41-Year Old Mom Of 5 Achieves “Holy Grail” Of Fitness

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Laura, a 41-year old mother of 5, made an impressive body transformation in the 12-week Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Challenge. She not only lost fat including cutting her waist measurement by 4 inches, she also built solid muscle at the same time - the "Holy Grail" of fitness goals... Here, in her challenge essay, she tells how she did it - nutrition, weight training, cardio training, mental training...

The Power Of Being An Example: A Man’s Transformation At 57

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Introducing Ellis Goins, the Men's winner of the 12-week Burn the Fat Challenge. At the age of 57, Ellis transformed his body, dropped over 17 pounds of body fat, lost 4.3 inches off his waist and gained muscle at the same time. After a difficult year where his fitness had slipped, he made an amazing comeback with clear goals, a powerful motivation strategy and a strong why (purpose)... the result of his planning, effort, and perseverance through obstacles and injury was first place. Read on to learn more...

Ripped After 60: Piero’s Age-Defying 12-Week Shred

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Ripped at age 61? Yes, it's possible. Not only did this Burn the Fat Body Transformation Challenge Contest winner get ripped, we would describe his condition more like shredded! (Beyond ripped). That's where you get so lean, there are visible striations in the muscles, you can see every muscle insertion, and veins are popping. This 12-week shred is proof that it's possible to achieve very low body fat well into middle age. Read on to see how he did it...

Sara’s Belly Fat-Busting, Body Transformation Secrets For Women

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With the right nutrition, weight training, cardio, mindset, and accountability, you can transform your body, fitness, and health more than you might imagine in only 12 weeks... Sara Ryan, 44, is one of thousands of people who have proven it with her results from the Burn the Fat Challenge, a 12-week body transformation contest sponsored by Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.

Sensational At 60: Age-Defying Body Transformation

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This is the story of how a 59-year old woman won a body transformation contest in the "Muscle and physique" division after colleagues, friends and even family laughed at her. The contest was open to women of all ages, and she won the overall first place award. Not surprisingly, she also won the "best transformation after age 50 award. No matter what your age, you will find this inspiring. Click here......

The Number One Motivation For Fat Loss

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This is the success story of Scott, the man who landed the runner up spot in the 2023 Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle body transformation challenge. In Scott's challenge essay that you can read in this post, he shares a lot of great advice, including the biggest secret that helped him achieve a 17 pound fat loss and burn off a huge amount of belly fat in only 12 weeks.

Stronger And Leaner: How Michelle Overcame Obstacles And Transformed Her Body In 12 Weeks

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Michelle's 12 week body transformation is proof that you can reach your fitness goals even when there are obstacles. Michelle was recovering from back surgery, and on top of that she was getting ready to move into a new home. In addition, her 50th was right around the corner and she didn't feel like she had the metabolism she did when she was 30. Nevertheless she entered the Burn The Fat challenge, cutting 16 lbs of fat in 12 weeks and finishing in the top 3. Read on and learn how she did it...

New Mindset, New Body: Sarah’s Body Transformation Plan For Women

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Body transformation for women can be a challenge.  It's easier for men than for women and the fact that men can eat more is only one of the reasons. But astonishing body transformations for women are possible and the success story you are about to read is another inspiring example.  

Affirmation Leads To Transformation: Jonathan’s Winning Fat Loss Formula

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The book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle speaks of the power of goals and the power of affirmations, both being part of the "mental training" element of the program. Most people agree about the importance of goals, but many are skeptical about affirmations. Perhaps there has been no better demonstration of the power of affirmations than in the case of Jonathan, the winner of the mens weight loss division in the 2023 Burn the Fat New Year Challenge...

The Fat Loss Puzzle: Putting The Pieces Together

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There's no single factor, by itself, that guarantees success in your pursuit of a leaner, fitter body. You must be aware of all the pieces in the fat loss puzzle, and you need to know, [...]

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