How To Avoid Health And Fitness Scams: The Baloney Detection Kit

2020-09-19T18:50:50-04:00By |Book Reviews, Science & Research|

Fat loss and fitness fads, frauds and downright weird stuff are everywhere today. In the spirit of Carl Sagan, we’ll call it baloney. It includes every product with no evidence supporting its claims. Baloney is a big problem because it adds to the already overwhelming information overload. It could also be costing you a fortune.

Drive By Daniel Pink: Book Summary And Discussion On Intrinsic Motivation

2020-04-30T17:43:11-04:00By |Book Reviews|

As far back as the 1940s, psychologists knew humans had two types of drives. One is biological drive, which includes motivation to eat, drink, and reproduce. Another is external drive [...]

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