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January 9th, 2010

Body Fat Solution Review

By now, we all know that we gain fat when we take in more calories than we burn. But we’re not always rational creatures when it comes to food and exercise. Recognizing the emotional and psychological factors that sabotage success, Tom Venuto’s new Book, The Body Fat Solution (Avery/Penguin Group) hones in on the root causes of body-fat and provides a total lifestyle plan to take back control of your body and end emotional eating for good…

August 20th, 2009

Bad Science and Bad Journalism: A Book Review And Commentary on Mass Media

Ever since I launched the Burn The Fat blog, I promised that I would write health, fitness and nutrition book reviews. That was three and a half years ago and I haven’t written any yet. I guess that makes me a slacker. Sorry. It’s a bit ironic, being that I am such a bookworm. I read about 3 books every week, on average, in addition to piles of journal papers and articles. I have approximately 2700 books in my library (and now a kindle starting to fill up, like my bookshelves, some of which fill an entire walk-in closet). Better late than never, and I figured Bad Science would be as good a title as any to start, because it’s a perfect follow up to my last blog post, which exposed a classic example of bad science, and bad science reporting…

December 3rd, 0201

Strength Training Anatomy By Frederic Delavier Book Review

“An great way to learn muscle anatomy and exercise form at the same time”