November 15th, 2011

What’s The 1 Biggest Secret to RAPID Body Transformation? (Like, In 49 Days!)

What’s the secret to rapid body transformation? I have my own ideas, especially after watching thousands of people TRANSFORM in our Burn the Fat Challenge fitness contests, and seeing nearly 10 years of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle success stories. But today I’m not going to TELL YOU how to transform your body fast, I’m going to ASK YOU. Here’s why: Every year, During our Burn the Fat Challenge kickoff promotion, I do a huge giveaway / sweepstakes where a handful of lucky winners win free memberships to my Burn the Fat Inner Circle – the Internet’s premier fat loss support and motivation community (thousands of members in 152 countries strong!). Why do I give away so much free stuff and why am I this year, giving away more free stuff than ever? …

First, this will help spread the word about our Burn the Fat Body Transformation contest... and we DO appreciate you spreading the word….

Please tell your friends on facebook, twitter and at your gym or workplace… even if you don’t officially enter our online Burn the Fat Holiday Challenge, you could organize your own informal Burn the fat 49 day “Holiday Challenge” with your work colleagues or gym buddies).

But there’s a deeper reason for this big blog giveaway…

Every year when I do this big free random prize giveaway, I see it as a rare opportunity to do some serious fitness (and psychology) research. I usually get hundreds of comments, and in some of our big free blog giveaways, I’ve gotten more than 1,000 comments on here.

I always figured, why let anyone enter to win all my free stuff for doing nothing? Why not make them “work” a little bit by thinking, and answering a serious, poignant question.

The responses I’ve gotten to the last blog giveaway contests have been priceless because you and the rest of my readers have given me your personal insights on your motivations, your challenges and your biggest problems. I could never get this kind of information and real-people feedback from reading textbooks or science journals.

This time, I have a new question. If you answer it in the comments below, you will get entered in my free drawing for free books and memberships.

This time, instead of asking you about your motivations or your problems, I want to know about your solutions.

1. I want to get insights from people who are experienced at fitness transformation who are willing to share what has already worked for them, for fast results when time is of the essence.

2. And for those who are new and don’t know yet how to transform their bodies, let alone quickly, I want you to start using your brain and thinking about HOW you CAN begin to transform.

Answer the question I have written at the bottom of this post, following the rules as stated, and I will enter you into…

The Biggest Random FREE PRIZE DRAWING In the History of Burn the Fat Blog

In past drawings, I’ve given away maybe one full annual membership, a handful of 3 month memberships and a few ebooks…

This time, 10 winners sill be selected at random. All the winners will receive:

A FULL One Year Full-Access-Membership to the Burn the Fat Inner Circle and a Personally Autographed copy of my hardcopy book, The Body Fat Solution… Shipped in the mail to your door, anywhere in the world.

Not only that, all winners will be eligible to enter the Burn the Fat Challenge body transformation contest* (optional.. but I think you should GO FOR IT!)

Here’s the question to answer in the comments below to get you entered into this free prize drawing:

What do you believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?

Please read that carefully – I did not say rapid weight loss – I said rapid Body Composition transformation.

That means losing fat and keeping your muscle or even gaining muscle. It’s a totally different question than asking about fast weight loss, which is NOT what we are after around here.

If you are an experienced fitness enthusiast, then draw on your past experience.

If you are new and you don’t know how to to make a rapid body composition transformation – if this has been your Achilles heel in your life and you just haven’t figured it out yet – well, USE YOUR NOGGIN and THINK ABOUT IT. Think – and see what your brain comes up with.

Maybe you’ve never transformed your body before and that’s why you’re here – you want to LEARN how…

But go ahead and say that “I’m still a work in progress, not a success story, YET” but take a stab at the question and post your answer in the comments (maybe deep down, your subconscious mind already knows the answer – maybe you know what to do, you just haven’t done it yet and this little “homework” exercise will draw it out… and you might win just for having a go at it)

Go ahead – post your answer in the comments below. But DO pause a moment and think about this first. And keep it to the 1 biggest thing. Just one thing.

Good luck in the drawing and I hope to see you in the Burn the Fat Challenge body (composition) transformation contest this week – it opens on November 17th, 2011 and the contest information page will go live here on this blog at 12:00 am on that day (Thursday the 17th, THIS WEEK, this blog)

Train hard and expect success,

Your Friend and coach,

Tom Venuto
author of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle
Founder & CEO,

BLOG GIVEAWAY CONTEST: Blog Contest Terms/Rules/Restrictions: NO PURCHASE REQUIRED TO ENTER the blog contest. you must be 18 years of age or older, Contest subject to state and federal laws and void where prohibited. Answer must be provided by posting a comment in the blog comments below, including your name (include at least your first name and last initial). Entries must be received by Wednesday, November 16th, 2011 at 11:59 (PM EST). Winners to be announced here on this blog in this post by end of day, Thursday, November 17th, 2011. Winners must contact Burn The Fat support at to redeem prizes by providing postal address for hardcopy book delivery and email address for online membership delivery. Contest sponsored by Fitness Renaissance, LLC doing business as Burn The Fat blog. All entries become property of contest sponsor.

*BURN THE FAT 49-DAY HOLIDAY CHALLENGE: Some restrictions apply. Must be 18 years of age or older. Contest enrollment is FREE for ALL current Burn the Fat customers and Burn the Fat Inner Circle members. Current customers subscribed to the clients list will receive a private email invitation to register before November 17th, or may contact customer service and request an invitation between November 17th and November 23rd by showing proof of purchase. Contest is open to NEW burn the fat customers, but there may be restrictions in some countries. Void where prohibited. In the United States, Contest is void for new customers in Vermont, Maryland, North Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, Tennessee, New Jersey and Rhode Island (reason: state laws do not allow registration in a fitness contest that requires a new purchase). Complete rules, list of prizes, terms, conditions and legal notices can be found on the contest information page, which will be posted here on this blog on Thursday, November 17th, 2011.

THANK YOU ALL for contributing to this epic blog giveaway – one of the top 2 biggest responses I’ve ever seen on this blog.  Here are our winners:

1. Jodi S. (nov 15th 5:21 pm)

2. Lillian Sockwell (Nov 15th 5:31 pm)

3. Sri Ganesh (Nov 15th 8:21 pm)

4. Bill Fields (Nov 15th 11:52 pm)

5. Pete Foster (Nov 16th 3:52 am)

6. Michael M. (Nov 16 12:27 pm)

7. Mark Bader (Nov 16 1:05 pm)

8. Leticia Gomez (Nov 16 5:47 pm)

9. Justin M (Nov 16 8:23 pm)

10. Jonathan Alan (Nov 16 (9:49 pm

1000th commenter prize: Caroline Christians

Congratulations and i will see you all in the Inner Circle… and I HOPE to see you in the Holiday Challenge too!

Collect your prizes by sending an email to our customer support team at: Please include your postal address for shipment of your signed book.

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1,038 Responses to “What’s The 1 Biggest Secret to RAPID Body Transformation? (Like, In 49 Days!)”

  • Petra

    Hi there! I’ve been patiently waiting for this blog post… and here it is. 🙂

    I think the one biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is commitment. You may already know HOW to change your body compposition, but constantly talking about it and not doing anything about it, is not going to get you anywhere. You have to be 100% commited to training and eating the right foods and not just for the short term, but for life!

  • Petra

    Oh, and trust me, I am totally guilty of not commiting in the past. That’s what’s different this time. I have joined a team and will not let them down. I am commited to my and my team’s success! 🙂

  • Dep Kirkland

    I haven’t done it, YET, but I’ve tried enough times, for years, to know what doesn’t work. Something in my inner consciousness (the thing I like to ignore when it suits me) tells me, “Duh, I wonder if the opposite of what doesn’t work might work!”

    Got a feeling that little voice is right.

    So, what is it? The opposite of the things that don’t work? A host of thing pop up. Build muscle and let it help melt away the extra pounds. Right. Losing fat while doing nothing productive leads to skin & bones, and malnutrition, of the body and the mind.

    But, at the core of it, I think it’s more than that. More than method, process, technique, plan. It’s more base than that.

    At it’s core, it’s Being the Boss of Me!

    To take action when you don’t “feel” like it. To not let the morning’s excuse pull the covers back over your head. To turn your head away from the cookie plate at work. To deal with the jibes from others who don’t want you to succeed (because it tells them it’s possible, something they do not want to hear). To make the energy pancake rather than grabbing an unbalanced energy bar. All those things. We all know what they are. We all know, in our heart of hearts, when something is GOOD for us rather than BAD for us. It’s nice to have a BFFM around to follow to the good life but we’ll never follow any path that leads in that direction until we tell our ME who the BOSS is.

    So, for me, that’s it. Taking charge of my SELF.

    Becoming THE BOSS OF ME.

  • cheryl

    Consistent, disciplined effort is key to any transformation. We lose track, make excuses, give in to temptations….

  • Tiffany

    Ditching any and every excuse for not sticking to your plan and just doing it, no matter what life throws at you.

    • Brandon

      Yes, i agree. I have been doing this for years now, and it really is that simple (notice i didn’t say easy!). Its a mundane, tiring process, but at the same time its a thrill. Basically Nikey summed it up best : Just Do It! No matter how you feel, get it done. No matter what you have to do later, get just get it done. After a while, the pain and routine gets easier. Progress becomes evident, and spirits rise. Stick with the training, eat 6 meals a day, get up early, and know your body type and what pitfalls to avoid. Believe 100% that what you are doing is making progress and getting you closer to your goal.

  • heather walker

    I haventdone this fully yet but I have gotten so close I could smell it. What it takes is that you truely want it more than anything else. You want it so much that you are willing to put in your dedication, ask for help from those around you, not make excuses. Etc.

  • Debi Gomez

    Debi G here – new member, old fan
    1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation:
    Learning, learning and learning some more has been the biggest key in my transformation (which is never done!)

    I am a pretty smart lady (aka nerd) and sometimes I get too smart for my britches – over the many years I spent “fat” (no sugar coating here) I always thought I KNEW WHAT to eat to lose weight, WHAT to do to get fit but for some reason even my faithful attempts failed.

    It sounds so simple – eat right, exercise – but there is so much more to it than that. This year I set out on a transformation mission and along the way read TONS of books about nutrition and exercise and what I learned has given me a life I thought was just not mine to have – took off 55lbs and for the first time in my life someone said “I wish I had legs like yours”!!!!!

    It’s the constant learning – about body chemistry, about WHY certain foods aren’t good for you or your waistline, about calories and deficits (and even surpluses)… these understandings, this new information ignited the fire for me and I hope I never stop learning!!!

  • "Dragonbryn"

    Tom, I hope you don’t mind if I write a little more than a sentence or 2.
    I’m sure you already know what I believe…the proper mindset and written, precise goals. Not only for the 49 days, written goals that are based upon a lifetime, 12 month goals, 3 month goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals. As I wrote my goals I visualized what they would look like and feel like. I see them as if they were already happening or as if I already had my “perfect” body, mind and life. And let me tell you, it works! If you consistently focus on your goals, get as clear and detailed as possible and act as if they are already apart of your life, then you will be unstoppable. I wanted to share a few of the goals I wrote out in regards to how my “Day 98” was going to look like from the summer 2011 98 day challenge:

    ~I am in the very best shape of my life mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually!
    ~I feel empowered, strong, motivated, focused, determined, beautiful and sexy!
    ~I am so happy and grateful now that it is August 26, 2011 and I am a size 0, I weigh 108 Lbs and I am 13% body fat!
    ~I love the way I look in my bikini, my arms are ripped, my legs are toned and lean!
    ~My legs and butt look fantastic in shorts!
    ~My bra’s fit perfectly and look great in a white tee shirt(back fat is GONE)!
    ~People ask me everyday how I got into such phenomenal shape. Women say “I wish I had your determination and will power”!
    ~I fit perfectly into a size 0 black, tight, short cocktail dress that shows how much I appreciate my lean, fit, strong body!
    ~I eat 5-6 meals per day with perfect, proper ratios of lean protein, carbs and fat, always on time and at 3 hour intervals!
    ~I stay well-hydrated and purify my body by drinking a gallon of water every day!
    ~I am celebrating the 4th of July with clearly visible abs!
    ~I thoroughly enjoy my 3 treat meals per week. It’s more than enough to satisfy my taste buds!
    ~I love my workouts that I do every day. I feel amazing, refreshed and energized for the day!
    ~I feel fantastic when both men and women turn their heads when I walk by!

    • Priscilla Watrous

      Stink’n awesome! Way to go!

    • Bethany

      I totally agree with you! I know how to eat well and I love hard workouts. I find it difficult to consistently stick to healthy eating. When I do stay committed to staying on track with my diet, great results ensue. Your method of visualizing goals and staying focused are empowering. Thanks!

    • Tom Venuto

      Go Get em again DRAGON BRYN!

  • Kiersti

    I think that the answer to “what is the biggest factor” in any kind of personal transformation is you.

    In respect to body transformations it is really no different.
    ANY and ALL statements have to include this word… it is what YOU eat, what YOU drink, how much effort YOU put in, how much commitment YOU have.

    The common denominator is YOU.

  • donna

    just downloaded, time to get started

  • Eve

    Dedication. Consistency. ALWAYS have a eating and fitness plan you can turn to EVERYDAY! A support group, if you need outside motivation, always helps.

    • Carri W

      I haven’t done it YET…but I think the one key to successfully transforming my body is FOCUS. I am focusing on me and putting into action the tools you have given to achieve a healthy body. Without the focus on each step, each part, each day, heck sometimes each minute on what my goal is and how to achieve it, I won’t be able to get there. I focus on the now so I can achieve my goal.

  • Jodi S.

    As a trainer, I always told my clients, “Your mind is the first muscle you need to train.”. Getting fit is a decision. It starts in the mind. Staying fit is a decision. It lives in the mind. Everything you do, starts with your thinking and your attitude. For me, if my mind isn’t in check, my body never will be. I need to have the tools in place MENTALLY, to ensure I reach my goals PHYSICALLY. It is no mysteray that our mind and body are HIGHLY connected. In order for me to make a BODY transformation, I have to have a MENTAL transformation. In order to have a mental transformation, I have to use the correct tools, that include proper education, in addition to a CONSTANT flow of motivation and positivity, hence my decision to join the BFFM community and embark on the Holiday Challenge. I truly believe that Tom has created a support network that supports the mental support needed (through the BFFM book, bulletin boards, blogs, newsletters, team support, etc) to drive a body towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether you have lived on the couch for 25 years or have just completed a fitness competitition, getting/keeping your mind in shape always comes before getting your body there. So there you have it. The 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation for me is to ensure I have the right support for my mind. Looking forward to reaping the benefits from the BFFM community! Happy Training!

    “To achieve something you’ve never had, you must do things, you’ve never done”

    • Christina Byrne

      I LOVE that quote!! It makes me push out of my comfort zone more and more every day!! THANK YOU! 🙂

      • Jodi S.

        So glad you like it… I do too! Its so true though, right? The fear and anticipation of doing something new is usually FAR worse than actually doing it. We fear failing. Usually we end up loving the result of pushing beyond our current limits. Another one of my favorite quotes is

        “What would attempt to do if you knew you could NOT fail???” 🙂

        • Jodi S.

          er….”What would YOU attempt to do if you knew you could not fail??” Sorry, typo!

          • Christina Byrne

            Oh, loving that one too! My husband was controlling the speed on my treadmill last night and he said I can go harder and faster than I think. He had me doing intervals at 7!! I felt SO good afterwards, knowing that I DID it!!! In the end, the results outweigh the fear!

  • megan

    Writing down your specific goals. Having a goal card and look at it everyday. Not sure if that is the specific answer your looking for, but I know it helps keep focus.

  • Cat

    Easy – FEEDBACK. You can’t make intelligent progress without valid feedback. Feedback keeps you focused and it gives you want you need to know to keeps you heading in the correct direction. It educates you. It can motivate you. If nothing else, it tells you (often like a much needed slap in the face!) what you probably already know…it’s time to step it up.

    There are lots and lots of things that one can do to set oneself up for success at a rapid body composition change but without feedback, you’ll be going at it with your eyes closed. How many of us are any good at finding our way with our eyes closed?

  • Lillian Sockwell

    What do you believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?


    I believe DESIRE is THE biggest key to make a RAPID body composition transformation. You can have all the knowledge in the world but without the desire to do it, you will eventually fail.

    You have to want success bad enough. You have to want it so bad like you need to breathe!

    I have had success and failures throughout the last year and a half of my fat loss journey. I have found that when I am in my low points, it is because I had lost my desire. I am going through a low point right now and I feel that this transformation challenge is just what I need. I need it so bad. I have lost 55 pounds and gained back 8. I DO NOT want to go back to the way I was. I need you to help me again! (My plea for a most wanted free membership and your book 🙂

  • Knowledge is important but not as much as applied knowledge.

    Motivation is vital but not as much as accountability.

    So, it must be accountability then. Accountability to oneself and to others.

  • Carol MacDonald

    I’m going to say the single biggest key to making a rapid body transformation is giving myself permission to be successful.
    I have completed two body transformation contests in the past, and both times i had some success, but nowhere near what i had hoped.
    This time, (and i’m putting it in print here for all to see), I give myself permission to be successful–to reach my goals or better! 🙂

  • Alheli Picazo

    The biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is … A solid plan!

    You cannot expect to get the results you want unless you have a definite plan of action. That includes both a set dietary and training regime.

    After all, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  • Dara

    I think it comes down to laser like commitment and focus. I’ve transformed my body in past only to relapse, but on next attempts I’ve had so many distractions and other distracting priorities (e.g. finances, or relationships). And with those diluting the focus on fat loss and exercise it spreads your focus too thin.

    I think you need to prepare yourself and if possible clear distractions and set your self up for success. That combined with accountability and setting realistic expectations.

    You need to turn fat loss in to a must, instead of a should.

  • Nancy

    To stop with negative self-talk.

    I start with the best of intentions. I “GO BIG”, but I still fail miserably every time. I have tried SO many times, but usually I fail pretty quickly.

    I would say I am highly motivated. I used to think I was just lazy, but now, after 36 years, I think it is more at work. I think if I could get rid of the little devil on my shoulder who whispers that I am a BAD, BAD person, and I should be thinner and stronger, that would make a huge difference.

    I believe in hard work and consistency, and that is only possible if one does not drag oneself down with the negative ways we have of judging our bodies and our performances.

    I am so hard on myself. Why can I not apply this to being consistent and resisting temptations that go against my goal?

    All the negative self talk makes some of us (i.e me) want to escape that reality every now and then and it´s done in a bottle of wine or chocolate cake. Who would want to live in that reality all the time, really?

    Therefore it´s one step back and one step forward all the time. I think this one change to all positive self-talk would make a big difference.

    • Brandon

      Nancy I feel for you. Its certainly not easy. I used to get down all the time. Id feel great and make a commitment to get leaner, but then id just loose control with my diet. What completely changed me was my mental shift. How did i get there? I read how others succeeded, and realized i needed to stop acting out of how i felt at that moment and focus on the big goal at the end. Just like a drug addiction, you cannot let how you feel at that moment or week or even month dictate if you use or not. Focus on the big picture, write down your goals for the week, month, 3 moths 6 months , year etc… and watch what happens. You need to make sure your mind has a clear reward/aka goal at the end to reach , and the rest kind of just goes on auto-pilot. with each passing week, things get easier until its second nature. Hope this helps and good luck!

      • Nancy

        Thank you, Brandon! It actually did help a lot. I know what you are saying, but I have not realized until now how important it is to focus on the big picture, and not allow myself to react to my feelings at the time.

        It helps to hear it from somebody else. It helps to hear it is not easy, and I realize I have to be serious about focus. Thanks again and I am glad you are doing well.

  • Anna aka LittlePineapple (IC)

    For me it’s definitely that I’m mentally and emotionally WILLING to change! I’ve done last year’s holiday challenge and have successfully burned fat and created a healthy body. But I have never been this small in my adult life and was overwhelmed by how it felt. It was like a shock to me.
    Now I have done the emotional and psychological preps that I need to change my body for good.

    Let the holidays begin!

  • Schelle

    Recognising that every day requires commitment. Day 30 is as important as Day 3 and deserves as much attention to attitude, planning, nutrition and exercise.

  • Shannon

    Biggest secret is MEASURE EVERYTHING!!
    – MEASURE your starting weight, starting body fat
    – MEASURE your goals
    – MEASURE your motivation to meet the goals
    – Measure your Today Daily Energy Expenditure
    – Measure out your daily deficit
    – Measure your daily activity
    – Measure what you put in your mouth – food, macronutrients, water
    – Measure how much weight you lift
    – Measure how much you sleep
    – Measure your circumfrences….I could go on, and on!
    If you don’t measure, you don’t know where you’re starting, where you’re going, whether it’s working, or what you can do to keep the burn going!

  • Erin Morales

    The #1 biggest key to a fast body transformation is having a plan.

    I got married in May this year. In order to maintain my figure between January (when my dress was fitted) and May, I created and followed a nutrition and exercise plan using BFFM principles. The dress fit better in May than the last time it was fitted because I dropped to 18% body fat.

  • DaveS

    Haha funny you should mention it–I have gone off the reservation and organized a “Burn the Fat Challenge” at my martial arts school. Got 10 people so far and I’m working in BFFM as a highly recommended textbook and the Inner Circle Challenge as options for better results. We’re gonna have some fun!!! (and I’m also doing the IC Challenge of course)

    For me the #1 secret to rapid body transformation is TEAMWORK! It’s not only the accountability, but it turns the hard work into fun. I look forward every day to seeing what everyone’s doing and try my best to hold up my end and set a good example.

  • Elaine

    Preparation. Once you’ve picked a plan, you have to do everything you can to set yourself up for success. Batch cook on weekends, prepare plenty of grab-and-go meals/snacks that fit within your plan, make sure your workout clothes are clean and easily accessible, go to bed early if you need to get up early to work out.

    Once preparation is part of your routine there’s no excuse NOT to get fit.

  • Justin Cataldo

    What worked for me in the past were two key things:
    1) Setting the goal, and flicking the switch in my head to commit to it. This was the single most important thing, as it kept me focused on what I wanted to achieve.
    2) Consistency. Keeping my goal in mind kept me focused on my diet and my training to constantly reassess my position.

  • Carla Flaim

    belief that YOU CAN TRANSFORM no matter what. Without that, it will never happen.
    Thanks Tom

  • emsie

    Two years ago I found out my husband and father of my two (very young children) was having an affair. I kicked him out (yay me!) but was then facing the situation no mother likes to contemplate – being forcibly apart from her children for a significant part of their lives.

    At first I sat and cried whenever we were apart. Then I started running. Running became training for triathlons, and an interest in nutrition and fitness became my lifestyle.

    Two years later I am fit, strong, 40 and an Australian size 8.

    And then I found the BFFM website and realised that despite how far I had come, there was more! I wanted to look like the amazing people who had made the transformation.

    Every Monday I ‘started’ my own transformation, and by the Friday I had given up.

    Why? Why wasn’t it working.

    I realised that although I am good, I am not yet exceptional. And that to me is the key – the one thing that separates the successes from the failures.

    I am disciplined, I am driven, I am focused. But only ordinarily so, not exceptionally so. And that, to me, is the one thing you need to be.

    Once you have been through the transformation and out the other side you can genuinely claim to be exceptional. In so many areas of your life.

    I have never been exceptional because I’ve never known how, or at what I could possibly be, but BFFM has given me the insight. And that’s the one thing I think is the key to a rapid transformation – be exceptional in every area.

    Can’t wait!

  • Jill

    Support. Rapid goals can include extreme changes. Having a support group – particularly like minded and/or knowledgeable can make the difference between success and failure.

    They can’t do the work for you. But they can be there to help push you forward when you need it most & you can do the same for them!

  • Marcie Peterson

    I believe that you must not tell yourself that you cannot eat something specific. If you do it seems you crave that item ever more.

  • Roger

    Biggest secret? A balanced calorie deficit along with an exercise program you can commit to.

    Regards – Roger

  • Darwin Massingill

    The biggest key to a rapid body transformation is two simple words, but those two words mean a lot of hard work. I CAN. I CAN get up every morning and do 30 to 45 minutes of aerobics. I CAN lift weights three to four times a week. I CAN do aerobics again every evening for 30 to 45 minutes. I CAN eat clean 95% of the time. I CAN forgive myself if I have a temporary setback and I CAN get right back on the program. I CAN use willpower to eat healthy and clean during holiday parties and family get togethers. I CAN stay away from alcohol for 49 days. I have failed many times in the past. Not this time. I have a positive attitude and I CAN do this. This 55 year old dog is about to show the world what he CAN do in 49 days. I CAN see myself with a body like Tom’s !!!

  • Brian Morton

    Still a work in progress, but here is my answer:

    The biggest key to making a rapid body composition transformation can be summed up in one word, Planning.

    In the past I have found that my greatest success in anything I set out to accomplish was done through proper planning before I even started. In achieving a rapid body composition transformation, one would not only establish an overall plan for accomplishing their stated, written, goal, but would require daily planning of nutrition, workouts, and mental preparation, as well as planning for potential setbacks. Without proper planning one just wanders aimlessesly in the gym, eats whatever’s available, and simply gets caught up in the moment.

    However, when one plans, they make the best use of their time in the gym, they have planned out their meals for the day so they know exactly what they are eating, and they plan to make time to well . . . plan.

    It’s been said that people don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan!

  • If you know exactly what you want, your unconscious mind will get busy helping you to do what is needed to get there!!! Plan for success, and it’s yours!!!

  • Andrew

    Consistency in your attitude. It’s what all the winners of the past have always had/done

  • Joseph Carpenter

    The ability to forgive yourself and move on as planned if you “fall off the wagon” or get distracted.

  • Alethea Hutchison

    I think the biggest secret is that you need to make the commitment to change your life and work at it from all angles. Diet, workouts, sleep, stress are all major factors and you have to get outside your comfort level and change the way you think about things. You need to get intense and find that drive within to be the best you that you can be. Set goals for yourself and when you reach them come up with a new one.

  • Donna Cox

    I haven’t accomplished this yet. I am doing my “pre-challenge” mental workouts already though. I believe my key to success is going to be finding the “why”. The motivation to accomplish the goal, the overwhelming want to do this, needs to be there to overcome the inevitable challenges of “how” to do it. The rest are details and as important as those details may be, without the “why” to fuel the fire no amount of planning, knowledge, or technical information will produce the results. There will always be the proverbial monkeys and a gremlins working against any plan, you just have to be more invested in achieving your goal than they are at stopping it. (A supportive group like the IC will come in handy to keep those spirits up!) Know you will succeed, and you will.

  • Alicia LaPorte

    Alicia LaPorte here…I think the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is desire, meaning how bad you truly want it. You can have all the books in the world telling you what to do but if you don’t want it bad enough, you won’t do everything in your power to get it. If you don’t have the desire, you will be able to quickly talk yourself out of going to the gym and justify eating all the bad food you love. However, if you do have the desire, you will be excited to go work in the gym and love eating clean foods.

