The Shocking Truth About Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) To Build Muscle And Burn Fat

2023-09-03T12:36:32-04:00By |Abs, Classic Posts, Gain Muscle, Hall of Shame|

The "Shocking" truth about electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Shocking. Get it?  Sorry, bad pun - I couldn't resist. But this deserves to be poked fun at. "Attach electrodes to your belly, turn on the current, [...]

Is Spot Reduction Of Body Fat Possible After All? (What The Latest Science Says)

2022-01-10T10:46:59-05:00By |Abs, Science & Research, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Spot reduction of body fat is the theory that you can burn fat preferentially from one area of the body by doing exercises which target that specific spot. The most common [...]

How Often Should You Train Your Abs?

2022-08-02T17:32:03-04:00By |Abs|

Some people believe the abs should be trained just like any other body part. But many believe the abs can handle more frequent training, such as every other day. And you'll always bump into people who recommend training the abs almost every day. How often should you train your abs might seem confusing, but the science of resistance training has advanced to the point where we've got some good best practices that the majority of people can follow with confidence.

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