Are Microwave Ovens Safe? What Science Really Says About Microwaves, Your Food And Your Health

2021-11-06T12:51:38-04:00By |Classic Posts, Food & Nutrition|

"Microwave ovens will kill you!" Or so they say... If you've ever surfed the internet for information on health and nutrition, there's little doubt you've come across scare stories about microwave ovens. Online natural [...]

Exercise Won’t Make You Thin? (Why Time Magazine Owes the Fitness Industry a Big Fat Apology)

2021-10-25T09:00:59-04:00By |Cardio Training, Classic Posts, Exercise & Fitness, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Does exercise help weight loss? According to Time Magazine, the answer is no. That's why at first I was tempted to title this article, “why John Cloud and the editors of Time magazine are idiots.” But then I thought that might be a bit harsh and decided to simply call for an apology and a correction for all the errors they made in their recent article, "Why exercise won’t make you thin."

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