  • Katherine

    The most important thing is to start with a good plan and clear goals! If you’re trying to figure it out as you go along, you’re going to waste a lot of time and feel a lot of frustration. And your plan has to be *your* plan, your goals have to be *your* goals.
    After that, stick to the plan. Don’t let bumps in the road derail you. Life happens, things don’t always go the way you thought they would or think they should, but no matter what, you keep going. If you get off track, you get back on track, forgive yourself and keep working the plan.

  • Debbi Head

    For ME – eating enough lean protein w/ lots of fibrous veggies – anything else I eat is just a bonus food. Now I need to eat MORE (lean protein & complex/starchy carbs) to build muscle while I ramp up my weight lifting (my cardio is a given !!) to get the body shape I am after !!

  • Cretan Radu

    Hello Tom, hello everyone who is reading this, my name is Radu and I’m writing this from Romania ( please excuse my english 😮 ).
    I had my ups and downs, I’m definetly not a succes story (yet) , so here are my thoughts about this :
    The number one thing you need to solve this question is dedication, but what is dedication ?
    Well , it’s like a puzzle , everyone has pieces of that puzzle , the more, the better.
    What are those pieces of the puzzle ? They are :
    – Love : When you dedicate yourself to something, it means that you love it :D. You love to gain knowledge about it, you love to put effort in it, you love everything about it .
    – Discipline : You gather the strength to commit yourself to what your doing, planning, you try to respect your plans, maintain an order and never fall behind .
    – Self-Awareness : You need knowledge, you need to know where you are and you know where you want to be . If you don’t know where you are and where your going then you
    won’t know when you will reach your destination or what that destination is .
    – Willpower : It is the will of the mind that pushes your body forward, trying to reach your goal.
    – Courage : Or guts, or doing the right thing even if your scared, you put your fears aside and head towards your goal .
    This about covers it , cya people and hope you complete your puzzle ^^ .

  • Alex

    Commitment, and through commitment, a “fallback” plan when things don’t go exactly right. For instance, if you can’t work out in the morning, have a plan to do it first thing after work.

  • Obviously knowledge is power – you need to know the “how” of it all and goal setting is key so you know what you’re aiming for… But NONE of it matters without CONSISTENCY. Each day waking up and no matter how you feel, taking a few more steps in the direction of your goals. You could train & eat like a machine half the time but if you’re a pig the rest of the time, it’s not going to count!

  • Russ

    I think the biggest secret to rapid body transformation is using a proven plan that has shown results for thousands of people in the past.

  • Kathryn

    Wanting it more than the alternative. Wanting it more than the piece of chocolate cake or sleeping in instead of going to the gym.

  • greg nickel

    Time…this probably relates to another category such as planning..and goals…however i find if i set a time each day the same time to do workout that i stick to it more. and people become to accept this and know that this is your time. it’s like when the doctor prescribes and recommends taking meds the same time everyday you do that don’t you. (and yes the same thing if you miss a dose go to the next, i dont tend to beat myself up so much just press on). is it thee most important…but i hear it a lot ‘i don’t have the time”.

  • David

    Making sure that you step outside your comfort zone every single time you train, so that you are pushing harder than you pushed before, whether it’s cardio or strength training.

  • Connie Peace

    DISCEPLINE!! Discepline, commitment, accountability to nutrition and exercise. You MUST stay disceplined the entire journey and keep a positive mind set…if you fall back a moment and miss a workout or cheat on meals, get your mind back and stay DISCEPLINED TO YOURSELF. Visual and mental pictures help the mind set as well. I workout and visualize my body how it will look in a couple weeks and I know it always does because i’ve done it before. Ive’ done it before WITHOUT such discepline and have failed. Think of your body from the moment you wake up in the morning til you go to sleep at night…and sometimes dream of it!! This will keep you motivated to eat according to your goals and you will look forward to your workout!! DISCEPLINED MIND…very powerful!!

  • Darlene

    I think that the answer to “what is the biggest factor” in any kind of personal transformation is my own thoughts and feelings about myself.

    We are all different individuals and one size does not fit all. It has taken me years and years of trying what works for me. It’s definitely not about the scale. I can weigh 140 pounds with no muscle and be in a size 14, or I can weigh 140 lbs comprised of muscle and in a size 6.

    But, like I said above, it all starts in with your mindset and goes from there. It may sound like alot of hooeey unless you’ve seen just how powerful our thought can be!

  • The number one key to rapid body composition transformation is a life-style change – It’s not the latest fad, crash diet, fitness craze, supplements, or steroids.
    The life-style change for me included a non-additive, all natural macro-ingredient diet. They say it takes 30 days to develop a habit. I just did a life-style change for 40 days, and felt great! (I was inspired by the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” to make that poor eating habit change.) I’m turning that corner of 40 pretty soon. I did a 40 day combined Daniel-Fast/ Juice Fast challenge for myself. I did the first 10 days with 4 friends for accountability. I finished it, and then continued on, targeting my spiritual, emotional, and mental health.. and now am ready to take it to the next level with this new physical challenge. I’ve lost the weight, met my goal, but now I need to exercise the muscle. The mind is a powerful thing! It’s amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it!

  • I believe the biggest secret to rapid body transformation is making a decision, that come hell or high water, you will do what it takes, no matter how you feel, you WILL reach your goal. When you mess up on your nutrition you get right back on track, can’t get to the gym? You do a home workout. Don’t feel like it? You do it anyway, knowing that the feeling will pass and you will feel proud you did it later. Not stopping no matter what happens. Becoming adaptable to situations and have a “what can I do”? attitude. I guess this all comes down to mental resolve.

  • Karen Crotty

    I think the biggest factor in rapid body transformation is having a motivating and supportive group of people (or even just one other person) helping you along the way. You can have all the knowledge of muscle building and fat loss already embedded in your mind so that you even dream about nutrition and exercise, but until you put it all to use, it does you no good. And from my experience, when you go it alone, you tend to either slack off so much that give up, or you simply do just give up because you don’t want to do the work.

    When you are working with someone else, or preferably a group of people, it is much easier to stay on track. I’ve even noticed this in group exercise classes as opposed to doing home cardio workouts. I have cardio kickboxing DVDs that I love, but I can press pause, take breaks, or push stop anytime I want to. But when I am in a cardio kickboxing class with a group of people at my gym, I keep going the whole time without stopping (unless I need water, of course) because I want to be the best I can be in front of other people. I think it is the same for a body transformation, because when you are being held accountable to other people, you are more likely to stay focused, stay courageous, and put to use all that knowledge that you have gained in nutrition and exercise. Also, you can gain even MORE knowledge from your partner or group since we all have different backgrounds and experiences. If you are always learning, you are always moving forward!

    So for me, the secret is to get with someone else who will keep you motivated and give you support the whole time through bad and good days. Other people are much better at keeping me focused than I am at keeping me focused. Because if it were up to me and only me, I would have been at my goal years ago as I have the drive and know-how to get there already!

  • Mike (Rocco) Mannella

    My success on the last 98 day challenge was due to:


    FOCUS – on your goals.
    FOCUS – while working out, avoiding distractions.
    FOCUS – on my nutritional targets while others around me were’nt.
    FOCUS – on each day one at a time.

    Make your plan and then FOCUS on the journey. You can’t fail.


  • nicky boulter

    Hi Tom

    I’m just a beginner at all this and have been overweight and unfit my entire life and constantly on a diet since I was 11 – I’m now 42. Now, its time to change once and for all….. and your book and emails are really helping me to achieve this.

    I believe the single most important factor to making a rapid body transformation is self-belief. If you TRULY believe you can do it, then you gain the determination to do whats necessary i.e change diet, exercise hard, and blow off negative comments or pressures. For the first time in my life, its time to listen to my inner self and ignore ‘helpful’ comments from others such as ‘you were meant to be this way’ and ‘one cupcake won’t make a difference’. Hell yeah!!!

  • "Dragonbryn"

    GOAL SETTING!!! Right before I began the BFFM Summer Challenge I wrote out my lifetime goals, 12 month, 3 month, weekly and daily goals of what I will accomplish. What I did differently than what I have done in the past is to go beyond simply writing words on a page. As I wrote my goals I visualized what they would look like and feel like. I saw them as if they were already happening or as if I already had my “perfect” body, mind and life. And let me tell you, it works! If you consistently focus on your goals, get as clear and detailed as possible and act as if they are already apart of your life, then you will be unstoppable. I wanted to share a few of the goals I wrote out in regards to how my “Day 98” was going to look like:

    ~I am in the very best shape of my life mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually!
    ~I feel empowered, strong, motivated, focused, determined, beautiful and sexy!
    ~I am so happy and grateful now that it is August 26, 2011 and I am a size 0, I weigh 108 Lbs and I am 13% body fat!
    ~I love the way I look in my bikini, my arms are ripped, my legs are toned and lean!
    ~My legs and butt look fantastic in shorts!
    ~My bra’s fit perfectly and look great in a white tee shirt(back fat is GONE)!
    ~People ask me everyday how I got into such phenomenal shape. Women say “I wish I had your determination and will power”!
    ~I fit perfectly into a size 0 black, tight, short cocktail dress that shows how much I appreciate my lean, fit, strong body!
    ~I eat 5-6 meals per day with perfect, proper ratios of lean protein, carbs and fat, always on time and at 3 hour intervals!
    ~I stay well-hydrated and purify my body by drinking a gallon of water every day!
    ~I am celebrating the 4th of July with clearly visible abs!
    ~I thoroughly enjoy my 3 treat meals per week. It’s more than enough to satisfy my taste buds!
    ~I love my workouts that I do every day. I feel amazing, refreshed and energized for the day!
    ~I feel fantastic when both men and women turn their heads when I walk by!

    * Every day I go over my goals and adjust or add to as I feel necessary. Currently, I am in the process of completing my goals for your BFFM 49 day Holiday Challenge. I am so stoked about what my body looks like and feels like within 8 weeks from today. I expect the same or better results than I received from the 98 day challenge. What’s the secret? A combination of the proper mindset and goal setting!

  • :Karima

    “I’m still a work in progress, not a success story, YET”….but….the #1 biggest secret to rapid body transformation is INTEGRITY WITH YOURSELF. That means making your mind up to follow through on your commitment to make the changes required to be successful in your own body transformation and not waiver one iota….JUST FRICKEN’ DO IT!!

  • Rj Meyer

    What do you believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?

    I believe the biggest key to making a rapid body composition transformation is one’s ability to believe in your success and to make the personal commitment to acheive the objective. To beleive so strongly in your commitment that failure is not an option. Once a person has established that commitment everthing behind it in the way of food consumption, exercise, cardio is secondary. The commitment and the vision must come first.

  • clayton brendlinger

    I believe the biggest thing needed for a rapid body transformation is just that (i believe) the mental acceptance that you can do it that you will do it that it is inevitable.

  • Allison Kolbe

    I believe the biggest secret to RAPID Body Transformation is reminding myself of my goals, constantly. When the craving for junk food arises, or the plate of cookies is staring me in the face, asking myself the question “will this get me closer or further from my goal?” will keep me on track.

  • Robert F. Carlson

    No doubt, there are only a few items, when combined together, will produce a measurable, greatest physical transformation in a 49 day period.
    Not in any specific order; however, a clear formula needs to be comprised of goal oriented consistency, faith in the goal producing the said results,
    always challenging your best efforts, a circuit of the best researched exercises X 3, and capping it off with a very high order nutrition plan that favors easily absorbed protein.This formula is backed up, with considerable scientific research and that adds the component of believe- ability, which makes it work. There is a very necessary requirement of equal rest, so the muscles can grow and repair themselves.

  • Danielle

    I’ve been that this for a while… I’ve accomplished so much, but also backslid to my highest weight. Ultimately, I know why I haven’t been successful in maintaining my weight loss and why I haven’t gotten to that dream body. It all comes down to the 1 biggest key to making a rapid body composition transformation: Believing that your dream body is achievable.

    Forget genetics. Yes, they’re important and you have to be realistic, but anyone can get lean. Anyone can melt fat off. Anyone can build lean muscle. The key is believing in yourself. When you get to that point you can achieve anything because every step you take will be in the direction of getting you to where you want to go, as quickly as you want to get there.

    Since the end of the summer competition, I’ve been training myself to believe it’s possible…and I’m ready for the Holiday Challenge. I’m going to achieve my dream body.

  • Rick

    In a word….commitment…to a proper diet and exercise program. Not to mention sufficient rest and sleep. Starting a program and seeing it through is just the beginning….staying consistent to a healthy lifestyle should be the reward!

  • Krista

    Weekly Accountability! Doing this contest over this past summer helped me stay focused on my goals every single week because I had to weigh in weekly. Weekly my numbers told me if I was on track. The numbers don’t allow for excuses, they are just there in black and white. I can’t wait to do the 49 day challenge and reach my goals over the holidays!!

  • focus101

    I think that the number one key to RAPID body transformation is having a compelling reason. That could be a health crisis, an upcoming event, a contest. Hopefully in the process the intrinsic rewards of feeling so much better keeps you on track long after you have met your initial goal.

  • rick sutley

  • Babs smith

    Did this last year and it was the greatest. The weekly measuring really helped me stay motivated.

  • Linda Goldsberry

    Getting you’re book and follow your advice, just that simple. :-}

  • Sri Ganesh

    ‘Constancy of purpose is the secret to sucess” said Benjamin Franklin & this applies to fat loss also. Having a constant focus & effort, be it with nutrition or exercise is the secret. Achieving fat loss in a short time is like studying intensively for an exam. You have to make a time-table & follow it strictly & intensively or you will fall short. Achieving fat loss is more in the mind than in the body.
    I am a 46 yr old who was overweight. I followed BFFM strategy and lost 15 kgs & dropped from 38% fat to 15%,. I look & feel good & get compliments, but I am not yet satisfied. I look very good with my shirt on, but I want to look awesome with my shirt off. I can see the outline of my abs in certain light conditions, but I am nowhere to being ripped & I have some fat sticking around my lower abs. I have realised that passing an exam or getting a first class is easy, but topping the exam requires much more effort & focus. I will post my photos once I can proudly pose without my shirt on your blog & I can’t wait to get there. Thanks for your excellent guidance Tom.

  • Deon

    i reckon it is setting measurable achievable goals. Everything you do comes back to what your goal is. Lose weight,bulk up without knowing your goal you can’t take the right supportive action. You need to be able to adjust what you do (ie eat less, more cardio, trainig split) on the basis of how you are tracking against your goals, and you need to review and update those goals as you achieve them.

  • ruth

    GAIN a deep, educated understanding of the science of body transformation, CHOOSE to believe it can be applied to YOUR body, then JUST DO IT. It works. Every time.

  • Risa Koonin

    The only way to change anything is to be so totally committed that absolutely nothing can get in your way. When I have changed anything I have been completely devoted to the challenge. I know what I have to do and I do it. No holds barred. And when demons present themselves I face them no matter how convincing they are. I am ready for this challenge. I haven’t done anything really hard in a long long time. Some challenges choose you and some you choose. I choose this one. I want to remember how strong I really am.

  • Beth Schwartz

    The one biggest key to making a rapid body composition transformation is deciding it is the single most important goal in your life – putting it ahead of everything else. With that mindset nothing will side track you. Every day envision that body you want to have and let nothing get in your way.

  • Kirk White

    I think the key to success is to have a plan before you start. You’ve got to have your nutrition plan lined out. You need to know what your resistance training is going to be and also what your cardio routine is going to consist of. Then map out who your support structure is going to be for when time get hard because they will. If you fail to plan then plan to fail.

  • Luis Ayala

    The single most important factor in achieving your goal of transforming your body is COMMITMENT to a plan and sticking to it

  • Bob

    Patience that commitment will achieve results longterm, despite day to day hiccups.

  • greg

    RAPID body composition… biggest key is committment to the program. You can’t afford to have cheat days, free weeks, drinks with your friends once a week.. you have to eat clean, follow Venuto’s advice and go from there.. December 1st will be first day of the program… yep, plowing through Christmas time with a committment to eating healthy, working out and doing great… why wait for New Year’s?

    Discipline, Discipline, Discipline…

    • David

      Why wait to December 1? Start today, or at the latest the start of the Holiday Challenge. 🙂

  • LeAnn

    I believe the biggest secret to rapid body recomposition is mindset. As stated by some others, your mindset must include total commitment to setting new habits and creating a different lifestyle that will allow you to both tranform your body and maintain the new changes after the transformation. You have to completely WANT the new you to be the best you possible. You have to want this more than all the crappy habits that have brought you to your current state in life. BE the best you possible, now go do it! 🙂

  • Tonya Neal

    The key is determination to change.

  • Darren Garriga-Haywood

    I believe the 1 biggest secret to rapid body transformation and that most people seem to struggle with is ‘DECISION.’

    I have personally struggled with making a ‘constant decision’ to wake up and purposefully do actions that propel me towards my goals quicker. Yes, there have been times when I have made the decision for a time but that period seems to eventually come to an end just like a season, but there needs to be consistency for lasting results.

    I know from experience that once a goal has been achieved it just causes you to want to keep going but even then a decision must be made.

    Every day we make decisions.
    We just need to make the right ones,
    life-giving ones,
    apply consistency as a promise to oneself, and
    to have tenacious perserverance. 🙂

  • Monica Tunstall

    Your question is what do I RAPID body composition transformation? Biggest secret is to thrive your goal and stick with a commitment.
    Orangize your meal plans and write workout daily. Reread your paragraph why you want to change for better.

    measure all your body composition. Working on body part you really want to be fit such as lost fat, lean, or gain muscles. Body changes from soft to rock, see the difference with muscle growth and lean. Feel lot of energy and totally new person is all the matter. positive attitude changes for better.

    You know where to start with your work out and mainly focus on “must” having protein 5-6 meals. Dont omit carbs complex or good fats. It needs all balance along with PROTEIN. Protein is the key!!!
    No more junkies more than once per week. Nutrition is the key!

    Exercise 2-3 weight training or resistance training PLUS do cardio for only 20 minutes with high intensity and one day is low intensity. 3-5x/weeks.
    Wish me LUCK! Grin

  • Gianni

    I believe the answer is holding yourself accountable to someone(s) else. When you have to answer to someone else, say in a weekly call or meeting, I think you’ll dread giving that person bad numbers. I feel this keeps you focused and more on target! It definitely works!

  • Betty L

    strength training

  • Robert

    Following a very strict diet avoiding all processed foods, sugar, wheat and any other high glycemic foods that raises your insulin levels that prevents you from burning fat. Working out 4-5 times a week using the combination of some kind of resistance training with weights and your own body weight, coupled with interval training of some sort to help stimulate a faster metabolism for your body to burn more fat after you;re done exercising.

  • Tanya

    Become a problem solver. By which I mean converting every single tiny or huge difficulty, objection or block that you come across into a challenge! Internal blocks as well as external ones. Grasp those No’s, Can’ts, fears or doubts and make it your mission to find and use the best solutions to counter these challenges. Have fun and feel the satisfaction which comes from taking them on! That’s what brings goals closer, the determined use of brainpower and strength of action. Instead of that old saying ‘These things are sent to try us’ every time think: ‘These things are sent to TRAIN us’.

  • Dave Coombe

    Hi Tom. The biggest secret to rapid body transformation:

    Belief in yourself! As cheezy as that sounds, it’s the most crucial element. You’ve said it before, body re-composition is simple but not easy. Your plan is doomed to fail, if your mind-set isn’t right. i.e. You don’t really believe and trust yourself. Or perhaps you don’t feel you deserve the reward that will inevitably come from executing your plan daily (& hourly) until your goal is reached.

  • Mitch R

    The biggest secret to any rapid change is too get enough leverage on yourself to change. My secret is I’m going to write out a post dated cheque to the most unworthy charity I can think off and then give that cheque to someone to hold.

    If I don’t follow through with the program I want them to mail the cheque to that charity to cash. If I do follow through I get my money back. Now that’s leverage to take action.

  • Paul

    One needs to have purpose. There has to be a “why am I doing this?” answer that really matters, whatever that answer is. Improve health, appearance, social life, participate in otherwise inaccessible activities, etc. If it’s not “life and death,” it can be hard to maintain motivation. Small “tastes” of whatever the purpose is should be converted to intermediate goals and there should be a source of feedback and confirmation that is external and trusted. Few have the will to go it alone.

  • Arthur Marti

    I believe that the MOST important and relevant thing to start a real transformation is DETERMINATION.
    To have the determination to stick with your program and goals, to have the determination to go and do the right thing whether you dont wake up that specific day when you lack a bit of motivation.
    I believe determination resumes what is the program all about.

  • Darlene Melkonian

  • Andrea Morrison

    I would say the biggest key is focus. You have to have your eye on the prize and really concentrate on getting there. You have to plan ahead and keep records, tweaking and changing as you go along to make sure you stay on target.

  • Robert

    The decision to make a change and consistency.

  • Hey Tom! Wow, what a GREAT giveaway – how could I waste this once-in-a-lifetime chance? No way!

    Well, here I go! What’s The 1 Biggest Secret to RAPID Body Transformation? It’s ACCOUNTABILITY.

    You can have the best fitness coach, the most amazing nutrition plan, the most effective workout routine – custom-tailored, especially designed for you and ONLY for you -, but when you’re all by yourself and you’ve got nobody else checking up on you, you can lose perspective and stumble (I prefer not using the word ‘fail’).

    I’ve lost 85 lbs so far, and I still have at least another 40 to go. I can tell you this (I’ve learnt it by experience): any road (including a fat loss journey) is easier to go through with the right partner/s. Somebody who, at the end of the day, is there for you, to share both success and… and hard times.

    Now, I pray that I’ll find my name among the winners! Wow, Tom – I will show you and the entire world where I can achieve in 49 days!

  • Rob

    In answering that question, I would have to say, nutrition. If you dont watch what you eat, all the working out in the world is not going to help you achieve a “hard body” or the “ripped abs”,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Kim Bedard

    Accountability is the number one thing. To be accountable to yourself and your priorities, but also to be accountable to others, which is why the BFFM Challenges are so effective. Layers of accountability are set up with the individual and team entries and the weekly requirements of posting stats. Without tha it would be so easy to lose momentum. ~kim~

  • Eric Adriaansen

    I think that the number one key to RAPID body transformation is 100% DEDICATION
    Dedication…To go to the gym per schedule
    Dedication…To follow the eating guidelines Tom’ lays out
    Dedication…To measure everything going in your mouth
    Dedication…To do your best
    Dedication…To not fail
    Dedication…Take it one day at a time
    Dedication…To stick to your goals.

  • Margaret ME

    I believe motivation, and especially the mental toughness componant of motivation is the biggest key to transformation. It follows that the toughness comes from a strong belief and the ability to visualize where you want to be.

  • Melanie Duncan

    Knowledge is power. How can you make a true transformation if you don’t know how? Knowledge includes understanding nutrition, exercises, how to make a plan, how to write out valid goals, who to recruit to assist you in your goals, how to keep yourself accountable, etc. You can have all the desire in the world, but lack of knowledge might keep you on the treadmill at a slow pace for two hours per day thinking that’s the way to go.

  • Emily

    You need to have a concrete goal that has a hard and fast deadline. For me, it usually is a specific big, hard climb (mountaineering); for others, it may be a competition, or a wedding. If the downside to not meeting the goal is potentially “very” bad (injury or death from not being in shape for the climb, losing to someone else, or looking bad in your wedding dress, while the upside to meeting the goal is very desirable (succeeding in the climb, winning the competition, looking great in all your pictures) the motivation to stick to your plan is huge.

  • Noelle

    An attitude that is not all or nothing.

  • Regina Lieto

    The one thing that resulted in the biggest body composition transformation for me was lifting heavier weights with fewer reps. once I started to max out at just 6-8 reps instead of light weights/high reps, I saw the biggest results in my whole fitness life.

  • Kris

    Although “I’m still a work in progress, not a success story YET” but……I believe the Biggest Key to making a RAPID Body Composition Transformation is……Having a Solid Plan.

    • Set your goal
    • Define how you are going to get there – Nutrition – Workouts – Cardio
    • Look ahead in your calendar & mark any potentially difficult social events so that as you get closer to that date you can plan ahead. Whether it’s menu wise if eating out or just going in a deficit prior to the event to offset the calories & then bookending with a deficit after the event to get back on track.
    • Watch your stats every week and adjust if needed or keep things “as is” if metrics are showing improvements.
    • Only change one variable at a time so you can gauge if it is working for you.
    • Try to string as many “forward” days as you can.
    • Once you’re on your way the momentum and the progress is what keeps you motivated

  • There is no such thing as rapidly burning fat unless you set your mind to it for 100% success. You have to set up your goals in life in short bouts at a time. the key is to train your brain to make it do what you want it to do. Make the ultimate commitment and stick with it. Losing weight is one thing but to seriously build muscle and get your self into shape all revolves around the same commitment. It takes hard work and a strong desire to make things happen the way you want them to. It is good to involve your friends to help both of you to gain the same sucess but it is ultimately your own decision to make it happen. You have to change your lifestyle for a permanent body composition. Nothing else is going to make it happen

  • mycroft

    Support. Was going to say ‘how bad do I want it?’ or ‘focus’ or ‘diet plan’ or ‘exercise program’; but like most of life’s patterns it usually takes internal AND external forces to change to a new state of balance. Support works better than no support.

  • Arun Chandran

    Hi Tom,

    My #1 secret to rapid body transformation is the SYNERGY of the following
    1. Strength Training
    2. Right amount of Cardio
    3. Clean Nutrition
    4. Mental Strength to be disciplined and committed.

    If any of these is missing, the SYNERGY is broken and it decreases the speed of body transformation.


  • Rebecca

    Transformation is accomplished with calorie deficit, working muscles to burn fat, thinking yourself changed, being positive and having motivation or support from others.
    Not been very successful at this yet.
    Negative self talk and thinking it is too late for me doesn’t help at all.

  • Lee Horner

    I believe attention to the details is the one biggest key to real body transformation. I am still a work in progress; but every time I have paid attention to the details, my progress has been faster and more consistent.

  • Joy burg

    Carb cycling

  • Kris Lillibridge

    Having a committed goal is the biggest secret to rapid body transformation. Without commitment, a goal is just a dream, not a destination. Successful goals require research and planning, checkpoints along the way, feedback, and a willingness to adjust based on results along the way.

  • Can we answer in the form of another question?

    As much as I’ve learned in the past year and a half of slowly losing weight I’ve finally (Literally right before knowing of this question/blog) answered what is the key to rapid body composition transformation. That’s personal glory.

    At the end of the day the only person I can trust to tell me that I did a good job and that I pushed myself, is me. My personal glory means I don’t brag to anyone, I don’t need to show proof to anyone. When I go to bed and I say that I look fantastic and that I’m going to beat myself in competition tomorrow and the day after and every day. Everyday. When I am in the best shape of my life everyday.

    When you can praise yourself and hold yourself up and you don’t need acknowledgement from anyone for living a healthy life than you hold the key to a rapid body composition transformation.

    -Thanks for being awesome Tom.

