ten years:1. All of the above and get out and experience more.2. Complete the North Country trail.3. Travel more.4. Learn a backup trade/hobby.5. Spend more time enjoying life!Take care,Ian Davis

  • Sue Dow

    Forgot to leave a mailing addres just in case I get lucky ;~}It’s Sue DowPO Box 102Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869

  • Kitty

    in one year my goal is to lose fifty pounds and be able to walk two miles and have a FBS of 100.In ten years my goal is to be at average weight for my height be able to walk at least five miles with a thirty pound pack, and have my diabetes in remission or to be told by the doctor that I no longer have diabetes. In other words to be diet and exercise controlled rather than be taking medications. Thanks for your give away. Kitty

  • jason hirst

    My primary goal for the following year is to get to 12% body fat and then to maintain that or lower for most of the time. I am aiming for a lean physique as well as an improved fitness.My goal for 10 years is to be active with my family for my entire life. I want to be able to climb trees with my great grandchildren.

  • Janet

    2010 Goal:To learn about and practice ways to reduce my body fat percentage into the acceptable range, so I am not considered to be obese.I need to know how to eat and exercise properly to reduce my weight in a safe manner.I want to figure out how to motivate myself every day.I want to be a healthy and fit American woman.2020 Goal:To be in the best shape of my life where I am proud of my body.To be living a healthy lifestyle.To be motivating others to be their best.To be living in the USA where obesity is not normal.Best wishes!

  • Kathy White

    Goals for 2010* To get my weight down to 132lbs and maintain.* To understand the emotional pull behind my weight fluctuations and get off the weight on/off merry-go-round.* Learn how to apply the proven strategies for permanent lifestyle change to support a healthy and fit physique.* Feel the fear and do it anyway – let go of old ways that no longer work and ask when I need help.* Surround myself with positive, healthy people who are living in the body I aspire to achieve and learn from those who have mastery over this subject.* Reduce the stress in my life by addressing the issues that I have been putting off.* Give myself one day per week as me time.* Call and catch up with those I love more often and engage in fun physical activities.* Move house.* Be more grateful, more often.* Make EVERY day count (in every aspect especially the relationship I have with my body).* Continue to write everything down so I have a clear understanding of what I am eating and how much exercise I engage in.* Walk the dogs at least 30 minutes EVERY day.* Teach my bird how to talk.* Make time for play.* Keep my sense of humour up and laugh every day.* Spend more time with Mum and help her achieve better health in her twilight years.Goals for the decade:* Continue the goals from 2010.* Gain mastery over my physique for life so weight gain ceases to be an issue.* Continue to learn from those who are specialists in their field/have been there done that.* Pass on what I have learned to others to help those who have been in my situation and be a good role model.* Maintain 15% body fat for life.* Buy a house.* Work on the business ideas I have and develop those that have legs.* Learn something creative each year – e.g. African drumming, dance etc.* Spring clean each year – clear out things that no longer serve a purpose including people if necessary. Move on with love.* Learn yoga and practice daily.* Continue to be grateful and happy.* Spread joy.* Be the change (and love) I want to see in the world.* Do something significant for the planet and humanity (to be determined)* Be a regular volunteer.Thank you for the prod to clarify my goals for the year and decade and thank you for the opportunity to win your book. I am so excited! Good luck everyone.

  • Sam

    A few years ago while I was stationed in Korea, I came across Tom’s website while searching for a way to break a plateau. Skeptical as I was about any new theories on fat loss, I purchased it, read it, and discovered what a real, no-gimmick fat-burning program was all about.Went from 170 lbs 15% body fat to 145 8% in about 12 weeks and I couldn’t have been happier with myself or the real insight Tom gives in his book. So far, I’ve been able to keep it off…for the first time in my life and it really boils down to one thing: consistency.Yes, it’s easy to slip up, especially around the holidays, but keeping consistent with workouts and a healthy eating plan is really the hardest thing to do, in my humble opinion. The commitment to lose the fat and get back in shape is a very short time period compared to the time spent staying in shape, let alone setting new goals (also a very important part of a fitness routine). It’s waaay too easy to tell yourself “hey, I deserve to cut loose a little, I’ve lost all the fat I wanted.” That’s the trap that gotten me so many times in the past.There’s no easy way to put it. Anyone that tells you losing weigh