10 Inconvenient Truths About Fat Loss

2020-08-20T11:52:16-04:00By |Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Sometimes the facts about fat loss are disconcerting. There are truths you may not want to hear, but they’re things you need to hear. As Carl Sagan said, “Better the hard truth than a comforting fantasy.” When you learn and accept the truth about fat loss, it’s only then that real change starts to happen.

20 Sleep Habits For Weight Loss And Muscle Growth

2020-08-10T12:51:30-04:00By |Health, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Not losing fat? Not gaining muscle? Thinking you need a new diet? Different training plan? Well, hang on. First, how's your sleep? Poor sleep hygiene and sleep deprivation can stop fat loss and muscle growth dead in its tracks. Here is the ultimate checklist of the top 20 tips for better muscle-building, fat-burning sleep, according to science

Is It Ever Safe To Cut Calories More Aggressively To Burn Fat Faster?

2020-08-20T21:43:15-04:00By |Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

You're losing fat too slow. You want to burn fat faster. However, you've heard cutting calories too much kills your metabolism, tanks your hormones and makes you miserable. But you see people cut calories lower than they're supposed to, they get ripped abs, and they don't seem worse off for it. What gives?

The Best Diet to Get Ripped As Fast As Possible

2020-08-01T12:25:54-04:00By |Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

I want to tackle a really interesting question I got from a Burn the Fat Blog subscriber recently. It’s about the best way to get ripped as fast as possible, doing whatever it takes (naturally), with no allowance for failure, no margin for error, no time to lose and the clincher – without losing muscle...

Fasted Cardio Revisited: Does Exercising On Empty Really Burn More Fat?

2020-06-22T18:42:50-04:00By |Cardio Training, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

It’s a common belief, especially in the bodybuilding and physique world, that doing cardio fasted (typically first thing in the morning before breakfast) will increase fat loss. In fact, you [...]

Is Spot Reduction Of Body Fat Possible After All? (What The Latest Science Says)

2020-07-29T16:56:11-04:00By |Abs, Science & Research, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Spot reduction of body fat is the theory that you can burn fat preferentially from one area of the body by doing exercises which target that specific spot. The most common [...]

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