Bulk Or Cut? (What Should Your Body Fat Be Before You Start A Muscle Gaining Diet?)

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So you're wondering, "Should I bulk or cut?" Maybe you're not sure because you heard out there in social media and blog world that you're not supposed go on a muscle building diet if your body fat is a little high. Then you wonder, "Well, how low does my body fat have to be before it's ok for me to bulk? When is it okay for me to go into a calorie surplus for bulking? The answer is here!

Cool Summer Chickpea Salad With Bell Peppers

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This chick pea and bell pepper salad is perfect for a hot summer day or night. It's delicious, has a great crunch and is packed with nutrients including 13 grams of fiber. Served by itself, it's vegan, or try serving it with a lemon-pepper chicken breast on the side, or tuna mixed in for the lean protein to make it a complete high protein meal. Takes just 10 minutes to make! Serve it right up, or put it in the fridge and serve it chilled later

Macro Mistakes That Even Experienced Dieters Still Make

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Most people are making big mistakes when setting their macros (protein, carbs, fats). Beginners are more prone to these errors. That's understandable. There's a learning curve to this stuff. But what might surprise you is how many experienced dieters and physique enthusiasts are making the same macro mistakes too. See a list of the top 6 mistakes, and what to do about them in this post...

3-Ingredient Shredded Salsa Chicken

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3-Ingredient Slow Cooker Shredded Salsa Chicken Everyone should have a handful of recipes that use few ingredients (preferably already in the house), and that require virtually no prep time and no cooking skill. Slow cooker shredded salsa chicken is one of the best. It doesn't get much simpler or easier than this. Toss three ingredients in your slow cooker, set it, forget it, and in less than four hours you have a spicy high-protein meal, ready to go.

Full Body Vs Split Routine For Strength And Muscle: Which One Wins?

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If you compared a full body vs split routine, which would be better for gaining muscle size and strength? This has been a controversy for years. A new study was published recently in the prestigious Journal of Strength And Conditioning Research (Ramos-Campo 2024) which aimed to finally settle this debate.

Is A Full Body Workout Better Than A Split Routine For Fat Loss?

2024-06-01T09:20:41-04:00By |Weight Training|

Is a full body workout better? Full body workouts can be quite effective and they suit a lot of people's goals, schedules and preferences. The problem is when a training guru claims that full body workouts are superior to split routines for helping to increase fat loss. That's not necessarily true and here's why...

The 12-Week Year By Brian Moran Book Review

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The 12 Week Year is a business book, but the way it also applies to fitness is one of the things that made it stand out to me. Here in our community, we sponsor 12-week body transformation challenges, offer 12-week training programs, and for years have encouraged our readers to set fitness and weight management goals in 12 week blocks, not just long term. That makes the premise of this book fit in well with our philosophy. Click here to read the review.....

Scott’s Body Recomposition And 11 Transformation Tips

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Scott not only achieved an impressive fat loss transformation in only 12 weeks (5 inches off his waist in 12 weeks), he reported major gains in lean mass while doing just body weight resistance training. Scott has completed more than one Burn the Fat Challenge, placing in the top three in the last event. Scott's experience led him to appreciate the power of being on a team and to develop an 11-point body transformation strategy list that works for him and could work for you too. 

Body Transformation At 62 (60 Is The New 40)

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Winning three different awards in the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Body Transformation Challenge, Roxanne ("Roxie") has become a role model to all, showing that 60-something is the new 40. Roxie made the top 3 in the muscle and physique division of the challenge, having dropped 11 pounds of body fat, while adding 1.6 pounds of lean body mass at the same time... Read on and learn how she did it....

Suzannah’s Amazing Body Transformation At 50

2024-04-25T11:15:37-04:00By |Transformations|

At just shy of 50 years old, Suzannah dropped from 155 pounds down to 137 pounds, slashed her body fat, trimmed her waistline, built muscle, and made a stunning visual transformation in only 12 weeks. before she achieved these amazing results, she wrestled with the question of whether it was even possible to get fit at 50, especially when dealing with injury, perimenopause and other obstacles. She discovered the answer was yes......

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