Did you know there was a study conducted some years ago which revealed that married men are healthier and live longer, BUT… Men are also more likely to get fatter after they get married. (some of the ladies in the audience are grumbling, “Yeah no KIDDING!”)
It’s true. This was a survey study, so it was just an association of course, but even when demographic, social and physical variables were controlled, the correlation was there. A more recent study from the university of North Carolina discovered that Individuals who transitioned from single/dating to cohabiting or married and living in the same household were more likely to become obese.
Once living together or married, if one partner became obese, the other was also much more likely to to become obese as well. Scary, the powers of environment and personal association, aren’t they? (fortunately, social influence works both ways)
Now, we all know about the extra fat gain with pregnancy issue that new moms face, but what about new dads? I’m not sure what the research says about the likelihood of new dads getting fatter, but let me share what I’ve observed among my clients and members:
I don’t see a lot of “meh” or “in the middle.” I see a dichotomy where dads – with children of all ages – either throw their arms up in the air with frustration and say that between taking care of the kids/babies and working, “there is just NO time for exercise and healthy eating” so they do nothing at all.
Or, on the other hand, I see, even among men who did gain some weight after they got married, when they find out they’re going to be a dad, it becomes motivational rocket fuel for them to get healthier and fitter than they’ve ever been before…
I’ve heard it a thousand times – the “triggering event” for them to get healthier, get stronger, get fitter and stay that way – was the news of a son or daughter on the way.

“If I don’t do something about my weight and my health, I’m going to die…. and I HAVE TO be here for my son”…
“I want to have the energy and strength to play with and keep up with my kids.”
“I want to be a good role model.”

I may not be able to speak from experience, but I can speak for the thousands of dads I have helped get healthier over the years in my personal training, health club, and internet businesses:
Being a dad can be your greatest health and fitness motivation… and unlike other forms of fleeting motivation- THIS MOTIVATION can last a lifetime, can’t it? It’s right there, looking you in the eyes every day.
With that, I’d like to wish all the dads a happy Fathers Day, and I’d like to salute all the fit dads who have made the decision to make fatherhood their “reason why” they stay in such great shape.
And for the dads who haven’t made that commitment yet, when right now today would be a good day to start?
Want to see some of this real-life motivation in action? Take a look at some of the guys who recently transformed their bodies and their health – fast too – in our most recent body transformation contest. Yes, many of them are dads, with kids of all ages…
And if they did it, you can do it too!
Train hard and expect success!
Tom venuto, author of Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle

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