30 Things I Learned From 30 Years of Bodybuilding

2024-01-25T11:26:02-05:00By |bodybuilding, Classic Posts, Motivation & Mindset|

I started lifting in the early 1980's and right from day one, I was engrossed with the bodybuilding style of training and eating. I think it's always valuable to take time for reflection, and realizing this year that I had accumulated 30 years of training experience (including 28 competitions as a natural bodybuilder), I thought you would enjoy a post on my “lessons learned” that might help you in your own fitness endeavors, and hopefully help you shave a few years off your learning curve.

The Shocking Truth About Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) To Build Muscle And Burn Fat

2023-09-03T12:36:32-04:00By |Abs, Classic Posts, Gain Muscle, Hall of Shame|

The "Shocking" truth about electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Shocking. Get it?  Sorry, bad pun - I couldn't resist. But this deserves to be poked fun at. "Attach electrodes to your belly, turn on the current, [...]

The Double Edged Sword Of “Healthy” Fast Food

2023-03-10T20:02:32-05:00By |Classic Posts, Food & Nutrition|

A Burn the Fat Blog Archives Classic. Originally published March 15th, 2010. What’s on the menu at fast food restaurants lately? Ironically enough, the answer increasingly is… “health food!” Even more incongruous, many fast [...]

Are Microwave Ovens Safe? What Science Really Says About Microwaves, Your Food And Your Health

2023-10-31T14:50:27-04:00By |Classic Posts, Food & Nutrition|

Online natural health "experts" claim that microwaves will "zap" your food, deplete it of important nutrients and alter its molecular structure in dangerous ways. They also warn that microwave exposure and eating food cooked in microwave ovens will cause harm to your body and even cause cancer! Is there any truth to any of these reports? No, it's a bunch of BS. And here's why...

The G-Flux Interview With John Berardi, Part 1: Eat More, Burn More

2023-10-31T14:49:21-04:00By |Classic Posts, Tom's Interviews|

This website, Burn the Fat Blog, has been online since 2006. There are tons of great posts buried way back in the archives that rarely get viewed anymore. While a handful of them need [...]

The G-Flux Interview With John Berardi, Part 2: How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

2023-10-31T14:49:42-04:00By |Classic Posts, Tom's Interviews|

This is part 2 in an exclusive interview with Dr. John Berardi about “Energy Flux” – also known as “G-Flux”, which refers to the amount of energy flowing into and out of a system [...]

How To Stay In Shape While Traveling

2022-06-18T17:20:59-04:00By |Classic Posts, Exercise & Fitness, Food & Nutrition|

Some people may be thinking, "Impossible! You can't even maintain, let alone improve, when you have to deal with airports, business meetings, all-day seminars, hotels, mini-bars, room service food on speed-dial, restaurants and all that travel stress." Actually, in most cases, yes you can stay in shape while traveling, and even get in better shape, if you really want to, and here's how

This Doctor Says, “Running Will KILL You!”

2022-07-30T16:08:47-04:00By |Cardio Training, Classic Posts|

A medical doctor says marathon runners are going to drop dead of heart attacks. A diet guru says running is bad for you and you should never do it. A strength coach slams cardio, saying lifting weights and a little bit of sprint or burst training is all anyone should ever do. What a bunch of clowns... Here's what real science says...

Exercise Won’t Make You Thin? (Why Time Magazine Owes the Fitness Industry a Big Fat Apology)

2021-10-25T09:00:59-04:00By |Cardio Training, Classic Posts, Exercise & Fitness, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Does exercise help weight loss? According to Time Magazine, the answer is no. That's why at first I was tempted to title this article, “why John Cloud and the editors of Time magazine are idiots.” But then I thought that might be a bit harsh and decided to simply call for an apology and a correction for all the errors they made in their recent article, "Why exercise won’t make you thin."

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