You’ve seen ads like these, I’m pretty sure of it, am I right?:

“1 weird trick burns even the most stubborn belly fat.”

“Take just 1 sip after dinner to flatten your tummy.”

“Eat this 1 food and eliminate diabetes forever.”

“The only workout you’ll ever need to lose fat without dieting.”

“Cut out this 1 food group and watch pounds melt away effortlessly.”

“Harvard cardiologist says to avoid a heart attack, never eat this 1 food.”

And I could go on and on.

What do they have in common? They all claim there’s only 1 thing you must do to achieve a healthy body and ideal weight.

Why do you see ads like these so often? Because advertisers know they work. They hit your psychological hot button. So the marketeers keep running them…

Scam Alert

The next time you see any ad like this, I suggest you flip the “scam alert” switch. As red warning lights flash and sirens blare in your head, resist the urge to click. It’s always a scam, lie or reflection of ignorance.

Harsh truth: There’s no 1 thing that’s going to transform your body and health.

If it were that easy, no one would be obese. No one would have type 2 diabetes. No one would have heart disease.

Here’s a principle you must remember: For body and health transformation, you need to do lots of things.

Take long-time Burn the Fat Inner Circle member Shirley. She achieved the best shape of her life in her late 50’s and became a top award winner in the Burn the Fat Challenge (including the most ripped award – she had lower body fat than most 20-somethings)…

We interviewed Shirley and picked her brain to see how she did it. If you listened to her run down the list of everything she does, you’d say, “Wow! No wonder she got in the best shape of her life at 60.”

Question: If someone followed you around every day for a few months and made a list of everything you do to in your endeavor to transform your body and your health, would they say, in awe: “Well, NO WONDER he’s doing so well – look at everything he’s been doing!”

At a casual glance, without getting a closer, personal look, it might appear like someone is not doing much. Then you might be tempted to say, “They’re just lucky… they have good genetics and a fast metabolism.”

The truth is:

1. Some people do have favorable genetics. But transformation still takes hard work.
2. Successful body and health transformation is never about just 1 thing.

We have a formula for it here in the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle community. These are the 5 elements of natural and permanent body and health transformation.

1. Nutrition
2. Resistance training
3. Cardio training
4. Mental training
5. Social support

That’s 5 things, not 1.

And each of those 5 fundamental categories get further broken down into many specifics.

For example…

Nutrition breaks down to calories, protein, carbs, fat, meal planning, food choices and more…

Resistance training breaks down to split routine, schedule/frequency, exercises, sets/volume, reps, rest intervals, overload and so on

Mental training breaks down to goal-setting, visualization, attitude, self-talk, values clarification, focus/concentration, meditation/relaxation, contingency planning and a lot more.

The 5-part formula above is the powerful transformation formula you can use. It’s been proven time and time again. Even if you never saw any evidence that it works, it’s the kind of thing that’s common sense, so it rings true when you just think about.

It’s never just 1 thing.

If you’re not happy with your results, it’s worth asking yourself whether you’ve ever fallen for these “1 thing” sales pitches, and if so, when you will stop falling.

It’s also worth thinking about whether you are weak in or completely missing one of the 5 elements.

Billy, an Inner Circle member, recently expressed his frustration that he tried on 4 separate occasions over the last few years to get the excess body fat off, but each time he fell off the wagon for one reason or the other (got sick, got injured, lost motivation, extended travel and so on).

He was on the verge of quitting.

I had a chat with Billy and found out that he thought his nutrition, weight training, and cardio training were dialed in. When he did those 3 things, he was getting leaner. He was also an active member of the Inner Circle, with access to great support.

We figured out that aside from writing down a goal, he was doing next to nothing for mental training. As a result, when there was an obstacle, he was not prepared to stay motivated, overcome it, and keep going. He got knocked off track and stayed off track.

In this case, doing 1 thing – focusing on mental training – was the key to his future success.

But think about it. This doesn’t mean doing only 1 thing will magically transform you. It means, when 1 important piece of the whole is missing, then making that 1 piece a priority can make all the difference.

There’s also the vital concept of the 80-20 rule. This says that 20% of the things you do will produce most of your results. 80% of the things you do are minutia and barely move the needle.

Your skill in identifying the 20% of things that do move the needle will make or break your success. In this context, there may indeed be 1 thing you’re missing that you need to focus on.

If you want to be certain that you have ALL the important elements of body transformation, then join us at Burn the Fat Inner Circle.

This is where you can access resources and coaching in the 4 fundamentals – nutrition, resistance training, cardio training, and mental training, and the online community is your “5th element.”

Click the link below to learn more:


– Tom Venuto,
Founder, Burn The Fat Inner Circle
All-Natural, No-BS Body Transformation

PS. See how one Burn the Fat Challenge champion applied all 5 of the fundamental success principles to make a remarkable body transformation at nearly 60 years old: Shirleys Life-Changing Body Transformation Blueprint.

tomvenuto-blogAbout Tom Venuto
Tom Venuto is a natural bodybuilding and fat loss expert. He is also a recipe creator specializing in fat-burning, muscle-building cooking. Tom is a former competitive bodybuilder and today works as a full-time fitness coach, writer, blogger, and author. In his spare time, he is an avid outdoor enthusiast and backpacker. His book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is an international bestseller, first as an ebook and now as a hardcover and audiobook. The Body Fat Solution, Tom’s book about emotional eating and long-term weight maintenance, was an Oprah Magazine and Men’s Fitness Magazine pick. Tom is also the founder of Burn The Fat Inner Circle – a fitness support community with over 52,000 members worldwide since 2006. Click here for membership details

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