The Best Split Routines For Building Muscle

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It's possible to build a lot of muscle with no split routine at all. Full body workouts have their place, especially for beginners, for time efficiency and for "back to basics" strength training. But suppose you have a physique and visual aesthetics  goal and decided to go with a body part split. What is the best split routine for building muscle?

The Best Healthy Pumpkin Spice Protein Balls

2023-09-23T14:42:15-04:00By |Recipes|

Here's a healthy protein snack recipe that's perfect for the autumn season - pumpkin spice protein balls! When you use the right mix of pumpkin, protein, oats, peanut butter and of course, the spices, you get a delicious, nutritious, portable treat that you might even find yourself enjoying all year round!

Is Training Each Muscle Only Once A Week A Bad Idea?

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One of the biggest debates in bodybuilding in the past decade has been about whether a higher or lower training frequency is better. Early studies that compared training only once a week to twice a week seemed to suggest twice a week builds more muscle and that's what most trainers heavily promoted. But more recent studies that were better designed have increased our understanding of this subject.

“You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet” Doesn’t Mean “Training Doesn’t Work For Weight Loss”

2023-09-07T16:20:53-04:00By |Exercise & Fitness, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

"You can't out train a bad diet." Basically, this trite saying is trying to convey the idea that if you don’t control your food intake and balance it with your activity, so you sustain a caloric deficit, you won’t lose weight regardless of how much you exercise. Re-stated this way, in the context of energy balance, I don’t think anyone would disagree. However, I'm here to explain how this phrase has gone wrong...

The Shocking Truth About Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) To Build Muscle And Burn Fat

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The "Shocking" truth about electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Shocking. Get it?  Sorry, bad pun - I couldn't resist. But this deserves to be poked fun at. "Attach electrodes to your belly, turn on the current, [...]

Long Duration, Low Intensity Cardio For Fat Loss: Good Or Bad?

2023-09-11T18:14:26-04:00By |Cardio Training, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

What if your goal was fat loss and you did an hour a day of low-intensity cardio. Would that be a good idea compared to higher intensity cardio with much shorter workouts?  What if you did 90 minutes, or even (gasp) TWO HOURS a day of low intensity cardio?  What about that?  Bad? Total overkill? Or could that be a secret key to losing fat fast that most people never use because it's too time consuming?  What if you had the time? For the answer to this unusual question, read on.

Sara’s Belly Fat-Busting, Body Transformation Secrets For Women

2023-09-01T15:52:13-04:00By |Burn The Fat Challenge, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

With the right nutrition, weight training, cardio, mindset, and accountability, you can transform your body, fitness, and health more than you might imagine in only 12 weeks... Sara Ryan, 44, is one of thousands of people who have proven it with her results from the Burn the Fat Challenge, a 12-week body transformation contest sponsored by Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.

How To Get 10000 Steps A Day: 40 Easy Ways To Walk More

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Many people would like to get more active by walking more and upping their step count. The problem is, they're intimidated by the 10,000 steps goal or they think it's impossible, either due to their current fitness and stamina levels being low, or even more often, because they don't have more time to commit to it. The truth is, while 10,000 a day is a challenge, it may be easier than you think when you know how... Here are 40 simple ways to do it

How Often Should You Train Each Muscle Per Week? What New Science Says

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How often should you train each muscle per week? Over the last decade, a number of studies suggested that hitting each muscle twice a week is ideal and that a low frequency like working each muscle only once a week is not optimal. Recently a group of researchers carefully designed a study to help us answer this question that is still fiercely debated to this day...

Is Counting Weekly Sets The Best New Way To Gain Muscle? (What Science Says)

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For the last decade or so, one of the most researched and talked about subjects in resistance training has been volume. Specifically, how much volume optimizes muscle growth? We know that initially, when you add training volume, you gain more muscle, but then the amount of gains tapers off. But ultimately, if volume exceeds a certain level, gains flatten out and reverse direction, which indicates the point of overtraining and under-recovery. The million dollar questions are, "how much volume is enough" and could counting sets be the best way to track it?

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