How To Choose a Fat Loss Plan (And Free Yourself From Pills, Powders and Potions)

2019-02-19T21:35:14-05:00By |Guest Blogs, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

As members of the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle community, most of us have already come to the same conclusion: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM) is a great fat loss plan! But [...]

The 19 Most Important Fat Loss, Fitness And Health Tips, Ever

2019-02-19T21:39:10-05:00By |Food & Nutrition, Guest Blogs|

If an exercise physiologist, award-winning fitness bootcamp trainer and registered dietician to the pro athletes and stars were asked by his clients, “what are your MOST IMPORTANT tips, EVER,  for burning fat and getting in [...]

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