Steps Per Day Or Minutes Per Day: How To Set Your Daily Exercise Goal

2024-04-05T06:37:59-04:00By |Cardio Training, Health|

Your physical activity goal: Should it be steps or minutes per day? Step counting has become popular, not just because fitness trackers and apps are so popular, but also because the health and fitness industry endorses step goals and research has confirmed the benefits of hitting certain benchmarks. But meanwhile, every major health organization in the world recommends setting activity goals based on minutes. So which metric should you use?...

Long Duration, Low Intensity Cardio For Fat Loss: Good Or Bad?

2023-09-11T18:14:26-04:00By |Cardio Training, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

What if your goal was fat loss and you did an hour a day of low-intensity cardio. Would that be a good idea compared to higher intensity cardio with much shorter workouts?  What if you did 90 minutes, or even (gasp) TWO HOURS a day of low intensity cardio?  What about that?  Bad? Total overkill? Or could that be a secret key to losing fat fast that most people never use because it's too time consuming?  What if you had the time? For the answer to this unusual question, read on.

How To Get 10000 Steps A Day: 40 Easy Ways To Walk More

2023-08-25T19:19:24-04:00By |Cardio Training, Exercise & Fitness, Health|

Many people would like to get more active by walking more and upping their step count. The problem is, they're intimidated by the 10,000 steps goal or they think it's impossible, either due to their current fitness and stamina levels being low, or even more often, because they don't have more time to commit to it. The truth is, while 10,000 a day is a challenge, it may be easier than you think when you know how... Here are 40 simple ways to do it

Does Fasted Cardio Burn More Fat? (An Update)

2023-01-28T13:05:24-05:00By |Cardio Training, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Does fasted cardio burn more fat? 20 or 30 years ago, almost everyone in fitness and bodybuilding thought so. You can count me in that group. I was a 1990s and 2000s era competition bodybuilder and I did a lot of fasted cardio first thing in the morning. Back then I also recommended cardio on an empty stomach to my training clients for burning more fat. Today the research is clear: Fasted cardio works, but it doesn't work better than fed cardio. Read the blog to learn why

Is 10000 Steps A Day A Good Goal?

2022-09-02T12:37:45-04:00By |Cardio Training, Health|

You've probably heard that 10000 steps a day is a good goal. It shows that you're active, not sedentary and hitting that number decreases your risk of health problems and an early death. But recently, there's been some skepticism over the 10000 steps target. Some say it's a marketing gimmick for fitness tracker companies. Let's take a closer look, and see what the science says...

Should You Always Do Cardio In Addition To Weight Training?

2022-07-27T13:33:30-04:00By |Cardio Training|

Is it mandatory to do cardio in addition to weights? If so, what is the best way to integrate cardio and weights?How much, what kind, how hard, and when? The answer to these questions may depend on your goals, preferences, and time available. It also depends on the kind of condition you're in now.

Does HIIT Burn Fat Better Than Steady State Cardio?

2022-04-23T17:47:35-04:00By |Cardio Training, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been promoted as a time-efficient way of doing cardio. Advocates of HIIT often claim that HIIT is superior to moderate intensity steady-state training (MISS) for fat loss. However, whether HIIT produces more total fat loss over time has not been confirmed in long-term research that measured body composition. A new meta-analysis reviewing 54 different studies has now finally answered the question, which is better, "slow and steady or hard and fast"...

Cardio For Weight Loss: A NEAT Explanation For Why It Fails

2021-09-08T21:15:48-04:00By |Cardio Training, Most Popular, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

"Why isn't my cardio working?"  Despite not only doing regular cardio for weeks, but actually increasing the duration of your cardio, you might still see no added weight loss and you're wondering what you're doing wrong. You're starting to wonder if cardio for weight loss doesn't work... Actually cardio does work, and when it doesn't, there are specific reasons why it fails - this is one of them...

Burn 9 Times More Fat With This Cardio Workout?

2022-04-23T11:33:22-04:00By |Cardio Training, Science & Research, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, has been promoted as one of the most effective training methods ever to come down the pike, both for fat loss and for cardiovascular fitness. One of [...]

This Type Of Exercise Is Shockingly Good For You

2021-04-22T13:39:30-04:00By |Cardio Training, Exercise & Fitness, Health|

Many fitness enthusiasts believe that unless cardio is high in intensity (like interval training or sprints), it's not beneficial ("high intensity or nothing" mentality). In a similar train of thought. Most people believe that walking [...]

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