Here it is! The best fitness, fat loss and  body-building blog posts of 2012. Of course, this is just my opinion, and of course, I didn’t have time to search high and low across the entire web to find ALL the best posts (I’m sure I missed a lot of good stuff.. sorry… maybe I’ll add more later and make it the top 15.. or 20). But there are only so many hours in the day and so these are some of the writers and blogs that I have bookmarked and these are some of their best posts that I enjoyed reading throughout the past year. You will find here a great mix of science, practical instruction, motivation and all-around awesomeness that covered many of the major stories of 2012 or just stuff I personally liked. Enjoy.
1. In Defense of Calories by Mike Howard (Core Concepts Wellness Blog):
Top of the list for good reason. I’m very pleased to announce that Mike is now a part of our Burn the Fat team of writers. A seasoned personal trainer, Mike is also one of the most talented writers and brightest intellects in the “evidence-based fitness” field today. Don’t just read this one article (which is fantastic), bookmark / like his sites and read everything he writes:
2. The Talk the Food Industry Couldn’t Bear to Hear by Yoni Freedhoff (Weighty Matters Blog):
If I could rub a magic lamp and have one wish come true for 2013, I would wish that Canadian M.D. and weight loss expert, Yoni Freedhoff would replace all the (sham) “diet doctors” who have been dominating the TV airwaves for far too long and finally show the masses the  truth that will set them free…  (Note to the media: give him all the air-time you can!) In the meantime, read his blog and when his book finally comes out, be the first in line to get it). Always good stuff to be found on his blog. Yoni told me that this post went viral this year:
3. 40 Nutrition Tips YOU can learn from a Bodybuilder by Tyler English (Tyler English Fitness Systems Blog):
More proof that drug-free bodybuilders not only look great but can also be wicked smart (and that non-bodybuilders can learn a lot from bodybuilders about building muscle and burning fat… I’ve been saying that myself for years):
4. 50 Ways to Achieve Greatness in Your Life by Jim Smith (Diesel Strength & Conditioning)
Not just great strength and conditioning info can be found on this blog, there’s always some great motivational posts that can “snap you out of it” (your funk… your fear… your plateau… your complacency… )… especially this one:
I liked this one a lot too:
5. Dr. Oz and Green Coffee Beans – More Weight Loss Pseudoscience by Scott Gavura (Science Based Medicine Blog):
You didn’t REALLY believe you could take a pill and… poof! burn the fat… did you? (ooops!) Seen those Green coffee bean “as seen on Dr. Oz” ads?  Arguably the most annoying diet supplement fad of the year (easily as annoying as Acai Berry was). As the name implies, this blog and this post is very sciencey,  but that’s good, because this gimmick needed a thorough and evidence-based de-bunking:
6. 71 Tips to Lose Fat by Dr. Chris Mohr, RD (Mohr Results Blog):
Dr. Chris Mohr is literally our “go to guy” – he’s the official registered dietian for our Burn the Fat community. Any time I need a clinical nutrition professional or dietician, I call Dr. Chris. There is no straighter shooter in the nutrition field today.  Zero hype. 100% common sense advice. This, Chris told me, was his most popular post of the year:
7. The Rise of the Physique Artist by Dr. Scott Tousignant (Burn the Fat Blog):
Hey, I can include my own blog! Actually it’s not entirely self-serving, because this was a guest blog post from Canadian natural bodybuilder Scott Tousignant. If you lift weights, I often say that you could call yourself a body-builder, whether you compete or not. But here is a concept I really, really like: Look at building your physique as a work of art and yourself as a “physique artist”:
8. 10 Things Your Genetics Won’t Do For you by John Sifferman (Physical Living Blog)
Great advice from the “health-first fitness coach” John Sifferman. A lot of wisdom in a very short read:
9. The Most Important Muscle Building Tip You’ll Read All Year by Christian Finn (Muscle Evo Blog):
I have been following Christian Finn for at least 10 years online… he continues to publish some of the best muscle building, fat burning and fitness information today. You probably already know him if you’re from the UK. If you’re from the USA, and aren’t following Christian yet, you are missing out. Follow… like… read… learn!:
10. The biggest loser destroys participants metabolisms byYoni Freedhoff (Weighty Matters Blog):
Yes! Dr. Yoni Again… (because you know I am such a big fan of TBL #sarcasm):
11. The Creatine Graveyard 2012 Update by Will Brink (Brink Zone Blog):
One thing that drives me crazy about the supplement industry is how they try to to take a proven product that works, and then as soon as it becomes common knowledge and it’s no longer “trendy,” they try to release a “new and improved” version of it, even when there isn’t the slightest bit of real evidence that the new version is better than the original. Novelty sells. De-bunking such supplement industry BS is Brink’s strong suit (be sure to read the original “graveyard” article too this one is just a quick update/reminder):
12. New Rules for Life by Zach Even-Esh (Zach Even-Esh Blog)
Last on the list, but not least, (because this list was in no particular order) is my friend from New Jersey, Zach Even-Esh.  Plugging into “The Zach channel” is like getting a motivation super- charge!  Zach is not just known as the”Underground Strength” guy, Zach is “THE ENERGY GUY!” Zach’s energy is up there with Gary Vaynerchuck multiplied by Tony Robbins.  If you want to learn how to get strong and lift heavy stuff…. and you need an energy and motivation boost? Tune in to Zach:

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