June 4th, 2013

Does Transforming Your Body Transform Your Whole Life?

Can transforming your body transform your life, or are physical body changes superficial? I have some strong beliefs about this, especially after seeing thousands of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle success stories, where the impact was felt far beyond the body fat numbers dropping. I think physical transformation has a positive ripple effect through your entire life – mental, emotional, social, even career/financial. The transformation of one person I believe, can then go beyond the individual and transform others. Today, I only want to introduce this idea as food for thought; I’m going to hold off on writing too much more. Instead, I want your opinion.  If you take a few seconds to answer my survey question below, I’ll enter you in the big drawing for free signed books, free ebooks and free memberships…

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Transform your body, transform your life.

I have always had many goals for my work in the fitness field. But this year, after a brief period of struggling with “what now,” I think I have finally gone beyond goals, which have an end point, and uncovered my mission and purpose, which will not end, but will continue on for the rest of my life and career…

My mission is to show people how body transformation and fitness have the potential to carry over and improve every area of your life. Simply put, it can make you happier and help you enjoy ALL of life more.

I believe that transforming your body is not a superficial endeavor.

It is not vain (as some have stereotyped bodybuilders or physique athletes).

It is not non-functional. What could be more “functional” than life enjoyment and happiness – what could be a more ideal ultimate end?

Transforming your body may not automatically change everything else in your life, and surely a mental transformation must take place in sync with the physical changes. But I believe body transformation is not only one potential path to life transformation, it is one of the best paths.

Getting fit serves higher purposes and when you stop looking at the smaller view and take in the bigger life picture, I believe you’ll increase the emotional drive and motivation it takes to make a change, and keep the change.

“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

I am tempted to keep brain dumping everything I’ve been contemplating on this subject onto this page… but for that I am going to wait. I will be writing a “manifesto” about transforming your body and transforming your life before the end of the year, and sharing that with everyone who has eyes to see or ears to listen…

But as I mentioned above, I do not want to reveal all of my thoughts just yet. I’ve already given you the core of the big idea.

For now…

I want to know what YOU think.

I know this will be controversial and opinions will vary because I have already heard the various opinions. And that’s ok. That’s why I’m doing this. I want to hear it all, from every type of person.

There are two types of people who may be reading this:

1. One is a person who has already transformed his or her body and it had profound effects through every area of life – health, self-confidence, self-esteem, relationships, career, finances, happiness and more…. how others treat you, how you perform simple daily tasks, what it’s like when you travel, how you feel on a date, during intimate moments, in a job interview, or at school. The list could go on and on.

2. The second is a person who is about to embark on a fitness journey or is on the path and is a “work in progress,” who knows in his or her heart that the physical change is going to change more than their looks… and they have high hopes for realizing ALL those changes.

This is deeply important for all of us

Whichever group you are in, I want to hear from you. Tell me about your already actualized results… or your future anticipated results.

The responses I’ve gotten to various blog survey and giveaway contests in the past have been priceless, but this one has very deep meaning and implications for you and for me.

By expressing what you are thinking in words, you are going to heighten your emotional involvement and motivation to change or to keep the changes you’ve already made.

And for me – this may be the most important question I have ever asked my readers. This big idea may be the focal point for the rest of my career and the answers to this one post will help me know the right places and ways to start, as I focus on my mission and look for better ways to help spread this message:

Transform your body and you will transform your life.

As a thank you, if you answer this in the comments below by the deadline,  you will be entered in my drawing for free books and memberships.


5 winners will be selected at random. All the winners will receive:

A FULL One Year Membership to the Burn the Fat Inner Circle, a personally signed (print) copy of my book, The Body Fat Solution… Shipped in the mail to your door, anywhere in the world, or a digital (PDF) copy of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle (e-book)

Not only that, all winners will be eligible to enter the Burn the Fat Challenge body transformation contest* (optional.. but I think you should GO FOR IT – You could win a trip to Maui!)

Here’s the question to answer in the comments below to get you entered into this free prize drawing:

Do you believe transforming your body can transform your ENTIRE life?

Or… has it already happened to you? If so…

As a result of transforming your body physically, how has your entire life changed (or how to you expect it to change, if you are still a work in progress)?

Go ahead – post your answer in the comments below.

Good luck in the drawing and I hope to see you in the Burn the Fat Challenge body transformation contest this week – it opens on June 6th, 2013.

Train hard and expect success,

Tom Venuto
author of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle
Founder & CEO,

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Congratulations to our 5 winners!:

1. Debra McArthur

2. Ken Logan

3. James Gagne

4. ReShonda Young

5. Yvonne T


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190 Responses to “Does Transforming Your Body Transform Your Whole Life?”

  • Jeremy

    Yes definitely!

    The way you move your body, the way you feel about your own body.

    It all adds up for a better you.

  • YES! The act of transforming one’s body, if done with both care and attention, leads to greater mental focus and clarity which aids in all endeavors. Additionally, seeing and feeling one’s progress is incredibly motivating as there is definitely something truly wonderful about experiencing the results of one’s work tangibly.

  • Absolutely!
    In a fit body your energy increasing, you’ll become more optimistic in all aspect of the life and you have more self-confidence.

    These affects your life in your every days.

  • I would say my life has been transformed, rather than “changed”. I was already a happy person, but am now a VERY happy, fulfilled, active person. I found endurance/multisport about 9 years ago, and am still as passionate about it as I was at the beginning. I’m now brainstorming how I can start and grow a career as a personal trainer/triathlon coach in my later years, and will tell anyone who listens how wonderful this lifestyle can be. Before tri, I lifted for about ten years, and loved the difference that made in how I felt, but it didn’t kick my butt like endurance sports do. The constant challenge is a real turn-on, and a huge motivator to eat right, sleep right, and train right. Anybody who takes the time and makes the effort to make the most of this magical thing called the human body knows how important it is to mental health and overall quality of life. NOT a superficial endeavor!

  • I do think that transforming your body has lots of ancillary benefits. However, I do not think that it alone will transform your life.

    You can have a great body and still be judgmental or prideful, for example, which will poison your life.

    I think to change your life you have to have your heart transformed. And this is a work that you have to do in cooperation with God.

    • Jordi

      It´s not just about appearance, you really change the way you look at things and also at other people, when you see someone that´s struggling to get something he wants you understand his effort and you help him on his fight because you know how hard discipline is. You also become humble, because what you got, you got it from effort and prideful people are those that get things without effort and they just go everywhere barking about what they naturally have and everyone else is struggling hard to get. So really dude, it´s not just about appearance.

    • Debra McArthur

      Scott, you can see my comments below, but I also see this as a way of deeply loving myself and caring for my body temple. A deep love of self (for me) translates into love and caring for my fellow human beings as well as a love and glorification of the Divine. This is my approach, in any case, and thanks for your insights and comments–very valid and important

    • Carri

      When I read this blog post, I was trying to figure out how to say what I was thinking….then I read your reply, Scott, and realized that you had already said it!

      I believe that transforming one’s body can lead to a great deal of benefits in many areas of life, but doesn’t GUARANTEE a total life transformation. I also believe that a relationship with God, knowing Him and His will for my life, has and will continue to transform my ENTIRE life. I do think that God wants us to take care of the body He has given us. Transforming our bodies can be a way of glorifying Him, but for me, personally, if my body is the best it can be, but my heart is not in the right place, I haven’t really been transformed at all.

      All of that being said, I will admit that I have never really been through a total body transformation. I have always been blessed with a healthy (not perfect) life and weight, so I’ve never felt the need to. I congratulate everyone of you that has! Each day I strive to eat better, get a little stronger, or train for a faster pace, but I’ve never totally transformed my body. My only transformation (thus far) has been from the inside out, and that has served me well. Perhaps one day I will have a ripped “temple” (body)with which I can glorify Him!

      • mtucker

        I am 50 years old have lost 40lbs since November 2012. My body has started taking shape it hasn’t seen since my twenties I feel better now than when I was 35. I quit smoking started eating whole foods and workout 6 days a week. My wife has joined me in this transformation. We workout two days a week together. The lifestyle changes we have made has brought us closer together since our 21 years of marriage. My 16 year old daughter has started working out with us and eating more whole foods. I have had several people come to me and tell me what an inspiration I have been to them and they talk with me regularly about their goals and how to obtain them.I am currently embarking on changing my career to nutritionist and sports trainer. So my lifestyle changes have literally changed all facets of my life from my work to my love life to my family and friends and I still have goals to achieve.

    • Beverly

      Amen, Scott!
      And the only way to God is through Jesus Christ, His Son!
      A personal relationship with Him…now THAT’S transformational!!

  • Barbra

    I am a work in progress and have been here a few times. I’ve been an elite athlete all my younger life so I know the hard work and dedication it takes to do this. I think for me it’s more of a mental change. I am now a single mom raising three kids on my own, going to school part time for kinesioligy, working full time as an accountant and I also got my personal training certification. I am so montivated in helping everyone else and it makes me feel so good. I need to now learn how to help myself. I believe that this transformation will do that for me. It’s the only thing I struggle with and am working on it daily. I have dedicated my mornings and lunch times (only time I have to work out is a work as my kids are competitive athletes themselves, proud soccer mom!) to my workouts. I feel so much more confident and I want to set an example for my kids that hard work does pay off and that you can really do anything you want in life, no matter what circumstance my arise. Through hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything. Thank you so much for all your information as it has truly helped me. One thing I love is writing my goals down and reading them every few hours! Helps tremendously. I am grateful for your help.

  • Deborah Wedel

    I am a work in progress and already I am noticing positive effects in all areas of life. Physically I feel younger and more capable. I look forward to attending events. I feel more confident around others. My work is easier and because physically I am better, mentally I am there, as well. Housework is easier and more enjoyable and I find that I want to take on more tasks. When I see others overcome with health issues, I am glad to have turned that around for myself and I want to help others. I am a better wife and friend for my husband and intimate moments are definitely more enjoyable. And although my children have grown up, I feel more respect from them. I can’t wait to see what being a grandmother in great shape feels like. All areas are affected, by far!

  • Michael

    Yes it does.
    It gives structure in ones life. If you want to change your life you begin with your body and nutrition.


    A seemingly simple statement, profound in contemplation, even more so in execution. One cannot take place without the other. Change them around and you end up with the same result. The mind and body are inexorably interwined and the emphasis is actually on the word ‘transformation’ which presupposes a level of permanence.

    Aristotle said ” we are what we repeatedly do, excellence then. is not an act, but a habit.” All well and good but if we stop ‘ repeatedly doing’ then both the mind and body fail.

    So… the statement in itself is intrinsically sound, but still a temporary state of mind in that the transformation is only functional as long as ‘ the doing ‘ continues.

    How do we make this permanent is the question we all grapple with and there is no one answer fits all, since everyone has different reasons for being desirous of transformation.

    Before we contemplate the statement TRANSFORM YOUR BODY TRANSFORM YOUR MIND we need to be at a place where we know how to ‘ burn the boats ‘ as it were, so there is absolutely no way back.

    Only then can the ‘ very truthful ‘ statement become a reality.

    • Debra McArthur

      Good points, thanks for your comments 🙂

    • James Gagne

      Amazing Story!…

      You didn’t use your accident as a crutch…. very inspiring.. man, I cringed when I read how your head hit the sand…..

      My cousin has Cystic Fibrosis and not once has she complained or used it as an excuse not to live life to it’s fullest..

  • Darren

    I still feel like a work in progress, but my physical transformation has definitely improved my positive way of thinking in health and life in general. Since embracing my healthy lifestyle, my confidence in terms of my career has soared as I feel just a little bit more positive in my ‘first impression’ appearance on interviews which in turn, has helped with better jobs. In the gym, there is a renewed focus as I physically see the transformations as weeks go on. Feeling healthier has helped me have a better outlook on life, which makes me a lot happier at home and amongst friends. It really does provide the meeting to the mantra ‘look good, feel good’!

  • Kathleen

    I think physical activities would be much easier which would help improve my attitude throughout the day!

  • Dawn

    Please don’t enter me in the prize drawing as you know this is a topic very near to my heart as well so I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.

    My answer is yes and no, that yes transforming your body will transform your life in so many ways but if the person doesn’t make a permanent mind change I don’t believe the body change will last. I’ve come to realize I have to work on my mind and body as a unit, nurturing both on a daily basis. They go hand in hand and one without the other will never stick because we all know it’s our minds that push us to succeed and without a true deep love for ourself we will fall back into the self doubt/not good enough thinking.

    Then of course there is the question of what comes first the chicken or the egg. Well for me, it was just making a decision to try yet one more time to change my body and just going day by day being consistent and being grateful for the changes as they came. I’m still working on the mind but then that will be a life long endeavor.

    I’ve also come to realize that giving that “I can do anything” to others through my words and actions helps me want to be a better me and continue to make positive changes in myself. Giving to ourselves first is most important but giving of ourselves to others is what I think will make us be the best we truly can be.

    I look forward very much to reading what you write on this as I think it will be great.

  • Jordi

    There is no doubt changing my body has changed my entire life. When I first began this journey I never imagined it was really going to transform the way I look at the world and the problems, in fact I thought I was wasting my focus on thing that didn´t matter much, still I was consistent and disciplined, and one day, after almost one year of consistency and discipline I asked myself: What have you gained (besides muscle, health and a good appearance) on this effort? and the answer was discpline, effort and focus. I learned that things don´t come by, you have to go and look for them, you have to take action in everything you want. I also learned that little things make big differences, I am an student, so where I applied that was: If you skip one day of study it will have a consequence on your grade, so you have to be disciplined, make working plans, have short term goals and you will get everywhere you want to get. I also learned not to be afraid of challenges, a lot of people is afraid of challenges because they are afraid of failure or maybe afraid of success, but failure is just an area of opportunity. Really, all that I learned it by taking action on a body transformation, almost unbelievable.

