The 52-year old guy in the e-mail exclaimed: “SHOW ME SOMEONE MY AGE!” All I was trying to do was motivate and inspire my readers by showing them some before and after success stories. But it was almost like this guy was mad at me because the examples I displayed were age 20-something to 30-something.

Afterward, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I was trying to figure out whether he had some deep-rooted self-limiting belief that it’s impossible to get in shape after a certain age, or whether he was positive and open-minded and simply looking for tips for older men to burn fat.   I figured maybe a little of both, and I thought I’d post my response on the blog because I think I can help and I’m sure there are lots of other men who would like to know this too…

So, why don’t I just cut to the chase and show you someone his age (and for the record, I don’t think 50 is old. I really do believe you are about as old as you think you are)…

Let me introduce you to Scott Holmes. Scott, a dedicated husband, father of one and a career law enforcement man, won the grand prize  in our Burn the Fat Challenge Body Transformation Contest.

Scott began the 98-day before and after fitness contest at the age of 49, and during the contest, Scott had a big birthday – the BIG FIVE-O.

I think it’s a shame that so many people think it’s all downhill physically after age 40. The way most guys think, after age 50, you might as well back up the Hearse.

Well, Scott celebrated his fiftieth by winning the title of 2011 Burn the Fat Challenge OVERALL champion. Let me re-emphasize the “overall” part of that…

He didn’t just prove that it’s possible to have a great body after 50, he showed that it’s possible to have the best body improvements out of EVERY age group, out of hundreds of men who entered. Scott did what most guys don’t even do at 20 or 30.

So I asked Scott in a recent interview for our inner circle members, this question:

Tom: “What are your thoughts Scott, on this whole paradigm of aging in our society, where every time I run into a guy who is over 50, even over 40, their attitude is negative, like, “what’s the use – it’s too late, I’m too old.” And what encouraging words would you have for guys in their 40’s and 50’s and beyond who are struggling with their fitness and body shape?”

Scott: Well, before Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, I’d have to say I bought into that paradigm myself  a little bit. I had no idea I’d be able to do as well as I did. I never dreamed I was going to be able to put on that much muscle mass. I only hoped to maintain what I had under the fat. I quickly learned each week as I watched my body fat percentage and lean body mass stats, that what I’d been told about aging all these years was obviously not true…

It depends on how hard you work, how much attention you’re willing to give to proper nutrition. I felt like I was able to prove to myself and hopefully to others, “Don’t believe everything negative you hear about aging.” You just need to work diligently and use proper nutrition.

I lost 27 pounds, but I was surprised at how well I was able to build up muscle. Just maintaining my lean body mass was my original goal. I surpassed that by being able to develop additional muscle while I was losing fat.

The biggest thing I can say is that hopefully my pictures can add proof and give inspiration to people. And also, certainly don’t believe everyone who tells you it can’t be done. It’s such a negative society out there where most people believe that once you hit a certain age, there’s no chance of improvement. I can tell you and hopefully show you that this is just not the case.”

I grilled Scott on that interview for an hour and here were the top tips he shared with our listeners:

1. Avoid negative influences. Don’t subject yourself to people and social activities where you know it will be nothing but temptation.

2. Surround yourself with positive influences. Get involved more with friends and social situations where you’ll be supported

3. Keep a training and nutrition journal. What you measure and what you are accountable for you will improve

4. Keep a very high compliance rate. Be consistent. Really stick to it. “I had a hot dog at a baseball game but I hardly went off my program at all the entire summer. It paid off.”

5. Use a small, conservative calorie deficit. Don’t do starvation diets – you’ll get too hungry and you won’t be able to keep up your compliance, plus you wont have as much energy to train hard and you have to train hard if you want to gain lean muscle as opposed to just losing weight.

6. Track your macronutrients. Do it just like Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle says – at least when you’re working on a serious goal (like winning a transformation contest), do it by the numbers – don’t guess – know your numbers of proteins, carbs and fat.

7. Keep the protein up. When you’re cutting calories, it pays to eat more protein – about 40% of y our total calories or well over 1 gram per pound of bodyweight, closer to 1.5 grams per pound when the calories are low and gaining muscle is one of your goals.

8. Try hardboiled eggs for a great protein snack that’s portable too. Eat 4 or 5 times per day to get in the protein you need in the most optimal way , keep hunger in check and keep your energy up. But if you have some larger meals that’s fine, just take protein snacks in between so you can hit that important protein goal.

9. Make your food taste good. Try some of Tom’s recipes from the Burn the Fat Inner Circle like the spicy turkey or chicken scramble wrap or the healthy fried rice or the healthy chicken stir fry. You have to stick with your program just like you planned it but there is no reason the food on that program has to taste bad.

10. Try a basic strength training program like the upper lower 2 day split recommended in Tom’s “The New Bodybuilding Workout” (TNB)

11. Do the big muscle group exercises that cause more release of muscle building hormones; Squats, deadlifts, romanian deadlifts and for upper body be sure to use compound exercises like dips.

12. Superset training is fantastic because it gets you done faster and it can help relieve joint stress because you don’t need so much weight to get a great workout (Scott had rotator cuff surgery just months before the challenge – he was able to work around it and rehab it with intelligent strength training).

13. Do cardio, but not more than you have to. When your diet is super strict and you count everything to be sure you have a deficit, and you’re hitting the weight training hard, you may not have to do a lot of cardio if you don’t want to – even as little as 2-3 days per week will do it.

14.  90% of this is mental – having a goal you want to achieve, clearly in writing and being able to believe that you can achieve it and having high levels of self confidence are absolute requirements

15. Support and positive environment are everything. Get into a good support circle and read Tom’s “The Fifth Element” Report (Free download available at the Burn the Fat Inner Circle)

There you have it – a super summary of the philosophy of a body transformation champion – age 50 years young.  If you simply apply a handful of these tips in your life, I have no doubt you’ll immediately start seeing better results…

Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next Transformation contest champion… of course, you have to enter the next transformation contest if you want to win.

Train hard and expect success,

Tom Venuto

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