A Review of Micro Gainz Fractional Plates And How To Use Them To Defeat Plateaus And Gain More Muscle

2023-11-15T07:29:17-05:00By |Product reviews, Weight Training|

Normally, the smallest weight plates you see are 2.5 pounds. This means that when you put one on each side of a barbell, you are increasing the weight 5 pounds at a time. Dumbbells also usually go up in 5-pound increments. Fractional plates are weights that go up in smaller increments, most often 1.25 pounds, and even smaller plates are available. These fractional plates allow you to increase weights a little at a time, which helps you avoid plateaus and keep making muscle and strength gains continuously for years...

Move a Little, Lose a Lot (My NEAT Step Experiment, Part 3)

2022-04-10T18:39:16-04:00By |Cardio Training, Exercise Equipment, Product reviews, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Is burning fat and keeping it off as simple as moving more? Is the solution to the entire obesity crisis getting off our butts? Well, yes and no. Yes, moving [...]

Fit Bit Pedometer Review (My NEAT Step Experiment Pt 2)

2020-05-08T17:30:32-04:00By |Exercise Equipment, Product reviews|

“Sitting too much  could kill you!” Alarming headlines this past month once again scared health conscious readers as journalists reported another new study showing a correlation between sitting time and death. [...]

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