  • DeBorAh

    Absolutely! It is working for me and it is changing everything INCLUDING my attitude!

  • John Crosby

    the discipline to transform my body has helped provide discipline in the rest of my life, such as making a daily schedule, and making sure to include time to exercise, work and play with my kids. I’ve become more productive since I stopped “winging” my days

  • Lisa Lee

    “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” — Confucius

    For me, the journey to changing my life began with my body transformation. It started with a little challenge. I learned to set goals, set higher expectations, achieve small bits of success and look at feedback as a way to achieve more. My body transformation (while still in progress) is so much more than vanity or superficial results. It is about setting my mind to something, working hard and getting it done. Then setting new goals and reaching heights I never dreamed of both in my fitness and in life.

  • I am absolutely a huge believer in this. I have transformed my body and life several times, and I am always experimenting with what is the healthiest diet and fitness program for me to achieve the results I want. When I am doing well and achieving measurable fitness and health results, I gain self-confidence in everything I do. This self-confidence produces a positive spiraling effect where I begin to reap rewards in all areas: I perform better at work, I have a positive attitude towards my relationships both past and present, and I have faith in the future. As a female who has struggled with weight, food, and exercise my whole life, I have found that meeting and overcoming these tangible challenges makes me a believer that I can overcome anything. I love feeling comfortable in my own skin when I am focused and practicing daily good habits.

    I am such a fan of positive transformation that 7.5 years ago, I got an iconic butterfly tattoo (my only one) on my right arm as a permanent symbol and reminder of the “joy in transformation.” Thank you for all that you do!

  • Absolutely! Our body and our level of vitality are the best blueprints we have of how we live our lives. Like the chicken and the egg, they are inextricably linked!

  • Andrea Morrison

    I am close to reaching my goal after more than 4 years working on my body. I was extremely overweight when I left my marriage and at a very high risk of heart disease and diabetes had I stayed where I was.

    Exercising and eating properly have helped me battle severe depression and have made a huge impact on my life. I am a better mother, friend and even housewife! When I was overweight my house was a total pigsty. Now I am more more active and keep my house tidy, but lived in. My children can now bring friends home and not feel embarrassed.

    I really do feel that transforming your body also transforms your brain and from their your life. I have shed several yards off my body and only have one tiny little bit to shift. Then I will spend my life keeping my body in this shape, and loving every minute.

  • kadiska

    I find I am more confident in every aspect of my life, but the most transforming part of it at the moment is getting dressed everyday. Now I don’t have to think about it so much because I look good in everything. It may seem very much James but it saves me a lot of time. I have confidence now is how I look.

  • Ketan M

    I’m from the second category: a work in progress.
    To preface my opinion, I’d like to say that I have been overweight all my life. Never obese, but always slightly under it. I’m a young guy, but I frankly can’t remember the last time I could categorize myself as ‘fit’. This has always been a major influence for me: if there was ever anything I was teased for (you know how vicious kids, and later adults, can be) it was for being fat. This led me to feeling very alienated, with few friends and extremely low confidence. Even so, or perhaps because of this, I could never build up any motivation to lose weight. But I finally have. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight recently, and while I still have a lot to go, I can already feel the change in my personality: I go out more often, I can see the change in my outlook itself. I can also see how people are treating me differently now. So while the ‘eat-feel bad-eat’ cycle seems almost unbreakable, I have found that there is a flip side to this coin: the ‘exercise, lose weight-feel good-exercise, lose weight’ cycle and it seems just as unbreakable at the moment.

    So yes, the way you look definitely affects the way you look at life, and I’d say make or break it as well.

  • Randy Jones

    I beleive that transforming my body has a rippled effect on all things in my life including people. It changes how I feel about myself, it changes how people feel about me, it changes the way my mind thinks. It creates a positive perimeter of energy around me. I have come to realize this, thanks to the BFFM program.


  • Debra McArthur

    For me, learning to love myself has been a life-long goal, and deeply loving and caring for my body is part and parcel to loving myself in all areas. To me, my body and spirit are inseparably intertwined and as I care for one, I care for the other. In the past few years, I had forgotten how to love myself, and my care for my body diminished–mid-life changes came, and I had new fat and weight on my body that I had not had for many years before. Not lots, but enough that my self-love truly diminished as I looked at myself with dismay. About a year and a half ago, I re-dedicated myself to physical activity and weight lifting in a new way. In the spring, I discovered Tom’s work, and the BFFM contest which had to do with tracking points. My body had already begun to change in wonderful ways, but that contest helped me really fine tune and experiment with nutrition, etc.and my body has continued to change in the time since the contest. Now, I will enter the summer contest, but am determined to do this in a new way–only through self-love, not any compulsive tendencies to compete with others and improve based on external standards. This is an opportunity for me to really love and embrace myself, which has always been life transforming for me. New opportunities, joy, prosperity and focus come to my life when I live from love, as well as a natural fitness and healthy weight. In addtion to the marvelous glow of love which translates into service for other humans (as one benefit)–there is also much to be said for the discipline and science of body transformation. It gives discipline, focus, courage (those are some daggone heavy weights), fortitude, energy, comaraderie, determination, a sense of well-being–need I say more? All this translates into all areas of your life, not just physical fitness. And, last but not least (by any means)–I love having a slammin’ body as I near 55–something to be truly proud of!! 🙂

  • Terry Elkins

    I know one thing for sure, it’s hard to believe that transforming your body can change your life. You can hear that, and even believe it on superficial level, but until you actually experience it you will never understand what others are talking about. Once I lost my weight I had many aha! moments, and would say to myself, “that’s what they were talking about.”

    It’s hard to put into words, so my advice is simple–experience it for yourself. Then go back to Tom and go Ahaaaa!!!! That’s what you were talking about.

  • Laura

    I believe that body transformation impacts your ENTIRE life in immeasurable ways! There is so much carry over from self image and confidence to other aspects of life. I have personally experienced this, as well as some relapse and the negative carry over from going the other direction as well.

  • elena

    You only see the value of this question if you flip it .. Does letting your body ” fall apart /degenerate ” impact your life ? You all know the answer to that is totally. So it makes sense that of course transforming your body would transform your life. However there is a cache to that. If you do it motivated only by prize money or a holiday. Then no.. You have got to want to change your mind set that this is a lasting transformation only then will it become permanent. Chose your goal specifically then reset when you achieve that goal. You must transform and love the new life, if you transform but are miserable because the diet or exercise sucks in your opinion then you might get a good body and a sucky life if you chose the right diest for you and exercise you love then you get whole body transformation across the board.

  • F. Ann Whitaker

    Really… is there any doubt???? If you look better, you feel better – if you feel better you look better it’s all such a neat little transformation package! Our society is so full of image worship it becomes particularly difficult as we age. Society has a biased perception and a dismissive attitude toward those of us middle-age and older. Interacting with someone that is not “young” but looking good changes everyone’s perceptions and affords you greater respect, yes really! And who knows, your transformation may give someone else a little incentive to do more for themselves because they see you have made a commitment to improve your body and heck, and if you can do it maybe they can do it too.

  • Darlene

    The BFFM Transformation Community has literally kept me from going off the deep-end of obesity and the negative effects of unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle I am trying to change.
    Even though I have started this challenge many times before, (purchasing the ebook over 5 years ago!) and experiencing different levels of success, backsliding, starting over, etc., the fact that I was a member and put my stuff out there KEPT me coming back to keep trying!
    The experiences of others, successes and set-backs, encouraging posts and TEAM spirit has kept me trying!
    And now I feel like this time is MY TIME!
    I am working my way thru the entire program, no skimming thru chapters!
    I am building an accountability team around me and yelling it out to the world that this time I will finish!
    So, thanks for being there!

  • I totally agree with your statement. There is a strong mind/body connection and taking ownership over any part of your life has great power and influences every other part of your life. Being we believe we have such little influence over external circumstances, taking control of our own body definitely brings a sense of power into our lives.
    Adam Sheck

  • Martin Mahous

    Absolutely! And not just your life, but to some extent the life of those around you also. I am just at the beginning of my transformation (since I want the changes I make to be permanent, I’m taking it slow and just making BIG changes diet wise at first), but some changes are already showing (dropped a few pound already). At first, my spouse was skeptical but instead of just being there to support me, she decided to join me in this and now she is having results as well. I’m not doing this for my looks (although, I look forward to seeing my toes without bending over), but mainly to be in better health to be there for my kids, my family, friends and coworkers. And just making that decision to finally doing it, to tansform myself, it gave me more focus and more confidence and I KNOW that I will succeed. Will my body be transformed? Of course it will, and for the better (because let’s not forget that not all transformations are good); but it will more than anything change my whole being, my way of thinking and my outlook on life.

  • Tammy

    Yes, I believe that transforming one’s body transforms ones life.
    I expect that my life will open up with choices when I lose weight. Where I sit, what I wear, what I am able to physically do. Sad as it is, I’ll also have more people to choose from, as the stigma of fat will no longer accompany me.

  • Diederik

    Transforming my body did transform my entire life. I came from 20 percent body fat and I am now 12,2 percent body fat. I look at myself in a different way, a satisfied way. Knowing I paid my dues at 7 AM in de morning to do my cardio an abs session and another weight training session in the afternoon 6 times a week. I did that for myself and I managed to make big gains in a reasonable short time period once I started believing that I could actually achieve what I wanted. Liking what you see in the mirror and knowing that if you go for something you will obtain result gives you confidence. It is addictive, each time you expand your boundaries of what you are capable of. Just the fact of getting up in the morning gives me a rock start at work. A lousy attitude where you only sit on the couch and everything that you do costs energy has a lousy effect on every area of your life. If you are full of energy and have the mindset if I want my life to change, I have to change you´re optimistic and act hands on. If something does not work you try something else until you get what you want. Once you obtain the secret of goal achievement somebody would be really stupid if he would not apply that knowledge in other areas of their lifes where he wants change. Most of the times people have problems with seeing other people succeed while there do not. When you are truly happy with who you are you can be a better partner, a better friend and a better person as you want to share your success instead of putting people down about their success. It is a cliché, but you have to love yourself before you can love others. If you become better your life will become better.

    It changed my life emotionally, in relationships and in my business. And yet many positive changes to come! This is just the beginning…

  • hamza

    I’m from the second type
    and i thing that what you sayed is right i just begun trying to change my physique issues but i wouldn’t ever thing about fitness or physical appearance unless your inspiring and encouraging words
    i hope that you me help more because i thing that you have that sense of leadership

  • Michael Drummer

    When I was a young man I was very, very fit and healthy. One day I looked in the mirror and realized I had become a corporate creampuff. Something I swore would never happen after starting my career. I put together a plan to transform that night.

    I chose a triathlon as my goal and spent the next 8 months swimming, biking, running and lifting weights. I lost 45 pounds and finished that triathlon on Memorial Day weekend, 1986. It was an amazing journey but something magical happened…

    I was happier, more confident, my realtionships improved, I got a promotion and my income tripled. Every area of my life transformed and I’ve never been the same! It’s been nearly 30 yrs. but after a long illness, I’m about to do it again and enter the 2013 Burn the Fat Summer Challenge as my goal. Wish me luck. Thank you, Tom for all you do!!!


  • Patricia

    As a person who has lost a lot of weight before, and put it back on again, I have found that you need to transform your life- your thinking, your attitude, your thoughts, first, or at least at the same time as a body transformation- or it doesn’t stick. I personally feel the emotional, spiritual, and mental side comes first, then the body follows. As it follows, it then feeds more into that mental transformation. I am a “work in progress” down 35 lbs and going strong, and this time I have been changing from the inside out, rather than the outside in. After 40+ years, I found an exercise activity I truly LOVE! And food wise, it’s not a diet, it’s not a program, it’s a shift in being, a shift in the way I think about myself and what I want in my body. Some people may be able to achieve that by starting on the body first, I was not. I had to address the emotional issues beforehand, and then the spiritual, mental at the same time as the physical work. It’s been a long journey, and I’m almost at the mid point, but it’s been well worth it.

  • Anya

    I totally believe it can change your entire life! Before my wedding was the only time I dieted & was able to get to a weight/shape I was comfortable with, which I never attained/maintained either before or after that.

    The confidence I gained during that time, that I actually controlled my eating, the fact that I had a body I never thought I could have, changed the way I thought about myself. I had a peace and was comfortable in a way I never was before. Finally accepting yourself helps you be more relaxed about pretty much all other parts of life & you stop comparing your looks to others’, which is a huge waste of time.

  • Katherine

    You can’t truly transform your body without transforming your life. That’s called yo-yo dieting.

  • Kim Erickson

    Do you believe transforming your body can transform your ENTIRE life?
    Yes ! It is a ongoing process of improvement though not a defined destination

    Or… has it already happened to you? If so…
    Still transforming – but a fair way along my journey

    As a result of transforming your body physically, how has your entire life changed (or how to you expect it to change, if you are still a work in progress)?

    Increase confidence – Result putting my self forward and getting opportunities , better job , better pay.
    – allowed me to even consider the fact that some one would want to spend the life with me . Without this I would never found the love of my life 🙂

    More energy- resulting in a more active lifestyle – enjoying the outdoors , exploring the world instead of being a spectator

    Overall the journey is teaching me I can do hard things , and I can achieve … Success breeds Success 🙂

  • Yes, I definitely believe that “transforming your body will transform your life.” I’m the second type of person. I believed that the outward presentation of ourselves matters a lot. The better we look, the better we feel. And it is not only something outward, but metabolically something is working inside us to make us healthier, leaner, and stronger. Although there is a saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” a lot of times, we still do, and I’m not just referring to books.
    Currently, I consider myself average presentable. I am also in the initial stage. But I want to look better. I want to feel stronger and healthier.

