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Megan Callaway’s The Ultimate Push Up-Program Review

If you’re interested in push-up, dumbbell, and band training with lots of ab/core work, that’s easily done at home, if you like calisthenics mixed with weights, if you’re bored with the usual stuff and you like variety and unique exercise variations, then you’ll want to try the workouts in The Ultimate Push-Up Program


The Pull-Up Solution Review

Granted, I was already doing above average pull-up numbers, but I was also hitting a brick wall when it came to making any more progress. By applying just a couple of the ideas from The Pull-Up Solution, I hit my lifetime personal chin-up record, then went on to beat it 4 more times and crack the 30 reps mark. There’s no question: The Pull-Up Solution program works.


Starve Mode Review: E-Book By Leigh Peele (Foreword By Tom Venuto)

Have I messed up my metabolism? Am I in starvation mode? I know I should eat more, but won't I gain weight if I increase calories? How long does it take to restore a “damaged" metabolism back to a revving metabolism? Am I stuck at a plateau and if so how do I break it? At my age, is there no hope for my metabolism? If you've ever asked yourself questions like these, there is an important book you will want to read - Starve Mode.


Evidence-Based Keto: No-Hype Guide To The Ketogenic Diet (Review)

Where can you get trustworthy evidence-based (scientific) info about keto without the cringey tabloid-style false claims, misinformation and other B.S.? If you want to learn about the real science of keto from a source that has no horse in the race, the best (perhaps only) evidence-based guide to keto is the one published by, which is run entirely by independent researchers.