The G-Flux Interview With John Berardi, Part 1: Eat More, Burn More

2023-10-31T14:49:21-04:00By |Classic Posts, Tom's Interviews|

This website, Burn the Fat Blog, has been online since 2006. There are tons of great posts buried way back in the archives that rarely get viewed anymore. While a handful of them need [...]

The G-Flux Interview With John Berardi, Part 2: How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

2023-10-31T14:49:42-04:00By |Classic Posts, Tom's Interviews|

This is part 2 in an exclusive interview with Dr. John Berardi about “Energy Flux” – also known as “G-Flux”, which refers to the amount of energy flowing into and out of a system [...]

You Can Overcome Anything: An Inspiring Interview With Dougal MacDonald, Part 1

2021-04-02T21:38:10-04:00By |Motivation & Mindset, Tom's Interviews|

This harrowing true story of body transformation veteran Dougal MacDonald is a story of turning overwhelming adversity into magnificent triumph. As you start reading this interview, it will send shivers down your spine... and when [...]

What’s New In Muscle Building Nutrition&Supplementation, Part 2

2019-02-20T11:15:41-05:00By |Food & Nutrition, Gain Muscle, Supplements, Tom's Interviews|

In part two of my exclusive interview with bodybuilding and supplement expert Will Brink you’ll learn the latest recommendations for post-workout nutrition, protein secrets including the latest on whey protein and protein denaturation, waxy maize: [...]

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