  • wojari

    I believe that transformation of one’s body is one of the pathways to life transformation. It is to do with taking control of a part of your life and success will spill over and/or will change your beliefs, so that you control more parts of your life. So your self-esteem will grow, and will enable more growth etc..

  • Mike

    After a few decades hiatus, I am nearly a year back into weight-lifting. If I hadn’t got back into exercise I wouldn’t be keeping up with my sixteen-year-old son, which is important to me. My strength is up, along with my self-confidence and self-image. Probably I have more energy, though that seems more closely linked to my sleep patterns and whether I can avoid a lot of carbs at mealtime. I have been stuck at a plateau for the past six months: My arm-size is not increasing, and my waistline is not decreasing, despite the most regular exercise I’ve done in my life (and despite my partially successful efforts to eat clean and not too much). Plateaus are a bit dispiriting, which dampens somewhat the amazing lift I got out of my first few months working out.

  • Amber

    I agree. I have not transformed to where I want to be yet, once I have I know that my attitude will change. I feel much better when I am taking care of myself through excercise and making healthy eating choices.

  • sue o

    Yes it does! You feel better and have more confidence.

  • Wojtek

    Definitely yes!

    Strong and fit body = bright thinking, courage and power!

  • james

    Fittness …makes you more energized and mobile…strength and mobility are a small part ..
    It’s heart …the heart attitude !… opinions… outlook …body shape …come and go
    Be fit to live longer …not live to be fit …one gives more freedom ,and the other binds ..

  • Karen Hudson

    Yes I believe that transforming your body can have a major impact on other areas of your life. In my case, I was beginning to experience the negative effects of turning 50. In the past, I would gain 5-10 pounds and then lose it within a couple months. Once I hit 50, that 5-10 pounds turned to 25 pounds and it wasn’t nearly as easy to lose the weight. I had resigned myself to just getting old, fat and frumpy. I started experiencing health problems as well, more frequent and severe migraines, high blood pressure, inability to sleep at night, and I was becoming very irritable. I decided to give getting myself back into shape one last try and I’m very glad I did. I was able to drop my weight back down to what it was when I was in my 20’s and I lowered my body fat by 10%. My blood pressure went back down and the migraines are now much less frequent and definitely much more bearable. I am much happier, more self-confident, I care about my appearance once more, I have more energy and I’m sleeping better again at night. So my transformation not only improved my overall physique but it also improved my health, my family life, and my personal sense of well being. I plan to continue to work out and have set a goal of getting my body fat down to around 13%. For me having a goal ensure that I stay on track and continue to live the healthy lifestyle I have set for myself. One other added benefit is that my family also gains from my being more fit as our meals are healthier. My daughter is now working on getting into better shape herself and I feel my transformation is the major reason why so when you transform yourself others around you definitely benefit as well.

  • Nightparrot

    Hello Tom, hello everybody , thank you for posting this competition : ) .
    First I would like to introduce myself : my name is Radu , I am an artist, writer and enthusiast . I’ve been having weight problems for as long as I can remember . Until recently , I never had a clear path until I’ve started to document myself on sports , nutrition and motivation .
    I went from 104 kgs in December to 84 kgs at the moment . My goal is to reach 77kgs with 8% bodyfat till August .
    Do you believe transforming your body can transform your ENTIRE life?
    Yes I do believe that transforming your body can transform your life, both physically and mentally . But I also believe that transforming your life will also transform your body , it works both ways I guess .
    The moment you realise where you are and set a clear goal to where you want to be and follow your plans step by step , your life starts to change .
    The moment you change your nutrition, become better at gym, try to defeat your previous cardio records , you can expect visible change in your personality and in your body .
    As Tom previously stated in his article, you have to change your perspective, to accept life’s hardships as a challenge and not a curse .

  • I do believe that transforming your body can transform your entire life. Life is much more enjoyable when you’re fit and healthy. You look good and you feel good, and you’re more productive in everything you do.

    There are many things in life you can’t control, but you can control what type of body you have. Transforming your body from overweight and out of shape to healthy, fit and strong will greatly increase your self-confidence and self-esteem, and this increased self-confidence and self-esteem will carry over into all areas of your life.

    I feel so strongly that transforming your body can transform your entire life that I created my own health and fitness website so I could help others get fit and healthy.

  • Jill

    Transforming your body can transform your life if you allow your mind to be transformed in the process!
    I am a work in progress, but since I attacked my body & mind transformation in January 2013 my life has already been forever changed for the better.
    My self work inspired my husband of 24 years to work on himself. Now we are closer than we have ever been & we have fitness & activity at the core of our relationship ((and Star Trek – can’t forget Star Trek)).
    I have also gained a better understanding of my own strength and worth. Events that effectively ‘broke’ me last year no longer have the power to impact my mental or physical health, that power is mine alone now.
    I think that I am just at the beginning of my transformation; I am excited to see where else it leads.
    I am also interested in seeing where the responses to this survey lead you!

  • Barb M.

    This is fundamentally important to me, personally, as I was fit all my life until recently. Except for each of my 9 months of pregnancy, (four kids) and the following postpartums, although some would say I was fairly fit the last three pregnancies too. So, I find myself a “senior” in a “Senior Gym” at a “Senior Center.” I like it; the people are older, wiser, and a lot less assuming than at the other rec centers or gyms I’ve attended, and I’ve attended them all.
    I have been depressed, going on a few years now, my kids are all growing up and have their own lives, and my husband and my lifestyles are so different, yet, I do my best to maintain the relationship and love.
    So I find myself in this place again ready to do this challenge. We did the challenge a few summers ago together and I was proud of how he did. I find that my mental, physical, and spiritual health are all intertwined. It truly begins with my spiritual self, and I have to believe the truth about myself; that I am created in God’s image and He loves me and finds me beautiful. That is what I stand on. That I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
    Then I have to find that center which powers my ability to make it happen. That’s mental. I find that place, that reason, that drive, to do whatever it takes regardless of what is going on in my life or in the world.
    Yet, I find that when I can bless others, be a positive influence in other’s lives, and give of myself as well, I get much more out of it then I would if I was in it for myself. So I have decided to be a blessing at the Senior Center and try to bring a smile or a kind word to those God brings my way. Today, I found that opportunity. A kind-eyed lady looked over at me, doing my overhead presses (measly weights because I’ve not yet gotten strong..lol) and said, “You are my inspiration. I’d like to look like you.” I said, “Thank you,” and we proceeded to talk as worked out. I hope I can inspire her in more ways than just physical, and yet, I am grateful to be able to do that for someone else, just as I am inspired by other’s success story.
    May we all lend a hand, a kind word, give, rather than take…we will bless others and in turn be blessed to overflowing~

  • Bella

    I think when you seek the reasons why you want to transform, the achievement alone brings out other positive aspects in your life as well. When you seek the right reasons that is. If they are for reasons that are only vain, or for someone else, it not only will be more difficult to achieve but may not prove to teach the individual anything really valuable. Thus we have the large ‘drop out’ category. It’s when we dig deep and find meaning, that the abundance will just flow.

    I feel that everyone is always a work in progress at any time, even when they achieve their goal. There is always room for improvement. Always!

    I have a goal to compete in bikini. It’s been in my heart for decades and I’ve never followed the dream until now. I will not give up the goal now that I have realized and actualized it. It’s real and it doesn’t go away in my heart and brain for some reason. I almost feel unrest if I don’t follow through. At 34, better now than regret it when I’m 50. Bring it!

  • kris roy

    Dear Tom,
    I strongly believe that transforming my body will transform my life forever. I’m not there yet, but surely on the way . I’ve lost 24 lbs, gained a fair bit of lean muscles and lowered by RHR from 82 to 62.I’m still 15 lbs away from my goal weight but already feel like my life is changed! Before all these I could barely stand more than 10 minutes due to severe Achilles tendonitis (both legs)and laterally tilted patellas, I could hardly cut a vegetable, thanks to my tennis elbows (both hands)and was out of breath even after climbing a few stares. Now,I can swim a mile, bench press 50lbs of barbell and even have ran two half marathons on the elliptical.I can wear nice dresses what was like an unattainable dream,walk tall, and feel like an athelete.I’m so thankful to Tom for the wonderful books (BFFM, and The Holi Grail)and motivating newsletters.I’m so thankful to the moment I decided to walk on the path of fitness and saved my paining body and depressed soul from the sure way to hell!

  • roger

    Most of us, I believe, can’t make body changes without making lifestyle changes, at least if you want the changes to stay. So I think the ultimate answer is ‘it all depends what the person wants and how much they are willing to invest in themselves’.

    Regards – Roger

  • Ray

    Absolutely. Confidence, motivation, discovering that you can tackle the big things in life. Usually a whole body transformation requires that you tackle mental, physical, emotional issues. By succeeding in a body transformation (which I am assuming is not a weekend project) will require significant habit forming and goal setting activities. This will change your life in the way you act. Your healthier body will most likely be “cleaner” with a better hormone balance, giving you a different feeling and clarity as well as the obvious improvements to physical capacity and reductions in a variety of illnesses and consequences of those illnesses (Type II diabetes, joint pain, acne and other skin issues, lethargy, reduced libido, etc.).

  • Angie N

    Absolutely I believe if you transform your body transforming your life will come naturally. Once one gains control of themselves, then they can gain control of other aspects of life. If you feel better about yourself, have more energy, it will allow you to take control of things in your life that were once out of control. It will carry over into your day to day activities, give you the confidence you probably did not have before. I believe it is never too late to transform your body or your life.

  • clint

    Became a member last year after being referred from a friend and its transformed my life.
    Id now like to do the same for a friend and pay it forward.
    Its life changing.

  • Ken Logan

    When I bought the book “build the fat, burn the muscle”, and then joined Adam Waters RTP program, my WHOLE LIFE CHANGED. I fought the fear factor, the uncomfortable factor, the lazy factor and embraced the “Champion Factor”. a champion does DAILY what ordinary people do occasionally….Carlo DeJesus. this site is an indescribable opportunity to have accountability and support. Tom you are the BEGINNING of everyone’s journey to becoming all that we can be. Congratulations to you and thank you for persisting in the fickle world of body building. You have solid facts and probability that single little steps work. Glad to be back on line with all of you in this community. drken

  • Catherine

    Yes, it can transform your life. I used to be extremely fit. I was proud of myself. I was full of positive thoughts and energy. My relationships were strong and I inspired others to reach their diet/fitness goals. My career skyrocketed. Every goal I set for myself, I found easy to attain. Anything was possible to me. My energy levels were high and my confidence was high; I experienced no social anxiety.
    Being 35 pounds heavier and out of shape has had a negative impact. I am not as confident (although I pretend) and I experience social anxiety. I avoid friends and family because I don’t want to be seen. My job has lost it’s appeal. Friends that looked up to me are disappointed. I wake up tired and nauseous. I feel uncomfortable in my own skin.
    Getting back into shape would transform everything by changing negative thoughts into positive thoughts and positive results.

  • Sally

    I was a chubby child, overweight teenager and obese adult until I was 30. Then I decided to see what it was like being thinner. I felt that, even if I discovered a cure for cancer, that I would still be a failure because I was fat. By 33 I had lost over 50kg. But it was never enough. I could never be too lean, too muscled, too fit. It became obsessive and led to eating disorders – anorexia and bulemia, using overtraining to purge, and then to binge eating. What I really needed was to transform how I felt about myself and focus on healthy, moderate eating and activity. From this, comes a body that I can comfortably maintain and emotional wellbeing. Rather than trying to control and bully my body into something that takes all my energy and focus to maintain. I owuld be more interested in a 10 year “transformation contest”. Namely, one where 10 years later the people had retained heathly lifestyle habits: eating moderately, exercising moderately, managing their stress and were the same weight as when they started. (Please don’t use my email address or identify me in any postings.)

  • Vadis

    When I began my journey at a size 18 to a healthier me, I expected to re-discover the old me, a size 6. Instead, I found a new & more interesting. This journey is hard, but I have learnt so much about and from this new person.

    Gone was the insecure person, who hid from difficult situations….I was now embracing and responding to challenges. I was more positive in my thought processes and in personal & professional life.

    While I haven’t accomplished my health & fitness goals as yet, the journey has been an incredible experience, for me and those around me. I have now come to appreciate this transformed lifestyle, and excited to continue my development.

  • John Michael

    Transforming my body has kept me going in dark times. The positive feeling from fitness counteracts negative mood. And the unbelievable feeling of fitness through exercise brings enjoyment, satisfaction, direction and elation.

  • Deborah

    I have lost about 55 pounds and kept them off for the past nine years. However, I have not been able to work out for the past year and a half due to severe back and neck pain, as well as a severe trauma in my family. I can say that losing the weight changed my life in many ways, all positive. It was not just a surface change at all. I am at a point where I need help getting back in shape, and your program interests me, but I am concerned about my physical limitations. What can someone like me do?

  • Jeremy

    Through my process I’ve realized many things. I choose to do more things in life when I feel confident. When I am in better shape I am more confident. What a new body and healthy lifestyle do for me in this process is reduce unnecessary anxiety as I am using both exercise and food as my medication, eliminating the need for prescriptions. It makes a huge difference in how people treat you and more importantly how you treat yourself.

  • Theresa Siegel

    I definitely believe that transforming ones body can have profound positive effects related to the rest of life. I am a work in progress and am not where I want to be yet, but through the journey these past 3 years I have seen very positive results in my thought process. I have better self esteem and less negativity and these improve with each phase of my overall body transformation. As I am learning to love my body more I am also learning to love all of me and that carries over to the relationships in my life.

