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I realized early on that the fitness industry was full of fads, gimmicks and lies, so I started this site as a place to learn about body transformation without the B.S. Here, I promote drug-free bodybuilding and fitness, and I do not sell supplements. If you’re sick of hearing about miracle drinks, magic pills, and quick fixes, and you want to learn how to transform naturally with real food, smart training, and strong motivation, you have come to the right place.

– Tom Venuto

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Tired Of Tracking Macros And Counting Calories? Here Are 2 Easy Alternatives

Meal Planning|

A lot of people struggle with tracking calories and macros (protein, carbs and fat) and hitting their ideal macro targets every day. In fact, many people are frustrated from day one because they can’t even figure out their ideal calorie and macro intake in the first place, let alone make a daily or weekly meal plan based on macros [...]

How To Get 10000 Steps A Day: 40 Easy Ways To Walk More

Cardio Training, Exercise & Fitness, Health|

Many people would like to get more active by walking more and upping their step count. The problem is, they're intimidated by the 10,000 steps goal or they think it's impossible, either due to their current fitness and stamina levels being low, or even more often, because they don't have more time to commit to it. The truth is, while 10,000 a day is a challenge, it may be easier than you think when you know how... Here are 40 simple ways to do it

The Double Edged Sword Of “Healthy” Fast Food

Classic Posts, Food & Nutrition|

A Burn the Fat Blog Archives Classic. Originally published March 15th, 2010. What’s on the menu at fast food restaurants lately? Ironically enough, the answer increasingly is… “health food!” Even more incongruous, many fast food joints are advertising their food for weight loss. Healthy weight loss food at Taco Bell and McDonalds? Is this a positive move to be [...]

How To Save Money On Healthy Food In 2023

Food & Nutrition|

At our members-only community site, Burn the Fat Inner Circle, we have an ongoing (and somewhat satirical) forum discussion going on called, "The complain about the price of food thread.” We started it in November 2022, as inflation was raging. Months later, the price of food is still out of control, and that thread has been bumped repeatedly [...]

Who Is Tom Venuto?

Tom Venuto

Tom Venuto is a fat loss coach, fitness writer and best selling author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle – known by fans as “The Bible of Fat Loss” – and The Body Fat Solution, a National bestseller and Men’s Fitness pick. Greatist.com named Tom among the 100 most influential people in fitness three years in a row. Oprah Magazine said, “Venuto is honest about what it really takes to lose weight.”

Tom has been a voice of reason in fitness for over 30 years and was a successful drug-free competitive bodybuilder for 16 years. Tom started training clients in person in 1989 and since 2006, more than 53,000 have joined his Inner Circle where he now coaches exclusively online. More than 500,000 men and women have read his books in over 154 countries.

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