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November 17th, 2017

Why Do Most People Gain The Fat Back?

The questions about how to lose fat are endless.  They are asked perpetually on facebook, in magazines, at the gym, in doctor’s offices, in schools, on podcasts, on talk shows. But ironically, the most important question we could be asking – the one that would make the most difference if it were answered and acted on – is not asked often enough, and it’s not even about how to lose fat – it’s about how to keep fat off.

June 4th, 2013

Does Transforming Your Body Transform Your Whole Life?

Can transforming your body transform your life, or are physical body changes superficial? I have some strong beliefs about this, especially after seeing thousands of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle success stories, where the impact was felt far beyond the body fat numbers dropping. I think physical transformation has a positive ripple effect through your entire life – mental, emotional, social, even career/financial. The transformation of one person I believe, can then go beyond the individual and transform others. Today, I only want to introduce this idea as food for thought; I’m going to hold off on writing too much more. Instead, I want your opinion.  If you take a few seconds to answer my survey question below, I’ll enter you in the big drawing for free signed books, free ebooks and free memberships…

November 19th, 2012

Quick Start or Quick Fix? Advice On Starting A Fat Loss Program The Right Way

If you lose weight quickly in the first week or two of your fat loss program, you’re more likely to gain it back later, right? That’s a common belief, and in some cases, it’s true. But what if you could burn fat fast in the first week, achieve a large fat loss in the 3 or 4 weeks, and that actually HELPED you keep the fat off over the long term? Guess what? You can… and it does!  It’s all about knowing the difference between quick start and quick fix and knowing about the mistakes you must avoid if you want to start strong – safely and sustainably. Read on to discover how…

May 28th, 2012

The Biggest Question In Weight Loss History

There are a lot of questions asked about fat loss and weight loss – on the internet, in the magazines, in the gyms, in doctor’s offices, in schools, on talk shows and many other places. A lot of great questions are asked; there’s a lot to learn about this often confusing subject. But the one most important question of all – the biggest question in weight loss history – the one that will make the most difference of all if were answered well (and the answer were acted upon) is not asked often enough. I ask that big question in today’s post, and if you’ll post YOUR answer in the comments below, I’ll enter you in the biggest blog giveaway contest in the history of this website… (UPDATE: winner’s names have been posted below)

November 15th, 2011

What’s The 1 Biggest Secret to RAPID Body Transformation? (Like, In 49 Days!)

What’s the secret to rapid body transformation? I have my own ideas, especially after watching thousands of people TRANSFORM in our Burn the Fat Challenge fitness contests, and seeing nearly 10 years of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle success stories. But today I’m not going to TELL YOU how to transform your body fast, I’m going to ASK YOU. Here’s why: Every year, During our Burn the Fat Challenge kickoff promotion, I do a huge giveaway / sweepstakes where a handful of lucky winners win free memberships to my Burn the Fat Inner Circle – the Internet’s premier fat loss support and motivation community (thousands of members in 152 countries strong!). Why do I give away so much free stuff and why am I this year, giving away more free stuff than ever? …

May 15th, 2011

Burn The Fat 2011 Summer Blog Contest

What’s really been stopping you from achieving the body of your dreams and why will you NEVER let that stop you again? If you can answer those questions, I can almost guarantee that you’re going to be in the best shape of your life before the summer is over. What’s more, if you’ll post your answer in the Burn the Fat blog comments below, you could win a whole bunch of free stuff – free ebooks and free inner circle memberships – even a FREE trip to Maui! Read on to get ALL the details…

January 23rd, 2010

Goals Contest&Book Giveaway Winners

The Body Fat Solution 2010 Goals contest and book giveaway winners have been selected and announced! Scroll down to see the winners list!