  • Ryan Magoffin

    Our physical state of being as well as our perception of our physical state of being affects many if not all aspects of life. When I have been fit I have confidence and energy to accomplish whatever I intend to do. When I’m not fit I lose confidence in other areas, and I just don’t have the energy to do what I need to do. So the transforming of my body from fit to not fit, to fit has had an impact in all areas of my life, not just physically.

  • Hi Tom,

    As always, you are totally on the money about the effect of exercise and fitness on your life. There is loads of research from neuroscience and psychiatry showing how even small amounts of exercise positively affect your brain. The more you exercise and the fitter you get… the better your brain works. Too bad the pharmaceutical companies have such a grip on pushing pills – you can’t bottle and patent exercise. Check out this brilliant book detailing what neuroscience has been showing for decades. It’s called Spark: How exercise will improve the performance of your brain, by John Ratey (2010).

    Even before you start transforming your body, getting moving changes your life. Exercise and fitness are the gifts that keep on giving.

    Best wishes,

    Barb Frey
    Perth Australia

  • Neil

    Tom, I think the answer is absolutely. For anyone that makes a serious commitment to this they will see multiple benefits. However, I for one have not seen the “Tony Robbins” complete life transformation but I also believe in his philosphy and point of view. Without a doubt, I think one will see stress reduction, mood elevation and a better feeling of optomism at least for me. Other important benefits for me is really a sense of accomplishment and confidence. It is very satisfying to have someone comment that “you really look good”. This is the motivation that keeps you going.


  • Shan

    I do believe that transforming your body can transform your life, largely due to the mental and emotional transformation that will necessarily accompany such a major transformation.
    It’s about gaining trust in yourself to do something incredible, to survive something difficult, and to accomplish something worthwhile. The actual physical transformation becomes a constant reminder of your ability to achieve amazing things.
    It’s about solidifying the belief that you can pursue and obtain goals you thought were beyond reach.
    It’s about learning never to settle.

  • Rachel

    Hi! I have a number of thoughts on this one–so bear with me.

    I first read your e-book a couple years ago in one of my university summers. I was in the middle of a music degree where I was constantly pushed to my limits and felt like I was drowning in it. I decided to find something else to focus on over the summer, and figured that eating well and exercising was about as good a goal as I could pick.
    I grew up an overweight child, and then lost weight as soon as I moved out and got to college, but was never content with how I looked. But I was also determined that I would not change my habits only for the sake of being skinny–I wanted above all to be healthy. I knew that if I put my mind to something I could do it, but I didn’t want that to be any sort of disorder.
    Feeling good, knowing that I was doing good things for my body–and looking better–all gave me more confidence. Exercise gave me strength and endurance, and calmed my stressed nerves, and eating often kept my energy up for the 16-hour days. Weight training also kept me safe from injuring my arms playing piano. All these things add up to a better quality of life. Confidence also seems to be contagious–and people like being around people who are comfortable with themselves.
    Fast forward three years, and I’ve had mono, gotten married, and have a damaged stomach lining because of stress. I’m on the mend, thanks to a really smart naturopath doctor, but after a year of being sick, I have had to make peace with the fact that being healthy is goal #1 again. I have a ton of temporary allergies, and so long as I stick with them, I feel okay. But as I feel better, I’ve noticed a couple things–1) I’ve taught myself to eat for the sake of energy. As my natural energy returns, I find that I am losing weight without much effort, as if my body knows that its equilibrium belongs somewhere else. 2) I have comfort in knowing that when I am all healed, I have the tools and knowledge to improve my quality of life; 3) I am used to making my own food–and when the doctor diagnosed a temporary allergy to gluten, dairy, eggs, beans, etc–many of my staples–it was not nearly the shock to my life as it would have been otherwise.
    So… in short, my answer is–of course it transforms your life. Health is not a vanity issue, and nothing you prescribe is against health. When you have more confidence, it seeps into every area of your life. When you have a positive experience with goal-setting, it enables you to transfer those skills to other areas of life. When you are delighted to find that you are able to change one area of your life, you are more likely to be inspired toward things you’ve always wanted to achieve but never thought you could.
    For me, having more stability and health in my habits helped me get through a terribly stressful degree; it helped me persevere through it because I always knew that at least one thing was going right in my life, no matter what mood the music, lesson, or performance left me in that day.

  • Carrie madu

    Yes, I do believe that a physical change to health and body can and will impact other areas of people’s lives. I also believe that fear of change, even good change, subconsciously holds people back. I think the real bonus would be in helping people get to the heart of their fears in order to step forward into a healthier more vibrant life. All of the goals in the world won’t help if you’re subconsciously sabotaging yourself. Whether it be a form of self punishment or maybe a fear of being noticed when you do get healthier and look better.

  • Nozipho O. Musakwa

    I believe changing my body will transform my life. Currently I am very timid and cautious about what people think of me because of how I look. When I was younger and had no problems with my weight, I could speak confidently without fear of what people though, but now I feel everyone judges me for the way I look even when I speak things that make sense. It doesn’t help that I am in the nutrition field and I am supposed to motivate people to eat healthier.

  • Roman

    I think that the body transformation itself is not transforming the whole life, but instead it gives a chance to a person to do the life transformation for himself, i.e. it is only one variable in the complex “equation of life”. Usually overweight or untrained people tend to have lower self-esteem and motivation, and transforming own body might improve this sad situation, but what happens after that is fully in hands of the person in question. (A joke comes to mind here, “I finally lost my weight, and discovered that I never had friends not because I was overweight, but because I am an a$$hole.”)

  • Santhosh Kumar

    I have always maintained a good physique and the mails I get from u always helps me to stay motivated. It’s a great feeling to stay in good shape and the most important thing is that u never feel aged. You are always young as ever and still have the same power as u used to have in ur prime days.

  • Anne

    You are on to something Tom. When I am totally happy in my own skin – everything else just works. Things fall into place for me. Some call it “the secret”. When you are filled with positive energy as a result of feeling good about yourself, the universe provides more positive stuff in your life.

  • Eric

    Yes, I absolutely believe transforming my body can transform my entire life. In the past this has affected me in the positive and negative. From a sudden weight/fat gain, confidence was lost in how I moved, operated at work and brought forth a few other limitations that seemed to just spread. With a recent wakeup call, training lightly and the momentum started to return. As I now to start to exercise, I’ve began to remember who I am, what I want, to removing those limitations on what I can do and lot of that crazy doubt that seems to pop up out of nowhere. As I am still a work in progress, I expect to have more energy/drive to do the things I’ve set out to do.

  • Katie P

    Hi Tom,
    I was listening to one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands today and the following line jumped out at me:

    “Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind…” (The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday)

    I am just a beginner here – Have been receiving your newsletters for a while now and am finally about to brave the gym to change my life.
    I have Bi-Polar Disorder and was a relatively healthy 27 year old 5 years ago when I was diagnosed. I hit the gym hard for a while then, but had a major depression the next year. I lost a lot of weight and was actually quite underweight at the time. Since then I have been placed on a medication that caused a large weight gain of around 40kg taking me up to close to 90kg which given my height (5’2″), is incredibly unhealthy. I have heard that it is very hard to shift the weight that you put on with this particular medication, but I’m going to give it a try.
    I am hoping to get better control over all aspects of my life and to carry the confidence of losing weight into other areas of my life and to get my condition under control. I am taking my partner along for the ride and it can only strengthen our bond.

    So here’s hoping! May this journey be lifelong and a chance for me to finally get things under control and reach my dreams.

    Sorry for the long post but I feel I need to fully lay out my reasons so I can hold myself to a higher level 🙂

    Thanks for reading! KT 🙂

  • Kristine Jansone

    Transofrming my body has definitely transformed my

  • Kristine J.

    I’ve been trying to transform my body for the past two months and I can assure that it has transformed my life as well. It has given the meaning to my life. I feel that I live. I see all this body transformation process as my hobby, which makes me feel busy and happy.
    I’ve always looked at myself as a bit chubby and fatter than my friends. However now, not only I’m thinner than they are, but I’m also much much leaner. I’ve regained my self-confidence and feel very proud of myself that at the age of 30 I’ve got the best body I have ever had in my life.
    For the past 15 years I’d been dumb dieting whole year round. Starting the diet each January and ruining it around August. I never knew what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. I was either eating almost nothing (diet) or overeating (after being tired of dieting). I was constantly feeling hungry, unhappy and ill. I needed a program. And now I’ve got it. Amazing! My life, eating habits and workouts have changed in as little as two months. I really feel so happy and full of energy!
    By the way… my husband and my mother-in-law are transforming successfully their bodies as well. I’ve become their personal dietician and nutritionist. Moreover, I’m seriously thinking of studying to become one. Thank you, TOM!

  • Helle

    Absolutely, a transform of your body will mean extremely much for both your physical and psychical state, and also very, very important is how you want to live when you retire from work, and you have all the time in the world to really enjoy life, travel, do things with grandchildren or something else where you depend on your health, it is when you are younger you will establich the possibility of a healthy, happy and active person instead of a person who might fight against a lot of diseases which have been avoided if you had been more active also when you were younger.

  • L McTaggart

    I am going to transform to be the very best I can be! BFFM is a proven tool and I will use it to my full potential to get into the best shape of my life.

  • peter

    On some level yes, as you start being perceived differently by other people and that may motivate you to do things you didn’t have courage to do before.

  • Jay F.

    Yes I believe a body transformation will benefit your whole life and life style in all aspects, You will have more energy,confidence, have better health to live longer and keep your sicknesses down can be off all meds. your thoughts will be clearer,and you will challenge yourself to things you would never do before.

  • valerie chesher

    Yes definitely!

    I strongly believe that when you change or transform your body to a healthier lean or toned body..not only do you get more energy,strength and more awareness..but also mentally you are more happy with yourself and what you have acophished..you also have to change your way of thinking about everything so one doesn’t fall back on everything that has been gained…i feel that i am changing inside and out through my journey..but i strongly believe that it takes faith in one’s self to obtain what you want out of life..

  • Kieran

    Transforming your entire life through whatever means is a big ask. I’m on this website because I believe that transforming my body will make a significant difference to my life; to my own confidence, to how I feel about myself, to how I act and behave and to how others perceive me and interact with me. I expect my life to be improved, but for it to be transformed some other changes have to come about and I’m not sure they will happen purely on the basis that I have transformed my body. However, transforming my body may well be the catalyst that brings about the events that transform my entire life.

  • Melissa Castle

    I think the answer to this question comes down to the individual. I think a significant body transformation can change one’s entire life, but for me personally I wouldn’t say that it has. I was never obese, I just noticed that I was getting a little bigger than I was comfortable with so I started looking for solutions on how to change and build the body that I’ve always wanted. I would like to have been able to do this when I was younger, I’ve always been an athletic, active person, but I was missing nutrition knowledge so even though I worked out and lifted heavy weights 15 years ago, my body didn’t change much (based on outward appearance) because I wasn’t feeding it properly. Now with a little experience and wisdom under my belt, I’m doing the workouts and eating in a way that’s helped me change my body. I like what I see in the mirror and I enjoy the process of creating meals that satisfy me, both physically and mentally/emotionally. Has this changed my entire life? No, I wouldn’t say it has, but I sure do feel better and enjoy a lot of the activities I do more.

  • Richard Killion

    Dear Tom,
    Last Summer I chose to work regularly with a trainer after being obese and unfit for many years. He taught me many things about strength training and overall fitness. I was starting to make progress and more importantly my mind started to shift.
    I took a week’s vacation in California and arrived home in time for Hurricane Sandy. My workplace in lower Manhattan was uninhabitable for over three months and I spent my time working from home. The gym I went to had to be shut down as well. Needless to say, I’m back to where I started.
    I know the hard way that the changes I made last Summer were not superficial in any way. It gave me confidence and helped battle depression. Somehow I will be in that place again.
    Richard K.
    Mount Kisco, NY

  • David M

    I truly believe that transforming one area of your life can profoundly transform your whole life. I’ve struggled with my weight for years, but once I conquered one area of my life, other areas now look very possible to change and make a complete transformation of my life. I struggled with alcohol, but once I gave it up once and for all (9 months sober as of today – is that a rebirth or what?!), other transformations started happening too. Initially 15 lbs dropped off just from not consuming the empty calories. But on top of that, the principles that helped me remove alcohol from my life can be applied to all areas of my life and bring about a transformation of my whole life. The way that one physical aspect of your life can affect another is amazing. Dropping alcohol from my life reduced my blood pressure, improved my complexion, lowered my weight and gave me a positive outlook that says, “Hey, if I can accomplish this, I can accomplish other difficult things in my life too!”. The effect is contagious, and I know that by achieving more of my weight and fitness goals I can improve my cholesterol, relieve my back pain, fit in my clothes better and achieve a real sense of accomplishment that will transform my whole life. Bring it on, one challenge at a time. I’m ready!

  • Yvonne T

    I am a work in progress. I struggle with stop-and-go issues. I know what I need to do, I just struggle to apply them. I tend to make excuses (didn’t get enough sleep, don’t have time, etc.) If I could install the healthy habits into my life and stick with them I could prove to myself that I am capable of making change and transforming myself. Once I have accomplished this I could apply it to other areas in my life that I have stalled out on. This is not a superficial or vain ambition. Being healthy should be a priority. It contributes to a better life in general. My family and my career would benefit from a healthier me.

