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April 5th, 2009

What’s New In Muscle Building Nutrition&Supplementation, Part 2

In part two of my exclusive interview with bodybuilding and supplement expert Will Brink you’ll learn the latest recommendations for post-workout nutrition, protein secrets including the latest on whey protein and protein denaturation, waxy maize: is it the bomb for carbing up or just another overrated fad?, cardio for the bodybuilder vs the average Joe, and much more

March 31st, 2009

What’s New in Muscle-Building Nutrition&Supplementation: An Interview With Will Brink

Recent nutrition and supplement research has revealed countless discoveries that could dramatically improve your muscle-building results. Science has also uncovered new information disproving things that were once held as gospel in the bodybuilding world. In this exclusive interview, you will learn the latest news on fish oil versus flax oil for essential fats, what the science says about the new creatine formulas, keen insights into supplement research methods, the truth about optimal water intake and fat loss, the dairy product controversy and much more. Apply what you learn in this exclusive interview with Will Brink and I guarantee you will improve your muscle-building results while saving time and money on methods and products that just don’t work. Then, watch for part 2 coming soon!

June 12th, 2008

New Video Reveals Diet Pill Trial Scam

This 7-minute video by Paul Crane reveals a common and sometimes deceptive online marketing tactic that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you’re not careful. If you’ve been thinking about taking a fat burner, this video is a must-view so you don’t get sucked in…

February 29th, 2008

7 Things To Know Before You Spend A Penny On Fat Burners

QUESTION: Tom. I am currently not using any fat burners.However, in many magazines where I see advertisements for fat burners, they always have a model with a six-pack and the headline is something like, “It takes more than training and nutrition to get a six-pack.” Once a person hits a plateau, do we really need fat burners to achieve that “ripped” or “six-pack” look? I am having a really hard time getting my stomach to look the way I want it, and I really respect your opinion, so I appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks Tom!

September 13th, 2007

Fish Oil May Help You Lose Fat… But Not THAT Much Fat!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere for the last several years, you’ve probably heard about the health benefits of eating fatty fish or taking fish oil supplements. Well, it looks like you might be able to add fat loss alongside the other benefits like heart, blood (cholesterol/triglycerides), brain, skin and joint health (and the rest of the list, which is too long to print here). The biologically active ingredients that seem to make fatty fish so beneficial are are the long chain omega-3 (n-3) fatty acids, EPA and DHA. At least a half a dozen human studies and more than two dozen animal studies have been completed in the last 10 years which suggest that these omega-3 fatty acids found in fish may help you lose more fat. However, the fat loss benefit is not as much as some people want you to believe…

August 9th, 2007

FTC Orders Makers Of Xenadrine To Pay Retribution After Making False And Unsubstantiated Claims

8/8/2007 – The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced on Monday that it will be accepting refund requests from consumers who feel they were defrauded by miselading advertising claims and falsifying before and after photos. This order against the supplement maker, says the FTC, furthers its mission to draw attention to manufacturers making false and unsubstantiated claims.

July 19th, 2007

Oolong Tea And Green Tea Scam Warning!

You’ve probably seen the advertisements: “Drink oolong tea and lose a jeans size every 7 days!”… “Burn 20 lbs of fat in 30 days with green tea!” … Maybe you even watched Oprah a few years ago when Dr. Perricone said that switching your coffee for green tea would help you take off the pounds. You may have also read or watched countless news stories which say how healthy it is to drink green tea. The odds are good that if you’re interested in improving your health and losing fat, you probably either drink tea, take a green tea supplement or you’ve at least thought about it. But what if I told you that most of the fat reducing claims for green tea were absolute, total BS, based on misinterpretation or deliberate misreporting of the research?

April 12th, 2007

Don’t Get Scammed! Learn How To Evaluate Dietary Supplements

Are you confused about supplements? Do you feel that you’ve ever been ripped off by products that just didn’t deliver what they promised? if so, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone… and its not your fault. The supplement business is a multi billion dollar juggernaut of an industry, and sorting through all the advertising claims is not only difficult, it can seem virtually impossible, unless you literally make your career out staying on top of facts versus fiction and spend years studying the scientific literature and staying on top of the latest research. Dr. Chris Mohr, RD (the dietician who consulted with LL Cool J on the LL Cool J Platinum Workout), has done just that. Here are 6 tips from Chris that show you how to evaluate products so you can instantly spot the scams, cut through the BS and save yourself time and money…

July 6th, 2006

The Truth About Hoodia

Q: What about hoodia gordonii? The ads say, “It’s thenewest phenomenon and most exciting fat loss product available, asseen on 60 Minutes,” and so on. What are your thoughts?