Steps Per Day Or Minutes Per Day: How To Set Your Daily Exercise Goal

2024-04-05T06:37:59-04:00By |Cardio Training, Health|

Your physical activity goal: Should it be steps or minutes per day? Step counting has become popular, not just because fitness trackers and apps are so popular, but also because the health and fitness industry endorses step goals and research has confirmed the benefits of hitting certain benchmarks. But meanwhile, every major health organization in the world recommends setting activity goals based on minutes. So which metric should you use?...

The Myth Of 1 Thing

2024-01-26T09:25:08-05:00By |Health, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

I'm sure you've seen ads like this before: "Cut out this 1 food group and watch the pounds melt away." Why do we see ads like these so often? Because advertisers know they work. They hit a psychological hot button. Harsh truth: There's no 1 thing that's going to transform your body and health. If it were that easy, no one would be obese. No one would have type 2 diabetes. No one would have heart disease.

How To Get 10000 Steps A Day: 40 Easy Ways To Walk More

2023-08-25T19:19:24-04:00By |Cardio Training, Exercise & Fitness, Health|

Many people would like to get more active by walking more and upping their step count. The problem is, they're intimidated by the 10,000 steps goal or they think it's impossible, either due to their current fitness and stamina levels being low, or even more often, because they don't have more time to commit to it. The truth is, while 10,000 a day is a challenge, it may be easier than you think when you know how... Here are 40 simple ways to do it

Is 10000 Steps A Day A Good Goal?

2022-09-02T12:37:45-04:00By |Cardio Training, Health|

You've probably heard that 10000 steps a day is a good goal. It shows that you're active, not sedentary and hitting that number decreases your risk of health problems and an early death. But recently, there's been some skepticism over the 10000 steps target. Some say it's a marketing gimmick for fitness tracker companies. Let's take a closer look, and see what the science says...

Nature Walking vs Treadmill Walking: The Effects On Hormones And Reducing Stress

2022-04-17T20:16:01-04:00By |Exercise & Fitness, Health, Hiking & Backpacking, Science & Research|

Walking is great for your health, including reducing stress. Recent research says walking in nature is even better. The Japanese call it "forest bathing" (Shinrin-Yoku). Sounds kind of esoteric, even "woo-woo" but the science is there. Read this post to see what the latest studies say

How Much Sugar Is Too Much? Detailed Answers From Science, Plus Common Sense

2022-03-19T14:02:08-04:00By |Food & Nutrition, Health|

Almost everyone agrees that too much added sugar is not good for our health or our waistlines. Almost everyone also agrees that a little bit of occasional sugar is fairly harmless. Most people would consider those two points common sense. Yet for years, there's been no consensus about what is a little sugar and what is excessive sugar. Fortunately, a close look at the most recent scientific research, combined with a little common sense gives us some pretty solid guidelines, which you can see in this blog post

30 Ways To Eat More Vegetables (And Get Healthier And Leaner), Even If You Don’t Like Vegetables

2022-02-23T08:12:57-05:00By |Food & Nutrition, Health|

According to the Center For Disease Control, only 10% of Americans get the minimum recommended daily fruit and vegetable intake. That's an unfortunate statistic considering that eating a lot of vegetables and fruits every day is one of the best ways to get healthier and lose weight without much effort.

Egg Whites Vs Whole Eggs: How They Fit Into Bodybuilding And Fat Loss Diets

2023-12-22T14:03:30-05:00By |Food & Nutrition, Health|

Have you ever been on a fat loss diet? Are you into fitness or bodybuilding? If so, then I have little doubt that the question of egg whites vs whole eggs has been on your radar at one time or another. Will eating whole eggs raise your cholesterol and risk of heart disease? Should you throw out the egg yolk and eat only the egg whites? Is a small number of whole eggs and the rest whites the best way to go? If so, how many whole eggs are safe to eat? Read on for all the answers...

What Are Net Carbs And Should You Count Them?

2022-06-18T16:38:07-04:00By |Food & Nutrition, Health, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

What are net carbs? And if your goal is fat loss, do they matter? Should you track them if you’ve chosen a diet with a strict carb limit? Are net carbs even relevant and important, or is it just a marketing gimmick for low carb food products?

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