  • Ingrid

    Reflection is the one biggest key factor in making a rapid body transformation change. I have attempted to change my lifestyle several times but have not been completely successful because of a lack of commitment to looking inwards. Whilst dedication, persistence, resolve and goal setting would definitely join in making the Top 5 most important factors in making a change it is reflection that is the MOST important. 

    Reflection – deep analysis of what I have done in the past and what I am currently doing is the one thing that will bring the most rapid results. 

    I imagine that when I enter the 49-day contest this week I will succeed because each day and week I will be looking back on what I have done and reflecting on what was successful and what needs to change. However the first step will be to assess what I have done in the past and why I haven’t been able to achieve my past goals. This will bring insight into my behavior and guide my transformation. 

    Regular reflection means you can meet your goals faster because you can immediately assess what works and what doesn’t – even though some results take a little time to show. From this moment, I will be reflecting particularly on my eating habits – and analyzing what motivates me to eat well or poorly in any given situation. (As well as what gets me up to do my cardio or not!) This consistent practice has been lacking in my previous attempts at transformation – but I know that this time, because I have seriously taken the time to think about it, I will be able to succeed.

  • Tammy McDermott

    Well, I am most definitely a work in progress and not yet a success story, but I will answer as best as I can. I believe

  • Renn S

    The number one key to a rapid change in body composition is committing to change your lifestyle and then going through with it. This can’t be a future goal; it has to be a goal made in the present. Starting today.

    Believe me, I have thought and said over and over again “I am going to change my body composition and lose those love handles, I am going to eat healthier and eat smart.” However, thinking it is not enough. You have to make it a goal and commit to it in the PRESENT and stick with it. It has to be implemented to succeed.

  • Steve Clark

    Train hard, speed up your motabolism, track, zig zag, enjoy life.

  • James Connolly

    Goals – concrete goals

    I’ve working hard at this whole transformation thing for a year and there’s been great progress. What has made the entire transformation possible is having concrete goals that I can work toward. I’ve got short-term goals, mid-term, and long-term – and every action either takes me closer or further.

    Goals are very powerful indeed.

  • Kathy

    The biggest secret to me is – You have to WANT it with all your heart & soul!

  • nelson

    BE COMMITED to living a healthy nd fit lifestyle dont be one of those people that once they have a little overendulge they quit there diet stick to it train ( workout) nd be motivaed to workout nd have goals

  • Brenda F.

    consistancy period or is that exclamation point

  • Lani Martin

  • Rosie C

    The key for me, was DETERMINATION not to quit, not matter what, even an accident and losing my teeth did not stop me.
    Three years ago I was training for my first figure competition. Five weeks out I got into an accident and lost most of my upper teeth. I had to get stitches and my gums bled for a week. I didn’t have health insurance so I couldn’t replace my teeth for over a year.
    Most people would have quit. I contacted my coach and he put me on a liquid version of my diet, I took 2 days off then went back to the gym without pain meds (that made me groggy) sucked it up and kept training. I used a flipper type fake teeth mouth piece to cover up my lack of teeth and hit the stage, and placed first.

    My body composition changed of course, my weight only went down 6 lbs in 12 weeks. Quitting was not an option.

  • Sherrie Grennell

    The 1 biggest key to making a rapid body composition transformation is having a goal in mind, complete with a target date…something to motivate you, something to look forward to and work toward. Having a specific goal and a target date is a great motivator!

  • mike

    i need to remeber that in order to make a complete transformation
    “that hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard”

  • Tammy McDermott

    I am most definitely a “work in progress and not yet a success story,” but, I believe that the key to to having the most success for a 49 day transformation is CLEAN EATING! When you consider that nutrition is 80% of the battle – it would only seem logical to get your nutrition in perfect order. This would include timing & frequency of meals (about every 3 hours), portion size, proper amounts of macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat) and of course, quality of food.

    That’s my best guess and what I would do if I entered.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  • Angela

    I’m no expert having never participated in a body transformation challenge, but I can’t imagine there’s ONE secret to rapid body transformation. I believe it’s the combination of so many elements (mental attitude and commitment, physical training, nutrition and support) that lead to success and am looking forward to putting them into practice to see for myself!

  • Erin N

    For me, it’s a clean diet. It doesn’t matter how much I work out or how consistent I am if I am not eating properly. And for me, that it the most difficult part. I love to bake and cook. Cooking healthy is not a problem for me, but many of the things I bake do not have a “healthy” version. I feed them mostly to other people. I’m a foodie and it’s often difficult for me to keep it clean. My willpower needs some work.

  • Renee L

    Committing to a lifestyle of healthy eating and an exercise plan.

  • cordwainer

    I don’t write this to be a downer. I don’t want sympathy or pity. But the only way to give my answer is to explain it comes from the heart of depression, at times so profound moving at all seems impossible. My entire life can feel like flailing through an infinite expanse of waist-high snow, constantly falling, being buried under the drifts…and struggling to stand up, continue on my way.

    There is no point in writing the details of the doctors, palliatives, drugs that sometimes work, sometimes don’t. I don’t yet know the root of the disease, the length of the journey, even the destination. The only way to measure the distance is to keep lurching forward until I arrive.

    But the end result is that every transformation of mind or body, however small, for me requires two keys:

    Overcome the terror of feeling well.
    Abandon self hatred.

    Call it “the biggest secret” to transformation if you like. In my case, it’s a personal set of keys, perhaps a less common answer. Still, I know I’m not the only one fighting those enemies, in one form or another.

    There is no doubt exercise, working out, weightlifting help me. What makes me stop each time, even knowing I feel almost well, is the illogical terror of the unknown…the different. What keeps me from starting again is the excoriation of myself for failing, for undoing everything I had managed to accomplish.

    None of that is particularly profound. But for anyone else out there who knows simply getting out of bed can be like wading alone through that same never-ending arctic wasteland, I’ll share what has changed for me lately, however small, thanks to some amazing friends and doctors, who have stood by me with true compassion, and non-judgmental support, in the very worst of times:

    Instead of crying, now I swear every time I wipe the snow off my face, and grin maliciously at the thought of global warming.

    It’s a start.

    Here’s to transformation, and the possibility of achieving it someday,

  • Laurie

    #1 would have to be a fitness plan that you can commit to and making it part of your lifestyle

  • Tyson

    Without a doubt, it can be summed up in one word: CONSISTENCY.

  • Jeff

    I haven’t transformed my body YET. But the number one secret to transforming my body is consistently working the plan. Keep doing what works. Taking Cheat days, but not letting them stop you from continuing with your plan.

  • By far the 1# Key to RAPID body composition transformation is (and I’m kinda stealing this from a shoe company)”Just do it!” After 9 days straight of eating clean and exercising you rear off, and you’re so tired and would love a “cheat meal” – instead of taking that 10th day off or having that “cheat meal”, go out and exercise twice as hard!!! This all comes down to dedication and commitment. Even season veterans can shock themselves when they push beyond what they believe their limits are. 110% is almost enough. No excuses, JUST DO IT!

  • Elissa

    I think that the biggest key to rapidly changing your body composition is to change your behavior–you have to act differently to get different results; and behavior change, in turn, depends on your motivation, your mindset; the cognitive strategies you use for setting and achieving goals; and on social support.

  • Marie

    Believe you can do it !

  • Suzanne

    The biggest key to making a rapid body composition transformation is deciding. Making the decision that you (a) want to change; and (b) are willing to do whatever it takes to make the change. Once the decision is made, you need to state your decision in terms of a goal and get started. Truly making the decision to change is the key!

  • Yes, I am work in progress and a current Inner Circle Member. Your program is definitely pointing me in the right direction. I have undertaken fairly drastic nutritional changes and embarked on a workout program that combines your recommended 3 days/week weight training schedule with cardio style interval training. I am making great strides.

    However, NONE of this would have happened had it not been for the goal setting guidance. My answer takes goal setting a step further. The REAL KEY to success is to program the sub-conscious mind using the CREATIVE VISUALIZATION technique you have outlined. Without it, you run a high risk of falling back on old habits and attitudes. I have created clear mental images of “how I will look” when I am down to 10% body fat and clear mental images of “what I eat”. I see my “new self” in these images. Having them firmly embedded in my sub-conscious mind now sends me to the gym 3-4 times a week and more importantly, they now determine what goes into my food basket. I no longer struggle, I feel good about what I am doing.

  • Dianne Tierney

    “I’m still a work in progress, not a success story, YET” I think the most important thing is to surround yourself with “like minded” people eg join a group, bootcamp or gym. If you are not sure that you can do it by joining a group you will find a gym buddy or make friends with people that will help you along your journey.

  • Rose

    The biggest secret to a rapid body transformation is Commitment Commitment Commitment. Knowing what your goal is and keeping it in mind with every action you do, or don’t do.

  • Christa Amari

    I believe the biggest key to making a rapid fat loss transformation is what you already refer to as “The Fifth Element”…being part of a community of fat loss-minded friends who can encourage each other and hold each other accountable. That is the component I know many people thrive on in their fat loss journey and swear that THAT factor is what finally pushed them to their goals!

  • Galina

    The answer is the 5th element – the support one gets from everyone in a social circle.
    I am not there yet, I am learning from the experts and who already made it there, so may I quote:

    “There are a lot of reasons for Scott’s success. Many elements go into a successful body transformation, regardless of your age, experience, gender or starting fitness level. Scott knew about the importance of nutrition, cardio training and weight training. He even understood the power of the mind in transforming his body.

    But there is one element that was clearly at play in Scott’s transformation which he didn’t anticipate would be such a huge key to his success…

    The power of the 5th Element

    Scott gives great credit to his support system for helping him succeed. He thanks his wife of 27 years for all her support and names many of his Inner Circle friends as instrumental in his success. Scott explained, “Your family’s support, your friend’s support, and then certainly the Inner Circle support, together, did more than I expected it to.”

  • Dave

    I feel it is the 5th element of accountability and social support system. I can’t do it alone!

  • Harley Howard

    The answer is the dedication that begins from the neck up……

  • Stephanie

    So many great responses here. My personal answer to rapid results, or results on a time budget: everything must be planned, plotted, practiced, pre-meditated, what else starts with a “p”? Seriously, rapid results are for anyone, but more likely someone that has some experience- and that person is going to map it out PRECISELY and follow the plan to a T (or maybe to a P for PERFECTLY!) Yes, you must have your head in the game, yes you must be completely dedicated and disciplined….. Have a plan, have back-up plans, have contingency plans, have so many plans to tackle it OR do what the hard core rapid losers do: ALLOW NOTHING TO KNOCK YOU OFF YOUR PLAN FOR EVEN ONE MOMENT 😉
    Humbly yours and looking forward to the upcoming burn,

    ps- I am Planning to get ripped in 49 hard-core-nothing-stands-in-my-way days!

  • Norma

    The one biggest key to making a rapid body composition transformation is your mind. Everything else is second to that!

  • Martin

    I am 74 years young. At 66 I weighed 270 pounds. At 69 I had reached 170
    pounds. I have been able to keep below 170 for 5 years. My only difficulty is trying to build muscle it seems. so I keep an eye on your site. I got you burn the fat feed the muscle ebook abour 5 years ago.

  • I have done quite a bit of transformation, and I’m not unhappy with my body at this point in my life – but I believe this is a lifelong process, not something static that once done is done. There are several thoughts I had about what is the KEY element, but what is perhaps the most important foundation for ANY of the various elements is AWARENESS. No matter how much commitment you have, there will be those moments when your unconscious mind takes over and attempts to lead you in a different direction than you had consciously chosen. The more you can maintain or bring yourself back to conscious awareness in each moment, the more you can make choices that align with your conscious ideas about what you really want. Even the very important process of building a relationship between your conscious mind and the parts of you that are hidden in unconscious mind can happen most effectively when you practice awareness.

  • bonnieve d

    Hi Tom,
    I have struggled for many years with my weight and finally did something with it. I believe that determination finally brought me to a final decision,and that is to set a goal and make sure to follow it through the end. Determination has brought me far and I am still on the path to success. I have been working out for many years,but never really watched what I ate,drank too much alcohol,and not write down the foods that I ate. I am now doing everything I can to reach my goal,and so far,so good. I feel so much happier that I have the motivation to finally do it even though it has taken me so long. Maybe,getting older is the best thing,because I think of all the things I can do when I am fit. Most of all,I want to be healthy and strong. I do this not just for myself,but I want my kids to know that just because you get older doesn’t mean we need to stop caring for ourselves. I want them to know never to give up and always keep going no matter what.

  • Dennis

    “I’m still a work in progress, not a success story, YET” but the 1 Biggest secret to Rapid Body transformation is a “Decision”. It goes with anything else; if a person is an alcoholic, a drug addict, over weight or want body transformation, you have to Decide to make the change. You have to decide to make the commitment, to be motivated. If you never decide to do it now, the transformation will never happen. I have DECIDED that now is the time!

  • Tina D

    To me, the most important thing someone can do to rapidly change their body composition is to perform exercises against their own body weight (i.e. push ups, pull ups, plyo lunges and squats, etc). I’ve always been able to get my fittest when I’ve used this approach.

  • Dawn

    Actually eating 6-9 servings of green vegetables a day. They fill you up, enhance your immune system and give you great energy.

  • tylenev

    “Inner circle”, whether it be the “Burn the Fat Inner Circle” or your very own “inner circle”, which might include friends, family, co-workers, trainers, mentors, etc. The “inner circle” provides feedback, accountability, advice,and encouragement all in one spot…………effective, efficient, and very powerful; all relative to a rapid body transformation.

  • I think the biggest secret to a rapid body transformation is signing up for a body transformation contest and completely committing to it 100%. That’s it!

  • Don

    I think the one biggest THING to making a RAPID body composition transformation is to consistently CONFUSE/TRICK your body from a nutritional and exercise perspective.

  • Jon B

    It’s hard to isolate one key, 1 secret. For me the biggest key is the knowledge that rapid body transformation has been done many times by many people and can be done by anyone who decides to follow in their footsteps. I remember seeing a video of a 84 day body transformation. When I saw that video, I knew it could be done and it set me on the path to find out what that guy knew.

  • Troy J

    Rapid Body Composition: “That means losing fat and keeping your muscle or even gaining muscle.” For me personally, it is about diet, strength training and cardio. All three have to come together in order for me to be successful, BUT, the ONE BIGGEST KEY is MOTIVATION! I have to have the desire to do it! From there, Transformation happens!

  • Tifani R.

    In my experience success in any area is nothing new and we can’t reinvent the wheel so my one biggest “secret” is to find someone who has what you want or who has achieved it and CHANGE YOUR HABITS to mirror what they have done to achieve that success (Like Tom Venuto). I think you will find their habits to be consistent and disciplined healthy nutrition, strong workouts, consistently learning and surrounding themselves with people who inspire or encourage them. You will find people who have worked hard even when they didn’t feel like it. Their results are achieved through determination, not emotion. They are accountable to a group or something usually bigger than just themselves. They probably have a coach of some sort. They keep a great attitude and even if they do slip up they dust themselves off and jump right back into those healthy HABITS. Thank you everyone for sharing, enjoy the journey!!

  • I’ve read Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle book and I am excited to say that what made all the difference for me was counting calories. That was the only thing I changed (well, also started paying attention to macronutrients and was ok but wasn’t all that great at that) and I lost 17 pounds of fat and gained over 5 pounds of muscle. It was so exciting. I really resisted counting the calories, but once I started doing it — it was easy.

  • Jen

    I believe the number one thing that will help you is Personal Commitment. Until and unless you are commited to a cause, have a personal “testimony” of it, it will be too difficult to see it thru when hard times come as they always do. If you truly believe in yourself aand are commited to “eating, breathing, sleeping” your goals, then you can accomplish a rapid change in composition or whatever other goals you set for your awesome self!! 🙂

  • Joe Rogers

    Motivation: you can have ALL the tools & know how to use them, or you can be a rookie & still need to learn the tools – doesn’t matter, to succeed you MUST have motivation. If you have that motivation, nothing can stop you – from learning what you need to learn, from doing the work that’s required, from maintaining the diet that’s required – you can do it! It’s “all in the mind”! If you can keep yourself motivated to stay the course, you WILL find a way to be successful…

  • Debi

    If its not settled in your mind that you will succeed, then you probably won’t. That is definately the stuggle I have right now. I really have no idea how to overcome the mind and believe I can.

  • Luis Bascones

    There are many traditional aspects to weight-loss such as nutrition and exercise. But the most important one – the one you cannot do without – is motivation. Find a way to stay motivated, and everything else will follow.

  • The secret isn’t really a secret. It is just being committed to your goal and making daily healthy decisions. Accountability is a must. I find journaling my diet daily makes a huge difference and it is important for tracking how you are doing and planning your diet. Scheduling your exercise like scheduling anything that is important in sticking to your program and making it a life style. So the secret would be that it is a life style, not just a “diet” or a temporary fix. This is for the long run. The rest of your life.

  • Lisa Williams

    The key to a successful transformation is knowing that this is not a diet or exercise program that you can do as you wish. It is a way of life. A real life style change that will not only change your body, but your entire being. You will feel great outside and inside. You will stand up taller, feel great in all of your clothes, be more productive at work, and generally have a better outlook on life. You need to surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you to succeed. If you find yourself in a negative environment, the likelihood of success will be much less because those people will feed that little voice in your head that wants to give up.

  • Sean

    The best way to rapidly transform your body is to read the BFFM manual and follow it step by step. Write your goals, and get to work. I received my book almost two years ago. I’ve lost over 50lbs of fat and put on at least 10lbs of muscle using the BFFM book and the holy grail. Although I’m not ripped (currently around 12-14% body fat) I’ve achieved a great deal. I’m now on a mission to lose the rest of my fat and get that ripped lean look I want. These books have transformed my life.

  • Nicole Hanham

    Definately “social support”.

  • Tim Messer


  • Christine Killik

    The biggest key to making a RAPID body transformation is setting a goal for a set time period, finding the motivational factors that will help you get there, and utilizing all the POSITIVE people who will accentuate your journey. The key to success lies not in ONE element of a weight loss journey but the COMBINATION of numerous essential components blended together to form a force that will push you through any barrier.

  • Cindy Beverly

    “Keep the goal the goal” –Dan John

  • Joel

    I believe the most important part of rapid body composition change for me is mental attitude. That attitude is most affected by how I choose to spend my time. Spending time with motivated supportive understanding like minded people is key but I also need to spend time with myself soul searching and reaffirming my values. When these things are in place dietary choices, workouts, proper rest, fitness and accomplishments seem to fall into place almost automatically. When these things are not in place my life gets out of balance and poor dietary choices, lack of attention to proper rest, moodiness, weight gain and illness invariably ensues. All this happens despite the fact that, as a practicing Military Physician with a special interest in Sports Medicine and a lifelong amateur bodybuilder I feel I have a good working knowledge of and strongly value physical fitness.
    One other thing I think is beneficial is the mentor/mentee relationship. I believe that mentoring is as good for the mentor as it is for the the one being mentored. Sharing what I know keeps things fresh, improves my attitude and motivates me. Those newer to the sport of bodybuilding seem to make more rapid gains and when I see that it pushes me to work harder to improve also.
    I have recently had a number of medical issues which have taken a toll on me and my fitness (first a ventral hernia repair and then a shoulder injury) and I am now working hard to regain my fitness so I can make bodyfat standards and continue to serve in the military. Things are coming back into focus and I will need to use every possible resource to help maintain that during my upcoming post op period (5th degree right AC sep requiring reconstruction, in addition to a rotator cuff and labral repair).

  • Ben Hogan

    As they say Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!
    When looking at nutrition you must devise an eating plan based around foods that you WILL eat not what you SHOULD eat. If you love chocolate then why cut it out completely, plan for it and make allowances accordingly. Likewise if you hate brussel sprouts then why make yourself eat them when other foods will provide the necessary nutritional requirements. Plan to eat the right foods at the right times to maximize your workout potential. Workouts need to be planned around other aspects of your life. If you only have 1 hour to train then you need to get the most benefit possible out of that hour. Some people have the time for multiple workouts each day some don’t. If you know how much time you have and what you want to achieve you can plan the most effective types of workout to maintain the calorie deficit required to transform your physique.
    You know what you want to achieve (realistic short term and long term goals), you know the time frame, all the information required is available (BFFM is an excellent source and there are millions of others), you know what foods you like and dislike and you know what sort of training you enjoy. Time to sit down and compile all of that information into a PLAN that will lead you to achieve your fitness goals. Don’t plan to eat things you don’t like, don’t plan workouts that you won’t complete (plan workouts you will enjoy and look forward to), don’t plan for time you don’t have. If your planning is effective your results will be amazing!

  • As with anything in life you have to wrap your mind around it and stuff it deep inside of you until it oozes out of every pore. You must be organized yet flexible, determined yet forgiving of set backs, reach for the stars yet make short term reasonable sustainable goals, and finally understand you can not soar with the eagles if you hang around a bunch of turkeys. So always surround yourself with positive encouraging family and friends, tell the saboteurs to find another target.

  • Jacob Simmons

    I think the number one thing you can do to change your body composition is to change your way of thinking. You have to want to change and make the necessary changes in your fitness and diet to get new results. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

    I’m still learning this.

  • steve

  • James Bailey

    Decide. To cut off from even the possibility of any other alternative. You must make it happen now – this is what you must believe to ever make it happen. Incidently, this is what I’ll be using to motivate myself for the challenge if I win a membership! 🙂

  • Ken Schlessel


  • Jen

    UM – by participating in the Winter Body Fat Challenge!!! It’s the key to learning how to do it, having support, being accountable to yourself and for staying motivated!! I’m hoping to win a membership for my hubby so he can do the challenge with me this time!!

  • amor kisling

    You have to have the right mindset, if you are determined and have a positive mindset you can achieve your goal.

  • joseph horrigan

    purposefully keep careful track of your protein intake and the total calories DAILY

  • Jorge R Guadian

    The 1 biggest secret to rapid body transformation is using your subconscious to set goals and sticking to them. Not being sacred to shoot for the moon type of goals continuing to use your subconscious mind when your almost ready to quit.

  • christina kisling

    A positive attitude, support, being organized, focussed and the will to push yourself further than ever before.

  • Mark

    The best way to get in shape and healthy is to connect to a community that is about that. We become like the books we read and the people we associate with. This community provides both>

  • Clay

    To me the number 1 biggest secret to rapid body transformation is real simple – JUST DO IT! You can buy a hundred different programs, get a PHD in nutrition, learn psychology, and become an expert in the science of body building and still nothing will change. It seems like every week there is a new and better program being promoted to change you from the Pillsbury dough boy into a Greek God – In only 12 weeks! Quit trying to find the perfect peogram. Pick a program or create your own and JUST DO IT!

  • I believe the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is to plan for success by creating in advance a nutrition and workout tracker and then sharing your goals AND results with friends, family and the BFFM community / IC. There is no better way to remain accountable and get peer support along the way.

  • Ken

    What do you believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?

    I believe the biggest key to making body composition is associating the body you have as wrong or needing improvement. If you link the hurt you feel when you look in the mirror, and think how happy and confident you’ll be in your new body composition should be the main key for permanent change.

  • Bill Fields

    I have read everything I can find that you have written Tom. I am inspired by your wisdom and generosity. I work out routinely and I eat wholesome foods, balancing my carbohydrate, protein and fat intakes as well as watching the total calories consumed. I change up my routine frequently and I’m constantly fine tuning what I do and how I do it. I have gone from almost 300 pounds down to 230 and I’m still reducing. My bodyfat has gone from 40% to below 20%. My cholesterol has gone from off the chart numbers to solidly in the healthy range. My doctor is amazed and he is weaning me off of the statins I have been taking for the last several years. The same thing has happened with my blood pressure. I used to have acid reflux all the time. It has miraculously gone away. People who know me and see the transformation comment on the fact that I’m not just reducing but I am shaping up as well. My muscle tone is improving and I’m actually gaining inches now that I’ve lost a substantial amount of fat. Having gotten as far as I have without access to membership (just can’t afford it. I haven’t worked in 3 years due to the economy) I know that the benefits of membership will carry me further in my quest for self improvement. I know I haven’t answered the question yet… I felt I needed to tell you a little about my success and progress. For me, the single most important factor in making a rapid body transformation is the mental process that allows me to make a realistic self evaluation and gives me the burning desire and determination to change my life. Even if I don’t win one of the memberships, I still owe you a great debt for being a most important inspiration and for having a significant part in saving my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you and God bless.

  • The most important, the biggest secret to rapid body transformation is eating nutritionally for an individual’s specific body type. In other words,if one wants rapid results, that person will need to eat according to his/her particular body makeup. Other components of success are certainly important, such as commitment, hard work, desire, forming a team of individuals with similar goals as one can read about in Tom’s blog. But correct diet is key.
    Peter Gaw

  • Shaun Craven

    For me the one biggest secret is self belief, you’ve got to believe beyond any shadow of a doubt that you can achieve your goals. I have lost 20kg since September 2010.I recently went off the rails a bit due to a prolonged work trip to NZ. I can openly admit to myself I made too many poor food choices as well as a little too much alcohol. I only put on 3kg but my toned body I’d worked hard to get has started get a bit flabby here and there so the timing of this challenge is great for me. I often refer back to the chapter in BTFFTM that refers to getting yourself back on track. I now know exactly what I have to do to get back on track and this challenge is a great place to start. Look out my fellow competitors, I know I’m going to give this challenge a good crack.

  • Irene Haines

    Train hard and expect success

  • DougM

    Easy. Keep the muscle fed, while burning the fat. Ohhhh that’s gotta earn me some extra points! 🙂 But, if you want one answer, it’d be something close to that. Losing weight is simple math. Burn more calories than you consume. Oh there are little tweaks here ‘n there, but they’re small stuff. (and a waste of money if you pay for much more information than that) Do your best to know your calorie intake, and workout like crazy at whatever burns the most, and you’ll lose weight. BUT, we want to preserve muscle as we lose UNDESIRED weight (fat). To do so requires a little extra knowledge about higher protein intake, being thoughtful about when & how much to consume fats & carbs, and designing your workouts to stimulate muscle growth, or at least muscle maintenance. And oh yeah, don’t just know it. Do it.

  • Christi Leber

    After finishing the 90 day Summer Burn, I would say that SUPPORT is the biggest secret. We all know about working out, eating right (and how to do that after reading Burn the Fat), consistency, and commitment. All of those things can be taught, but if you don’t have a support network to share your ups, downs and goals with , then you are set up to fail. We are only able to make it so far with our own self motivation. Using others whom have been through the same, or harder challenges, is very important to your success. It is very easy to gain insight/tips/tricks and new techniques from other people’s experiences. This is very important to your success.

  • jeff blowers

    Determination and will to stick to your plan. If you have neither of these, you will not succeed.

  • Susie Sherman

    The #1 Biggest Secret to Rapid Body Transformation is belief in yourself and what you are capable of. If you believe you are a winner then you are! A positive attitude will overcome any obstacle and guarantee your success!

  • Rapid Body Transformation is a MINDSET. Change your beliefs and your world will change…overnight…in a moment. Now, sustaining that mindset is the trick.

