1 Goal Setting Secret That Saves You From Fitness Failure

2021-01-08T18:27:12-05:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

How does an overweight, out-of-shape person melt away all the excess fat, achieve all of their health and fitness goals – safely, sensibly, even with what looks like a sustainable plan – but then promptly begin to regain the weight, starting literally the day after they reach their goal?

Smart Goals Made Smarter: The Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Guide To Setting Goals For The New Year

2021-01-08T13:32:41-05:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

You've probably heard of the 5-part smart goals formula, because it's one of the most well-known and enduring methods for setting goals. S.M.A.R.T., of course, is an acronym representing each of the 5 steps. But did you know about the other 2 steps that most people keep missing?

Winter Weight Gain: Does Cold Weather Make You Fatter?

2020-12-25T11:46:19-05:00By |Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Winter weight gain is a problem. There are many forces conspiring to get you eating more and moving less in the cold months, and studies confirm that this leads to long-term fat gain. Fortunately, these pitfalls are avoidable and the solutions are simple.

The 8 Best Ways To Get Back On Track With Fitness Fast

2020-11-25T09:50:42-05:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

The difference between success and failure isn't whether you get off track, it's whether you get back on track, and most important of all is how quickly you do it. I recently hiked the 2200-mile Appalachian trail (AT) from my home state of New Jersey to the Southern terminus in Georgia.

The Best Healthy Pumpkin Spice Protein Balls

2020-10-21T20:47:14-04:00By |Recipes|

Here's a healthy protein snack recipe that's perfect for the autumn season - pumpkin spice protein balls! When you use the right mix of pumpkin, protein, oats, peanut butter and of course, the spices, you get a delicious, nutritious, portable treat that you might even find yourself enjoying all year round!

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