The Mind-Muscle Connection And How To Strengthen It: Top 10 Techniques For Mental Power In The Gym

2021-08-19T15:31:44-04:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

For years, bodybuilders have preached about the importance of the mind to muscle connection. Physique athletes believe that improving your ability to concentrate on the muscle you're training, and feel the muscle contract, will increase activation in the target muscle and reduce the involvement of secondary muscles, and that this in turn will increase muscle growth.

Mindfulness And Fat Loss: A Guide For The Easily Distracted

2021-08-19T12:48:18-04:00By |Motivation & Mindset, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Until recently, mindfulness had been nothing more than an abstract concept to me. Something the ultra spiritual and silicon valley folks did. In the past few years, however, I started paying more attention. My curiosities led me to exploring the implications of mindfulness and fat loss

1 Goal Setting Secret That Saves You From Fitness Failure

2021-01-08T18:27:12-05:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

How does an overweight, out-of-shape person melt away all the excess fat, achieve all of their health and fitness goals – safely, sensibly, even with what looks like a sustainable plan – but then promptly begin to regain the weight, starting literally the day after they reach their goal?

Smart Goals Made Smarter: The Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle Guide To Setting Goals For The New Year

2021-01-08T13:32:41-05:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

You've probably heard of the 5-part smart goals formula, because it's one of the most well-known and enduring methods for setting goals. S.M.A.R.T., of course, is an acronym representing each of the 5 steps. But did you know about the other 2 steps that most people keep missing?

The 8 Best Ways To Get Back On Track With Fitness Fast

2020-11-25T09:50:42-05:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

The difference between success and failure isn't whether you get off track, it's whether you get back on track, and most important of all is how quickly you do it. I recently hiked the 2200-mile Appalachian trail (AT) from my home state of New Jersey to the Southern terminus in Georgia.

The Top 10 Psychology-Based Goal-Setting And Goal-Achieving Strategies

2020-09-24T19:31:35-04:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

Goal setting strategies have been formally researched by psychologists since at least the 1960’s. More than 1000 studies have confirmed that goal setting is one of the most effective techniques you can use for motivation [...]

What Most People Are Still Getting Wrong About Goal-Oriented Versus Process-Oriented Fitness

2020-06-29T21:49:07-04:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

I recently read a book about mindfulness and being "present." The premise was that by learning to  love the process, you'll avoid self-judgement, eliminate impatience, end boredom, reduce stress, feel calmer, experience self-discovery, enjoy [...]

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