  • Denise

    Sometimes you can have an image of yourself that won’t seem to quit. I had super skinny siblings that called me fat. Technically, I was really normal and quite active, but felt enormous. I was a normal weight(between 128-135 lbs/5’7″) for about 25 years but could never get accustomed to it. Inside I felt like an elephant. It felt uncomfortable. I had trouble with people looking at my body. Now I am more than 120 lbs heavier and of course, nobody looks at me now. But believe it or not, that is easier for me. My internal image has not changed and I am what I know I am and am sadly more comfortable with being large. But I hate the lack of health and the difficulties that come with it. I just know that being thin scares me. I feel less secure, if that makes sense. I don’t want the excess fat anymore, but I know I can’t handle being thin. It is a very real quandry for me. I lost 42 pounds a couple of years ago, but lately, it is creeping back. I seem to sabotage weight loss every time. Wish there was a way to change the inner part first. The outer change makes me so fearful. Wish I could give the kind of response others gave below. Sorry. I guess the answer to the question is, “yes, it does.” But then the next question should be, “are you able to live with it?”

  • For me, this is a no-brainer! Transforming my body has absolutely changed my life. I went from a smoking, drinking couch potato to a hiking, mountain biking fitness maniak! It has brought me a new outlook on life, new friends and huge amounts of self confidence.
    Besides this, even if you only look at the change in the body, it is way beyond superficial, because of the huge health benefits (insulin, cholestrol, blood pressure, bone density, joint strength etc etc)

  • Dan

    Yes, I believe that achieving and maintaining a strong, lean and healthy body goes way beyond cosmetics and vanity. In addition to the things you’ve already mentioned, Tom, I would add the following:

    – The ancient Greek philosophers, whose thoughts still pervade Western civilization today, believed whole-heartedly in the concept of “sound mind, sound body”. They spent as much time in the gym (they invented the word, after all) as they did debating philosophy. Any life coach or self-help guru can tell you that if any one area of your life, including physical health, is out of alignment, the rest will suffer.

    – Many people have stated that being physically fit can change the way you think about yourself and how others view you. But it’s not just the state of being fit–there is also the confidence that comes from completing a long and difficult task. Achieving fitness goals can be a springboard to achieving in other areas of life.

    – It should go without saying that maintaining a fit body can significantly extend both the length and quality of your life.

  • Sylvie

    Absolutely! Achieving something so grand as transforming your body would transform your beliefs of what is possible and achievable. Once one breaks that inner barrier, they can achieve practically anything in their life.

  • Ricardo Silva

    Yes, i believe and it have happened to me!
    I were skiny and do not have confidence neither self esteem! when i began training to have a body more strong it had side effects because i began feeling more atractive, and the other people see it and it help me gratly to improve my confience and self esteem which have make me more happy, more realized in all áreas of life!
    It give me a desire to live and take the better what the life have to offer!!

  • Simon

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  • E Howard

    I do think physical transformation good or not as good impacts all aspects of our lives. I have been on a journey where I experienced positive transformation (A continuous work in progress) and it has changed my time management priorities, activity preferences, how I choose to interact with family and friends, how I work through issues and widened my perception of whati can accomplish.

  • Crystal

    I have already undergone a body transformation that changed my entire life. November 12, 2006 I was 199 pounds. I’m 5’4″ so that’s a lot of weight on a small person. I read Tom’s Burn the Fat ebook and started applying the principles a bit at a time. Before I knew it, I had started dropping the fat and gaining muscle. It was around this time that I realized that my marriage was not making me happy since he never wanted to do any of the active things I was now partaking in. I ended up divorced and starting a new life. Over the course of the next few months, I dropped even more fat, eventually getting to an almost 60 pound total loss. It was because of my new favorite activity (running) that I got talked into moving several states away on my own with no friends or family around. There, I met the love of my life and we are about to be married in a couple of months! Body transformation truly can change your whole life and I’m living proof of that! Now to lose those few “happiness” pounds that have crept back on since I met my mate! 🙂

  • Andreas Bjurling

    Yes, my body transformation has tought me so much about myself, I know now that I am capable of so much more than I could ever imagine before I started to change. My body leads the way to a better me and old obstacles seem to diminish and disappear more and more the longer I keep working to achieve my goals.

  • Andy

    Will increase confidence and energy levels. Will have a remarkable impact on my family life

  • Wendy Starilng

    Yes, you can transform your life as you transform your body….if you want your life transformed as much as you want if for your body.

    I finished reading the first chapter of BFFM, put it to the side and wrote down my fitness goals and than a list of affirmations. I printed them out and I was reading over my goals as I was taping it to the mirror when I realized that I should this with other things in my life, other goals and things I want to achieve.

    I started using the disciplines, positive thinking and visualization techniques I learned from the BFFM book to transforming my body, to first transform my entire way of thinking and how I viewed everything. I made a conscience effort, forcing myself to put things in the positive present tense until it became automatic. I keep a list of my affirmations with me, and every time I catch myself thinking negatively I stop and say 3 positive things.

    In 9 weeks of training, I am down 14 lbs. and 3% BF. Seeing these results in my body gives me motivation to keep going and makes it easier to apply the same principals to the rest of my life: school, finances, work, relationships… it just spills over.

  • Courtney

    1) Do you believe transforming your body can transform your ENTIRE life?

    Yes! Everything changes when you are comfortable in your body. You are more confident and happier and you are just overall a completely different person.

    2) As a result of transforming your body physically, how has your entire life changed (or how to you expect it to change, if you are still a work in progress)?

    I expect that it will make me more confident less depressed about the way I look and how uncomfortable I am at my current weight.

  • Bill Jeffrey

    (This is from a retired, out-of-shape fat guy who is about to change.) If changing my (or your) body just is to look good at the beach, I wonder if it’s worth doing. On the other hand, changing my body to get more out of each day, better health and energy, and maybe more years of life, is worth it, and definitely is life changing. Be well, Tom, and thanks.

  • Brian T

    Transforming your body in the right direction absolutely transforms your life. However, the transformation process begins in the mind, and the body change, assuming that is one’s goal, reflects the positive transformation on the inside. It is my belief, speaking as one who is transforming from from a 350 lb individual with a terrible and damning sense of self, that a positive mind and body change leads to completely new personal avenues of thinking and revelations. Life changes in completely unexpected and joyful ways when one shines in the real world as they were meant to…without spiritual, emotional, and physical barriers that are within their own power to change. I personally have dropped to 270 over the last couple of months and have already experienced new feelings I had not known existed before eliminating some of this huge barrier. Although I have a long road to tow, I can only barely fathom what exciting adventures and joyful experiences await upon reaching my complete transformation! It is a journey that began in the third grade (while first building up my own barrier to really living life) and has extended nearly three decades. I am ready for this one to end and the next phase of my life to begin. It will be a wholly complete transformation for my best where few who know me will recognize me.

  • Beau Bedore


    I am convinced that transforming your body can–and will– transform your life! In my early twenties, I read Bill Phillip’s book “Body-for-LIFE” and experienced a profound transformation as I completed the 12-week challenge. His book was my first introduction to the bodybuilding lifestyle. However, it wasn’t until I read your book “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” that I truly “got it” and felt like I had at last “cracked the code”: Finally, someone had actually explained the Law of Calorie Balance and the Mathematics of Losing Body Fat. I followed your approach and saw the most dramatic changes in my body and health profile that I had ever seen! Suddenly, people were approaching me at work and the gym and asking me what program I was following. Without hesitation, I would tell them to read “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.” I have been burning the fat and feeding the muscle for two years now and continue to achieve unprecedented results. Your book helped me unlock my full genetic potential and I continue to make new gains! In fact, people who come to me for fitness advice know that I refer to you as “my coach, Tom” because you were the person who truly taught me the science of transformation. I firmly believe that a healthy mind resides inside a healthy body, which is why I recommend your book to all my friends and family. Thanks coach!

    With gratitude and admiration,


  • Sandy

    “Do you believe transforming your body can transform your ENTIRE life?”


    “As a result of transforming your body physically, how to you expect it to change, if you are still a work in progress?”

    I believe transforming my body can free me from self-consciousness and will give me more confidence, which in turn can help me be more successful when interacting with other people. Transforming my body can free me to do activities or sports I think would be FUN, but am too BIG to do. And Transforming my body will give me more energy and focus. I think it would be like having a whole new life in many ways!

    • Sandy C.

      Forgot to type my last initial to my entry above, and edits / corrections aren’t permitted. ~~Hope this is an okay route to correct my typo!

  • Gil

    Yes, I firmly believe that transforming your physical appearance can transform your attitude and the way you interact with the world at large. I guess I would fall in to the “work in progress” camp 🙂 but I totally see some of the subtle and overt ways being in great shape can have a profound impact on one’s quality of life.

    1. Energy and focus – at work, at home,in sports
    2. Self-confidence – greater self worth can improve one’s career, enable one to believe in dreams, seize opportunities and attract desirable relationships
    3. Health – reducing risk for various preventable medical conditions

    These are just a few of the residual benefits I believe will manifest for me as a result of seriously working on my body.

  • Cookster

    Do you believe transforming your body can transform your ENTIRE life?
    Most definitely can it transform your life completely. Back in2003 I had lost about 50 pounds by working out at the gym with the assistance of a personal trainer and by eating healthier. I went from wearing big loose fitting clothing to buying normal size clothing wear. This was also due because there is family history of heart disease and weight issues. I knew I did not want to go that path and what I needed to do to reverse that cycle as much as possible. Now after 10 years later I’ve gained weight and I am on a mission to lose those again. Hard work, dedication, healthy eating, joining a support group and by mentally being prepared can one achieve this transformation. As of Monday I can say that I am a work in progress and I hope to be able to bring a new life into this world by losing weight before I begin this journey.

  • Dino

    I think it will because you will realize that you can do anything if you can change your body. I have been talking about getting in shape for years. I start and stop before anything happens and continue to say the same thing year after year. It seems to carry over in other things I think about or try doing. Hopefully this will be the year I can make it happen.

  • Brenda Garlow

    Yes, without a doubt I know and believe transforming your body changes your entire life!
    Being in better shape allows you to move easier which in turn gets you out doing more, which gets you around people more. I’m hesitant to say the truth is, people treat fit people better. I have lost over 100 pounds and have about 100 more to go. It only gets better!
    I could write a novel on the subject, but not here today lol. 🙂

  • Adrian Scarpari

    Absolutely! More confidence in yourself translates to more confidence in everything that you do. The discipline that is required to transform your body can’t help but affect other areas of your life.

  • mtucker

    I am 50 years old have lost 40lbs since November 2012. My body has started taking shape it hasn’t seen since my twenties I feel better now than when I was 35. I quit smoking started eating whole foods and workout 6 days a week. My wife has joined me in this transformation. We workout two days a week together. The lifestyle changes we have made has brought us closer together since our 21 years of marriage. My 16 year old daughter has started working out with us and eating more whole foods. I have had several people come to me and tell me what an inspiration I have been to them and they talk with me regularly about their goals and how to obtain them.I am currently embarking on changing my career to nutritionist and sports trainer. So my lifestyle changes have literally changed all facets of my life from my work to my love life to my family and friends and I still have goals to achieve.

    • Awesome story! Inspirational and helpful.

      I turned 50 in March and look forward to the benefits of transforming…

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Jose Alfredo

    “All disciplines affect each other. Mistakenly the man says, ‘This is the only area where I let down.’ Not true. Every let down affects the rest. Not to think so is naive.” — Jim Rohn

    “Take, for instance, studies from the past decade examining the impacts of exercise on daily rutines. When people start habitually exercising, even as infrequently as once a week, they start changing other, urelated patterns in their lives, often unknowingly. Typically, people who exercise start eating better and becoming more productive at work. They smoke less and show more patience with colleagues and family. They use their credit cards less frequently and say they feel less stressed. Its not completely clear why. But for many people, exercise is a keystone habit that triggers widespread change. Exercise spills over, said James Prochaska, a University of Rhode Island researcher. Theres something about it that makes other good habits easier.” ” – The Power of Habit, Why we do what we do in life and business. Charles Duhigg

  • Adrian Scarpari

    The discipline learned and required to achieve such a transformation will absolutely (and instinctively) be applied to other areas of your life!

  • Sandra J. S.

    I do believe transforming your body can transform your entire life and I have experienced it on both ends of the spectrum!
    I knew the joy, strength and health of the lean, muscular body I built by lifting and dancing for many years. I felt as if everything I did was easy, light and successful. Then I felt the depression, weakness, adrenal failure and increasing illnesses when I lost myself in a “career” and stopped exercising, losing muscle, gaining weight. It seemed I’d lost not just myself, my joy in life, but my sense of purpose. My world began to shrink and everything I did was a struggle.

    Now I’m on that hard way back. Back to that strong, lean me that I realize I liked very much and have missed terribly. Back to the joy, the energy, the high that I know I will feel again. This time my life will be even better cause I know what it felt like, I know what can be done.

  • Mary A. Rowe

    Yes. Thanks to Burn the Fat and Tom’s commentaries, my health and emotions are recovering from years of neglect. The body aspect aids the mind; the mental aspect aids the body.

  • I tranformed my body back in the year 2000, and not only did it change my body, but changed my life. I became a personal trainer. Now, I have trained over 1500 people to help them change their lives. I have learned a lot dealing with others and going trough my own struggles.
    I am still a Body Under Construction. I go thru the same things others go through but I try to use my struggles to help others. By maintaining myself for 13 years, I hope they will see that I am serious about helping them get through whatever they need to by making small changes to get big results.
    I try to keep it simple and talk in layman terms. I study great people such as yourself to help me teach.
    I appreciate you staying in shape so I can give others hope when I introduce them to you.
    So, did transforming my body change me???? Me and about 1500 others!!!

  • Brian B

    Yes! Of course it does.

    When your body is in a state of harmony regarding health and appearance your life is complete and you feel better about yourself.

