The Body Fat SolutionBy now, we all know that we gain fat when we take in more calories than we burn. But we’re not always rational creatures when it comes to food and exercise.

Recognizing the emotional and psychological factors that sabotage success, Tom Venuto’s Book, The Body Fat Solution (Avery/Penguin Group) hones in on the root causes of body-fat and provides a total lifestyle plan to take back control of your body and end emotional eating for good.

In The Body Fat Solution, Venuto outlines the five principles that will retrain your mind and body for automatic success. Determined to help you keep the fat off for good, Tom shows you how to:

  • End emotional eating and stop diet self sabotage
  • Re-program your mind for “auto-pilot” success
  • Go beyond goal setting by crafting a powerful “vision” that motivates you for life
  • Eat healthy, delicious food almost unconsciously and shed the pounds almost effortlessly
  • Increase your metabolism and break any fat loss plateau
  • Reshape your body through lean muscle training for a strong core and toned frame
  • Build a supportive social network of friends, family, and mentors to help you achieve your dream for life

Venuto reminds us that calories do count! But The Body Fat Solution is neither super low carb nor super low fat, and he steers clear of demonizing entire food groups.

Instead, Venuto helps you personalize an eating plan that takes into account your unique metabolism and calorie needs. He then presents illustrated workout programs to maximize the success of the diet plan that are fast and efficient.

Most important, he helps you plan and organize your life so that you can fully implement your new goals and monitor your progress, and finally maintain your perfect weight for life.

Tapping into his years of training expertise and personal experience, Venuto helps readers change their relationship with food, empowers them to take charge of their lives, and delivers a program that promises dramatic and permanent results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Tom, Can you point out what the difference is between this new book and your Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (BFFM) book? What’s missing in BFFM that’s covered here and vice versa? Is The Body Fat Solution just a re-hash of BFFM? Also, most important, who is the intended audience of The Body Fat Solution, and BFFM, and how do they differ?

ANSWER: Burn the fat, feed the muscle (BFFM) was designed to be a complete and definitive guide to nutrition for fat loss, based on the bodybuilding / fitness/ figure method of eating.

The majority of BFFM is devoted to nutrition, with ancillary chapters on setting goals effectively and on weight training and cardio, also following “the bodybuilding method.” The target audience for BFFM is anyone who is serious about fat loss, and who wants to maximize their results by putting in the time, paying attention to details, using advanced techniques (such as those used by bodybuilders before competition), and doing nutrition by the numbers (counting calories and macros)

Generally, BFFM is for people who are highly motivated and enjoy or need structure. The new hardcover book, The Body Fat Solution, was written for anyone who is overweight, or who was formerly overweight and who wants to maintain their ideal weight without struggle. The Body Fat Solution is NOT for athletes, bodybuilders or people who need to get “ripped” or reach extremes of low body fat. Body Fat Solution is especially written for people who struggle with inconsistent motivation, emotional eating, binge eating and other forms of self sabotage.

The Body Fat Solution gives help for people struggling with everyday challenges – like frequent travel, restaurant temptations, busy schedules, high stress and social pressure – things that can can get in the way of the best nutrition or training strategy.

In The Body Fat Solution, one concise chapter on nutrition is included along with chapters on cardio training and a time-efficient weight training program for the busy person, which makes The Body fat Solution a complete lifestyle program.

However, the major message is that “What nutrition or training program should you follow?” is not the most important question you should ask. The real critical question is… What makes you follow your program? And, conversely, “What makes you fall off your program so easily?” The Body Fat Solution gets to the emotional and psychological root causes of body fat and shows you how to fix these hidden factors that sabotage most people.

QUESTION: Is the body fat solution available as an ebook?

ANSWER: Yes, it’s available on Amazon Kindle here:

QUESTION: Why isn’t The Body Fat Solution available in Australia?

ANSWER: I’m not sure if if the hardcover is available in Australia anymore. However, I believe you can download the kindle version from anywhere in the world (kindle available from Amazon), and the audiobook edition can be downloaded from anywhere in the world as well. The audio edition is available on iTunes as well as on amazon via audible here:

QUESTION: Tom, how come your new book isn’t available in Canada?

ANSWER: It is! try Chapters. Call your local Chapters bookstore and ask for the book (they will order them), or go online at:

QUESTION: Tom, why didn’t you read the entire audiobook yourself? I LOVE the audiobook i got from itunes, I listened to it while I was doing my cardio. But I have to say, I would have preferred if you read the whole thing, not just the introduction.

ANSWER: Most people said they love the audiobook (see itunes and Amazon reviews), but yes, I heard a handful of people say they would have preferred me to have read the whole thing. Why I didn’t narrate The Body Fat Solution Audiobook is because my publisher, BBC Audiobooks America was under tight deadline to get the audiobook done for a January release date and they felt that a professional book reader could get it done faster.

Personally, I like the reader (LJ Ganser), although he does sound like an actor (he is one) but I’ll take it as a compliment that you liked my introduction. thanks! There’s also a bonus interview in there with me and the Director of BBC audiobooks, by the way.

QUESTION: I bought the audiobook and I didn’t get the PDF file with all the bonuses that were supposed to come with it. What gives?

The Body Fat SolutionANSWER: If you ordered from itunes, the PDF bonus file is in there! You have to look closely; It will be in there at the end of all the audio tracks. If you ordered from Audible, I believe the download page is on the Audible website. Contact Audible customer service for the link. In any case where you didn’t get the bonus PDF, you can contact me, as I have set up a special download page on my own website, so just email me and I will make sure you get a link to download the PDF, if all else fails.

QUESTION: I heard you were on Oprah. Is that True? When?

ANSWER: Actually I was NOT on the Oprah TV show, I was in Oprah magazine in March. The Body Fat Solution got a very nice review from Oprah Magazine.

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