How To Change By Katy Milkman Book Review

2022-10-23T12:07:56-04:00By |Book Reviews|

How To Change by Katy Milkman is about changing behavior, making good new habits, breaking bad old habits, ending procrastination, and achieving goals. The tools and strategies recommended are based on findings from the latest research straight from one of the psychologists who has been doing the studies (Milkman) at the Wharton school, University of Pennsylvania.

Flexible Dieting By Alan Aragon Book Review

2022-06-08T20:25:53-04:00By |Book Reviews|

For nutrition research nerds and for anyone interested in the newest science of sustainable dieting for physique transformation, Flexible Dieting is a must-read. For beginners and people not research savvy yet, this book will probably feel like heavy reading with so much science referenced. However, it’s worth the effort to study material like this and become scientifically literate. Learning from an evidence-based source can help free people from wasting time and money on countless fad diets. It will also help people master the art of customizing a plan so you can stick with it, maintain your results, and still enjoy the occasional indulgence.

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