  • Kim

    This is pure conjecture on my part since I haven’t been successful … yet, but I am guessing that the one biggest key for me to making a RAPID body composition transformation would be if my blood sugar felt stable all the time and I felt strong, from the minute I wake up until I go to sleep. Any time I feel low blood sugar, I panic and get desperate and will sacrifice everything to eat or drink something (anything!) to try to regain my balance and feel somewhat stable.

  • Irene Haines

    Train hard and expect results.

  • SFmontana

    What do you believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?

    my answers is: 1st is a change of all starts from inside,all habits and thoughts are changed first and keep at it in a consistent level.this is what I find has worked for me in other areas.

    As someone who is overweight 47 %BF and weighs 315 lbs and really seeking a way, a consistent form of support to transform my body but has been putting it off due to fear, lack of support or support group with other people who want to transform their bodies aswell,poor time management and negative thought patterns. I really feel I deserve an opportunity to be one of the 10 winners of this contest.

    If I do get the opportunity Id feel I finally got and wouldnt look back nor hesitate. I feel I owe it to myself to be my BEST self,eventhough my physical current condition.

    I find myself being honest and answering this most challenging question as it is a self reflection of all honesty of what you really want and if you are ready to receive that transformation.
    I feel I do at the same time wanting an opportunity to be part of your inner circle. Following up with pictures and moving forward to share my experience with many people who are like me that are confused and frustrated about their body.
    Thanks Tom and Kyle for this contest idea.



  • Dmsportz

    I am not there yet but am working on getting there and I think the number one thing you have to do to make a transformation is to believe! You have to get rid of the excuses, negative thoughts, and self defeating actions to believe in yourself and what you want to achieve… Then it can happen!

  • Orwin Fernandes

    Well, I’m a procrastinator by nature and even though I’ve read so many books n probably know enough to get in shape, I somehow find excuses not to get in shape and can probably even totally forget about weight loss.

    For guys like me, I believe would be to have Tom Venuto kick me where it hurts.

    But seriously, it’s all about DESIRE.

    Even if u did not know anything about weight loss n had desire, u would loose weight.

    So to Answer your question , my answer would be DESIRE. Desire would make u go out n find out how to get things done. All the knowledge in the world is useless without desire!

  • Donna

    The biggest key for me in making a total body fat transformation is to PUT MYSELF FIRST over everyone else and feel confident that I DESERVE IT.

    That being said, I’ve spent so long being a wife, mother, friend, daughter, etc., etc. that when I say I’m doing something for me-only me-that I feel guilty. I’m not cleaning the house, working, doing the shopping, playing with my kids, driving to all our activities, shopping, etc., etc. Everyone in my life demands attention. When is it about me and not what everyone else wants and needs? I deserve this!

  • I am no expert and have been trying to figure this very same thing for years…. I think the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is preparing the mind. If you do not set your mind to properly incorporate all of the necessary components you won’t achieve your ultimate goals…. This statement holds true for anything and everything in life. Now, once your mind is set the game is not over as it takes practice and dedication to maintain…. and that is where most of us fail.

  • Paul

    Well tomorrow is my birthday, so I believe the biggest challenge is getting leverage on your desire for change. We all want to be better, but we only make real, substantive change when we are able to leverage an inner pain, or desire, for something better. Am I living in the body I want. NO. Does it cause me pain. YES. Does the pain of not having what I want exceed the pain of staying the way that I am. YES. So what prevents me from taking action? I must turn my shoulds into musts.If it is not a must, you won’t do it. Should is weak. Must is not. Your heart must beat. You must breathe. You must eat. Your must move. The same force must be used to transform yourself. I must do it. I can control the must. The pain of failure is greater than the pain of discipline.

  • David M

    It comes down to commitment and just not accepting any more excuses from yourself. I am fighting with this on a daily basis and must not take the easy way out. The last 2 years I have spent taking care of my wife through her sickness, and with 4 small kids, but now I must take care of myself and get healthy again.

  • Lino Iacobellis

    Does picturing myself on the beach in Mexico this coming January count? Well, its certainly a motivating force but if memory serves me right from the last attempt I made at BFFM starting July 2010, I would say its still a combination of calorie deficit and commitment. Calorie deficit can be attained in different ways but the ideal is to combine true calorie reduction via appropriate combination of fat, carbs & protein (for your body type & expected exercise routine) and of course resistance training.
    Did it work for me? Yes and although not to the point of massive muscle growth but vastly improved health. I slowly fell off the wagon on both accounts but have had enough now and will be reviewing my reading material so that I can regain that great feeling again. It may not be the answer Tom is looking for but its a darn good answer 😉 Its really not that hard but you do need to get into a routine. Good luck everyone.

  • John Heelas

    Hi Tom.
    Thanks for the opportunity. I would just like to say that I was given a copy if your pdf book “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle” As a result I will be buying a copy today as you deserve it. Why, because for me you hit the nail on the head with your comments on “Goals” and the committment to them. In the past even though i have had goals I have not written them down to the extent that you have said. I too have listened to Tony Robbins in regards to goals and not stopped to write them down, review them and then write new ones. Now I have started with a clear vision of where I am going in my “fat” not “weight” loss journey. Your book is practical and exciting. Well done. Whilst I started to loose weight in January this year I start my true transformation to loose FAT today with clearly defined goals and the right plan.

  • Marcia G

    Determination and Focus is the biggest #1 key to making a Rapid body transformation

  • Jemma

    Accountability – being accountable to someone, including yourself. Put it out there, to your partner, to an online forum, even on Facebook. Be accountable and own up if you slip up! This will make poor choices less tempting. Make a promise to stick to your nutrition and training program to the person/people you are being accountable and check in often. Share the good and bad with them.

  • Dawn

    I am 56 years young, and I am in the middle of transforming my body. I believe, that the most important key to being able to achieve rapid body composition,is dedication. I find being on a team with people who are like-minded and all trying to get to the same goal as you, keeps you accountable, as you don’t want to let your team mates down. Not to mention the great support that being on team gives you.
    I am still in learning mode….you are never to old to learn or get fit.

  • Diane

    Mental attitude!

  • Kay W

    I believe the biggest key to body transformation is resistance training. It will give your body “shape” and burn fat in the process.

  • Liz Degn

    The secret? Believing in yourself and your ability to get the body composition you want through persistence and understanding. By this I mean persistence in physical activity, no matter what your level of fitness, and understanding your body’s needs and challenges by educating yourself about the physiology of nutrition and metabolism. This means the science behind the whole picture, not just the one-beat-wonders of the “diet de jour” or the “latest findings.”

  • Karen Ealsh

    Number one thing is to set your goals short term ….middle term…..and long term.

  • Maria Beatriz Aguilar

    My answer to your question is:

    During very difficult times (like the one I am living right now since summer 2010, this is like from one year and a half) takes away all my energy, interest, I use confort foods, I loose all intereste to workout, I seem like just “surviving” each day,doing just the “basics” of life, I know the solution is this: first solve the problems and then I think I can have the energy to continue my workouts and eating better.
    At the begging of this terrible period I was only ten pounds overweight, now I am 45 pounds overweight.

    Tjhank’s Tom,

  • priscornic mihai

    The best help is:-burn the fat inner circle-

  • Kieron Mann

    The 1 biggest thing is Zig Zag dieting (Carb Cycling).

  • Irish Mike

    Self belief

    If you believe you can do it then you are correct
    And if you believe you cannot do it you are also correct

    Hope that makes sense
    Basically if you don’t believe in yourself then you’ll be sabotaging and second guessing yourself

    So GO FOR IT

  • Mark Evans

    Tom, I believe it is commitment girded by the knowledge of the BFFM program and knowing that we need to be our personal best not only for our own health but especially for those who care about us. Respectfully, ME

  • LuciaS

    The key is your goal that comes from your soul, your desires. If you set up a goal and you really really want to acheive it than you are able to do whatever it takes: eating, training, commitment and everything else that could come up to reach you dream body! 🙂

  • Steve R

    The One Biggest Secret to RAPID Body Transformation?

    I would have to say that for me it would be my ability to transform my self-concept. Unless I am able to change my negative view of myself into a positive one, I am am doomed to failure. But if I come to truly BELIEVE that I AM a determined, dedicated, and disciplined man living a healthy life style (ie. exercising, eating right), then my actions will transform and begin to correspond to that belief. Within a short period of time, (49 days, to be precise), I will BE that successful, healthy man. Awesome!

  • Chantal


    I have bought every BFFM book and e-book of Tom’s and have not been able to make the transformation yet as, even though I have all the knowledge and know how about how to get there, all the right foods to eat, the training, the metabolism, fat burning foods etc, I have not been able to succeed this far because of one thing…
    (and I bought the first book when it first came out, few years back now)

    The one thing that I believe it is, is accountability to yourself for each and every action, thought, food you put into your mouth, your mind, body and soul. It is this lack of accountability I found that has prevented me from achieving success so far. Now that I have truly understood this, and for all my other factors that I have found excuses to not be accountable to myself, the biggest one is my fear. I will document this more throughout my journal when I enter the contest soon, but for now, I think this is it Tom. Will be in touch again with my journey for the 49 day challenge. Watch this space! 😉

  • Bill Relyea

    I am 52 years old and have been involved in sports most of my life. I have had to cut weight during my fighting and wrestling days. There were time when I cut to fast lost strength, flexibility, endurance and the fight. The key has been a goal, realistic target date, work out schedule, a trainer that knows what they are doing, a mental atitude for sucess and a nutrition plan. When these six eliments are matched up you can and will suceed in meeting your goal. That goal must have meaning to you. It can be preperation for a fight, transforming fat to muscle, changing your outlook on life or being the best you can be. The first thing is understanding your goal and then putting the other 5 eliments in place to achieve that goal. Work hard, live long, be healthy and love with every fiber of your being. Bill Relyea

  • Joshua Cox

    The answer is the one thing that I find most difficult to do. DISCIPLINE! If I desire to do anything with lasting results I must be fully committed in the areas of diet & exercise through daily discipline.

  • Tammy Rohr

    I am just getting started here, but I think the biggest secret of transforming your body is to make up your mind to do it.

  • Asa

    I have not accomplished my goal of getting ripped yet, so I will make a guess on what has worked for me in the past, and what I have seen work for my friends who made a quick and permanent body transformation.

    My answer: Correct eating.

    Correct eating is eating the right amount of calories and macronutrient ratios for each day. It means making sure that ‘cheat’ meals are counted accurately and that meals are eaten at the correct time. In short, it means following the BFFM eating plan precisely. One must carry out the eating plan, and that is why setting goals is important, but the main reason that one’s body transforms is the eating plan.

    Correct eating is more important than working out because one can do many different workouts and still have a radical transformation if they are eating right. On the other hand, a great workout without a good eating plan can give you almost no results, or even no results at all. Bodybuilders would agree that your diet is more important than the workout you are doing.

  • Nana

  • Tammy

    I’m just getting started here, but I would think the biggest secret of transforming your body would be making up your mind to do it.

  • Col

    A clear vision of where you want to go and what you want to achieve plus a consistent and dedicated effort to get there

    Take the plunge, put yourself out there and realise the person you want to be

  • Geert Anthonis

    At 174 cm I have been around the 86 to 88 kg range, with a few exception, ever since I was 16. In May 2012 the big 5 0 will be up on me. I do quite a lot of exercise (marathons, long distance swims, triathlons, half Ironmans, high altitude hikes) but still the weight stays on. Now that I finally have kids. Had to wait a long time for that to happen I want to get in shape.

    There is really a lot of BS out there but for the past 3 years I have followed your comments and blog entries and even bought Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. You have always stayed true to your principles and made it clear. Having a great body is simple but it sure as hell is not easy. There are no magic pills, potions or bullets that will get you there with out your own effort. No shortcuts and that is the hard part. Nobody likes hard. In this day and age we want simple but most of all we expect everything to be easy or happen effortlessly.

    The key to getting there by January: Getting over the mental block, the fear of drudgery and monotonous daily and weekly routines. Though I can get psyched up for a marathon or a half ironman, I find it harder to commit to a plan or routine that is daily or weekly. My goal for 2012 is to run a full Ironman. That is THE main reason I want to get in great shape and this holiday season seems to be the best time to get started. I’ve hired a coach and we start training for the full ironman after Chinese new year (Jan 22nd 2012).

    It will not be easy. I know that physically there is nothing stopping me. The rush of finish a marathon, 3 km swim or Triathlon are still there. My body can handle the pain and strain. I just need to be able to convince myself to stick with the program. Then and only then will I be able to shed the extra pounds, gain the extra muscle and strenght needed to start the ironman training. The Burn the Fat Challenge body (composition) transformation contest needs to be my mental catharsis, the psychological bridge I need to cross, the watershed.

    Sure hope this makes sense.

  • Believe in the programme and work on it sincerely

  • Richard Swanson

    The answer is Motivation! If you don’t have the motivation, you cannot accomplish much. It takes motivation to keep a clean diet. It takes motivation to keep weight training and cardio going on a routine basis. It takes motivation to achieve your goals. It takes motivation to have commitment and discipline. Are you motivated? Get motivated and make it happen!

  • Tammy Crittenden

    Strength training and clean eating

  • Nicole

    It has become my most recent decision that I need to change what I look like into the type of energy I feel I have. So I’m not there, YET, but feel like the number 1 thing to successful total body transformation is goals. You have to commit yourself to your goals and hold yourself accountable for staying true to them. Today,NOW, is the time to make those goals and run with them.

  • jenna

    Intention. Intending to transform and carrying through to a done. I’ve done it once and let it slip slide away. Not this time.

  • Rachel

    Consistency is key!

  • Amanda

    The single most important thing- be SMART. Have Specific; Measureable; Achieveable; Realisitc and Time framed goals. Write them down; review therm often; get them
    Into your thoughts. For as I think
    I am. If I do this then 49 days from now they will be a reality

  • Alistair wright

    Mental visualisation & unwavering belief in your
    Own ability to follow the plan to conclusion, peaks
    & troughs included.

  • Kate

    The key to rapid body transformation is rapid mind transformation. That’s it. 🙂 As you say, Tom, it’s simple, but not easy.

  • Hello Tom,

    In my opinion the single biggest ‘secret’ to fast body transformations is consistency with intensity. Make sure you hit the gym when you say and go hard every time. Along with that be consistent in your dietary plan also.


  • Adam Sheck

    The biggest secret is consistency. A consistent commitment to practicing the principles of BFFM is what it takes to succeed.

  • Michael McComb

    Start anywhere and just ADD ONE THING A DAY! Add one change to your nutrition, add one more rep to your exercise routine, add one thought to your thinking. You will be amazed after some time when you look back and see what you have become. And it was easy! it was only ONE THING.!!

  • Connie

    The biggest key – I think it is DETERMINATION to start, stay on track and finish it. You have to really want it. You have to be willing to spare no effort to reach you goal. You have to focus and not let anything stop you. What you start you gotta finish. Overcome the times you don’t feel like exercising or eating healthy. Don’t let discouraging thoughts make you stop. Get these goal cards you wrote before and get your focus back again.

  • Catherine

    I’m torn between answering Consistency or Motivation.
    I consider myself to be a beginner in the area of fitness & body transformation: however in achieving smaller weight/fitness goals I’ve found the desire has to be strong with a REAL end goal – ie. Moving to a new city and the consistency, I have to do something every day towards that goal.

  • Jo-Ann

    I found that for myself what has been the most important aspect of rapid body transformation is strength training. There are other things that go hand in hand with this but I have really seen a change in my body since I started strength training.

    I really love your articles and it has really motivated me to keep going. Thanks

  • Richard Bessey

    The biggest secret is to have personal training and accountability partner.
    Rapid transformation is stressful enough…you don’t need to include the additional stresses of finding the best workout program, nutritional plan, and emotional support you need to reach your goal. IMHO

  • Lana Jantz

    Being consistantly committed. You can not get any simpler. It is all lined up for you. All been tried and true, no guess work. All you have to do is follow the program consistantly committed to the program. No excuses, decaded to being committed and remain consistant. It will become a way of life. Retrain the brain, when it is consistant, it becomes the norm. A norm you will love to see in the mirror, in your clothes, when you walk. It will just be all worth staying consistantly committed!

  • Cheryl

    dedication and commitment.

  • Silke Schwarze

    I’m still a work in progress – not there yet. However would aerobic excercises followed by weight training and then aerobic excercises = alternating one’s regimen like this do the trick?

  • Julee

    Movement is necessary … Diet is not enough! … Consistency is imperative. You can’t START & STOP … you have to keep going ~continuously~ … Every day has to be a day of some kind of *movement* … Hydration with plain old H2O is also necessary throughout the day. Common sense with eating habits is also key. We all know that cookies, cakes, chips, etc. are a no~no! .. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist or Brain Surgeon to figure out what is hindering weight loss. And the time of day that food is eaten is also important. Late night eating will slow down weight loss. I really just need to practice what I preach, because I’m guilty of a lot of bad habits!

  • Sylvia Ayisi

    I would love to win a membership to Burn the fat feed the muscle because i am dedicated to lose the stubborn 13 pounds i want to lose.

  • Melanie Goccia

    I think the answer is simple but something I still struggle with on a daily basis…commitment. And that commitment has to be for the rest of your life, not just for a quick fix.

    Now if I could just get that from my head to my heart, I’d be doing much better!

  • Marcel

    although this is my first time I will be entering, I think the most important thing is documenting everything daily, so that you can have a way of keeping track what worked for you. A way to really see some change even if you don’t see it in the mirror or on a scale.

  • Big Willy

    Having struggled with my weight my whole life, despite being reasonably active most of the time and always being a gym member, from being a 128kg 13 year old to the 70kg 14 year old to the 125kg year old to the 95kg 25 year old to the 132kg 30 year old to my current 120kg 31 year old self… truly, I have ridden the roller coaster more than 90% of the population… My body composition now is a lot more toward the muscle end of the spectrum due to all of the hours I have spent with weights in the gym…

    My experience from the 3 year period that I managed to hold under 100kgs at a body fat percentage in the mid teens told me this…


    I am sure that this would spark a massive avalanche of criticism out there but if you think about it, massively restrictive diets are almost completely useless when it comes to changing body composition, I know this because every time I have drastically restricted calories I have rebounded. IF YOU ARE ALREADY WORKING OUT, ALL YOU NEED IS THE RIGHT NUTRITION! THE NUTRITION YOU ADOPT WILL DETERMINE THE COMPOSITION YOU ACHIEVE!

  • Billy Booth

    WHY!What is your WHY.The great philosopher Friedrick Niettzsche said that if you know the why you can face any how.You see everything mentioned here is true and a important component of body transformation and success in many other areas of life for that matter but unless you have a rock solid answer to the why? it is easy to lose motivation and drive when the resistance comes,i said when not if.Find a strong enough reason and you will find the answers, you will seek till you find, and fight till you win.
    Your why becomes the core driving force that will not give up till you have reached your goals.

  • Prasoon Kumar

    I think the one biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is commitment and determination with control on diet.

  • geoff

    I’d suggest self-motivation is the answer – in spite of grim, grey scottish evenings, days and nights…working hours, other people’s needs, you have to be motivated enough to find the time and make the effort to follow the plan.

    Hmm, maybe it is the planning and the measuring of results.

    oh that’s two guesses.


  • bam

    determination and belive in success will keep me motivated..

  • Peter Johnsen

    I hit upon more than one idea. One has to do with staring by shrinking my stomach: gradually eating smaller portions. I began by noticing which foods made me hungrier. I started the day usually using oatmeal as a sort of reset button. Later, I would simply eat when I got hungry.
    Lately I have started to develop a change in my tastes; certain things are no longer edible because they taste too sweet for me. By noticing this and questioning old habits of like or dislike, I am reshaping my palette. “I don’t like that caramel cake as well as I used too.” is a way to begin reprogramming your taste buds to closer to what nature intended. Do you really think anyone brought up on a natural diet could even eat this crap?
    I don’t think they could even get it down.

  • Liz Cox

    Definitely honesty. I have my plan, I am deeply committed, but it also takes complete honesty in tracking what I am putting into my body and how I am working out. If I am honest about it all, and the transformation isn’t happening like I expect it to, then I can look over my data and quickly see why not and be able to adjust sooner than if I’m just kind of bluffing my way through things. 100 calories, even a healthy 100 calories, is real easy to slip into a day, and over a very short amount of time, that adds up. And on the other end, putting honest effort into every workout is key as well, not just getting by with the bare minimum. So that’s it, maybe just honest commitment … and inspiration :).

  • Wojari

    For me the one thing that comes to mind as being the most important factor in achieving rapid body transformation, is Consistency, with Supprt as a runner up. So every time I do not feel as motivated as I should be to go and work-out or eat according to plan, I touch my goal card and think Consistency. This helps me on this road to a better body composition!

  • Viola

    I had achieved a body transformation twice during last 10 years. Both times regular exercise, lean protein/vegetables diet were the two elements that worked for me. The exercise combo was cardio/weights to start with and then switching to mainly weights. And the more the body changes were visable the more motivated I was and was working out even harder. Unfortunately, life’s circumstances affected the routine and with it my body shape. I tried to maintain it by adjusting diet, eating less, only to feel hungry and grumpy.I turned into the skinny fat person instead. I realised (as I had proven to myself twice) that for me the intense,frequent and regular exercise is the only way I can achieve the transformation and to maintain the ribbed body shape I used to have. Once again, I want to challenge myself to this regime and achieve a lean body. Your postings only confirm and motivate me further, that such transformation is possible. This time I will utilise my past experience and your “teachings”. As you say – work hard and expect results. There is no other way..

  • Giovanna

    it is a complete package, the psychological and physical.
    we need to imagine ourselves how we look after our body transformation so we accept the change that willtake place. we need to have a plan that is not daunting, ie learn and apply good nutition to our body, drink lots of water (best liquid) and exercise, considering exercise to be a part of our life, not just a must. do weigh plus some fun ports we like, honestly bodies are meant to move all the time.
    above all, pray to the universe to help us as it is a journey not only a goal. I stronglyu believe in it and good luck to all. Gio

  • Hamza Imran

    the number 1 thing is exercise regularly and diet correctly, listening to Tom Venuto helps though 😀

  • Lester Bird

    A planned but flexible routine.

  • Andrew

    I think proper nutrition is the crucial key to rapid body composition transformation. I’ve learned this from personal experience. Years ago when I worked with a personal trainer who also developed a nutrition plan for me, I easily dropped 25 lbs of fat in 8 weeks. (Of course, I was working my butt off in the gym also with cardio and weights.)
    I have usually been successful at being strong and consistent in the gym and doing cardio a fair amount as well. However,proper nutrition (knowing exactly what to eat for my specific goals) has always been my weakness. Because it worked for me years ago, I know if someone with expertise were to tell me exactly what and how much I need to be eating to reach my specific goals, there’d be nothing to stop be from rapidly transforming my body composition. I know it doesn’t matter what I do in the gym and how much cardio I do if I’m not eating right. That’s why I believe proper nutrition is crucial to attaining rapid body composition transformation.

  • I am so out of shape it is depressing me. I like beer & pizza too much. Can I get in on your system?


  • What do you believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?

    About four years I lost ten kg’s and lowered my BMI to 17% in the matter of just over a month. I focused on cutting out bad foods and eating more protein and vegetables and worked very hard at weight training in the gym. I was so proud of what I had acheived and it was the first time in my life I actually felt good about myself. I believe it takes hard work and discipline, a change in one’s lifestyle but a change that one will stick to.

    I picked up over 20kgs when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2009. This depressed me something terrible but it was almost like I didn’t notice all the weight I was gaining and just took it as part of the pregnancy. Well, I’m paying the consequences now for not sticking to my lifestyle change. I ate what I wanted, maybe more than I wanted, overindulged but I have to say I loved every moment of being pregnant and I have the most beautiful baby girl now (who is nearly 2 and a half years old) and she is healthy and happy and the light of my life. I just wish I hadn’t gained all that extra weight, even though she was worth it!

    I am now struggling to get my body back but I KNOW it can be done with regular weight and toning exercises. I believe that the only way to get in shape and STAY in shape is with weight training and of course a proper eating plan. I can still feel the muscle tone I developed when I was disciplined with my training, it’s still under there (my stomache), I can feel the muscles when I pull them so I know I can get my shape back.

    If I was chosen as one of the lucky individuals I would grab this opportunity with both hands and use it to make the drastic life change I want and so badly need.

    I want to be healthy for my daugther, for my boyfriend, for myself! I want to feel strong and empowered again, empowered by my own efforts and hard work. I want to feel confident in myself so I can set the right example for my daugther.

    Weight training and the correct eating plan is essential. Hours of cardio is not going to get me to where I want, some serious time spent “pumping iron” if we can call it that will get me back in shape. I love the satisfaction I feel after an intense training session, I love how I feel when I’m toned and slim – this can happen if I get the motivation from you book and program. I belive it, I know it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comments, I love getting your articles and they are very motivating, I can only imgaine how fantastic the program must be.

    All the best and take care, Claire (from sunny South Africa!)







  • Randal

    What a challenging question because there are so many variables involved to transform anything but in this case, what has worked for me is what I call Aggressive and Proactive Determination. As much as that sounds like two different things, it is not. I even use the word aggressive in the line of work I do because without it, the verb stands alone and we know that being alone can be ineffective.
    Aggressive Determination is going after something with a vengence despite how you feel. I travel to difficult and uncomfortable locations for work quite extensively and it is challenging to maintain the determination to work out after long and hot days of work. Just last night I was exhausted, but I aggressively envisioned what my end goals are to overpower the exhaustion I was feeling and worked out despite it.
    Proactive Determination is setting myself up for success. I travel with healthy food alternatives and bring easy equipment to work out with in even small hotel rooms. I’m proactive about being fit and healthy.
    The two combined, Aggressive and Proactive, into sheer Determination form a synergy that overpowers any thoughts that may want to draw me away from my goals.

  • Alexander

    I believe that the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is incorporating a well-designed weight-training program into your daily regime.

  • Chuck Collierc

    The biggest factor in a rapid body transformation to me is FOCUS. I’ve entered before, and will again, but in the past I’ve quickly lost focus. Missed one workout, ate like crap and told myself “no problem, I’ll fix it tomorrow.” Well, tomorrow comes and goes and I’m still saying it. I need to focus, daily if not hourly! On eating, on exercising, on seeing the “prize” when the journey is completed. The fit, healthy, new “me.”

  • timothy lee

    I bought bffm and Vincent the legend book and also study your newsletter.trained for 4 months.previous body fat was 35%, now 13%. Bravo. Besides hitting the gym, I play golf,badminton,swimming, and table tennis. I’m a Chinese malaysian. 183cm and now weight 85kg. May God bless you always.

  • Jeroen D.

    I haven’t tried it yet which is obiously one of the problems. But I believe the biggest key to making a Rapid body composition transformation is believing you can do it. Because, even if you commit to a certain plan, what’s the point if you don’t believe it will work.

  • Chuck Collier

    Sorry, just saw my name was typed incorrectly. Must’ve lost focus!!