  • Kristin

    All areas? Realistically, no. We all will age and have the same end eventually no matter what we do (RIP Jack LaLanne). We all have certain genetic traits we will carry thru out our lives too.
    That said, I think it can for sure transform many if not most aspects of ones life, often in ways one does not expect. For instance I recently started power lifting (vs body building) and trying to properly complete a full squat. Unexpectedly getting up from the ground has become incredibly easy. I never realized that it was at all hard for me. Now I just bounce right up! (still cant do a full squat, darn tight calves – but still trying!). I also took up trail running (vs using indoor equipment) about a year and a half ago, which has increased my mobility as well (and gave me a bit of tendinitis too, which I suppose is a type of transformation 😉 So one has to take the good with the bad.) I started a stretching routine 2 years ago, and the first time in my life (I’m middle aged) I can touch my toes. Its these little thing that fitness can do that can go a long way in keeping one mobile and their bodies ‘younger’ as they age.

  • kristin wesley

    Do you believe transforming your body can transform your ENTIRE life?

    I would say I’m about halfway through my body transformation and so far have noticed a many transformations throughout all aspects of my life:
    – I feel more confident in my own skin and body, which has lead me to take on new challenges personally and professionally. I am less afraid of the “unknown” or putting myself out there.
    – I have learned to love the feeling of exercise and enjoy the time I am able to work out each week.
    – I have more energy to keep up with my kids.
    – I have inspired my husband to become more healthy as well.
    – My thought process regarding what I am capable of has changed. I am now better able to see challenges as opportunities and setbacks as just small pumps in the road.

    I’ve lost some weight gained from a stressful, yet sedentary lifestyle and two pregnancies. I am now looking forward to a continuing to find my best self, by being open to positive change, transforming my body to accurately represent the creative, fun, beautiful person that I know I am.

    • Wendy

      This is a great comment! Motivational and the road I want to be on too! 😉

  • Matthew Pilling

    From a pure physiological standpoint, transforming your body is bound to have effects on everything else that you do with your body. Regardless of your attitude about how your body looks (which will also have profound effects on the rest of your life), your body is a machine filled with codependent systems. If any one system improves, it takes strain off of other systems and allows them to function on their main purpose more fully. If any system is not functioning at 100%, the other systems that depend on that one are likewise not able to function at 100%. The healthier your body, the healthier your mind and spirit will be.

    I was once a part of running a convention where Brian Tracy was a special guest and key note speaker. For those who don’t know, he is ALL about conditioning your mind and attitude for optimal performance. He pulled me aside one of the mornings and complained that the breakfast we were serving was inappropriate–it didn’t have any real protein. I told him that the hotel provided what they would and that we had no control over it. He then said, “I am here to speak, and these people are hear to listen. We cannot expect them to be able to listen if we don’t provide their minds the proper fuel to be able to focus and listen.” Even a man who teaches that everything comes down to attitude taught me that attitude will be easier to control if the body is functioning properly and provided the nutrition that it needs.

  • Atrica Warr

    I am a 61 years old who continues to enjoy good health. I definitely was on my way to potential health challenges when I decided to take charge and make a commitment to change this situation and lose weight beginning August 2012.

    I purchased the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle ebook probably 3 yrs prior and had been a follower of this blog since then, thus was up to date on information presented here, but had not fully implemented all I had learned to do. It is inspiring. I also read a lot of material from other health and nutrition sites, including Dr. Mercola.

    I had been fortunate most of my life in that I was slim and did not need to be careful about monitoring food choice. Usually I weighed on the lower end of recommended weight for my height, 5ft 4in. I led a fairly active lifestyle. In my 50s, everything changed as I began to put on weight year by year. I worked long hours at a job in the office, with some travel, and no longer had any energy left over for much outside of work. I started complaining to my doctor that I was gaining, that I felt bad and energy drained, but didn’t understand why because I didn’t think was eating a lot more than I had in past. I learned about 2 1/2 yrs ago I had an underactive thyroid and began taking medication for that. This didn’t seem to make much difference. Then at 59 menopause, so hormonal changes also were occurring.

    I began wearing big shirts and boxy jackets to cover up the growing size of my mid section. At age 58-58 had to buy bigger pant size, Sizes 16 and a few 18s. My feet would swell a little by the end of day and shoes were tight. I felt bad and didn’t look that attractive either. At the highest point, August 2012, I weighed 200lbs. Then, I went on a very strict low calorie diet and by March 2013 I was down to 155 lbs. During this time I did exercise some, but not nearly as much as I thought I should be doing. Frankly, I didn’t feel like exercising. I recorded my daily calories, weight, and exercise in the My Fitness Pal app. The daily log of calories and tracking of weight progress helped a lot. Today, I feel and look so much better.

    I have made major changes in my diet, drink green smoothies every day, have protein throughout the day, eat food as raw and fresh as possible, eat very little suga and almost no grains, using Quinola, instead of my previous rice preference. I feel better, I realized, when I don’t have gluten in my diet. Fresh vegetables and fruit were always a big part of my diet. I want to lose about 25-35 more pounds although my friends say I look great now. I do. But I see the fat pockets that still remain and know I have a ways to go for optional physical shape. Now I am studying your recommendations for healing the metabolism and have upped my calories to about 1200-1400 a day. I am working out at the gym three times a week doing weight training on the machines, also with some time on the elliptical and bicycle. I think I have come up with a balanced workout out at the gym. So far, since March, I have not lost any more weight. I cannot tell much change in my body from the workouts, but my endurance has significantly increased. I am a work in process. I see my vision of a lean healthy body. My blood pressure was always OK, even at the high weight, but my lipids were a little high then – not now. All the blood work and blood pressure tests are normal. Now if all these changes would help my thyroid function to be corrected, it would be extra wonderful.

    I feel pretty and sexy for the first time in 5 years, even at my age. A guy working at the gym this week guessed my age at 45-early 50s (well, he probably was guessing low to ensure not to offend, but I do look younger than my age).

    Thank you so much for the generous offering of your material and the support and inspiration offered through your website. I am getting frustrated with the multi-month weight loss stall. Frankly, I am frustrated with being hungry some days when have hit my calorie limit. I have read about the carb cycling and am paying more attention to taking that approach. It seems like I have to take calories below 1,000 to lose and when I enter estimates of how many I burned, maybe I am over estimated. Ready to move off this weight loss stall.

  • Reka

    It transformed my life totally, no question about that. Having good looks is one side, people looking at me in a completely different way, it changes my attitude and behaviour as well so it is far from being a superficial thing. I no longer feel outcast but a part of humanity and that makes all the difference in my life.
    The other thing is being in good health, fixed hormone system and a better performing brain and body. And the promise of staying healthy and youthful for a long time instead of the shadow of diseases. I could go on about both the looks and the health aspects forever because they changed everything in my life for the better.

    I haven’t really lived before this transformation, I was just wasting my precious years so I can tell from first hand experience that eating and drinking junk is very far from “living full” or even “living a little”.
    It is not about living longer by depriving ourselves versus dying earlier but enjoying life. It is about living longer and having a much better quality of life versus having a shorter life due to fast degrading of health and wellbeing. All the convenient artificial ready to eat junk and alcohol induced bliss in the world is not worth it when compared to this feeling of having robust health and good performance and functioning.

  • Karen Stone

    Hi Tom,
    YES!! I have transformed my body! But I am also still a work in progress!! I live a healthy life style clean eating ,exercise . I have changed my out look on life is happier it has given a huge amount of self esteam. Wow that was twenty years ago I started . Each year I get better, add more challenges to my life as endurance sports and weight lifting. It has taking me out of huge body image disorder problems. They still come back and haunt me every now and them!:( But I have a great circle of friends to help me through the those times! Transforming my life also help me through some difficult surgery s . I had ovarian tumor and a brain tumor removers in the last ten years! I healed faster than most and was back on my feet faster. I really believe from being healthy and in shape help huge! Wow I’m a book!:)))) but that’s life! And I am thankfull everyday I can move my body,do endurance sports, lift weights and just smile!:)
    I feel like I am a roll model for people ! When life gets you down dust off and get back up!:)
    Hope I answer what you are looking for!
    If not I had a bad day yesterday( I still get them) so this is good therapy! Off to workout now!:)

  • Donna Eastman

    I am a work in progress…I do believe transforming my body can change my life! When I work out I feel so much better about myself and it gives me a sense of clarity in other areas of my life. Changing the exterior I know will give me a complete boost of confidence. It will definitely make a difference in how I feel daily from a physical aspect. I don’t have any physical injuries or medical issues but just carrying around an extra 40lbs is hard enough on my body.

  • Sherri (Reset)

    Absolutely, changing your body, changes everything about you. I’m a beginner, but I can tell you when I was able to zip my “too small” pants after the Spring Challenge, I felt like a million bucks!!! My whole attitude changed. I walk with pride instead of looking at the ground. I can exercise & do stairs w/o gasping for air. I sleep better & have energy all day. My life has changed for the better & I only lost a few lbs.. Looking forward to this Summer challenge, as I can only imagine how I’ll feel after loosing the last 50 lbs.. Thank you Tom.

  • Jim

    Yes! Health is all about function, optimum function of every cell in our bodies. The better we can function in all aspects; the less encumbered our senses, organs, & muscles; the greater our range of motion, quickness,& strength, the healthier we become and our function potential increases. We all have room for improvement.

  • Ari Banerjee

    Transforming my body has helped in many ways- I am more confident in myself which helps my relationships st home and at work. I am more at peace and don’t demand such materialistic pleasures

  • Wendy

    I truly hope changing your body can change your life. Although you do need to change your life a bit to change your body. I am just starting out and I feel aweful. I feel fat and tired and the hardest part is in the afternoons…I start craving sweets and carbs BIG TIME! I seem to not have much control over the things that happen in my life (work,etc) but I SHOULD have control over my own self! I am hoping that if I can conquer my own demons (cravings,fat etc) I should be able to get better control over everthing else!
    That’s my goal! 🙂

  • Chad

    Transforming your body automatically transforms your entire life – I see this is as a patently clear truth (working in either the good or bad direction). Every aspect of your life is connected with every other. Your mind is at the epicenter of everything you call your life. Your mind, in its infinite complexity, is an epiphenomenon of your brain, which is a physical part of your body. Thus, the better your body, the better your brain, the better your mind, the better your life, all else equal.

  • Kathy Smith

    I have been on both sides of the fence, where I was totally buff and offered a job as a professional wrestler, to having Lyme disease and lost all of it. It is an amazing feeling when someone comes up to you and offers you that kind of job out of the blue because they are so impressed. It gives you a confidence in yourself to feel like you can achieve other goals in your life. After going through the devastating effect of Lyme, it has been hard to make a comeback. Being overweight makes you just want to hide at home, or stay away from functions where feel people are wondering why you’re so fat now. So yes, I do feel that transforming your body can transform your life and the way you approach it.

  • Sherrie G

    I believe that transforming your body CAN transform your whole life, but it doesn’t have to, sometimes the transformation of your body is the result of another transformation..
    For example, my aunt was a very fit woman in her 20s and early 30s.. Very happy, vivacious, and engaged with life.. Then she found herself in a bad marriage, and as a side-effect, she gained a large amount of weight, and lost that sparkle and energy from her life.. Now she’s re-married, and is happy with her life again, and some of that excess weight has come back off.. Not all of it, but then again, she does own a restaurant.. 😉
    I’ve also seen in my own struggles, that when my life comes together, my house is cleaner, and my clothing size goes down, and when my life seems to be “falling apart”, my house is a disaster, and my pants get tight..
    As a general picture, getting control of one aspect of your life helps you to regain control of others.. And as one thing improves, you find small steps to improve others naturally.. By focusing on optimally taking care of your body and health, you will naturally start to look at other parts of your life that are less “healthy” and give them a “Tune-up”.. “I’m feeling so good.. But I think I’ve been spending too much money on extras.. I think I’ll be more careful, and then I’ll feel even better..” Conversely, if you start letting one aspect of your life slip, you end up sliding down a slippery slope, and will often make excuses to allow other things slide.. So if you find yourself quite ill, and unable to exercise, you can find yourself going down the hill.. “Since I can’t exercise, I may as well have this can of pop..” “Since I had that can of pop, this bag of chips won’t hurt..” “Since I screwed up yesterday, it’s ok if I take it easy again today..”

  • I do believe changing the body will change your entire life. I know from past experiences when I have been motivated and committed, I have seen changes. Discipline in one are spills over to discipline in multiple areas. Why people fall away and no longer continue the metamorphosis is a mystery. It is a mystery in me. I am about to take the 98 day challenge and am on a winning team. I have a strong feeling I am going to learn how the transformation will take place and be permanent for the first time in my life.

  • Darlene P

    I think it holds true to a good degree. However, if you don’t transform your mindset about yourself, it would probably be temporary.

    • James Gagne


      That is so true..

      I recall Tome referencing “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz… He was a psychologist who performed reconstructive surgery on people with deformities – he discovered that even after surgery they had self image issues… they needed to reprogram their view of themselves…

  • Chris

    Most definitely!

    We are mind, body & spirit (triune). If our body is not all it can be it is like two healthy soldiers carrying one wounded soldier – the net result is all three soldiers are incapitated and unable to engage in life fully.

  • Angela Appleton

    YES ABSOLUTELY transforming your body transforms your life. When I was on my first BFFM transformation starting in 2006, I lost 89#, became a triathlete and learned how much I loved to move and challenge my body. The rush I would feel after a hard work out was amazing. I distinctly remember when in Hawaii for the Olympic distance triathlon I trained for, how far my training had brought me. I couldn’t imagine having been able to do this at the beginning, but every day built upon the other in training and when it came time to race, I was ready. I had a plan, followed the plan and had the time of my life!

    Due to injury and life, I’ve fallen back to old ways and am starting another journey of transformation again….this one though I plan to keep on for the rest of my life. I’m learning that progress not perfection is critical. Dust myself off after a slip and get back on track with the next meal/workout/day. Also that moderate work outs are effective, I don’t have to be unable to walk 2 days after leg day!

