Is Spot Reduction Of Body Fat Possible After All? (What The Latest Science Says)

2020-07-29T16:56:11-04:00By |Abs, Science & Research, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Spot reduction of body fat is the theory that you can burn fat preferentially from one area of the body by doing exercises which target that specific spot. The most common [...]

Do Keto Diets Work? Yes, But I Still Don’t Recommend Them (Here’s Why)

2020-08-02T19:54:53-04:00By |Most Popular, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Diet popularity comes and goes in cycles. The ketogenic diet - aka "keto" - has re surged in popularity to a high point I have not seen seen in 25 years. Keto and other [...]

Why Cardio Doesn’t Work For Some People: A NEAT Explanation

2020-08-02T19:54:18-04:00By |Cardio Training, Most Popular, Science & Research, Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

At the Burn the Fat Inner Circle earlier this week, I received a question from a member which comes up with alarming frequency: “Why isn’t my cardio working?”  Despite not [...]

Who Burns The Fat And Keeps It Off And Who Gains It Back (According To Science)

2019-02-19T21:20:43-05:00By |Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Obesity researchers from the University of Surrey in the UK published a fascinating and enlightening study about fat loss and fat loss maintenance that predicted how likely you are to take the fat off and [...]

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