How To Get Enough Protein To Build Muscle And Burn Fat: 33 Proven And Practical Ways

2022-03-12T15:00:02-05:00By |Food & Nutrition, Gain Muscle|

If you're falling short on protein, what should you do? First, double check to see if you set your daily protein goal properly. Many people make mistakes when setting their macros and think they need far more protein than they do. Second, if you still need to eat more protein, check out our list of the 33 best ways to make sure you get enough protein

30 Ways To Eat More Vegetables (And Get Healthier And Leaner), Even If You Don’t Like Vegetables

2022-02-23T08:12:57-05:00By |Food & Nutrition, Health|

According to the Center For Disease Control, only 10% of Americans get the minimum recommended daily fruit and vegetable intake. That's an unfortunate statistic considering that eating a lot of vegetables and fruits every day is one of the best ways to get healthier and lose weight without much effort.

What To Eat To Lose Weight And Get Healthy: It’s Simpler Than You Think

2022-05-11T10:29:40-04:00By |Food & Nutrition|

If you've ever been confused about what to eat to lose weight and get healthy, you're not alone. No subject has been over-complicated more than "what should I eat?" Fortunately, there's no subject more easily simplified...

Diet Vocabulary That Needs To Die

2021-12-18T18:21:52-05:00By |Food & Nutrition|

We need to stop, cancel, end, retire, terminate, and kill dead several diet words and phrases right now and not carry them into one more year. Why? Because it may be hurting people in ways you might not imagine at first until you analyze the meaning and the consequences on our psychology. At the minimum, these words cause confusion

Egg Whites Vs Whole Eggs: How They Fit Into Bodybuilding And Fat Loss Diets

2023-12-22T14:03:30-05:00By |Food & Nutrition, Health|

Have you ever been on a fat loss diet? Are you into fitness or bodybuilding? If so, then I have little doubt that the question of egg whites vs whole eggs has been on your radar at one time or another. Will eating whole eggs raise your cholesterol and risk of heart disease? Should you throw out the egg yolk and eat only the egg whites? Is a small number of whole eggs and the rest whites the best way to go? If so, how many whole eggs are safe to eat? Read on for all the answers...

How To Stop Eating Junk Food: The #1 Best Way

2021-05-09T11:42:45-04:00By |Food & Nutrition|

There are lots of valid strategies you could use to stop eating junk food: keeping it out of the house, eating mindfully, getting adequate sleep, managing stress, embracing meal planning, and using a variety of mental and emotional training techniques. But this one might be the best one... 

Are Microwave Ovens Safe? What Science Really Says About Microwaves, Your Food And Your Health

2023-10-31T14:50:27-04:00By |Classic Posts, Food & Nutrition|

Online natural health "experts" claim that microwaves will "zap" your food, deplete it of important nutrients and alter its molecular structure in dangerous ways. They also warn that microwave exposure and eating food cooked in microwave ovens will cause harm to your body and even cause cancer! Is there any truth to any of these reports? No, it's a bunch of BS. And here's why...

Is Soy Protein Bad For You? (Will It Tank Your Testosterone?)

2021-04-02T11:47:11-04:00By |Food & Nutrition|

Soy is a popular protein source for vegans. But is soy protein bad for you? Some people can't eat it because they're allergic to it. But even if you don't have a food sensitivity, you might not be sure if soy is healthy. The popular media gives soy protein a lot of bad press, often with sensationalist headlines. Here's what science says...

What Are Net Carbs And Should You Count Them?

2022-06-18T16:38:07-04:00By |Food & Nutrition, Health, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

What are net carbs? And if your goal is fat loss, do they matter? Should you track them if you’ve chosen a diet with a strict carb limit? Are net carbs even relevant and important, or is it just a marketing gimmick for low carb food products?

Double Your Weight Loss in 3 Minutes A Day With A Food Diary

2021-02-08T14:59:30-05:00By |Food & Nutrition, Guest Blogs|

When I tell people that in order to double their weight loss they’ll need to spend no more than 3 minutes a day keeping a food diary, I might as well be putting needles in their eyes given the pain and anguish I regularly see flash across their faces

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