Bulk Or Cut? (What Should Your Body Fat Be Before You Start A Muscle Gaining Diet?)

2024-06-25T07:50:29-04:00By |Body Recomposition, Gain Muscle|

So you're wondering, "Should I bulk or cut?" Maybe you're not sure because you heard out there in social media and blog world that you're not supposed go on a muscle building diet if your body fat is a little high. Then you wonder, "Well, how low does my body fat have to be before it's ok for me to bulk? When is it okay for me to go into a calorie surplus for bulking? The answer is here!

41-Year Old Mom Of 5 Achieves “Holy Grail” Of Fitness

2024-01-05T09:35:11-05:00By |Body Recomposition, Burn The Fat Challenge, Transformations|

Laura, a 41-year old mother of 5, made an impressive body transformation in the 12-week Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Challenge. She not only lost fat including cutting her waist measurement by 4 inches, she also built solid muscle at the same time - the "Holy Grail" of fitness goals... Here, in her challenge essay, she tells how she did it - nutrition, weight training, cardio training, mental training...

Does Carb Cycling Really Work: What The New Science Says

2021-03-30T11:21:46-04:00By |Body Recomposition|

Carb cycling has been promoted for by bodybuilders and dieters for years, with success stories reported often. I've personally used it myself and recommended it. But believe it or not, no research has ever been done to confirm whether it's effective. A recent scientific study has now given us new insights

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