The Definitive Guide To Antagonist Superset Training: How To Build More Muscle In Half The Time

2022-04-26T11:12:19-04:00By |Featured, Superset Training, Weight Training|

Even before modern scientific research on supersets was ever published, world-class bodybuilders had already figured it out. Antagonist superset training was a favorite technique of the bodybuilding champions in the 60s and 70s Golden Era, including Mr. America Dave Draper and the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is the definitive guide to supersets…

How Lifting Weights “Backwards” Helps You Keep Gaining Muscle And Lifting Pain Free For Life

2021-11-21T14:55:53-05:00By |bodybuilding, Weight Training|

There are standard guidelines for choosing all your weight training variables. Traditional trainers and textbooks advise us to follow these rules if we want the best results in strength and [...]

Why It’s Possible To Gain Muscle Lifting Light Weights For High Reps… And The 1 Key To Making It Happen

2020-07-30T21:08:11-04:00By |bodybuilding, Gain Muscle, Weight Training|

Most people believe that if they don’t lift heavy, they’ll never gain muscle. High rep, light weight training has always been thought of as for endurance or toning. Some people would even say, "Lifting light is for wimps." Science now shows that you can build muscle with light weights if you do 1 thing

33 Superset Workouts To Build More Muscle In Less Time

2022-08-14T19:14:12-04:00By |Featured, Superset Training, Weight Training|

Did you know there are at least a half a dozen types of supersets, and one of them is the ultimate way to build more muscle in less time? This training system is scientifically proven, it works for everyone, it's engaging, and it gets you done with your workouts in half the time

The Most Efficient Muscle-Building Workouts For Busy People

2022-08-13T13:48:40-04:00By |Featured, Superset Training, Weight Training|

A superset is a weight training technique where you perform two exercises in a row with little or no rest in between. After the second exercise, you take a short reast, about 1 or 2 minutes. Repeat for 3 sets. Superset workouts are scientifically proven to build muscle in less time – ideal for busy people

Superset Training Saves Time But Are Supersets Good For Building Muscle?

2021-03-01T11:25:35-05:00By |Superset Training, Weight Training|

Scientific studies say that superset training is so efficient, it can cut your gym time by 50%. That’s great for busy folks, but it also brings up the question: Are these “time efficient” workouts any good for building muscle and strength, or is there a huge compromise, like you only get half the results?

From Pullup Zero To Pull-up Hero: How To Get Your First Pull-up… And Then Start Cranking Out Reps Like A Boss!

2020-07-27T12:16:50-04:00By |Weight Training|

Wanna know how to get your first pull-up - and then quickly build up to full sets of 10 or more? If so, you're in the right place! Most beginners and even a large [...]

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