    • Angela Appleton

      On my first transformation, I felt invincible as I progressed. Like with the proper training, I could do anything. The negativity and fear holding me back stopped and I accepted more challenges.

      Since I’ve lost my fitness, the negativity and fear have returned as well as an apathetic attitude. These things go away when I’m on track with eating properly and exercising.

      I’m an all or nothing girl, doing everything right or doing nothing right and consoling myself with food. Being unable to walk this past year due to injury really gave me appreciation for being able to be active. It also illustrated for me that transforming my body indeed did and will transform my mind.

  • Hi Tom, I fall into category number two; I am and have been a “work in progress” for some time. My motivation to transform is driven by my desire to feel better about myself mentally, physically and emotionally.

    No question that looking awesome is a desired outcome of my transformation. People do treat awesome looking people differently; however, is it the physical appearance or is it aura projected by the lean and fit person. I think it is more the latter that people appreciate. The invisible force that being healthy, fit, strong and beautiful brings. Wanting to be fit and healthy is innate. The agriculturalization and commercialization of food has created unnatural beings.

    I desire to transform for many reasons: confidence, energy, focus, all aspects of health and yes looking awesome! ” I look incredible….[]this is freaken Awesome!”

    Confidence – no doubt that the success of transforming my body will build more confidence. If I can do that I can do anything.
    Energy – To be and do more…
    Focus – more oxygen and blood to the brain, mental clarity and mental energy…
    And most importantly – health. No fat around organs, low cholesterol and blood pressure….

    We are all in a different place… some need to build muscle, others lose a 20 lbs and build muscle and those like me… lose 70 pounds and build muscle… no matter where you fall, the benefit of transformation is significant…

    Fitterzone – transitioning out of my comfort zone into a fitter zone…


  • I have lost 20 pounds in 3 years, most of it the last 12 weeks and I still have 15 or so to loose. I can wear clothes I have not worn in years. I have the confidence to start a blog, a FB page and I want to share how much better it feels to control my weight. I can change. Just like we do not loose weight in one part of our bodies, it comes off everywhere, so to that transformation will change parts of your life you did not expect it to. Paths will open that you never saw because you didn’t see the possibilities. I am not done yet, but I am finding myself in a position that inspires others, I think I give them hope.

  • Kelley J

    I believe it depends on the person. I’ve had friends who went from average looking to extremely beautiful on the outside but now they aren’t beautiful on the inside, I no longer hang out with these people. We have bodybuilders at one gym (the family gym believe it or not) who are mean to everyone but at the other gym (specific training gym) it is an incredible experience where everyone helps each other no matter what their goals are. I believe it is the entire journey if you do not mentally, emotional change/grow with your new physic there is an out of balance. If done properly it is an experience of a lifetime which helps you become a more giving person.

  • Gene

    Indeed it does.

    Circa Summer 1990 I went from 230 to 180 lbs. I entered my 5th and final (insert joke here) year of college a new man. No longer was I the “fat frat guy” looking to party. I got my act together, met my girlfriend (now wife of 17 years) and graduated.

    The confidence I gained as a result of that physical transformation spilled inot so many other areas of my life.

    I’ll save the finer details for my Maui entry. 😉

  • Kevin F

    I’m only a few weeks into my transformation journey, but I can see significant changes in the mirror. Besides the physical changes, I now feel younger than my age instead of older. I also have more confidence in my appearance which I believe translates into greater self-confidence overall. My mental outlook is also much more positive.

    Thanks for all you do Tom.

  • Richard Herbert

    I believe that when you succeed in transforming you body and meeting your fitness goal you are driven you set goals in other parts of you life.

    Under Tom Venuto’s guidance through his ebook and audio downloads, i have learnt about goal setting and am addicted to the feeling of success from hitting my goals. Fitness and eating A grade foods has also given me the energy to do more each day so i can reach any and all of my goals faster. Also my new body has raised my self esteem and thus confidence so high that i know i can do anything i set my mind to, allowing me to set my goals very high to push my limits.

  • Erin

    I would say that the discipline required for the transformation is what improves your life. I feel like I get more done when I’m working out regularly. I don’t have as much “free” time, but I manage to accomplish more. I also feel that I sleep better and feel more content when I’m in good shape. So, overall, I would say that a healthy body is a huge step to a good life.

  • Loni

    As I have gotten older, I have been hit with the realization that few people change. Most of my (older) friends are still doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Some of them are very obviously walking down the path of self-destruction and early death (whether its alcohol, bad diet, etc). They blame their circumstances on everybody else instead of seeing that the common denominator in their issues is themselves. Some friends are just a shell of their former selves; they are boring in that they don’t want to listen to (my) new music, try (my) different foods, exercise, etc. I see a bit of that in me and it scares me, which has led me to really contemplate the whole attitude of change.
    Let’s face it, the only constant of the universe is change. Whether we like it or not, we change every day, every second. The way to alter our path, and hence, alter our very lives, is to embrace change, every day and every second. I don’t want to end up like my friends. I want to be alive! Changing my body goes hand in hand with changing my life. One cannot change an aspect of thought or action without changing the entire path.
    This will be my 3rd Transformation contest. Last summer I didn’t finish. This past Holiday 2012 I finished, but didn’t get the results I wanted. Now I am pumped to transform my body once and for all this summer! I have embraced change. When I used to excitedly tell a stodgy friend about my changes I would get the inevitable, “that will never work, you need to do it my way…”. Now I just keep my changes to myself and my new fitness-minded friends.
    Sometimes I get sad about the old friendships that have gone away in the past year. But then I look at where I am now and where I am going, and then I go work out, and I feel 100% better!
    So yes, transforming your body transforms your whole life. I am about 1/3 of the way through the process and cannot wait to come out on the other side! After all, change is constant. You might as well go with the flow instead of fighting it!
    Thanks Tom for all you do!

  • Mark

    Two points here:

    1. Transformation of the body transforms several vital aspects of the human being.

    2. Transformation is an ongoing journey.

    Vital aspects:

    The changes in the body change the way we perceive ourselves, as well as how others perceive us. They change the physical capacity of the body, and so also change the kinds of activities one pursues, and even the short term and long term goals.

    Ongoing journey:

    With an average bodyfat of about 33% in the general US population, and an acceptance of that as “average”, the first transformation is usually toward what the transformee thinks are attainable, i.e. pretty humble goals, though they don’t seem humble to the transformee.

    Initially, kicking body fat from 35% to 30% or 25% is a massive and worthy undertaking. Later, when that 25% still looks fat in the mirror, and the transformee has had a taste of what is possible, 20% looks achievable. Next comes the high teens, then the lower ones.

    Frequently, transformation is ongoing because changing body image interacts with the desire to transform. Their original role models look fat to them now, and the new role models who were impossibly thin and muscular before suddenly they seem to be “about right” and what they could/should aspire to…

    Such is our experience. After several successes, transformation now means going where we never expected, especially at our ages.

    Next is the shot at single digit body fat for me and the equivalent low double digit body fat for my wife.

    From there, who knows? Toss on a little more muscle, and perhaps set foot on stage?!

    Now THAT is a changed life from couch potato, out of breath climbing stairs, fat middle aged spread, the game is about over – to active, fit, and ready to tackle life with gusto for as long as we possibly can.

  • Marilyn Acheson

    Thank you for your work and your mission. It is obvious that being fit has transformed your life, and in turn stirred you to help others.

    I have struggled with weight for many years. My sincerest desire is to get past the weight loss, and body transformation, and get to a point where I am not having to think about food, or weight, or being hungry all the time, but rather can move on to thoughts about loving others, being a blessing, working to serve God’s kingdom. I have felt for over 30 years that my weight problems have interfered with this – these problems have been too much of a focal point, rather than the good and beautiful and giving parts of life.

    I have gained and lost and regained 50+ pounds more than 3 times. Now, as I am aging I know that I need more than ever to lose the weight, not just for a better image of myself, but for better health, AND a better ability to look outside of myself. I need the total transformation of mind, heart and body, the realization of new habits that can be with me for a lifetime, the respect for my physical needs that becomes second nature, so that it is NOT what I spend all my thoughts and energy on. I am eager, not only to grow in self-control and diligence, but be pleasing to God in how I care for what He has given me. These transformations will make me feel so much better about life, about myself, and about my ability to serve others.

    I am joining the Big Challenge today, and hope that THIS time I can stay the course, overcome the challenges, and be happy about my life.

    Thank you Tom, for your encouragement and helpful advice.

  • kay

    I believe a body transformation is life altering. It not only changes you physically but mentally as well

  • Jill Ferguson

    I do agree transforming your body will be alot healthier for you phyically & emotionaly. You will fill great about yourself when your outside is in harmony with your inside. Like a piece of puzzle you lost and finally find it and put it in it’s place, which makes you complete.

  • Sherrie Grennell

    Yes, I believe transforming your body can transform your entire life…or has the potential to, anyway. Transforming your body definitely transforms your health! And if you have your health, you have everything! Isn’t that what they say? I do believe that to be a fact. If you’re healthy, and fit to boot, you’re bound to be happier. So if you suffer from depression, high blood pressure, arthritis, type II diabetes, high cholesterol, or whatever other ailment there is, by transforming your body into a more fit body, those conditions are bound to improve, if not disappear, resulting in much better, ‘transformed’ health! If you feel good, and look good, who’s stopping you? You can accomplish anything!

    I have type II diabetes, but for the most part have been able to control it with diet and exercise. I don’t want to rely on meds! I do believe that you control your health…within you is the power to get up, move and fight or sit passively and watch and wait while your health declines. Gotta keep movin’! Keep on keepin’ on! Do it for your health!

  • Rachelle Burkert

    I believe it does help. I’m in the process of transforming my body. I find that eating clean and exercising regularly gives me more energy and a clear mind to make positive decisions. But most of all, I believe putting my faith in God has really helped me transform my “whole life”.

  • Ron

    I think for me transforming my body doesn’t in and of itself transform your life, I think that the challenge and reward (prizes) can motivate someone to change, being a former pro athlete I changed my body many times for competitions but when th carrot of victory or pay check was gone so was the determination to stay in that shape. I also believe that any change in your life is divinely driven, to change your body and life its not the result that changes you it’s the falling in love with the process, wether it’s loving to help others or getting in great shape if it’s not the process that’s driving it then it won’t last, the great feeling after a good workout or the smile on someone’s face after they’ve received your gift that’s what drives life changes, so in my mind it’s falling in love with the process of change that will make the permanent life changes I think we are all looking for…

  • Armando B

    I believe transforming your body transforms your whole life. Transforming your body and taking the right approach to a healthy lifestyle changes every dynamic in life. When you decide to take the challenge of transformation you set your self up to be a better you. You recognize that maybe you have lost sight of yourself and got caught in life. Reading Burn the fat feed the muscle has opened my eyes to what I need to do for myself and that’s stay true to myself and strive to be better in all aspects of life.

  • D'kyn

    Yes it does.
    Transforming your body helps you in many ways and makes one more confident in every aspect. in ones life. To make the biggest change in one’s life starts with your body and nutrition.

  • Lea Bouabid

    I TOTALLY believe that transforming your body can transform your ENTIRE life! When I first started this weight-loss journey two years ago, I thought it was just about losing weight, that everything in my life would be the same except that I would be less fat. Boy, I could not have been more wrong about that! This whole “weight” thing is an all-encompassing entity, it is your entire life! I had been so fat for so long that I never realized how limiting it was on me until I got my fattest and felt like I was physically going to explode– I had to do something, I was starting to lose my mind. I started going to a gym with a friend (who only went twice and quit) but I kept going. I think that changing my body and SEEING the change(s) has really helped to build a strong sense of commitment and determination, so, yes, transforming your body transforms your whole life– or so it did/does for me (I am still a work in progress).

  • Connie

    How can you list 5 winners already TBA on June 7, when the contest states it ends June 6 at 11:59pm? I’m just home from work at 6:43pm today June 6, and went to leave my comment and see you have already chosen the 5 winners? THis is not right? I recall joining a few years back and noticed other inconsistencies then. Maybe thats why I haven’t been back until now. Although I don’t have a chance now since the winners have already been chosen, but my reply is yes, body transformation can change your entire life. I did it years ago, and I thought the inner circle and challenge would be my “motivation” to do it again. If you have ever heard of the saying, “Keep doing the same things and keep getting the same results”? This is true in body transformation as well. When you make the decision and put forward the hard work and mental efforts to change your body, as you feel and see the progress, your life situations will follow the pattern of positive change. It starts with your mind, then dedication, then the change visually happens, then positive thoughts about yourself, a healthy positive mind frame and higher self esteem naturally changes your life in work, play, relationships, family, spiritual…everything. Being fit and healthy will definitely transform your body and LIFE.
    C Peace

    • James Gagne

      Hi Connie,

      I think the Winner TBA text is just a place holder to input the winners later – it was there from the beginning before any entry…

      That’s good news! you can still enter….

  • Marg Ollson

    I do not believe that transforming your body will transform your whole life. I have lost weight, gained muscle and for a 57 year old I feel that physically I am in shape. I do not go up and down in weight like I used to when I was younger and I eat much healthier than I ever used to but emotionally I am still struggling in many areas.

    I do a variety of exercises 4-5 days a week. I used to do only cardio as I loved running but when I hurt my kneww and couldn’t run I started going more to the gym and started lifting weights. I now do both.

    I know my biggest problem is connecting with people. I find that to work out with someone is very distracting and so I work out on my own.

