The Fat Loss Puzzle: Putting The Pieces Together

2020-06-22T12:37:36-04:00By |Burn The Fat Challenge, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, Transformations|

There's no single factor, by itself, that guarantees success in your pursuit of a leaner, fitter body. You must be aware of all the pieces in the fat loss puzzle, and you need to know, [...]

How A Grandmother Of 6 Built A Figure Athlete Body In 98 Days

2020-07-27T20:42:35-04:00By |Burn The Fat Challenge, Transformations|

In today's post you'll find out  how a grandmother of six and Burn The Fat Body Transformation Challenge first-timer overcame depression and poor health to build muscle, get ripped and win first place in the [...]

22 Reasons You Get Fatter, Not Fitter, Over The Holidays… And What You Should Do About It

2020-03-13T17:26:38-04:00By |Burn The Fat Challenge, News & Current Events|

If you asked the average casual exerciser, someone who doesn’t lift for a living, or have unlimited free time, but has a tough job or kids or a busy schedule, [...]

Quick Start or Quick Fix? Advice On Starting A Fat Loss Program The Right Way

2019-02-19T21:41:00-05:00By |Burn The Fat Challenge, Contests & Giveaways, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

If you lose weight quickly in the first week or two of your fat loss program, you’re more likely to gain it back later, right? That’s a common belief, and in some cases, it’s true. [...]

Best Female Body Transformation of the Year!

2020-08-08T13:55:32-04:00By |Burn The Fat Challenge, Hall of Fame, Transformations|

Meet Christina! The newest Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM) body transformation overall women's challenge champion! These amazing results were achieved during the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle summer body transformation challenge - [...]

Your Holiday Fitness Program: Don’t Get Wrapped Up In Excuses

2019-02-19T21:41:30-05:00By |Burn The Fat Challenge|

Time to Join the Holiday Challenge. Guest Blog By Audrey Aickwort. Burn the Fat Summer Challenge overall champion. Tis the season when young and old are full of good cheer and anticipating the biggest events [...]

What’s The 1 Biggest Secret to RAPID Body Transformation? (Like, In 49 Days!)

2019-02-19T21:42:22-05:00By |Burn The Fat Challenge, Contests & Giveaways|

What’s the secret to rapid body transformation? I have my own ideas, especially after watching thousands of people TRANSFORM in our Burn the Fat Challenge fitness contests, and seeing nearly 10 years of Burn the [...]

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