  • Maritza Morton

    Hi there

    Discipline is the 1 biggest secret. With no discipline you will battle to get through to reach your goal. You have to discipline yourself and not allow friends or family to influence on what you doing. Unfortunatly that’s when you see who your real friends is that will motivate you for what you doing.

  • Adrian Ward

    Personally I think you’re not going to get anywhere without accountability. Everything (commitment, focus, etc) stems from realising that if you want to make changes to your physique and lifestyle, you are the only one who can make it happen and also the only one to blame when things don’t work out.

  • Dhakiyya

    The most important thing IMO is the goal setting/psychology stuff from BFFM chapter 1, because it programmes your mind to be able to form new, healthy habits that you want to maintain and your new healthy lifestyle becomes sustainable and the body composition changes take care of themselves because you love healthy food and exercise, and you’re not fighting a constant battle against your own mind. Another thing that’s equal to that (sorry to pick two!) is having the right information. I’ve met a lot of people who are very determined to make changes to their body and do whatever it takes to achieve that…. but they are acting on incorrect information and they end up messing up their body composition instead or staying in the same place, and there’s so much misinformation out there it’s really hard for beginners to know what’s good information and what isn’t.

  • sue

    It’s simply making a decision about what you want for yourself and being completely committed to it day in and day out. Period.

  • Jacqui

    I believe that CONSISTENCY (to a diet/training regume) is the #1 biggest key thing in making a RAPID body composotion transformation!

  • Christina

    Take the decision to accomplish your goal and follow BY LETTER the ‘Burn the fat feed the muscle ‘book!

  • Michael Moravec

    Know how it’s done (read BFFM), then totally commit to your plan one day at a time.

  • Francis Segarra

    The biggest key I would say is visualization. It has always worked for me. I see myself how I want to look and reinforce that image with training and proper diet. I believe it has to happen first in your minds eye before you can see the results in the flesh.

    Thank you for all the help and for keeping it real.

    Francis Segarra

  • Marilyn B

    Absolute commitment – without it, nothing else works.

    Thanks for all you do and for your encouragement!

  • Dion

    My biggest tip? Keep at it, changes will not happen over night or in days. They will take time so continue to eat the correct foods and train hard and you will see results.
    Also if you ‘fall off the wagon’ one day, get straight back on!

  • Leo Cotten

    The biggest issue seems to always be my own attitude. If I am both inspired and believe I can do it, I make great progress. But often I need a kick in the pants in this area to keep moving forward.

  • dale vw

    Hi all,
    I’m just a beginner here, but I’m starting to put all the pieces of the puzzle together – with the help of Tom (although he doesn’t know it!) So yes, I am very much a “work in progress”. The biggest AHA moment for me, was discovering the importance of building muscle. I realised then that I had been trying to be a “skinny fat” person, by rigidly controlling my food intake. This combined with long term poor health, stress, toxic medications, low energy, blah blah – all meant my metabolism was low low low, and I didn’t know how to fix it. Then along came Tom, and I began weight training – which I love, so its not really a chore. ANd hey presto, dropped 2 dress sizes! But my biggest saboteur is probably my husband, who likes me chubbier. So the peice of the puzzle I haven’t mastered yet, is my mental focus. Once I get a handle on my mental discipline, and can say “no” to all the little treats he fixes for me, I will get off this damn plateau! Either that, or divorce!

  • Maureen Duggan

    The key to body fat transformation is a combination of protein rich nutrition with exercie. Weight training and aerobic workouts will burn fat and build muscle.

  • Mariette Scholtz

    I’m still a work in progress, not there yet. That is exactly why I eat all your info…lost 30kg over a period of 3 years. And want to achieve the transformation now. As I don’t know yet, I THINK, the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is to eat clean, work hard, correct nutritients and brain power!If I only have to give one! it will be DETERMINATION/WILL POWER!With that the rest will be added.

    I really wanna get this right this time, i am almost 39 years old and been struggling my whole life to achieve the perfect body shape!

  • Deb

    I think that the ONE BIGGEST KEY to making a rapid body composition transformation is TO SET YOUR GOAL AND THEN BE CONSISTENT AS YOU WORK TOWARDS IT.

    The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of “consistent” is: “marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity : free from variation or contradiction”.

    To me, (in the context of rapid body transformation) this means that you find a program that has been proven to work (like BFFM), you set out your plan of attack using a journal of some description (so that you can track your progress), and then you STICK TO IT until you reach your goal/the end of the program.

    There is no need to make tweaks and adjustments or try something new if you are making measurable, constant progress! If the plan is working for you, why change it? If you hit a plateau, re-read the program you are using, read back through your journal and see where you might be able to improve on what you are doing. That is being consistent – constant continuity to achieve your goal. 🙂

  • Kate Hotson

    CHANGE!!!!! nothing changes, if nothing changes!!
    We chase what we can’t have, and run away from what we desire the most. life’s to short for regrets live it, love it, GO FOR IT – TODAY!

  • lynn smith

    To answer the question what I think the one key is to rapid body transformation. I have thought about this very carefully and debated all the elements such as nutrition, exercise, accountability, self-belief but I think the one key is to have a structured programme to follow. There is no time for researching yourself, wondering what will work best, trying things and finding you don’t get the results you want so for me the key 1 thing is to whole-heartedly embrace a tried and tested programme and follow it to the very best of your ability. That’s why I will be in this holidays challenge.

  • Bill Craig

    The 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is DIET!!!! Our bodies are made up of exactly what we eat so a diet made up of exactly what we are will truely benefit our composistion.

    I found that following a Paleo diet with a few modern tweaks works best. All the foods that you eat are natural and non-processed with no foreign substances added. In eating this way our bodies know exactly what to do with the nutrients it recieves.

    Theres no need to count calories and you never feel hungry, just eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks between them. Fat storage is minimal and overall health and engery levels are greatly increased.

    So the only question left is ” Would you rather your body be Fat, Sluggish and made of Foreign Substance produced by some scientist in a lab or….. LEAN, HEALTHY,STRONG, NATURAL & FULL OF ENERGY?” My answer to your question is DIET!!!!!!

  • Jeremy

    Hi There Tom. From someone who has forever stuggled with body transformation, I have only revcently realised what the biggest key is to making a rapid body composition transofrmation:

    If there is no real, deep-seated reason to change, why would you do it? Im not talking about a superficial reason. The reason has to be LIFE CHANGING.

  • Louisa R

    Hi Tom,

    I believe that the biggest secret to rapid body transformation is having the right mindset. I can only achieve my goals with 100% personal commitment and focus, it’s about dedicating the time to training, planning meals, making the best food choices and ultimately a change in lifestyle. It’s been an uphill battle, but I do find it so much easier when I surround myself with a team of likeminded individuals.

    Thank you!

  • Sound nutrition combined with varied exercises done with high intensity – this is the #1 key in my opinion.
    Kind regards from Vienna, Austria

  • Rick Lyons

    MINIMIZE, i.e. eat as little as possible, your fat intake!!!

    This has been the single biggest key to my going from 288 pounds (after herniating a lumbar disk) to 201 pounds!



  • Edric Micallef FIgallo

    Determination and dedication, together with research and persistence. Needless to say, a stable persistent nutrition style (including cheat days or mass building days) and workouts designed for particular aims (fat loss, strength or mass gains) having adequate rest periods and longer breaks when needed.

  • Bware

    Making it your number one focus your number one goal… nothing else comes close to it… it needs to be what you want/need most of all… if you don’t have that mindset then it is more difficult to achieve and it will invariably take longer… I have done two twelve week challenges (84 days) to have results like these in 49 days your commitment has to be complete, unbending and focused..

  • David Barry

    Consistency is the Number One Key to any Program.

  • Dee

    Absolutely Diet is the one Biggest Secret! It’s not a secret really, but many people feel that if they workout in the gym for 2 hours every day, that will delete any bad food choice that they may make each day. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Everyone should know that you can’t out-train a bad diet.

    Even I’ve fallen into that trap, I KNOW I shouldn’t, yet I occasionally think that a HUGE workout will veto any bad food choices I’ve made for that day, week or month!


  • ashley

    I am still a work in progress, determination, motivation and commitment to both diet and exercise are three key words for my answer to this question. I find that involving other important aspects of my life with my diet and exercise plan help to keep me determined, commited and motivated like going for a run or a brisk walk with my dog or working out with a significant other or going for a hike because i enjoy the outdoors. also activities such as fishing and eating the fresh fish thatsyou catch. eating real food is esential in transforming your body as well. i feel that anyone that starts to eat real ingredients as opposed to prepackaged, preserved and refined foods is almost guarenteed to lose weight. strength training in combination with your cardio is also essential in full body transformation. the second i started strength training, my body almost immediatly began to tone up. and im kind of flabby so that was pretty obvious to me. also the small things such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking you car in the farest away spot really make a difference to your metabolism and help with motivation.

  • Susan Kutner

    I think you call it ‘accountability’ – I have you e-book, understand what I need to do and why it would be great to lose fat and transforem my body. But I live alone/ I am not saying that nobody cares about me, but I am not their top priority. I DO care about myself, but I lack the discipline ,necessary to put myself first. Thanks or all the good advice!

  • Janko Hegi Hegi

    Everybody can reed the reports, the e-books and find what to do physicle. But the real key to succes is to be abel to motivate yourseelf to do what you have to do to succeed.

  • Definately `Commitment` , you can have the best plan in the world yet without the driving force of `Commitment` the plan will not unfold in your life. Commitment & Motivation will keep you on your plan and keep moving you forward in a positive direction …. and if for some reason the plan is not creating the results you want ..then that inner commitment will drive you to research , find a better plan of action or tweek the existing one to work for you as an individual.
    Commitment is powerful and essential to everything that we do.

    thanks Tom ,
    Love the fabulous work you share

  • Jette Anna Sørensen


    I think the biggest keys to making a RAPID body composition transformation is commitment and support from family/friends

  • Jim

    Even though body recompostion is ultimately down to a combination of factors, if I had to narrow it down to the TOP thing, (the one thing that seriously sped up my results), it was when I took what was already working really well by doing Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle, and being able to exchange ideas and experiences with other people who were all trying to acheive the same thing. Not only did it enable me to learn so much more by doing this, but it also gave me an insight into how fast people could really achieve these results, and it was that very thing that pushed me harder to simply not to tolerate the fact that could only progress at the rate I was doing. So much so, that I nearly said that it was the more ambitious goal setting that was responsible, but the truth be told, had it not been for the social support, I never woud have sought to set those goals in the first place. I thought I had found my peak, until I saw what was really possible. And sure enough, the one day that I decided go for what I could see was really possible, I not only acheived those goals, but I exceeded them!! There are many other reasons why I still feel that the social support was the number one factor that allowed me to make such drastic changes, (so many, that there would be too many to list), but one of the other important factors that I simply HAVE to mention, is that it was this very social support that kept me motivated, stopped me feeling like an outcast who was the social abnormailty in doing what it takes to make great progress, but to see that there were other people just like me, who knew what it takes, who helped eachother both in great advice, and also from the competition aspect of striving to beat what was previously done before! For this, I have to give my ultimate thanks to Tom Venuto for enlightening me into its eficacy, and for creating one of the best possible tools to get that support in the Inner Circle. Thank you so much, because without it, I still would have been chugging along at snails pace, but what you have done, has changed everything!

  • M. Ali

    I agree with most posters that commitment is key – but thats true of even short term weight loss. To me, the single most useful thing for body recomposition is long term focus (which necessitates clearly defined goals). What I’ve seen often in people is that they want to lose weight for some event (wedding, reunion, final spring break, whatever). The problem is that it leads to quick fix dieting and training that could result in metabolic slowdown, rebound eating, etc etc. If you’re just trying to lose 10lbs, you wont care if its muscle or fat.

    A long term focus would instead get you to focus on how you need to look in 1 year, thinking more about body composition since it makes little sense to compromise valuable muscle for weight loss over a longer time horizon.

    Further, it ensures you stay away from unrealistic starvation diets, since you need something you can stick with for 365 days, as opposed to 2 weeks.

    Also, it forces you to slot in times for training, since with a 1-year plan, you need to allocate time every week and cant just try to cram all the effort into a fortnight.

    Hope that helped!

  • Mayeth

    Finally! Your blog post is here!

    For me, the secret of RAPID body transformation is FOCUS and DETERMINATION for which it will really help you to achieve your GOAL! Also, by following the 5 element: first is choosing the right NUTRITION your body need, second is to test your STRENGTH ability, third is your CARDIO activities, fourth is the well rounded MENTAL focus towards your goal and definitely the fifth is having a inner circle friends and good trainer to motivate you everyday! Confidence and Trust towards what you are doing is also the key! :))

  • Vladimir Novakovic

    I believe it’s motivation. If there is something you want bad enough at the finish line, you will dedicate yourself, you will find the way of getting there, and getting there fast enough.

  • Andy Dixon


    I lost 4 stone of fat two years ago with BFFM and went from 28% fat to 11%

    I went off the rails after my divorce but am now starting back and have lost 3lbs in two days already.

    I’ve learnt you have to be committed or it won’t work. But it’s worth the effort.

  • Semir Jabbar

    Dear Tom,

    You have provided all the necessary tools in your book for one to transform their body…the only component one has to add to those tools is simply…


    Thank you for educating me on the correct way to pursue my goal.


  • In my opinion, the key to rapid body composition transformation is BELIEVING.
    In the past I did not believe that I could change my body, I did not believe that I might eat healthy and feel good, nor did I believe that I was able lose body fat without starving myself.
    Now I do BELIEVE that my body fat perentage can be lower and my six-pack might pop out;) I believe that I can feel satisfied even though I do not eat sweets every single day, and that healthy lifestyle works and changes my body from the inside out!
    Believing is seeing;)

  • Nathan Y

    Nutrition, exercise, and rest are all crucial to making any kind of transformation, more-so in the case of RAPID transition. But when you limit it to the ONE biggest key, I’d have to say it would be making the decision to do it. Mind you, that’s not deciding that you WANT to do it, but deciding that you WILL do it. The former is not a decision at all, but more like an aspiration or dream. When you truly decide to do something, the only thing left is action, and from action will come results. Whenever people tell me “I want to, but…” I tell them that they don’t really want to, because if they really, truly wanted something they would go after it and make it happen. It can be a hard thing to hear, which is why we’re so good at coming up with excuses to try to disprove it. If you want it, decide to get it and the rest will follow.

  • Mujtaba Paliwala

    The 1 biggest secret to rapid fat body transformation is action in the right direction and then keeping the faith.

    You must have faith in whatever system you are following, in my case Tom Venuto’s BFFM , and then taking action accordingly. You can innovate once you get results. I got results slowly, I am 36 yrs old and use to weigh 167 lbs. I lost 8 lbs of fat and only 1 lb of lean body mass in 7 weeks. (I am using the Navy method for calculation, since I live in Pakistan and Accu measure was not available. I’ve ordered it and will get it in a few weeks).

    I pray for success for all of you.

  • locho

    Set a goal, set forth a plan, be diligent and believe in yourself that you can achieve that goal. Anything is possible with a lil faith and hardwork, the will to persevere.

  • georgina price

    whats the ! biggest Secret to Rapid Body Transformation..

    I believe is A whole lifestyle change on habits, people who bring you bring you down, where you socialise,where you eat drink,the way you spend your time your hobbies. It isnt abuot starting exercise or just eating correctly because thes will never last if your surrounding do not change and your habits and your everyday lifestyle. Anyone can start a programme but that person must be mentally prepared, and have support mechanisms around him her can well mean changing friends are seperating yurself fromn the old friends and making new ones.Some friends and family will be jealous wont want there buddy to change their eating, drinking, and socialising habits. Because they are either jealous or dont like the fact the person they relied on for a beer etc is now not there and worse still is changing for the better! Better than themselves.

    Lifestyle change means making changes ..changes are scary but also exhilerating. Changes means adapting transforming.

    I could go on and on…but I ill stop here

    Georgie xx UK

  • I think I have to make time in my life to start with exercise.

  • C.W.

    “…What do you believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?…”

    Mindset ! If the “head” is in the right place and the mind is made up (as in “decision”), it’s a done deal !!! To get to this point is key to success. That’s where Tom’s “stuff” comes in 🙂 Thanks, Mr. Venuto.

  • Pete Foster

    Commitment ………… to your goals, nutrition, training and way of life.

  • Ron Brinckman

    For me there are two major keys for success. First of all dedication.

    You have to have a lot of dedication for anything you want to be really successful at.

    Next to that, and no less important is that you have to stick to 1 plan, and 1 plan only. And only try something else if that plan doesn’t work. I wite this based on my own experience.

    Is it because I have too much dedication, that I bought more than one program? I bought not only Tom’s program but also the books of Sean Nalewanyj and some others. And then the confusion starts, because you end up trying a little bit of every program.

    Especially because I was dumb enough to try to combine Sean’s great book for overfeeding and gaining maximum muscle and Tom’s BFFM book, I ended up training my ass off without making proper choices. O shit, I thought that by combining different programs I could do better than the experts :-(.

    Rereading my own words above, I wonder if it is a matter of too much dedication or the lack of dedication to stick to one program only. So I rest my case and from now one dedicate myself to using Tom’s program and let the rest sit on my bookshelf.

    So there it is after all, my number one key: dedication.

    Kindest regards from a very cold Holland.

  • Keith Gabrielle

    I think the No 1 biggest key to a rapid body composition transformation is commitment. Without commitment you will always fall back into the same old ways and never make the gains you want to achieve.

  • Heather Macnab

    Body COMPOSITION transformation requires resistance training. I personally have not found out how to do it rapidly yet!

  • Mary-Jane

    Desire, drive, determination & dedication!!

  • noha elwakil


  • Patrick Schmider

    What do you believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?
    Once you have follow all the advices from Tom in Burn the fat Feed the muscle you will probably have about 10 to 15 % body fat left , then what I found works really well to get rid of those last fat % and get to about 7 % body fat ( which really transform your body before that you look the same just slimmer but achieving 7 % really transform your body ) is to eat all your calorie ( deficit ) before 6pm starting with all your energy carbs ( oat /potatoes /fruits ) in the morning / lunch/afternoon before training and anything after training before 6 pm ( last meal ) vegetable / protein only – This will mean that you starve you body at night which help with Testosterone production it also mean that you’ll have lots of energy for training because you’ll be carbs up from breakfast it also mean that it will be easy to be on a calorie deficit because you stop eating so early , the only hard bit is not to eat after 6 pm if you go to bed late, I go to bed early to watch TV with a bottle water which i drink when i get a bit hungry but before i know it I fell asleep and it is morning ! job done .

  • Terri

    I have always been fit and in decent body-composition shape. I have not been happy with that body composition, however but was never willing to go the extra mile. When I made the commitment to purchase your e-book a switch was flipped in my brain. Over the years I have spent hours training but never paid close attention to nutrition details. I have never believed in the necessity of tracking calories and macronutrients. Now that I have committed to this, the fat has dropped off… my biggest regret is not having entered your last competition.. I love Maui!!!! I have dropped from 55 to 39.5mm sum of 7 skin folds since August. I have never been happier with my body composition….. for me the biggest thing was the commitment to tracking the details of what goes into my body. Keeping my protein and fat % up keeps me from being hungry and fuels my success.

  • Angel

    Hi there,

    I will say ACCOUNTABILITY is the single most important factor to me.

  • Community Support!!! I found the Inner Circle an inspiration in my lifestyle. I think like the winners I meet and engage with on that site – constantly. Nothing more to say, once in you stay in!

  • Katri

    The one biggest key is CONSISTENCY!!

    Decide what you want, make it a clear goal, and make a clear outline of how you are going to do it – and then stick with it!! Be consistent!! Don’t give up!! Use the feedback mechanisms that your body keeps giving you when you weigh-in and do your measurements.

    Anything worth having, is worth fighting for. It’s not going to come easy, and you shouldn’t expect it to. It’s a very reachable goal – if you are consistent in your efforts and do not give up!!

  • Nicole

    Just taking step one and believing we can have
    The body we’ve always wanted. Already seeing ourselves in the body we’ve always wanted
    And believing in the program!

  • DB

    The biggest key to transforming your body is this: what you eat is more important than the exercise that you do.

  • Sara

    I strongly believe that the one biggest thing is: Nutrition; eating “right” and eating every 3 to 4 hours does make wonders to your transformation.
    You can workout everyday, train for 4 hours, make wonders at the gym and eating junk or unhealthy food just to reward yourself for the hard work you’ve done. At this rate I guarantee you that your body composition won’t change as you burn fat at the gym and gain it with the food you eat afterwards. You won’t feel it unless you focus on eating “right.”
    You need to read a lot for experiencing the “right” food and learning how to read the nutrition labels helps too.
    I read an article that says nutrition takes 80% of your result and strongly believe the same. It makes wonders when you eat”right.”

  • Shawn

    Hi sir,

    I think it all comes down to “HUNGER” or the “WILL”. How hungry are you to get the body of your dreams and what are you willing to sacrifice?

    If you are “HUNGRY” enough you will automatically commit 100% and be willing to sacrifice a few things. If you have a written goal and you aren’t “HUNGRY” to reach it you will for example eat a piece of cake when you already had your 1/2 cheat meals! But if you are “HUNGRY” enough you woun’t eat that cake and you will eat only one or even none of the cheat meals!

    The same is with you workouts. If you are “HUNGRY” to reach you goal you will not skip a workout! But if you aren’t you will!

    So, for me, it all comes down to “HUNGER” and “HOW DESPERATE DO YOU WANT IT”

  • Bea Blackmore

    I think having a support network is crucial to reaching a fitness goal- a personal trainer, an online group like this, a friend, a colleague- accountability brings results when the desire to achieve is there. It helps to keep you on track, to cheer you on when you’re racing for a transformation finish line!

  • Zalaba

    49 days of fat loss…really succeded…untill one point…last 5pounds of fat…How to get rid of them once and for all?

  • Martin Drevin

    The one biggest secret is that there are no biggest secrets.

    For body transformation, rapid or not, weight (fat) loss, whichever is your goal, there is a BIGGEST HURDLE that must be overcome. If we want to call it or any other method, diet, excersize regime, whatever it may take, a biggest secret, we are not getting past that biggest hurdle.

    The biggest hurdle? To stop lying to ourselves. That there is some big secret, some magic pill, some miracle cure, some easy way to lose fat. Or that we arent THAT fat, it is not that bad for our health, we dont look that bad, we can leave it for later, etc. And to admit to ourselves that it will take hard work and sacrifice, that it will not be an easy way – the way we would like it to be – that we must stop listning to that little voice that keeps on tempting us to look for the big secret and keep on trying out the EASY / shortcut WAY. Just check how smart people still allow that little voice to tempt them into submission.

    Hard work and sacrifice is the big secret that is no secret at all. The knowledge is out there, and on this site. We just dont want to accept it as the truth because it sounds too much like hard work.

    To win a marathon, first and foremost you dont need time, commitment, a support group, training equipment, secret training methods, etc. etc. First and foremost you must enter yourself for the marathon and not the fun run. Only then will all the other stuff come into play.

  • Jose T.

    Eat less and move more following the BFFM book. Years in circulation and testimonials have shown Tom’s fat burning guide truly works!

  • William J. Emerson

    In 2010 I was one of the top ten runner ups in the summer weight loss challenge. The key ingredient for my success was I made a deep and meaningful commitment to following the program. I knew whether I received the trip or not I would be a big winner either way!


  • Peter Sharples

    Spelt out in a single word it would have to be Motivation

  • AKML

    I lost 110 lbs 4 years ago and have kept it off. People always want to know what the silver bullet was – what magic secret did I have?

    Here they are – and I’m not sure they will work for anyone else:

    I had sleep apnea, and got treated, giving me crazy amounts of energy that I didn’t even know I was missing.

    I had an eating disorder for twenty years that was messing with my hormones big-time. My insulin levels were crazy. I kicked the eating disorder and my hormone levels became more stable.

    I became an active person: I started with stretching and added lifting weights, running, tons of walking, rowing, kettlebells, etc.

    I simply became aware of what I was eating, its nutritional content, and the effect it would have on me, allowing me to make better choices.

  • I have been through a first succesfull transformation 2 and a half years ago. I have been through some unsuccesfull since.

    The key difference between them is MOTIVATION, the intrinsic reason why YOU want to change.

    What motivated me then was that I had to perform in front of a couple of hundred people and I did absolutely not want to show them the state my body was in. the year before I had done that, but when I saw the videos and pictures I was so ashamed of myself. So I dod not want to repeat this embarrasing moment. Dance means a lot to me, I really needed and wanted to do this show for a lot of other reasons.

    I have kept the results of what I had obtained then, but somehow it seems I can not take it a step further – yet;

    That means what?
    Well, probably the “pain” of staying this way is less than the perceived effort I would have to make in order to change my body any further. I say perceived, because it is totally related to the reason you would like to change.

    Once that reason, which only you can determine and which needs to come from you and you only, doing this for yourself, not anyone else – becomes more important, motivation and determination will kick in, you will define your goals, keep track of progress and IT WILL WORK!

    My inner self is getting another spurr of motivation. We just discussed this years dance recital. One of the costumes will be a tightly fitting silver metallic jumpsuit – that’s it. I am definitely not going to dance in that with my present body next to all those lean teenagers and no way that I will miss the show.

    So, there I go! Off to a new exiting challenge, my eyes fixed on the next performance.
    Regardless of my current aches and pains following a ski accident last year, I will get this body moving more (other than dancing that is)and I will clean up my eating.

    Good luck to you all!

  • Bill Bray

    Fact is I’m new at this and don’t know how to transform and what works for me yet. I think the best way to start is by reading and doing. I’m reading anything I can get my hands on and working out 5 days a week taking advice and from experienced trainers (mostly through online articles) I have recently changed my workout routine and I’m still experimenting with my food intake. So far I’ve lost 5% body fat and I’m still learning and losing (a lot more yet to go). My goal is to be happy with my body when I turn 50 at the end of April.

  • Gareth

    hi the biggest thing that worked for me is choosing the right friends to benefit from positive peer pressure to keep me motivated and on track

  • Dunja Mandley

    Hi, I’m 36 years old and I have competed in 3 figure competitions within the last year. In order to transform my 5’11” body for this there were many factors I had to follow. I truly believe that to transform ones body, 3 factors at least have to be in place and implemented but I realize I can only name one to abide by the rules. So here it is, the one factor I believe will make or break a body transformation: nutrition. What it comes down to, and came down to for me, is the strict adherence to a strictly natural, clean, balanced, measured and wholesome diet, devoid of processed and junk foods. With that comes of course dedication but truly the one thing that transformed me personally is the adherence to a good nutritional regimen. Now however, 8 months post competition, a surgery and a long summer later, I am looking to improve my physique for good, for keeps not just for a minute on a stage. I need help and I hope for mental support and finally figuring out which diet is best for me (too much carbs? Not enough carbs? So I really hope to hear back from you and be chosen for a membership, I want to really feel great again but do it absolutely right this time.

  • Gareth

    hi the biggest thing that worked for me is choosing the right friends to benefit from positive peer pressure to keep me motivated and on track.

