Could hypnosis help you lose weight and keep it off? At first, most people are skeptical so they quickly toss hypnosis onto the heaping pile of weight loss fads and gimmicks without ever really understanding what hypnosis is. Surprisingly, a growing body of research published in peer-reviewed neuroscience and psychology journals, makes a convincing argument that hypnosis could be a legitimate tool for helping you with your weight loss efforts. Hypnosis has long been shrouded in myths and misconceptions, and in this audio podcast, the veil of mystery is finally lifted and you’ll discover the truth about what hypnosis really is and what it can and cannot do for you.

In part one of hypnosis and weight loss I shared with you the origins of my long-time interest in using psychology and “mind power” techniques to help myself and others achieve greater success, including success at getting leaner, building more muscle or becoming a better athlete.

Part two below, is my exclusive audio interview with Michael Lovitch of The Hypnosis Network website.

Taking an evidence-based, scientific approach, Tom and Michael explore such subjects as:

  • What is the difference between hypnosis and meditation? (there’s a very big and very significant difference)
  • What are the biggest myths misconceptions about hypnosis that keep people from taking it seriously?
  • What’s the deal with stage hypnosis? Can a hypnotist really make you cluck like a chicken?
  • Will you lose control under hypnosis or can you be made to do things you dont want to do (could this be used as a mind control?)
  • “Increase your metabolism while you sleep with hypnosis?” true or false?
  • What problems has hypnosis been clinically and scientifically proven to help with?
  • What kinds of problems can hypnosis NOT help with?
  • How specifically does hypnosis help you lose weight (how does it work? What is the mechanism?)
  • what actually happens during a hypnosis session?
  • Is hypnosis guaranteed to work for everyone? Will it work for you? Is it the right approach for you?

The scientific approach made this an absolutely fascinating interview. Who would have thunk that something which seems so “mystical” would be the subject of clinical investigations by neuroscientists, with write ups in journals like Neuron?

Without a question, I have never heard anyone demystify hypnosis and debunk the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis as clearly and completely as Michael did in this call and I think you will really appreciate the integrity of his approach

If you were ever curious about trying hypnosis, the offer Michael mentioned at the end of the call is as good an opportunity as you’ll ever get to try hypnosis and see how it works for you: You can try his program for free, just pay the $5.95 for shipping the CD’s. Take 28 days to decide if you like the program before getting billed. Plus get a one year guarantee (because anything that helps you lose weight has to be able to help you keep it off or it wasn’t truly effective). The link to the offer Michael mentioned on the call is below:

Click Here for Michael’s $5.95 try hypnosis offer.

To listen to the interview online on streaming audio, click the PLAY button on the player below:

To download the hypnosis and weight loss interview MP3 audio, click the link below:

Click Here To Download The MP3 (45 minutes, 5.1 megabytes)

Tom Venuto

PS If you missed part one of this series, you can read that here:
Hypnosis and weight loss, part 1

PPS For more information about hypnosis, visit The Hypnosis Network website.

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