3-Ingredient Muscle-Building Strawberry Protein Ice Cream

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What a treat this strawberry protein ice cream is on a hot summer's night! What a treat this is any time and any season, for that matter! If you're looking for a healthier alternative to high-fat, high-sugar ice-cream, you've come to the right place. This recipe has almost no fat, no added sugar, only 210 calories and nearly 30 grams of high-quality protein!

Caffe Mocha High Protein Overnight Oats (5 Minutes, 50g protein)

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Could there be anything more convenient than spending 5 minutes at night making your breakfast, sticking it in the refrigerator, then waking up the next day and your morning meal is done, ready and waiting for you? Well, maybe if someone else makes it for you, lol. But seriously, I think the only thing better in the early morning is when your overnight oatmeal is caffeinated!

3-Minute Applesauce Cinnamon Protein Oatmeal (Proats)

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With only one minute of prep time, two minutes of cooking time and only a few minutes of eating time, this high protein applesauce cinnamon oatmeal is about as fast, easy and convenient as it gets. Old-fashioned oatmeal (the kind with no added sugar), is one of the best sources of natural starchy carbs for fitness and muscle enthusiasts. Packing 31 (1 scoop) or even up to 46 grams (1.5 scoops) of protein, there is a reason this meal is one that I've been eating every morning for years.

The Best Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes

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Sweet potatoes are incredibly nutritious and are one of the most popular starchy carb choices on fat loss, bodybuilding, and fitness diets. I would rank them among the top five starchy carbs. Most people think of sweet potato as the carb source for a dinner, along with a protein and vegetable. But wait until you try these sweet potato protein pancakes for breakfast! Amazing!

Healthy Hoppin John With Black-Eyed Peas And Pork Tenderloin

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Black eyed peas with rice, onions, celery, bell pepper, pork, and creole seasoning makes a classic Southern recipe also known as "Hoppin John." In the South, it's a tradition to eat Hoppin John on New Year's Day to bring you good luck in the year ahead. The traditional recipe uses smoked ham, sausage, or bacon. Our Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Hoppin John is made with lean pork tenderloin and large portions of veggies, making it ultra-healthy. Perfect macros for burning fat. Great for meal prep too!

Spanish Sazon Chicken Stew (High Protein… Perfect Macros!)

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The combination of sazon with smoked paprika in this stew creates an incredible flavor that's bold and yet not overly spicy. You get a healthy dose of veggies from crushed tomatoes, onion and green pepper, and the potatoes make it hearty and filling. To keep it traditional, add Spanish stuffed olives. This is belly-warming comfort food at its best. Hard to believe it has 44g of protein and only 443 calories... and it's so filling, you may find yourself satisfied with a smaller portion of 350 calories

Healthy Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry Meal Prep

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Is teriyaki chicken stir fry healthy? Is it something you should eat in a fat loss meal plan? Can it help you build muscle? Well, it depends on how you make it. That includes what kind of sauce you use, how lean the meat is (and how much you use), and especially how much oil you use. Switch from restaurant and take out Chinese and make it the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle way (complete recipe in this post) and watch your fat losses and muscle gains accelerate right before your eyes...

The Top 10 Best Protein Pumpkin Recipes

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Dateline: October…. I’m going to do my duty today to help you avoid the candy dish and other Halloween temptations this month by giving you 8 delicious healthy alternatives, suitable for the season. Best part: they’re all high in protein too, so they fit perfectly into the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle lifestyle!

Tom Venuto’s Fat Burning Beefy Spanish Rice Meal Prep Recipe

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Spanish rice can be super simple and is often served as a side dish, but when you give it the treatment and also add protein, it becomes a hearty main course. In this case, the protein is extra lean ground beef. Ground turkey works too. If you're vegetarian, try the meat substitute of your choice that mimics beef. This is a beef, rice and vegetable skillet - a complete meal - with some unique ingredients to make it different.

Tom Venuto’s Tasty Nutritious Turkey (TNT) Burgers Recipe

2023-06-23T14:37:11-04:00By |Recipes|

Introducing Tom Venuto's turkey burgers! The first time I ever made a batch of these tasty nutritious turkey (TNT) burgers, I immediately took one to my training partner and another to a non-bodybuilder friend for taste testing. They were both blown away! My training partner said, No way! These taste too good to be diet food! My other friend had a similar reaction: "Feels like I'm cheating!" Yep, they're that good!

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