  • Danny

    I tried for years to lose my belly fat with no success.
    I stumbled across a website called Scooby Doo who mentioned you Tom.
    The information l recieved there along with your educational emails showed
    me that our diet plays the biggest part in making a rapid body transformation.

  • Ken Chinavare

    A solid nutrition plan. It has to come from a trusted source, someone like yourself who has experience, not some knucklehead at the gym or supplement store. Holy Grail comes to mind. I’m a firm believer in the “Nutrition is 90%” mantra.

    Thanks for all you do Tom

  • craig leshinger

    The biggest key I can think of is to take constant action to attain the written goals you set to transform your body.

  • Clement Beauchamp

    The best way i know to transform quick is to follow the age old advice. Watch what you eat and drink, keep the supplement on the shelf, work the upper body one day and the lower body the next, but work your body hard. Take one day to recoup and do hard cardio on that day. Whether you do lots of reps for endurance or minimal reps for bulk you must break a sweat. Last, drink lots of water and also lots of milk to fuel up.

    Clement Beauchamp

  • Terron

    Okay so I am a newbie but I thought about this question and I think the number one key to making a rapid body transformation is MOTIVATION. I think whatever you decide to do in life your more then likely to keep at it if your motivated. Maybe your life depends on it. Maybe you wanna look good for a guy or a girl lol. Maybe its winning a trip to Maui lol. Yes I definitely think its motivation.

  • Kieran

    The biggest key to rapid body transformation is having that moment of realisation that body transformation is what you really desire. I think that far too often people talk about wanting to lose weight or to change their lifestyle but they don’t really mean it. It’s an empty want – it doesn’t drive them. I think that once you have that moment where you realize that transforming your body is what you really want, everything else flows from that. If you really want something it’s easy to find the time to commit to it, it’s easy to plan your goals or set milestones, it’s easy to shuffle your timetable around so you can workout, and it’s easy to make healthy nutritional decisions. The flip side to that is without that desire influencing your day to day decisions, you don’t have any skin in the game and its far too easy to say you don’t have time.

  • Tamsin Fellows

    What worked for me, when training for a fitness show, was the combination of eating the right foods for my body and training in the right way that my body would respond to. For me, this was a keto style diet – lots of good protein and good fats – and doing 4 mornings of LSD cardio, 4 weights sessions a week with another 45 mins of cardio after.

    But my emphasis is eating and training correct for you – metabolic type is very important. I got in amazing shape in 12 weeks and this was all down to this approach.

  • Donovan

  • Jenny Locke

    First of all, the desire to make a change needs to be there.I don’t mean a desire to be thin or muscle bound but a desire to be healthy, increase muscle mass and decrease fat. This leads one on the search for knowledge and is how I eventually ended up at this website where I discovered the proper way to go about building muscle and the health benefits of having more muscle.I knew of course about the bad effects of too much and the wrong type of fat in the diet but didn’t know about the health benefits of gaining muscle and a strong core.
    So now we have Desire and Knowledge. The next ingredient to sucess is commitment. That is pretty self explanatory but for commitment to work there needs to be persistence to work through the tough times when desire temporariy diminishes. This is the point where too often it is easy to throw it all away so persistence is a key ingredient.
    So desire, knowledge, commitment and persistence are the keys to success but to choose just one I would without hesitation say “persistence” as it is this quality that enables us to keep chipping away to achieve our dreams. Some of us are more persistent in life in general than others but we can all learn to be persistent, it is not a magic ingredient. You can all have it.

  • Jeff Stewart

    as someone who is up for the winter challenge this year, which means I havent achieved my goals, i will focus on my failings. Commitment is definitely up near the top, being able to avoid the excuses. Focus is also huge, i only seem to focus for a small amount of time then get distracted, those who succeed only seem to have on goal and go for it. But the biggest thing to me is making body transformation your number one priority in your life. For example, in my head i am aiming to eat clean, but when an event comes up for example a friends birthday, that will take priority over my lifestyle change, and once i have a small failure, in my eyes thats it all bets are off, and i am off the wagon!! I dont give it enough priority. In reality, the birthday should be avoided, or at least compromised, so that i am still following the same guidelines, eating clean, avoiding alcohol etc.

  • Joanne Eussen

    The 1 Biggest Secret to Rapid (49 Day)
    Body Transformation is belief.
    belief in my desire,
    belief in my commitment,
    belief in the reasons to keep going and get out of bed every day,
    belief in my own self-worth and the benefits of taking just one more step,
    belief in a proven system of exercise and nutrition, to save me re-inventing the wheel,
    belief that I am worthy, and that my success will be driven by these beliefs.

  • Jessica

    Wow, the comments I’ve read so far give an amazing look into the different factors of motivation for each unique individual, awesome! For me, the biggest factor for a rapid body composition transformation comes in the form of being selfish. Far too often, I found that I didn’t allow myself to take the time and energy to solely focus on ME (“But so many people need my help!”, “I’ve already promised my time and energy to a certain person or project; I’ll focus on myself next week”, “People will think I’m lazy or uncommitted if I don’t focus my attention on what they’re doing”, etc). As trivial as it sounds, I really do have to make an effort to stop, take a breath, and plan my actions on the basis of MY mental/physical health and well being (not to mention reminding myself that I am, in fact, worth it). Like previous comments, I knew exactly what I SHOULD be doing, but making myself a priority to actually apply that knowledge seemed to be the biggest obstacle. That’s the reason I love the BFFM lifestyle; the mental component is so vital, I would be a hamster running around on a wheel, getting nowhere FAST without it. Thank you, Tom for your hard work and inspiring words. Clearly, they are helping many people achieve their best potential.

  • Nicolas from France

    Hi everybody,

    I think the 1 Biggest Secret to RAPID Body Transformation is to find a powerful reason to exercise and stay lean. WHY do I want to exercise and stay lean ?

    We must have a strong enough reason for doing it. I have gained and lost the same weight over and over through all different kinds of diets. I know that my failures were not having a strong enough reason to stay on the diet and lose the weight and keep it off.

    Do you want to know all my excuses ? I work too much, I have my family to attend to, I’m too tired, etc.

    So before beginning the contest, I have to find a powerful reason to exercise and stay lean. I want to make things different this time.

    Nicolas (from France)

  • Kelly

    Follow the diet plan CONSISTENTLY (period!)

  • Brian

    I can’t top anyone of the posts I read because I think they’re all good. Here’s what I think

    Desire – Ask yourself How bad do you want this
    Plan – Goals you can reach and build on the base you created
    Faith – Believing in yourself and your goals
    Record – Write down everything from your routine to your meals
    Revisit your plan – Tweak it as needed

  • I’m still finding my way! But I think it’s a strong will and commitment! Without those u can’t succeed at anything dude

  • Michael Callahan

    I think the number one thing for changing would be eating clean every 3 hours.
    Keeping the metabolism cooking is number one…constantly feeding the furnace.
    If you have fat to loose, eating for your target weight every (2 to 4) hours is the key.

  • Bob Worley

    I would say committment is the key to a body transformation. Committment to the proper nutrition (eating right), and committment to exercise.

    When I did my first challenge, I noticed right away that proper nutrition will maximize your body transformation results. Although I struggled with this, at times, I found having it written down in daily/weekly plan helps tremendously. And, when I’m not committed to eating right, I can feel the effects quickly.

    I found that just as important as the committment to nutrition, was the committment to exercise. If you’re not burning those calories, then you’re going to store them, and without a consistent exercise program, the body’s going to store those calories the way we don’t want it to.

    Definitely, to me, committment is the key to a body transformation.

  • My first thoughts of the secret to rapid body transformation were – dedication, commitment and not giving up.

    But then I looked at the question again and the word “rapid” stood out.

    For a rapid body transformation (like in 49 days or 7 weeks), more is needed than just commitment, dedication and not giving up.

    You can follow some ineffective or slow diet and you will see results if you are dedicated, committed and you keep on going. But it may only give either little results or the results may come very slowly.

    Only the right diet plan and the perfect workout regime will give results in 49 days or 7 weeks.

    I know, I’ve been committed and dedicated and I never once gave up on my current diet. But my weight loss was slow (18 pounds in 8 months) and I still have a lot of fat to lose.

    So the secret of rapid fat loss in 7 weeks is the perfect, clean diet plan and a super effective workout regime to whip you into shape (like Burn the Fat).

  • Roy P


    I know the single biggest secret in my own journey to get healthy has been the “zig zag”.

    I weighed over 660 pounds three years ago when I started seriously trying to lose fat and reclaim my life.

    I switched to eating healthier whole foods and stayed away from as much processed crap as possible. I got really hungry about every 4th day, so I would lose control and “overeat” on those days.

    I felt horribly guilty, but I started losing fat deposits so I kept it up until I hit a plateau about a year ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to get past it.

    Today, I weigh 436 pounds. I lost 224 pounds by stumbling on the power of the “zig zag” and sticking with it while it worked. I just ate healthy whole foods, stayed away from junk, and exercised the best I could.

    I just purchased “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” last Friday and I’m almost through the book.

    I’m blown away! I’m finally starting to understand why I’ve worked so hard and failed for so many years at losing the fat. And I’m finally getting a clear picture of what I need to do to transform my body for the rest of my life.

    Thank you, Tom. You’re changing lives. In a few years, I’ll give you a big hug and show you the pants I used to wear. 🙂


  • Pat

    walk or other exercise and drink plenty of water.

  • Ok, I am getting back into the game here after some injuries and now recovered the excuses are over. We are going to join the challenge,if I can get my log- in to work. Tom you have been inspiring me for five years, but now its time to step up, and really burn off the 20 lbs that has been bugging me. Taking a stab at it, and my ideas might be old, I believe that lifting weights on one day, and the next day doing multiple cardio bursts for a minute, starting off slow, and building up in intensity after short rests. Then alternating weights with cardio days, along with 8 hours rest and at least 60 oz of water a day. I am currently following the Dr. Gundy plan for the last 3 weeks with vegetables, nuts and protein only. Losing the grains, and fruits for a few weeks has made me feel like working out again, like dropping an anchor. So Tom, here we go, to have success through the Christmas holidays skiing and working out and staying with the healthy food plan.Oh yeah, my secret weapon, working out with my equally committed partner, my husband Brian, who doesn’t hear excuses. Cheers!
    Cheers, and finally off the couch, Marilyn

  • Well, further to my blah blah blog reply, I missed the point of the question, which is the biggest secret to Rapid Transformation for me, is to work out with my husband, as doing this alone can default to excuses. We don’t let each other down, so my method of getting it done described in the previous blog, will work, if we support each other to train regularly and safely, as we are a little older this year. cheers, Marilyn

  • Julie B

    I’m not a success YET, but I feel the #1 secret to rapid body transformation is a laser-like focus on your goals – your mind, body, and spirit goals. And I will have that unwavering focus on my goals in all of these important areas of my life.

  • Consitency in diet and training and keeping track/recording EVERYTHING.

  • Willie Gonzalez

    I am so happy your contest is a random drawing not based on essay skills or lengthy paragraphs. Writing is not my greatest forte but nutrition and exercise are things i consider my strong points. In a nutshell what has worked for me in the past and still continues to do the trick, especially come summertime, is supersetting combined with carb cycling. Carb cycling does wonders for your body composition and supersetting gets you out of the gym in record time pumped, primed and psyched. If your good at carb cycling and refeeding then obviously your nutrition is on par. As far as supersetting goes the combination of exercises are limitless,,,,,,,,,,hell your can even superset cardio,,,,,,trust me i’ve done it! Try 2 minutes of running on a treadmill followed by 10 quick pushups or 10 bodysquats for 15-20 minutes and then see how you feel?

  • bob kalka

    No cheating. Period.

  • Paul

    The key factor for me is RESTRAINT! I find that the pleasure I get from training causes me to go overboard and end up injured from over-training or more specifically from over-confidence in my ability to “handle” that specific exercise/weight! i.e. too much, too fast 🙁

  • The secret to rapid body transformation starts with mental transformation! You have to be ready and strong mentally! Sure the physical training is physically hard, but its the mental strength that keeps you going to the gym when things get tough. The nutrition plan is a (ok… sometimes complicated) math problem and a chemisty experiment in the kitchen but the hardest part is the mental and emotional strength to stick with the plan. Bottom line…you have to be ready and you have to want it BAD!

  • Shellie Carper

    I struggle with how to properly lose weight and gain muscle – especially at the same time. I’m so ready for solid advice on how to achieve the Holy Grail!

  • Donna

    The key is being committed to a calorie deficit but still eating nutritious, weight training, AND cardio.

  • Laurie

    no dairy (eggs are ok) and no gluten…period.

  • greg

    I think the one biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is getting sick and tired of being where you are. When staying the same becomes harder than the dedication it takes to transform, then you are ready.

  • I believe steady work and constant commitment. You have to workout consistently and eat clean to get the results you are looking for.

  • Kieran

    the mantra “LOOK – LISTEN – LEARN”

    LOOK (at what your eating, how you are training, how your body is changing by measuring all 3 areas)

    LISTEN (take advice from Tom & the pros… and people just like you. Be open)

    LEARN (try out new suggestions & realise that it is never too late to change and/or achieve improvement)

  • Sue-Ellen Repeta

    The secret is there is no “big secret”. You have to be dedicated to yourself. That means a few things. Eat good clean food in moderation, work out hard and with a plan, drink lots of water and get good sleep. It does not sound like much considering we have to eat drink and sleep everyday so 3 out of 4 are a given but we Americans still seem to mess it up with our busy lives and crappy food on the go.

  • Martha Richler (Marf)

    I think the biggest secret to RAPID body transformation is sticking to lean protein with every meal, and watching quantities, always – and not being afraid to have a ‘treat’ – dried fruit, like raisins, with mixed nuts – to recharge your system after a work-out. In other words, providing the tip-top fuel you need, when you need it, but never overfilling the tank, and this can make you lethargic. I think one of the ‘walls’ you can hit as a novice is you can over-diet, over-exercise, and then find your appetite skyrockets and you eat too much, and you find yourself on a cycle of tiring workouts, big meals, and frustration, as you may look healthy to others, but half the time you’re at the gym, and the other half, out like a seal on the sofa eating! I found that a high-protein diet boosted my energy, and my body didn’t want ‘junk’ any longer – the treat became the fresh fruit, or even a handful of granola – the kind of food I used to consider as part of my basic diet. I think it has to do with perspective – you shift the bar so that you tackle your work-outs with gusto, but not exhaust yourself – and ‘come down’ with a smoothie or even a cup of tea and a short nap. You learn to steady yourself and not pitch yourself against a steep slope with no preparations. Also, it’s really a good idea to keep snackable items at home which are healthy, and NEVER stock up on packaged treats – keep apples, celery, carrots, and so on within easy reach for when you have the munchies. If you are like me and love chocolate, try and stick to dark chocolate almonds. Then you get some protein, too, and it can give you an energy boost. Just watch quantities, and don’t be tempted by the 3 for 2 deals at the supermarket – you only eat three times more. So watch the diet, keep the work-outs varied and sustainable, and don’t look in the mirror (yet). Take time to gauge how you feel, and take care of yourself. In 49 days you will feel terrific, energetic, and inspired – no mater what people say, it’s how you feel, and your mental and physical balance, that is key.

  • Marianne Romano

    The number one key to making a rapid body composition change starts at the top,with having your brain mentally on fire, empowered – ready to go! You have to be willing to identify the “WHAT” which hasn’t worked and the “HOW” you’re going to fix it. It’s important for one to identify their “OWN” strength and weaknesses and have the ability to work around it. If your mental game is off, it doesn’t matter what you know about nutrition, weights or cardio ~ Keep your head in the game!

  • Chuck Hildbold

    I believe that the big secret is DIET. Not a diet as to a specific meal but what those letters stand for. D is dedication. I must be dedicated to seeing a change in my life. I is inspiration because this is not something that I can necessarily do on my own. E stands for eat and exercise. I do need to watch what I eat but simply eating will not change anything. Exercise must be a part of my life. T stands for team in that trying to accomplish this change will be difficult but having a team, some support from others, will help me to accomplish much more than I can do on my own.

  • Jane

    I think taking action is more important than anything. You can set as many goals as you like, but if you sit back and simply determine to do something, that’s not going to get you anywhere. If you set a goal and then set out to achieve that goal, that’s how you’ll arrive where you want to be.

  • Zhen

    I think the biggest key is to know your body well and learn how it functions the best, choose the sport you really enjoy and apply all the rules smartly but with dicipline.

  • Enza

    What is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?

    I think it is a combination of motivation, diet and exercise. And the exercise would need to include weight resistance.

  • Sean MacLean

    The one word I can think of for being the key to rapid fat loss is “consistency.” Consistency in going to the gym, in steady weight increases, in proper healthy eating, in constant monitoring of your progress, and rereading your goals. The main reason people fail is because they do not consistently challenge their body to make way for rapid body change.
    Thus my word for the day is CONSISTENCY.

  • Bob Given

    The Biggest Secret to Rapid Body Transformation is: Building a belief in yourself! Belief that you can accomplish the goals you set for yourself. It doesn’t happen automatically. You have to educate yourself and learn how to do it. You have to train, putting into practice the principles you have learned. You have to apply the techniques you’ve learned. You have to take action!

  • Angela Lane

    The number one answer is becoming a part I’d a group or organization as it holds you accountable and motivated…

  • David

  • Tony O'Reilly

    Hi Tom,

    The answer is simple its in your catch phrase “Train hard and expect success” its the dedication required to make lifestyle changes and work at it, there are no quick fixes. I took on board your programme and made those changes I had a few relapses but I’m human. I am 51 years young but my life style was not the healthiest I realised that when I started your programme. I weighed in at 17 stone and a holiday snap prompted change. I started your programme 2 years ago and with some ups and downs I managed to make some headway to a better and longer life plus I now weigh in at 14 stone.
    I had a set back in June this year when I suffered not 1 but 2 massive heart attacks requiring a stent to be inserted. Some people may say I left it too late to start but here’s the thing “I have survived” thanks to the changes I’ve made and the fact I was a lot fitter than before I started your programme. I have just finished a Cardiac rehabilitation programme which included 3 mornings a week for 8 weeks circuit training. I continue to make progress and have started slowly training again. I suppose the reason for my comments is not your competition but to let people know its never too late for change. That you can do it at your pace (there are no quick fixes)”But you get what you put in” Tom sorry for the lengthy post. I may not be your biggest success but hey winning is not losing, right? Thanks for reading, Tony

  • Janet Kemp

    For me circuit training (a series of weight lifting exercises with breaks) is what works. I eat healthy and take supplements GLA/ALA (Dr. Perricone weight loss suggestions)and together with the weight training it works. But as I’ve gotten older it gets harter and harter. Then I barely eat and I know that is the worst thing I can do! I would really like to try your system with the incredible results your members receive.

  • Rosie O

    I can imagine many will have their ideas along the line of exercise and nutrition for fast fat loss. I have had some success in the past, but I am still a work in progress.

    The one thing I believe is “THEE SECRET” is making the decision to just do it and stick to that decision. In my opinion its the mental work that is the hardest. Look at it this way, imagine you are trying to get a huge bulky freight train started down the track…huffing and puffing away it finally gets chugging along. Once it gets started, it’s hard to stop it. And you wouldn’t want to in this mental journey into a fitness mindset. Once my mind is made up, there’s nothing that stops me. Going to the gym, buying the right food, watching proportions, etc., etc. I see each of these elements as cars behind that engine. They just follow that engine…that strong mental decision to do it. I know, the old commercial that use to run, “Just do it!” makes sense. You have to get out of your own way and not over think the whole journey. Make the decision and tell yourself everything else will follow just like those train cars. What ever plan you have is the route your train will take, so the next thing would be to make sure you take the right route. BTFFM is a great map.

    Rosie O. Member since April 2011

  • anthony

    There is no secret. Hard work, perseverance and goal setting is all it takes

  • Mario Tamez

    Eventhough I’m not at my goal yet, this system is the only one that has made a difference for me. Because my pituitary gland does not work as it should, loosing fat for me is very difficult. I’ve learned that in my case I have to crate a combination of caloric deficit and burn that is nearly double the recommend number for it to make a difference. But with a very close account of what I consume and pushing every single work out I am moving steadily towards my goal. Tom’s book gave me a lot of the tools that I was missing all this time to be able to have the control to make it possible.

    Thank you.
    Mario Tamez

  • Chris

    The biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation:
    Your never to old and the ability to do it for yourself not for someone else. Of course a good support base is always good and a challenges like to transform yourself in 49 days.

  • Michael Woodard

    Belief that one ‘can’ change and/or be changed – the stated, open willingness to change and/or be changed. If one doesn’t believe that, all the diets, workouts, program starts will not work. As thhis type of belief is a spiritual matter, how do I get myself to believe foundationally and fundamentally at my core, that I can change and/or be changed, and that God cares and that God will help me change?

    Overcoming the belief that one will fail, and that belief based on a track record of several failures at change, how can one ceate the expectation, a ‘faith’, that this time it will be different?

  • David Frost

    The 1 biggest secret to rapid transformation is…COMPETING in a transformation contest. I didn’t say Entering. I said COMPETING. That means you will finish. It means you will make a COMMITMENT to do your best. You will be COMPLIANT on a CONSISTANT basis following a well designed plan. You will engage a COMMUNITY of like minded people transforming together. You will CHALLENGE yourself to reach your goals by the end of the CONTEST! C what I mean?

  • Anthony Mason

    I believe the key to success in improving one’s body composition is “evaluation evolution.” That is, when following a dedicated eating regimen and exercise routine, being diligent about monitoring one’s results and, when improvement flat-lines, adapt that routine to continue the progress.

    Once the body adapts to a given effort or input, one has to shake up the routine to continue to see results. Without regular analysis and evolution, positive results will diminish. By focusing on what works in a routine and dropping what does not, one is assured to see constant positive results.

    You can make excuses or get results, but you can’t do both.

  • Delta

  • When it comes to one thing – the bare, bare bones of one thing – it’s your spirit. It’s the clarity, focus, and passion of your own spirit. In other words, you don’t let the mental garbage (that we all have) get in the way of your decision to achieve your goal. Decision here is a verb – it’s something you do continually, not once. Every minute, hour of the day you are deciding for that goal.

  • Richard Georgeoff DPM

    1.have a concrete very specific goal (body fat is mine, which I see as the best choice, but weight loss is more satisfying for other
    2. stay consistent in your workouts, and make adjustments or changes as needed,
    3. read and reread Tom’s books, his no gimmick approach to fitness, no magic pill, no secret formula, clears the fog. This fictional story created by magazines selling the next magic supplement, or trainers that tell you their way is the only way to achieve the nirvana of fitness is just creating more confusion and less results.
    4. DIET, if it ain’t in line, forget the rest. Physique is still 80-90% what you eat. The cleaner the foods, the less mass produced foods the better

    Thanks for the book, the info, I reread the book cover to cover at least once a year. Listen to the audio book while driving. If we as a nation followed half of the information in your book. Obesity, Diabetes and the Health Care Crisis would barely be newsworthy.

  • Kathy Ford

    I have not been successful at rapid body transformation yet but I think the key is to be doing some sort of weight training or muscle training to keep the muscle and not lose it.

  • Linda

    For me the key is is accepting it is a journey – not a destination. There is no secret. There is no quick fix. There is no magical aha moment at the end where acheiving your goal makes the world a better, happier, rosier place.
    Accepting this frees you up to make find the happier/rosier every single day as you work towards your goals.

    Focus on the burn in your muscles as you push out that last last rep. Focus on the fatigue in your muscles as you push through one more mile. Focus on the sunshine on your face as you walk through the park to destress and rejuvinate. Focus on the taste and flavor of the fresh and healthy food that you have choosen to fuel your body with. And then feel glorious about what you have accomplished today-what you were able to do today that your weren’t able to yesterday-knowing that it will get a little easier tomorrow.

  • Virgosense

    The biggest key to making a rapid body composition transformation is setting clear intentions of what you want to achieve and COMMITTING to consistently following a well thought out non-gimmicky nutritional, physical activity and mind training plan tailored to who YOU are as an individual. Having a plan B and C to turn to in light of unplanned life events that we all face when the gold standard isn’t followed is key to this strategy as an alternative to not doing anything at all.

  • mjninc

    The biggest secret is to always see yourself in your mind as you want to look on day 49.

  • Christian Brandholm

    Being an active person ( working out ), is of cause important. But for me the single most important key factor in body transformation is Nutrition and calorie intake. You can work out all You want, but if You don’t maintain a steady caloric deficit You are going nowhere. Find out your daily maintainance level calorie-wise ( see BFFM ) and slowly cut by 500 cal a day. And on a final note, have patience, don’t rush it. Work out, eat right and stick with it even when you sometimes doubt yourself.

  • BethK

    It all starts with a plan. It’s what drives you, focuses you, keeps you on the road to your goal. Then the mental commitment to follow that plan.

  • Randy

    What do you believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?

    Motivation is the biggest key, not reps, sets or miles, but motivation. I have tried, with some success, to use, music, smell, groups, positive self talk, motivation tapes, meditation and partners to maintain motivation. Some techniques work well over the long hall, some for a short time. The trick is to find what works for you. What gets you out of bed on a cold February Great Lakes morning to go through the slush for a freezing 3 mile run. What fires you up enough to get on the mats at the Dojo and go all out with a kid half your age. Find those motivators and do them. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas, talk to new people about what motivates them. Be willing to change your routine.
    At 60, my motivators are quite different than they were at 16 ;).
    Hey I even subscribe to internet fitness blogs 😉

  • Brad

    I feel it is weighlifting with cardio.

  • Valencia Francke

    Hi Tom!

    I think the biggest secret to rapid body transformation is a good support system! After trying hundreds of diets and battling to stick to it everytime, I have realised from reading your e-mails, that this is the one thing that I’ve been missing.

    Kind regards.


  • Rene Sitoy

  • Daphne

    I think the number 1 way for body transformation is consistency. Read the Bffm material and stick with it. I have personally struggled with my weight all of my life. I was a 4 ft 10 inch girl weighing 176 pounds at 15 yrs old. I am now 30 and 5 ft 2 in and weigh 119. Am I where I want to be… No, but as long as I keep working hard and sticking to it, the results will come. I am at a point where I have been stuck in a plateau for a few months. Sometimes I feel like it’s never going to come off, but I know that I can not give up. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will a lean ripped body. Just keep going even when it gets hard. Do what u know to do by eating right and doing the work.

  • Antonia

    Me! I am the number one biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but without a goal, a vision, or the drive to see it through all the knowledge in the world isn’t going to help you. I need to find something(that vision or goal)that will help me to make it through those days that I just want to throw in the towel and call it quits.

  • Michael Kohlmann

    Biggest single factor for me is limiting simple carbs. Once I have the taste of sugar or processed foods, I’m off my diet for the day.

  • Marco

    I think the way to success in transformation are motivation, planning and commitment to the execution of the plans.

  • Doug Reykdal

    I am not experienced in this at all but what I feel is the most important ingredient to success is commitment. Unless you are totally committed to achieving your goal you will never accomplish it. It doesn’t matter how hard or easy the program is, you will eventually drop it unless you are committed.

