The 10 Biggest Fears About Fitness And Weight Control During The Coronavirus Outbreak… And How To Deal With Them

2020-04-07T10:06:06-04:00By |Health, Home Training, News & Current Events|

There’s no sense in denying the facts or trying to sugar coat it. We are in the middle of a pandemic unlike anything our generation has ever seen, and it sucks. People are dying. [...]

Hang In There. The Pandemic Will Pass. Stay Strong.

2020-06-01T15:19:44-04:00By |Exercise & Fitness, Health, Home Training, News & Current Events|

During a time of crisis, I think the first important thing to remember is that it will pass. So hang in there and stay strong. The second thing is that staying [...]

22 Reasons You Get Fatter, Not Fitter, Over The Holidays… And What You Should Do About It

2020-03-13T17:26:38-04:00By |Burn The Fat Challenge, News & Current Events|

If you asked the average casual exerciser, someone who doesn’t lift for a living, or have unlimited free time, but has a tough job or kids or a busy schedule, [...]

How Being a Dad Can Transform Your Body And Health (Happy Father’s Day!)

2019-02-19T21:44:25-05:00By |News & Current Events|

Did you know there was a study conducted some years ago which revealed that married men are healthier and live longer, BUT… Men are also more likely to get fatter after they get married. (some [...]

My Holiday Fitnesss Challenge To You For 2010

2019-02-19T21:49:47-05:00By |Burn The Fat Challenge, News & Current Events|

Every year as Thanksgiving gets closer, you’ve probably seen the depressing reports: “Most people gain between 5 and 10 pounds of body fat in the six weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.” I’m not sure if [...]

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