The Bad Attitude That Kills Diet And Exercise Programs

2019-02-19T21:33:22-05:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

Self-improvement speaker and author Earl Nightingale described attitude as “The angle or bearing, including actions, feelings and moods,” from which you approach a problem or situation. That’s a great definition.  I like to say something [...]

How I’ve Stayed Motivated To Work Out Consistently For 30 Years Straight

2019-02-19T21:29:43-05:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

I recently took part in the Elite Body Seminar, where I was interviewed by Jim Katsoulis, a hypnotherapist and fitness coach who, rather than just training clients in the gym physically, he specializes in using [...]

10 Biggest Body Transformation Mistakes

2019-02-19T21:42:33-05:00By |Exercise & Fitness, Food & Nutrition, Motivation & Mindset, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

They say “success leaves clues.” I’ve always liked that quote, which I first heard from Anthony Robbins, and which I’ve heard re-quoted by many others over the years.  Unfortunately, most people don’t follow the advice [...]

Does Sharing Your Goals Make You Less Likely To Achieve Them?

2019-02-19T21:48:58-05:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

If you’re not familiar with the TED talks, I recommend checking them out.’s tagline is “riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.” The short videos feature entrepreneurs, artists, philanthropists, entertainers, scientists, authors [...]

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