With the right nutrition, weight training, cardio, mindset, and social support, you can transform your body and your health more than you might imagine in only 12 weeks, even after age 50. Anna is one of thousands of people who have proven it with her results from the Burn the Fat Challenge.

The Burn the Fat Challenge is a 12-week body transformation contest held twice a year at the Burn the Fat Inner Circle website. The challenge is free for all Inner Circle members and readers of the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle book

During the three-month challenge, Anna dropped 16 pounds, lost 4 inches off her waist and won a spot in the top 3 transformations in the women’s weight loss division.

To learn exactly how Anna achieved the results you see in these photos (her diet, weight training, cardio, mindset strategies and more), read her Burn the Fat challenge essay below and hear in her own words all her transformation secrets.


I discovered Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle around my 40th birthday. As a newly single mom of three, I was ready for change. Using Tom’s book and the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle tools, I got in the best shape of my life at about 120 pounds and 13% body fat. Every day, I got up at 3:30 am, hit the gym, and worked ten hours.

By 2019, I was getting tired. I didn’t realize it, but I was going through perimenopause. Approaching 50 and no longer able to afford outlandish California rent, I was suddenly jobless and on pandemic lockdown with my parents. By this time, I was reeling from the devastating loss of a significant romantic situationship, and was fully in the throes of menopause. The gyms were closed, my heart was broken, and I was up every night soaked in sweat.

In 2020, I found a wonderful new home and remote job. After working so hard in my 40s, I told myself that I deserved some pleasure. I rested, relaxed, watched TV, and ate ice cream, chocolate, and pineapple pizza without shame. I worked at home and moved less and less.

I tried to ignore the fact that I was gaining weight. I signed up for a Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle 12-week challenge and the Burn the Fat 10k step challenge. I developed plantar fasciitis and dropped out of the challenges. Something was holding me back but I didn’t know what it was. I wasn’t sleeping well, inflammation set in, and I continued to gain weight. I started to believe that I would never be fit again. Like so many women over the age of 50, I felt defeated.


In May, I weighed in at 161 lbs. Shocked, I knew I had to make changes. I saw posts for the upcoming Summer Transformation challenge. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle had worked for me in the past so it could work for me again, right? Honestly, I wasn’t so sure. I procrastinated until the last minute. I wasn’t mentally ready, but I decided to do it anyway.

The first day was the hardest. I felt mortified at stripping down into a bikini online and frustrated trying to navigate the technology. Many times I thought about quitting until I finally said to myself, Enough! You’re just gonna use the next picture you take no matter what. It will be honest and raw and maybe it will help inspire other women. That’s how I ended up with a before photo that looks like a deer in the headlights.


Next, I had to get my mindset right. In my first journal entry, I wrote that I wanted to “get old and fat in peace.” My goal was to regain control over my fitness lifestyle, so why was I so resistant? Then came “The Breakthrough.”

I realized that I associated a fitness lifestyle with those hard, demanding years during my 40s. Seeing this allowed me to put things in perspective. The truth was, I could approach a fitness lifestyle in my 50s more gently than I did in my 40s.

Rather than feeling deprived, I shifted my mindset to what I wanted to create for myself – an active, balanced, healthy lifestyle. And if I could do that, I would win.

No longer needing outside approval and not wanting to be distracted, I forgot all about the competition and prizes and simply focused on my journey.

Once I got through the first few weeks, my momentum grew and before I knew it, my life was transformed!


I applied Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Principles – I consumed mostly high protein meals and never felt deprived. I ate a lot of turkey, baked chicken breast, greek yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, whole wheat breads and tortillas, oatmeal with protein powder, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

I created a structure that supported my goals, and then gently built upon it with layers – I scheduled time for strength training at the gym, yoga practice, and walking. I just showed up according to my schedule and increased the length and intensity over time. Eventually I found myself in the middle of a 37-day 10K+ walking streak!

I focused on the big picture – I forgot about the competition and dwelled on the long-term. This helped maintain the right amount of pressure and I remained flexible and committed. I imagined myself like a bride reveling in the joys of the marriage rather than the thrill of the wedding. I was determined to get results by making sensible sustainable choices. “Progress not perfection” was my mantra. This made me feel like a winner no matter what.

I meticulously tracked my progress. Every Friday I measured and photographed myself along with my weigh-ins. This turned out to be extremely helpful during the slower scale weeks as I could literally see my progress through lost inches and in the photos. This kept me feeling encouraged even when it seemed like nothing was happening.

I remained consistent. I consistently showed up to the gym, for my walks, in my diet, and tracking my progress, and the results followed.

I scheduled fun rewards. My 52nd birthday was only 8 days after the end of the challenge and I booked a trip to Hawaii to celebrate and visit my son. I also made a hair appointment for the day after the challenge just for fun! These rewards gave me extra incentive to stay focused and complete the challenge.


Weight Loss: 16 pounds!
Inches Lost: 23.5″ Overall!
Waist: Down 4″
Hips: Down 4″
Abdomen: Down 7″


These 12 weeks completely transformed my life as I returned to myself. My increased confidence resulted in a job promotion and raise. My sleep improved, hormones balanced, and inflammation disappeared. I started engaging in life again.

But my journey doesn’t stop here and I will continue to live a life of fitness. I hope other women over 50 will be inspired by my journey and give themselves the same gift.


Burn the Fat 12-week body transformation challenge
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