Evidence Based Keto ReviewWhere can you get trustworthy evidence-based (scientific) info about keto without the cringey tabloid-style false claims, misinformation and other B.S.?

As I mentioned in my detailed post here on Burn the Fat Blog about the ketogenic diet, I do not coach keto or prescribe individualized diets. As I also explained in that post, for people just getting started on the path of improving their diet to achieve health and fat loss goals, I don’t recommend keto as a starting point.

I simply do not believe a diet that bans (and often demonizes) an entire food group is a sensible starting point for the new dieter. However, if you understand the pros and cons of keto and you believe your lifestyle, preferences and health conditions make you a good fit for this novel style of eating, it is an option, and it does work if you can stick to it.

But you have to be very careful where you get advice. Misinformation, B.S., and dogma about keto are rampant (and appealing to an “authority” like an M.D. or PhD is still no guarantee you’ll be properly informed).

Here some prime examples:

  1. Calories don’t matter
  2. Carbs are inherently fattening
  3. Keto diets are superior to high carb, low fat or balanced macro diets
  4. Insulin makes you fat
  5. Keto diets are optimal for gaining muscle

If a keto “expert” or “guru” makes any of these claims, then that individual is misinformed about what scientific evidence really says. Yet, these types of myths are still found in almost every mainstream keto book and are spread far and wide on the internet.

If you sincerely want to learn about the real science of keto from a source that has no horse in the race (no agenda, no bias either way), the best (perhaps only) evidence-based guide to keto is the one published by examine.com, which is run entirely by independent researchers.  To Learn More, CLICK HERE

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Evidence Based Keto Review

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