  • Bob Wayne

    I think the most important thing to change your body composition is to set clear and attainable goals that are realistic. To write those goals down, and to visualize those goals and to picture how you will look and feel once you have realized those goals. I think it is equally important to share those goals with your friends and family as they can help keep you accountable and help to motivate you to reaching your goals.

  • Tony

    Having a consistent approach to the plan is what it´s all about!

  • Michelle


    The instructions are easy to understand. Cardio, strength training, clean eating with calorie limits and attention to macro nutrients are the basic instructions. BFFM and The Holy Grail spell it all out for you.

    The trick is to stay committed to your program. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it, or into a piece of holiday cake, or any of the other holiday goodies that WILL be present for the next 7 weeks.

    Stay committed to yourself and you will see results! You CAN make a huge change in 49 days – during the holidays – if you make a commitment!

  • Shane

    One day at a time and before you know it you have programmed new habits, concentrate on what you can do at this single point in time and of all things stay positive. If you skip a meal or workout it wont break the Bank.

  • Ophelie

    Good Morning everybody,

    For a safe, quick and healthy body transformation, I’ve learned that I have to stay focused on baby steps. When you have a huge goal (in my case, losing 45% of bodyfat), you have to know more about how your body works, what the best stragegies are, how to schedule your time and find a way to stay commited during ALL the journey.
    The most convenient way to do that, for me, was to cut my major goal in smallest attaignable ones. It helps me to create a momentum of good habits and it becomes easier to ingrain healthy habits (which will become unconscious over a quite long period of time).
    I wish to everyone here a fantastic body transformation during the contest!!
    Best regards.

  • Anna-Sophie

    The key is to meet your body’s energy requirement. If you do a high amount of exercise, you’ll obviously have higher energy needs than someone who does no exercise at all, so you have to identify what energy intake you should eat in order to supply your body with just the right amount of fuel.

    How you meet those needs will affect your body’s ability to rapidly transform, with certain foods boosting metabolism and others building muscle. If you commit to it, eat the right proportions of specific food types and resist temptation that makes you consume excess energy, you will get results.

    That’s my theory, coming from a complete beginner to body transformation 🙂

  • Danielle

    There’s certainly several essential pieces to rapid body composition transformation. However, the biggest key for me has been an early morning workout. Adding a second workout in the afternoon or evening is always great, but waiting until later in the day for that first workout just leaves room for excuses – stuck at work, need to run errands, tired, etc.

    Having gotten into a morning routine in the past, I can say there’s definitely nothing like it. It takes a little getting used to, but the results are incredible. First, it really improves your body’s ability to burn fat – all day long! Second, once you get used to it, you just don’t feel good unless you start your day off with it. That’s also connected to the other big benefit.

    Working out at any time tends to have awesome mental and emotional benefits, but the morning routine gives you that positive, feel-good outlook right from the start of your day. It puts you in a positive frame of mind that helps you succeed on everything else that happens during the day, including all your other steps towards rapid body composition transformation!


    The number one thing is to be in a caloric deficit to burn the fat and to make sure the meals are clean whole foods eaten five to six times per day.

  • Hi Tom,

    Many great feedback all of which contribute to the number 1 biggest secret,
    Self Love (love in action)that demonstrate,vision passion and purpose.

    Train hard and expect results!


  • Robert Brault

    This website.

  • Jacqueline Worth

    I believe that reproducibility is a key factor in rapid transformation.

    The reproducability of exercise, nutrition and mental awareness of the commitment. To daily repeat one’s succesful actions. Inside the mental dedication to daily assess the successful pattern and repeat it.

  • James Mcquiston

    #1 thing: Raise your standards. What will you do to meet these standards.? What will you no longer do that prevents you from meeting these standards? Who will you have to become to meet these standards?
    Those questions are your answer.

  • Beth Williamson

    I think the “Biggest Secret to RAPID Body Transformation”, is taking responsibility. I am a work in progress, I have read every article, I know what to eat, (and could probably recite the calories in just about every food), I exercise daily, it is just a matter of putting a plan (the 49 day plan??) in action and STICKING TO THAT PLAN.

  • Rick

    What do you believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is?

    For me personally, it’s setting a zero limit excuse policy. Now, what do I mean by that.
    I currently workout four to five times a week at an old fashion strong man gym and I can tell you these workout sessions are the most brutal workouts I have ever encountered. Using thick handled dumbbells, barbells, kettle-bells, ropes, rocks, logs, body weight exercises and plenty of running between sets, is not for the faint of hearted.
    So, with that being said, why, as I approach the age of 58, am I in the best shape of my life but still carry a lot of body fat? Easy, I use these brutal workouts as an excuse to eat anything that I want and as much as I want. Well guess what, it doesn’t work like that.
    What is really sad is the fact that I went from 295lbs to 235lbs only to gain 20lbs (of fat) back again. Time after time, I get motivated to lose that weight and stay very dedicated in doing so only to go right back to these terrible eating habits once I hit a certain goal. You would think that I would have learned by now, but unfortunately, I haven’t. So, it is time for me to stop making excuses!

  • Achlee

    I believe that rapid transformation happens with a combination of good eating, exercise, and lots of motivation. Eating right is pretty easy, but only if you WANT to! Exercising is easy also, but only if you WANT to! And I guess that brings us to the last and most important part of the combination: Motivation. You have to be motivated to try and change, and then discipline yourself to stay commited to what you started. Nothing is going to happen if you don’t!

  • Victor Rodriguez

    We’ve always been told that diet and exercise are key to weight loss. Both working together. We can observe in our world that interesting happen when forces operate at the wrong frequency. Bridges sway & collapse. Buildings can do the same. The building block of our bodies also need to be operating at the right frequency. The key to rapid composition change is finding the right combination of good quality foods that promote fat burn and exercises that do the same working together in harmony.

  • Aline Melki

  • Aline Melki

    HIIT is besst way to acheive this goal with proper nutrition.

  • Rick Jones

    I believe fuel is the biggest key to rapid weight loss. I’ve gathered this after reading several articles of yours, plus others. Not all agree on everything, but proper diet PLUS exercise equals the correct fuel replacement.
    My dilemma lies with this…after a life changing situation, I lost 40+ lbs. due to stress (which included not eating). Granted, I needed to lose some of it anyway, but now I’m one of those fat, skinny people. After losing weight by not eating, I can’t convince myself that eating again will help me with transformation. Cognitively, I get it. However, I can’t convince myself to due it on my own. I would appreciate this opportunity to have the resources available to correctly transform what has been incorrectly started.

  • Aners

    I don’t see myself yet as a success story, not yet that is.
    but although i’m not finished, i think that for me the 1 biggest secret is the ability to give the body what it needs, when it needs it. to be able to cooperate with your body and understand its needs, and see what works better and helps you and your body achieve your goal.

  • Monika

    Hi Tom,
    A biggest secret to body composition transition is to join Burn Fat Feed Muscle program and follow everything u need. Stay commitment and stick with plans. Set homeapge of Burn Fat Feed Muscle and read everyday. It wiLl guarantee u to keep up with body changes for great and u will feel champ! G

  • Mark

    I would have to say that the biggest secret to RAPID Body Transformation would have to be dedication!
    You can read as much as you want, learn as much as you can, ask as many questions, soak up as much information as possible but, if you don’t have the dedication to put all that information to use … Well then, it’s only as valuable as the paper it’s printed on.
    All the information and know-how in the world isn’t going to transform that body for you. Only you can! You have to have the dedication, willpower, determination to put all that knowledge to work and make that transformation!

  • Jason Hospedales

    I’m still under construction . However the one thing I feel is the key to RAPID body composition change is your ATTITUDE.

    Best Regards!

  • Fredrick

    The main key to Rapid Body Transformation, just like any other desired transformation in life, is having the discipline to show up, no matter what the circumstances or emotional state. A true disciple (=disciplined one) of any belief system, whether spiritual, emotional, or practical/physical, is committed to conquer his/her fear (of failure, not being good enough, not making it) and replace it with faith (in him/herself, in the ability to improve and maintain his/her God-given body) for results in the near future. Faith is not a state of mind/soul, but a belief put into action. I’d like to challenge the definition of insanity in this context and claim that if you do the same thing (training hard & eating/resting right) over and over again, you can expect (and will see) different results… Now go and show up!

  • nick schneider

    This is all very new to me but the one point stressed in every thing is this ” Train hard and expect success” so that is what I replay over in my mind as I taller my health.

  • Amy Hughes

    What do I believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?

    I am beginning to believe that having a clear mind might be the biggest key. I am currently reading the book Getting Things Done, by David Allen, and he asserts that we need to place EVERYTHING that is on our mind into a system we trust and refer to often so that our mind can be clear and calm to handle whatever we are doing. In the past, I would read about your contests, and think “well maybe I will get back to this and enter”, but I don’t because I forget about it or think “well, I’m certain that there are people who need this more than I do – I am doing ok” I suppose the reason that I still spend a fair amount of time looking for and reading about body transformation means that it is not resolved in my life and I’m not where I want to be.

    So I think the key might be to clear my mind and document a plan for rapid body transformation. This will allow me to take the actions I have already specified to reach a goal I have already identified. This reminds me of your suggestion, Tom, about pre-planning all of your workouts on your calendar to meet a goal by a specific deadline. I will add pre-planning my menu, too!

  • Nancy Bennett

    I believe the single biggest factor in succeeding at a rapid body transformation is surrounding yourself with an excellent support team. The support team could take the form of a coach, personal trainer, cheerleader, the Inner Circle… or any combination of these.

  • fordone

    The biggest secret to rapid body transformation is losing your fear of change. This means unlearning the old ways of doing things and embracing the new ways. Only then can rapid transformation happen.

  • That it doesn’t matter exactly what natural foods you eat or exact exercise routine you choose. Most any combination of healthy food and challenging activity will work fine. What matters more than anything is you see your unhealthy, damaging, and controlling choices- and change them- in a world that relentlessly tries to convince you not to.

  • L.Rain

    I believe that planning is key.

  • Greg P

    At 55, I have lived what most people know; that knowing what to do and thinking about it does not produce change (transformation). This is true for whatever change you aspire to in your life whether it is personal fitness, relationships, attitude, etc. Knowledge and planning is essential, but it is the persistent execution that brings about tranformation. As with others on the post, I too have not achieved the body transformation I want although I consider myself knowledgeable and commited. It is PERSISTENCE in both applying the knowledge and putting forth the execution that will make the difference this time. Never give up!

  • Katherine Morgan

    Dedication !!! Dedicating yourself to the fact that it is not just a one time thing, you are reprogramming yourself and your way of life. In order to keep on track and transform your body, you have to realize it’s not about a special diet or special exercises, it is a lifestyle change. Something that you will continue to do the rest of your life if you wish to remain in the best shape of your life. Yes, the calories in vs calories out combined with proper nutrition and proper exercise create the transformation, but without the dedication, that transformation won’t last very long.

  • Sameena Begum

    the one thing that has made an impact upon my efforts to change my body is the belief that this is an achievable thing. wading through masses of information and drawing on the ‘common sense’ ideas of heriditary etc made me realise that I held a lot of beliefs about my body which were wrong, things like you can’t change genetics, runs in the family, my metabolism is fixed and cannot be changed. this results in a feeling that you are not in charge or control of your own body, a belief that you cant change it gets set in. understanding that my body is a sophisticated machine with physiological processess and that I am the operator of that machine, simplifes and blasts all these ‘commonsense’ ideas out of the window. I am in control, I determine how I fuel and operate this machine. realising that things not set in stone liberates my mind and allows for the belief that I can change things. without this belief, in my experience no matter how hard I worked or trained, an underlying belief would be responsible for sabotaging my efforts and result in my becoming discouraged and give up. understanding this means I can persevere. My mind is freed up to work on the logistics of how I am going to do my training, rather than waste its energy wondereing if it will work. It has helped me to just get on with it, letting go of analysis, pondering, etc. makes a space in my brain to focus just on the exercise. Another effect of this is that I have experienced my exercise as I am doing it, I mean that I have had a sense of being present and quietly listening to the reaction of my body, feeling the changes, sweat, blood flow, cracking, clicking, breathing. And so I have started to develop a relationship with my body, without the huge noise that my mind can create in thinking about what I am doing. Dismantling old and often incorrect beliefs about how my body works, and then listening to what my body is telling me means I can begin to build new beliefs based on that. So, for me, at least, believing I can change my body and how it functions, listening to it and letting it instruct me about what it needs, has been the 1 thing.

  • Claudia

    I haven’t done a body transformation yet. I’m totally positive that the ONE thing you need is COMPLETE FOCUS on your goal. If you are totally focused, with a religious zeal, that you are transforming your body, you can do it.

    I know that’s what prevented me from getting results in the past. I always have a great excuse to cheat. The good news is that at least I am totally commited to eating right for life.

  • Reka

    The biggest one? 😀 Goal setting, the goal should be rational but also a very high one, and measurable, like, I’m xx bodyfat now, and in 49 days I will be xy bf, and in order to reach that I will be doing this and that, and monitoring regularly how closer I am getting to that goal so I can change the variables of diet and training depending on the results. Keep on the good work everyone!

  • Michelle Tiernan

    Planning and perserverence. Have a plan for your workouts and a plan for your nutrition. If you get derailed, step back, re-work your plan and start again. But keep going – perservere no matter what obstacles life throws at you. My biggest obstacles right now? Time and sleep. As a single parent, I work 40 hours per week, then go home to my “other job” as mother, chauffer, cook, housekeeper, handy(wo)man, homework over-seer, laundress, schedule administrator, etc., etc., etc. I go in to work at 5 a.m. and am on a dead sprint until 9:00 at night. Almost daily, for the past three months I’ve had to choose between exercise and sleep. Sometimes, I get in a little bit of exercise, sometimes I just really need the sleep. Time to re-work the plan!

  • David

    The answer is obvious. The key to successful rapid body transformation is to follow an appropriate plan (proper nutrition and exercise). Obvious and simple, but not necessarily easy. 🙂

    Perhaps the NEXT question ought to be, what is the one key secret to following an appropriate plan to achieve a rapid body transformation!

  • Lori

    Still work in progressvie! Well when I was 42/43 I had a feeling this was my last year to kick it in before my meotabliusm slowed down and I was right now I’m 45 soon to be 46 and my weight is not buddging I did the same thing as I did when I was 42 joined weight watchers went to the gym tread mill 45 minutes and lifted weights well nothing was moving or loosing so I quite it all and now I’m waking up at 5am and doing the walk/jog for 45minutes 4 to 5 a week and doing Jullian 30 minute shred and I have dropped 9I think inches) but no weight lost! I feel better but and I dont want to stop but I’m not shaping up like I did when I was 42 and 43 my belly is still jiggley and my butt still the same size and the back of my legs look wiggly. I really don’t know if I have to work out more? Eat more? Eat less? But I feel good!! I like what I’m doing and I just don’t want to get burned out and stop and add 30 more pounds and then start over again! Should I change or should I give it till June 7 months from now because that is how sloww my meatabliusm is working since I’m getting older?

  • Ken

    I believe it’s really about your Mindset and your ability to overcome limiting believes that get in your way. Your Perception of what you think you can or cannot accomplish in transforming your body is the biggest factor.
    Once you get in the right state of mind, the changes you make will happen without the pain many people associate when trying to make changes.

  • Jeremy Dubay

    It’s not about eating or exercise for me. The one word I think of is SUPPORT. Positive reinforcement always makes me continue o strive to do better and continue on the right path. It doesn’t matter what it’s for. I enjoy people commenting in my changes. I don’t strive for it. I do it for me, but it doesn’t help. I even get pleasure from offering support to others.

  • Bill

    Setting goals and being committed to it would be my #1 secret

  • Vince

    The biggest “secret” to rapid body transformation is “change”. Every day we habitually perform the same tasks, eat the same foods, drink the same drinks and walk the same walk. Expecting transformation of our body while repeating the very same things that transformed it into something we are unhappy with is insanity. In addition to change we must keep it “realistic”. I cringe when I see things like “ripped abs in 21 days” on magazine covers. While it is possible to achieve amazing results in 12-16 weeks with a very strict diet and workout routine(if you are a competitive bodybuilder), for the average person it is highly unlikely that the same result will be achieved in that time frame. Attempting to achieve these results from drastic dieting and workouts increases stress which increases lipids in the blood that can be damaging to the heart. Every person is different and no two results will be the same. If you set your expectations too high then you will judge yourself not by the changes you have made but by the results instead, which may be misconstrued as failure if they don’t meet a set expectation. Transformation requires a lifestyle change not a temporary routine over a period of time. Becoming aware of the bad habits that brought us to the condition that we want to transform and altering those habits is a first step. Having the support of like minded individuals in this forum will help to keep you on track when the desire to cheat becomes dominant. This is not to say that you can’t reward yourself occasionally for the hard work which will help to keep you on track. Change is often the most difficult thing to accomplish because our lifestyles are not conducive to effect it. By making “small” changes and setting milestones the road to transformation can be achievable and accessible to everyone.

  • Miriam Blum

    The key to rapid body transformation is commitment: the effective application of correct nutrition and exercise information with the unshakeable determination to reach this one goal. You must resolve yourself to use what you know without excuses or distraction, with all your heart, soul, mind and body. With this mindset and the proper information you surely will be successful.

  • Beverly

    Focus. I get sidetracked, so applying myself one day at a time does it. This helps with habit-building, and allows me to overcome the daily obstacles, of which there always seems to be multitudes.

    Love your contest!

  • Maureen K

    There are no secrets. You must make a serious decision that you will change, and be consistent with your methodology. Half-assing it will get you nowhere. And that’s where I am – nowhere, because I’ve been inconsistent and uncommitted. Thank you for the making me engage in a little introspection.

  • Vicki Stead

    One word Consistency !!!
    Consistency with nutrition, training, mindset / focus, preparation, planning, goal setting, self belief, trusting the process, and support.
    I just finished a 12 week challenge with my gym and had the best results of my life due to consistency of all the above. Even on my low days I still trained and I never gave up. Following through for the first time in 20 years and I am 23kg lighter thanks to all my consistent hard work and the endless support from my fantastic PT. I also managed to lose fat and maintain muscle. I still have a another 20kg to go but now know I can achieve any goal I set myself providing I remain consistent.

  • Jacquelynn

    The one thing: MAKE THE EFFORT

    For me, it’s morning cardio EVERY DAY, and getting to the gym every other day to push weights and do a second cardio session. It’s measuring what I eat, counting calories, mixing protein shakes and grilling chicken to keep my macros high in protein and low in fat. A LOT goes into it…it isn’t easy. It takes planning, perseverance, and a whole lot of personal mental motivation.

    But, nothing happens if I don’t make the effort.

  • Janet Aldrich

    I’m a new member and just finished reading the ebook. With that said, and my constant attempts to get into shape, I’ve realized what’s most important is dumping your sense of entitlement. “I’m tired, I worked hard. I’m entitled to take a night off at the gym” — except one day can turn into two and then a week and before you know it, you’re not working out at all. “I’m hungry, I’m entitled to that [Big Mac, Milkshake, piece of cake].” and like exercise before you know it, you’re ALWAYS entitled. A willingness to toss self (with all that implies) over the side can make major change, even quick change possible. That’s what I’m bringing to the table in joining BTFFTM, and I believe that will change my body and my fitness.

  • Carrie Moritz

    I have successfully gotten rid of 50 pounds, and am now headed toward chiseling and sculpting the lean, muscular, bikini-ready body that I deserve!

    The biggest piece to my solution is CONSISTENCY. Whether its carb cycling, making sure you’re eating the veggies, or exercise, that is the one solution that is going to produce the biggest results.

    So, that is my main goal for the next 7 weeks, is to just be consistent with my behaviors!

  • Todd Hudson

    The most effective ‘secret’ that I have found is to keep a daily calorie/macro log, faithfully. I have been keeping a log for about a year now, and still keep it daily. It’s a fast way to see just how close I’m sticking to my goals for the day/week, and it helps develop a ‘feel’ for where I’m at on that particular day and whether or not I can fit in a slice of quesadilla, for example.

  • Viv

    Mental preparedness. Putting diet and training into action needs preparation and commitment to enable you to see those body composition changes and the key is in the mind.

  • The key word in the question is “transformation”. This term was coined by est founder Werner Erhard in the 1970’s. (see Erhard defined transformation as experiencing the being of being [in this case] a healthy, fit human being. He notes that the past creates the future. Traditional training programs attempt to achieve one of three goals. To do more of the past effort, to improve on past effort or to change past attempts that have not succeeded. All three of these objectives leave us stuck in the past. Transformative health allows one to reinvent the future as a totally new context from which one experiences health and vitality.

    In the book “The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting the Future of… Your Life”, author Steve Zaffron, CEO of Vanto Group notes that to rewrite the future, a person who believes in self-invention discovers his native energies and desires, and then finds a way of acting on them (p. 143). The book continues, “If we take on this challenge of self-invention, we will find ourselves walking down an unfamiliar road. Rather than being led by what has been important to us in the past, we will find ourselves “being” what we are committed to, what we are standing for, what our vision is.”

    That is the one biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation.

  • Will

    What do you believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?

    “Calorie deficit”. After trying (and failing) dozens of times in the last couple of years, this is something that although simple, can be very tricky:

    1-Don’t look at “calorie deficit”(CD) on the negative side: There were a couple of times that I was stuck with the impression that CD would imply in starving, and ended up indulging myself – specially on Fridays after a stressing work week. Instead, look at the foundation for success!

    2-CD is not giving up food or whatever you like. It’s about having better choices. Also, try to change your “whatever you like” (i.e, cheeseburgers, milkshake, etc) to better foods – foods that will provide you with what you need to a) live well and b) reach your goals. Proteins are awesome!

    3-CD does not mean starving, but exercising more. If I was able to make up any excuses to eat, now I have to force (and improve) myself to come up with every excuse to exercise – not becoming a gym rat, but walk to work instead of using public transportation when possible, parking my car far way from the mall entrance, etc.

    I started all of those things last week, and have noticed that my fat percentage has gone down to 25% from 27% – not sure if this is a small or big achievement, but I’m feeling that I’m longer short of breath, and this feeling is awesome. There’s still a long way ahead, but I’ll make it!!

    Remember: CD works only when you do it right!

  • Sheila

  • Melody

    I think the key to transforming your body is dedication:
    – to your goals
    – to your self
    – to your health
    Without the dedication to push yourself further ahead, you will never accomplish anything, not only with healthy eating and fitness, but in any aspect of your life. You have to want it bad enough to push through the hard times to reach your goals!

  • Greg P

    At 55, I’ve finally learned what one should realize early in life; that Desire to change, Knowledge about how to change, or even a Goal does not bring about the desired transformation. This is true for any desired change…physical transformation, relationship changes, etc. The difference is Persistence! Knowledge, desire, even commitment to a goal will fail if persistence is absent. Too many things get in our way from achieving desired transformations. Daily persistence in reviewing our knowledge, plan, goals, and then letting that persistence drive us to execute is what will see me through on this challenge! Good luck!

  • Branislav Ranisavljevic

    I couldn’t possibly single out THE biggest secret that would fit everyone, but for me it was desire to change myself for the better. I was fat as a kid and I’ve gotten really fat as teenager. I decided that I needed to change my ways and I set off on a years long journey of self improvement. I will tell you what worked for me the best. Since I was fat my body strength was really low, muscle mass even lower. This is because I was unable to do any exercise with my body weight. This made me start from scratch when I entered the gym for the first time, it was little embarrassing being so weak, but it was good in long term because when I finally started getting stronger and putting on muscle gains were incredible. This was due to a shock on my body and nervous system. I would highly recommend starting with a pure strength training routine striving just for strength gains (for example Jim Wendler 5/3/1)and the muscle size will follow. Basic old school exercises (Dead lift, bench press, standing press and bench press)were my most important part of training and they were followed with as many possible body weight exercises (Dip, pull up, push up etc.). In addition to my training I followed Tom’s BFFM manual to the letter, and did some cardio (45-60 min) few times a week as well. The key to sticking to my plan was the fact that I made my training and nutrition part of my daily routine, so i never saw it as an inconvenience or a burden.

  • Cindy Lyles

    You have to be diligent in doing your strength training at least 3 times a week in addition to your cardio.

  • Nathan Phillips

    Lower your carb intake by at least half! If you are already committed to changing your life and you can’t afford supplements lowering your carb intake works wonders!

  • Clint

    Eating habits

  • Tom Lewelling

    For me it was lifting free weights, hands down the most effective method of body transformation.

  • Susan

  • Ira Lynch

    I’m new to this but I purchased “Burn the fat, feed the muscle” a month and a half ago and I “think” the key is DISCIPLINE! I know your question isn’t about fat loss but I have gotten my body fat percentage as of yesterday down to 13% from 26% in a little under 6 weeks. I am now seeing things in my body that I didn’t know existed! Thank you! And my gf thanks you! She’s been VERY supportive once she started to see my body transform. I would not have gotten there without maintaining discipline in my workout regime and my diet. No way possible. I’ve been going to the gym for years and I realized now that the one thing I lacked was DISCIPLINE. The discipline to stick to a workout plan and the discipline to pay careful attention to my nutrition. You can have a great workout plan and diet plan but if you lack the DISCIPLINE to stick to them they will be almost useless. You will wonder why you’re not seeing the results or wonder why you weight fluctuates from week to week. You need DISCIPLINE to keep you on the path. It’s like your guidance system. Your goal is your target and you’re the missle. Without a guidance system it will make it much harder for you to hit your target.

  • Peter Frank

    For me, the biggest secret to rapid body transformation is commitment. Without that, no amount of advice and council can help anyone have rapid weight loss. Once you commit to something, it becomes part of your daily routine and no longer something you have to think about.

  • Steve

    The one biggest thing to making a RAPID body composition is an unfailing committment to excellence. This covers the spectrum of most of the other responses setting a vision, developing goals, setting accountability and support structures.

  • Evan

    Selflessness leads to rapid weight loss. Ultimately, it comes down to this one principle. Many mental and physical problems could be cured by looking away from ourselves to help others through the power of Christ.

  • Amanda S

    I believe the biggest secret is a commitment to a lifestyle change. Transformation is not temporary, and in order for transformation to take place, the behaviors and choices made that brought forth transformation must become part of YOU. Whether that be your food and nutritional choices, exercise choices, or other commitments to health, you MUST commit to these things in order to make a rapid transformation!

  • Kim

    I am still a work in progress and have been for over 30 years. The one thing that I find is most important in any transformation is the knowledge and desire to learn and commit. On again off again just doesn’t work. I should know!

  • Christine Byers

    My motivation comes from running into a former training partner who I had not seen In a few months. After his son was born he gained 60 pounds and went from looking fit and athletic to bloated. He recently changed his approach, and instead of trying to exercise the weight off is closely monitoring his nutrition. The results are astonishing and impressive. Seeing a picture of a stranger who has made a transformation is impressive, but to see a friend making big changes right before your eyes strikes closer to home, and makes the goal of having a lean and fit body seem much more realistic and attainable.

