At last! has relaunched after having vanished into cyber-space for several months (sorry about that!) You will find all kinds of fat burning, muscle building, body transforming, mind-motivating information now and in the future at Tom As for this website, The Burn The Fat Blog, there are new and exciting things on the way here as well….

It all started when DARTH WEBMASTER (my old webmaster, who has now been removed from my Christmas list), simply vanished without a trace…

Imagine having a website that you took 7 years to build suddenly vanish into cyberspace… overnight.. without warning! Yup. it happened to me at Tom Venuto.Com a few months ago.

There I was, one day with a website with over 300 articles, columns and newsletters, the next day… “PAGE NOT FOUND”!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (anyone out there know the feeling?)

So… I quickly put up a temporary splash page with a closed curtain on Tom and thats how it stayed for nearly three months, as I looked for a new webmaster and graphic designer and then, after i found them, slaved for hours to build the site completely from scratch.

The good news is, the curtain is up, and the new and improved Tom Venuto.Com is back!. The bad news is, those 300 articles i mentioned… well… we have to upload every one of them by hand!

The good news is, we ARE going to put every bit of content back on the site and Tom Venuto.Com will remain a free website, open to the public (mymembers-only fat loss support site, called the Burn The Fat Inner Circle, isn’t opening until august… more news on that in a few weeks)

Every ASK TOM column that has ever been written will be archived on Tom, along with the article library and the monthly newsletter archives.

This means that I’m no longer going to post the ASK Tom Q & A columns on this blog because you will be able to go to and access them for free all in one place.

From today forward, I will be posting on this website, the Burn The Fat Blog, in a more traditional “blog-like” fashion, including my personal rants and raves, commentary on the latest news, whats going on in the Burn The Fat community, what’s going in in the life and mind of Tom Venuto, and all kinds of short, sound-byte diet and fitness tips that you can read fast and use today.

Be sure to check back often (I recommend you click on the Feeds link on the right hand side of this page so you can get updated each time a new post is made), and also be sure to take a peek at the new and improved Tom



-Tom V


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