It’s hard to believe that Burn the Fat has been online for 9 years. Yep – our 10th anniversary “bash” is coming up next year – 2012.
Even harder to believe – I’ve been blogging for almost 7 years now. The downside of that is, until today, the Burn the Fat Blog was looking “so 2004.” forget cat and dog years, in Internet years that’s something like the amount time that’s passed since Australopithecus became extinct. Translation: this blog was long overdue for an update, an upgrade and a face lift…and here it is: Burn the Fat Blog 2.0!
I have to admit, I haven’t been an exemplary blogger. I haven’t been as consistent with my publishing schedule or with my content subject matter as I had originally intended. But, with a little bit of feedback from you today, I pledge to change that.
I have some definite plans for the Burn the Fat blog as we head toward the 10 year mark of the Burn the Fat community, and I’ll share those with you below. I’d also like to ask you some questions and get some feedback from you as well, if you’d be so kind as to oblige.
First, here’s some of what I have definitely planned for the Burn The Fat Blog for 2011 and beyond:
1. The Burn the Fat Blog will stay heavily focused on the FAT LOSS theme. This will however, include a very broad number of subjects, covering all aspects of fat loss: nutrition, cardio training, strength training, and “mental training” (aka motivation) These are the four primary elements of the Burn the Fat philosophy. I will also cover the fat loss subject ranging from obesity all the way to physique contest prep. Although gaining lean muscle is a topic I have begun to write about more and more lately, I will cover serious bodybuilding and muscle building on my other websites.
2. The Burn the Fat Blog will be featuring Guest bloggers on a regular basis. I already have several new expert contributors lined up. You can count on any guest blogger appearing on this site as having my endorsement regarding the quality and accuracy of the information.
3. The Burn the Fat Blog will start featuring more and more news, including current events and breaking research (what’s happening out there in the world of fat loss). The news and current events category will also include my personal critiques, commentary and editorial (it will get interesting!)
4. The Burn the Fat Blog will have an open comment policy. Comments will be encouraged and debate will be welcome. If you truly want to join the discussion, I recommend you sign off with your real name and get a gravatar (anonymous posts may not be approved if they look like trolls). All comments will be approved, excluding those that contain profanity or uncivil behavior. (I am of course, allowed to heckle people right off the blog if they post stupid stuff… like “HCG is the greatest!” or “colon cleansing is the bomb”… naturally, I promise to heckle stupid people only in the most civil of ways). Anything remotely resembling spam will be deleted and banned. We want this new website to become a conversation and part of our social media circle (in conjunction with facebook, twitter and our exclusive members only site – the Burn the Fat Inner Circle).
5. The Burn the Fat Blog will be an evidence-based information resource that provides sources and scientific references when called for. That doesn’t mean I won’t give my opinion or use personal anecdotes and testimonials, but it does mean if I’m giving my opinion on something that’s not a scientifically-proven fact, I will say so.
Here’s where I’d like YOUR help in determining the direction of this new blog:
In the comments section, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the following questions. You can answer one of them – more than one, or all of them, if you have the time.
1. What do you think of the graphic design and look of this new blog? If you like it, would you please click the “share this blog” facebook “like” button at the very top of this page?
2. What are your thoughts on the 5-point blogging plan listed above?
3. If you look down to the “categories” in the lower right hand corner of the blog (food and nutrition, science and research, book reviews, etc), which of those category subjects interest you the most?
4. What do you think is ideal frequency of blogging? If I blogged every day, would you actually read every post every day? (LOL, that probably wont happen – I’m not going to post every “brain fart” I have here – that’s what twitter and facebook are for – but I am curious about your answer). Is once a week enough?
5. What do you think is the ideal length of a blog post? A short blurb (400-800 words or so), full length articles (1200-2000 words, occasionally longer?) a mix of both?
6. Would the the length of the posts influence your opinion on the frequency of the posts? (longer posts less often ok? Or really short posts more often)
THANK YOU in advance for helping to make this a better resource for your fat loss, fitness and health information.
If I get at least 100 comments/suggestions before the week ends, I will post a free gift for everyone.
thanks again!
Train hard and expect success,
Tom Venuto
PS. Shout out to Simon the blog designer and blog webmaster: My answer to #1 above… I think the new blog design rocks! Thank you Simon! You da man!

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