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August 22nd, 2013

The Shaming of Food

Are We Fighting The Wrong Battle?  And are we losing in the war? It is a war. We face that war daily in our facebook feeds, during our talks with friends over coffee, and while making decisions at the grocery store.

August 13th, 2013

The Disastrous Diet Diary Mistake: Why Planning Succeeds When Tracking Fails

Many people track their food intake with apps, software or old-fashioned paper and pen and that’s a good thing because tracking food intake has many benefits. But many people don’t realize there’s a difference between tracking food intake and working off a meal plan. Some people fail because they don’t know the difference between the two. It’s a simple and logical insight – it’s the difference between being proactive and reactive – and not grasping this could sink your diet efforts…

July 18th, 2013

The How Many Calories Should I Eat Cheat Sheet

I admit, sometimes I take certain nutrition facts for granted. It’s probably because I’m so close to this subject and I’ve been a coach and practitioner for years. I realized this recently when I posted some articles referring to your “optimal daily calorie intake” but I didn’t explain how to figure that number out. I got tons of email and comments from readers letting me know!  I guess I thought it was common knowledge, but surprisingly, it seems most people don’t know what their ideal calorie target should be, and to make matters worse, they get conflicting advice about how much to eat from various sources. Well, I’m here today to fix my oversight and bring us back to nutrition 101: How many calories should you eat?

July 5th, 2013

The 19 Most Important Fat Loss, Fitness And Health Tips, Ever

If an exercise physiologist, award-winning fitness bootcamp trainer and registered dietician to the pro athletes and stars were asked by his clients, “what are your MOST IMPORTANT tips, EVER,  for burning fat and getting in great shape while at the same time, achieving optimal health, wouldn’t you want to know the answers? I would. A man with that mix of credentials has a combination of academic and real-world experience you don’t come across very often. Lucky for you and I, that’s exactly what we have from today’s guest blogger,  Chris Mohr, PhD, RD.

December 7th, 2012

How To Stay In Shape While Traveling, Even During the Holidays

I like to come back from my business trips, vacations and holiday breaks in better shape than when I left: More muscle, less fat, better condition, feeling great. Some people may be thinking, “Impossible! You can’t even maintain, let alone improve, when you have to deal with airports, airline food, business meetings, all-day seminars, hotels, mini-bars, room service food on speed-dial, restaurants and all that travel stress.” Good news: Yes you can! In fact, while most people slip back or maintain at best, I’ve discovered a way to accelerate my progress when I travel. I got the original inspiration from pro bodybuilders, and it’s actually quite exhilarating to take this challenge and conquer it…

November 3rd, 2011

Bread Haters Are Just HANGRY

Bread haters are just HANGRY… That’s right, they’re mad at the world because yummy bread and yummy pasta are forbidden to them, while we in the bodybuilding nutrition field know how to use carbs intelligently rather than demonize them completely…

September 1st, 2011

10 Biggest Body Transformation Mistakes

They say “success leaves clues.” I’ve always liked that quote, which I first heard from Anthony Robbins, and which I’ve heard re-quoted by many others over the years.  Unfortunately, most people don’t follow the advice contained in those three words. They keep pursuing the lean, “hot body” the hard way; trying to figure it out on their own, starting from scratch without a mentor or guide, following the masses, buying into gimmicks and making the same mistakes over and over again.  There is a much easier way.

July 12th, 2011

Debunking An Internet Hoax: What Science Really Says About Microwave Ovens, Your Food And Your Health

“Microwave ovens will kill you!” Or so they say… If you’ve ever surfed the internet for information on health and nutrition, there’s little doubt you’ve come across scare stories about microwave ovens. Online natural health “experts” claim that microwaves will “zap” your food, deplete it of important nutrients and alter its molecular structure in dangerous ways. They also warn that microwave exposure and eating food cooked in microwave ovens will cause harm to your body and even cause cancer!

November 23rd, 2010

Nutrition Professor Loses 27 Pounds on Twinkie Diet: What Should We Make of It?

The most controversial weight loss story on the web in recent years: Mark Haub, a nutrition professor from Kansas State University, lost 27 pounds in 10 weeks on a “convenience store diet” with at least two-thirds of his food consisting of Twinkies, Little Debbie Snacks, Doritos, Sugary Cereals and Oreos. The rest of his intake included some vegetables, protein drinks and a multi-vitamin. The weight loss wasn’t surprising, since he limited himself to 1800 calories per day on his “Twinkie diet,” which was part of a class experiment. What surprised most people was that his health indicators (HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglyceride) got better, not worse. What now? Should we trade in our fruits and veggies for ding dongs?

November 3rd, 2010

The See-Food, Reach-Food Diet

You’ve heard of the “See-Food” diet haven’t you? No, that’s not the diet where you load up on fish, lobster, crab and mussels. The See-Food Diet is the one that so many of us crack jokes about – it’s the diet where you eat everything in sight! But don’t laugh too hard. Scientists at Cornell University and other research institutions have proven that you actually WILL eat more food if you see food more. In fact, if you can see it and it’s within arm’s reach, you could eat yourself obese within a few years and not even know what hit you because the eating happens unconsciously.