Spanish Sazon Chicken Stew (High Protein… Perfect Macros!)

2024-01-19T13:55:47-05:00By |Recipes|

The combination of sazon with smoked paprika in this stew creates an incredible flavor that's bold and yet not overly spicy. You get a healthy dose of veggies from crushed tomatoes, onion and green pepper, and the potatoes make it hearty and filling. To keep it traditional, add Spanish stuffed olives. This is belly-warming comfort food at its best. Hard to believe it has 44g of protein and only 443 calories... and it's so filling, you may find yourself satisfied with a smaller portion of 350 calories

Optimizing The 4-Day Split Workout: Sets, Volume, Frequency

2023-12-01T19:47:06-05:00By |bodybuilding, Weight Training|

Want to build more muscle the way champion bodybuilders do it? Then read on. In this post, I’ll answer the biggest questions about training volume: “How many sets, how many sets for big vs small muscles, how do you track/count the sets, and how many days in a row should you train on a 4-day split.

30 Things I Learned From 30 Years of Bodybuilding

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I started lifting in the early 1980's and right from day one, I was engrossed with the bodybuilding style of training and eating. I think it's always valuable to take time for reflection, and realizing this year that I had accumulated 30 years of training experience (including 28 competitions as a natural bodybuilder), I thought you would enjoy a post on my “lessons learned” that might help you in your own fitness endeavors, and hopefully help you shave a few years off your learning curve.

33 Superset Workouts To Build More Muscle In Less Time

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Did you know there are at least a half a dozen types of supersets, and one of them is the ultimate way to build more muscle in less time? This training system is scientifically proven, it works for everyone, it's engaging, and it gets you done with your workouts in half the time

The Best Technique For Building Better Thighs, Hips, And Glutes In Less Time (7 Superset Training Templates)

2023-11-10T13:34:08-05:00By |bodybuilding, Superset Training, Weight Training|

Superset training is scientifically proven to build muscle and strength while helping you get your workouts finished faster. It's one of the best techniques for time efficiency without compromising effectiveness. In fact, superset training raises your [...]

Be Useful By Arnold Schwarzenegger Book Review

2023-11-07T11:07:53-05:00By |Book Reviews|

Be Useful is the latest book from bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold’s first book was The Education of a Bodybuilder. Published in 1977, it was part autobiography, part instruction manual. This was the first bodybuilding book I ever read. It was also responsible for inspiring me to become a bodybuilder and take up fitness as a career. In this post you can read my review AND summary of Arnold's newest book, BE USEFUL (now a NYT bestseller)

Fulfilling A Dream: Nancy’s Amazing 12-Week Health Transformation

2023-11-04T13:11:03-04:00By |Transformations|

During the 12-week Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle challenge, Nancy dropped 25.8 pounds, lost 6.5 inches off her waist and reduced from a size XL to a medium. But her transformation was beyond an aesthetic one. She also transformed her health, with great improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. This achievement earned her a special new award, "The Best Health Transformation." Read on to see how she did it at the age of 63

Ripped After 60: Piero’s Age-Defying 12-Week Shred

2023-11-04T08:35:44-04:00By |Burn The Fat Challenge, Transformations|

Ripped at age 61? Yes, it's possible. Not only did this Burn the Fat Body Transformation Challenge Contest winner get ripped, we would describe his condition more like shredded! (Beyond ripped). That's where you get so lean, there are visible striations in the muscles, you can see every muscle insertion, and veins are popping. This 12-week shred is proof that it's possible to achieve very low body fat well into middle age. Read on to see how he did it...

Healthy Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry Meal Prep

2023-11-03T09:23:48-04:00By |Recipes|

Is teriyaki chicken stir fry healthy? Is it something you should eat in a fat loss meal plan? Can it help you build muscle? Well, it depends on how you make it. That includes what kind of sauce you use, how lean the meat is (and how much you use), and especially how much oil you use. Switch from restaurant and take out Chinese and make it the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle way (complete recipe in this post) and watch your fat losses and muscle gains accelerate right before your eyes...

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