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Fat Blocker Drug Xenical (Orlistat) Goes Over The Counter… A Really Shi**y Decision

2019-02-20T13:49:55-05:00News & Current Events|

Today, instead of replying to one of the hundreds of fat loss questions I receive every week, I felt not only compelled, but obligated to comment (rant) on what I REALLY think about the “fat [...]

Full Body Vs Split Routine For Strength And Muscle: Which One Wins?

2024-06-07T15:09:42-04:00bodybuilding, Weight Training|

If you compared a full body vs split routine, which would be better for gaining muscle size and strength? This has been a controversy for years. A new study was published recently in the prestigious Journal of Strength And Conditioning Research (Ramos-Campo 2024) which aimed to finally settle this debate.

Body Transformation At 62 (60 Is The New 40)


Winning three different awards in the Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Body Transformation Challenge, Roxanne ("Roxie") has become a role model to all, showing that 60-something is the new 40. Roxie made the top 3 in the muscle and physique division of the challenge, having dropped 11 pounds of body fat, while adding 1.6 pounds of lean body mass at the same time... Read on and learn how she did it....

Suzannah’s Amazing Body Transformation At 50


At just shy of 50 years old, Suzannah dropped from 155 pounds down to 137 pounds, slashed her body fat, trimmed her waistline, built muscle, and made a stunning visual transformation in only 12 weeks. before she achieved these amazing results, she wrestled with the question of whether it was even possible to get fit at 50, especially when dealing with injury, perimenopause and other obstacles. She discovered the answer was yes......

Keeping It Off: Is Maintaining Weight Loss Mostly Mental?

2024-02-23T19:14:37-05:00Weight Loss & Fat Loss|

Losing weight only to gain it all back sucks. But unfortunately, within a year or so, it happens to at least 80% of dieters. Why do 80% fail? And how do the 20% succeed? Weight loss researchers have studied this and diet and exercise guidelines for weight loss maintenance have been widely published. But what about mindset? Is it possible that the mental side of maintenance is more important than the physical? Read on and find out what science says about it...

Fulfilling A Dream: Nancy’s Amazing 12-Week Health Transformation


During the 12-week Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle challenge, Nancy dropped 25.8 pounds, lost 6.5 inches off her waist and reduced from a size XL to a medium. But her transformation was beyond an aesthetic one. She also transformed her health, with great improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. This achievement earned her a special new award, "The Best Health Transformation." Read on to see how she did it at the age of 63

Ripped After 60: Piero’s Age-Defying 12-Week Shred

2023-11-04T08:35:44-04:00Burn The Fat Challenge, Transformations|

Ripped at age 61? Yes, it's possible. Not only did this Burn the Fat Body Transformation Challenge Contest winner get ripped, we would describe his condition more like shredded! (Beyond ripped). That's where you get so lean, there are visible striations in the muscles, you can see every muscle insertion, and veins are popping. This 12-week shred is proof that it's possible to achieve very low body fat well into middle age. Read on to see how he did it...

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