What Most People Are Still Getting Wrong About Goal-Oriented Versus Process-Oriented Fitness

2020-06-29T21:49:07-04:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

I recently read a book about mindfulness and being "present." The premise was that by learning to  love the process, you'll avoid self-judgement, eliminate impatience, end boredom, reduce stress, feel calmer, experience self-discovery, enjoy [...]

A New Fitness Challenge For The New Year: Goal Setting In The Technology Age

2019-02-19T21:23:03-05:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

When you pause and reflect on the past year as you look ahead to a new one, it really makes you think. It makes you appreciate how short life is, how valuable time is and how [...]

Your Brain Is A Jerk: 5 Cognitive Biases That Are Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Goals

2019-02-19T21:27:08-05:00By |Guest Blogs, Motivation & Mindset|

One of the curses of being human is that we are hard-wired for delusion.  The good news is that not only is it perfectly normal, but our misbeliefs are the very thing that have, in [...]

The Bad Attitude That Kills Diet And Exercise Programs

2019-02-19T21:33:22-05:00By |Motivation & Mindset|

Self-improvement speaker and author Earl Nightingale described attitude as “The angle or bearing, including actions, feelings and moods,” from which you approach a problem or situation. That’s a great definition.  I like to say something [...]

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