There are people who suggest that “desire” is evil and that desire is responsible for all our troubles, strife and unhappiness in life. That is mistaken. That would be confusing desire with greed and excess. The truth is, nothing would ever happen if it weren’t for desire. Without desire, you would never get the car you want, you would never get the home you want, you would never get the companionship you want and you would never get the body you want.

Desire is unexpressed talent, unfulfilled potential or an underperformed function calling out, and seeking expression or improvement. It’s that higher voice within you saying, “Hey, you’re more than this, you’re better than this, and you deserve it, so get moving, and go get it!”

Desire is a positive and powerful force for change and as Napoleon Hill said, “Desire is the starting point of all achievement.”

I would add to Napoleon Hill’s sentiment by saying that desire is also the finishing point of all achievement.

Some people talk about the body they would like to have, but it’s only a wishy washy desire with no OOMPF behind it. If your desire is not strong enough – if it is not a burning desire – you’ll never finish – you’ll quit at the first obstacle or difficulty.

People with a burning desire do not quit. They are unstoppable.

Just look at New Year’s resolutions. Three months into the new year, how’s your new year’s resolution coming along?

In January, if you set a real fitness transformation goal, in writing, backed with burning desire and strong emotional reasons why you wanted that goal, then I know that your body has completely transformed in the past three months.

If you didn’t set goals at all, if you set a wimpy “resolution,” if you didn’t come up with any good reasons why you must change, or if you lacked desire, then I know that your body looks more or less the same as it did three months ago.

What does the rest of this year have in store for you? I can tell you without hesitation that your future success will come in direct proportion to your level of desire and I’ve seen the proof time after time.

Yesterday, as I was starting to create the “blog roll” for this web site, I got an email from Mike Ogorek, who posted his astonishing before and after fat loss success story on his web page (the link is below)

On his page, which describes and photographically illustrates his incredibly inspirational weight loss, Mike wrote a lot of things which show just how intelligent he is with his approach to fat loss and staying motivated.

One thing, however, jumped right off the page when I read it. Mike wrote,

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is what it all boils down to: How bad do you want it?”

Mike had a burning desire – and he burned off 126 pounds of fat!

You can burn the fat too, but you gotta want it…

You gotta decide what you want, then stand up and shout, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT and I AM GOING TO GET IT!

A better body does not come in a pill or a bottle. Fat loss success does not even depend solely on the particular training program you are using. There are many different approaches to nutrition and exercise that can work, and different things work for different people.

But the one thing that MUST always be there is a goal and the burning desire to achieve it.

When you don’t have it, no diet or workout will help. When you do have it, nothing can stop you from getting the body you want

Take a look at Mike Ogorek’s web page here and see what BURNING DESIRE and an intelligent plan can do for you:

Train hard and expect success,

Tom Venuto

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