How To Make Push-Ups As Effective As The Bench Press

2020-08-07T18:23:19-04:00By |Bodyweight training, Home Training|

Despite the popularity of body weight training, questions have remained about how effective body weight exercises really are. Push-ups vs bench press - could a bodyweight exercise possibly compare to a barbell exercise? How far can exercises like push-ups take you in strength and muscle gains compared to using free weights? Click here to find out!

The 10 Biggest Fears About Fitness And Weight Control During The Coronavirus Outbreak… And How To Deal With Them

2020-04-07T10:06:06-04:00By |Health, Home Training, News & Current Events|

There’s no sense in denying the facts or trying to sugar coat it. We are in the middle of a pandemic unlike anything our generation has ever seen, and it sucks. People are dying. [...]

Hang In There. The Pandemic Will Pass. Stay Strong.

2020-06-01T15:19:44-04:00By |Exercise & Fitness, Health, Home Training, News & Current Events|

During a time of crisis, I think the first important thing to remember is that it will pass. So hang in there and stay strong. The second thing is that staying [...]

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