    Transforming your body is definitely beneficial but it has not transformed me emotionally or spiritually (only God can do that)

  • Tricia

    I am still in the process of transforming my body, but I can already tell that it is transforming other aspects of my life. One aspect is my self-worth. In order to 100% follow BFFM, I have to find myself worthy of it, which is not something I’ve had much of in the past. By valuing myself I am not letting others control what I eat or how I exercise. This has been a bit of a struggle in that I’m afraid of offending others if I don’t eat what they’re serving or not settling for junk food. AS a work from home mom with a pretty flexible schedule, it is also forcing me to be more organized by creating a meal and exercise schedule. This has been a struggle for me and is a work in progress. I’m not used to such structure! Once I get the hang of it though, I believe (and hope) this will improve other areas of my life where I really need to be more organized. Discipline is another one I’ve noticed already. I couldn’t be happier with the improvements I already see in my life and I’m excited to see what changes will continue to occur. Thanks Tom for all you are doing to help people like me see that we are all extraordinary individuals!

  • Julie Feder

    I am looking forward to transforming my body and I am getting excited for all of the great benefits that come with it! I have been overweight since having two children. It has been 4 years now since my youngest was born and now it is time to get a grip on it. I do believe transforming my body will transform my life. Not only will I be healthier on the inside, but my appearance will look brighter. I think my self esteem will soar, and my confidence will rise. These are important qualities for me because I am in fashion sales and I need the confidence to talk to others.

  • Beverly Foster

    My answer to the first question…yes. I believe motivation is the key. If one is morivated enough to transform one area of his/ her life, the chances are far greater that he/ she will more easily find the motivation to transform other areas of his/ her life. A “body transformation” has the obvious outward benefits associated with body image, but I am of the opinion that true success comes from transforming the mind. Success has a tendency to spread into all areas of our lives and even into the lives of those we influence.

  • ReShonda Young

    I definitely believe transforming one’s body can transform their entire life.

    I was a heavy/fat kid, up until about the age of 14. I was tired a lot. I hated going shopping with my mom, aunt, and cousins because I would quickly tire out. My knees and back would start hurting pretty quickly, and the thought of trying on clothes made me tired and moody. I also had health issues that I shouldn’t have had, especially at such a young age. By the time I was in 6th grade, I was wearing a size 16/18. The summer before high school, I changed a few things up, and went to a size 12, which I maintained in high school. I gained weight in college (size 14), and started to feel yucky and blah again. Around age 29/30, I changed a lot with my nutrition and workouts and lost weight. More importantly, I have lost body fat and am a lot more toned. I am now in a size 8. The difference in my energy level is incredible.

    I am more energetic and fit at age 38 than I was as a kid, and in my 20’s. It’s not all about looking great. That’s a bonus. The fact that I feel great, and have fewer health issues now than I had when I was 20-25 years younger is what matters. So, from personal experience, I can answer a resounding “YES! Transforming your body can transform your life!” 🙂

  • Julian

    Yes I believe it has.
    I initially came across the BFFM from a colleague of mine who never worked out a day in his life. I thought it was one more of ‘those’ fitness books which supposedly has all the answers to our complicated life – read fitness. After about 3 months, I decided to at-least open the e book and see how it is. When I finally finished the book, I was like , hang on there , most of it makes sense, since it did not promise you anything without hard work. It was all belief, faith and what you can do to change yourself.
    But the main thing it did to me was look at life altogether differently.
    There were so many quotes, that were such an eye opener, I decided to put it into practice in real life.
    What I was looking for in the book was not what I got but much much more. It gave me a whole new way of looking at life. The reward is, it has helped me immensely in almost most aspects of my life.
    In the process I have improved my fitness levels and maintained it for the last 1.5 year without any change. I am now ready to challenge myself and looking forward to this years summer challenge.

  • Wanda

    Absolutely! Transforming your body will transform your entire life!

    Not only will it change the way you see, feel and think about yourself, it will also change the perspective that others have of you. Some will not admit it, but I feel its true.

    For example:
    Lets look at it from an employers perspective, they see a seemingly healthy individual and they are concerned with what the resume has to say. If you are this 300 lbs person sitting before them, you are someone that is lazy, will call in sick more frequently and someone that will probably drive up the cost of health insurance. Now how about travel? You take your seat on a plane and hope that no one is in the seat next to you so you can stretch out and relax. Someone is approaching up the aisle and they stop in your row… he’s avg ht and build no biggie, oh but he sits in the row in front of you. Behind him, however, is a much larger person and she IS sitting next to you, so much for being able to stretch out.
    It sounds terrible, but unfortunately it happens.

    Now lets look at it from what could be your own perspective.
    You’re more confident on the beach, because now you blend in or stand out in a good way. You can do things you couldn’t do before, like see your toes! Better yet, you can touch them! 🙂
    You can take the stairs, 2 at a time even. You can run around and play with your kids, you’ll be around to see them graduate from college and get married, you can run around and play with your grandkids.
    Maybe even spiritually transformed, because now you can make it to church more often, you can appreciate your abilities a bit more, thankful for the strength it took to get you where you are. You’re at peace with yourself, no longer fighting those inner demons.

    So, yes, I feel transforming your body will certainly transform your entire life. Just my opinion. 😉

  • Katie Page

    Hi Tom,

    Not sure what happened to my last post – It hasn’t shown up for some reason.

    I am a work in progress – I am finally starting to exercise and hopefully shape up my life.

    A bit of background: I was diagnosed 5 and a half years ago (at the age of 27) with Bi-Polar disorder. I was exercising at the time and going well. However, I had a major depression shortly after and the exercise was the first thing to go. I then lost a lot of weight (not in a healthy way) and ended up being put on medication which is a notorious weight gainer – almost 40kg in around 5 months. It makes you crave sugar and anything sweet and no control over how much you eat. Still that is no excuse… Anyway, I now have around 30kg to lose.

    I have been receiving your emails for a while now and they really inspire me. I am hoping to purchase your book soon and look forward to all it can offer me. So thank you Tom!

    Anyway, losing this weight will make a huge difference to my life – I’ll be able to get my Bi-Polar under better control, I’ll look better, no more hiding behind other people in photos, I’ll feel better, I know I have more confidence when I weigh less. So here’s to the journey 🙂

    KT 🙂

  • Alan

    Absolutely yes!

    I’ve lost about 14 pounds so far, plus doing core and general strengthening. My family history is one of diabetes, including my brother. To date, I have avoided the problem. In the last year, I’ve made diet changes, lost the mentioned weight, done weightlifting and cardio, and even though I’m not diabetic, I monitor my glucose level twice a week.

    Side benefit is I have not thrown my back out in the year since I started this. This used to happen at least once a year.

    All of this gives me a little more confidence in my health and abilities. Definitely an overall improvement!

  • Lynn Kroeger

    Hi Tom,
    I do believe that body transformation can make a difference in all aspects of your life. I am a work in progress and am going to go for your summer challenge 2013. I know that just losing a few pounds helps to build confidence and a feeling of self worth because my husband and I did it together. He was my rock and helped me so much but he passed away in January from pancreatic cancer. I put a few pounds back on after he died but now I am ready to go for it, not only for me but in his memory. I need so much to continue to work on my head in this process! I am new to BFFM and I have so much to learn but I am ready. Your program is not easy but it makes the most sense. I will learn as I go and am looking forward to getting lean and staying healthy! Thank you for all that you do!

  • Lisa

    Yes I do. Self-control is a vital part of what helps a person achieve their life goals, any goals, and transforming your body takes a huge amount of self-control in the face of any and all adversity.

  • Steve Gish

    Definitely a change all around. 2 months in and already every other aspect of my life is improving. (Even if it might just be more optimism and better mood 😉

  • Yes! Transforming your body transforms your confidence and self esteem, which in turn transforms your relationships, social life, and professional life. This has happened to me and now I help others to get fit and healthy. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but since transforming my body I’ve continued to learn and grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well as looking and feeling better physically. And the exciting thing is that it’s still getting better! There is now infinite potential for my life 😀

  • Michelle Howarth

    I do believe that transforming your body transforms you life in every aspect. Nine years ago I lost 75 pounds, and not thru any magic pill or surgery. I worked out daily, really focus on fueling my body and just generally made myself a priority. I was disciplined and focused. It was hard work, but I did it! What a sense of pride and accomplishment! Not only did I look and feel so much better, I noticed a lot of changes in other aspects of my life as well. I was more organized, able to accomplish more, and had more energy than I could ever remember. I had pride in my appearance, my discipline, and my accomplishments and that radiated into aspects of both my personal and professional life. In general I was just a lot happier than I had been in a long time. I met my husband, got married, bought a house and have 2 wonderful kids. Admittedly I became more lax in my routine and didn’t pay as much attention as I should have. The pounds came back on through the pregnancies. I used a lot of excuses when in came to working out and nutrition. Then I severed my Achilles tendon and was laid up for 8 weeks. My sedentary lifestyle returned! I am about to embark upon a journey to get those feeling back and those pounds off (for good!). I know the amazing feeling of transformation. I want to be able to keep up with my kids, and feel that pride of accomplishment. I have tasted success and it just makes you hungrier for more!

  • Leanne (leannemaxdot)

    I believe that transforming your body will have a ripple effect and transform your entire life. Do you? If so, how specifically?

    A few years ago I would have flat disagreed with this. However, my answer now would be yes, it definitely can, as long as your reasons for the transformation are pure – as in, if you are doing it for vanity reasons (too often guys do it to just to look good whilst out binge drinking and smoking), then no, but if you are doing it to improve your health etc, then I think that’s when you can have a ripple effect. (Therefore I think that the Burn the Fat way of body transformation, would definitely have a yes, there is a ripple effect!)

    On the most basic level, when you achieve goals on your way to a larger end goal, you feel boosted, you have more confidence, and that confidence will, of course, rub off onto other elements in your life. But I believe that it can be traced through even more deeply than that.

    I think the deeper element arises mostly because a lot of the battle in undergoing a body transformation is mental. While on your journey to whatever your end goal is, you need to change your thinking. You learn new ways of thinking about and looking at things. You gain new skills in manipulating your thought pattern to a positive way of thinking and training your brain to be unlimiting in its programming. But this isn’t something that just applies to your weight loss/body transformation, these are skills that can carry right though you life, they are multi-purpose. The positivity and unlimiting programming carry over into other aspects of your life. For me, it has followed through with university exams, which had previously left me in a tail spin. Now I can face them with confidence, and the knowledge that I can achieve anything that I have belief in, and the biggest belief that I have now is that I believe in myself and my ability to achieve ANYTHING that I want to put my focus on gaining – Health, good grades, a list of chores for the day a mile long. The body transformation that I am undertaking is definitely fast becoming a whole life transformation.

    So to answer the question you asked Tom, yes, I do think that this has a ripple effect, a body transformation can indeed quickly become a full life transformation.

  • Brad

    Definitely. We are inextricably bound to our physical body in this life. The physical has an impact on the emotional, social, and spiritual. Being tired and worn out, for example, makes us tend to be more easily upset or frustrated. Having more energy tends to keep us in a better mood: we are more outgoing, forgiving, etc. Lower body fat translates to more energy, better mood, and better self image, which results in a better life. It’s hardly the only important thing, but it is an important piece.

  • Den

    Health and discipline is in our mind….

  • George Thompson

    Yes, it does. I did this one time before and I was over 300 pounds when I started. I had just lost my wife to cancer, and I went to a gym to satisfy my daughter so I wouldn’t die too. At the time she was afraid I would die of diabetes or a heart attack. I had no way to know that I would ever get excited about losing weight or that I could. To make a long story short, over a period of time, I got my weight down to 196 pounds. I could write my own book about all the things that it did to change my life. I was 48 then and I had to go out on the road working and stopped working out, ate too much,and gained some of the weight back. I’m now 65-1/2 and I have 40 pounds to take off again and it is harder than ever. I remember how great I felt at that weight. I’m retired now and ready to get back to it. Life is not a dress rehearsal. I want to live life to the fullest.

  • Jon Sigurdsonsi

    I believe it can but it is dependent on the individual.

    I was lean and in good shape when I was in high school due to playing soccer and being on the swim team. I went to college and got caught up in the party scene where I was drinking and eating poorly. I started gaining weight and eventually dropped out of school. I started waiting tables at a bar/restaurant where I continued with poor nutrition, excessive drinking, and no exercise. Then I got hired by the fire department. 17 weeks of an extremely grueling and physical academy, I graduated as the Top Cadet and I had dropped 45 pounds of fat. I had such confidence and felt and looked incredible.

    Fast forward to now, 20 years later, I have gained weight and stopped working out due to the schedule I was om…excuses, I know. I retired May 31. Now it’s time to embark on that transformation again, to transform myself mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

    For myself, a body transformation affects every aspect of my life!

  • Karoline

    Undoubtedly it does; they go hand in hand. One has to often transform one’s life in order to transform one’s body as well. Sometimes, change happens without major transformation. For transformation to occur, openness and receptivity are prerequisites. WHen these are present, we can affect others and not only transform our own lives, but inspire others around us in more ways than just burning fat and building muscele. IT’s all encompassing!

    Life and body are not separate. When we transform our bodies, we are taking care. The heart of my practice is caring for others, but how can one care for another fully and effectively if they can’t care for their own life, the vehicle that is with us all along, our bodies. There’s a cascade effect in one’s life in many aspects when we care for our body through discipline and mindfulness and intention. It precipitates into our relationships to ourselves, others, and the natural world around us.

  • I can definitely attest to the dramatic change you can experience when your body is transformed. I know the contest is over, but I thought I’d post anyway. I lost 30 pounds of fat, and along with it, a continually dysfunctional disk in my lower back, and chronic heartburn. Transformation is change. I’m thankful for it everyday.

  • Atrica Warr

    I made comments in the contest related to Transforming Your Body Transform Your Life. I only intended for people participating in this site and/or contest to be able to see this. I thought my comments were private. Now I have discovered it comes up under a Google search of my name for the whole world to see. Please DELETE this.

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