  • Heather Coulson

    I am not a complete newbie to training, it has been two years since I started. I have been attempting to eat small and healthy meals all this time. The strength training has given me a new outlook on a healthy lifestyle but the Body Composition is not coming as easily as I thought. To answer the question of what is the number 1 key to transforming ones body composition I immediately thought of what is holding me back…the number 1 key to this transformation is losing body fat! One can train extensively but if the fat layer is still there, no muscle definition will be seen. That is the secret!

  • Hi Tom

    I think when it comes to not only losing fat but retaining muscle there are lots of little strategies that must be put together to create an overall plan. However if I had to give the one big secret it has to be consistency. Yes you need to do resistance and cardio training to boost your metabolism regularly and follow a diet that is both catered to managing your hormones and energy levels to allow your body to burn fat but if you don´t do this consistently then your results will always disappoint. I have trained many clients and transformed their bodies but the people who achieved the best results where the ones that designed a plan that worked for them and stuck with it. That meant showing up for every workout and applying focus, eating the right foods at the right time and not allowing their lifestyle to get in the way. Of course you need to be using the right information and be prepared to adapt and change if things are not working but as long as you keep doing the right stuff nearly all of the time you will see incredible results.



  • Emily Cave

    I believe the biggest key to making a rapid body composition transformation is making well-defined goals and sticking with them. Goal-setting is not easy for me and I know that is what’s holding me back. When I visualize an end-result, I normally succeed. But with transforming my body composition, I tend to lose sight of my goals which is why I believe I do not always succeed.

    But life isn’t over yet and I will keep on practicing my goal-setting skills, and even if I only succeed in little bits here and there, it’s better than not trying at all!

  • Simon

    The most important ingrediant to achieving any goal is discipline. Without it you can’t eat right, you can’t stay away from bad foods, you can’t train right, you can’t move in the right direction. Discipline has a lot of things attached to it and in order to maintain it, it has to affect you spiritually, mentally, and physically. When the three are aligned discipline is being achieved. Thanks for all you do Tom! God bless you!

  • Eddie Lee

    I think the biggest secret to rapid body transformation is knowing what needs to be done. I see people in the gym day after day and always on a diet but don’t really see any results. They commit themselves to exercising everyday and eating healthy but don’t really understand what is needed. I believe before you start anything, you really need to understand what you are doing first.

  • JamisonB

    I think success lies in the belief that YOU can do it.

    I know for myself, when I buckle down on food, stress, sleep, and exercise, I see great change and quick success both mentally and physically. However, when i am fearful and have no believed in myself, obtaining my goals, etc, I fail every time.

    I believe I can win this challenge. I believe in myself.

  • Brooke

    The #1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is being committed to your program, not just interested in it. If you’re nterested in your diet you attempt to make the right choices in the office break room. When your committed, you pack your meal for the next day the night before so you can get all 6 meals in while maintaining your nutrient ratios. When you’re interested in building muscle and stripping fat, you make generic plans to “work out”. When you’re committed to changing the shape of your body, you get up an hour early to make sure you get that work out in. In addition, you’re counting every rep, every weight, every calorie so at the end of the day you know what you put in, you can progress, you can succeed! Don’t be interested, be committed. This is a lifestyle choice, not a phase.

  • Jeff Maund

    What worked for me was eating 6 small meals a day. That way I kept the metabolism going without burning muscle.

  • Chris Kilbane

    Personal Commitment. You must be committed to altering your lifestyle for one reason…yourself. In the past, I would watch my nutrition so I could run faster, or lose a few pounds because I should, etc. Each time I would hit my goal then say “that’s it, I made it” and be done. I was doing something for someone/something else. Now I have found that my personal commitment is founded in “choosing” what lifestyle I want to live. I am not “on a diet” rather I am choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. I can choose to eat like a pig, but I choose not to. I am choosing to live a healthy lifestyle and all the benefits it entails.

    That philosophy makes it much more easier to stay on track since I realize I could eat however I want, but my choice is not to. It keeps me from feeling like a victim or feeling deprived.

  • Darren Speed

    It’s having the motivation/drive that will allow you the discipline required to follow a strict diet and workout regiment.

  • montanaranchgirl

    Mental preparation! Without believing in your own capacity, setting a base standard for yourself, goals and preparing yourself with a stong, focused mind and visualizing yourself already transformed, you will fail every attempt at body composition.

    “If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.” ~ Gandhi

    Best wishes, Amanda

  • Art S.

    Despite all the reading I’ve done and things I’ve tried, I’m still carrying around 30lbs of unwanted fat. This includes during the 2 years where I exercised 5-6 days a week (REAL exercise) training for endurance races and triathlons, and trying to eat right. What I think the greatest challenge is to body composition, is how to know my own body and how to balance what I should eat and how much, with what kind and how much exercise to do. I have discovered some health issues which are often attributed as a cause (at least partial) of my difficulty in reducing fat and building muscle. So as I work through the process of knowing by own body I am hoping that my transformation will begin.

  • Louis H Morong

    Well, here is my take on fat loss and muscle building. First, you must take into account that a good, hard workout with weights will produce a calorie deficit that may last for two days, depending on how big the muscles are that are “burnt” and / or how many muscles are “burnt”. Repairing the damage to these muscles is calorie intensive. As you know, to build a pound of muscle requires 3600 calories. in the interim, you can do lighter excercises, for the abs, back, etc, to increase the deficit even further. This actually works. Of course, you are gonna try and get enough protein, every day. The digestion of protein, at least lean protein, requires fat. If you are going to eat carbs, then make it clean carbs. By “clean”,I mean carbs with no fat or very little fat in them. carbs are required for the digestion of protein, on a gram for gram basis. Stay hydrated. That is the only way your body can “get” to the fat and liquefy it. i don’t need to stress the value of low glycemic food to you, Tom. If you’re gonna make a sandwich, then try pumpernickel, Rye, or multigrain bread. Protein intake is a problem, for every lifter. this is where your whey protein shakes come in. It’s just about the only way to get enough protein into you on a daily basis. At night, it’s time for the casein type of protein. If you get up starving, this is the way to go. It will shut your hunger up, and you won’t gain weight from it. most of all , realize that if you do, say, a really blistering leg workout, then you ain’t gonna gain weight for a couple of days! And the caloric requirements after this sort of thing are astronomical… If you find yourself eating a few burgers after this sort of thing, don’t feel too bad LOL.


  • Kim Jackman

    There is one quality that one must possess to win and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it. The desire to change has to be bigger than the desire to stay the same. No tricks, no gimmicks.

  • Wendy

    For me, consistency in adhering to my eating plan and workouts is key. Also, I must have some cardio every day.

  • Discipline, discipline, discipline … keeping a food diary, working out, be strong when everybody around you seems to eat goodies all the time. But in the end you are will reach your goal!

  • Mila

    Though we are trying to transform physically, I beleive it’s a strong mental aspect – determination – that allows the a rapid transformation.

  • Ashley

    I think the biggest thing is your ‘why’. If you don’t have a good enough, strong enough, emotionally triggered why then you won’t stick to it. You have to something to connect with and drive you. It will push you when you need pushing and keep you motivated. But the key isn’t just the WHY, it’s reminding yourself over and over again why you want to get healthy, and it will keep you centered and focused!

  • John C

    Dedication is THE ONE element to making a rapid transformation. You may have the head knowledge, support, and training &eating plans, but without dedication, nothing will change. You have to keep going when you don’t want to, and if you fail for a meal or a day, be dedicated enough to get back up and keep fighting for your transformation

  • Gene Toleman

    I feel the best way to find results is not education, determination but developing an enjoyment and a need to excel and challenage yourself phiscally to new levels. A desire to enjoy life and a belief that nutrition and exercise are the fountain of youth!!!

  • Jenni van Zuydam

    I am still a work in progress but I would think the biggest thing for a Rapid Body Composition change would be in a Change of Life style (Diet, excercise all rolled in to one)

  • Ingrid Thompson

    A work in progress was suggesed. Perhaps a long process and more so now a burning desire to loose the last 10 lbs. Why a ‘burning’ desire? The big 50 is 6 months away and I have read that the weight I am then will likely be the weight I will continue to be. Back 6 years ago when my workout buddy and I shared the purchase of your “Burn the Fat” book I made a promise to myself to be healthy for me and to set an example for my two daughters. This was important to me but my # 1 Biggest Secret to Body Transformation was tracking what I ate. Having to write down everything I ate made it real for me. I dropped 25 lbs. I put some back on and am struggling with loosing that 10 lbs. I went on a vacation this which was quite physical and lost 6 lbs. Was thrilled for the added boost. However, since August, it’s like my body (more likely my mind) knew that I lost that weight and I have put it back on. So here I sit with the dreaded 10 lbs again. I am sure that I am not alone in my struggle of the last 10 lbs.

  • lisa de la torre

    Staying on track with the plan.

  • I think the biggest key to making a rapid body composition transformation is ones’ mindset. If a person can visualize themselves attaining a goal and never lose sight of that goal they will attain it and keep it. Years ago I lost over 100 lbs. I visualized myself as a bodybuilder everyday. The habit of visualization was just like brushing my teeth everyday. It was a daily routine. Along with the visualization , I created my own workout routine which was inclusive of weight traing ,aerobic exercise and a very rigid diet regimen. Would You believe I went from a size 24 to a size 4 in a little over 2 years with hard work. I received many complements. Many people thought I was much younger than 42 years of age. I wish I could say that I was still a fit and firm size 4 , but something happened to make me lose sight of that goal. Through the course of struggling with a lot of serious issues in my life, I lost sight of my goal and my vision. Now I am struggling to get it all back. It’s not easy at 55 years of age, to get or keep in shape. But I am fighting for that vision of myself again, attaining my fitness goal and keeping it.

  • Ninh Nguyen

    Well, I could start with something as motivational as…

    Success is easy to find. It’s down the street from Discipline and around the corner from Consistency; OR

    Consistency with Intensity brings Density; OR

    Success is achieved from hard ass work over a long ass period of time;

    But as motivational and inspirational these little snippets can be in terms of applying it to weight loss, the topic is about “getting ripped quick…like in 49 days…”

    That being said, the commonality of the motivational snippets above all has something to do with a longer duration of time where you adhere to some regimented plan with consistency, and success comes over time. We just simply don’t have the time – 49 days is nothing, it’s half a season of your favorite TV show.

    Since you have such a short period of time, you have no time for excuses and no time to kinda-sorta-like-maybe-attempt-to-lose-weight.

    What I found out during my weight loss journey (and now my weight gaining journey) is I had to “pay my dues” and employ this “Outwork” mentality. It’s not going to be easy, and a lot of people think it’s their right to get extremely ripped or have that sexy beach body – Sorry, you have to simply earn it. I mention this because I was like that. I lifted weights in high school and college and was looking pretty good, but then grad school, post-doc, family, marriage and kids happened and I just took a long-hiatus from nutrition and exercise and every time I would restart a nutrition and exercise protocol, I would always think about how I used to look and how I deserved to look like that again. Well, sorry Charlie, it ain’t going to happen… I simply had to pay my dues and work hard, and in a competition such as a 49-day challenge or the longer 14-week challenge, you not only have to work hard, but OUTWORK the other people in the competition…

    I believe this is the most important attribute needed to transform your body in a short period of time is you just simply have to OUTWORK…

    You have to look at your nutritional habits, exercise habits, and how it’s all going to fit into your lifestyle and ask yourself:

    Are you working harder than the next guy trying to lose weight during this challenge?
    Are you working harder at adhering to your diet more so than the next guy?
    Are you working harder than the next guy at balancing your healthier lifestyle and home life such that will improve your overall well-being?
    …Simply, are you Outworking the next guy, Outworking yourself, and Outworking your goals – you know, like over-shooting your goals because I’ve heard that’s ok 

    This Outwork attitude is what is needed to be successful in transforming your body in 49 days. Not only that, it’s a great mentality to apply in all aspects of your life, work, career, and business.

    Imagine this… You end up being the person first to wake up, make breakfast for the entire family, then you are the one coming into work early, finishing everything that you need to get done and more, you leave work a little later than everyone, you get home and prep and cook dinner for everyone, put the kids down, skip watching TV, head to the gym, put in back-breaking-like work at the gym, come home; all the while balancing all the other aspects of your life I simply didn’t mention, AND still have the drive to repeat it again tomorrow and the next day and the day after and the day after that… Then look at the next guy and ask yourself this, “Are you Outworking him?”

    Hope this helps,

    • Tom Venuto

      Thanks Ninh! when it comes to the COMPETITION side of this… “OUTWORK” works for me. See you in the inner circle my friend, keep pumpin!

      • Ninh Nguyen

        Does this mean I won? j/k…

        …but seriously, did I win…

        j/k, or am I…hmmm….

  • Nadia

    I think it’s very important to set goals and stay focused. For the holiday challenge, I plan to put reminders of my goals everywhere (home, work, mobile devices) so that I always have my goal in the back of my mind and will make the right choices. Looking forward to getting started!

  • Dave

    It’s pretty simple. BURN THE FAT AND FEED THE MUSCLE!!! It takes hard work and commitment but it can be done.

  • Nancy

    I have not yet accomplished my fat loss goal, but I believe the biggest secret to body transformation is to to have clearly defined goals and subtasks that detail the path to your goal. If you don’t know where you are going you’ll end up where you’ve always been, nowhere.

  • Tom Laverick

    The biggest thing that I found is that the person has to want the change for him or her self. Then they have to make the changes in their lifestyle to help the desire to make the change a perminate process.

  • Mia

    The number one key to RAPID body transformation is the unequivocal, no holds barred, complete and utter belief that you CAN and WILL do this. Belief that sustains through all sabotaging inner dialogue, negative family members,and well- meaning friends. Belief that says no matter how crazy others think you are, you know that you’ve got this and that they will see. Until then you are deaf to everything but positive people and things that will help you reach that goal, because you believe you can.

  • Tim

    What’s The 1 Biggest Secret to RAPID Body Transformation?
    The biggest thing to a rapid body transformation is “Love”.
    I know your saying “What?!?!” I say this because of what I have read from others and what I have gone thru.
    Most people say “I need to do this”, or “I have to do that”, but the reason we are doing a body transformation is becuase we love life. We love our family and children and what be be there for them. We love being off the medicine and just the all round great feeling everyday when you wakeup and workout.

  • windy b

    What do you believe is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation?

    For me it is knowledge and consistency. First off if you don’t know you are making poor diet choices, then how can you expect to choose more healthy foods to eat? Food reacts differently in each person. You cannot think oh well “so and so” ate this for lunch so that is what I will eat too. Keep a food journal and record how food makes you feel, then you can sit down and think about what foods are good for YOUR body. Read. Avoid foods with a shelf life, if you cannot pronounce an ingredient then it’s most likely not good for your body. “If you can grow it you can eat it, if you can butcher it you can eat it.”
    As for consistency you do need a rest day, your body will tell you when to take it easy. It is your responsibility to work your body, not doing so will have it’s affects. Keep another journal for this too. You can see how many reps and sets you do, and push past the plateau. Mix up your routines and stay in the game!
    Be an example of health for others if not for yourself.

  • Manda

    I believe that ATTITUDE is the 1 biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation.

    It starts with Step 1 – setting your goals, continues with your daily workouts, weigh-ins, blogs, and even on the final day, if completing a challenge.

    Your attitude will not only keep you on target but will encourage others to follow suit. Be positive when setting your goals and approach your workouts with an “I can and I will” mindset. Stay encouraged even with minor setbacks, use the setbacks as a challenge to do more the next day.

  • Brenda H

    Before I can change my body, I must change my thoughts.

  • Dave

    Eat much less.

  • Samantha Towlerton

    The biggest secret to rapid body transformation for me is to have a goal and commit to it….heart and soul. Visualize the goal…what would it feel like and look like? You are the biggest obstacle so take your own doubts and weakness out of the occasion.

  • Jim C

    The biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is to believe in yourself! All the tools in the world are not going to work with achieving a goal unless you believe in yourself. That means you must also accept failure as a learning experience and not a end to all means. Once you have gain that confidence and self worth, not only will you reach your weight goal, but also any challenges you face because failure is our best teacher. Embrace and conquer!

  • randy mattson

    Goal setting and visualizing the end results. Then commit yourself to to those goals and holding on to that vision you want.

  • Janet McLaughlin, M.A.

    Write down what you do everyday as it relates to your body, especially before eating. This behavior will give you awareness, particularly about your eating, which can be almost automatic. This behavior allows a pause in the usual behavioral chain and gives you the opportunity to “think again” about your food choice and the amount (serving size) you will actually eat. If you wait until later, which some people seem to want to do, as a reflection or analysis, YOU ALREADY ATE IT. Too late to change your mind, then.

  • Heather

    The biggest key to making a rapid body composition transformation is ACCOUNTABILITY. Having someone to check in with or who’s going to ask you if you made it to the gym is key. This is an area where I have struggled. If I know that someone is meeting me at the gym, expecting me to follow through on “X”, it means that I have to do it!

  • Dan Kidd


  • The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program by Tom Venuto!

  • william westlin

    Consume enough calories , from Fats , Proteins , Carbohydrates , to maintain bodies needs and growth .
    Physical weight training 3 times per week working on body as whole for growth and raise metabolism .

  • Anthony Torres

    The one biggest “Key” I believe is Dedication to making that transformation and by experience, don’t rely just on what the scale is saying but training hard and following a good meal plan. What has worked for me to be able to see the change and to be able to have a faster than usual fat loss has been the ketogenic type diet plan. I like to call it “leans and greens”. Although lately I have fallen off the wagon so that’s why I believe the # 1 key to any results is dedication, because from experience I’ve seen the results.

  • Iku

    Plan your work, work your plan.

  • Jeff L

    A combination of Diet(eating clean) and exercise(Weight training and cardio.)

  • Barbara magnas

    Belief in your heart and soul that you deserve a new “life” and that you possess the ability to make it happen.

  • The biggest key for rapid body transformation? Get your head in the right place. It’s 75% mental. That makes it the biggest part of the puzzle. Read chapter one of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. Read it again. Do what it says. That’s the biggest key!

    • Tom Venuto

      in case yer wondering…. didn’t forget about you (though it might seem that way, LOL) T.V.

  • Kimara Hill

    The Biggest Secret to RAPID Body Transformation is a complete mental overhaul. When you change your way of thinking it helps to change the way you look at completing task. Things that you didn’t like to do become challenges for you to overcome.

  • Lisa

    Commitment. The final decision to get down to it and make it happen. Looks like you’ve got the fantastic way to do this!! I’m well on my way but assistance is ALWAYS good.

  • JanetW

    I think one biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is COMMITMENT TO A NEW HABIT: eating clean food; supplementing the diet with vitamins, amino acids, and minerals; exercise that includes cardio and weights; and keeping track of your diet and exercise program in some kind of log or journal.

  • Christopher R.

    I bought the book back in March of 2011 to prepare for my wedding. I successfully was able to lose 21 lbs of fat and gain 2 lbs of lean muscle mass by my wedding in July. I’ve since gained back 3 lbs of fat because I didn’t have a long term goal. My goal was a short term goal. I also didn’t share my plan with my family which made it tougher because no one knew what was involved to reach my goals.
    So the most important part to transforming your body to me is having distinct, measurable written goals. Short term goals to keep up your motivation, long term goals to keep you on track and a lifestyle goal (how you picture yourself for the rest of your life).

  • Milan Sulc

    I’m still a work in progress, and have a long way to go, but I believe persistence is the key to rapid body transformation.

  • Jim Girdwood

    I see no ONE secret. As a diabetic it has been necessary to eat regularly (with very little sugar and starch), sleep regularly, exercise regularly, and keep my mind and days filled with exciting projects. At 74 years of age I don’t aim for a rock hard body, but am in better condition than most men much younger. Still your ideas have helped me have better health. Keep up the good work.

  • Brian Anderson

    What’s the 1 biggest secret to RAPID body transformation?

    Even though I have never been able to fully achieve a full body transformation, I have been on the path toward a transformation but ventured of the path (got lazy).

    The answer to this question is intensity. Doing workouts that are extremely intense instead of slow, repetitious workouts. If the workouts are intense then the body will be required to change in order to attempt to adapt.

  • TP

    I’d love to win!!

  • Cody Moxley

    After struggling for years with being stuck at the stage of just having those last stubborn pounds to lose I finally got it dialed in. I went from 15% body fat at 155 lbs. to 5.6% at 151 lbs. I believe the most important factor in that transformation was mental toughness in staying dedicated to not eating just the right amount of calories but the right type of calories. Instead of just walking on the treadmill every day burning between 300-450 calories each time, I got strategic with intensity intervals and lactic acid training. Education is the second most important factor in altering your body composition. You have to know how each action (cardio, type of training, fasting, carb cycling, etc) affects you and which goals they work best with. You can be the most dedicated person on the planet to eating “right” and exercising but, if you aren’t training the right way for your goals and your nutrition isn’t specific to your body type and what you are trying to accomplish, you cannot succeed. If you do, it was by luck and you never really learned anything that would allow you to replicate the results.

    Thank you so much Tom for your in depth explanations for your nutrition guidelines in both Burn the Fat and the Holy Grail. After you taught me about carb cycling I have become dedicated to learning as much about nutrition and training strategy as I can and apply it to my lifestyle. The results have been amazing and I feel that those books were two of the best investments in my health that I have ever made.

    – Cody

  • Kim

    I would say preparation.

    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

  • Theresa S (kc9agz)

    I believe the number 1 biggest thing is a strong, emotion driven reason why you want to make changes. If your why is weak your results will be weak as well. You may make progress, but not as much as if you are emotionally driven.

    I lost 16 pounds of fat, 10% body fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle with my first challenge (The 2010 Big Burn Summer Challenge). I have had some ups and downs along the way, but have managed to stay pretty much where I finished that challenge. I still have more I want to accomplish, but my why is the thing that has kept me from gaining it all back. Consistency is also a big factor, but the why is number one!

  • Lori M

    Commitment … if it’s going to be, it’s up to me!

  • Julie Deffibaugh

  • I think it is an inside job…inside at a cellular level, what you put inside nutritionally, and what you put inside your mind…

  • carolyn

    I am definitely a work in progress however it seems to me from talking to others who successfully transformed their body, the number one secret is comitment to do it. Select a plan and not only commit to it, but adjust it to work for you and your body type and situation at the time. Your body and goals are unique, so should your nutrition and fitness plan.

  • PICTURE IT…………..YOU CAN DO IT. I have!
    I think the biggest key to making a RAPID body composition transformation is by doing the math (like you always say, Tom): Whatever you put in, you have to work off – it is just that simple. Do you really need that extra piece of chocolate? And like you said the other day, it is 50% kitchen and 50% training, not just one of the two! Also interval training is key to a far greater weight loss and you keep burning the calories thoughout the day. And don’t be scared of big weights – they will not make you large, they will make you burn the fat and build the muscle! Eventually when you have developed enough muscle, your body literally becomes a machine that eats fat (I always think of a pucman machine). Make the time – we all can and focus and DO IT FOR YOU! Always try and keep your protein intake up. And GET A PERSONAL TRAINER!
    Tom, my story is a success story. I have used your newsletters daily to inspire and motivate me throughout my transformation and I thank you for this. Unfortunately I only found you after I had already lost 11 kg’s so I could not join the programme as it was too late for the before picture.
    In my first job in direct marketing, I was taught the following phrase: “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, will inevitably come to fruition!” – by someone BRILLIANT.
    In my 43 years on this planet, I have used this for everything I have achieved, be it building your dream home, building a business, building a Lodge, winning woman entrepreneur of the year, marrying the man of my dreams, having my 2 beautiful kids…… whatever – I have pictured it. The only thing that I could NOT picture was me getting back down to what I weighed when I was 21, especially after having my children (both had to be delivered by Ceasarian section) and gradually increasing in size year after year. I think I tried every diet I could and lost and gained, lost and gained….the story of my life! Not anymore!! I managed to get the picture in my mind.
    Now I am down approx 14 kgs and over 100 cm. My body fat is super low and my trainer is entering me for Miss Bikini – 45 – 55 years age – next year.
    I train 5 days a week (30 mins cardio and about 45 mins weight training), eat sensibly and healthily too and do what I want one day a week. I do however believe that if you really want to eat something, that is really bad, on another day – have it. Don’t kill yourself dreaming about it. Treat yourself and enjoy. You will just have to work a little harder the next day. Is it worth it? Think carefully and you will do what you are supposed too; or have less.
    TIPS :
    -Imagine the way you want to look and feel. Desire to look and feel that way. Then just do it!
    -Believe in yourself – you can do anything! Anything is possible.
    – Do it for YOU
    – When you start seeing the results, you will be so motivated! Success is not attained in a single moment, you have to work hard to achieve any success.
    – You cannot pick up weight if you burn more than you put in! But you have to keep the muscle percentage up.

  • Niki

    Just start with DOING one good thing for your body a day – and build from there. It’s hard to break the catch22 but it can be done. Please start with 10 min. of activity a day and your body will want more!! That was the key for me.

  • Joana Pascua

    The 1 biggest key to making RAPID body composition transformation is “BELIEVE” that you deserve the body that you want. If you think that this is the kind of thing that only happens to other people, it will never happen to you.
    Right now I’m trying to program my mind that looking good is not futile or brainless, so I can change my beliefs and actually Believe that I can live with a head-turning body.

  • Cheryl Buford

    I think the one thing that will achieve rapid body recomposition is consistency. When I am consistent, I see results. As soon as I get off track and inconsistent, I gain weight and atrophy. I can’t seem to get to a point where I see enough results to keep me driven to be consistent.

  • Cory

    When I graduated high school in 2008, I weighed very close to 300 pounds. I probably tipped the scale at over 300 pounds at some point. Then I realized that my nutritional habits were pathetic. I drank a ton of soda, like over 6 cans a day. I finally got the strength to stop that all together. That’s how it started for me, I took the measures and quit drinking soda-cold turkey, as well as cutting back on junk food a lot. I lost a fast 20 pounds right away, then I started doing a lot of cardio, at least 4-6 days a week for 30 minutes. Today, I weigh about 205 pounds and am still in the process of doing the holy grail body transformation as well as the 49 day Holiday Challenge. Even though I lost a lot of weight, I know that the work is still not over.

  • Alice

    I believe the key is diet. Lately I have found the phrase “You can’t out-train a bad diet” to be so true.

  • Loraine McTaggart

    I have been struggling with weight all my life. 2 and half years ago I started a new journey. I have lost 64 lbs. but then started struggling with keeping it off. I have been going to the gym for the last year and half 6-7 days a week. I discovered adding more protein into my diet and eliminating processed sugar and it is working. It is helping feed my muscle and burning fat. I am heading toward the most amazing body.

  • Darrell B.

    In my opinion the biggest “secret” to RAPID body transformation is consistency. Consistently eating the proper foods in consistent amounts, consistently throughout the day/week/month etc.

    Consistently making time to work out with consistentl time to rest and recover.

    If a person can make consistent progress they can succceed in all areas of life.