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June 26th, 2018

Breaking Bad… Eating Habits

You want to stop drinking soda or eating potato chips (or, insert other indulgence you know is not helping your fat loss endeavors), you sincerely do. But you’ve tried so many times, and while you may have enjoyed some short- lived success, your attempts at change never seem to last long. It’s like there’s a mysterious magnetic “pull” drawing you back to your old ways – it’s like a groove you slip right back into.  That’s the bad news about the power of habit. The good news is, there’s a secret to breaking bad habits and it’s right here in today’s post.

May 23rd, 2018

How “Thinking 1 Goal Ahead” Saves You From Fitness Failure

How does an overweight, out-of-shape person melt away all the excess bodyfat, successfully achieving every one of their health and fitness goals – safely, sensibly, even with what appears to be a sustainable plan – but then promptly begin to regain the weight, starting literally the day after they reach their goal?

January 4th, 2018

What Most People Are Still Getting Wrong About Goal-Oriented Versus Process-Oriented Fitness

I recently read a book about mindfulness and being “present.” The premise was that by learning to  love the process, you’ll avoid self-judgement, eliminate impatience, end boredom, reduce stress, feel calmer, experience self-discovery, enjoy the journey and be happy. Achieving your goal will simply be a natural by-product. Sounds pretty good! But is being process-oriented really better than being goal-oriented?

December 21st, 2016

A New Fitness Challenge For The New Year: Goal Setting In The Technology Age

When you pause and reflect on the past year as you look ahead to a new one, it really makes you think. It makes you appreciate how short life is, how valuable time is and how quickly the time can pass you by – with nothing to show for it, if you don’t plan otherwise. That’s why the passing of another year can sometimes feel like a wake up call as much as a fresh start.  On the eve of another new year, looking at the technological wonders that surround us, I also can’t help thinking it feels like science fiction…

April 27th, 2016

How An All Or Nothing Attitude Can Sabotage Your Diet And Exercise Plan

Attitudes are mental, but there’s no question they affect your life physically in every possible way. The right attitudes can lead you to peak health and fitness. The wrong attitudes can sabotage even the best-designed nutrition and training programs. There’s one attitude problem in particular that kills the diet and exercise programs of thousands of people every year – it’s called the “all or nothing” attitude. Psychologists call it “dichotomous thinking” or “cognitive distortion.”

January 11th, 2016

The Top 10 Psychology-Based Goal-Setting And Goal-Achieving Strategies

Goal setting theory has been formally researched by psychologists since at least the 1960’s. More than 1000 studies have confirmed that goal setting is one of the most effective techniques you can use for motivation and achievement in sports, fitness, business and personal life.  But you have to set, think about and pursue your goals the right way. Want to triple your success rate? Read on and start applying these strategies today!

October 18th, 2015

The 7 Biggest Weight Relapse Mistakes

There’s a price you must pay to get the body you want. There’s also a price you must pay to keep it. As Thomas Jefferson said, “eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.” Once you reach your ideal weight and body fat level, you’re not finished. You’re just beginning. You can never take your success for granted or let down your guard…

September 30th, 2015

How Long Does It Take To Form A Fitness Habit?

It takes 21 days to form a new habit right? Everyone knows that. Well, hold on a minute – recent research suggests that this isn’t quite accurate. Can a simple habit be formed in 21 days? Certainly. But if you look at the psychology research that was recently done to answer this specific question in “real world” situations, you see it may take quite a bit longer.

January 8th, 2015

Your Brain Is A Jerk: 5 Cognitive Biases That Are Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Goals

One of the curses of being human is that we are hard-wired for delusion.  The good news is that not only is it perfectly normal, but our misbeliefs are the very thing that have, in large part, kept us around for many generations.  In any given moment, millions of thoughts pervade our brains, effecting the day-to-day moment-by-moment decisions we make.  We are under the false impression, however that we are beings of pure logic: Whether it’s a decision to play candy crush rather than hit the gym or flip through another top 20 Buzzfeed article rather than chopping up some veggies to take to work, we falter in many ways that effect our productivity, which in turn prevents us from our goals. 

August 28th, 2014

Taking The Motivation Pill

Admit it. You’re waiting for it—for a pill that fills your being with a river of flowing motivation and the glorious desire to excel. Don’t feel bad. We all are seeking more motivation, some, if not most of the time. And in the absence of motivation, perhaps another cup of coffee or 5-Hour Energy will sustain the illusion long enough to dutifully complete another workout…