Time-Efficient Weight Training, According To Science

2022-05-13T18:31:38-04:00By |Weight Training|

Time-efficient training is a vitally important topic because lack of time is one of the most commonly reported barriers to exercising consistently. For many people, "no time to train" is their number one problem, or at least it's their biggest perceived problem. I say "perceived" because if they knew about the time-saving training strategies you're about to learn in this blog post, they wouldn't see "no time" as a problem anymore.

Meal Planning For Fat Loss (And Why Planning Succeeds When Tracking Fails)

2022-04-30T11:18:14-04:00By |Meal Planning|

Many people don't realize that meal planning and food tracking are not the same thing. In many ways, meal planning is far superior, especially when you have a meal planning template. In this post, you will learn the difference between meal planning and macro tracking or food journaling, plus you'll get a free meal plan template!

Does HIIT Burn Fat Better Than Steady State Cardio?

2022-04-23T17:47:35-04:00By |Cardio Training, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been promoted as a time-efficient way of doing cardio. Advocates of HIIT often claim that HIIT is superior to moderate intensity steady-state training (MISS) for fat loss. However, whether HIIT produces more total fat loss over time has not been confirmed in long-term research that measured body composition. A new meta-analysis reviewing 54 different studies has now finally answered the question, which is better, "slow and steady or hard and fast"...

Nature Walking vs Treadmill Walking: The Effects On Hormones And Reducing Stress

2022-04-17T20:16:01-04:00By |Exercise & Fitness, Health, Hiking & Backpacking, Science & Research|

Walking is great for your health, including reducing stress. Recent research says walking in nature is even better. The Japanese call it "forest bathing" (Shinrin-Yoku). Sounds kind of esoteric, even "woo-woo" but the science is there. Read this post to see what the latest studies say

How To Get 10000 Steps A Day: 40 Easy Ways To Walk More

2022-04-15T12:36:17-04:00By |Cardio Training, Exercise & Fitness, Health|

Many people would like to get more active by walking more and upping their step count. The problem is, they're intimidated by the 10,000 steps goal or they think it's impossible, either due to their current fitness and stamina levels being low, or even more often, because they don't have more time to commit to it. The truth is, while 10,000 a day is a challenge, it may be easier than you think when you know how... Here are 40 simple ways to do it

How Many Calories Does A Pound Of Muscle Burn?

2022-05-11T09:56:09-04:00By |Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

You may have heard that muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does. It's true. Three times as much. You may have also heard that when you build more muscle, you'll increase your metabolism. Technically that's also true. You may have even heard the specific claim that each pound of muscle you add to your body burns 50 more calories per day. That is absolutely not true. It's a big myth.

Diet Myths: 20 Things That Quacks, Cons And Charlatans Say

2022-03-25T20:22:42-04:00By |Hall of Shame, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

It’s an amazing time to be alive. Today, there’s not only more health fitness and nutrition knowledge available at your fingertips than ever before, but also more evidence-based (scientific) information. The problem in this new internet age is that mixed in with some of the best info we have ever had, is an equal if not larger amount of misinformation circulated by quacks, cons and charlatans. In this post, Tom Venuto debunks 20 of the biggest diet myths

Caffe Mocha High Protein Overnight Oats (5-Minutes)

2022-03-23T13:42:00-04:00By |Recipes|

Could there be anything more convenient than spending 5 minutes at night making your breakfast, sticking it in the refrigerator, then waking up the next day and your morning meal is done, ready and waiting for you? Well, maybe if someone else makes it for you, lol. But seriously, I think the only thing better in the early morning is when your overnight oatmeal is caffeinated!

How Much Sugar Is Too Much? Detailed Answers From Science, Plus Common Sense

2022-03-19T14:02:08-04:00By |Food & Nutrition, Health|

Almost everyone agrees that too much added sugar is not good for our health or our waistlines. Almost everyone also agrees that a little bit of occasional sugar is fairly harmless. Most people would consider those two points common sense. Yet for years, there's been no consensus about what is a little sugar and what is excessive sugar. Fortunately, a close look at the most recent scientific research, combined with a little common sense gives us some pretty solid guidelines, which you can see in this blog post

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